The Wrath of God Comes

When you read your Bible, you see how God deals with countries that have become evil – especially countries that claim Him as their God. This is as much a law of the Universe as gravity, electromagnetism and a really good cheeseburger.

Even worse, when you see Christians engaging and supporting the evils of aforesaid evil country, the wrath of God is even closer and more imminent. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you haven’t been reading your Bible.

Seriously, I’m not making this up.

It’s in the Bible.

And, since it’s in the Bible, America is toast. Well charred. Ready for the dumpster.


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The Wrath of God Comes

June 7th is just a month away, and it will mark 50 years of Israeli control of Jerusalem. And, I’m beginning to believe that this will be a significant moment in time.

I don’t really get into numerology. I’ve gotten it wrong in the past, and I see everyone else getting it wrong, too. So, I’m pretty cynical about such things. But, my cynicism is being worn down by events that are going on around us.

What is going on in Libya, Ethiopia and Syria, are extremely significant. These are all key points in the fulfillment of prophecy. And, these events show us that we are REALLY close. REALLY REALLY.

And, then there’s this bitcoin/blockchain thing. I’ve included a discussion of it in the research section, but you need to pay attention. There is a war going on behind the scenes, between the cryptocurrency people and the governments of this world. It’s very low level, right now, but it will get bigger. Antichrist bigger. But, there’s worse.

As I am comb through the horrible and horrifying events of our day, to help you see what is coming, I bump into one injustice after another. There is so much evil going on in the US and Europe, that I have found myself wanting the wrath of God to fall upon these evil people. I just can’t help it anymore. The evil is just too great.

The Wrath of God MUST come, or the Bible isn’t true.

It’s that simple.

Of course, you and I know that the Bible IS true, so God’s Wrath WILL COME. There is no other possibility.

Yes, America and Europe could have repented of their sins and turned to God. The Christians could have turned from their evil and wickedness and embraced truth and righteousness. The hypocrites in our churches could have become honest and open.

But, they didn’t.

God always gives a people space to repent. He ALWAYS does this. And, when He does this, He sends His servants to call His people back to righteousness. He even – as in the case with Nineveh and Jonah – calls people that are not followers of Him, to righteousness.

America has had those calls to righteousness. Europe has had preachers and missionaries, calling the people to repentance. There have been radio broadcasts and television programs. Leaflets and pamphlets have been printed and distributed.

But, the evil and the injustice just kept getting worse and worse.

So, when I contemplate the end of this 50th year. The end of the Juval (jubilee), I see the time of repentance closing and the coming of wrath.

God’s Wrath must come, and I want it to come. I cannot bear the evil that is being done to the innocent. The murders. The lives destroyed. The countries raped and destroyed. The unborn mutilated and killed for convenience. The heroin distributed on our streets, by our governments.

I just don’t want it to go on any longer.

And, it won’t.

The Wrath of God is coming. He is just, and we have been warned. And no, I am not talking about the Return of Jesus Christ. That comes later. What comes now, is judgment upon our churches and upon the vile and evil governments that have acted in our name.

It might not happen in June. It might not even happen in 2017. But, it’s coming.

Will you be ready?



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My research sources are pretty wide ranging, and their number keep growing. So, instead of listing all of my sources, let me list the ones that deserve special mention:

A big thank you to all who sent me articles. I appreciate all of it.



Yup, more than just special, these links appear to be the most important of all. Seriously, start with these.

And yes, these are pretty serious.

Nathan Leal – Part1 – It’s Time to Stop Blaming Deep State! – YouTube

Tony of AMinuteToMidnite interviewed Nathan Leal, and it was an excellent discussion. I have a lot of respect for both Tony and Nathan. They are both men of integrity, and there seems to be very little of that going around these days.

Ultimately, the point of all this is about deception. We live in an age of deception, and it is VITAL to have our eyes fixed upon that which cuts through the deception and reveals the truth.

THAT is the Bible and the Holy Spirit, which gives you the interpretation of the Bible. It is vital that you have BOTH. Those of you who have accepted Christ and chosen to obey Him… you have the Holy Spirit. But, are you reading the Bible? Please, if anyone tells you ANYTHING that does not conform to what the Bible says… ignore that person.

Nathan Leal -Part II – Delusion Entered America – Deep State Or Deep Sleep?-Vital Warning! – YouTube

Part two of an interesting presentation. No, in fact, ‘interesting’ isn’t enough. You really hear Nathan’s heart in this. And, I mourn the fact that there are so few people with Nathan’s integrity and love for the truth.

Nathan really wants to interpret the scriptures correctly. He really loves the Body of Christ. And, he has a consuming passion to serve God, no matter what the personal cost.

And, you can hear in his voice, the cost that he and Donna have paid.

People have thanked me for supporting Nathan, when he has been attacked, and I can tell you that it would have been impossible for me NOT to support him. It would be a sin to let Nathan and Donna be beat up, and say nothing.

Now, Nathan spent some time in this part of the interview, talking about what a ‘watchman’ is. I agree with a HUGE part of what he said, but I feel the need to write out my own view on this subject.

For myself, I believe that a watchman is called by God when he (or she) sees a profound danger to the Body of Christ that is not being addressed. If no one is handling the problem, and that person sees a real need for the problem to be handled… that person becomes a ‘watchman’, when that person works to give warning to the Body of Christ about this problem.

Please note, that those who are young in the faith or lack spiritual maturity, should NOT be placing themselves in this position. Even I – a faithful Christian of 40+ years – has a HUGE capacity for getting things wrong. Please be careful about setting yourself up as a ‘watchman’.

Every ‘watchman’ will wrestle with pride, and the less mature you are, the more vulnerable to becoming proud. God calls pride an abomination, and I’ve been abominable to God too often in the past. So please, be careful.

Remember that, when you take up the job of warning people, you are as big a moron as the people that you are warning. That goes for me, too – as big a moron as it gets.

And then, there’s that word, ‘watchman’. That word has been so abused that I don’t even like using it, or hearing anyone use it.

Am I a watchman?

Dunno. Probably.

What I definitely am, is some guy who sees HUGE dangers to the Body of Christ, and I want you to know what they are. I also know, that if I DID NOT yell as loudly as I could, God would have something to say to me about that, when I stood before Him.

And, the thought that any of you would be harmed because I said nothing… that would be too much for me to bear.

I guess that I take my inspiration from Ezekiel 33 AND Luke 21 – specifically, Luke 21:36.

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

– Luke 21:36

My job is to help you do that – to point out that the Last Days that Jesus spoke of in Luke 21, have reached your door.

The next question is whether you are praying to be worthy of escape.

Are you?

Now, is there any substantial difference between what Nathan said in this interview, and what I have written?

Probably not, but I felt the need to make sure that you saw how I felt, in my own words. And, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Nathan Leal and his wife, Donna. They really are doing a wonderful job, serving the Body of Christ in all that they do.

If you ignore me, and follow them, you’ll be fine. Really.

(Just pay attention to Ezekiel’s Fire. It’s coming, and I want you to be ready.)

Nathan Leal Guest on Minute to Midnite – Part 1 – It’s Time to Stop Blaming Deep State! | Watchmans Cry

Nathan provided a link to the interview with Tony. Here’s a quote from his write up:

“The biggest ruse in modern politics has taken place in the United States of America. Donald Trump was used to deceive evangelical Christians into thinking that he was going to make a difference and restore their beloved country to pseudo-greatness. In truth, Donald Trump opened the exit door, and allowed the very elite who were once touted as being the enemy, to enter the Oval Office.

Trump’s arrival in the White House was not a miracle of the people. He was chosen. He was selected. He was the means to their end. But many evangelicals did not see it. They believed the voices…… who told them that Trump was God’s man.”

I’m afraid that Nathan is absolutely right. And, I wish that he wasn’t. In fact, I wish that I also am wrong about some of the things that I’ve seen, as well.

No intelligent man or woman relishes the thought about being right, when death and destruction is the topic.

THE HORROR! THE HORROR! – The Burning Platform

If you thought that electiong Donald Trump would fix The Deep State… think again. THIS is the Deep State.

Basically, America needs to be destroyed. If there is to be peace in the world… if the invasions and assassinations are to end… if any country wishes to be safe… America must be destroyed.

Of course, another country will rise to take America’s place as destroyer of nations, and THAT country will need to be destroyed, too. And, the one after that.

I am horrified by what my country has done in my name. And, like some of you, I pray that the wrath of God would be poured out upon those responsible, until they repent or are destroyed. And since we Americans are responsible for allowing this, we will share in that wrath.

THE HORROR! THE HORROR! (PART TWO) – The Burning Platform

Having watched the propaganda machine at work, I know EXACTLY how it operates. During the Second Intifada, the propaganda machine was turned against Israel, and I saw some of these journalists and what they were doing.

So, when I saw this foul propaganda machine at work in Ukraine and Syria, I knew exactly what I was seeing. I am sickened by the foul fiends of Hell that are writing and producing this poison.

And, we’re lapping it up.

Oh, and no, the propaganda machine aimed at Israel has NOT been turned off. It’s still out there, churning away.

And, don’t forget that pornography. That’s propaganda of another kind, and no one produces more pornography or better quality pornography than the US. In fact, something like 89% of the world’s pornography comes from Orange County, California.

It makes me wish that I wasn’t an American.

God’s wrath is upon us, and it is just.


I sit here perplexed by how evil we have become. America elected a president to fix things, and it appears that he’s doing nothing of the kind:

Filling your cabinet with status quo insiders is not a recipe for success. His first two military parlays played so well, he decided it was time to teach the crazed midget lunatic in North Korea who’s boss. Trump ordered carrier groups to sail towards North Korea. He’s been test firing ICBM rockets as a warning. He’s been threatening China unless they do something to get the height challenged dictator under control. The propaganda machine has been trying to strike fear into the hearts of Americans with bullshit storylines about him nuking the U.S.

And, when you read the rest of the article, your heart sinks even further.

How evil we have become. No morals. No justice. No faith. No integrity. No ethics of any kind.

