The Balfour Declaration – 100 Years

Thursday marked the 100 year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. It laid the groundwork for the completely legal distribution of land rights to the Jews, as the foul and evil Ottoman Empire was being dismembered. And, make no mistake, the Ottoman Empire was truly corrupt and Satanic.

(Remember the Armenian Genocide?)

It was also a moment in time that marked the spread of the idea of the Nation State. The monarchies were dying. The ‘divine right of kings’ was losing recognition. And, it was the high water mark for Christianity in Europe and North America. After that, it was downhill.

Never forget that the founding of the State of Israel and her success has been entirely due to the Christians.


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The Balfour Declaration – 100 Years

I have said before and will say again, 2017 marks the end of the ‘grace period’ for the Gentiles. We had our chance for repentance. We had our chance to make good on the promises that we made to God. We had our chance to cast out the unfruitful works of darkness. We had our chance love the truth and reject all that would challenge the words of the Bible.

We failed.

Many of you do not like to hear words like that, but the truth of those words is irrefutable. We failed. And, like Israel when she failed, God has turned away from us – in this case, back to the Children of Jacob. Those of you who reject this idea, are not reading your Bible.

How Corruption Entered The Church

There is ALWAYS a price for corruption. ALWAYS. And, there is always a time limit for how long God will tolerate corruption among His people. In fact, we knew this, but we had itching ears.

We enjoyed ‘new ideas’ and ‘new discoveries’. We loved a ‘new thing’ that Reverend This or Reverend That had ‘discovered’ in the Bible. We were tantalized by these ‘new things’ and chased after them. The well-worn path of truth was boring, and we wanted something different.

During the 1800s the printing press was churning out cheaper and cheaper copies of books that proclaimed these ‘new ideas’. When we added steam power to these printing presses, these foolish books crept into the hands of the average person.

Cults around the world sprang up because foolish men and women had access to foolish and evil books. The Pretrib Rapture, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, Marxism, Darwinism, The Christian Science Cult, and a host of other cults sprang off of the printing presses and into the hearts of those too foolish to see the evil in what they were reading. It was an era of great deception, but it was also an era of great knowledge.

The Age Of Information

In our current age of instant access to information, we forget how much we used to starve for knowledge – even in the 1970s and ’80s. I remember, as a teenager, how difficult it was to get unbiased information on what was going on in modern-day Israel. I was fascinated by events there, and I just couldn’t get enough information on that tiny bit of real estate in western Asia.

Those of you kids who grew up during the advent of the Internet have no idea how hard it was to get any kind of understanding of what was going on in your area of interest. Basically, you had to travel to do effective research.


Today, all that you need to do is turn on your computer. You could be in Taiwan and have as much access to relevant information, almost as good as if you were right there. Almost.

But, this is about the significance of the Balfour Declaration, and not a rant on the evils of propaganda. So, let me drag you back a hundred years to 1917.

World War I

When crazy Kaiser Wilhelm II made his pagan Nibelungentreue promise of loyalty to the Austrians in 1914, he launched a series events that would destroy the world as they knew it. Austria would punish Serbia. Russia would come to the aid of Serbia. France would come to the aid of Russia. Britain would jump in to aid France. The Ottomans would take the side of Germany. And, the US would wait until 1917, to jump in and help finish the war in 1918.

If the Kaiser – the more correct pronunciation of Caesar, (ie, Kay-sar) – had not been a mystical moron in love with Wagnerian mythology and German paganism, we probably wouldn’t be talking about Israel at all. But, the Kaiser WAS a pagan moron, and we ARE sitting where we are sitting.

The key element, in terms of our discussion of the Balfour Declaration, was the inclusion of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans were a failing empire, and their territory was shrinking, almost by the day. So, it must have seemed like a good idea to jump in on the side of the Germans and regain some imperial glory.

Big mistake.

The Ottomans were corrupt to the core, and their military shared that corruption. The British routed what was left to the Ottomans in Egypt in 1914, took the next couple of years to consolidate her hold on Egypt and take over Sudan. They did not begin their push northwards, along the coast of the Eastern Mediterranean, until 1917.

In fact, just a few days ago, on October 31st, was the 100 year anniversary of the Battle of Beersheba. It has the historical honor of being the last successful use of horse cavalry, in battle, in the world. After that battle, all other charges by horse cavalry were complete failures.

Negotiations For A Jewish Homeland

British success in Egypt and Sudan must have caught the imagination of the public. The Holy Land was on the verge of being captured. And, with these successes in North Africa and the Middle East, thoughts were turning towards who these lands should be given to.

The era of colonialism was ending. Yes, the Great Powers in Europe would still do their best to hold on to their foreign domains, but those efforts were a ‘last gasp’. The idea of the ‘nation state’ had begun with the American Revolution, and other national groups were interested in carving out their own domains. And, no one wanted the diseased and depopulated ‘Palestine’ – except the Jews.

Furthermore, there were Christians within the British government that believed strongly in the idea of a return of the Jewish people to their homeland. They saw such an event as a part of the process that would result in the Second Coming of Christ, and ANY Christian would be interested in such a thing.

God Is A Zionist

In fact, since the early 1800s, there have always been more Zionist Christians than Zionist Jews. No one who reads the Bible with a sincere heart can avoid being a Zionist. As I have said before, and will continue to say:

God is a Zionist!

If you don’t understand this, then you either have a mental problem or aren’t reading your Bible. (Or both.) For reasons that God has not completely explained, God has a profound love for a tiny patch of ground called Zion. And, Zion isn’t even as big as the one square kilometer where the ancient city of Jerusalem sits.

In fact, my wife and I walked across the width of Zion in about 30 seconds. And, it wasn’t a fast walk. Eventually, Zion grew to encompass the Temple, but even THAT wasn’t very large. Seriously, it’s a tiny, tiny place.

And, Satan HATES that place.

Just look at all the people that hate the idea that the Jews control Jerusalem. Every kind of Satanist is dedicated to wresting control of Jerusalem from the Jews. If there is one thing that followers of Evil have in common, it’s their dedication to rip Jerusalem from the hands of Israel.

If you also want to take Jerusalem away from the Jews, then YOU are a Satanist.

I’m sorry if that upsets you, but facts are facts. You know a duck by how it walks and talks. You know a Satanist the same way. Those who love God and are in complete submission to Him, love Zion and love the people that He gave Zion to.

If you can’t handle those facts, then you’ll need to talk to God about this. And, ‘good luck’ with that.

But, let’s get back to those negotiations with the Jews.

The Balfour Declaration

As much as I might cry against the rapid spread of evil writings, via the printing press, I must offer praise for the fact that the printing press gave the average Briton the ability to read the Bible for himself and herself. And, as I have said before, you cannot read the Bible without eventually supporting a homeland for the Jews. You just can’t.

And, here is this quote from an article on British Zionism:

However, the rise of Protestantism and the enlightenment brought a new spirit to Europe. Following publication of English versions of the bible and with the rise of the Puritan faith, Hebraicism and restoration of the Jews became increasingly popular. Puritans adopted names such as Amos and Obadia and Isaiah and Isaac and even Habakkuk and Abednego. On the one hand, Protestants in Britain and later those in the USA began to identify themselves as the inheritors of the Israelites or the lost ten tribes. On the other hand, support grew for restoration of the Jews as the rightful owners of “the Holy Land.” This movement was nourished by many sources, not all favorable to the Jews. The theology of some branches of Protestantism posits that the second coming of Christ would only come only after the Jews were reestablished in their land, and were converted to Christianity. Anti-Semites believed that establishment of a Jewish homeland would be a convenient way to rid Europe of Jews. Imperialists hoped that a Jewish Palestine would be an excuse for a British protectorate there, and might serve as a solution for the “Eastern Question.”

 – British Support for Jewish Restoration

This was the context under which the British Foreign Secretary, Arthur Balfour reached out to the leadership of the Jewish Zionists in June of 1917. They were asked to provide their own wording for the declaration of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. After the ensuing back-and-forth negotiations over this declaration, the following statement was finalized and made official on November 2nd, 1917:

His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

When that declaration was made, Britain did not control very much of Palestine. The most that they had was the desolate land around Beersheba. That was it. But, it wasn’t going to stay that way, and they knew it.

When the Ottoman Empire finally gave its last gasp and collapsed, legal ownership of the lands controlled by the Ottomans were transferred to the British and the French. And, the Balfour Declaration made it clear that one part of those lands were going to be given to the Jews. And, when the League of Nations was formed, this ‘transfer of title’ was reaffirmed.

Under the League of Nations, the British were given the ‘Mandate for Palestine’, and that ‘mandate’ was for the purposes of setting up a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Unfortunately, the anti-Semites among the British were successful in diminishing this promise of a Jewish homeland, until it was a shadow of its former self. But, this attempt by the anti-Semites could not roll back history.

The Land Of Israel – Legal Under International Law

Legal title to the Land of Israel has been legally and officially transferred to the Jewish people. That ‘transfer of title’ had been reaffirmed and authorized by international law and the international community. The anti-Semites howled in outrage, but the deed had been done.

The State of Israel was essentially a foregone conclusion.

If you want more on this legal ‘transfer of title’ under international law, listen to lawyer Dr. Jacques Gauthier, who is a specialist in this area:

From the 1917 Balfour Declaration to the Rebirth of Israel in 1948

YouTube shortlink:

There is absolutely no way that you can get around the legal right of Israel to the modern day Land of Israel, as well as the West Bank and Gaza Strip – especially, Jerusalem. Under international law, the ownership of the Land, is absolutely clear. And, the legal basis for that ownership begins with the Balfour Declaration.

The Yuval Clock

That declaration is a hundred years old, this week. I tend to avoid attributing significance to such numbers, but I can’t seem to avoid this one. You might have remembered the article that I wrote here:

A New Chapter Begins

In that article, I said this:

For those of you who read your Bible…

…what happens on the 50th year?

The land returns to the original owner. In the King James Version, the phrase is jubile. In our more modern form of English, the word is spelled jubilee. In the original language, it’s spelled in Hebrew characters and pronounced Yuval (or, YEW-vahl).

The world has had 50 years to acknowledge the right of Israel to own and hold Jerusalem. They have not, and those few countries that once acknowledged Israel’s right to Jerusalem, have withdrawn that acknowledgment.

In the first turn of the 50 year clock, the world started doing the right thing, and then balked. At the end of that 50 years, God gave Jerusalem to Israel. The world should have done it voluntarily, but they chose to shake their fist in the face of God, instead.

The Time Of The Gentiles Is Complete

Now, a second turn of the 50 year clock has completed. At the end of the first round, this verse was fulfilled:

And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

 – Luke 21:24

That verse is one thousand eight hundred and ninety seven years long, and it means that the times of the Gentiles have been fulfilled. We can argue all day long about what that means, but the wording stays the same.

The time of the Gentiles is over. Done. Fulfilled. Complete.

We had our time. And, in many cases, they were good years. And, just as the Jews joined the Body of Christ, when the time of the Jews was over, so will the Gentiles continue on. But, as I look at the sin and corruption in the church, I wonder at how many Gentiles there will be, as the Jews take their rightful place in the Body of Christ.

I Shudder At What Happens Next

I shudder to think about what will happen in the coming months and years. We have defiled ourselves, and the Bible speaks of the judgment that ALWAYS comes when a people have corrupted themselves so thoroughly.

Yes, we continue to give lip service to God. But, when God judged Israel and Judah for their great sins, they were doing the same. With their mouth they praised God, but with their heart, they were chasing after the sins of the flesh.

Judgment ALWAYS comes first to the House of God. Always. Then, it will come for the rest of the world. The recipe for avoiding this judgment is the one given by our Lord and Savior:

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

 – Luke 21:36

I believe that another important milestone has passed us by on the road towards judgment. My earnest prayer is that all of you might be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass.

