Two Months and Counting

The Elections are almost here, and the banksters have been trying to hold back the deluge of bad news, to get their candidate into the White House. And, they only have two months left to do it. But, that’s not all the news.

We have a big ecumenical meeting set to take place in Jerusalem. Ecumenicism is at the core of the Antichrist movement, so this doesn’t come as a surprise.

A big alien story has arrived. Since the Jesuits are really into alien stories, I’m betting that there’s some Jesuit involvement in this.

And no, there are no aliens.


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Two Months and Counting

I am NOT an expert at timing markets or financial crashes. All that I can really do is point out the obvious and connect the dots for you.

Those of you watching this space already know that The Establishment are desperate to get ‘their’ candidate into the White House. They already control the Congress and Senate. They already control the bureaucracy. They already control the military and the police. They control the CIA (or the CIA controls them). They control the media. But, that’s not enough.

They need the White House.

To do that, they have been denying the obvious for the past two years. They have been artificially pumping up the financial system and papering over bad economic indicators in the attempt to keep you thinking that everything is fine. They have been doing that because, if they didn’t… well …you might start thinking that a Democrat president might be a bad idea.

And, when Trump to the nomination… desperation turned into panic. Their hold on Trump isn’t as strong as their hold on Clinton. They KNOW what they’ll get with Clinton. They’re not nearly as sure with Trump.

Will Trump be a good president?

I don’t know, and I don’t think that it really matters. The system is going to fail, and it will fail badly. America will be taken down, no matter WHO is in office. Gog and Magog will rise, no matter WHO is in office. Prophecy will be fulfilled, no matter WHO is in office.

So, I’m far less concerned about the elections, than the financial system that is being propped up to manipulate those elections. Ugly doesn’t begin to describe how bad the news is, and you need to be ready when the ‘establishment’ stops working so hard to keep you from seeing reality.

Please. Be ready.

Anything could happen, after the elections.

An Antichrist Movement Will Meet

Later this month, a group of religious leaders will meet in Jerusalem to try and draw their respective ‘faiths’ closer together. Roman Catholicism, Islam and Judaism will be represented. Of course, the Muslim and Jewish leaders will be pretty ‘mainstream’. They would have to be, to meet with representatives of the Pope.

This ecumenical movement has been gathering momentum for years, and the Pope is working hard to make this happen. The Antichrist isn’t ready to take the stage, yet. So, I don’t expect all that much from this. But, it’s important to be watching these developments.

And, a big Thank You to Michael, who pointed this out.

Jesuit Space Aliens

Yesterday, when I saw the review of a new movie, ‘Arrival’, I cringed. More Jesuit Space Aliens. I wrote about them a couple of years ago, and they are STILL pushing their ‘Good Aliens’ message. Then, I saw this ‘possible ET signal’ – followed by a Shiite cleric claiming that the Mahdi will arrive on a space ship.

What will we have next?

Will some other religion look for an alien god to arrive?

I can’t say for certain that the Antichrist will proclaim himself to be an alien, as well as god. But, it certainly seems like they are working up to it.

But, for those of you who entertain this alien nonsense, go here:

He was more than just wrong. He was a fraud. A deliberate fraud. And, I’m glad that he’s no longer able to promote his fraud, anymore.

A Season Of Prophecy

I’ve been reading the One Year Bible (OYB) for just about twenty years. I’ve been reading my Bible for far longer than that, but when I discovered how good it was to read the OYB, I was hooked. I have yet to find a better way of reading through the whole Bible, than that. It really is awesome.

The reason why I mention all that, is because September 8th marks the turn towards the prophets. On that day, the OYB starts with Isaiah. And, for the rest of the year, the focus will be on prophecy.

If you haven’t picked up the One Year Bible, and started reading, now would be a good time to start.

If you stopped and want to start again, now would be a good time to do it.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go here:

Or, here:

Or, go to a local bookstore.

Whatever you do… GO. READ. YOUR. BIBLE.

If you have truly, from your heart, accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior… you MUST read His words… for YOU. God loves you. The Bible is full of that love.

Read it.



Read my book, Ezekiel’s Fire.

It’s free, and it may just save your life.

Here’s the website:

Or, download the PDF:

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My research sources are pretty wide ranging, and their number keep growing. So, instead of listing all of my sources, let me list the ones that deserve special mention:

A big thank you to all who sent me articles. I appreciate all of it.


Hall of Shame

Unfortunately, there’s a website that I’ve added to my Hall of Shame:


It was a pretty good site, until Alex  (aka, Doodaa) chose to reveal who he really is. So, there’s yet another site that I won’t be using. One day, I’ll produce that Hall of Shame, but I’d need to conquer my gag reflex to do it.


Articles of Extra Special Note

I talked about all this in my article. Please, Please, P.L.E.A.S.E. pay attention here.

POPE FRANCIS to PROCLAIM LUCIFER as God of One World Religion on September 23 2016? – YouTube

There are a number of Michaels who are readers and commenters, and one of them left a link to this video in the comment section.

Very interesting. Very.

As I told Michael, I lived down the street from Tantur, a major ecumenical outpost of the Roman Catholic Church, in Jerusalem. This ecumenicism will be used by the Antichrist to solidify his foul control of the world.

But, will Lucifer be proclaimed on the 23rd?

It’s hard to say.

Watching for it should be a priority.

Amy Adams in ‘Arrival’: Venice Review

Great. A movie that tells everyone that Aliens are actually good people. Will bring peace to the world.

Sound familiar?

Remember those jesuit space aliens that I talked about?

WEEKEND SHOCKCAST: Alien Deception |

Since the Jesuit Space Aliens movie has arrived, I thought that I’d point out something that I had written more than two years ago.

And yes, the Jesuits are pushing a ‘Space Alien’ messiah – as are a bunch of others.

Astronomers Detect Powerful Mystery Signal from Constellation Hercules –“Claim a Strong Possibility of Extraterrestrial Intelligence” – The Daily Galaxy –Great Discoveries Channel

And then, we see this. A story about ‘possible’ aliens.

Wanna bet that we’ll start seeing more of this as time goes on?

Iranian Ayatollah: The ‘Hidden Imam’ Will Arrive In A Vessel ‘Like A Spaceship’

Oh great. So not only are the Jesuits looking for an Alien messiah, so are the Shiite Muslims.

Who’s next?

Hindu return of an alien Rahmah?

Buddha descends from the skies?

Has everyone gone bat-guano alien crazy?

Don’t answer that. We know this one, already.

