Why America Must Fall

But, I don’t want it to.

From the bottom of my very being, I wish that there was some way to avert what is coming, but it’s just not possible. Yes, we could slash our spending and balance our budget. We could redouble our efforts to support Israel and fight terrorism. We could defend our borders and hold the line in the war on drugs.

We could do all that, but it would do little to slow our fall because that isn’t what’s killing us.

It’s God’s people that are killing us.

I was listening to Glenn Beck a couple days ago, and they ran with a story about a tweet from Katy Perry saying that she was praying for Israel. Here’s a bit of the story from The Blaze:

It’s been an odd few days for pop-sensation Katy Perry. Not only did she make history after tying Michael Jackson for having five #1 hits off of a single album, but now the week has taken a vitriolic twist. That’s because Perry faced a slew of angry responses from Palestinians and their supporters after she sent a tweet asking others to pray forIsrael:

This supportive message offers up the word “shalom” (peace) and seems to indicate Perry’s support for the Jewish state. Of course, it didn’t take long for the Twitterverse to light up with responses from Muslims, Palestinians and others who found the her message less-than-appealing.

The story goes on to talk about the firestorm of criticism that Katy received and that prompted her eventual retraction.

Both Glenn Beck and The Blaze focused on her retraction, but they missed the part that had me floored.

Here’s the clip from her first real hit:

Does this sound like a song from someone who prays? Who believes in God and goes to church?

I have traveled the world and (unfortunately*) will continue to do so, and everywhere I go I see America’s cultural influence – and its corrupting influence.

America claims to be a Christian nation. There are prayers in Congress. In God We Trust is printed on our money. We appeal to God in our Declaration of Independence and even in our Constitution. We swear in our Presidents and Congressmen, mentioning God with our hands on the Bible.

…while our movies, music and media corrupt values and traditions of everyone in the world.

And now, we have someone who claims to be a Christian, sings songs like the above and does ‘steamy’ photo shoots with Rolling Stone.

Let me be clear when I say that Katy Perry isn’t the cause of America’s downfall.

But, she is a potent symbol of how far Christians have fallen – and how far America has fallen.

This is why there is no hope that America will truly prevail in her struggle against her enemies. She may win this war, or the next, but she will surely fail because she has left the One who made her great – and in the process, dishonored His reputation.

*Would you believe that I’m pretty much a homebody that doesn’t like to go anywhere? (Just ask my wife.)

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  1. “…while our movies, music and media corrupt values and traditions of everyone in the world.”

    Jeremiah 51:25

    ““I am against you, you destroying mountain, you who destroy the whole earth,” declares the Lord. “I will stretch out my hand against you, roll you off the cliffs, and make you a burned-out mountain.”

    Speaking of BABYLON!!!


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