Are you reading your Bible and taking it to heart?

Have you dedicated yourself to serving the Lord with every fiber of your being?



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My research sources are pretty wide ranging, and their number keep growing. So, instead of listing all of my sources, let me list the ones that deserve special mention:

A big thank you to all who sent me articles. I appreciate all of it.



Yup, more than just special, these links appear to be the most important of all. Seriously, start with these.

And yes, these are pretty serious.

Matt Redman – 10,000 Reasons Live in Times Square – YouTube

Hillary L shared this in the comment section, and it’s another great praise song from Matt Redman.

With all the evil that surrounds us, and what you are about to read below, it’s good to start out with a moment of praise to God. The idea that we can still pack Times Square and praise God, gives me some hope.

No, don’t think that this means that God will hold back His wrath upon America. That ship has sailed. But, a video like this helps me believe that God will spare those in America who remain true to His commandments.

AMERICA WILL BE DESTROYED, but those who have followed Christ in truth, love and righteousness… who have kept their robes pure …God will protect them from the wrath that comes. It won’t be fun for those of us who survive what is coming, but it will also be an opportunity to serve God like we have never served Him before.

Thank you for sharing that with us, Hillary. May the Lord find us worthy to escape what is coming, and to stand before Him in the Life to Come.

Jeremy Camp – Same Power (Official Live Video) – YouTube

This is a great song and absolutely the truth. The same power that raised Jesus from the grave, lives in us. It’s the Holy Spirit. And, if we will submit our lives to Christ, then we will have this power in our lives. If we do not, we will not.

It’s not the power that mankind thinks of. Sinful man has no use for the power that the Holy Spirit gives, and I’m afraid that far too many have quenched the Spirit by the sinful life that they lead.

Devote every part of your life to God. Humble yourself and submit to Him, and the Holy Spirit will direct your life and will give you the strength to overcome the evil designs of Satan. We will all need this power in the days to come.

Thank you, Jennifer. That was an awesome contribution.

Light Of Truth with Michael Boldea. 10-26-2017 – YouTube

Michael Boldea is always a mix of news, events and a discussion of life in Christ. In this episode, he speaks of the recent debacle over the JFK documents, the opiod crisis, the need for repentance and the key element of repentance… turning AWAY from sin.

Why do we keep our sins so close to hand?

What’s wrong with us?

Anyway, I was glad that I took the time to listen, and I think that you will feel the same.

Ex Satanist and Drug Addict now serves Jesus – Pastor Brian Cole’s Incredible Story! – YouTube

This is an incredible story of redemption. In fact, words like ‘incredible’ and ‘powerful’ do not do this show justice.

For those of you who think that there is a ‘point of no return’, you need to listen to this.

There is no ‘point of no return’.

For even the best of us, our faults are so great, so huge, that I am shocked at how little we are required to pay. God is so patient, so kind, even though we are so rebelious and blind. There is no price too great for what God has done for us. And, I am glad to see someone like Brian Cole embrace God and show us how forgiving our Lord and Savior is.

May God bless Pastor Cole as he preaches the Gospel of Christ Jesus. He is a walking, talking example of God’s ability to redeem the seemingly unredeemable.

Also, for those of you who are looking for a ministry to support, think about helping out Tony and the rest of the group at A Minute To Midnite:

Their efforts have been a blessing to so many people, and they deserve to be supported in their ministry.

The New Religions Obsessed with A.I.

When will we be able to create our own cybernetic gods?

Once upon a time, we carved them out of wood. If we had enough money, we made them out of silver and gold. But, now we have the opportunity to make them out of silicon (ie., sand) and power them with electricity.

Those of you who have not been reading your Bible everyday, will not see humanity’s tendency to make artificial gods. So, you won’t really think that this movement is to be treated seriously.

Remember that gods existed to grant ‘wishes’. My wife has a relative who is a pagan and worships at the second most popular – and powerful – temple in Japan.

Why is this temple so powerful and popular?

Because, it grants wishes. And, I felt the evil power of this temple, when we were taken there. It was the first time that I felt such power, and I have never forgotten it. From that night, almost eight years ago, I have taken upon myself the duty of praying that God would send the demons away and free the locals from their oppression – whenever I walk past a temple. Every. Single. Time.

But, this new Anthropogenic Theism is disconcerting. The Bible speaks of it as a globe-spanning god, that will be worshipped with a mark on your right hand and/or on your forehead.

(By the way, anthropogenic means ‘man created’. Anthropo = man. Genic = created.)

But, even though this future god will be anthropogenic, it will be so big and so vast that people will willingly give their allegiance to it. Please remember that a false god doesn’t need to be omnipotent and omni-present. It just needs to be ‘bigger than you’ and able to grant wishes.

Again, if you think that this won’t happen, you are deluding yourself and ignorant of the Bible.

Please, rededicate yourself to reading the Bible. Devote your life to God with every fiber of your being. Make sure that you are not vulnerable to this new god that is rising. It is a very real danger that you must arm yourself against.

Remember what Jesus said:

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

– Matthew 24:24

The last part of that verse has always made me shudder… “…insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” That means that this deception will be so incredible, so powerful, so fantastic, that even you and I will stop and wonder at this.

My sincere hope is that you will be a part of ‘the very elect’.

Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming – YouTube

This is about the encroachment of computer AI. It’s already taking over much of our lives, without you knowing it. It’s already at a point where you cannot hide, assuming that you wanted to.

In this video, Melissa Dykes asks an important question:

How will this end?

Since she is not a Christian – and she has stated this – she doesn’t know the answer. And, even if she was, she still might not know, because most churches in America do not teach ‘the answer’.

What will happen, is that The Antichrist will build an artificial intelligence that will be able to kill you, if you do not worship it. It will not allow you to buy or sell without a special tattoo. It will completely control everything that you do.

That’s in the Book of Revelation.

However, between now and then, there will be Gog and Magog and Ezekiel’s Fire. So, a lot will happen and Jesus told us to watch and pray that we would be worthy to escape these things.

BREAKING: FBI Tries To Kill Pamela Geller – YouTubeGoogle Docs ‘terms of service violation’ affecting users – The Washington Post

I wince every time I see that moronic tagline of the Washington Post:

Democracy Dies in Darkness

Sorry, you stupid morons, but you are spreading the darkness.

Of course, I’m making an exception here, because this article is especially chilling. So, if I can overcome my nausea to read it, you can too.

The point about this article is that Google is ‘looking over your shoulder’ as you write a document – if you are using ‘Google Docs’. And, if you write something that they don’t like, they will lock you out of that document. While you are writing it.

Think about that.

There you are, writing about your favorite species of cat, and make a negative comment about someone or something. Google looks at that comment and decides that it ‘breaks their terms of service’ and locks you out of your masterpiece on ‘furless cats’.

Do you smell a growing threat?

Yeah. Me too. And, as artificial intelligence becomes ever more sophisticated, they will be able to shut you down even more quickly. I don’t think that it’s possible to overestimate the threat of this.

Google is run and staffed by some pretty evil people. And, they want to keep you from getting your message out. They only want their brand of darkness to reach the public.

Now HERE is the right tagline for Google and The Washington Post:

You Will Be Silenced.

Are you ready for that?



These articles have a more individual importance. They cross categories, and are often in their own category. And, I think that these should be your first stop in your reading.

It’s Always Fishnets Season Somewhere – The New York Times

When I saw this on Drudge, the title was:

Hooker Fashion In…

This is all about prostitutes setting the trends for fashion, throughout history. And, it’s sickening. Make sure that you have a stronger stomach than me, if you should choose to read this. Thankfully, this not sexual imagery here.

Here’s a quote, to get you started down the path towards nausea:

The very prevalence of such images, overworked as they may be, is a testament to their durability. It is reason enough to look more closely at a position advanced by scholars and style arbiters alike: that the clothes we wear, or might like to wear, owe a very real debt to the world’s most ancient profession.

“Fashion right now is influenced by hookers,” said Anna Terrazas, the costume designer of “The Deuce.” “It’s not the other way around.” In a sea of eye-numbing conventionality, a maverick appearance is their signature. For someone employed on the busy streets, Ms. Terrazas said, “the point is to be seen.”

Not a groundbreaking concept, exactly. “There is an untold history of the relationship between sex workers and fashion,” said Rebecca Arnold, a fashion historian and lecturer at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London. As fashion’s early adopters, working women routinely took up what their respectable contemporaries shunned as too showy, tasteless or new.

The fact that the New York Times feels that it could get away with writing a piece like this, tells you everything that you need to know about how far America has fallen. Pornography and prostitution in America has become common and normal.

What an evil thing.

Unfortunately, this evil has crossed the Pacific and infected the fashion sense of Taiwanese girls. Thanfully, it has gotten a little too cold for them to be wearing the skimpy clothes that they wear in the summer.

America has much to answer for.

Why Won’t Google Comment on a Lawsuit Accusing YouTube of Censoring Conservatives? | Hollywood Reporter

Dennis Prager is suing Google. YES!

And, the deafening silence coming from Google is a tacitless acknowledgment that they ARE censoring conservative videos.

This is a very sly and clever move by Dennis Prager. He knows that he cannot win this case, but he also knows that Google can’t fight him on this case without admitting that they are censoring conservative videos.

If Google admits to censorship, they know that they have some serious PR trouble on their hands.


Well done, Mr. Prager. Well done, indeed. You’ve made Google squirm, and I’m loving this.

Denver Won’t Allow Single Mom To Sell Her Home For What It’s Worth

Just when you think that you’ve heard it all, about how evil parts of America are, you get something like this:

Just a few months ago, Lopez had a contract in place to sell her 1,200-square-foot home for $265,000 so she and her daughter could move to a bigger house nearby.

Lopez says she signed no contracts stating her home was part of an affordable housing program, and nothing was said during the purchase process. Her claims appear to be backed up by Michael Brenna, the real estate agent who helped her purchase the home.

Due to the rules in place regarding this program, Lopez is only allowed to sell her home for $186,000. That’s well below what the house is worth, and well below what Lopez has been paying property taxes on.

If that was it, it wouldn’t be so bad:

You see, while this supposed review is underway, a city inspector has told Lopez she has to sell her home in the next 30 days and can only sell it for the approved rate of $186,000. The argument being made is that since she didn’t actually qualify for the affordable housing program when she bought the home, she has to leave.

Aren’t Democrats awesome?

They are racist dirtbags that were responsible for slavery in America, and they’re still racist dirtbags who are continuing to destroy the lives of Americans.

It’s Amerikkka, comrade. You are most welcome to wonderful gulag.

Inconvenient: oceans continue to cool | Watts Up With That?

Now THAT is a bit of ‘inconvenient truth’.

Welcome to The Xi Jinping Era | China Uncensored – YouTube

Well, well. Xi (pronounced ‘she’) has won. Has Xi won the final battle against the grey frog faction?

We’ll know when Xi does.

Empty Seats Aplenty at Kickoff for the Start of Week 8 – Breitbart

Those of you boycotting the NFL, keep that up. Those of you that attend NFL games, think about joining the boycott. Those of you who don’t care… you’re doing fine.

Having been an athelete, I understand the interests in such contests of tactics, strength, skill and endurance. As someone who understands why some people support their NFL team, this ‘take the knee’ stupidity is beyond my comprehension.

The NFL is destroying itself. I’m curious about who/what will take their place.

Assaults, robberies turn Great America into real-life haunt

Remember those flash mobs that started a couple years ago, where kids suddenly go into a store and steal stuff and then run away?