Pope Francis: Global Warming a ‘Sin,’ Man Can Atone by Recycling and ‘Car-Pooling’

Oh, and the Pope. We need to ‘atone’ for global warming.

Space aliens and global warming. Oh, and old dudes wearing funny hats. And frowning. Let’s not forget frowning.

Does this Luciferian Jesuit Pope know how stupid he looks?

Soros Paid Leftist Groups to Silence Pope on Abortion and Marriage – The Burning Platform

Okay, this might be proof of a Soros-Pope connection, but really… how hard did Soros REALLY hafta try to bend the pope?

Is The Great Tribulation God’s Wrath? – Let’s Get It Right!

This is such an awesome article, and it points out the number one fallacy that the pretrib advocates make:

The Great Tribulation is NOT the Wrath of God.

The Wrath of God comes AFTER that.

Well done, Paul Benson. Very well done.

(Oh, and notice the date on the piece. He did it BEFORE last week’s article. So, I had little to do with it. – JL)

“In The Next 2 Months, This Country Is Going To Be Rocked”

Yeah. Just two months.

Are you going to be ready for this?

It’s Time to Turn Out the Lights in Illinois | Armstrong Economics

I’m putting this here, because Martin makes the point that they are ‘holding things together’ until AFTER the elections.

Illinois was falling apart LONG before this, but now it must be REALLY bad.

Dallas Fed Respondent: “Sometime After The Election, Data Will Show That In 2016 The U.S. Was In Recession” | Zero Hedge

It’s hard to say when the ‘Big Collapse’ will come, but I’m looking at one indicator: The Election.

Expect a Tsunami of bad news to hit after November 9th.


These articles have a more individual importance. They cross categories, and are often in their own category. And, I think that these should be your first stop in your reading.

Vincent van Gogh and the Gospel (David Wood) – YouTube

Most of the videos that I post from David Wood are about the insanity of Islam. Well, here’s one that is different and thoughtful. I think that you will be touched and enlightened by this.

A Cracked Pot Calling the Kettle Black | Rebel Planet Dispatch

Here’s the first sentence:

Don’t you hate it when an immoral, decadent and genocidal, stinking, sinking superpower has any audacity to point their wretched, slimy finger at other nations and peoples, when they have outdone everyone of them in every conceivable evil known to man ?

(So, Marcel… tell us what you REALLY think!)

Preach it brother!

Every High School Principal Should Say This – YouTube

Dennis Prager for President!

IRS doesn’t tell 1 million taxpayers that illegal immigrants stole their Social Security numbers – Washington Times

The biggest reason is probably due to the incompetence of the IRS. Those of you who have never worked on a government contract don’t realize just how badly run the government is. Any government. Local to Federal.

Since I was a private contractor working for the State of Indiana, I know what I’m talking about.

You can’t fix stupid. I know, ‘cuz I tried.

Missouri Student Suspended For Holding Up A Trump Sign At A Pep Rally | Zero Hedge

Anyone want to bet what would happen if he held up a Hillary sign?

CTM #575 – Phillip Haney & James Wesley Rawles – YouTube

This was posted recently, but comes from a Caravan to Midnight show in mid July. So, fast-forward to the 28:55 mark to get to the interview with Phillip Haney. He seems like he might have Asbergers or something like that, but he’s a devout Christian and passionate about doing his best to fulfill his oath to the United States Constitution. What a wonderful guy.

And then, at the 1:38:35 mark, you have James Wesley Rawles. He’s one of my favorite people on the planet and has a wealth of knowledge that we would do well to listen to.

Now, if you want programs like this, that aren’t delayed by a month and a half, think about coughing up the five dollars a month that a subscription costs.

John Kerry: The media should cover terrorism less, that way ‘people wouldn’t know what’s going on’ – YouTube

Hey, it’s your tax dollars at work. Politicians trying hard to keep the truth from you.

Kerry Asks Media To See No Jihadi Evil | Frontpage Mag

Here’s even MORE on the above.

And this guy wanted to be president. Ouch.

Meet IDI: The Company That Has “Weaponized” Profiles On Every American Adult | Zero Hedge


Meet George Orwell.

Christians as “Target Practice”

Here’s the summary:

“We will show the Armenians and the Christians who we are… We have been ordered not to leave any Armenians in the area.” — Islamic rebels, Aleppo, Syria.

Thousands of Christians are fleeing Eritrea due to extreme persecution. A report describes Eritrea as “one of the world’s fastest emptying nations” and the “North Korea of Africa.” The majority of the 40,000 who fled to Italy last year are Christians.

“The government of Iran continues to engage in systematic, ongoing, and egregious violations of religious freedom, including prolonged detention, torture, and executions based primarily or entirely upon the religion of the accused.” — Report by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom.

A new study claims that as many as 40,000 Christians — including Muslims who wish to convert to Christianity — are being attacked and harassed by Muslims in migrant homes. According to the report, “Now in European asylum homes they are finding more and more that they are in as much danger from radical Muslims in Europe as they were in their home countries.”

Please pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters. Our turn is coming.

The Pentagon Lacks Funds Despite Having the World’s Largest Military Budget

An interesting point that NO ONE wants to talk about.

Kim Jong-un may launch ALL OUT ATTACK on West as they develop 2,700 tonne submarine

I doubt that this submarine will be a serious threat. I’m more concerned about what this means in terms of their determination. Furthermore, they are probably getting Russian and Chinese help.

If I were Russia, being threatened with annihilation by the US, I would help North Korea too. In fact, I would make sure that North Korea has the ability to launch an EMP attack upon the US, and then I would push them to do it. It is both logical and natural.

And, you can thank the US Dept. of State and the CIA for this situation.

Your tax dollars at work.

Newest US Aircraft Carrier Gerald R. Ford Declared Incapable

This is sickening. What a mess.

QUOTE OF THE DAY – The Burning Platform

When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cuel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law.

– Frederic Bastiat



The 20 Most Violent Cities Worldwide – The Burning Platform

Do NOT live near those cities.



There is a darkest of evils at the heart of America. It was given a home, at her birth. It was included at the very foundations of the Republic. Every government building even includes an Illuminati foundation stone, via the Freemasons.

This darkness runs deep, and these links point to the evidence of that darkness.

Illuminati, Jesuits, Obama & Government Connections with Johnny Cirucci – YouTube

I am not sure how much of what Johnny Cirucci says is true. But, he’s not the only one saying it. And, at least some of what he says has been verified by serious historians – even though those historians do not draw his conclusions.

Furthermore, there is a ‘Biblical feel’ to what Johnny is saying.