You might claim that this is just the government, but I’m sorry. You elected these people. We elected these people. We did this.

This is the government that America deserves. A friend of mine can no longer say “God bless America”. He just can’t.

I can’t, either.

Federal Judge Declares Constitution Void, Threatens Civil Defendant With Death | Zero Hedge

And, if you think that my shame over what America has become is too much… read this article.

Judge Royal Furgeson deserves to be tried for treason. He needs to be stripped of all assets and paraded throughout the country as an example of how evil a judge can become. He is a sick, vile, evil fiend from Hell.

And, should we dig into his background, would anyone like to speculate on the chances that he’s been involved in unmentionable practices?

This man is an abomination, and I wish the wrath of God to be upon him. Justice cries out for a man like this to be destroyed. He won’t be, so the wrath of God will be poured out upon the nation.

Dallas Courts Shred U.S. Constitution, Steal Millions | The Daily Caller

Oh, and did you know that Bill Clinton was the one who appointed the utterly vile and Satanic Judge Royal Furgeson into office?

When a nation descends to this level of evil, then that nation is destroyed. And, I am forced to pray that this destruction comes soon. My outrage is just too much.

And, if you think that my outrage springs from this one incident, think again. There are judges like this all over America. ALL. OVER. AMERICA.

We allowed them to continue their vile and evil work, so America will be destroyed. And, that destruction will be just.

William Royal Furgeson Jr. – Wikipedia

And, there’s even a Wikipedia page for this foul individual.

If he refuses to repent (and he has refused) may the wrath of God consume him.

Can a Federal Judge Hold You Til you Die in a Civil Case? | Armstrong Economics

And, here is just part of what an American judge did to Martin Armstrong.

They tried to kill him, but he survived.

America is begging for judgment. The cries of the innocent, persecuted by the American government has reached heaven. When God pours out His wrath upon America, it will be richly deserved.

We did this. We allowed it. We did nothing.

And now?

We pay.

When There is no Justice – It is Time To Turnout the Lights | Armstrong Economics

And, here is another, aptly named article by Martin Armstrong on the subject.

It IS time to turn out the lights. And, God is going to make sure that it happens.

“Things are not falling apart but rather falling into place!”

Midge left this reminder in last week’s comment section, and it’s worth repeating.

Things are not falling apart but rather falling into place!

Such a ‘gloomy gus’ as myself needs to be reminded of this, from time to time. The irony is that I’m actually a pretty optimistic person. And, I’m optimistic about my own future.

Unfortunately, I’m not optimistic about YOUR future, which is why I’m writing. I worry about all of my readers – and those who should be my readers. I want all of you to be well, when the storm hits.

The thought that you would suffer and die, when you could have avoided it, well… that’s what keeps me up late at night. I want all of you to be okay.

But, we also need to know that this is all a part of God’s plan. We are all a part of His war against Sin and Satan. And, it’s all falling into place.

God bless you Midge, for those timely words!

Art Berman: Don’t Get Used To Today’s Low Oil Prices – YouTube

Poor Art Berman sounds REALLY depressed. The outlook for oil is bad, and everyone seems to be lying about it. To themselves. To everyone.

Why is it, that people do not want to acknowledge what cannot be avoided?

Of course, I know the answer to that one, but it’s just so crazy. We believe that the future is bright becauase we WANT it to be bright. But, the future is bright only for God’s people.

Our civilization is going to collapse. And, it will collapse because the energy that powers it becomes too expensive. And, we have no viable replacements for that energy.

THAT is PEAK OIL. It happened a while ago, but cheap debt papered over the problem. When the world’s ability to produce cheap debt dies… then the Potemkin Village that we live in, will die with it.

Do not listen to the hucksters. Listen, instead, to the math. The math doesn’t lie.

Stealing from the Citizenry: How Government Goons Use Civil Asset Forfeiture to Rob Us Blind – YouTube

This video makes me incredibly angry. I want these goons stopped.

The police have become thugs and mercenaries for the US government. This is sick and twisted, and it needs to stop. How dare they do this.

And Trump… either he knows what’s wrong and is ignoring it …or he’s ignorant, and needs to be told, publicly. But, I’m betting that he knows and doesn’t care.

Trump isn’t stupid, and he wants the thugs and mercenaries on his side.

The Rutherford Institute :: You Are the True Guardians of the Galaxy: A Graduation Message for a Tyrannical Age

My parent’s generation ignored God. My generation threw out God. Our kid’s generation doesn’t know who God is… and their kids…

Well, the grandkids of my generation have no hope of having ANYTHING like what I had.

Yes, I’m old enough to have grandkids, and all that I can say… is that I’m so sorry.

God help us, but we did this. And, our grandchildren will pay dearly for what we’ve done.

A Tale of Two Justice Systems – Wall Street vs. Main Street | Liberty Blitzkrieg

When there is no more justice… when the rich are protected and the poor are persecuted, then the country is gone.

America did it to herself, she worshipped at the altar of Moloch and Lucifer. And now, America will pay. And, when God’s wrath descends upon America, I will both mourn and feel relief.

The pain of watching injustice pile on top of injustice is almost too much.

Can times get better in America without a major crisis? – Personal Liberty®

The answer is NO. And, this article takes us through the foul and evil ‘justice system’ that makes a mockery of the term.

There is no justice in America. You stay out of jail in America, by avoiding the attention of law enforcement and the judicial system. Or, you are so rich, that you can buy all the justice that you want.

That’s America.

A New Street Drug Can Kill You by Touching Your Skin: What You Need to Know

Last week, I talked about ‘sorcery’. Here is more on that.

The only question that I have is whether the CIA is providing the Carfentanil, or whether it is someone else. We know about the heroin that the CIA has been bringing into the US…

…but what about this new drug?

Is this ALSO a CIA operation?

Is it someone else?

God spoke of pharmakeia in the Last Days… and, it looks like it’s happening all around us. But, I want to know WHO is doing this.


Because the organization doing this, is probably the woman who rides the Beast.

North Korea Is A Major Opium Producer, Making It A Prime Target For The CIA

If you want another reason to be violently disgusted with the United States, think about where all the opium comes from. Think about who guards that opium. Think about how much the opium harvest increased, when America invaded Afghanistan. Think also of how easy it would be to eradicate this opium harvest, with a bit of spraying of your favorite weed killer.

That’s right. The United State of America.

The number one drug dealer in the world.

May God’s wrath be poured out on these vile people, until they repent or are sent to Hell.

I am so mad, that even the foulest words that I know would not be enough to describe how evil the American government is. How many millions will have their lives destroyed, until America is stopped.

And yes, it is America.

The Heroin Business Is Booming in America – Bloomberg

And, here’s the other side of the opium trade.

We could kill this ‘heroin epidemic’ in just a few months, but we don’t want to. And, we don’t want to, because WE are the drug dealers. WE are the source of the heroin epidemic. WE are the ones GUARDING the opium harvest and TRANSPORTING it to the rest of the world.

And, we send our boys and girls to Afghanistan so that they can come back, mangled, messed up and in body bags.

For what reason?

To protect the drug profits being made by the CIA.

To those of you working for the US government – and I know that there are a few of you that do – how does it feel, to work for the biggest heroin dealer on the planet?

5 Stories Everyone Is Ignoring While the Media Implodes over Trump Firing Comey

Two of those five stories will drive you nuts. Here they are:

1. The Pentagon is seeking a troop increase in Afghanistan after 16 years of repeating that exact mistake — The last time Anti-Media put together a list of stories falling by the wayside amid a media feeding frenzy — that time, it was Trump’s decision to bomb Syria — an increase of troops in Afghanistan made the cut. Unfortunately, it’s a recurring development. As various mainstream outlets reported — with little traction — the Trump administration is considering sending as many as 5,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Though options are still being considered – and even Trump and the likes of Condoleezza Rice have pushed for a different strategy — the potential increase amounts to business as usual for an empire mired in endless war with a country still plagued by the very same terrorists the United States vowed to eradicate sixteen years ago when the invasion first commenced. There are currently over 8,000 troops in Afghanistan, making a spike of several thousand troops significant and a sign of the military-industrial establishment’s continued hold over American foreign policy.

4. Cop Sues After Being Fired for Not Shooting a Suicidal Man — A former cop is suing the city of Weirton, West Virginia, after he was fired for not shooting a man who was threatening to kill himself. According to former officer Stephen Mader, a former Marine, “To tell a police officer, when in doubt either shoot to kill, or get fired, is a choice that no police officer should ever have to make…” The suicidal man, Ronald J. Williams, had been begging officers to shoot him, and another officer eventually did so, ending his life and preventing Williams from ever receiving mental health treatment. Mader also alleges that after Williams was killed, the city of Weirton waged a campaign to discredit him and his performance on the job prior to the shooting. Considering police shootings still occur daily in the United States — whether because the victim is mentally ill, the wrong race, or simply toting a toy gun — Mader’s story highlights the grave lack of accountability many violent officers still face, as well as the struggle many well-meaning cops face to remain virtuous in a barrel of bad apples.

Number One is driving me nuts, BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT PROTECTING THE SOURCE OF HEROIN!!! There is literally NO OTHER REASON for America to be in Afghanistan. The CIA wants to sell heroin to Americans, and they need US troops there, to make sure that the operation goes smoothly.

And, number four… I want to scream. I want the man that fired this officer to be put in jail for the rest of his life. I want him, and all the other disgusting and revolting psychopaths just like him to suffer the wrath of God, until they repent. And, if they don’t repent…

Blockchain vs. Bulls–t: Thoughts on the Future of Money – YouTube

Okay, this guy really knows what cryptocurrency is all about. He gets it. And, you need to ‘get it’ too. And, in case you were wondering about his accent, think about his name: Andreas Antonopoulos.

Hmmmm… It’s all Greek, to me.

Bitcoin Q&A: How long until mainstream adoption? – YouTube

Now, Andreas Antonopoulos makes an interesting point. The governments are in a race with crypto currencies. THEY want to take over the technology and control it. They DO NOT want the average person to have power over their currency. And, according to Andreas, cryptocurrencies are maybe 15 years away from widespread adoption.