Well, that has escalated. Now, they are congregating and assaulting crowds of helpless civilians before running away. And, the police demonstrated their helplessness by being able to do nothing except arrest only one of hundred or so teenagers who engaged in this coordinated assault.

This is a big sign of a dark and terrible future. Soon, you will fear for your safety anywhere there is a gathering of people and insufficient security.

‘Knockout’ Attacks In Brooklyn, Manhattan Have New Yorkers Worried « CBS New York

In addition to these coordinated assaults on gatherings, we now have coordinated assaults on individuals. You would never see this in Taiwan or Israel. In fact, there are few places in the world where you would see such psychopathic violence against random people for no reason other than to do violence.

This is what happens, when your country turns to evil.

NJ Family Visiting Baltimore Haunted By Teen Attack At Inner Harbor « CBS Baltimore

Black teenagers are turning into a menace to society, and society is defenseless.

What will it take for this to change?

Basically, store owners will close and move – if they can move. And, the inner city will die. Then, these black thugs will blame everyone else, except themselves.

Another Victim Randomly Attacked By Group Of Teens In Baltimore « CBS Baltimore

And, there was another attack in Baltimore.

Again, the collapse in morality leads to stuff like this.

Eventually, they will need to impose curfews and start throwing kids in jail.

Who Will Rein In Facebook? Challengers Are Lining Up – WSJ

This brings up an interesting problem for a society.

How can you trust anyone or anything when there is no morality?

When people here in Taiwan stopped being taught that their personal deities were watching – and would punish – them, bad behavior started to rise. Yes, I know that these were/are false gods, but the foundation of morality has ALWAYS been in a belief in some kind of god.

And, when you believe in the One True God, well… THAT is a REAL foundation.

But, the dirtbags have thrown out God – or, at least tried to. And, the dirtbags are concentrated at the top. And, the dirtbags are demanding ‘honesty’ from platforms like Facebook.

How are you going to get honest and accurate information from a dirtbag?

As appalled as I am at having to ask that question, I’m also fascinated by the challenge of communicating and obtaining accurate information in a world where morality no longer exists. And, just when we reach this point of ‘maximum data’, we find ourselves wondering if we can trust the data that we have.

How can you rule an empire of lies?

North Korea conducts mass-evacuation drills as threat of war heightens

The Norks are adept at the art of manipulating their public. So, it’s hard to know how seriously to take something like this. Of course, the same can be said for our own ‘dear leaders’.

Also, have you noticed that the Nork leader’s eyebrows are of different lengths?

And, that ‘box-on-my-head’ hairstyle of his.

Truth Warrior #RogerStone Has Been Banned From #Twitter While Benighted #Olbermann Spews Hate – YouTube

I am NOT A FAN OF ROGER STONE. In fact, I am revolted by a lot of what he has done and by what he believes. In short, he’s vile.

But, Lionel makes a compelling argument about the fact that Google and Twitter and all the other social media platforms are an arm of the US government.

He also makes a strong – very strong – argument for how incredibly hypocritical twitter is. So, as much as I feel revolted over what Roger has done and said, I am outraged at Twitter.

Those guys are disgusting.

Letter to a Christian Brother – 111 – Do Good Non-Christians Go To Heaven? – YouTube

An excellent discussion of why those who have not heard of Christ will still not go to heaven when they die. My hope is that you will understand this. Only through Jesus can men and women be saved.

My ONLY disagreement is his pronunciation of Yehovah. As a Hebrew-speaking Christian who has lived in Israel and worked with Hebrew-speaking Christians, I can tell you that you will not find a single Hebrew-speaking Christian in Israel that says Yahwhei. Yahwhey is not Hebrew, but Yehovah is. And, the names of God are ALWAYS Hebrew in the Tanakh.

Yehovah means that ‘always existing’. It speaks of the infinite character of God and uses the Hebrew root, ‘ha-veh’, which is the ‘to be’ verb in Hebrew.

Furthermore, we have archeologists and historians that verify the correct pronunciation.

Having said all that, I am curious about where and when this false pronunciation arose. My suspicion points towards the cemitar… I mean …seminaries and the pompous ‘professors’ who reside there.

The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Doctrine: The Legal Theory for Tossing the #Manafort Case – YouTube

I don’t know how long this doctrine will actually continue to stand as an effective rebuttal against The State. Unfortunately, it’s only effective if you have enough money to hire a lawyer who can make this rebuttal.

In America, justice does not belong to the poor.

Worst Political Campaign Ad of All Time ! – YouTube

They say that the scum rises to the top.

I don’t like that saying, but it’s true. And, this is living proof.


MAPPED: Black Death ‘global outbreak’ warning for NINE new countries | World | News |

This is an interesting pathogen. It starts out with a flea bite, and then – when it gets into your lungs – spreads through the air. And, it kills people. Lots of people. And, it is spreading.

Will it become a threat to YOU?

It’s hard to say, but there is at least one Omega Shock reader in the potential ‘pandemic zone’. We’ll see what happens.

SA wary of plague threat | IOL News

So, they have learned. Here in eastern Asia, they did the same thing when influenza broke out and killed some people.

What did they do?

Began testing people at the airport for fever. If you had one, you went into quarantine. And yes, that is EXACTLY what you do when a dangerous outbreak occurs.

A lot of us don’t like being ‘hemmed in’ by ‘rules’, but this is a rule that needs to hem us in.

Plague is spreading because relatives are digging up their Black Death dead and DANCING with the corpses as part of ancient Madagascan ritual called Famadihana


I don’t care WHAT your culture says… digging up a dead body and dancing with it is a BAD IDEA.

So, here’s my note to everyone in Madagascar:



Madagascar plague 2017: Even more deadly than the 14th century Black Death | World | News |

There is a strain of this disease that ALWAYS results in death?

No exceptions?

Hmmm… I will need to look into this a bit more.

Poll: 71% of Americans Say Political Correctness Has Silenced Discussions Society Needs to Have, 58% Have Political Views They’re Afraid to Share | Cato @ Liberty

This is an interesting poll, and it’s a bad sign for American society. And, I have felt this inability to tolerate divergent opinions, myself. Since I spend a lot of time ‘thinking outside of the box’, I usually have an opinion that people will disagree with.

Once upon a time in America, you could disagree with someone, without suffering a wave of hostility. Not anymore. In fact, you can see it in the way people make certain claims about some ‘truth’ that they believe in. It’s as if they are ready to thump you, should you so much as hint at a disagreement.

And, if you are a Christian who is passionate about conforming yourself to what the Bible says, a lot of people are going to want to ‘thump you’. And, most of those people who will attempt to beat you up, will claim to be Christian.

What is it that Jesus said abou this?

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

– Matthew 24:12

Iniquity. We don’t use that word anymore, so I looked at the original Greek word. It means lawlessness. It means to be without law. To not acknowledge any moral restrictions upon your behavior.

And THAT sums up modern society.

Americans Are Officially Freaking Out – Bloomberg

When you eliminate your moral compass, this is what happens. When you no longer embrace God, then you will have nothing to trust in. You will have no rudder.

We did it to ourselves.

Who Wants to Supply China’s Surveillance State? The West – WSJ

China is showing the West how it’s done. A country of more than a billion people is acting as the test bed for the latest technologies in population control.

What They Are NOT Telling You About This Viral Video – YouTube

The thing about the Left, is that they are lying liars. Some might claim to be Christian, but it’s a hollow claim. It is only through the kind of dishonesty within the video that Josh Tolley talks about, that they can make their message stick.

In this video, Josh breaks apart the dishonest way that they attempted to ‘stack the deck’ in favor of their message. It didn’t matter to them that they used dishonest means to get their message across. What mattered is that YOU feel guilty if you had a good home growing up. What mattered is that you felt angry that other kids had a better home than you.

I am tired of the dirtbags that are doing this, but I’m also tired of the ignorant Americans that allow the dirtbags to twist their minds. Stop letting the dirtbags mess with your mind.

Turn off the TV and read your Bible.

Monsanto halts launch of chemical after users complain of rashes


If this causes rash OUTSIDE the body…

…What is it causing INSIDE the body?

Justice Thomas: ‘I Don’t Know’ What ‘We Have as a Country In Common’ – Breitbart

I remember when the foul and disgusting Democrats went after Judge Thomas, when he was nominated. And, the Democrats are even worse today.

And, Justice Thomas is absolutely right.

What are the values that hold us together?

Humans love dogs more than other people: study | New York Post

Ouch. Talk about love growing cold. YEOW.

Global temperature continues to cool | Watts Up With That?

And, the Grand Solar Minimum continues to move forward. The only question is about how deep it will go.

New York Times reports surprisingly strong profits | New York Post

This one is depressing.

The toilet paper of record deserves to be flushed.

North Korea Defector Warns Military Will React to Any Sign of U.S. Attack – NBC News

Okay, this is the NBC, and Lester Holt is in here, interviewing the defector. If Lester said that the sky wasn’t purple, I’d want to go out and check, to make sure.

But, just because NBC is full of lying liars, doesn’t mean that this is incorrect information.

Having said that, regimes like this do not give autonomy of action to military units. Independant action is NEVER allowed, so this report smell ‘fishy’.

Millennials: Communism sounds pretty chill – MarketWatch

I should put this in the moron section. I really should, but I’m putting it here.

Here’s a quote:

“Millennials now make up the largest generation in America, and we’re seeing some deeply worrisome trends,” said Marion Smith, executive director of the organization. “Millennials are increasingly turning away from capitalism and toward socialism and even communism as a viable alternative.”

But do they even know what it is?

The survey, which was conducted by research and data firm YouGov, found that millennials are the least knowledgable generation on the subject, with 71% failing to identify the proper definition of communism.

Smith explained that this “troubling turn” highlights pervasive historical illiteracy across the country and “the systemic failure of our education system to teach students about the genocide, destruction, and misery caused by communism since the Bolshevik Revolution one hundred years ago.”

Yes, part of the fault lies with the education system, but only part. The biggest problem is the parents of these kids. Instead of helping them fill in the gaps of their education, they let the government do that.




What is going on with Hillary and the corruption being revealed in Washington, is so huge… that I doubt that it is possible to emphasize enough the seriousness of this situation. I believe that these revelations will eventually take down the Republic and replace the current government with one ruled by the generals. And please, do not discount this. Corruption is ALWAYS how republics and kingdoms fall – and how the military takes over.

Remember the generals that surround Trump.

This was not an accident.

Bullsh*t ‘Russian Collusion’ Narrative Collapses – YouTube

A little coarse. And, that should be clear, just from the title.

It looks like the hypocrisy is getting pretty thick. Actually, REALLY thick. The question is… when will those sitting on the fence wake up and get off the fence.

Panetta: Intelligence Committee Needs to Look into Clinton/DNC Dossier Payment | NTK Network

Wait. Panetta is coming forward with an allegation like this?

Is this some kind of damage control/firebreak kind of thing?

Are they trying to control the ‘blowback’ by getting out in the lead on this?

If so, it means that they are panicking, and I just LOVE the thought of that. It’s called ‘schadenfreude’, and in this case, a very good thing.

Illegal IRS Targeting Proven, Apologies Offered | True News – YouTube

Eventually, it will get so bad, that the people will cry out for someone to save them from their evil government. And, in the interim, that will be the military, unless the intelligence faction of the Deep State can find some way to tarnish the image of the military.

Day 8.5 Deep Uranium Was Right – It Is All a Show. DU Going To Iran’s Breeder Reactors – YouTube

The wheels within wheels is incredible. The question that we need to ask ourselves, “Is ANYTHING that we are seeing true?” Well yes, there IS a lot that it is true, but you need to be reading your Bible as your first source and not get distracted.