Witchcraft, Islam And Humanism Are Filling The Spiritual Void Left By The Dying Church

Yes, we have done that. And, it was the church that did it.

And, you want to save this country?

I honestly would love to, but not as she is. I do not want the country of my birth to continue as she is.

I love God more than my country.



This category has expanded significantly. It’s as if the flood gates on this issue have opened. It’s an indication of the seriousness of the situation. And, it’s very serious, indeed.

Ethiopia is an extremely corrupt government and has made worthless promises that they will carefully fill the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. I believe that they will fill that dam as fast as possible, drying up the Nile, just as chapter 19 of Isaiah said that they would.

It is said that they will begin filling the dam, next year.

This is going to be traumatic for Egypt – just as Isaiah said.

The most important dam you probably haven’t heard of

This paragraph spells doom for Egypt and the fulfillment of Isaiah 19:

The Colorado River, which flows through Hoover Dam and 15 others in the western United States, once emptied into the Pacific at a lush, green delta in northern Mexico. But dams and diversions have removed so much water from the river that now it ebbs to a trickle in the Mexican desert, leaving its former delta dry and parched. Scholars have documented harmful environmental impacts from large dams in many other countries, including Australia and Brazil.

The Nile is very comparable in length to the Colorado River, but the heat and evaporation is much greater for the Nile, than the Colorado.

Ethiopian runner makes protest sign as he crosses line in Rio – BBC News

There is trouble in Ethiopia. Will this have impact on how this dam will be run?

It sounds to me like corruption might be the ‘name of the game’ in Addis Ababa.



The events that are descending upon us, will try our souls. How many of us survive those trials will depend upon your location and your preparations.

Please prepare for the worst period of time in human history. America will be ground zero, followed by Europe. Other places will be devastated, but those two areas will be hit the worst – at least, as I see it now.

No place will be safe, but there are some places that will be safer than others.

Please, prepare for the worst.

The Day The Lights Go Out And The Trucks Stop Running

I hope that you know what will occur, when this happens. There’s no ‘do over’ when the lights finally go out. If you’re not ready when that happens… well …prepare to meet your Maker.



If Western society hadn’t suffered such a profound, moral collapse, I wouldn’t be as worried about your safety. But, it has collapsed, and these are the articles that point this out.


What the Hell? Satan worship on rise in America

When I saw this before, the title kinda put me off. But, when Gibby submitted it in the comment section, I gave it another look.

This is awful. Really awful.

Major Cities All Over America Have Become Infested With Opioid Addicts And Extremely Violent Gangs

This is a sign. I hope that you understand what this sign means.

If you are in a major city, have a plan to get out.

Burning Man: America’s Largest Occult Festival Is A Celebration Of Weirdness And Hedonism

70,000 people. In one place. For the sole purpose to worship the god of pleasure. The god of rebellion.

Lucifer. Satan. The Fallen One.

This thing keeps getting bigger. All over the world.

Why Americans Turn Their Backs On Religion – The Burning Platform

You know… maybe that how ‘seeker friendly’ thing wasn’t such a good idea, after all.



Armageddon is a mountain in Israel. And, it has come to America. I have never been so horrified in all my life – by an election like this. I can hardly believe it. The fact that many in America are choosing an obvious crook to be President of the United States… I am beyond horrified.

A mountain in Israel has come for a visit, and it will not end well.

Do I think Hillary Will Win? Buckle Your Seats – This Will be Worse than You Thought | Armstrong Economics

An interesting take on the election, by Martin.

I see it the way he does. The only way for Trump to win, is by a landslide.

Prosecutors want until Sept. 19 to decide whether to retry McDonnell

The DOJ has a problem. How can they prosecute McDonnell, while not prosecuting Hillary.

The Trump-Land Prophecy and the Divided House – by Nathan Leal | Watchmans Cry

This is the written form of the audio presention that I posted previously.

Dilbert’s Scott Adams: Robert Cialdini Advising Hillary Clinton

Remember what I wrote about two weeks ago?

Well, Breitbart also wrote about ‘Godzilla’, about the same time.

He even LOOKS a little bit like ‘Godzilla’. If you squint.

Hillary’s Corruption Knows No End | Armstrong Economics

Martin says… “can you imagine if Hillary were elected?”


I can’t. I don’t want to.

QUOTE OF THE DAY – The Burning Platform

LBJ: “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

Good ol’ LBJ. He burns in Hell. Not too far away from Hitler and Stalin.

Robert Cialdini – Wikipedia

The ‘Wikipedia Page’ for ‘Godzilla’.

Still Report 1146 – CNN’s Dr Drew Fired After Concern About Clinton – YouTube

It’s the United Soviet Socialist States of America. You must only say good about your leaders, comrade.

Obama’s Former Doctor Says Hillary “Should Have A Thorough Neurological Exam” | Zero Hedge

Um… Yeah. That sounds like a good idea.

The Mental Vote | Scott Adams’ Blog

An interesting point about why polls and voting results can differ so much.

Soros Seeks To “Reshape American Justice System” By Pouring Funds Into “Powerful” District Attorney Races | Zero Hedge

Good ol’ George. And, for every one of him, how many more are there?

ONE MILLION MORE MUSLIM FREELOADERS TO THE U.S.: The real quid pro quo for rich Arab donations to the Clinton Foundation – BARE NAKED ISLAM

Hey, it’s Hillary. What could go wrong?

All that Saudi money… nothing to see here.

The Rutherford Institute :: The Election Has Been Hacked: The Dismal Reality of Having No Real Electoral Choices

To quote the writer… “The damage has already been done.”

Huffington Post Bans Journalist For Writing About Hillary’s Health, Deletes Article » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

Hey, Hillary is healthy because we say that she is. If you disagree then… then… you are a… um …nut.

Huffington Post TERMINATED Me For Questioning Hillary’s Health – YouTube

This is the video embedded in the above article. All that I can say is… OUCH. Stuff is happening.

Censored Reporter: It’s Dangerous To Question Hillary Clinton – YouTube

Then the reporter actually appears on the Alex Jones Show and expresses the shock that he feels. It’s an interesting video that shows the process that some people go through to see reality.

There will be more of that, as time goes on.

Media Insider Scared For His Life After Reporting Clinton Health Problems

Even more on the issue. These guys are running scared.

“Election Fraud Underway” – NBC Affiliate Posts “Election Results” For Florida Race That Hasn’t Happened Yet | Zero Hedge

Election Fraud?

Shocked! I’m SHOCKED I tell you!

SR 1156 Trump To Visit Mexican President Tomorrow – YouTube

This is Trump, being ‘presidential’. Great optics. Photo ops. He’ll make it look like he’s already president.

