Feeling a Bit Ezra

I just finished reading the Book of Ezra, and I completely identify with his struggles. His desire was to follow God and rebuild Jerusalem. But, the leadership of his people weren’t so interested.

He had to kick butts, pull hair and publicly shame those who would not follow God’s commandments. And, at the end of the day, he was utterly depressed by the need to struggle.

So, if you are feeling tired of the struggle, read Ezra.

I’m so amazed that we never seem to learn.


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Feeling a Bit Ezra

I normally try to write Friday’s article, on Thursday. But, I couldn’t.

No, I had plenty of time.

Yes, all the tools that I use to make these articles happen, were working fine.

The only problem was that I wasn’t working all that fine. I was feeling a bit Ezra.

When you read through that book, you get a feel for the overwhelming depression that he felt, as he struggled against the sin and wickedness of his own people. He was a man trying to serve God, but his people were being morons.

Of course, he had many supporters, but over all… he knew that he couldn’t turn his back for more than a few moments, before the morons took over and destroyed everything that he was trying to do.

So, I gotta stop here, so that I can rush off to the class that Mrs. Little and I teach. Just take the extra bit of time that you now have, and read the research. It’s important.



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My research sources are pretty wide ranging, and their number keep growing. So, instead of listing all of my sources, let me list the ones that deserve special mention:













A big thank you to all who sent me articles. I appreciate all of it.



Yup, more than just special, these links appear to be the most important of all. Seriously, start with these.

And yes, these are pretty serious.

Anti-Semitism + Christian = Self-Deceived – Ezekiel Countdown

If you read NOTHING else in this research, you must read this. It illustrates with extreme clarity what I have been fighting against for a quarter century – anti-Semitism in the church and rebellion against God.

Lying liars have infiltrated our ranks and are turning us away from the focus that we need, to prepare for what is coming. They are corrupting our view of prophecy. They are turning us against the very people that we should be supporting.

Worse, they are leading us into rebellion against God. And rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft – 1 Samuel 15:23.

I am so tired of the rebels in our midst. I am tired of seeing lives destroyed by these wolves. I am tired of seeing the weak-minded, led away by these liars. And, I am also tired of Christians with itching ears, that gobble up the message that these foul liars present.

The good thing is that many Christians are stepping forward to make their voice heard, in opposition to these wolves in sheep’s clothing. One of these precious Christians is ‘Ezekiel Countdown’.

It was Ezekiel Countdown that sent me that link to the interview with John Torell, four weeks ago. I was so sickened by what I was hearing that it took everything in me to listen to all of it. It was horrifying that someone claiming to be a pastor would say what he was saying. The lies were unbearable. The hatred was unmerciful.

And, I repeat again:

Sheila Zilinsky, shame on you for supporting this wolf!

The good thing is that Ezekiel Countdown took the time to go through the interview and pick apart the vile and evil lies spoken by John Torell. And, she backed everything up with sound analysis and external proof – proof that I can personally verify, since I have lived in Israel.

May God give repentance to John Torell and all who are like him and support him. But, if not, then I pray God’s wrath upon them, until they are consumed. This evil in our midst must not be tolerated.

Well done, Ezekiel Countdown!

‘Pastor’ Defends Dance During Service to Profane Rap Song, Claims Men in Bible Used Coarse Language | Christian News Network

PrepperGal sent this in and warned that we would need our blood pressure medicine.

She’s right. It’s horrifying.

Oh, and the drummer who posted the video was fired. Gotta love that hypocrisy. The pastor (Marcus Murchinson) probably isn’t even a Christian. You gotta also love that ‘code of silence’. You can engage in all kinds of sin, and it’s alright. But, if you make it public… woe betide you!

This is pure evil, but it gives me an opportunity to talk about music in the church.

Have you noticed that when you church sings hymns like ‘Amazing Grace’, that the volume in your church increases?

Have you noticed that the volume decreases for songs with complex rhythms?

Is your church making sure that the songs that they sing are truly Biblical in every way?

This is important, because you want those songs to be in our heads during the rest of the week. These songs need to reach into our hearts and help us stay focused on God. Songs that are more difficult to sing, or have a less God-focused message will not do that.

And, in this evil age, let me encourage everyone to put away your secular music and listen to Biblical, God-centered music instead. Your secular music might have nothing wrong with it. It might not be damaging in any way. But, we have a real need to focus on God, as our world grows ever more dark.

That’s not a hard-and-fast rule, but if there are any of you who struggle with sin… listening to Godly music would be a good step.

Bible Proof The Church Is NOT Missing From Earth After Revelation 4:1! – Let’s Get It Right!

It has been a while since I addressed the Pre-Trib Rapture hoax, but Paul Benson is dealing with it here – so that I don’t need to.

Please, we need to get serious about the Bible. If the Bible doesn’t say it, you can’t (say it). Yes, there are truths that aren’t in the Bible. God’s Creation is vast, and the Bible is small. But, to claim something to be true, that touches on something that is spoken of NOWHERE IN THE BIBLE… that is AGAINST what Jesus said about these Last Days… that’s pretty serious.

Remember that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. We all need to wake up to our rebellion against the words of God and start accepting what He said, the way that He said it.

What would your marriage be like, if you started twisting every word that he/she said, to fit your own desires?

Right. You wouldn’t HAVE a marriage.

Well, do you think that God is pleased when you twist HIS WORDS?

I can tell you that He is NOT pleased, and He will judge us all for this rebellion, if we do not repent.

Please repent and turn back to God, if you have signed on to this lie that we will be raptured before the Tribulation.

Earth/Sun News & VAXXED Discussion Podcast – YouTube

I like Ben Davidson. He’s a great guy who is passionate about warning you that disaster is in our future. He has an awesome wife and adorable kids, and it’s his kids that had him worried enough to address this issue of vaccines. And, the points that he raises here should make ALL of you enraged.

This is the movie website:


I am outraged that the US government is so evil and vile, that they would do something like this – that they would destroy the lives of innocent children for profits.

May God give them space to repent, and then destroy them when they do not. I seek the wrath of God on this evil, and I want them consumed if they will not turn away for this horror.

How DARE they do this to our precious children!

Signs Of Distress | Zero Hedge

The madness of our societies has run into reality. The result is distress and ever more distress.

Eventually, it will all fall apart.

Insanity can only take you so far, before it dumps you into the Abyss.

Will you be ready for this?

Should one be allowed to euthanize severely deformed or doomed newborns? « Why Evolution Is True

PrepperGal sent this in, and it is thoroughly and horrifyingly evil. I couldn’t even read all of it.

Here’s a quote from the first two paragraphs:

If you are allowed to abort a fetus that has a severe genetic defect, microcephaly, spina bifida, or so on, then why aren’t you able to euthanize that same fetus just after it’s born? I see no substantive difference that would make the former act moral and the latter immoral. After all, newborn babies aren’t aware of death, aren’t nearly as sentient as an older child or adult, and have no rational faculties to make judgments (and if there’s severe mental disability, would never develop such faculties). It makes little sense to keep alive a suffering child who is doomed to die or suffer life in a vegetative or horribly painful state. After all, doctors and parents face no legal penalty for simply withdrawing care from such newborns, like turning off a respirator, but Singer suggests that we should be allowed, with the parents’ and doctors’ consent, to painlessly end their life with an injection. I agree.

This is one area in which philosophy has a big contribution to make (and science can play an ancillary role, telling us the likelihood that a child will survive such conditions). Peter Singer’s utilitarian views on the issue can be seen in a 2005 op-ed at the Los Angeles Times, “Pulling back the curtain on the mercy killing of newborns“.

Notice the name of the blog:

Why Evolution Is True

The writer of this piece is a sociopath, and is promoting a sociopathic agenda. Under his foul and Satanic belief system, we are all just animals, with no more right to exist than other animals.

He might not come out and say that, but he’s essentially declaring it, with this piece. Otherwise, he would NOT be advocating the ‘mercy killing’ of the newly born – which is just one step away from the killing of any child that you no longer wish to have around.

How evil.

Thanks, PG.

Why Was This ‘Crowd Hire’ Company Recruiting $25 An Hour ‘Political Activists’ In Charlotte Last Week? | Zero Hedge


Smell that?

THAT is a rat. A nice big, fat one. And, one thing is for certain… the media won’t be tracking this one down.

The evil is so deep, so awful, that I can hardly breath.

Hillary Clinton Losing to Trump Was Like Jesus’s Crucifixion, According to Her Pastor

Jennifer shared this from the comment section, and it’s utterly horrifying, completely vile and definitely nauseating.

For any ‘Reverend’ to compare someone as demonic as Clinton to Jesus… is an abomination so far beyond my ability to comprehend that I find myself at a loss for words.

Sodom and Gomorrah has arrived.

How far behind is God’s wrath upon America!

(Thanks, Jennifer!)

North Korea Backs Off Guam Missile-Attack Threat – WSJ

In this game of chicken, the first one to blink, loses.

The Norks blinked.

So, what happens next?

It’s hard to say, but the best thing that the Norks could do, is start a war, lose early, unify in defeat with South Korea and then be built up by the US and Japan as an even stronger buffer state with Japan and Russia.