Try to unravel the lies, but don’t spend too much time at it. The Bible leaves us with the landmarks and signposts that we need to pay attention to. Gog and Magog. The Return of Israel to the Land. The Drying up of the Nile. The Destruction of Damascus. All of these things are easy to watch for.

The rest?

Do your best to figure it out, but also understand that God will judge the foul deeds of these foul (and fowl) men and women.

Judge Jeanine Calls For Mueller to Resign!, 1868 – YouTube

The judge is right, but I’m afraid that it’s too late. America is too far gone. The greedy never give up their access to power and money. The Republic has fallen, and the Empire teeters on the edge, too.

All donations are appreciated! – Imgur

This should be in the ‘humor section’, but there’s too much truth here.

Body Language: The Clinton Fall – YouTube

Okay, THIS is some good news for a change. It looks like Hillary is now afraid of what is coming. She’s squirming.

I know that what will replace the corrupt persons of uncertain parentage… I know that they won’t be any better. But, the schadenfreude of watching at least one group of dirtbags get taken down… well …it will be a great pleasure to see.

Jason Chaffetz – Sessions Won’t Prosecute, 1870 – YouTube

Judge Jeanine is ready to explode, and I’ve already exploded. America is done. Jeff Sessions is a coward and a liar. He has shown himself to be a dirtbag.

Trump was supposed to drain the swamp, and I still see a swamp.

How the States Can Save America – YouTube

A Constitutional Convention would destroy America, because the average American is the least educated and has the lowest morality of any time in America’s history.

Unfortunately, the alternatives are violent revolution, a military takeover or a Federal Government that enslaves America.

I do not believe that a ‘Constitutional Convention’ will be allowed. And, I’m sorry to see that the only future that America has is so horrifying.

We did it to ourselves, and now we pay.

BREAKING: FBI Tries To Kill Pamela Geller – YouTube

Okay, so you saw my previous point about Pamela, so I won’t go over that again.

Why this link is also here is due to the FBI becoming a rogue agency of the government. Not all FBI people are rogues. Hopefully, not even most. But, there are enough rogue departments that are under the control of the Praetorian Guard, that we call the Deep State, that these incidents are becoming commonplace.

Did you notice who was REALLY in control of the investigation of the Las Vegas shooter?

Right. The FBI. Not the sheriff. The sheriff lost control very quickly.

Why is hard to say. We could speculate, but that would be pretty useless. At the very least, the FBI was brought in by MGM and organized crime to do damage control. Anyone who cannot see the ‘damage control’ measures being taken, is blind.

The FBI was corrupt from the day that J Edgar Hoover stepped into office. He was bought and paid for by organized crime, and I’m betting that the upper levels of the FBI are the same.

Not all of the FBI, but those who are/were in Washington and at the upper levels.

The corruption of the FBI is getting harder and harder to hide and ignore. Eventually, when the puss-filled tumor explodes, people will demand for the military to clean them up.

So, my advice to any FBI personnel who might be reading this is to keep an eye out for the corruption that you are seeing. Build a dossier on what you see. Keep two copies. Keep lots of copies, and distribute them far and wide.

If you still hold to your oath, you owe it to God, to fulfill that oath. That oath binds you. You do not have a choice.

Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC – POLITICO Magazine

This is why conspiracies – and yes, this was/is a conspiracy – always fail when more than just a couple people are involved. There’s always someone involved who gets an attack of a guilty conscience and decides to ‘tell all’.

Add to that the fear and greed of the other conspirators. There’s always someone in the conspiracy that wants a bigger piece of the pie, and there’s always someone that’s afraid of being ‘the fall guy’ when news inevitably comes out.

Fear and greed are tools of Satan, but they are also some of his greatest liabilities. That’s why he has woven religion into his designs. Conspiracies tend to remain undetected, if enough religion is involved. My suspicion is that Hillary isn’t quite ‘religious enough’ and got a little too greedy.

That’s the other problem that Satan has. Psychopaths are hard to control.

Did Hillary’s rigging at the DNC push Biden out of the race? | New York Post

Here’s another look at the sickness behind the Democrat Party. You can bet that the Republican Party isn’t much better. But, Hillary’s corruption is special.

There’s a recklessness about what Hillary did. It’s the hallmark of the psychopath, but saying that doesn’t complete the puzzle. There’s more to this, a lot more, and I’m hoping that more and more people come forward and reveal the depths of this.

And yes, for those readers outside the US, this is important to you. When The Empire falls, you want to make sure that you don’t suffer blowback.

Elizabeth Warren: “Yes” The Democratic Primary Was Rigged For Clinton | Zero Hedge

Extra-Thin Lizzie (aka, Pocahontas) agrees that Hillary rigged the primary?

Well, that’s an interesting twist.



This is just a temporary category, but there’s something about this that requires some attention. Hopefully, enough of the facts will come out, that I’ll be able to delete this category, soon.

Authorities put brakes on information flow in Las Vegas shooting – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Wonderful. They are either incompetent, hiding something or both.

Which one do YOU pick?

Guard shot in Las Vegas massacre sequestered in free MGM hotel | Fox News

There’s nothing like ‘sequestering’ someone, to keep him quiet and away from journalists… It gives you that nice, warm, fuzzy feeling that no one is hiding ANYTHING, right?


Vegas Security Guard Says “It’s a Big Fat Lie”, 1871 – YouTube

UPDATE: This originally had the name of the guard, in the interview, but Bill had to remove his name, because the guard started receiving a barrage of threatening phone calls. An interesting development that confirms that there is something very evil at the heart of all this.


This includes a phone conversation between Bill Still and a recently retired security guard, that had worked in Las Vegas. This guy had years of experience in Las Vegas, and he knows that Jesus Campos is lying.

By the way, the ex-guard personally verifies that there were a gigantic number of people killed. So, the morons attempting to claim that no one was shot or killed, can now shut up.

When and how will we get the truth?

Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock’s Brother Busted for Child Porn After Bragging about Attack |

Is this the most evil family on the planet?

Okay, probably not, but it’s certainly in the upper 2% of ‘most evil families’. Maybe they should be checking for evidence of Satanic rituals and human sacrifices in their basement.

That would NOT surprise me one bit.

The Las Vegas Massacre, Amid A Revolving News Cycle, Demands More Public Questioning Rather Than Simply Fading Away – Free Market Shooter

A VERY good question. A VERY, VERY good question.



I hope that you will forgive me for wanting these people dead. With a thorough trial, first to establish the facts… then, a swift execution.

God help us all.

Body Language: Corey Feldman Campaign – YouTube

This is an example of a victim of child rape gangs, screwing up. He could have handled this better, but he wanted the best of both worlds. You can’t have it both ways. Something like this always has a price attached to it, and he doesn’t want to pay the price.

I understand. I sympathize. But, it’s a bad move.

I Really Hope Corey Feldman Does Expose Hollywood (It’s About Damn Time Someone Did) – YouTube

This is another, more sympathetic look at what Corey Feldman is trying to do.

I am sickened by the trolls that caused the original video to be taken down. The evil is so deep, that it’s in the audience. It has infected the very people that he’s begging to help him get the truth out. And, I’m afraid that a more polished release might be necessary.

Cory has been saying all this for years, and no one listened. So, he’s trying again, one more time.

Remember that when you buy your tickets for the movies that you watch, you are supporting the child rapists.

Remember that.



This category has expanded significantly. It’s as if the flood gates on this issue have opened. It’s an indication of the seriousness of the situation. And, it’s very serious, indeed.

Ethiopia is an extremely corrupt government and has made worthless promises that they will carefully fill the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. I believe that they will fill that dam as fast as possible, drying up the Nile, just as chapter 19 of Isaiah said that they would.

It is said that they will begin filling the dam, next year.

This is going to be traumatic for Egypt – just as Isaiah said.

Delegation inspects Renaissance Dam in first Egyptian visit

Okay, so now we have yet another date for when this dam begins to generate electricity. They keep making these claims, and then failing to live up to these claims. But, the Ethiopian government has never been very strong in the area of honesty and integrity.

When is this date?

By October 1st 2018 – which is the end of the Ethiopian Year.

The question is about when they will start filling the dam. Electricity isn’t the issue. Water flowing to Egypt is the issue. And, you can’t generate electricity if you don’t have a lot of water pressure. And, you can’t have a lot of water pressure unless you’ve filled that dam pretty high. And, you can’t fill that dam ‘pretty high’, unless you’ve reduced the flow of the Nile to a trickle.

Get it?

Okay, I know that you get it. But, it seems like too many don’t.

Now, last week, I made the following statement:

All that I can say is that Egypt did it to itself. If they had allowed the Ethiopians to create a dam sooner, the coming destruction of the Nile would not have happened.

Unfortunately, that was as clear as mud, and mangledman asked me what I meant in the comment section. So, here is what I meant by the above statement:

Throughout the last hundred plus years, Egypt has worked extremely carefully to deny the waters of the Nile to ANYONE, for ANY reason. It didn’t matter if you were starving to death and dying of thirst. They considered the Nile to be theirs, and they weren’t interested in sharing.

And, if you built, or planned to build ANY kind of dam on the Nile, they would destroy it and you.

This has kept small projects from being built. Ethiopia was too afraid of Egypt to put ANY dam on the Nile.

However, when Egypt was temporarily weak, Ethiopia jumped at the chance to build the biggest dam in Africa. If Egypt had allowed Ethiopia to build smaller dams and allowed them to fill slowly, this catastrophe wouldn’t be happening. But, Egypt’s hard stance left Ethiopia with no other choice:

Go big, or go home.

Well, if you have been following this category like I have, you know that Ethiopia chose to ‘go big’, and Egypt only has itself to blame.

ETHIOPIA/IRAN : Tehran stokes the dispute between Addis and Cairo

Oh dear. Enter the mullahs. If Iran is stirring the pot, then there’s no hope for anything less than disaster. Of course, it’s more than that, and you’ll see what I mean when you get to this link in the Gog and Magog section.



The events that are descending upon us, will try our souls. How many of us survive those trials will depend upon your location and your preparations.

Please prepare for the worst period of time in human history. America will be ground zero, followed by Europe. Other places will be devastated, but those two areas will be hit the worst – at least, as I see it now.

No place will be safe, but there are some places that will be safer than others.

Please, prepare for the worst.

DoD Plans Solar-Storm-Based National Blackout Drill During Antifa Protests In November | Zero Hedge

The timing of this is extremely suspicious. Extremely.

They are claiming that this is for a massive solar storm that would take out all the power in the US. But, I’m afraid that they’re really training for something far more serious, something that the US is far more vulnerable to:

A nuclear EMP delivered by North Korea.

Normally, I wouldn’t pay as much attention to this possibility, but America claims God as their own, wile being the most wicked nation on Earth. Anyone who claims to follow God and acts this awful, will be judged greatly. And, no matter how weak America’s enemies are, God will make them strong enough to destroy the United States.

America has blasphemed the name of God. There is a price for that. So, be ready to live without electricity for a very long time.

And yes, it will be a Mad Max existence.

Communications Interoperability Training with Amateur Radio Community Set

Jennifer shared this from the comment section. Her husband picked up on this, and mentioned it to her.

From the article, you can tell that this is not a new exercise. It’s at least a year old, so I’m glad to see that someone is taking ‘active measures’ to respond to this threat. And, it is signs like this that should indicate that other measures are being taken.

How far they are taking this, is hard to say.

Is it too little, too late?

But, the fact that the government it taking this seriously, should mean that YOU should take it seriously.

Do you and your community rely on electricity to get water to your faucet?

How far away is the nearest stream/river?

When the lights go out and the looting begins in the inner cities, will you be safe?

Thank you, Jennifer! Give your husband a hug from all of us.