Governments cannot allow this.

And Antichrist will not allow this.

Think about what this means, in terms of how far we are to the adoption of a Beast Financial System. Not far… not far at all.

oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: Mao and the Middle Class: What’s the Source of Political Power?

This is something that very few people understand. Force and power are not the same. When the Antichrist rises, he won’t need to use as much force as you think, to get people to do what he wants them to do.



The AC will NOT need to force people to do this.

The Elites know that force is a tool of failure. Force just doesn’t work. What works is ‘persuasion’ and ‘manipulation’.

And THAT is why you need to be paying attention to what Scott Adams writes. And, it’s also why you need to be concerned about Trump. Trump is the most proficient ‘persuader’ that we have ever seen – at least, in my lifetime.

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick – The Burning Platform

Okay, I showed you the video embedded in this article. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to.

Seriously. Watch it.

But, have your anti-Nausea medication available. You’ll need it.



These articles have a more individual importance. They cross categories, and are often in their own category. And, I think that these should be your first stop in your reading.

The Bill To Permanently Fix Health Care For All in [Market-Ticker]

The American health care system is completely and utterly messed up due to horrifying corruption. The lying liars have taken over the system in America, and people like me… in Taiwan …get BETTER healthcare for a lot less money.

The American system is unbelievably corrupt, and this recommendation would fix it – or, at least start America down the road towards fixing it.

Unfortunately, the average American is too corrupt himself, to ever go for something like this.

Obamacare “Death Spiral”: Maryland Insurer Seeks 50% Premium Increase For 2018 | Zero Hedge

Obamacare has always been an example of absolute stupidity – from top to bottom. And, this is just another snapshot of how stupid the whole thing is.

Day 195.1. Hillary’s Hackers , Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 1 – YouTube

Hillary the Mastermind. She really revolutionized the heroin and cocaine business. She was an innovator. Smart.



A destroyer of America.

Day 198.8. Hillary’s Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 8 – YouTube

So, arch villain, Andrew McCabe is now in charge of the FBI.

For how long?

George thinks that it won’t be long enough for him to cover his tracks.

Fake Law

When you elect and appoint morons to be judges, this is what you get.

And, these morons get these big moronic smiles on the faces, when they demonstrate that they are dumbest people on the planet.

Hey kids, let’s burn down everyone’s confidence – or what’s left of it – in the judicial process.

Sure, we destroyed the country, but WE BEAT TRUMP!

It’s like burning down your house, to kill the mosquitos inside it.

Android apps secretly tracking users by listening to inaudible sound hidden in adverts | The Independent

This is both horrifying and absolutely revolting – but, not a surprise.

You should know by now, that they are digging into EVERYTHING that identifies you. And, you can bet that hackers and big brother are not far behind.

If you don’t want to be tracked, you’ll need to ditch your smart phone and computer. The OTHER thing that you can do, is set up a system that provides false information, so that the person that they think is you… isn’t you.

Just remember, that to them, you’re just cattle, and they are the parasites that are feeding off of you. Eventually, if you let them, they will suck your life dry.

Why Do Gas Station Prices Constantly Change? Blame the Algorithm – WSJ

Here’s another bit of software that attempts to manipulate prices in such a way, to get as much money out of you as possible.

Parasites. Sucking your lifeblood out of you.

This will get worse. A lot worse.

Attorneys: Giant rabbit may have died while locked in freezer after United flight

This is quite a kerfuffle over a rabbit, but it demonstrates just how stupid and incompetent big companies become. And then, they destroy the evidence of their stupidity.

This is one of many reasons why you cannot allow government to become big. This is why you should not allow companies to become monopolies. This is why you should not allow banks to become too large.

Monsanto accused of hiring army of trolls to silence online dissent – court papers — RT America



They don’t just live under bridges.

As I have said, many times, any rigid hierarchy will concentrate psychopaths at the very top. The larger the organization, the more rigid the hierarchyt, the more levels to that hierarchy, the more power and money concentrated in that hierarchy… the greater the number of psychopaths running that organization.

I’m talkin’ about YOU, Pope Franky.

Anonymous warns world to ‘prepare’ for World War 3 | New York Post

It’s hard to know if there is any truth to this. Or, how much truth there is in this claim.

We will certainly be finding out.

EXCLUSIVE – Congressional Expert: North Korea Prepping EMP Catastrophe Aimed At U.S. Homefront

An interesting point is made in this article. That ‘missile failure’ that happened on April 29th, might not have been a failure.

Some are saying that the missile exploded at the right height for an EMP attack on the US.

We’ll see. But, I’d really like those NORK satellites shot down. Why they haven’t, is a mystery to me.

Tommy Robinson: Why we started Troll Watch – YouTube

I’m not a huge fan of Tommy’s style. He’s a bit abrasive. A bit. But, he’s not violent. More importantly, he has courage and conviction – qualities that are sorely lacking in our world today.

If you want to change your country, get out there and make your voice heard. And, when they lie about you… confront them, directly.

Well done, Tommy. Well done, indeed.

Bay Area flier says United canceled his ticket after he filmed baggage dispute in New Orleans – SFGate

Yet ANOTHER United Airlines employee demonstrates that she’s a moron, as well as demonstrating that United Airlines is RUN by morons.

UA, Delta, everyone, fix your hiring problems. And, when someone films employee misbehavior, fire the employee and give the guy being mistreated, a reward.

Get it together, UA. The idea of flying in an airplane managed and serviced by morons, is not something that I care to do.

A Kansas City woman says that flight attendants on United Airlines forced her to pee in a cup at her seat. | Charlotte Observer

This is the kind of bureaucratic stupidity that sets in with airlines like this.

I was once threatened with jail, if I too a picture of the airplane. The moron who made this threat, was beyond stupid and enjoying her ability to push people around.

I get really tired of morons, really tired.

The Truth About Gender – YouTube

Okay, this video contains questionable language and fart sounds. No, really. Fart sounds.

But, the message is about biology. The reality of how much biology matters. Reality, too.

The weeniest man is a hulking brute in comparison to the vast majority of women. And, the stupid women who join Anti-fa, with the goal of beating up men… are proving that. Constantly.

Women, we live in an evil society. You need a hulking brute who loves you till-death-do-you-part to help keep you safe from the vile morons out there.

Mrs. Little is strong, fiesty and smart. Mr. Little is more than a bit terrified of her. But, she still needs her hulking brute of a husband to defend her.

And yes, I’m wrapped around her little finger. I like it that way.

Save Tommy Robinson: Arrested for reporting the news – YouTube

Okay, just in case you thought that Britain was better than the US, listen to this. Even better, share it with all of your British friends.

Tommy Robinson has been doing an exceptional job of revealing the awful things that Muslims have been doing to girls in Britain, so the British police threw him in jail for it.

Sound familiar?

Tommy Robinson: Out on bail — but it’s not over yet – YouTube

An update, but now he’s effectively been silenced.

And, the British government will get away with it.

UK: The POLICE STATE has ARRIVED #FreeTommy – YouTube

Here’s another – and excellent – take on what happened to Tommy Robinson.

Tommy has guts, and he’s being pounded for it.

DUI suspect in hit-run crash that left boy, 6, badly hurt was deported 15 times – The San Diego Union-Tribune

A family is now shattered, trying to raise enough money to fund the surgeries of their little boy – that might not survive. All because a foul fiend from Hell who was drunk, and driving.

I had a very good friend, who lost his only child to a drunk driver. His son was driving home from college, when a drunk driver going the wrong way, hit and snuffed out the life of a bright and impressive young man.

That is one of many reasons why I consider driving while drunk to be attempted murder. And, I want everyone who does that to be shot on sight. That goes for Constantino Banda-Acosta.

I want him dead.

I will take no joy in his death. I’m sure that there are all kinds of reasons why he has a drinking problem, and I sympathize with the troubles in his life. I even sympathize with his desire to have a better life in the United States, than in the hellish place called Mexico. In fact, I’m prepared to sympathized with lots and lots of problems that he is having. I’m really sorry that he has them.

However, I still want him dead. It’s an issue of principle.

Drunk driving is attempted murder in my book, and that deserves a bullet through the head. I will always be sympathetic to the reasons why, but…

…attempted murder is attempted murder.

North Korean defector says Kim Jong-un war is ‘inevitable’ | Daily Mail Online

Unfortunately, the NORKS need to be taken down.

Wait until all the top generals are meeting with ‘his chubbyness’, and then nuke the place. Or, use a biological agent. Or, test the use of an improved MOAB.

All of those guys are guilty of the murder of their own people. MILLIONS have been murdered.

So, for the top levels of the NORK government, I only have this to say:

Nuke ’em till they glow, and shoot ’em in the dark.

’nuff said.

Canada vs the Borg, Morrissey’s NF Leanings & VIBRANT Cultural Enrichment – YouTube

If your blood pressure is up already over all the garbage that you’ve seen so far… you might not want to watch and listen to this.

My blood vessels are about ready to burst, myself.

Europe on the path to legalizing rape?

Writing that was almost too much for me, but you’ll hafta listen to understand that it’s true.

FBI No. 2 did not disclose wife’s ties to Clinton ally, records show | Fox News

So, Comey is fired, but someone WORSE than Comey steps up to the plate, Andrew McCabe – one of the most corrupt appointees to the FBI.

Here’s a quote:

“If it’s not required, then why is there a spot on the form for spouse’s income?” retired FBI agent Jeff Danik said. Danik filed the FOIA requests with the FBI, and shared the financial disclosure forms with Fox News.

“Isn’t it particularly convenient that loopholes in the ethics law are used to eliminate reporting hundreds of thousands of donated dollars benefiting the spouse of one of the most powerful FBI executives, while at the same time those laws demand that every dime in earnings on a minor stock account be disclosed?” he said. “That hardly seems transparent.”

McCabe has deliberately ignored the penetration of the US government, by agents of ISI – the Pakistani intelligence service. He has deliberately ignored the trafficking, rape and murder of little children. He has facilitated the bringing in of heroin to the US.