But, Kim and the Generals value their power more than the wellbeing of their own people.

Greed. The only cure is Jesus Christ or a firing squad. Why people keep choosing the firing squad, is beyond me.

North Korea news: Kim Jong-un ‘no longer seen as God’ by citizens | World | News | Express.co.uk

So, the Norks aren’t too happy with their ‘Dear Leader’.

Hmmm… of course, confirming this story would be difficult, BUT… we DO know that discontent has its own cycle. So, there was always going to be a ‘sell by’ date for the Norks.

So, there is probably a lot of truth to this one.

Crazed Kim Jong-un executing and torturing tens of thousands of North Koreans who ‘no longer see him as their GOD’ – Mirror Online

The number one reason why I want North Korea taken down as soon as possible is their horrifying persecution of Christians. It needs to be stopped, even if it costs lives.

There has always been a price for stopping evil, and we should not shrink from paying it.

The Trigger: If This Ever Happens You Know You’re Days Away From Nuclear War

Okay, I’m not sure that this is how it will go down, but this is one of the possibilities.

Eventually, the Norks will fall, and they will try to take as many us with them, as they can.

China-India Conflict Is Far More Dangerous Than US-North Korea One | OrientalReview.org

Have you been hearing ANYTHING about this in the mainstream media?

Yeah, me neither.

The point is that a war is brewing between China and India, and it could be completely catastrophic. This article presents one side of this war. The other element to this is that China has been threatening India for decades. And, there’s a vital ‘choke point’ that China sits on, that is making India nervous. Very nervous.

And, this article presents a few other reasons for why India might WANT to start a war.

Indian, Chinese Soldiers Clash Following Alleged Chinese “Incursion” | Zero Hedge

Here’s where clashes are happening right now, and take a careful look at the map, near the bottom of the article.

That is a TINY choke point, and China is threatening India at that choke point.

Taiwan suffers massive power cut, affecting millions of households

Yeah, and we’re still mad about it. I lost power for a couple of hours, which was annoying. But, the thing that gets ME mad is that the current leadership here in Taiwan were responsible for blocking the additional power generation capacity going online.

While Tsai Ing-wen and her moron party were in the opposition, they helped block a nuclear power plant that had already been partially completed – without helping to facilitate additional power generation capacity that would have replaced what was blocked.

Morons. Even here in Taiwan.


BREAKING: Texas permanently bans taxpayer funding of abortion | News | LifeSite

YES! Some good news for a change.


Timeline for Global Crypto-Currency Acceptance, Digitizing Commodities & Mini Ice Age Crop Losses – YouTube

I’m not completely convinced that this guy’s conclusions are correct. But, not being ‘completely convinced’ is NOT proof. It just means that I don’t have enough information to say that he’s right.

He’s making a correlation between events of the Grand Solar Minimum and global famine. He’s also pointing out the financialization of physical assets, using cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

Lots of big players have jumped on board. The question is… What are these ‘big players’ doing? How far will they go? Is there something bigger and better coming?

At the moment there’s a lot of fumbling about. How long this shakeout period will last is anybody’s guess. But, the dotcom bubble didn’t actually last very long, and Google, Facebook and Amazon rose out of the rubble pretty quickly.

This should be even faster, and Adapt 2030 is saying that a lot will happen over the next two years.

The Civil Unrest in Charlottesville is Part of the Cycle into 2020 | Armstrong Economics

Notice how the cycle of unrest is going to grow worse until it peaks, just before 2020. At the same time, we will be moving into a Grand Solar Minimum AND a visible shortage in oil. All THAT will lead to famines, wars, disease and all the other stuff that the Four Horsemen were up to.

An interesting and horrifying time to be alive.

Government & Revolution – Is it Inevitable? | Armstrong Economics

Martin Armstrong also adds this:

I have been warning that as governments move closer to this major event of a Sovereign Debt Crisis which begins next year with the start of the Monetary Crisis Cycle, they historically will ALWAYS, and without exception, bite the hand that has fed them.

I’ve been wrong in the past, in expecting that everything would fall apart faster. And, Martin is only saying that the Sovereign Debt Crisis will BEGIN.

Be prepared and tread carefully. Things WILL get worse.

I hope that you will be ready for this. I really do.

Governments to Control Large Cash Transactions | Armstrong Economics

This one contains a picture of my favorite prune face: German Minister of Finance, Wolfgang Schäuble. He’s the prune meister, as far as I am concerned. But, I am including this article here, because of this comment by Martin Armstrong:

This trend is only going to end in revolution. Historically, all revolutions are about money.

The trend that Martin is referring to, is the ‘hunt for your money’. And, I know how it feels, since the US government has stolen a gigantic amount of money from me. And no, I will not describe how they did that, or how much it was. You’ll just need to trust me on this.

If I never paid a dime in taxes, for the rest of my life, it would never equal what they unlawfully took from me. If I wasn’t a Christian, I would be plotting Revolution for that. And no, that theft is NOT the reason why I am upset with the US government. Not. At. All.

I’m upset because of the evil that the US government has done to the poor and defenseless. I can defend myself, if necessary. And, I have God on my side. Those that the US government abuses, are not so lucky.

Rebel Planet Dispatch: Jesus is healing and setting lower caste Dalits in Nepal free from Pagan Hinduism

This is an all-around awesome article. It starts out with news that just warms my heart and will warm yours. If you know ANYTHING about the Dalits… you will rejoice at this. Such a downtrodden people to receive Christ… It’s so awesome.

But, there are a couple of other videos that you should watch, too. ( I like that Wretched guy. )

I’m pretty wretched, myself.

Oh, and Marcel?

Keep up the great work, brother. You are doing an incredible job.

Bring Me the Head of Jeff Bezos – The Unz Review

With a title like that, you just gotta’ read it.

And, it’s worth reading.

Cutting the CIA budget by the amount that they give to ol’ Jeff?

An idea whose time has come!

Is Ethereum About To Unseat Amazon Cloud? | Zero Hedge

When Microsoft gets in on something, you know that the Elites are involved.

Pay attention to this. It’s important. Yes, it’s hard to understand, but you need to do your best to try.

The Black Plague is Back Showing Up in Arizona | Armstrong Economics

Um… this is bad.

I hear the hoof-beats of the Four Horsemen in this.



These articles have a more individual importance. They cross categories, and are often in their own category. And, I think that these should be your first stop in your reading.

International Auto Theft Ratlines Funding Terror – YouTube

Okay, this is an hour and 15 minutes, so you might not want to listen to all of it, (although, I did).

The point to take away from this video is the financing of terrorism by stealing cars and selling them overseas – or, even within the US and Europe, if they can get a new VIN. The other important thing is the laundering of money through car theft and used car sales.

There is a tremendous amount of evil going on, and very few people are doing ANYTHING about it.

George Soros ??? – YouTube

George Soros has gone quiet?

Hmmmm…. I wonder why.

As Mandy says here, it’s either fear or preoccupation. I prefer the ‘fear’ explanation, but there’s another one that’s just as good:

(speaks in hushed tones)

He might be dying.


IRS Reports 40% Surge In People Underpaying Their Tax Bills | Zero Hedge

Could this be a sign of the revolution that we’ve been looking for?

People who aren’t happy with their government, aren’t going to pay their taxes.

Global temperatures COOLER now than when Gore won Nobel Prize in 2007 | Climate Depot

Poor Al. He’s a moron and doesn’t even know it.

He’s been wrong for decades, but that doesn’t keep him from doubling down on his insanity.


Is Changing the Constitution the Only Way to Fix Washington?

This would put the Left in control of the United States. America is already destroyed. This would uproot anything left.

The disgusting, evil politicians did this, and they should all be tried for treason. Those found guilty – which would be most of them – should be shot.

However, a nation always gets the government that its people deserves.

Guy Treats His Date Horribly But Then This Off Duty Cop Overhears Their Conversation – Album on Imgur


Never EVER let a dirtbag get away with being a dirtbag, if you can help it – in a suitably Christian way, of course.

The Most Shocking Message for America… (2017-2018) – YouTube

You will need to think this through a bit, and I’m not sure that I should help you. You can figure this one out on your own, and you need to. But, let me give you some hints.

The process of subversion is universal.

When you see it in action, you need to understand that there’s a guiding hand. But, it’s not Communism. It’s something far worse.

Now, work it out.

And, the process is at work here in Taiwan, a traditional society that has been immune to subversion – until now.

Mainstream Medical Science Will Be Forced to Admit Royal Rife Was Right – YouTube

I have a friend whose mother died terribly of cancer. It was horrifying to watch, and the experience of watching her mother die in the worst way, left her scarred. She can barely even say the word.

Then, she discovered that the pharmaceutical industry had been destroying ANY competitor to extremely profitable ‘chemotherapy’ drugs, she went ballistic – and, understandably so. Her mother could have survived and been cured. Instead, the pharmaceutical industry kept the cure for cancer – and the research into those cures – from ever reaching public view.

Well, here’s more evidence. In fact, this evidence is extremely easy to believe, with all that we now know about the practices of the pharmaceutical industry. They have done incredible evil. Incredible.