Farmers urged to bury their underpants to improve quality of their beef

This actually isn’t a joke, and it’s a great way to test if the soil that you plan on surviving from is actually good soil.



We’ve been talking about the collapse of the economy and financial system for a very long time, and every day that collapse is delayed… well …the collapse just gets worse and worse. Eventually, it will be an explosion that will devastate the world and lead to chaos, confusion, death, destruction and war. Lots and lots of war.

In fact, it has begun already.

By the time that you see it, it will be too late to do anything about it.

“Tomorrow Will Be Ugly”: Venezuela To Restructure All Debt As Creditors Panic Over Imminent Default | Zero Hedge

We keep waiting for that first domino to fall. Will it be Venezuela?

Will it be happening by the time that you read this?

It’s hard to say. Just be ready.



These are at least worth a chuckle. And, it might save you from going nuts.

I had a bit of a laugh at these, and I hope that you will too.

Incredibly efficient furniture. – Album on Imgur

Not exactly humor, and only those in Hong Kong or Manhattan would understand.

I’ve never looked at it that way. – Album on Imgur

Fun fact, and it’s just about dinner time as I write this.

Innovation at its finest. – Album on Imgur

C’mon guys. You KNOW that you’ve benn there. You need this. You KNOW it.

If !IT !4U – Album on Imgur

Programmer joke. If you don’t know any kind of programming language, you won’t get it.

Where Flowers Really Come From… – GIF on Imgur

And, some will believe it.

It’s true – Album on Imgur

Yup. Absolute proof. Ignore the other proof. THIS is THE PROOF.

Pedantism – Album on Imgur

Um… I hadn’t thought of that.

It IS a serious affront, but I will ignore it.

funny old man laughing – YouTube

Now, THIS old guy has a show-stopping laugh. I love it. And, you can tell that the guy running the skit loved it too. Thank you, PrepperGal!

case 43 of could vs should

Having gotten my graduate degree on Pop-Tarts, there was an immediate appeal… but, um… as the title says…

And yes, I really did get my graduate degree on Pop-Tarts. I kid you not.

(I LOVE Pop-Tarts.)

Baseball Bros on Twitter: “Carlos Correa with the greatest marriage proposal ever!”

Not humor, but very cool.

My own proposal to Mrs. Little wasn’t very romantic. But, I did hand-deliver flowers, to make up for it.

Feel free to feel sorry for my missus. She’s married to a crazy man.



I’m sorry, but I can’t stand it anymore. There are just too many morons, so it needs its own category. And, I do this to maintain my own sanity. They’re driving me THAT crazy.

Now, here’s my rule for who appears in this section:

A person or organization who is EVIL ANNNND STUPID.

People who are just stupid, deserve our compassion. My heart goes out to them, because their life is going to be painful until they stop being stupid.

But, those who are evil?

Well, I want them to repent. I really do. I do NOT want ANYONE who is evil to suffer an eternity in Hell. But, if they refuse to repent, I want them destroyed.

May the wrath of God be upon all who refuse to repent. May the blessings of God be upon those who turn from their wicked ways and acknowledge God.

They’re Trump-strong in rural Iowa — and not changing their minds | The Kansas City Star

This writer is the quintessential moron. He sits in the middle of a state that supports Trump, and he has absolutely no idea why they support him. He hasn’t a clue, and he despises Trump – big signs that he is a moron.

To understand why he is this way, you only need to read the first paragraph:

I’m a political junkie. Every day I read The Washington Post and The New York Times, among other media giants, with great interest and appreciation. I understand and value the great writing, thoughtful analysis, logic and reasoning. And the fact checking. Especially the fact checking.

Fact checking? The New York Times? Really?

Wow. This guy is a true ‘drooling idiot’, and these drooling idiots are a part of God’s judgment upon America.


Language alert. Two F-bombs. But, this is so stupid, so moronic, so idiotic, so utterly beyond comprehension… and, I’m living in a society that deals with this idea …that I cannot avoid posting this.

Some people are in a desperate need of having a baeball bat planted on their skull. I just do not understand how people can be THIS moronic. I get the ‘logic’ of how they got to this horrendous level of stupidity, but at the gut level… I don’t get it. And, I don’t WANT to ‘get it’.

Some things are better left not understood.

DNC: White men shouldn’t apply for tech jobs | Fox News

Oh dear. More proof that the Democrats are morons.

We didn’t need more proof, and now I feel more nausea. I’m wondering when the head of the DNC will ‘step down’ because he’s a white man.

Don’t hold your breath, but it would the Left thing to do.

Body Language: Crazy is as Crazy does – YouTube

If you live in Florida’s 24th district – Eastern Florida just north of Miami – you elected a lying liar and a COMPLETE moron. She is nuts, and she lies like an idiot. And, that hat.

Who wears hats like that?

This woman needs a padded room, a straight-jacket and happy juice.



Islam is the most vile and Satanic religion on the planet. It is violent, repressive, racist and supremacist. It isn’t just a religion. It’s an ideology that seeks to destroy any nation, country and government that it comes in contact with.

These are the articles that demonstrate what Islam REALLY is.

Are There Contradictions in the Quran? (Answering Islam Part 15) – YouTube

You know that there’s a problem, with a religious book like the Qur’an disagrees with itself and contradicts itself constantly – but, then claims that it doesn’t.

We call this insanity.



We are seeing the fulfillment of the words of Jesus, right now. And, it seems that Islam is leading the way. What insanity!

What is wrong with North America and Europe?

Have they – and we – gone insane?

Manhattan truck attack kills 8 in ‘act of terror’ – CNN

Well, it looks like even CNN can’t keep another AllahuAck Bar from the news. And, all that you need, to perpetuate a terrorist attack, is a rental truck.

And, if that isn’t enough, you can homebrew your own explosives.

Seriously, when you take guns away from the average person, you make them vulnerable to these kinds of things.

New York terrorist who killed 8 ‘was friendly Uber driver’ | Daily Mail Online

Here is a summary of this man who spent too much time at the AllahuAck Bar:

New York terror truck driver pledged allegiance to ISIS: Uzbek man, 29, who killed eight and injured 15 with his vehicle while shouting Allahu Akbar near Ground Zero left behind notes and a flag

Police insiders say Uzbek man Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, 29, is the terrorist who killed civilians Tuesday

Eight people are dead and 15 people have been injured after he drove for a mile down a bike path

He immigrated to the US in 2010 and has lived in Ohio and Florida, and currently resides in New Jersey

Saipov has two trucking companies registered under his name, and also worked as an Uber driver

One man who knew him said he was very friendly and good with kids, but feared having his photo taken

Saipov allegedly mounted West Side Highway bike path at 3.05pm on Tuesday at Houston Street

He then continued southbound for 17 blocks, mowing down pedestrians, runners and cyclists, cops said

Only when he crashed into a school bus at Chambers Street did he stop; two kids were hurt, one critically

The man was then seen brandishing two fake guns before being shot in the stomach by an NYPD officer

He survived he is out of surgery. ISIS flags and notes pledging his allegiance were found in the truck he used

Police are investigating a Home Depot in Passaic where Saipov is believed to have rented the truck

So, there you have it. Yet another Muslim that took the Qur’an seriously, and chose to do what the Qur’an said to do.

And, he thought that doing this would get him his 72 versions. I don’t know WHAT versions that he was expecting.

Versions of… what?

But, he was going to get 72 of them. So, it’s okay.

Muslims to soon beat out Jews in U.S. population – Washington Times

Since so many people hate the Jews, this must be good news for them.


Good news?

Well, the anti-Semites made that bed, so now they get to live in it.

The Ugly Truth About No Go Zones | Raheem Kassam and Stefan Molyneux – YouTube

This is an interesting discussion about THE PROBLEM of the No Go zones, by a Muslim. And, there are interesting insights here that I understand completely – but governments will not. Governments will NEVER understand the problem, so violence is a foreordained conclusion.

Why do we need to be so stupid?



When I first realized that Russia was backing Khalifa Haftar in Eastern Libya, I realized that this helped me identify a big piece that I was missing in the Gog and Magog puzzle. All the other members of the Gog and Magog alliance had identified themselves and were moving into place – except for Cush.

Cush is a part of the Gog and Magog alliance, and I’m not sure whether that is Ethiopia, Sudan or another country in sub-Saharan Africa. We’ll see how Cush falls into place. But, for now, we look at Libya.

And, looking at Libya means looking at the fortunes of Khalifa Haftar.

MSC Recommences Benghazi Container Freight Services as Normality Returns – Latest industry shipping news from the Handy Shipping Guide

For those who were hoping that Haftar would fail, this is horrifying news. For Haftar to succeed, he need income. The only way that he was going to get that income, was through selling oil.

In fact, selling oil is the ONLY way that ANYONE can get income in Libya – at least, enough income to take over and hold a country the size of Libya.

And, Haftar is doing it.

The only question is when Haftar will be recognized as sole ruler of Libya.

Libya: Plan to Unify Army, Regain Misrata without Fighting | Asharq AL-awsat

Okay, so we do have a prediction of when Haftar takes full control of Libya:

He said that the key to the entry of the army into Tripoli would start from the town of Zawia, west of the capital, and that there would be no fighting in Misrata.

“We have given a six-month deadline so that politicians can resolve their differences,” he stressed.

“The deadline expires in March. After that we will have a word to save the country.”

On whether Haftar would accept assuming the presidency of the state based on popular demand, Mesmari said: “There are no objections… And certainly this demand came from suffering and our mission is to end these suffering.”

The morons in Tripoli have until March to realize the inevitable. If they surrender peacefully, they get to keep their heads and even some of their power.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to predict what morons will do, since morons will moron. But, we now have a timeframe.

Beware the Ides of March.



I’ve been writing about the coming of Gog and Magog for a while. You can find a lot of that, here:

And, the articles below point to that coming. I really, Really, REALLY hope that you’ll be ready for this. Please read Ezekiel’s Fire to make sure. (And yes, it’s free.)

ETHIOPIA/IRAN : Tehran stokes the dispute between Addis and Cairo

This is behind a paywall, and I don’t really want to pay the five or six dollars to read 324 words. But, it does provide a summary:

Attracted by the business opportunities in Ethiopia, the mullahs are actively seeking to counter Egyptian, UAE and Saudi influence and expand their own interests in east Africa.

For a long time, I had struggled to see how Cush could be a part of the vast army coming down to attack Israel. I just didn’t see any of the connections to either Iran, Russia or Turkey.

So, when Chris from Poland mentioned Somalia – and Turkey’s big base there – I said “Ah HA!, that’s IT!” Well, now we see Iran moving into the heart of what we call Cush – Ethiopia. So, I need to temper my ‘Ah HA!’ feeling.

It really does look like Iran might be ready to bring Ethiopia ‘into the fold’.

It’s a little early to make much of this, but I see this as a development to watch out for.



There has been a sickening rise in anti-Semitism among those who call themselves christian. And yes, I used a lower case ‘c’ on purpose. I have little hope that I can turn these minions of Satan from their evil path. Salvation and repentance are the work of God, although I will do my best to serve God in that work.

I’m more interested in keeping my brothers and sisters from being tainted by this Satanic hatred of the Jews. If you are caught by this hatred, you will suffer. If you are convinced to oppose Israel, you will suffer. If you are turned away from supporting God’s work in the Land of Israel, you will suffer.

So, think of this category as my attempt to help you avoid the traps of Satan, that he has laid in your path. God is at work among the Jewish people and with the Jewish people. He is at work in the Land of Israel, turning the Jewish people from their idols and towards the true God of Abraham.

My goal is that you would be greatly blessed. But, you cannot be blessed, if you oppose God.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.

– Psalm 122:6

May you prosper. And, may you understand how important the Land of Israel is, in these Last Days.