Nice move.

Clinton Foundation Largest Unprosecuted Charity Fraud in History-Charles Ortel | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Whoa. This is big. Not ONLY has Hillary been corrupt, but the charitable foundation fraud. It’s huge, and the law sets the bar on burden of proof… VERY LOW.

If there is ANY rule of law left in America, Hillary is toast.

A Candidate’s Death Could Delay or Eliminate the Presidential Election

Oh, this is great. Now, the mainstream press is talking about what would happen if one of the candidates dies.

Are they signaling something?

How Obama Can Get a 3rd Presidential Term! Hillary Health Problems! – YouTube

Some audio along the same topic. All that I can say is… OUCH.

State Orders Release of Clinton Training Records

Well the thot plickens. People are tracking what she was told and when she was told.

At a minimum, people will realize that she is a ‘loose cannon’.

Of course, she’s more than that, but something is better than nothing.

ASSANGE: Hillary ‘a demon that is going to put nooses around everyone’s necks’ – The American MirrorThe American Mirror

There are going to be nooses. They’re either going to be around Hillary, or they’re going to be around us. What free speech that we have will die when Hillary is elected.

Will Trump be as bad?

But, in this case, I’d rather have an ‘unknown’ than a certainty.

Unfortunately, the bigger threat is external. We are about to pay the piper, with interest.

Hillary Clinton 2016 | Hillary for America

I disabled the link, because it’s so repugnant, but if you choose to go to the site, you will be greeted by a horrific video attempting to label Trump as Satanic. Without exactly saying so.

Well, the video is certainly Satanic. You had to have been, to create it. Bleagh.

The reason why I mention it is that Gibby from last week’s comment section shared some interesting information. When you go to Hillary’s site, click CTRL + U. (If you have firefox.) You’ll see the ‘source code’ for the site.


Thank you, Gibby!


Oh hey, this will work REAL well. We ALL trust the DHS.


ANOTHER Black American leader throws his support to Donald Trump – BARE NAKED ISLAM

Um, yeah. Black American leaders for Trump. I like the sound of that.

Wait, I’m hearing another sound… ah yes. Very nice.

Hillary howling. Music to my ears.

You read about it here first, now listen to Barack Hussein Obama’s half-brother Malik talk about his reasons for supporting Donald Trump for president – BARE NAKED ISLAM

And, HERE is a black guy who really knows the truth. And, his name is Obama.

But, not Barack.

I like it.

Trump’s Immigration Speech – Persuasion Score | Scott Adams’ Blog

It looks like Trump has hit another home run. Well done. This will have the Hillary-ites running scared.

Donald or Hillary – What will you do? – By Nathan Leal | Watchmans Cry

An interesting and thoughtful look at Trump, from Nathan. Think carefully about what he says here.

If you vote for Trump, you must take responsibility for that vote. When he fails, you will need to do something about it.

Will you?

Did you do anything when Bush threw the US under the bus?

My hope is that America will last long enough for me to say ‘I told you so’. But, I doubt it.

Trump: Immigration Must Serve America’s Interests | Frontpage Mag

The idea that this even needs to be SAID is shocking.



Why Is The DHS Preparing To Take Control Of The US Election? | Zero Hedge

Is anyone foolish enough to think that there’s nothing ominous here?



We’ve been talking about the collapse of the economy and financial system for a very long time, and every day that collapse is delayed… well …the collapse just gets worse and worse. Eventually, it will be an explosion that will devastate the world and lead to chaos, confusion, death, destruction and war. Lots and lots of war.

In fact, it has begun already.

By the time that you see it, it will be too late to do anything about it.

Current Global Financial System is Toast-John Rubino | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

John Rubino is always a wealth of information. He’s very congenial. He knows what he’s talking about, and he’s not married to any one way of thinking.

We’ve known that the financial system was toast for a very long time. In fact, we’ve been smelling it burn in the toaster. We’re just waiting to see what it tastes like, when it pops up.

Are you going to be ready for this?

Do Newly Built Skyscrapers Signal The Top Of The Stock Market? | Zero Hedge

I think so.

How about you?

America The Debt Pig: We Are A ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Society – And ‘Pay Later’ Is Rapidly Approaching

Hmmm… a debt pig. That’s what we are. In fact, most of the ‘developed’ world are ‘debt pigs’.

Taiwan isn’t, by law. And, as far as I know, the average Taiwanese tends not to be a ‘debt pig’. Lots of traditional societies aren’t.

Wanna bet what Amerika will be like when the debt comes due?

Global Supply Chains Paralyzed After World’s 7th Largest Container Shipper Files Bankruptcy, Assets Frozen | Zero Hedge

We knew that the collapse of the Baltic Dry Index would lead to casualties. And, this one is big.

Who’s next?

Supply-Chain Contagion Arrives – “Global Trade” Roiled, Cargo-Owners Panic In Wake Of Hanjin Bankruptcy | Zero Hedge

Annnd, that didn’t take long. Next week could be interesting.

Hoarding Cash – Prelude to the Crash & Burn | Armstrong Economics

Please be ready for this ‘Crash and Burn’. Be early.



When economic and financial collapse comes your way, you need something tangible to weather the storm. Right now, I cannot think of anything tangilble that is so fiercely undervalued and universally recognized as gold and silver.

There might be other things that are better. I just can’t see ’em. If you can think of something better, share it with us.

How High Will Silver’s Value Increase Compared To Gold During The Next Crash? Check Out These Charts : SRSrocco Report


Deutsche Boerse Responds To Deutsche Bank’s Failure To Deliver Physical Gold | Zero Hedge

People won’t pay attention to this, but YOU should.

Do you have any physical, in-you-hands gold or silver? (and the extra cash to buy it?)



These are at least worth a chuckle. And, it might save you from going nuts.

I had a bit of a laugh at these, and I hope that you will too.

SUNDAY FUNNIES – The Burning Platform

The Sunday comics. You KNOW that you love ’em. Even if they’re a few days old.

Iceland unearths rock to appease angry elves

Why do the Icelanders believe in Elves?

I have no idea, but I’m betting that gospel of Jesus Christ will get rid of them. Of THAT, I am COMPLETELY certain.

And, it is true that Iceland believes in Elves. Seriously.

Elvis, too?

(h/t Gibby)


Errrr… yes. Once THAT is extracted, the problem is… over. Send us a Death Threat?

I was updating my list of recommended sites, when I was this link. If you want to send ‘the’ a death threat, go here.

In fact, for a laugh, go there anyway.