I owe my life to some of the drugs that came out, to fight infection, but there are far too many who died because they were run by lying liars full of vile and evil deceit.

Paul said that the love of money was the root of all evil, and he was SO RIGHT. Look at any organized form of evil, and then start digging. You will eventually run into greed.

May God give these foul fiends of Hell, space to repent. And, when they do not – for the will not – may God consume them, utterly. And, He promised that He would.

Just stay out of the blast zone.

Crowdsource the Truth Interviews Lionel – YouTube

A fun discussion of the topics that George Webb and Jason Goodman have been dealing with – in the way that only Lionel of Lionel Nation can speak on. Hard hitting information and analysis with someone who also understands how ridiculous all this is.

The inmates have taken over the asylum, and we’re all doomed.

Military pushes back on Trump’s transgender ban | TheHill

For a long time, we’ve been hearing reports that all promotions to the rank of colonel were political and not due to any ability to manage large units during combat, while defeating the enemy. And, this is another sign that what we’ve been hearing is true.

A friend of mine is a lieutenant colonel, and he has absolutely no hope of making it to colonel. He hasn’t mentioned this to me, and I haven’t discussed it with him. But, there’s just no way for him to make it as colonel. It just isn’t going to happen, no matter how good he is.


He’s a VERY serious Christian, and the US military will not allow that.

10 Things we will all save to our phones but never actually use – Album on Imgur

Those who know these ten things are better able to manipulate those who do NOT know these ten things.

It is pathetically easy to manipulate people, and I am horrified by this. But, understanding HOW manipulation works, will help you see those tricks being used on you.

Never, EVER manipulate people. Yes, it’s easy, but it’s also evil.

Fun Fact Dumperino! It’s been a long time! – Album on Imgur

Okay, I’m not sure how many of these are correct, but they are interesting.

YouTube Trying to Shut Down Black Conservative Channel – Diamond and Silk 🚨 – YouTube

Goolag (aka Google) has taken yet another big step into the Dark Side. It’s their right to do this, but it makes a mockery of their slogan:

Don’t Be Evil.

Sorry, but that rings hollow, Goolag. You’re just as evil as CNN.

More Coup Activities in Charlottesville , 1753 – YouTube

I suspect that Bill is right. This really does smell like a setup. People from the Deep State launched this, and are attempting to get violence started.

Either that, or it’s good ol’ George Soros and his crowd. But, the fact that the JTTF and the FBI have agents within the KKK, makes this smell REALLY bad.

White Nationalists Say Charlottesville Was Just a Beginning – Bloomberg

Why are the ‘White Nationalists’ rising now?

This gave me a chance to think a bit more about Bill’s video, above. I believe that there’s more than just Deep State infiltration. The hatred in our society is rising, and it’s due to immorality.

These are the words of Jesus:

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

– Matthew 24:12

I know that this is a bit ‘counter-intuitive’, but remember that Jesus is the Creator. He KNOWS us. So, iniquity is a key factor that drives the death of love.

When there is morality in a society, love increases. When morality falls, love falls with it.

One sign of this is the rampant rise of anti-Semitism. It’s exploding in the comment sections everywhere. And, it grieves me deeply because it is a sign of true darkness.

Oh, and anti-Semitism is pure Flat Earth. It’s the same mentality, and there’s NOTHING that you can do to shake someone from their belief that the Earth is Flat, or that the Jews are the source of all the world’s problems.

The Flat Earth Mentality is everywhere and rising. Do NOT become a Flat Earther, or I shall call you a moron.

For a longer explanation of what I mean, go here:


There are a lot more of that mentality than you might think.

DOJ Demands 1.3 Million IP Addresses Of Visitors To Antifa Website Used To Coordinate Riots | Zero Hedge

Unfortunately, when battling an insurgency, this kind of thing is necessary.

Who is Behind the Police Decision to Ignore and Allow Fascist Antifa Violence at Events Around the US?

And then, there’s this question:

There is an organized effort to keep the police from intervening, when Antifa show up and start beating up people.

This smacks of organized subversion and treason. To echo the author of this piece, Jim Hoft, this needs to be investigated and exposed.

Hungry Venezuelans turn to Colombia for a plate of food – Story | WNYW

This is heart-breaking. The Venezuelans are literally starving, and there is no one to blame but their own government. Unfortunately, the blame game won’t fill empty stomachs or ease the suffering.

Pray for these poor Venezuelans. Their need is great, and there are too few willing to help.

Armed Venezuelan soldiers caught in Guyana begging for food | Miami Herald

This is another bit of heart-breaking news. Like the citizens of Venezuela, these soldiers are just pawns in an evil game.

I really feel sorry for these guys, and the rest of Venezuela.

Julian Assange, a Man Without a Country | The New Yorker

A long and personal look at the founder of Wikileaks. It’s an interesting story, and it adds a human dimension.

You can see the bias in the story, but it still sheds a sympathetic light on Julian.

And yes, the Empire is falling.

NYT Shocking Report: US “Ally” Ukraine Is Source Of North Korean Missile Engines | Zero Hedge

THAT’s a kind of interesting twist, dontcha think?

Street Artist Sabo’s Facebook Page Shut Down After Zuckerberg Stunt | Hollywood Reporter

Poor Zuck.

His feewings were hurt.

Silicon Valley Tightens Its Grip on Free Speech | LifeZette

So, as Google, Facebook and others clamp down on your right to say and hear what you wish to say and hear… what are frustrated people going to do?

Well… what they’ve always done under such circumstances:

Guerilla Warfare

They’ll either set up their own alternatives, or work out ways to fight from the shadows. And, the morons in Silicon Valley won’t understand their vulnerability, until it’s too late.

Judge Appeals To Highest Court After Losing Job For Being A Christian

This judge was fired because of this alone:

The whole thing boils down to those words, and those words alone—spoken outside of business hours and outside of the courtroom setting. Neely did not then, nor any time since, take any official action towards a same-sex marriage. Nor has she ever spoken again on the issue.

She had a religious conviction, and she answered a hypothetical question. One conversation. One reporter. After work.


Most do not understand that Hitler was a Socialist. If you need a clue, the word ‘Nazi’ is just the short form of National Socialism. And, the Nazi Party was actually, this:

The National Socialist German Workers’ Party

So, when Antifa attacks the Nazis, it’s just one group of socialists attacking another group of socialists.

Organizers postpone Google protest marches, citing ‘alt-left terrorist’ threats – The Washington Post

Don’t read the article. All that you need is the headline. The vile and disgusting Washington Post smears those wanting to protest the Goolag.

What an evil newspaper. If it was struck by lightening and burned to the ground, I would say “Hurrah!”

See the cool kids lined up outside that new restaurant? This app pays them to stand there. – The Washington Post

Okay, this story from the foul minions at Wapo is less evil. But, it’s still evil, although for different reasons.

It’s evil because it speaks of ‘crowdsourcing dishonesty’. If you want fake customers to line up and lure unsuspecting people into paying money, there’s an app for that.

America, full of lying liars from shining sea to shining sea.

Oh, and you’ll notice that there really isn’t much criticism of this ‘app’. There’s hardly a word about how dishonest this is.

Exactly what we would expect from an evil newspaper.

Why Down syndrome in Iceland has almost disappeared – CBS News

When PrepperGal sent this in, I originally thought that this was going to be an article describing how Iceland has a lower rate of Down syndrome because of diet or something else in their environment.

But no, they’re just murdering their babies, that’s all.

The subtitle of this piece starts out like this:

“What kind of society do you want to live in?”…

I want to live in a society that doesn’t murder their babies.

The Two Streams (Or: Turning God’s Truth Into A Lie!) – Let’s Get It Right!

Another post on the evils within modern Bible translations. I am truly appalled by what they have done. I really am.

How is it possible for a Christian to deliberately change the meaning of God’s precious words?

How can anyone do that?

I have my own disagreements with the KJV translators. But, they had far more of an excuse in the mistakes that THEY made than the evil men and women who chose to twist the words of God.

Yes, yes, each translation was a group effort, so I’m sure that not all translators were evil. But, that doesn’t change the fact that a deliberate, evil and vile abomination was committed.

A day of judgment is coming for these people. They need to repent or be consumed. I will rejoice, either way.

A 16 yr old carried the Nuclear Codes when Reagan was shot! Share! – YouTube

The creator of this video, sent me this link. His name is Randal Turner, and it is clear to me that he’s been terribly abused. Also, ANY kind of mind-control experimentation on someone will do serious damage to your mind and require a lot of time to recover from.

If someone wishes to help Randal out, start with this video. And pray for him, at the very least.

Blackmail: Setting the record straight – YouTube

Reason #978 for why you should NOT hire homosexuals:

They will extort every penny that you have, and lie and lie and lie and lie and…

This is sick.

Let this be an object lesson for everyone.

Never. Bow. To. Extortion. EVER.

I’ve suffered threats, and you might have seen a couple of them. There’s NOTHING like a threat, to convince me to keep doing what they do not want me to do.

What a sick and depraved world.

Death of a Nation

America might be able to withstand those who seek to attack her, from without.

