Welcome to the End of the World

Financial catastrophe, resource crash, global war and a globalist agenda are coming together to do terrible damage. And, I have yet to see anyone put all this together. Everyone seems to have a piece of it. Some understand the war that we’re in. Others get the financial disaster. Some even have a handle on the global decline in vital reserves of oil, copper, uranium, etc. A few even understand how the globalist agenda impacts this lethal mix.

But, who can put the pieces together and show you what’s happening?

I haven’t found anyone, so I must not be looking hard enough. However, until I find someone who really can put these pieces together, I need to roll up my sleeves, step in and try to do that for you.

That’s why I’ve decided to create yet another website called OmegaShock. First, there was the financial earthquake and the Aftershock, but then comes the OmegaShock – the last great shock that takes everything down.

The site is already up, and new content will start appearing on it as early as today. Yes, the graphics on the site are a bit basic, but that will improve over the coming week.

The website is www.omegashock.com. Bookmark the site and stay abreast of information that could help you survive and thrive in the face of what’s coming.