The US Cannot Win a War with Iran

Iran’s nuclear weapons program must be stopped. There can be no question about this. And, neutralizing Iran’s nuclear capacity will lead to war.

Unfortunately, the mountains of Iran make an invasion impossible. In fact, Iran has never been conquered except when she was weak, and right now… she is NOT weak. Hopefully, the US military understands this.

The question is… what will Donald Trump and America’s allies do?

No one can be completely sure, but you can bet that some attempt will be made to fight a limited conflict. However, it’s doubtful that this conflict will STAY limited. And, the resulting cataclysm will be straight out of prophecy.


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The US Cannot Win a War with Iran

The US Cannot Win a War with Iran – The ShockCast

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Only a fool wants war.

And, the only reason why you would desire to fight one, is if the alternative was worse.

Britain and France had an entirely reasonable aversion to fighting a war with Nazi Germany, but they did not understand the alternative. So, they practiced appeasement even while Hitler invaded Austria and Czechoslovakia. Then he invaded Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and then France. By the time that the fools in charge of Britain and France understood the real alternative to war, millions were dead and dying and the jackboot of tyranny was firmly on the neck of the survivors. Britain and France KNEW what Hitler intended to do, but they thought that he was like they were and could be reasoned with.

From our perspective, it is easy to see how wrong the world was to placate Hitler. Instead of appeasement, he and his henchmen should have been assassinated. But, if you were living during that time, you might not have been so sure.

Iran Is The New Nazi Germany

Well, we are yet again living in another moment in time where we face an enemy which is seeking the means to drown the world in blood. And, for those who have not seen my proof of the truth of that, let me point you to my previous articles and videos on the topic:

Iran is Completely Insane

Iran is Completely Insane – The Details Confirm It

Iran Must be Stopped

If you can get through all of that and not see the need to eliminate Iran’s nuclear program, you are a fool – the same kind of fool as Neville Chamberlain who sought to appease Hitler. Now is not the time to be fools, but the stupid and foolish will always try to have their say – as I have been witnessing, recently.

The Appeasement Of Iran

So, what will the wise try to do about this attempt by Iran to become a nuclear power?

Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be very many wise people around, to ask this question to. Much of Europe seems intent on doing precisely nothing, and America is… well …I’m not sure what America is doing. It seems that too many people are intent on repeating the mistakes of 81 years ago.

What happened 81 years ago?

The Munich Agreement that gave Hitler the right to dismember Czechoslovakia

It was just like the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) that gave Iran the right to keep machinery for producing nuclear weapons as long as the Iranians promise to wait before making any nukes. And, the Neville Chamberlain morons of the West gave Iran billions upon billions of dollars that have enabled them to arm Hezbollah and Hamas, solidify Iran’s grasp of Iraq and Syria and build a bigger and stronger military.

But, don’t take my word for it, listen to Dennis Prager tell it better than I ever could:

The Iran Nuclear Deal

Watch that whole thing. This video from four years ago is only five and a half minutes long, and it lays out the parallels between Iran and Nazi Germany better than any other video that I’ve seen. And, for those watching via YouTube, the link will be below and at the end of this video.

This malign insanity of Barack Obama and Europe has laid the foundation for a horrendous war that the West cannot win.

Why would the West be unable to win a war with Iran?

Mountains – lots and LOTS of mountains – and that strong military paid for by the billions given to Iran by Obama and the World.

In terms of her ability to defend herself, Iran is the Switzerland of the Middle East. High mountains lie along the borders of Iran, making it impossible for any army to conquer Iran – as long as she has sufficient personnel and weaponry to man her defenses. And, Iran DOES have sufficient manpower and weapons to defend against invasion while projecting power into the rest of the Middle East – courtesy of the JCPOA.

One more thing that we have to thank Barack Obama for.

Old Strategies Won’t Work

The other reason why the United States and her allies cannot win a war with Iran is because of how ‘modern’ armies fight. They depend on aerial superiority, mechanized infantry, fast tanks and flat terrain to win wars. This was the strategy for confronting the Soviet Union. It was the strategy for the first and second wars with Iraq.

This strategy was a complete failure in Vietnam.

The US will suffer a similar failure, should she use this strategy when confronting Iran. Iran is easily defended, with mountainous terrain that will spell defeat for any sizable invasion of Iran. The average Iranian would defend every nook and cranny along treacherous mountain passes. Whatever misgivings Iranians have towards their government will be forgotten in the face of the ‘common enemy’. And, the countryside of Iran is where the Mullahs have their greatest support.