But, those within?

America is dead. What will rise to take her place will be a darker, more violent animal.

Wasserman Schultz IT Staffer Indicted By Grand Jury On 4 Counts | Zero Hedge

Does this mean that we are closer to revealing the Pakistani spy ring that Demonic Debbie was running in the halls of Congress?

“Start Throwing Rocks”: Washington Post Op-Ed Calls For More Violence In The Streets

Remember when I said that the Washington Post was vile and evil?

Yeah. That was five minutes ago.

Well, they still are.

Inside The Opioid Crisis, That You’re Not Allowed To See – Stock Board Asset

The book of Revelation calls it sorcery. But, we call it Opium, Heroin, Codeine, Methadone, Fentanyl, etc. It’s coming out of Afghanistan, and it’s a CIA/Wall Street project. (And, the CIA was a Wall Street/Jesuit/Nazi project.)

It’s all about money, kids.



Right now, Trump is a distraction. Some call him savior. Others call him devil. And YOU are probably being distracted by all this.

Please don’t be. Trump is just a guy who wanted political power, and got it. He likes winning, and he won. He still likes winning, and he will try to keep doing so. He’s also smart, which means that he will probably succeed – at least, some of the time. But, he isn’t going to save America. He isn’t going to chart a new course. He isn’t going to make America great again. And, it’s becoming more and more clear that he has been lying to us.

The best that he will do, is not be as bad as the alternative. But, I’m afraid that he will be AS BAD as the alternative. He certainly looks like he’s selling Israel out.

Please get this into your head:


The sooner that you get this point, the better.

Those of you living outside of America already see this, and YOUR concern is the fallout from America’s fall. The only thing that I can point to, for you… is the Bible and Ezekiel’s Fire.

Scott Adams tells you how Trump is “pacing” North Korea and treating them like serious foes – YouTube

A very smart analysis of what Trump is doing and how he’s doing it.

I have a lot of respect for Scott. He really is as good as he thinks that he is, which would make him dangerous if he was truly evil.

What Scott is talking about here is ‘brinksmanship’. And, it’s a time-tested strategy that we’ve been using for thousands of years. The only problem occurs when mistakes are made, or if there are unanticipated events that push us all over the ‘brink’.

Also, if there is a third player… that the negotiators weren’t anticipating …then hello ‘fire and fury’.

Body Language: Rod Rosenstein – YouTube

Okay, so this analysis indicates that Rod Rosenstein is telling the truth, as he sees it.

He seems to believe that he is actually doing his job.

So, why is Mueller such a dirtbag, and why did Rosenstein appoint him?

GOP, Dems Outraged at Trump’s Standing Firm on Va. Remarks

I want to put this in the moron section, since the morons have crawled out of the woodwork on this one. They’ve gone ballistic over Trump saying what we all know:

The KKK and Antifa are the same.

But, because Trump equated the two, everyone went nuts.


Wall Street Banks Stunned At Trump’s Proposed Reform | Armstrong Economics

Whoa… It looks like Trump might actually make good on another of his promises.

With the precariousness of our situation, there’s a limit to how much good this would do in the short term. But, in the long term…

Rebel Planet Dispatch: Rabid Dogs Move From Russia to Race Card Against Trump

An excellent observation by Marcel. The Morons on the Left have realized that the Russia narrative just isn’t going to work. So, now they are throwing down the race card. And, the comparison to ‘rabid dogs’ is apt.

Rabies makes you insane and violent. And, it makes other people insane and violent. It’s a perfect allegory.

Robert Mueller May Not Be The Savior The Anti-Trump Internet Is Hoping For : NPR

I just discovered that the OTHER John Little that writes on Geopolitics (Blogs of War) is supporting Robert Mueller!


How can ANYONE named John Little, support such stupidity?


I guess that not all John Littles are the same.

Salon: Russians Didn’t Hack the DNC, 1757 – YouTube

So, even the morons are beginning to admit that they were wrong. Of course, only some of them will admit it. The rest will continue to devoutly claim that the Russians did it.

The sickness in the human soul is overwhelming. Anyone who claims that we are all basically good… is a moron.



The events that are descending upon us, will try our souls. How many of us survive those trials will depend upon your location and your preparations.

Please prepare for the worst period of time in human history. America will be ground zero, followed by Europe. Other places will be devastated, but those two areas will be hit the worst – at least, as I see it now.

No place will be safe, but there are some places that will be safer than others.

Please, prepare for the worst.

CNN Is Reporting “the 1% Are Bugging Out”-Something Evil This Way Comes – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

This one is from Gibby. And, she adds this thought:

Something wicked thisway comes.

Yeah. My thoughts too.

I’ve been yelling about finding a safe place within a like-minded community of Christians, for years. People who are ‘in the know’, have been doing that.

How about you?

List of Countries Forecast 2025 – Deagel.com

There are people out there that are claiming that Deagel is the product of some nihilistic, Satanic conspiracy to murder the world’s population – and that they feel the need to give ‘fair warning’ before engaging in their depopulation agenda.

My suspicion is that the people running Deagel are making their own ‘best guess’. And, I’m curious about how they are making that ‘best guess’. It’s hard to know how valid their estimate is, when you can’t see how they made that estimate.

The reason why I’m mentioning this, is becauase Gibby mentioned that Deagel has changed its 2025 forecast a bit:

In the 2025 projections, Japan was originally #11 & USA #13 with Japan supposed to have a population of 46,640,420 but now they’re #4 with a population of 109,299,040. South Korea remains static.

In the original top 10 were:

1. China

2. Brazil

3. Russia

4. India

5. Germany

6. Mexico

7. Italy

8. Turkey

9. France

10. Indonesia

Now it’s:

1. China

2. India

3. Russia

4. Japan

5. Brazil

6. Indonesia

7. Italy

8. Mexico

9. France

10. Canada

The value of this Deagel forecast, is that it shows you where the best places might be, to weather the storm that is about to break on us. I don’t agree with all of their analysis (for instance, they are too optimistic over Egypt), but I believe that it’s probably a good starting point for looking at relocation options.

Thanks, Gibby!

15 Tips to Get Safely Home Following an EMP | Ready Nutrition

It was the threat of an EMP attack that launched Omega Shock, and I consider that threat to be just as real today, as it was then.

I can’t say when it will happen, but I am completely convinced that it will happen.

Please prepare accordingly.



We’ve been talking about the collapse of the economy and financial system for a very long time, and every day that collapse is delayed… well …the collapse just gets worse and worse. Eventually, it will be an explosion that will devastate the world and lead to chaos, confusion, death, destruction and war. Lots and lots of war.

In fact, it has begun already.

By the time that you see it, it will be too late to do anything about it.

The Market Will Fall By 50%-70% As The Petro-Dollar Comes To End: Steve St. Angelo – YouTube

This should be an unsettling interview:

Pension plans are paying out more and more than they are bringing in.

A HUGE collapse in the stock markets

Massive declines in energy production over the next five years.

Please pay attention to this. Steve St. Angelo is one of the best analysts out there.

Social Security requires a bailout that’s 60x greater than the 2008 emergency bank bailout | Sovereign Man

What will happen when Social Security finally runs out of money?

Well, we’re going to find out.

EXPOSED: The Elite’s Plan to Freeze the Financial System – The Daily Reckoning

And, when it ‘freezes’, you’ll wish that you had assets OUTSIDE of the banking system.

We’ll see how this plays out. Please be careful and play it safe.

“The Best Of Times” – Stocks Surge To 2nd Longest Dip-less Streak In History | Zero Hedge

That headline should make ANYONE nervous. It’s not a sure sign of disaster, but it’s a warning sign for anyone in the markets.



When economic and financial collapse comes your way, you need something tangible to weather the storm. Right now, I cannot think of anything tangilble that is so fiercely undervalued and universally recognized as gold and silver.

There might be other things that are better. I just can’t see ’em. If you can think of something better, share it with us.

And, while I am a bit cynical about cryptocurrencies, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t an alternative worth looking into.

Salt, Wampum, Benjamins – Is Bitcoin Next – 720Global

An interesting primer on Cryptocurrencies.

The ultimate, 3500-word, plain English guide to blockchain

Unfortunately, this probably isn’t simplified enough for many people, but it is a good explanation. One of these days, I might write my own and see if it’s better.

Here’s a blockchain explanation your parents could understand | afr.com

Okay, THIS is a much easier to understand explanation. And, in a world where confidence is in decline… this will help bring a bit of it back.

It’s a ‘trustless’ system. Having said that, it’s not a perfect system. It’s just more honest than the one that we have.

“Overwhelming Demand” Sees Filecoin ICO Raise $250 Million Without A Viable Product | Zero Hedge

If there is anything that bothers me, right now about cryptocurrencies, is stuff like this.

All they have is a ‘white paper’, and they got a quarter million for it.



These are at least worth a chuckle. And, it might save you from going nuts.

I had a bit of a laugh at these, and I hope that you will too.

Losing Your Mind | Funny Pictures, Quotes, Memes, Jokes

In this day and age… it doesn’t take all that long.