Just ask George Webb.

Man Who Was Jailed in North Korea Drops Bombshell: “There’s a Lot More Americans Locked up Here Than Anyone Knows.”

Okay, this is ANOTHER reason to bomb the NORKS back to the stone age. They are systematically kidnapping Westerners and holding them in ‘a place with no name’.

And yes, this is not the first time that we’ve heard about something like this. However, it is the first time that we’ve heard that it is being done on such an ‘industrial’ scale.

Please. Bomb the Norks. It’ll be good for them.

More Drama: WaPo Says Deputy AG Threatened To Resign Over Comey Termination; DOJ Denies | Zero Hedge

And, we now have confirmation that WaPo and the NYT were lying through there teeth.


When will people wake up and realize that the NYT and WaPo are FAKE NEWS!

Rebel Planet Dispatch: Are We There Yet ?

ALMOST! (PP0 For the longer answer, you’ll need to go to the article.



Okay, a new category. And, not like the old one.

Right now, Trump is a distraction. Some call him savior. Others call him devil. And YOU are probably being distracted by all this.

Please don’t be. Trump is just a guy who wanted political power, and got it. He likes winning, and he won. He still likes winning, and he will try to keep doing so. He’s also smart, which means that he will probably succeed – at least, some of the time.

But, he isn’t going to save America. He isn’t going to chart a new course. He isn’t going to make America great again.

The best that he will do, is not be as bad as the alternative.

Please get this into your head:

America is lost.

The sooner that you get this point, the better.

Those of you living outside of America already see this, and YOUR concern is the fallout from America’s fall. The only thing that I can point to, for you… is the Bible and Ezekiel’s Fire.

While Everyone Was Talking About Obama Care Repeal THIS Happened!! – YouTube

I’m not sure if this is Trump’s fault, but it is certain that Trump isn’t talking about this.

They’re pushing through amnesty for 11 million illegals and inviting another 500 thousand to take American jobs.


THEY LET TRUMP WIN | Ann Barnhardt – YouTube

Ann Barnhardt is a hoot. I don’t agree with everything that she says. After all, she’s Catholic. BUT, the destests the current pope, and she KNOWS finance from the inside. She also has an enormous amount of integrity. When I saw her close her futures company down, because she was worried that her customers – farmers – would be cheated… I thought, “WELL DONE, LADY!”

And, I love her straight-shooting style.

President Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey | Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux – YouTube

This is a pretty in-depth analysis of Trump’s firing of Comey.

I always felt that he was a weasel.

And… he’s a weasel.

There are some REALLY good reasons for getting rid of that weasel, so I’m glad that he’s gone. I consider this a point on Trump’s side of things.

President Trump, Henry Kissinger Meet In Oval Office Amid Watergate Comparisons – White House, US Patch

The article is worthless, but the fact that Kissinger has shown up… and Trump is making the ‘relationship’ public …that’s not worthless.

Kissinger is in the top ten list, for America’s most vile and evil men. No one is more gifted in his vileness, than Heinz Alfred Kissinger. Having said that, I should clarify that I’m only drawing from a pool of the visible and vile.

I am sure that there are others more powerful and vile than Heinz, but working in the shadows. And, I will want them dead, just as much as I want Heinz Alfred, dead. But, God did not give me permission to hunt these people down and kill them.


It’s one of the hardships of being a Christian.

Body Language: Trump Kissinger – YouTube

Okay, Mandy makes a good point in this video. Trump doesn’t appear to like Kissinger much in this video. Very stiff. Doesn’t even look at Kissinger.

Trump is not happy.

As Mandy says, “Something’s up.”

Kushner Companies Seen Hawking Shady U.S. Visa Buying Residency Program to Wealthy Chinese | Liberty Blitzkrieg

Trump seems to have a son-in-law from Hell.

The fact that this son-in-law is based at 666 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY…

(And yes, he really likes that number.)

Why Was Comey Fired?, 1618 – YouTube

This is – so far – the best explanation that I have heard, for why Comey was fired.

He needed to be fired.

US signs international declaration on climate change despite Trump’s past statements


The only thing that you can say here, is that Trump isn’t quite as bad as Obama.

Is that who America elected?

A guy that “isn’t quite as bad as Obama”?

THIS IS WHY WE NEED THE WALL – The Burning Platform

Yup. Trump is right on this one.

And, the morons in Congress don’t seem to understand this point.



I hope that you will forgive me for wanting these people dead. With a thorough trial, first to establish the facts… then, a swift execution.

God help us all.

Takedown of underground paedophile network nets 900 arrests | News24

Michael from the comment section shared this, and it’s an awesome bit of news. The ring leader was sentenced to 30 years in jail. It’s not enough, but I take solace in the thought that God will make sure that he doesn’t survive his time in jail.

Unfortunately, for every good bit of news like this, there are thousands of bad bits of news that go unpublished.

Thanks, Michael for sharing that with us. An awesome bit of goodness, in the midst of so much that isn’t.



This category has expanded significantly. It’s as if the flood gates on this issue have opened. It’s an indication of the seriousness of the situation. And, it’s very serious, indeed.

Ethiopia is an extremely corrupt government and has made worthless promises that they will carefully fill the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. I believe that they will fill that dam as fast as possible, drying up the Nile, just as chapter 19 of Isaiah said that they would.

It is said that they will begin filling the dam, this year.

This is going to be traumatic for Egypt – just as Isaiah said.

Sudan and Ethiopia on alert for Egyptian military strike – Middle East Monitor

I was wondering why Egypt bought those fighters. If that was the reason, then it looks like Egypt is getting desperate.

And, if I were Egypt, I would be well past the ‘getting’ part and completely desperate. Running around with hair on fire.

This is very bad news for Egypt, and a fulfillment of Isaiah 19.

Under the Radar: Is this the stage for Africa’s next war? | Global Risk Insights

And, just when Egypt desperately needs an ally, to help them stop the Ethiopian dam, there’s this squabble going on that is keeping Egypt from convincing the Sudanese to help them stop the dam.

It’s as if they were reading Isaiah and said, “Hey, chapter 19. That looks like a really cool thing to do.”

Egypt-Sudan relations hit new low after journalist deportations | Middle East Eye

And, the morons in Cairo have been pouring gasoline on the fire, themselves.

Egypt desperately needs Sudan to help them stop Ethiopia, yet is appears determined to make Sudan their biggest enemy.

I can hardly believe it.

Egypt wary as Ethiopia prepares to fill dam reservoir

The good news is that there ARE Egyptians with enough brains to talk about how dangerous this dam is. The bad news is that NO ONE IS LISTENING TO THEM!!!

Look. I know that this was prophesied. We’ve known that this was coming for more than 2000 years. So, we shouldn’t be surprised. And, we aren’t.

But, does it hafta happen in such a STUPID WAY?

I just can’t believe that the Egyptians can be such idiots. But, when I look at history… I realize that they have lots of experience, being this stupid.



The events that are descending upon us, will try our souls. How many of us survive those trials will depend upon your location and your preparations.

Please prepare for the worst period of time in human history. America will be ground zero, followed by Europe. Other places will be devastated, but those two areas will be hit the worst – at least, as I see it now.

No place will be safe, but there are some places that will be safer than others.

Please, prepare for the worst.

Wal Mart Free For All A Taste Of Things To Come?

There is a video in this piece, about a Walmart in Mexico being looted – because Mexicans realized that there was no one that could stop them, that there wasn’t enough security to stop them.

“That’s Mexico,” you say. But, I’m here to tell you that this is also America.

Walk around with me, sometime, here in Taipei. Shop owners leave products and goods out in front of their stores, and are NOT worried that anyone would steal them. In fact, there is so little theft here in Taipei, that a woman can leave her purse on a chair in full view of everyone walking by, and have no fear of having it stolen before she returns for it after her visit with the doctor.

Morality in America has collapsed to obscene levels. And, when God’s wrath finally comes fully upon America – via emp attack, financial catastrophe, or such-like – you will be swept up in the violence, if you are in looting range of a big city.

I’ve said this for years, and will keep saying it. The closer that you are to a big city, the more danger you are in, when it all falls apart. And, there are some important maps in this article, that illustrate all of this.



We’ve been talking about the collapse of the economy and financial system for a very long time, and every day that collapse is delayed… well …the collapse just gets worse and worse. Eventually, it will be an explosion that will devastate the world and lead to chaos, confusion, death, destruction and war. Lots and lots of war.

In fact, it has begun already.

By the time that you see it, it will be too late to do anything about it.

Market’s ‘Fear Gauge’ Nears 1993 Low – WSJ

If true, this means that we could be at the top of the stock market. Buying stocks at a time when everyone believes that stocks are safe, is rarely a good idea.

Just remember that the VIX is often not an accurate gauge of ‘fear’.

The Looming Crisis Will End The Fiat Currency Regime:Andrew Hoffman – YouTube

And yes, the fiat currency regime will collapse.

What will be put in its place?

Well, there will probably be lots of crypto currencies and such like. Then, someone will rise and take the stage, and offer something ‘secure’ and ‘reliable’. He’ll be charismatic. Believable.

When it’s too late, we’ll find out that he’s the Antichrist.

Some Chinese Banks Suspend “Interbank Business” As Regulator Demands That Collateral “Actually Exists” | Zero Hedge

Shocking development. Collateral for loans… actually needs to EXIST!

So, if you take a loan out, from a Chinese bank, with a warehouse full of copper as collateral for the loan…



The fact that they need to even SAY it is horrifying. It’s worse, when you see the shock of this reverberate through the Chinese banking system.

I really feel sorry for the poor saps who invested in China. They can kiss their assets goodbye. And, when they realize that it’s all gone… markets around the world are going to collapse.

Will Beijing jump in and ‘save the day’?

Will Mr. Xi save the day with a war against the NORKS?

Will everyone fumble, drop the ball and have a war anyway?

Will I get my cheeseburger on Friday evening?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Stockman: This Bond Market is One Giant Bubble – The Daily Reckoning

If you are in bonds… you are insane. Sorry, but it’s the truth.