And, the morons running the US military do not understand this.

When America’s armed forces staged the largest military exercise in history, called Millennium Challenge 2002, they were simulating the invasion of Iran. And, they demonstrated why the US is doomed to lose a ground war against Iran. The following video shows it best, and it focuses on the general picked to be the OPFOR commander of the Iranian side of this simulation. That man was retired Marine Lt. Gen. Paul Van Riper. And, he used Iranian tactics to decisively defeat American forces in just ten minutes.

Here’s the video that described what he did:

A Marine general led a fictional Iran against US military – and won

Unfortunately, this video proves that America’s military doesn’t learn and is doomed to be defeated in any ground war with Iran.

Like I said… Morons.

But, back to WHY Iran is such a tough nut to crack…

The Example Of The Iran-Iraq War

The Iran-Iraq war of 1980 to 1988 is an example of why Iran is so hard to defeat. Even though the Iranian military before that war had been decimated by purges and was poorly led… Even though Iran’s military was demoralized and lacked vital spare parts… Even though there seemed to be no way that Iraq could lose a war with Iran…

…Iran still won.

Iraq thought that it could capture the Iranian side of the Shatt al-Arab and grab all the flat area up to the foothills of the Zagros Mountains. Saddam Hussein failed and failed badly. Not only did he fail to gain ANY additional land area, but he spent billions on the war, slaughtered hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians and earned the eternal enmity of the Iranian regime.

Saddam was a fool and proved it by also invading Kuwait in 1990.

What a moron.

Only Alexander the Great, the Rashidun Caliphate and the Mongols ever successfully invaded the heartland of Persia. And, they only did so when Persia (Iran) was weak and divided. Alexander was able to defeat the Persians using superior strategy and technology, in Turkey and Mesopotamia, before moving across the Zagros mountains. The Rashidun Caliphate faced a Persia weakened by wars with the Byzantine Empire. And, the Mongols faced a divided and weak Khwarezmian ’empire’.

Basically, the Persians (Iran) were only defeated when they were in decline and had defeated themselves. And, right now, they aren’t. Not even a little, as Saddam Hussein found out, to his cost. And, it would probably be wise to leave them alone, but we can’t.

They want nukes, and that would be a horrifyingly bad idea for the West.

What Will The West Do?

So, if a land invasion of Iran is out, what option does the West have?

The best that America and her allies can do is a limited strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, followed by years of brutal conflict along the shores of the Persian Gulf. Destroying Iran’s nuclear infrastructure would require the destruction of all air defenses around the these nuclear targets, followed by an aerial bombardment of the nuclear targets themselves. Then the US and her allies would need to seize all nuclear facilities that survived the bombardment, using airborne infantry to infiltrate the area and ensure the destruction of all nuclear centrifuges that remained operational. Once the operation was over, we would all need to sit back and hope that we would survive the wave after wave of assaults from the Iranian military and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The Persian Gulf would become one vast oil slick, as tanker after tanker is sunk by Iranian missiles, rockets and gun boats. The US would need to blast anything and everything that moved, along the entire shoreline of Iran. And they would need to do that for years.

The US Fifth Fleet, in the Persian Gulf would need to shoot down everything in the air and destroy all boat docks and missile launching sites along the Iranian coast. All Iranian boats of any kind – military or civilian – would need to be sunk. Special Forces units would need to constantly operate up and down the Iranian coast, searching for ammunition dumps, rocket launchers and guided missile depots.

In the meantime, Iran would unleash Hezbollah, who would try launch up to a 150,000 rockets and missiles into northern Israel. Israel would try to destroy launch sites, before those rockets and missiles were fired. But, Israel will probably be less than successful. Israel will be badly, badly damaged in the barrage.

For Israel to survive these waves of missiles, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) would need good intelligence describing exactly where Hezbollah missile and rocket launchers were positioned, so that they could be destroyed. Israel might even need to invade southern Lebanon and southwestern Syria to destroy any Hezbollah and IRGC units operating within range of Israel.

If everything worked perfectly, the United States, Israel and any allies involved might survive with only a few singed feathers.