Idiots!! | Funny Pictures, Quotes, Memes, Jokes

Yup. That’s the question.

Get a Human | Funny Pictures, Quotes, Memes, Jokes

My dogs thought that their human was pretty cool. My cats, on the other hand…

A Horrifying Refrigerator Magnet – imgur

Kids… There’s A Reason Why We Love ’em – imgurJust Say When… – imgur

And yes, go get another!

There’s This Expression: Running Around With Your Hair…

Just don’t try this at home.

Totally adorable! – Album on Imgur


This is so painful to watch………… – Album on Imgur

Yes, it really is… watch it and see.

(evil cackle)

When You Are Dead… – Imgur


The Truth.

Sounds like Keith had an interesting day – Album on Imgur

It looks like the squirrels are winning.

My Dog is a Democrat | Armstrong Economics

Stop the presses. You gotta see this. I knew that Martin had a sense of humor, but this is the VERY FIRST TIME that he’s made the humor category on Omega Shock.

And, it’s a good ‘un.

Peace and Quiet – Imgur

A new restaurant whose time has come.

Folding clothes

If you’ve ever had cats, you know this one.

(I may hafta stop looking at imgur. I ain’t getting as much done!)

The Cat That Coauthored A Physics Paper

I checked to make sure that this was true.

It is, and I’d heard about this, myself back in the 80s.

Who says that Physicists don’t have a sense of humor?

Mom is Mad | Funny Pictures, Quotes, Memes, Jokes

This is for all the moms. You’ve been there.

“This is Ralph, he comes to collect our cat for playtime every day and waits outside like this” – Album on Imgur

Now THAT is a CAT!

Chocolate Matters!

Karen sent this to me, and I would like to add the following phrases to this image:

Half a sandwich short of a picnic

Two planes short of an air force

A few bricks short of a full load

Not enough chlorine in his gene pool

Got into the gene pool when the lifeguard wasn’t watching

One Brady shourt of a bunch.

With delusions of adequacy

With intelligence rivalled only by garden tools

Fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down

With a leak in his think tank

With a need to be watered twice a week

Darwin award contestant

You’ll know what I mean, when you click the link.

You’ll find more euphemisms for ‘stupid’, here:

Euphemisms for Stupid

Thanks, Karen!

Oh, and the picture appears in this article:


Diving Buddies – Album on Imgur

Yup. You should always have a diving buddy.



I’m sorry, but I can’t stand it anymore. There are just too many morons, so it needs its own category. And, I do this to maintain my own sanity. They’re driving me THAT crazy.

Now, here’s my rule for who appears in this section:

A person or organization who is EVIL ANNNND STUPID.

People who are just stupid, deserve our compassion. My heart goes out to them, because their life is going to be painful until they stop being stupid.

But, those who are evil?

Well, I want them to repent. I really do. I do NOT want ANYONE who is evil to suffer an eternity in Hell. But, if they refuse to repent, I want them destroyed.

May the wrath of God be upon all who refuse to repent. May the blessings of God be upon those who turn from their wicked ways and acknowledge God.

#YouTubePurge: Book Burners of the Digital Age – YouTube


Stupid AND Evil.

Utter morons.

Reverend Hillary – YouTube




American tourist gives Nazi salute in Germany, is beaten up – Story | WNYW

Okay, this guy classifies in my book as a moron. Evil and stupid. Furthermore, the guy got instant ‘gratification’ for his stupidity. Unfortunately, this ‘instant gratification’ only resulted in minor injuries, so the moron won’t learn.

Eventually, he’ll do something REALLY stupid and shuffle off this mortal coil. By then, he will undoubtedly have contributed for too much to the gene pool.

And, THAT gene pool needs a LOT of chlorine.

James Damore: “This Is Why I Was Fired By Google” | Zero Hedge

Unfortunately, James didn’t realize that Google was being run by morons.

He knows now.

Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism – The New York Times

Wow. The New York Times sinks to new lows. I couldn’t even finish this piece, it was so stupid. Mind numbing. I’m not even sure that you should read it.

However, if you DO read it, I cannot be held responsible for any brain damage that you might incur.

Do I need to point out that poor, badly managed societies tend to eliminate distraction and reduce the amount of work available to you. This means that you will have a lot of time on your hands and nothing to do.

What do you think happens, when you have lots of time on your hands and nothing to do?

Here’s a hint: ‘population growth’.

But, that’s not what the morons at the NYT want you to believe. They’re too evil and too stupid to actually give you the straight answer.

Morons. Absolute morons.

And, we are surrounded by them.

True story – Album on Imgur

Just making a point about morons.

The Klan Strikes Back – YouTube

The morons of the Left were hoping that this would happen, and it did. Because the KKK is FULL of morons – is made up of JUST morons – it was what the Left were hoping for. So, the Charlottesville clash was one group of morons against another group of morons.


The only question is whether America and Americans will allow the morons to triumph.

Yeah… (sigh) …the morons will probably win.

Roxbury man James Isaac arrested for allegedly damaging New England Holocaust Memorial in Boston – The Boston Globe

This happened in June, and when it comes to doing evil, there is no excuse. Destroying a memorial to the murder of six is pure evil. Pure. Evil.

Yes, this guy needs help. But, he also needs to be ejected from society until society can trust him.

Oh, and he’s stupid, which makes him a moron.

Police: Holocaust memorial vandalized; 2nd time this summer | Boston Herald

And now, another evil idiot has attacked this memorial.

Are they going to claim that this was the result of ‘mental issues’ too?

UCLA study says pets are killing the planet – YouTube

Okay, Fluffy and Fido are now destroying the world. That’s right. They are a menace and must be stopped, NOW!


Help! Help! The Fluffmonsters are destroying us! Help!


UNDERCOVER: Crashing Hawaii Socialist Protest! – YouTube

Steven Crowder mocks morons. Ridiculous, but relevant. Morons will ALWAYS be morons.

And, it seems that there are A LOT of morons in Hawaii.

Peta pays family $50,000 after taking and euthanising their pet chihuahua

Good. Morons got a real push back.

Unfortunately, you can’t fix stupid, and morons never learn. So, don’t expect PETA change their ways.

DNC shake-up leaves Dems behind in fundraising | TheHill

Could it be that the DNC’s biggest problem is that people are waking up to the FACT that they are MORONS?!

The Little Boy Who Cried ‘NAZI’! | Louder With Crowder – YouTube

Now that the REAL Nazis have arrived, the morons who cried ‘Nazi!, Nazi!’ will not be listened to.

This is what happens when you let morons go to journalism school.

“There Are No Good Klansmen” – Democratic Lawmaker Unveils Plan To Impeach Trump | Zero Hedge

Wait, there are Jewish morons too?


On a side note, the KKK are almost always Democrat. Just saying.

The Leftist Meltdowns Continue: Therapists Report A Massive Spike In Patients Suffering From “President Trump Stress Disorder”

Ah yes… those screams. They are music to my ears.

Americans Spend More On Lottery Tickets Than On Movies, Video Games, Music, Sports Tix And Books Combined | Zero Hedge

This is beyond insane.

A friend of mine once said that the lottery is just a tax on those who can’t do math.

Come on people. STOP BEING MORONS!



We are seeing the fulfillment of the words of Jesus, right now. And, it seems that Islam is leading the way. What insanity!

What is wrong with North America and Europe?

Have they – and we – gone insane?

The Merkelling of Europe: Chinese Gone Wild – YouTube

Merkel is a MORON. And, she has chosen to destroy Europe.

It’s the Merkelling of Europe, and you need to be careful.


‘cuz one day, you might get ‘merkelled’ too.

Is too much English spoken in Berlin restaurants? – The Local

Wait. You advocate the invasion of millions of Muslims into your country, yet you get upset when the waiter doesn’t speak German?

The probably should be in the moron section.

How can people be this stupid?

Refugee Boats for Sale only $800 to Reach the Land of Plenty | Armstrong Economics

Now, you can say that you’ve seen everything. Wow.

Buy your own ‘refugee boat’, so that you can paddle out to the NGO boats to get ‘rescued’.

Tommy Robinson Reacts to VICE on Acid Attacks – YouTube

This video will turn your stomach, if you listen carefully. 1) Muslims, imported from Pakistan and Bangledesh are spraying acid on girls, and scarring them for life. 2) The British government and the British media are minimizing Muslim participation in this atrocity. 3) London has become a capital for this horrifying activity.

London used to be one of my favorite cities, outside of Israel. No longer.

Morons live there.

Barcelona crash: Van ploughs into people in Las Ramblas | Daily Mail Online

Another scene of cultural enrichment, brought to you by the ‘religion of pieces’.

When dead bodies are strewn across the ground, you know that it’s Islam.

Caught On Tape: Spanish Police Kill Five Suicide Bombers In Separate Terrorist Plot | Zero Hedge

It’s that piece-ful religion again.

Only a moron would think that Islam was a good idea.



When I first realized that Russia was backing Khalifa Haftar in Eastern Libya, I realized that this helped me identify a big piece that I was missing in the Gog and Magog puzzle. All the other members of the Gog and Magog alliance had identified themselves and were moving into place – except for Cush.