And, if you are in stocks… some are arguing that you are a bit less insane. But, you had better be listening to someone like Martin Armstrong, if you wish to be in stock and not have me call you a moron.

Since I’m not as smart as Armstrong and don’t have the money to subscribe to his stuff… I’m out of stocks and bonds. If you are like me, with only a little bit of money – and getting littler all the time – you need to be out of everything and into silver and gold, with a heavy emphasis on silver.

But, that’s me. That’s what I did. You will need to decide for yourself. If you blindly follow ME, then you might be a moron.

Just sayin’.

Connecticut State Capital Prepares For Bankruptcy Amid Collapse In Hedge Fund Revenue | Zero Hedge

Annnnnd… another one bites the dust,or at least is about to.

Remember these collapses start out slow, and then move quickly.

Chinese Black Swans? No Problem! | Zero Hedge

Wait. Black Swans are a protected species in China?


Brace Yourself For The Coming Economic Transformation | Mauldin Economics

Brace yourselves?

Yeah. For impact.



When economic and financial collapse comes your way, you need something tangible to weather the storm. Right now, I cannot think of anything tangilble that is so fiercely undervalued and universally recognized as gold and silver.

There might be other things that are better. I just can’t see ’em. If you can think of something better, share it with us.

The Manipulation Of The Physical Gold & Silver Markets Must Be Stopped. By Gregory Mannarino – YouTube

I’ve not been covering gold and silver all that much, lately. Basically, there hasn’t been a lot to cover. The major names in the precious metals sector have been saying what they’ve always been saying. And, they’re right.

The problem is that few of us know WHEN things will fall apart. People like Martin Armstrong and a couple others seem to have the best idea, but they haven’t been saying much.

But, there is one guy that I listen to on a regular basis. He has a pretty good idea about where the markets are going, and he makes money doing it. And, he tells you what he’s doing. And, why.

He seems like a good guy, and he certainly wants to help people do well with their investments. He also doesn’t say much about gold and silver, other than to tell you to take a portion of your profits that you make trading the markets and buy silver and gold.

He calls it ‘being your own central bank’.

I hope that you are following his advice, because he’s right. And, I think that his trading system is a good one.

But, this is the first time in a while, that he has specifically devoted time to talking about silver and gold. I consider that to be a kind of wakeup call.

If you haven’t purchased any silver – especially silver – and gold… well …if I were in your position, I would go out and buy some. I did that years ago, and I can only tell you what I would do in your position.

(And, I am no longer a financial professional. So I can only tell you what I would do for myself.)

Think about it. Pray about it.



These are at least worth a chuckle. And, it might save you from going nuts.

I had a bit of a laugh at these, and I hope that you will too.

SUNDAY FUNNIES – The Burning Platform

Oh dear.

Your irony supplements. Right here.

Gavin McInnes: We Agree On This Stuff, Leftists. Shut Up. – YouTube

Okay, Gavin is briefly crude at one point in this one, and the surprise was so huge, that I had to put it in the humor section.

Is he mellowing out as he gets older?

Is he okay?

But, his brain still works, and he points out the sheer insanity of the Left. In a completely ironic way.

Can you imagine Gavin as your dad?

As your crazy uncle, yes. Dad? No.

Friday Humor: Elites Pay Up For $2150 ‘IKEA’ Bag | Zero Hedge

This is yet another reason why I consider the wealthy to be morons. They throw money at stupid stuff. I know a few wealthy people who do NOT throw money at stupid stuff… and do not appear to be wealthy in any way.

If you consider yourself to be an ‘average joe’, who just happens to have lots of cash lying around… and do your best to help others with that cash …you are not a moron.

So, consider this article to be for those morons who spend $2000 on a tote bag that isn’t any better than the original that is 99 cents.

Buying the $2000 version is my idea of being a moron.

‘Hate Speech’ Hypocrisy | Zero Hedge

Yup. That’s hypocrisy.

Dog named Huckleberry becomes star for hanging out on owners’ roof

Okay, I saw this by chance, and laughed. And now, you get a chance to laugh, too. Here’s a quote:

Huck’s owners, Allie Burnitt and Justin Lindenmuth, are so used to people being alarmed by their dog’s roof time, they’ve posted a sign by their front door that reads, in part, “We appreciate your concern, but please do not knock on the door … We know he’s up there! But please feel free to take pictures of him and share with the world! #hucktheroofdog”


Anyone who names their dog Huckleberry, is someone that I wouldn’t mind having as a neighbor.



I’m sorry, but I can’t stand it anymore. There are just too many morons, and this needs its own category.

You can’t fix stupid. You just can’t.

So, why do I keep trying?

5-Universal Laws Of Human (Investment) Stupidity | RIA

This was the article that finally pushed me over the edge… that made me realize that a category about stupidity needed to be created.

And yes, when I was an investment professional, human stupidity was constantly on my mind. And then, as I looked at the Arab-Israeli conflict, I saw even more stupidity.

And no, you can’t fix stupid.

Bill Nye, the Orwellian Propaganda Guy – YouTube

This Bill Nye guy… Is he some kind of Satanist?

He certainly is ACTING Satanic. He even LOOKS like he might be Satanic.

He’s certainly no ‘science guy’, and the fact that they are editing out all the stuff that he did in the past that talked about genetics and becoming a ‘boy’ or a ‘girl’…

This insanity is just bizarre.

California Wants to Tax Space Flights Per Mile They Travel | Armstrong Economics

Will I need to set up a new category called MORONS EVERYWHERE?

I’m thinking about it.

This article certainly belongs in that category. In fact, since The Chubby Kid running the NORKS wants to nuke the US…

…could we ask him to start with Sacramento?

There are so many morons in the capital of California, that the average intelligence of the US would go up dramatically. The same would happen if Washington D.C. were nuked, too.

I’ve never thought of using nuclear weapons to help boost the average IQ of a country, but I suspect that this is an idea whose time has come.

Eratosthenes – Wikipedia

This is for the Flat Earth morons out there. And yes, you are a moron, if you choose to ignore the obvious.

Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the Earth, without ever leaving Egypt. And, he did it 2200 years ago… He was only off by about 10%.

ACA Architect Gruber Blames Trump For Obamacare’s Epic Collapse | Zero Hedge

The vile and disgusting psychopath that created Obamacare – and knew that it would fail – is blaming Trump for its failure.

Pleople like this belong in jail, not attempting to destroy America.

Some HP computers might be logging your every keystroke… in plain text – Liliputing

This is one of the reasons why the Satanic conspiracies that we face, are having such difficulty.

One of the many reasons?

Absolute, numbskull stupidity.

In fact, most of what we suspect is ‘conspiracy’, might just be the work of morons who are barely smart enough to walk and chew gum.

This article is an example of THAT level of insance incompetence. And no, this was not a ‘feature’ or an attempt to ‘monitor’ users. This was just plain old idiots-with-keyboards.

If I didn’t have experience dealing with such stupidity, I wouldn’t have believed it. But, I have the experience, which is why I use the word ‘moron’ so frequently.

Former mortuary employee files lawsuit over ‘mental anguish’ at work |

Wait. A man takes a job as a mortuary employee, required to prepare dead bodies for burial. And now, he’s suing because he claims that he was forced to do work on dead bodies.

Will morons never cease?

Harvard To Hold Blacks-Only Graduation Ceremony As Progressives Embrace Segregation | Zero Hedge


Well, I kinda knew that Harvard was full of morons.

But, now, they’ve proved it, beyond ANY shadow of doubt.

Maxine Waters Does It Again… | Zero Hedge

If there is to ever be a Moron Hall of Fame, Maxine Waters would get my nomination.

I’m not sure that there has EVER been someone elected to public office who is more stupid. However, I am open to correction on that statement.

In fact, I tremble at the thought that there might be someone MORE stupid than Maxine, who has been elected to public office.



Islam is the most vile and Satanic religion on the planet. It is violent, repressive, racist and supremacist. It isn’t just a religion. It’s an ideology that seeks to destroy any nation, country and government that it comes in contact with.

These are the articles that demonstrate what Islam REALLY is.

Answering Islam 1: Why Should We Learn about Islam? – YouTube

Some VERY good points.

Those of you with a heart for spreading the gospel among the Muslims, need to pay attention to what Islam actually says, and not what you THINK that it says. Furthermore, you need to know what Islam thinks about Christianity. When you say one thing… they will think another.

You don’t need to become a Muslim. You just need to know how to communicate with a Muslim. And, don’t forget to learn the mother tongue of the Muslim group that you want to communicate with. It’s important.

Exclusive: Girl Accused of Murder Breaks Her Silence to Warn America of Islam – YouTube

This is the story of a young girl that went with her younger sister and parents to Saudi Arabia, and came face to face with Islam. The barbarism of the Quran and Saudi Arabia is incredible, and The West is inviting this barbarism into their own countries.

It is insane and obscene.

That little girl is now a young woman, and her experience was so catastrophic that she still has ‘flash backs’.

I have nothing against the people themselves, but their religion will cause them to destroy the countries that they move to.

And, now that Macron has won… France is destroyed.


The great thing about death threats, is that they prove that you are getting somewhere. So, David Wood is REALLY getting somewhere, ‘cuz he has a LOT of death threats.

So far, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve only had one.

Could someone please send me some death threats?

It’ll make me feel better. Like I’m getting somewhere.



We are seeing the fulfillment of the words of Jesus, right now. And, it seems that Islam is leading the way. What insanity!

What is wrong with North America and Europe?

Have they – and we – gone insane?

Shock Video: Reporter Doing Humanitarian Story On Refugees Is Assaulted Live On Air: “What do you want? You’re crazy!”

Hey kids, the price of hotels in Rome JUST WENT DOWN!

Of course, you’d be a moron to go to Rome. The next wave of Muslim invaders is probably flooding into Rome, as we speak. It will get worse as we move deeper into summer.

But, if you are looking for a really great deal on a hotel room… followed by the opportunity for a bit of violence, go to Rome. In fact, Europe will be a great place for some extra violence, if you are looking for it.