Those of you looking for a more visual and somewhat more optimistic analysis, the following video is pretty good:

What a war with Iran could look like

Shirvan, the one doing the research, analysis and narration for this video, makes one error in his calculations, and it is a significant one:

He does not include Twelver Shiism and their fanatic desire to wash the world in blood to bring back the 12th Imam, the Imam Mahdi.

That is why I believe that the above analysis – while good – is somewhat optimistic. But, even his analysis spells doom for America and the global system as it stands now.

This war will collapse the global financial system, paralyze vast swaths of global trade, destroy energy delivery systems and catastrophically deplete America’s ability to project power around the world. The current system, as we know it will burn to the ground and will need to be rebuilt from its ashes. And, that’s assuming Iran does not launch an EMP strike upon the United States.

If God were on America’s side, then maybe we could expect a better outcome. But, God is NOT on America’s side and hasn’t been for quite some time. So, America should expect the very worst result.

For those of you who are Christian – and I hope that all of you are – there is a silver lining to all of this. And, you can find it in the fulfillment of prophecy, which is the core reason for why I am talking about all of this.

This coming war will set the stage for the fulfillment of the prophecies found in Isaiah 17, Isaiah 30, Ezekiel 36-39, Zechariah 12 & 13, and the other passages in the Bible that speak of Ezekiel’s Fire and the events that will lay the groundwork for the final end of these Last Days.

Yes, the Great Tribulation is coming, and these events WILL help lay the path for its coming. But, there is much that must happen before we see it arrive. This is barely even the beginning of those precursor events, and it’s what I want to talk about next – Lord Willing.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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20 thoughts on “The US Cannot Win a War with Iran”

  1. Hi Brother John,

    Friday morning here in Northeast PA is my favorite time because I usually crave my OmegaShock fix. LOL.

    Thank you as always.

    At any rate, not that I challenge everything I hear from you, but I have this belief that I must trust BUT VERIFY. I, of course, trust you. Which is why I’ve been following you for years.

    But regarding Iran, I am former US Army officer, and terrain is always key in everything.

    So I carefully studied Iran’s topographic map. I studied the terrain feature. I studied how Iran’s allies would support it. And I studied how the evil DC Empire would wage war.

    My conclusion: HO..LEEE.COW. (No offense to our Hindu friends.) But you are absolutely right, 100000%.

    Iraq is like a flat parking lot. Lots of space for tanks to maneuver. And speaking of tanks, just so you know the US Army’s ‘center of mass’ is NOT infantry and it’s NOT artillery. The US Army’s ‘center of mass’ is ARMOR. This means the US Army relies HEAVILY on M1 Abrams tanks.

    But Iran, wow. Given Iran’s terrain, ummm, placing M1s on her real estate is suicidal. The only place where tanks would be effective is inside deep in the country, and even then it would be a logistical nightmare to keep the tanks ‘fed’ with fuel and rounds. You see, it takes 10 non-combat soldiers to support 1 combat soldier. Imagine the supply lines needed.

    This will not end well.

    God Bless.

    • Hi Joel The Filipino,

      I miss doing those Friday posts, in more ways than one. And, I’m not satisfied with the current arrangement. We’ll see how the Lord leads.

      Well done on looking at that topographical map. I’m betting that you are the only one to do that. And, you understand the challenge of taking on Iran at a very fundamental level.

      Do the ‘top brass’?

      Do the generals and admirals understand this?

      I hope so, but I’m uncertain. Too many political generals and admirals at the Pentagon.

      But, maybe they ‘get it’. Maybe… just maybe …new sanctions will work. Maybe covert ops will work. Maybe. But, I doubt it. That ship has sailed.

      And no, this will not end well.

      Excellent comment, Joel. Well done, brother.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. I’ve actually been to Iran and was asked repeatedly why the US kept interfering in its affairs. The US and Britain put the Shah in power in 1953 when it orchestrated the overthrow of the democratically elected leader after he had the temerity to nationalize the nations oil and not sell it to the west. The Shah was a tyrant who oversaw a police apparatus that imprisoned and killed hundreds of thousands of people. It’s little wonder then that they are skeptical of US motives and don’t trust it.

    I don’t believe anyone should have nuclear weapons. Perhaps the US should set an example and start destroying its stockpile of nuclear weapons, set an example and lead rather than lecture.

    Finally, I agree. The US wouldn’t win a war with Iran. They are more formidable than people know and while the US would control the air there is no way a land war would end well.