Cush is a part of the Gog and Magog alliance, and I’m not sure whether that is Ethiopia, Sudan or another country in sub-Saharan Africa. We’ll see how Cush falls into place. But, for now, we look at Libya.

And, looking at Libya means looking at the fortunes of Khalifa Haftar.

Libyan Strongman Haftar Meets Lavrov, Shoigu In Moscow

A nice big recognition of Haftar’s place in Russia’s plans for hegemony in the Middle East.

Haftar aims at Russian ties in oil sector, report says – Libyan Express – Libya News, Opinion, Analysis and Latest Updates from Libya

And, Russia has a financial stake in Haftar’s success.



I’ve been writing about the coming of Gog and Magog for a while. You can find a lot of that, here:


And, the articles below point to that coming. I really, Really, REALLY hope that you’ll be ready for this. Please read Ezekiel’s Fire to make sure. (And yes, it’s free.)

Cash-Strapped Qatar Unexpectedly Cuts Credit Suisse Stake | Zero Hedge

Ooops. A visible crack in Qatar’s facade.

Iran Threatens Trump With Restart Of Nuclear Program “Within Hours” | Zero Hedge


Sorry, but if anyone believes that they stopped, they’re stupid. Iran has consuming interest in nuclear weapons and a fanatic devotiion towards destroying the US and Israel. So, don’t tell me that they’ve stopped their nuclear program.

Saudi Arabia’s Orwellian “Development Plans” For The Shia Town It Just Flattened | Zero Hedge

And, this will be one of those events that eventually push Iran over the edge into full-blown war against Saudi Arabia.



The Land of Israel and the People of Israel are at the heart of what is happening in these Last Days. God is at work IN Israel and WITH Israel.

If you are against Israel, then you are a supporter of Islam and Satan.

If you are FOR Israel, then you support the work of God and the victory that God will have over Lucifer.

Please join me in that battle.

University of Chicago Considered Aggressive Response to ‘Watch Lists’ of Anti-Israel Students

How ironic. The Left started this ‘doxing’ campaign, where they would release the private details of people who were opposed to them. But, when the Right does something similar – although far less – they howl in outrage.

Howls of outrage?

Music to my ears.

Fox News New Low: Establishment Mouthpiece Perino Implies Pro-Israel Breitbart a Nazi Site – Breitbart

Being pro-Israel is now a Nazi thing?


I have a theory that a baseball bat to the head can help improve the intelligence of a moron. It’s just a theory, at the moment.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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44 thoughts on “Feeling a Bit Ezra”

  1. Great as usual…

    The Good News Bible is not my usual translation…however, this week I read this verse in it…Matthew 25:12

    Jesus said to them “Any country that divides itself into groups which fight each other will not last…..”

    What country would be at the top of your list? Yep! Good ole USA…

    Peace Brother John.

  2. About music… So called “christian” radio stations can be a dangerous place. They practice a “feel good” form of Christianity. It is specifically geared toward women. In fact, they have a name for this fictional women: “Becky”. They play and say “what Becky wants”. They conform their programming to make “Becky” happy and tuning in. Do a search and you’ll see what I mean.
    I’ve always thought that Christian radio stations and Christian bookstores are landmines for Christians. Tread carefully. Not all bad, but the bad is there and you must practice discernment.

  3. Some info on Deagel:

    Just who or what is Deagel? The power and influence of the corporation that you never heard of, is staggering. This is the modern day Zapata Oil, which was a CIA front corporation run by George H. W. Bush which in turn facilitated much of the Air America “drugs for guns” program in Latin America in the 1980’s.

    • Hi Gibby,

      If Deagel was everything that Dave said that it was… then they wouldn’t have a website, and if they did, it wouldn’t be like that.

      I’m seeing way too much nonsense being peddled as fact, nonsense that I KNOW is nonsense. I don’t have proof that Dave’s assertions are nonsense, but he’s not providing much to prove his claims. Until I see better proof, I’m going to have to post his claims in the ‘nonsense’ column.

      Thanks, Gibby.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. re The Black Plague is Back Showing Up in Arizona | Armstrong Economics
    Don’t get too agitated by the headline. Plague is endemic to the American SW, Colorado and environs. Of course, sensible people don’t go out and try to ‘pet’ the cute little prairie dogs. Pet owners should be cautious, however, and people who must work outdoors. Ya’ll should know by now extreme headlines ‘sell’…
    Background: https://www.statnews.com/2017/07/19/plague-scientist-arizona-prairie-dogs/

    • Hi Frances,

      You are correct.

      There are quite a few deadly pathogens in our soil. And very few people come down with tick-borne diseases. A healthy body can dispose of small concentrations of pathogenic bacteria. What Martin Armstrong was doing, was warn people that there is a cycle to the outbreaks of epidemic disease, and that we’re due for another one.

      Thanks, Frances. Those prairie dogs are adorable.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • This is absolutely true, that yersinia pestis is endemic to the Southwest; and I’d like to add some commentary as to how this could play into Armstrong’s observed plague cycle. Phoenix, AZ for many years in the past couple decades – I don’t know if it still is – was the fastest growing city in the US. It created its own housing and construction boom. Where to build, to house all those people? Out into the desert. Where their dogs and cats could encounter the plague-infected fleas from desert fauna and carry it into the house. I haven’t heard or read anything about this, it’s just a “Hmmmmm …. ” moment. Since a total meltdown of life as we know it will probably bring a resurgence of many miseries we in America have rarely encountered – up til now – like fleas, scabies, all manner of bacterial and fungal diseases that used to be rare – parasites – I recommend stocking up on cures for these things which are still OTC and cheap. They will be priceless later. Ivermectin, available in farm supply stores, cures and prevents many parasites. As of yesterday, streptomycin is the antibiotic of choice against black plague. Next best is tetracycline, which can still be bought OTC as a treatment for fish in home aquariums. It also kills Lyme disease if caught early enough. Internet-based veterinary supply merchants have many of these available, some of which need prescriptions but many of which do not. I have stocked up on half-a-dozen or more antibiotics. And don’t forget to stock up on flea treatments, better yet the once-a-month-drop-on-the-back-of-the-neck kind, for the pets. Many diseases are carried by fleas and mosquitoes and these meds kill larvae of many parasites, not just fleas.

  5. Hi John,
    Another week has gotten by, thanks for another installment.
    N. Korea seems to be cooling off, but still no word on the India/China situation.
    We had some insanity in Charlotte, but this is to be expected. There are supposed to be some more demonstrations against Google this week end. ACW2 starting?
    Well, at least we aren’t bored!

    On the encouraging side I can present this interview:
    Is this proof positive that Trump is turning to God?
    No, we will have to wait to see some fruit.
    But, I do trust God more than any man!

    On the research side:

    Came across this passage in Acts 7:43
    “You also took along the tabernacle of Moloch and the star of the god Rompha, the images which you made to worship.”

    What is Rompha?
    First off Rompha is the star of Moloch, aka Saturn.
    Now according to linguistics over the years Rompha became Ramadan.
    I did a search for images and came up with these:

    If you notice above the bull’s head there is a crescent moon and the front of the amulet is a five point star. The same symbols above every mosque.
    Conclusion, Allah is Moloch.
    Also what we know as the “star of David” is nothing of the sort.
    Please let me know what I have wrong.

    ps hope the picture link works.

    • Hi Michael Wilson,

      Donald Trump turning to Christianity?

      Um… that sounds a lot like the story that we all heard, when Clinton paraded around with a Bible, and while Bush Jr. ran for president. And, I don’t like the dominionists that are making these claims.

      Did you notice that they are all NARs?

      The Rompha Star? I like it. Sorta like the oompa loompas!

      The KJV says Remphan, but in the Greek it actually is more like Raiphan. I wonder why there is such a disparity? Interesting.

      A lot of Babylonian mysticism crept into Judaism, and it was in Babylon where they changed the Hebrew character set. The Alephs, Bets, Gimmels and Dalets did not look the same, after the Babylonian captivity, than before. Yet, Orthodox Jews seem to be unfazed by this fact.

      Is Babylon where that star Raiphan came from?


      The same goes for the Jewish star – which the Jews don’t call a star. They call it a ‘shield’ or Magen. The word for ‘star’ in Hebrew is ‘cochav’. And, the Israeli version of the ‘Red Cross’ is ‘Magen David Adom’, or the Red Shield of David.

      So, there’s no connection between the ‘Shield of David’ and the ‘Oompa Loompa Star’.

      Unfortunately, I couldn’t see the picture, but I’m more than happy to agree that Moloch and Allah are the same. Historical evidence indicates that Islam originated in the area where Moloch had many followers, so that’s easy to accept.

      Thanks, Mike. I hope that I was able to add something of value to the issue.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Hi again John,

        hmm, NAR, haven’t looked into them much. May have too soon; my research is going in another direction.

        Sending in pics can be an issue, the link is VERY long, longer than my longest post. So I have embedded it in an email and sent it to info@omegashock.com
        “Amulet of Saturn” the pic shows an amulet with a five point star on one side and a six point star on the reverse. According to my research, Rompha = Saturn and it came out of Egypt. The golden calf that the Israelis worshiped while Moses was gone was a representation of Molock (the tabernacle of Molock as mentioned by Steven in Acts 7) and the amulet of Saturn was part of the calf. Bottom line here, the calf party is still going!