Spain: “Pacifist” Imam Arrested on Terror Charges

More proof that the New York Times is a corrupt-to-the-core newspaper run by morons.

This guy was a ‘pacifist’?

Those idiots need to go back to being janitors. At least janitors work for a living and do something worthwhile for society.

The Map the Media Doesn’t Want You to See: Nations With the Most Refugees Have the Most Terror Attacks

And the reason why the morons running Europe and North America… why they can’t see this …is…

I should probably put this in the newly-minted moron section. But, it’s fulfilling prophecy, so it belongs here.



When I first realized that Russia was backing Khalifa Haftar in Eastern Libya, I realized that this helped me identify a big piece that I was missing in the Gog and Magog puzzle. All the other members of the Gog and Magog alliance had identified themselves and were moving into place – except for Cush.

Cush is a part of the Gog and Magog alliance, and I’m not sure whether that is Ethiopia, Sudan or another country in sub-Saharan Africa. We’ll see how Cush falls into place. But, for now, we look at Libya.

And, looking at Libya means looking at the fortunes of Khalifa Haftar.

Libya foreign minister names Khalifa Haftar army chief | Libya News | Al Jazeera

This is a HUGE step towards Libya coming under the rule of General Haftar.

Sorry, but this is complete capitulation by a large portion of those who were opposed to Haftar.

Haftar offered army chief post on accepting Libya unity government | Middle East Eye

And, they think that they can placate Haftar – buy him out, as it were – by giving him a ‘prestigious post’. Sorry guys, but Haftar wants it all.

And, he’s going to get it, with the help of Russia.

Political Unity in Libya One Step Closer as General Haftar Named New Army Chief

Yeah, unity is one step closer all right. Everyone in Libya now knows that Haftar is the one that they need to be nice to.



I’ve been writing about the coming of Gog and Magog for a while. You can find a lot of that, here:

And, the articles below point to that coming. I really, Really, REALLY hope that you’ll be ready for this. Please read Ezekiel’s Fire to make sure. (And yes, it’s free.)

audioBoom / Because of the Syrian war, Hezbollah is a stronger combat unit, 2017. Colonel Richard Kemp, British Army (ret.)

Hezbollah has gone from a demoralized, over-worked fighting force, to one that is stronger, more experienced and with better moral. This is NOT a positive development for Israel.

Russia, Iran, Turkey Ban US Planes Above Syrian “Safe Zones” | Zero Hedge

And, this is how the Gog and Magog alliance forms – setting up ‘safe zones’ in Syria.

NATO Gearing up for Regime Change in Russia with False Flag Operations? – YouTube

NATO is playing games. The question is… How far will NATO go?

Since NATO WANTS another war, we need to accept the very real probability that NATO will get their war started.

This is ugly and disgusting. If I wasn’t already ashamed of my government, I would be ashamed, now. The next war will be fought because evil men and women wanted one.

And, we did not stop them.

Vladimir Putin sends three Russian warships into Nato waters after US vessel arrives in Baltic Sea – Mirror Online

Well, I’m betting that the Military Industrial Complex will see this as a big win for them. And, the morons in charge of NATO countries don’t understand that Russia doesn’t make empty threats.

Russia has a long history of being invaded and overrun from both the east and the west – and even the south. Russia understands their history and won’t flinch.

Western countries don’t understand that.

Iran Threatens To Destroy Saudi Arabia After Saudi Prince Warns Of “Moving Battle To Iran” | Zero Hedge

So far, it’s just a ‘war of words’. But, the Middle East tends to escalate such things into wholesale death and destruction really quickly.

Muslims in the Middle East are hot tempered at the best of times.

Erdogan calls on Muslims to flood Jerusalem’s iconic mosque and protect its Islamic identity

More moron-ism from the moron-in-chief of Turkey.

Israel does more to protect mosques than Recep ‘The Moron’ Erdogan has done for his own mosques. The Kurds and the Alevis would probably agree.

But, a sanctimonious hypocrite like Erdogan doesn’t care much about getting his facts straight.

Did I mention that he’s a moron?

Trump Approves Plan To Directly Arm Kurds; Turkish Lira Tumbles | Zero Hedge

Hmmmm… The idiot running Turkey isn’t going to be happy about this. In fact, the moron is probably throwing a tantrum, as we speak. I would LOVE to see the Kurds get a few TOWs and some stingers. And use them INSIDE Turkey.

That would be nice.

There’s nothing like the vengeance of God over the millions murdered by the Turks… It quiets the soul.

Russia: North Korea’s New BFF | China Uncensored – YouTube

So, Russia wants to pick up North Korea’s leash again. The NORKS will send lots of slaves to Russia, and Russia will sell the NORKS lots of goodies.

So, crazy gets a new lease on life. The chubby kid in Pyonyang can stay chubby, play his video games and continue to torture and murder his own people.

‘Anonymous’ Issues Ominous World War 3 Warning: “The Citizens Will Be The Last To Know” | Zero Hedge

I’m not sure what to make of this ‘Anonymous’ warning.

I don’t trust ANYONE that doesn’t reveal their identity. And, even THEN, I don’t trust them.

(In fact, I don’t even trust myself.)

Are these Anonymous types for real?


Drone Images Expose Major US, Jordan Military Build-up On Syrian Border | Zero Hedge

Well, at least you can say that the neo-cons are persistent.

The morons in Washington really need to leave this alone. They really do.

But, they won’t.



The Land of Israel and the People of Israel are at the heart of what is happening in these Last Days. God is at work IN Israel and WITH Israel.

If you are against Israel, then you are a supporter of Islam and Satan.

If you are FOR Israel, then you support the work of God and the victory that God will have over Lucifer.

Please join me in that battle.

Netanyahu tosses Hamas policy paper on Israel into waste bin

YAY! Hamas has turned moderate!

They don’t want to kill all the Jews in the world. They just want to kill all the Jews in Israel!

YAY! Moderates! YAY!

Witold’s Report – Wikipedia

Chris from Poland shared this, and I’d not heard of this report, or the man who wrote it.

Witold Pilecki was a true hero, and his story has WOW written all over it. The list of unsung heroes in ‘my book’ is long. But, I gladly add Major Pilecki to that list. And, maybe I’ll write that book one day.

May God bless the memory of this heroic figure.

And a HUGE thanks to Chris, for sharing this. I am really wowed by this guy.

Witold Pilecki – Wikipedia

Here’s a bit more from Wikipedia on this incredible hero.

He was eventually murdered by the Soviets – executed in prison.

There are so few heroes like this, anymore. But, maybe they just haven’t had the opportunity for the heroism of their character to come out.

May we all be heroes, for the glory of God.

Ever wonder what fake news is? – YouTube

This is an excellent video from Bibi Netanyahu. I’ve never been a big fan of Bibi, but I like him better after seeing this video. I truly hope that Bibi is a good guy. I really do.

But, I must remain cynical, since few politicians in Israel have had the integrity of Begin. And yes, my favorite Israeli politician is Benny Begin.

Oh, and as to the video…

Well said and well done. Back in the ’80s, there used to be a joke:

Radical Palestinian: Kill all the Jews, everywhere in the world.

Moderate Palestinian: Kill only the Jews in Israel.

As I sit looking back on all this… nothing seems to have changed.

May God defend the State of Israel and pour His wrath upon her enemies, wherever they are.

The Last Living Nuremberg Prosecutor Has an Urgent Message for Humanity

Israel is a country that is chock full of men and women just like this. No one in Israel wants war. No one. Yet, war is thrust upon them.

This man is NOT Israeli, but he’s a good man, nonetheless.

And, I find myself horrified by the men and women who would call him a liar. Those same fiends from Hell will welcome the next war.

Only a moron wants war – or someone so vile and evil that you would want them dead. And yes, I’ve studied war. I’ve learned the strategies needed for winning a war.

Only a moron wants war.

Anti-Semitic incidents raise concerns at another E. Bay high school – SFGate

I find it ironic, that main stream media makes so few mentions of anti-Semitism in America. But, when it gets so bad that it can no longer be ignored, they say something.

Wanna bet that these guys are Muslims?

(And no, I do NOT gamble. Ever. Do I look stupid?)

Associated Press Rebuts Charge That It Aided Nazi Regime – The New York Times

This is absolutely revolting. The lying liars at the Associated Press are vile and disgusting psychopaths. They KNEW about the Holocaust. THEY KNEW what Hitler was doing, and they covered it up.

And, they’re STILL covering up for what they did:

“During the violent and tragic period before the U.S. entered World War II, A.P. made a conscious decision to maintain access in order to keep the world informed of the ambitions of the Nazi regime and its brutality,” Sally Buzbee, the agency’s senior vice president and executive editor, said in a statement. “A.P.’s news report from Berlin was praised at the time by its customers and the news industry as a whole, and it stands as a major accomplishment today.” Continue reading the main story

In March 2016, a German historian, Harriet Scharnberg, argued that The Associated Press was complicit in allowing the Nazis to “portray a war of extermination as a conventional war.” Her research prompted the review, which was written by Larry Heinzerling, an adjunct assistant professor at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and a former editor at the agency.

I am a witness that they are STILL a bunch of disgusting and vile Nazis. I was in Israel during the Second Intifada, and those psychopaths deliberately portrayed Israel as the aggressor.

Rebel Planet Dispatch: The US, EU, UN, Islam Stealing Israel’s Land Brings Certain Apocalyptic Judgments

And yes, that is the truth.

The Land of Israel, is God’s Land. He gave it to the sons of Jacob, the sons of Israel. He gave it to NO ONE ELSE.

And, if they try to take it away from the ones that God gave it to, there will be Hell to pay.



I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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44 thoughts on “The Wrath of God Comes”

  1. Great article John. Still lots of links for me to open that I haven’t had time to get to yet, but I want to say thank you for the kind words about the A Minute To Midnite interviews I did with Nathan Leal. Thank you for supporting Nathan, and AMTM by including them in your weekly update. We really appreciate this! It is encouraging to know that there are still people like you around who aren’t afraid to “say it like it is” whether or not that view is popular.
    Blessing s to you.