    • Hi David,

      I’m glad that we agree, but you didn’t understand the points that I made.

      Just as you did with the Palestinians, you spent time with the Iranians and did not to understand them. You immersed yourself in their society but did not figure out why they believe the way that they believe – and why their system of belief would be a threat to Iran’s neighbors. You did not look into the soul of the people and their leadership and see their aspirations.

      If all that you are interested is tourism, such depth isn’t vital.

      But, for geopolitical analysis, it’s everything.

      Please read again, my series on Iran, David. It is vital to understand the point that I was making.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Hi John,

        I’m unable to read the other pieces you wrote about Iran because of database connection errors. I will when able to. Listen, I’ll be honest with you and tell you that I’m not concerned about biblical prophecy. It does not inform my day to day life. My perspective may be offensive to you and others but I don’t really care about all that stuff. I’ve done a lot of “deep study”, grew exhausted from the exercise. Hermeneutics, semiotics, semantics, exegesis, eschatology, post trib, pre trib, dispensationalism, ecclesiology…all of it. I could not care if there is a rapture or when it happens though I’m inclined to think it’s a bunch of nonsense. If I knew with precision when Christ would return or when I’d be raptured [which I don’t believe in] would it change my life? If the answer is yes then I’m doing something wrong. That’s my position.

        To be clear, I did not visit the West Bank and Hebron as a tourist. I was there with a Christian humanitarian organization that is committed to active non violence. And what I experienced first hand was shocking. I witnessed events that would shake most people to the core, violence exacted on children by adults. It does not matter who they are, nobody should do those things to children. The problem is most Americans have been so inculcated to believe Palestinians are evil that nothing I say persuades them otherwise. “They strap bombs on their children!!” and all that nonsense. The media and US government and many church leaders have done an excellent job at vilifying the Palestinian people. I know you’ve spent a lot of time in Israel and perhaps the West Bank and have a different take. All I can tell you, tell anyone is what I saw with my two eyes. And there is no excuse for any of it.

        And likewise, I was not in Iran as a tourist. In fact I was there while in the US Navy aboard the flagship back in the late 70’s before the fall of the Shah. Your suggestion that I turned a blind eye to certain things could not be further from the truth. I had Iranians confide in me that their neighbor or brother or uncle or friend was missing and no doubt being tortured. And a lot of them kept asking me why the US supported the Shah. I was young and uninformed and had no clue the US had been interfering there since at least 1953.

        Do I know that the leadership in Iran is horrible? Of course I do. But I also believe the leadership in Israel and Saudi Arabia is horrible. I still get information weekly by people in the West Bank, people I trust and the news is always dreadful. There are a lot of bad actors in the world and I know that Iran supports terrorism although it’s interesting that when the US does so it isn’t called terrorism. The US has done more to screw up that part of the world than any other entity. It created and supported the Shah, Saddam, Hosni Mubarkek, Qaddafi and a host of other tyrants. It armed Saddam with chemical weapons that he used on the Kurds for crying out loud.

        The subject of nuclear weapons is front and center today however. There is no way to justify their existence or possession by anyone including the US and Israel. They are the most indiscriminate weapons ever created. Even if you believe in ‘just war’ which I don’t by the way, nuclear weaponry would not come close to qualifying as a tool for waging ‘just war’.

        I’ll read the other pieces when the database errors are corrected.

        Best wishes,


        • Hi David,

          None of the Iran articles that I’ve written are about eschatology. They are about Iran’s stated intentions. Period.

          However, there is a bigger problem. You have essentially stated that you aren’t a Christian.

          A Christian cares about what Jesus said, and Jesus said that we are to watch and pray that we would escape what is coming and then stand before Christ. (Luke 21:36)

          Since you don’t care about what Jesus said, you aren’t a Christian.

          You aren’t going to heaven, when you die. You are destined for eternal judgment. Not because of ‘eschatology’, but because the words of Christ mean nothing to you. This is a horrifying catastrophe.

          As for your time with the Palestinians, that is hardly credible. Yes, you undoubtedly saw bad behavior. I could take you to places in Taiwan and convince you that all Taiwanese are evil because the Taiwanese in such and such an area behave badly. And, you didn’t even bother to find out whether this was a carefully constructed PR campaign to get you to say and think what you are writing here.