        While going through Acts 17 I came across the name “Artemis”.
        I was able to trace that goddess back to Ashteroth as mentioned in 1st Kings. However, I came across something else.
        Here is a look into Greek mythology:

        If you look at the family tree of Artemis, you will find she is the grand daughter of Cronus whom we also know as Molock.
        So, where did he come from?
        Well, Molock is the son of the sky god Uranus and the earth goddess Gaia.
        I am starting to think that looking at ancient religions like this is like looking at enemy propaganda, a dim and blurry reflection of the truth from events that took place prior to the flood.
        So if we compare this with Genesis 6:4

        What I think we could be looking at here is a fallen angel, Uranus, taking a daughter of man (Adam = earth) Gaia and giving birth to the first generation of rephiam? A gibbowr?

        So, I think the next step is to see if I can find a parallel in other religions.
        Please let me know if I have something wrong, and I will keep you posted.
        Thanks again!

        • Hi Michael,

          Interesting thoughts. Since the Bible isn’t very clear on these things, I place them in the ‘supposition’ category. The apocryphal books have been heavily tainted by error, so we can’t trust them. And, as you point out, Satan loves to engage in propaganda.

          We all have itching ears that are begging to be scratched by interesting tales. We just need to be very careful to understand where these tales belong. The Bible warns us to avoid looking into the occult.

          As Paul says, we have freedom in Christ, so curiosity about these things is not a sin. But, not all things are edifying. It is for each of us to understand where the line should be drawn.

          Having said all that, some understanding of these symbols is useful – to avoid them and to understand what we are seeing when others wear these symbols.

          Okay, since you used Hebrew words, you’ve pushed my Hebrew button.

          Adam (pronounced AH-dam) DOES mean man, however the Hebrew word for ‘earth’ or ‘ground’ is ‘adamah’ (pronounced AH-dam-ah). Adam is a male word, but ‘adamah’ is a female word. Interesting.

          The Hebrew names for giant, like Anak, Rephaim and Goliat all seem to be names of people or families. There are two other words that we normally consider as meaning ‘giant’, when they actually mean something else.

          For instance, you said “gibbowr”. The root of ‘gibor’ (pronounced ‘gee-BORE’) is ‘gever’ (or GEH-ver), which means man. When you look up the Hebrew word for ‘hero’, you’ll find the word ‘gibor’. Plural puts an ‘-im’ on the end of the word (or ‘eem’). So, the ‘giborim’ were the heroes or ‘manly manly men’ of that age.

          The other word for giant is ‘naphil’ (or nah-FEEL). Plural is ‘nephalim’ (or, neh-fal-eem). The root of those words literally means ‘to fall’ – ‘nephal’ (or neh-FALL). I will use a personal-past version of that word, should I trip over a rock and fall flat on my face. I’ve done that. Ouch.

          Okay, Hebrew lesson is over. I couldn’t help myself.

          As for the amulet, I had to search the various inboxes for your email and found it. I look forward to the day when Satan is defeated, and these symbols will no longer be used to deceive.

          A couple years ago, I started to see occult symbols creep into Taipei, and now I’m seeing them more and more. It really grieves me to see Satan make even more inroads into this society. It’s just so stupid.

          Great comment, as always, Mike.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  6. Wish you would be more objective about Israel, Torell may be phony but not because he believes the antichrist will be Jewish or accepted by the Jewish people. My pastor’s wife believes this and she is not antisemitic. She thinks the Jews would never accept a nonJew as their Messiah. I don’t think they have to accept the antichrist as their Messiah because they already fulfilled Jesus saying they would accept another messiah many times in the past. They will have 2 witnesses and 144,000 preaching the truth. And it is true that many Jews are globalists working for the Luciferians in Hollywood and banking and Torell did point out they are only a minority of Jews, maybe 10%. I also do not trust Kurshner as I understand he is a Kabbalist and he certainly is a liberal along with his wife. I don’t see antiSemitism in what Torrel says and you seem to see it everywhere.

    • Hi MW,

      If Torell had just stuck with that unBiblical point, that the Antichrist would need to be Jewish, I would refrain from saying anything. But, he didn’t. And no, there is NOTHING in the Bible that says that he needs to be Jewish. NOTHING.

      Please remember that I lived, studied and worked in Israel for 15 years. I know Israel and the Jews about as well as any non-Jew can. I know the truth about the lies that Torell was telling. And, Ezekiel Countdown did an excellent job of picking apart those lies.

      When a pastor tells a lie, he needs to be publicly and vigorously rebuked for that lie. When a pastor tells lie upon lie… subverting weak minds …well, we should be even MORE public and even MORE vigorous in our denunciation of the lies and the liar who told them.

      John Torell is a liar. He is corrupt and without the Spirit of God. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And, he blasphemes the name of Christ by the lies that he tells.

      I’m sorry, MW. I know too much about the truth, to say it any other way.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. I did it! I went back to deagel again. Nope no North Korea in 2025. Where are they supposed to go in 7.5 years. Hmmm.

    You mention the music? I have read a couple things intriguing on the subject. I will try to convey this right. In the bible, listing Satan’s qualities it states he is gifted in musical things. The article went on to describe how music was changed with electrical instruments. Decibel or hertz levels or something. Wind and stringed instruments work on one part of the brain with a soothing effect, while the change affects the brain differently. Do we think Satan won’t use music to his advantage??

    Come unto me all ye that are burdened and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. When we let the world take away our focus, there is everything to be depressed about. There flowers to sniff, Sun that shines, loved ones eyes to look into, their voices to hear, work to do, food to eat,(so far) every day we spend here is one day closer to home. Some day I might need to sit down and reminisce about our tales of woe, but we just keep putting them behind and going forward. I know of no one, or have heard of anyone else with as much adversity, but our comforter has never left. We still stand on the one and only rock. Godspeed great research, chin up, we are almost home

  8. Think we all could use this song right now:

    “Lord, I Need You”

    Lord, I come, I confess
    Bowing here I find my rest
    Without You I fall apart
    You’re the One that guides my heart

    Lord, I need You, oh, I need You
    Every hour I need You
    My one defense, my righteousness
    Oh God, how I need You

    Where sin runs deep Your grace is more
    Where grace is found is where You are
    And where You are, Lord, I am free
    Holiness is Christ in me

    Lord, I need You, oh, I need You
    Every hour I need You
    My one defense, my righteousness
    Oh God, how I need You

    Teach my song to rise to You
    When temptation comes my way
    And when I cannot stand I’ll fall on You
    Jesus, You’re my hope and stay

    Lord, I need You, oh, I need You
    Every hour I need You
    My one defense, my righteousness
    Oh God, how I need You

    You’re my one defense, my righteousness
    Oh God, how I need You
    My one defense, my righteousness
    Oh God, how I need You

  9. Hi John,
    you are so right about feeling like Ezra and trying to speak to the people who don’t want to listen… Thanks!
    I’ve just returned from family (14 people in all) holidays in northern Poland. With my wife, we always go for vacation in “survival mode”, in car packed with gas cooker, axe, tent, reserve fuel and things like that. But this time our destination was a cosy renthouse lost in the beautiful area full of lakes, hills and forests. The rest of the family laughed at us and our equipment, asking if we are going to war (some of our gear and clothes resemble military stuff). Why to take this to a place with WiFi, cable TV etc? Well, on August the 11th, in the night, it changed – we were visited by rare atmospheric phenomena, called ‘bow echo’, the worst in the history of Poland. The morning looked like this:
    and the bigger picture:
    Suddenly we found ourselves in the world without electricity, tap water and cellphones, with roads blocked by the fallen trees (one is enough to eliminate a road, and the estimate number of fallen trees exceeded 10 millions). Before the noon next day the math describing the dynamics of logistic networks kicked in, and you couldn’t buy batteries, fuel, even bread. The things we took for holidays became suddenly priceless, and no one was laughing anymore.
    I’m sharing this because I just experienced soft (it took one week for the things to return to normal) but explicit demonstration that, once the clock strikes midnight, you cannot ‘prepare’ anymore, and you cannot do what wasn’t done. There is a Russian proverb “Война меняет все” (war changes everything), and it is very true. And applies not only to actual wars. Our relation with Christ also needs attention and ‘preparation’ before, suddenly, everything will change.
    Yours in Christ

    • Hi Chris,

      Wow. That is IMPRESSIVE. And, it’s an excellent example that we all need. Our preparedness will be a blessing to those around us, and ‘being a blessing’ is a part of our job as Christians.

      Hopefully your family will now treat your preparedness with the seriousness that it deserves. Give your long-suffering wife a hug from both of us. (All wives are, by definition, long-suffering.)

      God bless you both, Chris. May your preparations continue to be a blessing to all around you!