  2. Thank you for this installment, Brother John.

    Forgive me, as I do not want to play the “I am a better Christian than others” game. But I have to rant and get this off my chest.

    When I speak to other Christians – Christian Americans in particular – and I try to expose the pure evil US gubmint, how our gubmint has betrayed not only Christians but also Israel, how our gubmint continues to wage wars and kill millions of innocent civilians overseas, how the action of 9 supreme justices 40 years ago resulted in the deaths of 50 million unborn babies thru Roe v Wade, how disgusting our gubmint and politicians are…

    some have nothing to say but Romans 13. Romans 13. Romans 13.

    I can’t take it anymore, Brother John..

    How many more people must die before Christians who worship the state god instead of the Real GOD, realize how evil Washington dc is..

    thanks for letting me rant.

    God Bless.

    Love you, Brother. Give your wife a hug and tell her “Happy Mother’s Day.”

    • I agree heartily with Joel. In America, patriotism and its ugly cousin partisanship have become idols that blind people to right and wrong. I do not believe God will accept Romans 13 as an excuse for condoning evil or failing to stand up for what is right. “Cease to do evil, Learn to do good; Seek justice, Reprove the ruthless, Defend the orphan, Plead for the widow.” – Isaiah 2:16-17 NASB.

      The Hebrew midwives in Egypt did not bow to the corrupt Pharaoh. Neither did Rahab the harlot yield to “authorities” when she hid the spies, nor David when he fled King Saul’s jealous wrath, nor the apostles when they refused to stop preaching about Jesus.

  3. John and Christian Readers,

    Your god is a false god. Your Messiah is a false Messiah. Your religion is a pagan religion. Your churchs are pagan temples. Your Holy days or holidays are an abomination. You Christians are on your way to hell, unless you worship the God of the Bantu people and repent with sackcloth, fasting and ashes. He Created the heavens and the earth. And yes he is Black with wooly hair. You are enemies to the Creator you Christians. And your time is almost up. Your days are numbered. You have managed to enslave, persecute, surpress, decieve and dehumanise the Creators chosen people. You took them and scattered them to the 4 corners of the world. From West and central africa to the Americas and from east africa to the middle east and asia. You have made the hebrews the slaves if the world. You did not consider or take it to heart that they are the apple of HIS eye. You formed a confederacy with Ishmael and Moab to cut off the Most Highs people. Do you think you can do all this and get away with it? Your sins are massive and reach heaven at this time. Now Edom will be cut off forever. Your rotteness and vileness will be turned against you. Your downfall was prophesied and it is at your doorstep. Everyone of you Edomite men will be cut off, for the Creator has spoken. As you have done, so shall it be done to you. You will pay for your sins and that of your father’s. You raped our women and tortured our people. Vengeance is the Most Highs. Open your mouth and drink the cup that us coming your way… Go ahead, open your mouth and take it. Open up wide.

    • Well kids, you heard it here. ‘The God of the Bantu people’. YEOW. And, this follower of the ‘Bantu God’ is in Houston Texas!

      Sorry NET, but your Bantu God doesn’t exist. He’s not in the Bible. He’s nowhere but in your own fevered imagination. If you had proof, you would have provided some.

      But, you have nothing.

      You have my pity, NET.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      PS. You probably know Tara at the SBCGH. I REALLY feel sorry for you. I really do.

  4. Hello, John;

    Well. As usual, quite an article. While I generally have already seen most of what you put in every week, there’s always quite a bit I haven’t seen, and you definitely tie things in quite nicely. I have a few comments. I am horrified by the mind-numbing level of true evil that is being produced by such incredible banality. That to me is a true mark of Satan.

    1) Just a little blurb from you was a salient point that really drew my attention. Of course, choosing just one ‘salient point’ out of any of your offerings is like choosing just one off of a hedgehog of salient points.

    Egypt wary as Ethiopia prepares to fill dam reservoir –
    Your comment about do they haffta be so STUPID about it, really hit home. I must share. Bear with me, I haffta provide a little background. As a rancher, my family and finally I, have had Indian Land leases for at least 40+ yrs. They are for 5 yrs at a time; to the tune of thousands of $ a yr. The last time (about 1 yr ago), I was toying with the idea of not renewing the leases, because I had to sell all my cows because of a 6 yr drought. In retrospect, I believe that I was quietly being prepared for what God knew was coming, plus He had better plans for me (which has since been proven). Anyway, I decided to go for 1 more lease, just to see how it worked out; I could always turn it back to them. Well, I actually won the bid on every piece, but due to vast incompetence by the Tribal rep., actual moronity from said rep. and – no other word for it – a completely ‘chickenshit’ backstabbing by a couple of so-called neighbors and fellow ranchers, I lost it all, anyway. SO! The point I’m making is that losing the leases did not upset me; I was flirting with that anyway. NO! It was the total chickenshit way that it happened. THAT is what we must expect as darkness falls. We see ‘it’ coming, but the nasty underhanded greedy spiteful way the ungodly human heart manifests will turn our stomachs, or worse. Yes, they DO haffta be so stupid, they just can’t help themselves. Death by small trivial cuts.

    2) Sometimes an intangible is more confirming than we realize. I had a friend, Terry, die just a couple of weeks ago. He was of the Paiute tribe, we’ve known each other since high school, mid-70’s. He was on fire for the Lord, used to travel and minister at revivals at various tribal gatherings. Had a real testimony full of power. For about 2 yrs he had a very physically debilitating condition that was improving rapidly, was almost out of the wheelchair. Long story short; he developed pneumonia and died, quickly. I have lost other Brothers and Sisters, always had the bittersweet loss and rejoicing thing going on. With THIS Brother, however, there was no sadness, at all. Only that nearly incomprehensible ‘I know that I know’ understanding, and the almost unspeakable joy of knowing that when he opened his eyes, he was with Jesus. I am beyond thrilled for him. It was the same hard-to-grasp comprehension that is like we know what eternity is, we know the word, but the reality is almost impossible to grasp. This experience, better than any head knowledge, confirms to me that the end is very, VERY close. I know me too well to not heed such a personal insight.

    3) I just love Dave Wood. I wish I knew him personally. His responses to the death threats are priceless.

    In closing, I am so looking forward to going home. I can’t hardly wait to leave Moronia behind forever. I have never suffered fools gladly, and have a hard time dealing with willful retards. The struggle is real.
    Bless your day, John, you and Mrs. Little. THANK YOU for all your effort.

  5. I used to listen and read Nathan Leal a lot, but at some point for me crossed the point of being a “watchman” to being a “prophet”. Which wouldn’t be a problem, if his prophecies actually came true, but soooooooooo many during the age Obama just missed the mark.

  6. Hi John,
    On the Comey front, I was thinking of using this clip =>
    But maybe we should save this for HRC?

    On the economic front, it looks like the IMF is about to hit all deposits in EU banks with a 10% tax. Check this X22 report out:

    As to the deep state/central bankers stuff, let me show you how I see the world power structure:

    1st Level – the masses, that’s you and I.
    2nd Level – local and federal politicians and law enforcement.
    3rd Level – central banks and multinational corporations.
    4th Level – the controlling families of level 3 (Rothchilds etc…)
    5th Level – world forces (1st demonic level, Eph 6:12) Kosmokratoras
    6th level – Rulers/authorities, ie. Molech, Chemosh, Allah (prince of Persia? as
    referenced in Daniel 10:13)
    7th level – Satan (Ez 28:12-19, Is 14:12-14, Job 38:7) AKA Gadreel (1st Enoch 69:6)

    Now levels 3 and 4 would be the deep state levels. This is also where the real satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice of children and cannibalism occurres in order to please the 5th level and above. As Christians our main battle is with levels five through seven, this is where the armor of God and prayer comes in.

    Trump will NOT make america or the world great again, only Christ can do that. But first Christians MUST grow a back bone! AND FAST!

    Some might say, “But some-one might unfriend me on facebook if I am too harsh!”
    Need I remind you of the eight woes? Matthew 23:13-36?
    If you haven’t had some unfriend you, you are seeking to please the world instead of God!
    If you really love those friends isn’t worth a little discomfort in order to save them an eternity of pain?
    I for one am not looking for the exit, I am looking for the next opportunity to slap the enemy around!
    Have you heard the gospel?
    Have you accepted Christ?
    Are you a warrior for God?
    If not, talk to John here.

    • Hi Michael,

      Setting aside those munchkins singing about HRC… (eventually) …I love what you said here:

      “I for one am not looking for the exit, I am looking for the next opportunity to slap the enemy around!”


      And, your method for doing that is THE ONLY WAY!

      Those of us who REALLY UNDERSTAND, aren’t preparing so that we can live a little bit longer. We are preparing so that we can SERVE GOD a little bit longer. Dying early is quitting, and I’m not a quitter. But, if God sends you into danger, you prepare as best you can… and die, when God calls you to die.

      NONE of us are going to get out of this alive.

      My pastor in Jerusalem once called out for everyone to leave the room, who wasn’t living for the glory of God. I had never heard a pastor say it quite like that… But, Meno was right.

      And, living for the glory of God, means sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

      I will check out that X22 report link.

      God bless you, Michael!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Most “christians” do not read the Word of God and are very susceptible to “food poisoning”. Many people who seek Christ are seeking a Christ that will help them reconcile their own will and desires with substantiation from the Word. They find themselves powerless to walk by faith. Listen to this what Christ say’s to this group of Christians.
      Matthew 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

      17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

      18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

      19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

      20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

      21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

      22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

      23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

      This many say’s they know him and yet He (Christ) say’s I NEVER KNEW YOU! WOW.

      Lord help those who are seeking to serve two masters, give them eyes to see and ears to hear your Word that they would know you and you would know them.

  7. Let us take a brief station break from the rantings on moronitude to enjoy the fruits of genius:

    Mr. Armstrong is a generous man. He sincerely wants to educate as many people as possible and share what he has discovered. He has services for nation-level investors, corporate-level investors, has more money than he could ever spend and yet still cares about the little guys enough to offer a service that a McDonald’s employee could afford.