          You have been played, and it’s too bad. I warned you, but you wouldn’t listen, and you still won’t.

          Let me ask you this, even though it’s useless for me to even try to open your eyes:

          Why is Israel the only country in the Middle East that is a democracy?

          Why is Israel the only country in the Middle East that has freedom of religion?

          Why is Israel the only country in the Middle East where Christianity is growing?

          Remember that I was there, and know these things personally.

          But, as Mark Twain said, “It’s easier to fool someone than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.”

          I feel sorry for the Palestinians and the Iranians, but they did it to themselves. They keep trading one repressive, tyrannical regime for another that is equally repressive and tyrannical. And, while I do not condone Anglo-American foreign policy, at least the Shah was not a threat to his neighbors.

          As for nukes, no one is afraid that Israel or the US will nuke them. Iran is different, and you should know that.

          Here are those three articles about Iran:

          Iran is Completely Insane

          Iran is Completely Insane – The Details Confirm It

          Iran Must be Stopped

          Yes, every once in a while, my site gets knocked down. But, that’s because of the several hundred – sometimes close to a thousand – brute force attacks that Omega Shock suffers every day. And, when the site gets knocked down, it’s only temporary. Luckily, the server is on a fairly fast VPS, so the damage is minimized.

          The MySQL server is fine.

          Please read or watch what I’ve written, David. None of those Iran articles are about eschatology.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

          • For a few years I lived in a little town outside Phoenix caring for my father in his last years. I was right on the edge of the desert where I would often walk. There was one place that I stopped each time. It was a hillside and there was a sort of natural amphitheater. I imagined Jesus standing near the top of the hill and giving his Sermon on the Mount. It was easy to put myself in the position of those listening that day. Simple people, laborers, men, women and children. The disenfranchised face to face with the living Christ. Everything they needed about life was said that day. Nothing more. Nothing less. Save for the apostles these people would never see him again. Like them that’s all I need, those words recorded in Matthew 5-7 are how I endeavor to lead my life.

            You and I won’t agree on much of anything John. You don’t know me and what I do in the community. Yet you have the temerity to judge my salvation. It’s a bit arrogant. However, from what I see you are so focused on biblical prophecy that for all intents and purposes you miss the forest for the trees. I see it all the time, people who spend the bulk of their time reading and studying, trying to connect the dots. Creating narratives about the end times. And in the meantime they miss a lot opportunity to do what Christ admonished them to do – “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also. If someone takes your cloak, do not stop him from taking your tunic.”

            We could bounce questions back and forth for days, query each other about this and that. Reply, rebut, argue. In the end however none of that edifies. For me I’ll be content with going to the homeless shelter and volunteering, being kind to my neighbor, trying to be a good friend and reflecting Jesus in my actions. The future will take care of itself.

          • Hi David,

            Doing good works is great. And, I congratulate you on them. But, doing good works is not enough. Even having empathy for those in the time of Christ is not enough.

            If you wish to have salvation, you must submit to God. And, the words of God define that submission.

            You are right that I am not your judge. That should be self-evident. The best that I can do is offer warning. And, that is exactly what I am doing.

            Again, if you reject the words of Christ, you are not a Christian. It’s that simple. And yes, true faith in Christ is an all-or-nothing endeavor. You are either all in, or all out.

            Furthermore, our dialogue over the past four years is deeply troubling. And, I won’t go into all that, unless you wish me to.

            The choice is yours. Either submit completely to God, or give it all up. There is no middle ground.

            If you wish a second opinion on this matter, consider this recent video that I’ve been contemplating:


            This isn’t about eschatology, David. This is about Life in Christ.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

  3. For what it’s worth:

    Also, Martin Armstrong says that at least with his contacts behind the curtain, nobody is into the old traditional invade-and-occupy anymore. No one wants to occupy and try to control conquered territory anymore, it’s too much trouble. Not that our government listens to Armstrong. Armstrong says the new picture of war is to use drones, airpower, and of course EMPs. Why go to all that trouble and expense when you can just cut to the chase ….

    • Ouch. I hope that this isn’t another dirty move by LME. If it is… (grrrr!) Armstrong is right, up to a point. It depends upon what issues lie behind ‘territorial claims’. But, generally… yes. It can be complicated. It’s good to hear from you, DRG! I hope that all is well with you. – JL

  4. I’ve had a chance to go back and read your previous articles about Iran. Here’s a couple questions for you John:

    1. You said – “What they would have done instead was bomb Iranian nuclear weapons sites into rubble, and then bomb the rubble, just to make sure.”