      Yours in Christ,

      John (and the missus) Little

  10. I just got done pushing TEOTWAWKI, and looking at a couple articles. If you are feeling Ezrafied you will cheer up when you check the mood back then. It makes me wonder why the can got kicked down the road. Jade Helm, economic collapse, plus all the other nonsense. It reminds me of all the other drills going on, and the line being enforced 100 miles from the border. It put that feeling right back in the pit of the stomach. Yes there is still lots to be depressed about, we haven’t been Jobadized yet. Let not our hearts be troubled.

  11. Speaking more on music, look at the following lyrics of a song called “Who Says” by Joshua Micah playing here in the States on Air1:

    “Sometimes you wonder if you got it
    Wonder if you got it in you
    Some days looking for the reason why

    Feels like standing on a runway
    Standing out on a runway lately
    Watching everybody else fly by

    See that wildfire in your eyes
    Keep on burning keep that dream alive
    Can’t let go of what you got inside
    Maybe it’s crazy
    Maybe it’s meant to be

    Who says you gotta have it all figured out
    Who says you’ll never feel alone in the crowd
    Who says you gotta be like everyone else
    Who says?

    Hold on with everything you got it everything you got it in you
    Don’t stop I can see the finish line
    One shot are you gonna take it
    Are you gonna take it this time
    One life don’t it pass you by

    See that wildfire in your eyes
    Keep on burning keep that dream alive
    Can’t let go of what you got inside
    Maybe it’s crazy
    Maybe it’s meant to be

    Who says you gotta have it all figured out
    Who says you’ll never feel alone in the crowd
    Who says you gotta be like everyone else
    Who says?

    Oh Oh maybe it’s meant to be.
    Maybe it’s meant to be
    Oh Oh nothing is stopping me
    Nothing is stopping me

    Who says you gotta have it all figured out
    Who says you’ll never feel alone in the crowd
    Who says you gotta be like everyone else
    Who says?

    Who says you gotta have it all figured out
    Who says you’ll never feel alone in the crowd
    Who says you gotta be like everyone else
    Who says?”

    I get what he’s saying, but what about in context with the LORD (other than it is playing on a radio station meant to play music honoring of God)?

    • Hi Jennifer,

      There seems to be a growing allergy to saying the name ‘Jesus Christ’ in Christian music. No one wants to say words like sin and salvation. No one wants to talk about the need for sanctification and for sharing the gospel.

      It’s not wrong to sing songs like this, but there’s something wrong when you don’t want to sing the praises of our Lord and Savior. Jesus is our God. The reluctance to mention that is deeply troubling.

      Also, Mrs. Little has a deep aversion to ‘christian’ songs that could just as easily be another carnal love song, and I share her views on this.

      I’ve also been reminded, recently, of the claim that many Christians have made to me, “It’s not like I need to wear my faith on my sleeve.”

      Um… Excuse me?!

      You don’t want to shout to the world your love of Christ? Your devotion to Him?


      How utterly depressing.

      I’m actually thinking of printing some t-shirts with something on the sleeve, so that I can claim that I DO wear my faith on my sleeve!

      Thank you, Jennifer. Another excellent comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  12. Hello John,

    As a fellow expat living in Ireland, I have appreciated your articles and comments over the past couple of years since I found your site through your appearances on the Hagmann show. I applaud your boldness in addressing controversial issues and defending what you believe to be right.

    As you so exhaustively document, these are dark days, indeed. It is fascinating, in a horrifying way, to watch events here in Europe. The word “moronic” really does describe it well! In fact, the times are so strange now that only the Biblical idea of a spiritual blindness gives a satisfactory explanation of what is happening.

    Unfortunately, even my church and family is not exempt from these struggles. I don’t expect you will want to post this note publicly, but I wanted to ask your opinion on an issue that is threatening to cause serious division among us. I live in a Christian community where all businesses are communally owned and run by church members, who live together, share the income and use the proceeds to fund international ministry and charitable endeavours. One of the businesses, a wedding videography firm, recently made a commemorative video for a gay wedding without telling anyone else. Now that the news has leaked out to the rest of us, there is disagreement about the morality of this action, with most of the leaders seeing it as the moral equivalent of selling food to the public or doing domestic cleaning. We are, or at least have been, a conservative church with a strong emphasis on holiness. Whenever our friends or acquaintances elsewhere have encountered a similar difficulty and taken a public stand, we have always supported them through the inevitable persecution that has followed. Now that we are in this position, though, it seems that very few people actually have any convictions about participating in this wedding.

    If you’d rather not comment, that’s fine, but I do respect your opinion and would be interested on your views as an outsider to this situation. I know that we all must engage in business with sinners of every stripe, but this seems to cross a line. Or does it? I’d love to know what you think!


    • Hi jrireland,


      This is one of those things where I’m not sure that I trust my own judgment. I have sinned against God by being legalistic and judgmental in the past, and I fear doing that now. But, I’ll offer what I can.

      [BTW, if you want me to delete all this, let me know, and I will. – JL]

      Understand that the act of taking pictures is not a sin. Pictures are pictures. Nor is it a sin to not communicate with other members of the cooperative, unless there were rules about this.

      Where is the sin?

      Anything that might make it seem like we are condoning sin. If people see any action that we take as giving agreement to something that is evil or promoting evil, we must avoid it at all costs. If it means having to close down our business and live in poverty… then so be it.

      For instance, taking pornographic pictures would be clearly a sin.

      Unfortunately, it looks like the leadership do not see it this way.

      So, the question is… what do YOU do?

      In every church that I have ever been in, I have had some disagreement with the pastor on what he was teaching. But, I stayed with each of those churches until God sent me to a different place. But, while I was in those churches, I saw my job as being to serve God in whatever way that I could and pray that God would show the leadership their errors.

      You will need to seek God’s guidance in this. God might want you to continue in this community, to help this community see the error in what they are doing. But, and this is important, it must be done in love.

      One sign that you will need to leave, is if you can no longer handle this situation with the peace, love and brotherly kindness that we must approach these things with. We all have our limits, and when you reach yours… well …you might need to exit the stage.

      I hope that the above has helped. God bless you, JRI. Again, feel free to ask me to delete these two comments, if you wish me to.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Thanks for taking the time to reply. I also have questions about my own judgment, especially since I am in such a minority! While I abhor being legalistic, I know it would be so easy to slip into that position. Of course, pushing against the tide, even in love, is still likely to invite accusations of judgmentalism or self-righteousness, or even “hate”. You are right, we really do need God’s guidance.

        Thanks again, and thanks for everything else you do. I do appreciate it, even if I am usually just a silent reader.

  13. I think your whole section on idiots and morons could be filled with what is going on with the Confederate statues here in the USA. Hubby and I are what is known here as D@mn Yankees because we moved to the South and then didn’t leave (a little humor). We’ve visited a few Civil War battlefields and understand the “real” history (a war about states’ rights). Some of the hysteria regarding the statues has gotten totally unreal (an Asian named Robert Lee not reporting a football game due to location, replacing statues with Missy Elliott and Britney Spears). Conversations revolve around “what next” and “when will it end” with lots of sighs of resignation, eye rolling and some shoulder shrugs.

    Here is the irony for me. Nobody has whispered one word about the Albert Pike statue in Washington, DC.


    Albert Pike is the only Confederate military officer or figure to be honored with an outdoor statue in Washington, D.C. The monument can be found in Judiciary Square. This bronze standing figure of Brigadier General Pike honors him as an author, poet, jurist, orator, scholar, soldier, philanthropist, philosopher, and 33 degree Freemason. The statue (Sculptor – Gaetano Trentanove) of Albert Pike is placed on a granite pedestal on which is seated a bronze figure of the Goddess of Masonry. He is dressed in a double-breasted vest and long coat. Congressman James Richardson from Tennessee, introduced an 1898 resolution: It called for the federal government to provide federal land to put up a statue honoring the Scottish Rite Masons Grand Commander. The statue was dedicated on October 23, 1901 in front of the Scottish Rite House of the Temple. In 1977 the monument was relocated to its present site between the Department of Labor building and the Municipal Building, between 3rd and 4th Streets, on D Street, NW.

    • Hi gibby62,

      Albert Pike?


      Add to that, the fact that ALL government buildings undergo a special ‘dedication’ to Lucifer, by the Freemasons. Every federal, state and local government building has its cornerstone laid by the Freemasons, and the ceremony is specifically dedicated to Satan.

      How utterly abhorrent.

      Thank you, Gibby!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  14. Ouch is right! Complacency, go along to get along. Where is the leadership in this. Time for new leadership?? The king is nekkid, he has no clothes. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen, and someone abandoned their conscience, so as not to make waves, or worse. What examples are the children seeing. I don’t know what things are like in Ireland, but here in Indiana when Pence caved, we will not forget it. I would think getting the leadership on the spot for the tough questions. Bring in the children to learn valuable lessons. This sounds like a very interesting predicament. There are a lot of people moving different directions, and looking for the right tribe isn’t going to be easy. Like John said, “when half of pastors are looking at porn”, what is the other half condoning. Ireland is a way away from Babylon. Give it to the LORD, and don’t be surprised when obvious shows up. Prayers are in order. I pray for your peace and understanding in all of this. Swing the truth like a two edged sword!!


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