CANADIAN BNIers: Shhhh, don’t tell anyone what’s marked “HALAL” in this Canadian supermarket – BARE NAKED ISLAM

Yes ma’am. That pork is halal. See, it says it right there.

SHOPPING WHILE DRUNK – The Burning Platform

Sorry, I laughed. Couldn’t help it.

We’ve all bought elephants, before. Really. Just last week.



Islam is the most vile and Satanic religion on the planet. It is violent, repressive, racist and supremacist. It isn’t just a religion. It’s an ideology that seeks to destroy any nation, country and government that it comes in contact with.

These are the articles that demonstrate what Islam REALLY is.

twintowersvi-vi.jpg (JPEG Image, 700 × 560 pixels)


Multi-millionaire NFL star who refused to stand for the national anthem didn’t hate America until he converted to Islam – BARE NAKED ISLAM

The correct word is ‘dirtbag’. You could also substitute the word, ‘towelhead’, except for the fact that he doesn’t wear one.

So, we’ll stick with ‘dirtbag’ until you find a better one.

The Killing Fields of Allah | Rebel Planet Dispatch

Marcel makes a great point:

Take notice here on what gets the Muslim world angry enough and motivated to rise up with 1 voice and DEMAND an apology from the West. Its not the hundreds of thousands of people murdered by their fellow Muslim, cult of death followers of allah who kill in his name.

Of course, you’ll need to READ what made them all upset.

If you follow Islam, you are either an ignorant slob, a homicidal maniac, a drooling idiot, or a psychopathic liar. Choose one of those and go back to the country of uncertain parentage that spawned your foul (and fowl) religion.



We are seeing the fulfillment of the words of Jesus, right now. And, it seems that Islam is leading the way. What insanity!

What is wrong with North America and Europe?

Have they – and we – gone insane?

GERMANY: Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar” while stabbing people has become so common, it’s hardly news anymore – BARE NAKED ISLAM

So, if you are in Germany, and you get attacked by a Muslim… don’t expect them to report on it, unless you die. Then, you will have been murdered by someone with out a name, who had ‘mental issues’.

Of course, Islam really is a ‘mental issue’, but not the kind that they would be referring to.


If you want to know what is causing the fulfillment of Matthew 24:7…

It’s money. Lots of it. From evil people.

Terror attacks ‘redrawing travel map’ as millions of tourists shun Turkey and France

So, now it’s hurting their pocketbook. I’m wondering how much longer this ‘accomodation’ with Islam will last. Not much longer, I bet.

BREAKING! Huge bomb blast in Belgium as car rams through 3 fences before blast at Institute of Criminology laboratories – BARE NAKED ISLAM

Yup. That car driving itself and spontaneously combusted. And, no one knows why.

Rape, Torture, Murder, Slavery & Global Destruction for Allah | Rebel Planet Dispatch

Is there ANY religion in the world that doesn’t have a body count like Islam?

But, Islam doesn’t amaze me. No, what amazes me is the drooling idiots among us that can’t see it.

Europe: The Substitution of a Population

Here’s the summary:

In one generation, Europe will be unrecognizable.

Eastern Europe now has “the largest population loss in modern history”, while Germany overtook Japan by having the world’s lowest birth rate.

Europe, as it is aging, no longer renews its generations, and instead welcomes massive numbers of migrants from the Middle East, Africa and Asia, who are going to replace the native Europeans, and who are bringing cultures with radically different values about sex, science, political power, culture, economy and the relation between God and man.

What could go wrong?

The West Has Become Way Too Stupid to Survive | Rebel Planet Dispatch

And, you can’t fix stupid!

SANITY prevails as German mayor fires a Muslim intern on her first day of work for refusing to remove her headbag – BARE NAKED ISLAM

Annnnnd, SLOWLY the Germans are waking up.

UK Christian clergy told not to wear clerical collars in public for fear of ISIS jihad attack

Wait. They call ‘clerical collars’… DOG COLLARS?

But, clergy can’t wear them in public… in Britain… for fear of attack.

In Islam overrun Belgium they now decide what happened before the investigation | Rebel Planet Dispatch

Remember that I said that you can’t fix stupid?

You still can’t.


I need to look at the Bible more closely. There has GOT to be a verse that says that being STUPID is a sin.

BILL CLINTON thinks we should bring in hundreds of thousands more Syrian Muslim invaders to rebuild Detroit – BARE NAKED ISLAM

Poor Bill. All that Saudi money has caused him to lose his marbles.

Merkel Facing Humiliation, Political Defeat In Her Home State On Sunday | Zero Hedge

It’s not enough humiliation, but it’s a start.

WARNING! Never drive through Calais, France unless you have a firearm, and are prepared to use it – BARE NAKED ISLAM

Ouch. This makes you want to take up a baseball bat, gather with a bunch of other wielders of baseball bats, and teach these thugs a lesson.

Unfortunately, God has specifically NOT given us permission to do this.

Tommy Robinson Thrown Out Of Cambridge And Why You Should Worry (Updated) by Brian Of London | Israellycool

Outside of Israel, my favorite town is London. Luton isn’t far outside of London. This is just heartbreaking to see Brits descend into this horrifying morass.



I’ve been writing about the coming of Gog and Magog for a while. You can find a lot of that, here:

And, the articles below point to that coming. I really, Really, REALLY hope that you’ll be ready for this. Please read Ezekiel’s Fire to make sure. (And yes, it’s free.)

America Is Now Fighting a Proxy War Against Itself in Syria

Another great submission by Gibby.

America’s ‘strategy’ in Syria is revolting and horrifying. I know people in the US Dept. of State, who are good Christians. They must know how awful their employer is.

How can a Christian work for such an awful entity?

I don’t know, but they must have their reasons.

Photo Comparison: Aleppo City – Before and After ‘Arab Spring’

Ouch. It’s the US State Department, the CIA and the Gulf Arabs… It’s their work. The blood is on THEIR hands.

Russian Insider Warns: “Armageddon Scenario Appears Much More Likely”

I believe that something takes America out. America has too much power, and it’s upsetting globalist plans.

But, what is it that does the job?

Anatomy of the Turkish Invasion: Official Narrative vs. True Objectives

I’m not sure what game Turkey is playing here. Erdogan should have been throwing his fate into the hands of Putin, not pushing military forces into Syria.

Is it possible that Turkey is actually going to turn on ISIS, their erstwhile minions?

West’s Most Serious Mistakes in Its Relationship With Russia

They call them ‘mistakes’. I call them provocations.

Moscow Calls on Ankara to Coordinate Military Operations in Syria with Damascus

And, here is the response to Turkey’s invasion of Syria.