    Easy to say if you are sitting in the cheap seats. Would you personally do it? Would you personally fly a plane and drop the bombs and kill countless people, most of them innocent non combatants? A number of studies have been done that prove 8 out 10 victims of American wars are non combatants (i.e. – to name one). So John, would you personally kill 10 people if you knew with certainty that 8 were non combatants?

    2. Would you have one or more of your children drop bombs on Iran or any other country knowing the same facts?

    I’ve heard countless armchair warriors including your president talk about how they’d “bomb the s***” out of Iran or ISIS or whoever but the simple fact is they are cowards. Trump conveniently had bone spurs during the Vietnam War. Most people are content to outsource violence to others and never get their own hands dirty then sit back and gloat. This includes most so called Christians. My own father was like that. He’d sit and watch Fox News for endless hours, get his weekly dose of propaganda from his pastor and gripe about how the military should invade this country or that country and “kill ’em all, God will sort them out.” When I asked him these questions he deflected and obfuscated.

    It’s easy to sit and talk about how the military should flatten a country but another thing altogether to do it yourself. And what about after you bomb Iran’s nuclear sites? What happens then John? Are you going to put on a uniform and lead the charge to invade and occupy the country because that is what would be needed? Or will you just sit back and observe the whole thing from afar and write about how this had to happen as body bags of young men and women are flown back to Dover AFB, no doubt your children would not be among them. Of course in the ivory tower of biblical scholarship it’s easy to justify, right?

    You question my Christian faith? I am not the one who is advocating doing everything antithetical to what Jesus taught. Frankly people like you disgust me.

    • Hi David,

      This is why we are unable to really talk. You say that you read what I wrote, but you didn’t pay attention to what I said.

      Would you kill ten people to save a hundred million?

      If you say no, then you are a fool.

      Furthermore, we had a chance to avoid this situation by starving the Iranian regime of money. We didn’t do that, thanks to Obama, and now we are faced with having to engage in military action.

      What you don’t understand is that you are asking the United States to murder several hundred million people. That is what you are demanding. The murder of hundreds of millions of people. You have the ability to stop this genocide, but you have chosen not to.

      That is your morality. Think about that. The blood of hundreds of millions on your hands. And, it doesn’t wash off.

      So yes, as a Christian, if I were in command of US forces, I could order the destruction of nuclear weapons facilities to the save the lives of those that Iran wishes to destroy. And, that decision is made easier because Iran chose this path with the full knowledge of what that means. They even told us their intentions.

      Since you cannot understand such a decision, David, there’s nothing for us to talk about.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  5. Wow. I just read both links above on Josh Harris. I had not been familiar with him. It strikes me as absurd – but then truth is stranger than fiction, they say – that a 21-year-old could write a book as an expert on marriage and relationships and be taken seriously and sell millions of copies. What does any 21-year-old, especially having grown up in a very protected environment (home-schooled) in the US, an anomalously privileged place, know about life in the real world? It does not surprise me that life experience has deepened his understanding, but it is tragic that he has turned away from Christianity altogether. One of the articles suggests that he probably was never really saved to begin with; that may well be. If he really believed, he would be terrified of the path he is now traveling. And doubtless leading many others down.

    Neither article mentioned why his marriage failed. I am curious about that. I’d love to see an interview of his wife. Of his parents. I wonder what they think of his falling away.

    So many, in this age, build houses on the sand. The false teachers have preached an easy grace for more than a generation now and we are seeing the results. There is no backbone in it, nothing to lean on, nothing to give support, no connection to the one true God in this kind of teaching.

    Several years ago I read an excerpt from a book written by a former Christian pastor turned atheist. I think the title was something like Losing Faith. He wrote about the night he faced this gnawing feeling he had ignored for so long: a member of his congregation called him late at night to meet her at the ER and pray with her for a relative who’d been in a bad car accident or something like that. He went, he prayed, he tried to comfort her, but inside he felt like, “You know there is no God to pray to. You KNOW this is all a sham.” He went home. He was looking at himself in the mirror and thinking, with much anguish, about how he must face this “truth” and let go of the fantasies that he had held so long; he said goodbye to his deceased father and the fantasy that he would see him again, etc. One by one he let go and grieved all these “fantasies”. Later he sought out a convention of atheists. He was asked to speak and give his “testimony”. He said that antibiotics and 200 years of science had done more to help humanity than 2,000 years of religion, to thunderous applause. He wrote, as if it were a refreshing and welcome discovery, that all the atheists seated around him at his table were perfectly nice people. That they were normal, and so was he, and it was all OK. He described how he broke the news to his family and they were OK with it. I forget how his congregation took it, but I think he continued as a pastor for awhile. I wonder how many other pastors are still in the closet about this, but continuing to preach empty sermons every Sunday.