The Maccabeats – Latke Recipe – Hanukkah – YouTube

Okay, live long enough in Israel, and you will learn to love latkes. Of course, they’re good, so it won’t take you long to learn.

Now, for those of you who do not know the reason for the season, Hannuka is the celebration of the successful revolution against Antiochus IV Epiphanes, that began in 167 BC. Mattityahu Cohen objected to the attempt by the Hellenizers to defile the Temple of God. Mattityahu (aka, Matthew) killed the pagan who was sacrificing a pig to Zeus in the Temple, and then led the revolution that overthrew the Seleucid empire.

When they were attempting to cleanse and rededicate the temple, they only found one day’s worth of consecrated oil to keep the menorah in the Temple burning. Yet, that one day’s worth of oil continued to burn for eight days – long enough for them to obtain and consecrate more oil. Matthew the priest then proclaimed that this time, every year would be a celebration of the Jewish people overthrowing their oppressors.

Why do they call Matthew and his sons The Maccabees?

Because ‘makevet’ is the word for mallet or hammer, in Hebrew. Unfortunately for Matthew, he died in 165 BC, before the revolt against the Seleucids would finally succeed in 164 BC. It was his son, Judah, who eventually took over and ruled the Maccabean kingdom.

The problem?

Judah Maccabee did not seek out a worthy successor to the throne of David and annoint him King of Israel.

Bad move.

And, there were rabbis during that time that were a little upset that a many-time-great grandson of David was not put on the throne. This is why Hanukkah exists in a kind of ‘gray area’. Priests were not supposed to rule, so – even though the Maccabees were to be praised for throwing off the evil oppressors – they were to be condemned for not stepping down from power and submitting to the throne of David.

The irony is that the father – Matthew – might have wanted to annoint a grandson of David, but we’ll never know, since Matthew’s son – Judah – took over. The winners of wars are the ones who write the history books.

But, my favorite food during Hanukkah is not the latke. It’s the sufganiyah – or, jelly donut. I LOVE those and always eat too many when Hanukkah comes around.

Now, to this music video by The Maccabeats. Since it’s the Maccabeats, you know that it’s an ‘a cappella’ song. It’s also a musical recipe and a parody on “Shut Up and Dance” by ‘Walk the Moon’.

I love good ‘a cappella’ music, and The Maccabeats are fantastic singers. The fact that there’s history and Hebrew in their music gives me the opportunity to share their music with you.

And, a big thanks to Karen for reminding me that they are out there.

The Maccabeats and Naturally 7 – Shed a Little Light – MLK Jr. Day – (James Taylor Cover) – YouTube

And, another song by the Maccabeats. MLK would be appalled by George Soros and Black Lives Matter.

Say what you will about Martin Luther King, but he spoke to the evils perpetuated by the Democrats and the white nationalists that continue to plague our civilization. Demeaning and degrading another human being because of the color of their skin or the shape of their face is a truly evil thing.

May the wrath of God be upon all who would look down upon others in such a way, and not repent of this evil. And, there are some of you reading this, who are guilty of this sin.

The Maccabeats – Home (Medley) – Israel – YouTube

Sorry, but I can’t help it. A third song from The Maccabeats.

I’ve shared this one before, and it tugs at my own heart strings. There’s no place on earth like Jerusalem, and it’s the one place that I can truly call ‘home’. If there’s any place on Earth that holds my allegiance, it’s Jerusalem.

Ad Sha’na ha’bah b’Yerushalayim.

The Balfour Declaration – 1917

Here is one of the articles that I linked to in the above article.

British Support for Jewish Restoration

And, here’s the one about British Zionism.

I can hear the anti-Semites howling, all the way over here.

Music to my ears.

From the 1917 Balfour Declaration to the Rebirth of Israel in 1948 – YouTube

And, here’s that link to the video that I embedded in the article.

Seriously awesome.

You cannot avoid the legality of Israel’s ownership of Jerusalem and the rest of the Land of Israel. Scream all that you want, but the deed has been DONE!

From the Scene: Treating Syrians at Ziv Hospital | HonestReporting

I have always been amazed at Israel’s willingness to treat their enemies with such kindness. There is a tremendous amount of healthcare given to Arabs, for free. And, it’s a code of ethics that is a part of the heart of Israeli society.

If you are injured or in trouble, Israelis will always help. They won’t always be polite about it, but I’m not a very polite person, myself.

And, here is a quote from this article that makes complete sense to me, since it is perfectly in line with any other hospital in Israel:

Recently, Ziv has opened a free one-day pediatric clinic. Every three weeks a bus brings Syrian children from the border. Each child is accompanied by a parent. The clinic provides standard well child checkups as well as treatment for more complicated problems. Most of the children return to the border at the end of the day, although occasionally one does need to stay for further treatment. Although they come during the day, like the wounded men, they probably travel to the border under the cover of darkness.

Yes, I am sure that Israeli hospitals are treating anti-Syrian rebels. That actually makes sense, when you understand the conflict and also understand that Israel is wanting to create good will with those living on the other side of the Golan Heights border. However, that is a long way away from the claims that Israel supports ISIS.

To those who persist in their hatred of Israel, I can only hope that God gives you repentance or destroys you utterly. I am fine with either outcome.

That Time When EMTs Left Their Own Lecture To Save a Life – Blogs – Jerusalem Post

This is another example of what I mean, when I say that the core statement of Jewish and Israeli identity is this:

To save a life.

In Israeli culture, there is no higher value. And, they do not differentiate between one life and another. Whether you are Arab or Jew, keeping you alive is important to them. And, any sacrifice to do that, is worthwhile.

That’s pretty impressive right?

And, I’m a witness to this.

So, why all the hatred towards Israel?

Well, we know that the Muslims are Satanists, so that aspect should be obvious to you. And, there are those who claim to be Christian, when they are really Satanists. Also, there are journalists who are Satanists. There are governments run by Satanists. Intelligence agencies are often run by closet Satanists.

Need I go on?

Satanists. Can’t live with ’em. Can’t shoot ’em (unless they shoot first).

Do You Pass the Israel Test? – YouTube

Whenever I see the anti-Semites out there – people like Skip Baker and Jeff Rense – I think of a video like this.

Israel isn’t a perfect country, but of all the countries that I have been to… it’s the best. It is the only democratic country in the Middle East. It is the only country in the Middle East where Christianity is growing. It is the only country where Israeli Arabs prefer to live. It is the only country in the Middle East where Arabs have freedom of speech.

And, let me point out again:



Can that even be said of the US or any country in western Europe?

Again, Israel is hardly a perfect country, but I know of no other country that has done so well under such awful circumstances.

As a visibly non-Jewish Christian living in Israel, I was treated with far more respect than I’ve been treated anywhere else. Yet, the anti-Semites wish to heap the most vile accusations against her.

I’m an eye-witness. They aren’t.

As I say, everywhere, if you are against Israel, then you are a minion of Satan. And, I mean that with complete sincerety. Attacking Israel is a foul injustice and something that supports Satan’s plans for the world.

So, let me put it another way:


And, there are a few Omega Shock readers that have proven themselves to be supporters of Satan.

US lawmakers demand progress on PLO lawsuit for American victims of terror – International – Jerusalem Post

I really do not know what has taken so long for this to reach this point. If you wanted an example of how evil the US Dept. of State is, look no further than this.

The US government is giving money to the PLO. At the same time, the PLO is directly encouraging and rewarding terrorism. Yet, the State Department does nothing. No pressure. No penalties. No nothing.

The State Department is a den of Islamists and Nazis. It always has been. It always will be. And, I have been disgusted by those foul fiends from Hell for decades.

Balfour Declaration: Haters Declare War | HonestReporting

Wait. November 2nd marks the one hundred year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration?


That was Thursday. I think that this calls for a celebration!

One hundred years. A century. And, what an incredible century it has been. Satan has repeatedly attempted to destroy Israel and the Jewish people, and failed every single time.

Video: Is Israel an Apartheid State? | HonestReporting

Is Israel an Apartheid State?

After having lived there for 15 years as someone visibily Christian, my answer is:

You have GOT to be kidding me.

And, my Taiwanese wife who allowed me to drag her off to Israel for a year, would yell at you even more than I would – and has.

But, the ridiculousness of their lies doesn’t stop the lying liars from telling them. Lying liars love their lies. And, my inbox tends to overflow with hateful outrage from these liars, when I tell the truth.

Of course, nothing motivates me like hearing an awful lie. Truth has always been the sweetest form of vengeance.

WATCH LIVE: Battle of Beersheba centennial commemorations – Israel News – Jerusalem Post

I had forgotten about this one. Tuesday marked 100 years since the last time in which horses were used successfully in battle. And, it was at Be’ershevah.

Australians and New Zealanders were rolling up the corrupt and evil Ottomans, and they did so successfully with the help of opium-laced cigarettes. They had made sure that the opium cigarettes has gotten into the hands of Ottoman soldiers before the battle, and that made the cavalry charge even more successful than it would have been normally.

Charging a machine gun nest on a horse is just a really messy way to shorten your life.

F-35s set to see operational action in IDF service next month – Israel News – Jerusalem Post

When I first heard that Israel was purchasing the F-35, I was very unhappy with that. I felt that it was a stupid move, since you could do far more with the money that just one of those planes cost.

But, there is this one idea: stealth.

Israel needs to be able to do long-range reconnaissance. There’s a limit to how much you can do with a drone, and having a pilot on the scene is important. Also, the idea that Israel could use one of these for a long range strike… to take out a strategic threat …that’s a very Israeli idea.

So, I don’t feel as bad about Israel’s acquisition of these fighters. But, ‘not as bad’ is not the same as ‘good’.

Balfour’s greatest of gifts –

BigJon shared this link in the comment section, and I was reading this article, I was struck by these paragraphs:

The Mandate required Britain to fulfill the promise of the Balfour Declaration, by among other things facilitating mass Jewish immigration to the Land of Israel. Yet, with each successive wave of Arab terrorism against the Jews, the British issued restrictions on Jewish immigration and limitations on the right of Jews to purchase land that grew harsher with each iteration. These actions paved the way for the 1939 White Paper which abrogated the Balfour Declaration in all but name. It renounced Zionism, and effectively ruled out any possibility of a viable Jewish state being established by blocking Jewish immigration and land purchase.

It also sealed the fate of the Jews of Europe, by denying them the ability to flee to the one place on earth that wanted them – their home.

British antagonism to Jews and their national liberation movement only grew in the postwar years. News of the Holocaust didn’t move the British to fulfill their commitment under the Balfour Declaration. Instead, they threw Holocaust survivors into prison camps in Cyprus and raised the Arab Legion, the most powerful Arab military force in the 1948-49 War of Independence. Britain only recognized Israel in 1950.

And, here’s another one:

The Balfour Declaration didn’t change the way non-Jews felt about the Jews. It empowered the Jews to change their fate. And it gave license to the nations of the world to support them – if only fleetingly in most cases – and so allowed history to change in a revolutionary way for the Jewish people.

There were a lot of events that paved the way for the Jewish people to return to Zion. It wasn’t just the Balfour Declaration, but the Balfour Declaration was a vital paving stone in the road that history has taken.

Whatever the motivations of the British Empire, it was an Act of God. God uses both the good and the evil for His purposes, and He always wins.

And, for those of you who are anti-Semites… God laughs at you, and I laugh at you.

Thank you, BigJon for that awesome contribution.

A Message To Lord Balfour From The Jewish Nation – YouTube

A great message from a young Jewish man, grateful for what Arthur Balfour did.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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47 thoughts on “The Balfour Declaration – 100 Years”

  1. Hi Brother John,

    Thank you as always.