Turkey’s Official “Cocktail Terror”

Two paragraphs from the summary:

This is premeditated, officially-tolerated murder. Evidence? Two opposition parties appealed to parliament five times asking for a parliamentary investigation into ISIS and its activities in Turkey. All five requests were rejected by the votes of the ruling AKP Party, Erdogan’s powerful political machine.

The opposition claims SADAT International Defense Consultancy, which was established by soldiers dismissed from the military due to Islamist activities, offers ISIS operatives training in “intelligence, psychological warfare, sabotage, raiding, ambushing and assassination.” Erdogan this month appointed the owner of SADAT, retired Brigadier General Adnan Tanriverdi, as his chief presidential advisor.

This SADAT organization is VERY bad news.

The Balance of Power in the Caucasus Is Changing

This is a BIG part of how the Gog/Magog alliance forms. Corridors for the transport of goods and energy. And, Russia is making it happen – against the wishes of the impotent US.



The Land of Israel and the People of Israel are at the heart of what is happening in these Last Days. God is at work IN Israel and WITH Israel.

If you are against Israel, then you are a supporter of Islam and Satan.

If you are FOR Israel, then you support the work of God and the victory that God will have over Lucifer.

Please join me in that battle.

Palestinians: When the Mountain of Fire Erupts

The fools did it to themselves. Unfortunately, innocent Israelis will ALSO pay a very high price.

This is what happens when you have thugs and drooling idiots as neighbors. It ALWAYS ends badly.

Polish soccer fans torch ‘Jewish’ effigies, fly banner calling for burning of Jews

The foul, the hateful, the vile and the ignorant are alive and well on planet Earth.

Ex Mossad chief: Israel’s biggest threat is potential civil war, not Iran

Actually, those who understand Israel intimately, know that this has been true for a very long time. Israel has been at war with itself in one way or another, from BEFORE her inception. The Haganah helped the British hunt down the Irgun and the Stern gang. There have been assassinations. The secularists and the ultra orthodox are at war with each other. And the 12 different streams of ultra orthodox Judaism fight amongst themselves.

If anything, it was the Arab Israeli conflict that rescued Israel from descending into civil war.

And the idiot anti-Semites lap it up and pick out the ‘juciest’ bits to proclaim their hatred to the world.

We humans are beyond stupid.

Simcha Kadosh – Barry & Batya Segal – Lyrics – YouTube

This is a beautiful song in both Hebrew and English, that Dave shared with us in last week’s comment section. Really awesome.

The Spirit of The Sovereign Lord is Upon Me by Irit Iffert – YouTube

Dave’s contribution (above) reminded me of friends who are wonderful sisters in Christ, Irit Iffert and Yael Kalisher, who opened a Christian school of arts in Israel:

Palestinian Authority: Jerusalem Wine Festival “an affront to Islam”



The “Other” Palestinians

Here’s the summary:

Nearly 3,500 Palestinians have been killed in Syria since 2011. But because these Palestinians were killed by Arabs, and not Israelis, this fact is not news in the mainstream media or of interest to “human rights” forums.

How many Western journalists have cared to inquire about the thirsty Palestinians of Yarmouk refugee camp, in Syria? Does anyone know that this camp has been without water supply for more than 720 days, and without electricity for the past three years? In June 2002, 112,000 Palestinians lived in Yarmouk. By the end of 2014, the population was down to less than 20,000.

Nor is the alarm bell struck concerning the more than 12,000 Palestinians languishing in Syrian prisons, including 765 children and 543 women. According to Palestinian sources, some 503 Palestinian prisoners have died under torture in recent years, and some female prisoners have been raped by interrogators and guards.

When Western journalists lavish time on Palestinians delayed at Israeli checkpoints, and ignore bombs dropped by the Syrian military on residential areas, one might start to wonder they are really about.

How ironic. When Palestinians are justifiably killed and injured when they attack Israelis, it’s news. When they are killed by other Arabs… it isn’t.

Recent Violence In Nablus Reveals Rifts In Fatah, Triggers Calls For Tackling Fundamental Problems In Palestinian Society

All is not well in Paletinian controlled areas. They’re killing each other.

Is this how they want to convince the world that they can govern themselves?

Why Does Facebook Tolerate Radical Islam? | LifeZette

This contains a video that shows how Facebook and anti-Semitic. And, it tolerates Islamic terrorism.

The big facebook experiment – ניסוי ההסתה הגדול בפייסבוק – YouTube

Here’s the video that I mentioned above. OUCH.

Yet, the vile and disgusting anti-Semites think that ‘Zionists’ control everything.

May God shut their mouths. Permanently.

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket explosion at Cape Canaveral during test firing at space centre

And, it looks like God made sure that Facebook paid a hefty price for all that. $200 million, down the drain.

United Shia Liberation Army of Iran | Rebel Planet Dispatch

Take a moment to remember WHY there is a ‘Jerusalem Day’ on the last Friday of Ramadan. Remember also who names their elite special forces unit, Jerusalem Force – Quds Force, to those who don’t know what Quds means.

That’s right. Iran.

CALIFORNIA Legislature passes an anti-BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions against Israel) bill – BARE NAKED ISLAM

YES! Some good news, for a change.

The High Cost of Abusing Israel | Rebel Planet Dispatch

I find it fascinating that no one realizes that what has been happening to Israel and the Jews, for decades, is now happening to us. Furthermore, no one stops to think that the God of the Universe, the Creator of EVERYTHING, might have something to say about how we treat Israel.

Unfortunately for us, we have proven ourselves to be deaf, so God will speak LOUDER.

Would anyone care for an earthquake? Or a nice Tsunami?


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. Click it for a discussion on preparation.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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53 thoughts on “Two Months and Counting”

  1. Morning John, as I was scrolling down through your article and reading just the titles to the articles you posted links to, I took note that I was already very familiar with most of the articles themselves… Man, you really do your research… thank you.
    This may be a bit of a stretch, but I’ve concluded that I can actually attach a pin-up poster statement to the majority of everything happening in the world today – it reads as follows:

    I’ve got to quit asking people “… just how stupid can you be?” TOO MANY OF THEM ARE TAKING IT AS A CHALLENGE!

    I still chuckle every time I think about it…

  2. Thanks for the article, Brother John.

    I also follow It is a Christian-based site whose contributors are all Christian scientists and engineers.

    Speaking of aliens, I agree with you 1000%. They don’t exist. At any rate, many years ago I read an article on explaining why there are no aliens.

