Microchipping Humans by 2017?

To think that the US government would require its citizens to be ‘microchipped’ seems like something straight out of an apocalyptic science fiction film. However, acceptance to the idea seems to be growing, especially as other parts of the world seem to be using them.

I’m still a little skeptical of the idea because RFID chips are not secure (yet) and can be read by anyone with the appropriate hardware. But, that can change, and I have a sneaky suspicion that it will.

Along parallel lines, the growth in the number of people wearing tattoos is worrying. Almost everyone seems to have one these days, and this rise of the tattoo will inevitably lead to the fall in resistance to marks being placed on your forehead, hand or wrist.

Here’s a web page that has some rather chilling video.

Can the ‘Mark of the Beast’ be far off?

Even as soon as 2017?

Or, before?

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