    Interestingly, he says “the majority must be wrong” for these models to work. And the majority are wrong, because they do work. He knows why, and has said so for decades, but few are willing to accept it – most people are irrational creatures who are influenced by herd behavior in predictable ways – so they buy the high and sell the low, to the minority who think rationally instead of emotionally. He is the only financial authority I trust. He has absolutely no motive to put a spin on anything, and so many of these so-called experts do.

    Many have observed that the Davos predictions are always wrong. Yet people keep taking it seriously. The inner workings of corrupt politics/corporate behavior/military action are so many levels removed from anything the average citizen can be aware of, with certainty, that I really can’t put all the blame for this on the voters for having elected them. Why do you think they do such horrible things as “classified” stuff and then not declassify it for 50 years? What can any of us do about that? They shouldn’t be allowed to do such things in secret to begin with, but control of that is already a lost cause. They do it in secret because they know darn well the citizens would have a fit if they knew what was really going on, and because they are sociopaths, they don’t care. They just hide what they do, and in a society with so many layers of complexity, that’s easy to do. Most of it we’ll never find out.

    • Hi DRG,

      Oh wow, that video brought tears to my eyes, and is a much needed example of good. It is so depressing to see all the evil that I can hardly bear it sometimes.

      But, this man… Sir Nicholas Winton …saved 669 children from the Holocaust, and he told no one. He never said a word, until his wife discovered the list of children that he had saved. And, they did a show for him.

      And, the no-longer-children came and gave their respect to him, for saving their lives. And, you could see the tears in his eyes.

      Men and women like that… there just aren’t enough words to express how wonderful it is to see such goodness. As we drive headlong into the dark, heroes like this provide real examples for our own efforts.

      When our time comes, may we all be heroes like Nicholas Winton.

      God bless you, DRG, for sharing that with us. I really needed that.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. John,
    Huge info dump this week. Thank you. The aggregating makes the picture clear.
    My feeling lately is let’s just get this over with, bring it on YHVH. But I’m sure I don’t have a clue what I am asking for.

  9. If the time is right, an agreement will be signed. It not, and Trump continues to push, it might not turn out so well for him.

    For all: as for the Bantu banter, I guess the fact that literally hundreds of millions of people around the world, born or never will be, having suffered inexplicable horror all over the world don’t count, only the black peoples’ plight. And more often than not, at their own peoples’ hands. Personally, and I am sure you all could say similar in your own ancestors’ past, I could carry on my ancestors’ bitterness for the British sacking the French, the French abandoning their colonies, the colonists for remaining as pacifists, garnering the distrust of both sides. And they do, by the way. Every year they reenact the battle of the Plains of Abraham, and it has gotten ridiculous at times. I could personally be really enraged about how my Native ancestors had their land stolen from them, being raped, killed, etc. Ou the Huguenot and Jewish ancestors suffering at the hands of Catholics, etc, etc, etc.

    We all could be very bitter and angry with injustices that occurred in our own personal lives and in the lives of our ancestors. But there was one Person who could in all honesty say ” To hell with all of you!”, and be 100% justified in doing so. Instead, He said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” He did not seek for their harm. They chose it all by themselves, but He let them go. He said, no, He commanded, that we forgive each other and love each other as He loved us.

    Bad things happened to all of us. Some REALLY, REALLY bad stuff. We are to forgive, and let those folk off our hooks. But that doesn’t mean they are off Yah’s hook. Our job is to forgive (doesn’t mean we all kubaiyah afterwards, just forgive, trust must be earned), and let Him do the rest. True forgiveness is a PROCESS. It is a diminishing pain. When we don’t forgive, those folks who did us bad, still jerk our chain, because we have our hooks in them, even when they are dead. Once we let go, they can’t jerk us around anymore.

    Blessings on all.

  10. Hi John,
    Thanks for the message of the hour, day and year.

    Nathan Leal on part 2 at the 59 minute mark touched on something I wanted to write about.

    I listened to some of President Trumps address to the largest Christian University in the world, Liberty University earlier, and here is another good example of following God and not running off His reservation, pasture (for we sheep to stay close to Him), and chasing after the latest “in” Christian trinkets and shiny baubles.

    How many of the graduating Christian students and Christian people attending the event had their spiritual warning sirens and alarms go off as they heard the man speak who is now pushing the false peace Palestinian state agenda in Israels heartland, a phony peace whose basis is rooted in stealing God’s land that He has given forever to Israel and the Jewish people and giving it to followers of the devil and his false prophet ?

    My guess is that the VAST MAJORITY were asleep with other more important things on their mind than God’s prophetic agenda related to Israel, the last days and the judgment of the nations.

    Maybe they don’t really believe Gods Word, especially related to Israel ?

    How many Christians who know the latest hype on CERN, Giants, Nephilim, etc. are loaded up with gold and silver, and keep up on the latest stuff have a clue what this Trump trip to Israel means for them and the USA ?

  11. That almost got my eyes to leak. Saving all those children. Humbling. I am working on last week’s YouTube’s.
    Things seem to me to be worse than everybody else noticed. Remember when you were in Indiana, there were robin’s everywhere? It is like 80% are missing. It seems like a lot of species are thinning. Great commentary on links. Most excellent link DRG.

    Your black white supremacist feller, forgot to address our sinful condition, how GOD understands it, and sacrificed to cover it up, what it cost HIM to redeem us. He didn’t even address the fact that once we realize how sinful we are, and how we can be forgiven, by just asking and believing, we can be given a comforter to never leave us or forsake us ever, forever. I know Alpha,Omega has no competitors. He doesn’t sound very convinced does he. If he doesn’t know it yet, he will be meeting GOD’S creation real soon. (Satan). We will pray him, so he might not have to.
    Hug the Mrs. and tell her HMD

  12. Hi John,

    Dave Hodges has an interesting article this morning on Putin’s remarks about the pedophilia going on in this country. Sessions supposedly has prosecuted a lot of sex traffickers so far which, of course, our media will never report.

    Any info on this? I know we are all skeptical and mistrustful about Trump, but if this is accurate, I must applaud.

    • Hi Bella,

      THAT is an AWESOME article, and I am glad that you have pointed me to it. I have some serious disagreements with Dave Hodges – as well as with Trump and Putin – but, this bears closer examination.

      I will also listen to the interview.

      Thank you, Bella!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Hi NowEndTime,

      Wow. You treat that video seriously?

      It’s like saying that Americans like Vanilla Ice Cream and Israelis like Vanilla Ice Cream, so Americans must be Israelis.

      Do you understand how stupid that is, NET?

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  13. John,another great article and especially the videos are great,because they shed much needed light on how evil the system”Political”Economic”really is that rules us.The word tells us”not to be ignorant of satan’s devices”,personal and corporate to actually see that the Banksters are above the law is despicable and then when you see this we see just how skillfully they are playing us.They seem to be in business to create false flag operations for profit,how utterly evil.There is no possible way that I can see how someone with a political mind have a Holy relationship with the living God they are like Iron and Clay always opposed.Michael is right on when he stated who are battle is against and what we must do,but it is so anguishing to see it all around every day but soon soon he will come.Shalom

  14. John:It also disturbs me greatly that Michael Snyder is making a push to join those in the swamp when he is well aware that our Lord and Savior will not be found there,how sad.

  15. Hi John,

    I agree with you about the wrath of God on America. She deserves it 100%. I live here and will have to watch it unfold. Yet we will also see God’s mercy in the wrath, because mercy triumphs over judgment. This gives me hope.

  16. Regarding this statement: “When you read your Bible, you see how God deals with countries that have become evil – especially countries that claim Him as their God.” You use the Words (especially countries) plural who claim him as their God. Which countries in the old testament scripture would be included other than the nation of Israel? I also do not understand this statement: “…Christians engaging and supporting the evils of aforesaid evil country,…) Where in the bible is there a country or nation that believes Jesus Christ is God or The God of the old testament disobeying God other than Israel believing in the 1 true God YHWH? I don’t know of these examples in the bible could you please clarify? Babylon of future prophecy must be excluded from the answer being ineligible because it has a “city” status and not a nation.
    Psalm 56:7
    “Because of their wickedness do not let them escape; in your anger, God, bring the nations down.”
    He did not have any prejudices though as he prayed to bring ALL the nations down. As your thirst for vengeance is kindled on western society I would like to remind you God is no respecter of persons or nations as he clearly says in his word:
    “Ezekiel 38:20
    The fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the beasts of the field, every creature that moves along the ground, and all the people on the face of the earth will tremble at my presence. The mountains will be overturned, the cliffs will crumble and every wall will fall to the ground.”
    The judgment of God is poured out all over the earth.
    Rev. 16:1 Then I heard a loud voice from the temple saying to the seven angels, “Go, pour out the seven bowls of God’s wrath on the earth.”

    • Hi Markiss,

      Since I was thinking in terms of a ‘principle’, I used the plural for ‘country’. Having said that, there are indications in the Bible of groups that worshiped and Yehovah and claimed Yehovah as their own.

      Remember the father-in-law of Moses?

      And, the prophet, Balaam?

      We have to be careful about taking this too far, but it appears that there WAS a worship of God in the area and that God used Israel to destroy the Canaanites because of their extreme wickedness. But, that wickedness did not appear to be any worse than any other group of people – except that this wickedness might have been mixed with a worship of God.

      And, why was the leader of Yevus (The Jebusites), at the place where Jerusalem would eventually stand, …why was he called Adonizedec? (Lord of Righteousness)

      The Bible only hints at these things and does not give us permission to be dogmatic. We must be careful not to take any of this too far, but I believe that the point is clear:

      If you call yourself after the name of God, you will be judged greatly for damaging God’s reputation by your actions. Just look at the plague that God rained down upon Israel because David numbered the people.

      Of course, none of this excuses the ‘nonbelievers’. Their judgment WILL COME, and it will be utterly complete. And, their eternity in the Lake of Fire is horrifying to contemplate.

      I hope that this clarifies my point, Markiss. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do that.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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