    In simple terms, imagine our solar system is the size of a grapefruit. Imagine that grapefruit is in California. The next CLOSEST ‘solar system grapefruit’ is in Florida.

    Basically, they explained that it is IMPOSSIBLE (assuming there is life form in the Florida grapefruit) to travel to California because that ‘alien spaceship’ will not have enough fuel or food to sustain the aliens because the trip will last for many, many, many years..

    God Bless

  3. I know you’re not a fan of Mike Adams, but even a broken clock is right twice a day! It’s a good representation of how we’re in a no win situation.

    If Trump wins, the left goes full terror
    A Hillary victory would set off an immediate popular revolt
    The political establishment as we know it today will not survive intact
    America has nearly reached the fulcrum of rebellion
    Never hope for Civil War… be careful what you ask for
    DHS Is Close to Taking Over the Presidential Election

    DHS is threatening to take over the election process. This is absolute fascism and will guarantee that Clinton will win the election, no matter how the American people decide to vote.

    Perhaps the best reason to leave the country would come down to the 2016 election. If Hillary is not capable of winning, the election might be canceled and this would be marked by the beginning of martial law and perhaps even culminating in civil war. The other reason to leave the country, related to the election, would stem from Clinton being elected. Under Clinton, tyranny would reign supreme.

  4. Those pictures of Aleppo. If I did not know that the destruction befalling the Middle East wasn’t already prophesied, I would weep. Also, I don’t think I sensed death quite as much as I did looking at the pictures. It will happen all over the world. That’s why it is important to know in our knowers that we are merely sojourners in this life, at this time.

    However, I don’t want to be found fighting against the Most High. Instead, I pray for His own that are there, for strength and encouragement, and those around them would come to the saving knowledge of Yeshua/Messiah as a result of their stand and testimony. His Kingdom SHALL come, His will SHALL be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

    Here’s to the Kingdom to come!!

  5. Hi John,
    I hear the clock ticking, and I’m really afraid that the time left is like two months, at most. So I won’t elaborate (at the moment I don’t have strenght fot this), consider the rest of my post as a collection of “curiosities”.
    -Last Russian exercises were ominously called “Caucasus-2016”
    and, as far as I checked, it was all about moving large air and ground forces south (Ez38, I can’t help to make connection). With a lot of unconventional, and fast, actions – guess how long it takes to create an operational military airfield, out of nothing? What about hours? Just look:
    -Sorry for repeating link:
    but I just realized that it forecasts (chart) combo of “directional change, panic cycle, volatility” for Saudi currency during the month of US elections. And it probably starts:
    So I’ll end with something less important – on one of Polish military discussion boards it was titled “Organized retreat – Saudi style” (Yemen border):
    The day approaches (fast), when Saudi army meets regular forces of the enemy. And it will be slaughter…
    God bless you John
    ps. I feel ashamed for what I saw in your link from Poland. Yes, there are real, believing, anti-Semites, which makes me very sad. But there’s also a background – there are leftist forces here which want to paint incumbent right-wing goverment as “tyrannical” or even “nazi”. And football fans strongly support current government. So there are also provocations, and extremely dirty tricks played by both sides. This info looks genuine, but not all of them are – some are deliberately produced. There is a war going on – society, and media, is divided. I’m not justifying anyone, link is disgusting, no doubt about that (!).

    • Hi Chris,

      Don’t be ashamed of Poland. This is a worldwide thing, and I’ve spent too much time battling American and non-American neo-Nazis, not to see it everywhere.

      Furthermore, the blame for these Russian drills lies squarely upon the US Dept. of State. (Along with the vile and evil help of the CIA.) They were the ones who prodded the Russian War Machine to life in 2008, when they pushed their puppet, Saakashvili, to launch his ill-fated war.

      It demonstrated how bad-off the Russian military was, so Putin modernized – along with realizing that America was a mortal enemy.

      The world would be a better place, if Washington DC suffered an ‘accident’.

      And, I love the philosophy of Russian aircraft design. Rugged. It’s the way that military aircraft SHOULD be designed.

      As for the Saudi stuff… (sigh) …what a horribly managed place. I have yet to figure out why Iran hasn’t just rolled over them.

      Unfortunately, it all gets worse from here.

      Keep up the good work, Chris.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. Hi John!
    Thanks for another installment.
    Man! Misspelled my OWN name!? Teach me to proof read without my glasses!

    Continuing from last week on the population of the millennial kingdom:
    The idea of orphans being the start of that population seems a little weak to me.
    I can offer an alternative for at least how one group gets there.
    If you recall the third chapter of Daniel, the story of the three exiles from Judea being put into the furnace by Nebuchadnezzar? This is a prophetic picture of the end times. The abomination of desolation is represented by Nebuchadnezzar, the three Jews in the furnace represent the remnant of Israel during the great tribulation. The three Jews are then brought out of the furnace untouched by the flame just as we know Israel will be protected by God during the great tribulation.
    You see there will be no rapture for the Jews, no glorified form at the end of that time. They will enter the millennial kingdom just as they are.
    The Abrahamic covenant.
    God promised Israel that they would possess the land from the brook in Egypt (I think the Nile) to the Euphrates river. We are also told that Israel will be the chief nation on earth in that time and David will lead them again. This promise has not yet happened.
    The Jews that make it through the tribulation will be glorified at the end of the millennial kingdom.
    Hope this note finds you and yours well!

      • Hi John,
        I wasn’t actually talking about the pretrib. rapture. I was trying to show how the Abrahamic covenant and certain other prophecies will be fulfilled in the millennial kingdom.
        A while back we discussed salvation, how it is a function of God’s will and nothing else.
        He chooses who is saved and who is not saved. This principal is consistent through out the scriptures. As such, it can not be put aside out of convenience.
        Our deeds are irrelevant.
        Our age is irrelevant! That’s right as far as salvation is concerned, there is no age of accountability. Paul makes that real clear in Romans.
        (I think the way age of accountability works is until a certain age you are under the protection of your parents. If your parents are saved, you are saved. But I can’t precisely point that out in scripture or what the age of accountability is.)
        We know that to get into the millennial kingdom, you MUST be a believer.
        This is what makes the idea that the fleshy population of the millennial kingdom starts from children inconsistent because they are essentially unbelievers.

        One other quick note:
        Last week I think someone was looking for biblical proof of a round earth.

        Isaiah 40:22 (nasb)
        It is He who sits above the circle of the earth,
        And its inhabitants are like grasshoppers,
        Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain
        And spreads them out like a tent to dwell in.

        This is one of the arrows I keep in my quiver for those who say that the bible is unscientific or inaccurate.