    The timing is perfect. The other day I learned something new about my own native land. The Philippines was one of a handful of countries to accept Jewish refugees during WWII. The Philippines was the only Asian nation to vote to partition Palestine, paving the way for the creation of Israel. The vote was considered a tie-breaker.

    God Bless.

    • Hi Joel the Filipino,

      I am richly blessed to have seen this video. What an incredible testimony of a country. When other countries like the United States, closed their doors to desperate Jewish refugees, the Philippines opened their doors.

      One of the many reasons that I am disgusted with America is their refusal to allow Jewish refugees to find safe haven in America. If America had opened her doors to the Jews, the Holocaust would not have happened. And, if it had happened, it would have happened at a MUCH lower scale.

      Also, remember that it was American money and American industrialists that gave Hitler the power and ability to do what he did. I could go on and on about this, but one thing is clear:

      The Philippines stood for good and righteousness, while everyone else was sitting for evil.

      May God bless the Philippinnes. The Bible says that love covers a multitude of sins, and I believe that this is the case with The Philippines.

      Oh, and one other thing.

      When you said:

      …The Philippines was the only Asian nation to vote to partition Palestine, paving the way for the creation of Israel. The vote was considered a tie-breaker.

      Wait. I think that I’d heard that one before… lemme check. Yes, even Wikipedia reports it:

      The Philippines voted in favor of UN Resolution 181 concerning the partition of Palestine and the Creation of the State of Israel in 1947. The Philippines was among the 33 countries who supported the creation of Israel and the only Asian country who voted for the resolution.

      That’s not the only place where you will find this information, but it’s a good summary.

      May God bless the Philippines. May God look upon the good that she has done, and may this goodness obscure whatever sins might be in her past.

      I have been greatly impressed by all the Filipinos that I have met. In fact, I believe that the sole reason for why our church in Taiwan is blessed, is because of the wonderful Filipino Christians that have chosen to join us. I will be careful to give an extra welcome to the best members of our church tomorrow.

      God bless you, Joel. What an awesome comment. It’s YAHOO AWESOME!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. Julius Malema marches to Israel Embassy. Demands that ALL South Africans boycott Israel. That sanctions be imposed. Demands Israel to give the land back to the Palestinians. God is going to judge this country.

  3. When the MOST HIGH (TMH) delivered the ancient children of Israel out of Egypt out of the house of bondage, HE did not do it with the help of any Balfour Declaration, Queen of the UK or house of Rothschild. The MOST HIGH does not share HIS glory with another. Isaiah 42:8, 48:11 This tells me that TMH had nothing to do with nor does HE recognize the modern day state of Israel. There is only one nation that is internationally acknowledged by name and physical location as being Israel in these Last Days…


    • Hi B HENRY,

      So, Pharoah didn’t agree to set the Children of Israel free?

      The King of Persia didn’t order the rebuilding of Jerusalem?

      God didn’t use Assyria to punish the 10 tribes of Israel?

      God didn’t raise up the Babylonians to punish Judah?

      You obviously don’t read you Bible very much, otherwise you would know that God uses all kinds of people to do His will. He even uses demons.

      The Most High does His will, and doesn’t consult with you about why He does it, or where He does it.

      I perceive that you are either a Muslim or a member of a cult. Whatever the case, your attempt to spread your foul and evil beliefs is a sign that this was a good article. So, I am pleased to see this.

      So, B, I call on you to read your Bible and repent of the evil in your heart and in your actions. Eternity awaits, and rebellion against God is a serious crime with serious and eternal consequences.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. John, I don’t how to say this any more emphatically.

    Yes, Ethiopia is filling the dam, BUT, THE DAM WILL BREAK or be destroyed AND EGYPT WILL BE ENGULFED WITH WATER!

    Ezekiel 29 is absolutely FILLED with imagery of a flood. Please revisit and reconsider.

    The imagery to me is a tremendous flood created by the failure of Ethiopia’s dam which will clean out the Nile and leave fish scattered Ezek 29:5, into the fields. That can only be the result of a tumultuous flood, not a gradual drying from a lack of water. You may be right, but I have serious doubts. To me the 2 chapters speak of sudden calamity, not a gradual drying.

    • Hi Pastor Carmack,

      Here’s an interesting thought:

      Why can’t it be both?

      We could have a drying up of the Nile, followed by a cataclysmic destruction of the dam that wipes out those who live close to the Nile. In fact, I suspect that the earth quakes that come with the coming of Gog and Magog will actually cause this dam to fail.

      We’ll see.

      Having said that, there is a problem with your interpretation of Ezekiel 29. It is contained here:

      11 No foot of man shall pass through it, nor foot of beast shall pass through it, neither shall it be inhabited forty years.

      12 And I will make the land of Egypt desolate in the midst of the countries that are desolate, and her cities among the cities that are laid waste shall be desolate forty years: and I will scatter the Egyptians among the nations, and will disperse them through the countries.

      13 Yet thus saith the Lord God; At the end of forty years will I gather the Egyptians from the people whither they were scattered:

      – Ezekiel 29:11-13

      And then, later in the chapter God tells Ezekiel how He will do this. And, when you read that latter parts of Jeremiah, you see the same thing.

      It is clear to me that this has already happened.

      But, your point of a dam failure leading to a gigantic flood, is one that we should all pay close attention to.

      Thanks for that comment, Pastor Carmack.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  5. Where is the proof that the so-called Jewish people of modern day Israel are the true chosen people? This proof needs to to be verified by world history and the holy writings.


  6. Not wanting to disagree with our host, let’s call this a different opinion. Having read up on Lucifer’s trust, leading to Lucis trust, and morphing into the league of nations, into the UN. With a shallow understanding of this, it leads me to the conclusions that GOD can and will use evil people and powers to fulfill his will. It is my opinion that the best way to rid this world of GOD, the Jewish people, and those awful Christians, they need to disappear. what better way to get this started, than getting them all in one place. Remember they have been scattered to the four corners of the earth. Britain might have helped fulfill prophecy, but for me to believe that Britain, the queen and monarchy thereof had any thing but I’ll intentions in mind, is strange at best. IMHO!! The UN has been following a SATANIC agenda from the get go from my research. Britain has been at the heart of all of it. Do we pay taxes to Britain, probably. The poor British people are probably as blind and STUPID as Americans. We are supposed to be GOD’S children, but look how GOD’S elect is treated, while we stand silently by. John, if you want to school me on this, I am a receptive student, but when it comes to Lucifer’s trust, to the UN, and Britain, I still think them serving Lucifer is the key point. I don’t remember how many times I have read that “they will bow and pledge allegiance to SATAN to enter the new world order, or how many different people have said it.
    So, Britain doing a good thing? In my opinion, it was probably not by their own hand. If the monarchy let it happen through a few good people, there was probably an evil motive afoot.
    Antifa days start tomorrow! Manglz n missus might not be homeless much longer. PTL HALLELUJAH!!! Armageddon is on its way, and the TRIBULATION is on its way. Rejoice, I say Rejoice!
    Christmas wish list: a LOUISVILLE SLUGGER for for when John and Mrs. Little bug out!

    • Hi mangledman,

      I had intended to include this idea in my article, but ran out of space. So yes, there definitely WERE elements of an ‘evil plan’ involved in setting up a ‘homeland’ for the Jewish people. But, I am struck by the absolute surprise and outrage, from those who were pushing a pro-Arab agenda, when this came out.

      My suspicion is that the Arabists were busy in the Middle East, when thing came out. They had taken their eye off of the ball, and got a nasty surprise.

      Another faction within the British government might have seen this as having a pro-European enclave in the Middle East that would keep the Arabs in check. It would be in keeping with the well-worn phrase, ‘Divide Et Impera’ – Divide and rule.

      THAT would have been the motivation of the non-Christians. But, let us not forget that there were Christians involved as well.

      In fact, Joel the Filipino made an excellent point about the Philippine involvement, breaking the tie over the vote for the creation of the State of Israel.

      In all of this, I see the Hand of God, outmaneuvering Satan. It’s as if Satan is playing checkers, while God is playing Chess. The only mystery, to me, is why God uses such subtle strategy, when He could squash them all.

      One day, when we get to heaven, we’ll know why. Until then, we must muddle along as best we can.

      You have captured a part of the complexity of this issue, MM. Well done, brother.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. Enough of the plague hysteria.

    Pneumonic plague is not a “super-strain” that is invariably fatal. The same bacteria causes all 3 forms of plague – the only difference is the location of the infection. There is such a thing as cutaneous tuberculosis – affecting only the skin.

    Antibiotics that kill Yersinia Pestis will cure any of the above forms of plague if caught early enough. A simple urinary tract infection could be said to be invariably fatal if it never gets treated – the infection causing inflammation of the tissues involved, making them raw and allowing bacteria to pass through the membranes and get into the capillaries and then the blood. Then it is septicemia – bacteria in the blood – and you will surely die of that if not treated.

    That said, it is monumentally stupid to dig up a diseased corpse and dance with it. Duh.

  8. I look forward to your blog every Friday, John. You and Marcel both keep me connected and reassure me that I’m not crazy.
    As I look over this week’s items, I’m struck by a few things:

    –the pc, sjw issues that people are obsessing over now will melt away into nothing when the reality of the coming calamity hits. Then all this silly frippery will be revealed for what it is–the empty fascinations of empty, purposeless people. Like Sodom, we have “pride, fullness of food, and abundance of idleness; neither did [we] strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.”

    –I don’t really expect the truth to come out or justice to be done with either Hillary or the Las Vegas shootings, to mention two. To quote a Christian friend, “That’s the world we live in.”

    –Yes, we failed, and the “times of the Gentiles” are coming to an end. To quote some Russian believers I’m acquainted with, quintessential realists: “What did you expect?”

    BUT–In the midst of the reality of growing lawlessness and impending destruction, I’m not downcast. God is still on the throne, and He is still utterly trustworthy. “Therefore we will not fear, though the earth be removed…”

    Blessings to you.

  9. Defining the parameters of what is the church is the key. Christ makes the reference regarding what He intended in a passage that has profound significance for this time. Matthew 16
    13 When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?

    14 And they said, Some say that thou art John the Baptist: some, Elias; and others, Jeremias, or one of the prophets.

    15 He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?

    16 And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.

    17 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.

    18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

    The church is not what most regard it to be.
    A key portion of understanding for us is given in this same passage.
    20 Then charged he his disciples that they should tell no man that he was Jesus the Christ.

    21 From that time forth began Jesus to shew unto his disciples, how that he must go unto Jerusalem, and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised again the third day.

    22 Then Peter took him, and began to rebuke him, saying, Be it far from thee, Lord: this shall not be unto thee.

    23 But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.

    24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

    25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.

    He calls Peter satan. While being in Christ we all still have capacity to sin and fall to satans ploys and one is to destroy that which God the Father has established. One of those things is His covenant with Israel. It was established forever.

    I have discovered that satan has used the satanic religious systems to enter church using the fifth column attack method to rise up from within. And you are right about the 18th century it was a time of great opportunity for satan. My discoveries about the current condition of the church in America brought me back to William Miller who was a false prophet of the day and at the very beginning point of many of the denominations (demonazations?) of the day.
    William Miller, Charles Taze Russell , Joseph Smith all had been involved in freemasonry.
    Have you ever looked at The Fuel Project’s Know Your Enemy John Little?