    And we were told this would happen. But it still amazes me. I don’t even know why. We continually underestimate the exceedingly clever deceptions brought to bear by the enemy. We need to remember they will be so clever that even the elect will be given pause. When what you were taught in the beginning was not sound – and you have not bothered to read the bible with serious and prayerful intent – of course you will not discover the discrepancy and of course the false doctrine will not stand the test of reality. And when your entire generation grew up in the same situation, you will have no trouble finding many, many people to support and validate and confirm your “discovery” that it is not true. Buzzwords again. It’s important to feel validated, even when you’re going straight to hell.

    There is one internet prophetess, who does not claim to be a prophet but who nevertheless gets frequent “words” from the Lord (?) and distributes them to her mailing list. I have long had an uneasy feeling in my gut about this but read them nevertheless, in case I am wrong; and out of curiosity, to see how it plays out, and to see if at some point the hook in it becomes apparent. She seems to hold to a pre-trib rapture belief; and while a few of the messages warn of severe persecution, many others promise that the Lord will miraculously provide all that is needed to the faithful. On the surface there is nothing obviously heretical. But I feel that something is wrong, and that it is extremely subtle. My feeling is that those who cling to the idea that they will never suffer lack, all will be miraculously provided, will be in for a shock when life gets REALLY rough. God can and does miraculously provide when He so wills. But is this happening for Christians in North Korea, who are so much more brave and committed than we are, sitting in our easy chairs and theorizing what persecution might be like? Did it work that way for the Armenian Christians a hundred years ago? Many Asian Christians are starving and dying of thirst in torture camps and suffering in ways we can’t even imagine. This just seems like a soothing false gospel of a slightly different flavor than the prosperity one. I’m not sure what to think. But something about it feels off.

    • Hi DRG,

      That is an excellent comment. Extremely well done. And, that part about the pastor… very insightful.

      One of my theories about Josh Harris is that he probably had a ‘transactional’ view of God. If we do this, God will do that. And, when the times got tough, God didn’t do ‘His part’ in what Josh thought of as ‘The Deal’. The ‘transaction’ failed too often in his mind. And yes, if you are pretrib… your view of a graceful Christian life, full of glorious well-being… will fail.

      One of the reasons why I have some confidence that I will persevere, is that I didn’t leave faith in God, when my life fell apart. I chose to understand that God knew what He was doing as everything crumbled around me. And, He proved that by placing me in a far better place than before – although I still ache over all that happened.

      Josh didn’t understand that, or chose not to. And, the crux of it all is choice. We can choose to believe that God knows what He’s doing, or we can choose not to. I’m not very good at submission to God, but I’m improving and will probably need to keep improving until the day that I die.

      Oh, and I think that I read somewhere that it was Josh who divorced his wife. And, it might even have been marital disagreement that was a catalyst (or, one of many) for some of this. I don’t know.

      I’m glad that technical problems have kept me from finishing my article on Romans 1:18, since it allowed me to see your comment, DRG. You have one of the most important voices in the comment section, and I’m always glad to see your remarks.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. Hey John,

    I was talking to a sister about the former pastor and something occured to me about this “peace” that he is feeling.

    That supposed “peace” is satan now backing off from his aggressive attacks on this guy, because the evil one has him now. He’s probably getting a nice warm fuzzy feeling (or some bull poopoo like that) courtesy of those in the spiritual realm on satan’s side. He is tightly wrapped in a warm comfortable webbing of satan’s lies. What a horrible and frightening thought, and so terribly true I’m afraid.


    • I think that you’re right. AND, there’s no more struggle with rejecting fleshly desire. No more guilt… until eventually, he hits rock bottom. But, when you’re falling, it always feels great. Until you hit the ground. Good points, Jennifer! – JL

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