  10. Hi John,
    apropos Somalia:
    -I only wonder when this mutual affection of the two countries crosses the threshold of joint military actions. It’s probably only a matter of time.
    You are so right, we are passing the last milestones. May the Lord give us strenght!
    Something from my backyard – on November 11th Poland will celebrate the anniversary of regaining independence, which is a national holiday here. Every year on this day a March for Independence is organized in Warsaw, being (probably) the biggest annual event of this type in Europe, with average 150.000 participants. Each year there is also an official slogan of the march, usually patriotic or reminding something from the country’s history (there was even “Poland first”, long time before Trump). However, this year is different, and I must say I was positively surprised. This year’s slogan is simply “We want God!” – and it is intended to oppose the godless civilization promoted in the West. Local leftists are already going mad about it, screaming like demons being casted away. In a week, you may see the reports in some media.
    Yours in Christ

  11. Hi John,
    Looks like my original post got lost, no matter that works better!
    First, looks like the antifa protests were a complete failure!
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch!
    And so far, power is still on, so all in all doing good.
    Even saw an article stating that the head of a big drug company has been arrested for bribing doctors to prescribe certain meds. Only have one source on that so far, will keep an eye out for confirmation.

    Next you REALLY put your foot in it this time!


    Call the producers!
    We have a replacement for the “Dancing With The Stars” show!
    It will be right up there with “Springtime for Hitler and Germany”!
    Are you ready?
    I give you…
    “Dancing With The Dead”!
    They are fantastic listeners!
    Never interrupt!
    Always ready to nod for you! (just make sure the jaw doesn’t fall off)
    Never have to buy them drinks!
    Only slightly less stiff than I am on the dance floor!
    Never step on your toes!
    Just have to watch for falling body parts.
    and maybe have some deodorant handy.


    Next, your opening article is spot on, with one small exception.
    I think your length of time for the time of the gentiles is too short. I would argue that the time of the gentiles began in 586bc with the destruction of the first temple. From that point until 1948ad Jerusalem and, more importantly the temple mount, was under foreign rule.
    Another note of interest is that Ezekiel describes God’s glory leaving the temple prior to the destruction of Jerusalem, but I don’t recall any description of His glory returning, even after the reconstruction during the Persia/Median empire days.
    Would Christ’s triumphal entry qualify as His glory returning? Not sure, but don’t think so. That temple was also destroyed.

    Hope this finds you and yours well!

  12. You are damn right the Creator has turned back to Jacob in this hour and will soon deliver them from where they were scattered, and from there captivity and will move to destroy the Oppressor and those who stole there identity, mainly those who say they are Jews , but are not and do lie, but are the synagogue of Satan. Ashkenaz and Sepharad is about to feel the wrath of the wooly haired Creator with arms and feet of burnt brass in color. You Little John will also drink of this cup along with them. Go on, open your mouth and drink.

      • I did not say Jesus was black. Au contraire Mon frere, Jesus is indeed white. He is who the christians call messiah. What I am saying is that Jesus, the white messiah is the biblical antichrist. My Messiah has a totally different name and identity. It’s not a game of names and race concerning one individual. We are dealing with two distinctly different individuals here. One has managed to steal the story and identity of the other for a time and a season. It’s the biggest case of identity theft ever perpetrated on mankind. Those who are called will see it. Those who are not called have already received the delusion.

        • Now,
          Where did you get the idea that Jesus was “white”? Jesus is a son of Shem, if you believe the Biblical account (I do). Europeans, those whom I suspect you would generally regard as “white” are, by and large, sons of Japheth. There may be some similarities between the two lines in physical characteristics, but these are not due to close relationship. In reality, “white” descendants of Japheth are no more closely related to Jewish people than they are to Chinese (sons of Ham). Of course, we’re ALL sons of Noah, and derive from a very small part of the total original genetic pool that was preserved by the eight persons coming through the flood. But my point is, if you’re going to attempt to make a Biblical argument, it should be consistent with what the Bible teaches.

  13. Random observations. It may well be that somebody gets fed up about no water flowing to Egypt and bombs the dam. It wouldn’t have to be nuclear to do the job of restoring flow. And, why would they want to contaminate their own drinking water and the irrigation water which would then contaminate all their farmland? It wouldn’t even have to be an overt military move – well-executed clandestine activity could do it.

    Another point, but not about the dam. In my reading today I noticed, in my ESV version (whose footnotes and historical explanations are most helpful) in Matthew chapter 1 the statement – that has always been there but jumped out at me today because …

    1. I have some dear Catholic friends
    2. and I follow Ann Barnhardt
    3. and there was a lot of hoopla about Reformation Day recently, with the annual rant about the fiendish Martin Luther in Ann’s column …..
    4. and while I do not agree with much of Catholic doctrine I wonder, now that a bible in one’s own language is easily available, how they can continue to believe some of it, like Mary being an eternal virgin and Joseph also living with her in chastity, with no explanation of where Jesus’ brothers came from …

    So that verse jumps out at me, that Joseph married her after the angel’s assurance that this was no misbehavior on her part; and goes on to say that he did not know her UNTIL – the key word!!! – UNTIL Jesus had been born. I thought, that makes it pretty clear, and the footnote in the ESV said the same. So I looked up an online Catholic bible and sure enough, they had changed the wording to say that Joseph had not known her at such a time as to produce that pregnancy. No mention of the critical word UNTIL, just a statement to the effect that Joseph was not Jesus’ father. I wonder when they made that change. Hundreds and hundreds of years ago, to be sure – when did this Mary worship cult appear? Somebody is burning in hell for this for sure. And probably now staunch Catholics insist their translation is the only right one. I looked it up in Young’s Literal Translation, It still says UNTIL.

    So Martin Luther, however sinful he may have been – and after 500 years, how can we really know what went on then and how much is a political mud-throwing contest? — he did have some good points. Which are better answered directly, rather than with ad hominem arguments as Ann was doing.

    • Hi DRG,

      Ah, so that explains a part of the problem. Interesting.

      Did you know that the translators of the King James Bible refused to translate βαπτίζω?

      That’s right. Baptidzo or baptitso. Instead of translating it, they just anglicized the word and left it.


      Because they were sprinklers and baptitzo means immerse, dunk, dip – bring under the water and back out again.

      And, because of this evil, I once had to baptize someone – in the Jordan River – even though that person did not completely understand why it was so necessary. This person had been taught that sprinkling was also baptizing, but had been slowly coming around to my understanding of the Bible – enough, so that she allowed me to baptize her.

      The thing that I keep reminding myself is that the command to baptize is to the one who does the baptizing. WE are to baptize. If someone doesn’t quite understand how important it is… that’s not a barrier to being baptized. And, I’m willing to baptize someone as many times as they want, if they are worried that their understanding of baptism was ‘insufficient’.

      I get so mad at the evil people who would dare to twist the Bible like that. How DARE they! HOW DARE THEY!

      There’s a special place in Hell for those foul fiends.

      And yes, my own example is just one of many errors in the KJV. So, those who claim that the KJV is perfect, need to ‘get a clue’.

      Sorry for the rant, in response to yours, DRG. An excellent comment, and I definitely share your respect for Ann.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • You’re right about the KJ containing many errors.
        Some are accidental but the critical ones are by design.
        Having said that, the KJ is my favorite translation:
        Once you know ‘who’ mistranslated it and ‘why’, then it becomes the easiest to correct.
        If it’s not corrected then translations from it only carry the errors into the next translation.

    • “when did this Mary worship cult appear?”

      It began in Babylon thousands of years ago when Semiramis began to be worshipped as “the mother of ‘god’.

      Babylon still rules the world today and will continue to do so until Messiah returns.

      • OK – but I am wondering when this became incorporated into the Catholic doctrine ????? And what were the circumstances??? Why would they want to do that????


        • DRG–
          I suspect it was shortly after the Edict of Constantine, which made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. This was a very key happening in the history of the Church, and NOT for good. What it did was make Christianity fashionable and appealing to all sorts of heart-not-right types, who then saw in being a churchman an opportunity for social advancement and financial gain. It opened up a new career path for the ambitious.

          Now these teachings of the Queen of Heaven had been around from time immemorial. Remember, when the Israelites were fleeing from the wrath of the Babylonians after one of them had assassinated the Babylon-installed governor? They went to Egypt, which God had forbidden them to do. They took Jeremiah with them, and he took them to task for their unfaithfulness. They were still not convinced that following the LORD was the wise thing to do, and decided to cover their bases by baking cakes to the Queen of Heaven. This was around 585 BC. So we can surmise that this practice had been going on for a long time before that.

          By the time of Constantine, this Queen of Heaven idea was part of the cultural narrative, and the Church, in order to make Christianity “culturally relevant”, just incorporated the idea. We can see this tendency toward syncretism everywhere Catholicism holds sway. Instead of impacting the culture with truth, Catholicism accommodates.

          I say these things as a former Catholic who came to Christ at age 27. You might be interested to know that one of the first works I read as a new believer was Martin Luther. At the time, I was starting university, and happened across a copy of his writings in the university bookstore. I stayed up nights until 3am reading it–amazed at Luther’s insight and his critique of the Catholic church. When I compared what he wrote with the Catholic condemnations of him I had been hearing in my growing-up years, I decided that Luther was a man of God who had been slandered by Rome. Thanks for reading!

  14. Hi John,
    short remark – for long (like few years) I had bad feelings about the moment when Islamic State disappears from the map. Looks like we are only weeks away from that moment. Before this week ends there will be direct land connection between Tehran and Lebanon. Where the prime minister just resigned. It also took three days for purges in Riyadh, Yemen blockade to happen. I’m sure you see it all (so I don’t even link) – looks like the entire region slowly starts to decompose. I may be wrong, but I already see the headlines containing Hezbollah, Qatar, UAE, Turkish something-shield operation coming, and that’s just to begin with. Oh, and the Fishy Kingdom of Arabia is not going to survive what’s approaching. What really bothers me is that we all know what it means. The Yuval clock – you were correct.
    Yours in Christ

    • Hi Chris,

      I remember what a young Dutch friend told me when I said that the next big event was Gog and Magog. He said, “No it’s not” – followed by “Damascus hasn’t been destroyed yet.”

      His words still ring in my ears.

      His knowledge was superior to mine, since he had spent quite a bit of time in Damascus, while traveling in Syria. He KNEW that Damascus had never been destroyed, so he KNEW that Isaiah 17 was yet to be fulfilled.

      Right now, if I had to make a prediction, I would say that 2019 (or even 2018) will be the year when Hezbollah will launch rockets at Israel in a truly massive barrage, from both Lebanon and Syria. Israel will respond, and Damascus will be destroyed in much the same way that Beirut was destroyed.

      However, the difference between Beirut and Damascus, is that Damascus won’t have the opportunity to be rebuilt, since Gog and Magog will follow soon after. And, the events of Gog and Magog will destroy any opportunity for Damascus to be rebuilt.

      Just thinking about that sent a shiver up my spine.

      Thank you for making me think about this, Chris. Maybe that will be Friday’s topic. We’ll see.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

        • Hi DRG,

          The Yuval Clock is the 50 year cycle dictated by God to Moses. Yuval is the Hebrew word that we normal call Jubile or Jubilee. It is the year of release for any land that you purchased for money, and it is the year of release for all slaves. The land returns to its original owner, and the slaves return to their freedom.

          I also agree with Chris over the fate of Saudi Arabia, when Gog and Magog happens. It would be incomprehensible, for this vast army to ignore such an easy target as Saudi Arabia. Having said that, it’s always possible that the Saudis escape their destruction.

          We’ll just hafta see on this one.

          I hope that answers your questions, DRG.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  15. A couple things: in 321AD the pope decided to change the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. I don’t remember when the introduction of the saints came in, but this a definite defiling of two commandments. This new pope is something awful.
    The discussion on the dam, gave me thoughts on Damascus, and Nile desolation. It takes 40 years for the Nile, but Damascus sounds like forever uninhabited. Even the Conies don’t go there. Great post this week!!

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