        • Hi Michael,

          I took a ‘short cut’ in my response, and went straight to the conclusion without describing the intervening steps.

          Your point about being ‘tried in the fire’ as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego is a good one.

          Why is it that only THEY will be tried in such a fire, and not ourselves – who deserve it as much as Israel? If not more?

          The reason why I said that this issue is about the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, is because of your point about Israel. You believe that this prophecy will be fulfilled in the Millennium.


          Because of the theory about a Pre-Trib Rapture. This is the number one reason why I get so upset with this theory. It twists the Bible out of shape.

          Read Isaiah 19. THAT is when this prophecy will be fulfilled.

          When will it begin?

          Next year – when the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is completed and filling up. When will this prophecy be completed? Dunno.

          But, people have blinded themselves with this pretrib theory, so they cannot see what is right in front of them.

          Please understand that when the Resurrection and the Rapture happens, no one will be left on Earth, who is saved. No one. It is uncertain that ANYONE in the Millennium will be saved, since all who live during the Millennium will be in the Second Resurrection, or the Resurrection of the Damned.

          There ARE verses that speak of the Millennium, but very little is actually said. My hope is that salvation will be possible in the Millennium, but there can be no guarantee.

          Who will rule and reign in the Millennium?

          Jesus, you, me and all the other true followers of God from Adam until the end of the Tribulation. I don’t understand why or how, but it’s not important.

          My main point is that pretribbers write off Israel. They consign her to a ‘dustbin’ and ignore the salvation that will occur BEFORE THE TRIBULATION!

          We are on the very doorstep of Israel’s great trouble and salvation – yet, no one is paying attention because of these ‘theories’ that everyone has. And, those ‘theories’ will consign them to a great deception and an early, horrifying death.

          It grieves my soul deeply. So many will suffer and die, because they listened to a fairy-tale.

          Please reconsider your position, Michael. I do not want you to suffer along with those who follow this theory.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

          • I don’t agree with substitutionary doctrine either.
            Israel is God’s first born and they will have their double portion.

            I also agree with your analysis of the Ethiopian dam. There are quite a few other things going on these days that make life interesting as well. (long hot summer?) I am actually wondering if we will have an election this year, let alone get to celebrate Christmas.

            As to the prophetic picture in Daniel 3, I only used part of that to show that a remnant of Israel will come through the tribulation period under God’s protection. There is some one who is conspicuously absent in chapter 3 and this person does represent something.

            I am currently researching permanent rewards. After that, I’ll dig into the millennial kingdom.

  7. Hi John!
    I though this article was very intriguing. As one who is still trying to sort out his association to the Jewish roots of our faith, I don’t really have an intelligent opinion about it. But I was wondering about your opinion of it.

    On another note, I have been seriously studying the fall feasts, and how they present a pattern of the Return of Jesus, and the events leading up to that day. Seems like the pre-trib crowd have muddied that water also! Oh well, more groves to chop down I guess. Time to get out the axe (keyboard) again! (Prayers needed and much appreciated.)

    Also there appears to be some controversy over the date of the fall feasts this year due to adding (or not) of the extra month. Do you have a good source on that issue that would bring some clarity? Really looking for some input on that topic.

    Thanks John, for all the Sheep Food; your are quite the Chef!
    Paul Benson

    P.S. Last week Michael made the comment, “I do not think the pre/post trib question is a major issue.” I could not more strongly disagree! The pre-trib doctrine corrupts a person’s believe system in every area it touches, and will adversely affect the future of millions of believers in a way that is almost beyond comprehension. There is a serious danger and a satanic strategy behind that teaching that I discuss in this article:

    Michael would you please consider reading it (and my others on the rapture) for your own sake, and the sake of those God has given you influence over. Seriously. You are not walking in the light on this issue which IS VERY important. In the love of Christ; P.B. (I hope that was ok John.)

    • Hi Paul Benson,

      You are indeed correct that the pre-trib rapture view corrupts everything that it touches. It is the key to Dispensationalism, and that view corrupts the idea of God and leads to Judaizing and a host of other heresies.

      Furthermore, it adds to the Book of Revelation – inviting all the curses of Revelation to be upon pretribbers.

      However, it’s not as bad as what most post-tribbers believe. Most post-tribbers believe that there will be no Millennium. They delete Revelation 20, and God says that this will get them sent to Hell:

      But, as much as I am frustrated at the pretribbers for not preparing, I am really angry at their willingness to distort the precious words of God.


      (Deep breath. Calm. Calm.)

      As for the ‘Sanhedrin’ thing… It’s utter garbage. The Temple Institute is mostly funded by gullible pretribbers and is not treated seriously by the Ultra-Orthodox, or the even moderately Orthodox. The Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox believe that Messiah will come and build the temple – not some fringe movement of kooks.

      And yes, they are kooks. Every one of them.

      The guy running ‘Breaking Israel News’ is well-meaning, but somewhat-less-than-wise.

      Excellent comment in every way, Paul. Keep up the good work, brother!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. Ephesians 2:12
    That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world:
    John 8:23
    And he said unto them, Ye are from beneath; I am from above: ye are of this world; I am not of this world.
    To say aliens don’t exist I find a very inaccurate statement. I don’t for one iota believe human life is the only intelligent life in God’s creation in the universe. By sheer mathematical probability the life in the heavens far exceeds in diversity of life than on our planet. Jesus said he was not of this world and that would be a perfect definition for alien but I think the perception of angelic beings NOT being ALIEN life forms from space is the mis communication problem.

    I must add the reason for my response to inform and warn of this coming deception. The Alien the Vatican will present is NOT the devil or his angels. They are benevolent aliens from space who seeded us here. This will cause a tremendous stumbling block for some believers. In practical terms: Aliens from outer space are what the bible calls angels. The wheat must grow with the tares. The parable in Math 13 tells the story. :37 He answered and said unto them, He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man;

    38 The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one;

    39 The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.”
    I have come to perceive this earth as such. We were seeded here by alien life forms from outer space. Sounds silly but in essence this is what Math parable is saying just doesn’t use the word “alien” instead uses “angel”. Star Trek and Star Wars fan? When the heavens open and watching Jesus come to earth with ten thousands of his saints? It couldn’t get anymore interesting for sci-fi fan that that.

    • Hi Mark,

      I hope that I am not reading your comment properly, because it sounds like you believe that aliens are real, that they are angels and that they seeded the Earth with life.

      From a purely ‘scientific’ standpoint, the probability of alien life is statistically zero. That’s assuming that evolution is possible – which it isn’t. Unless the diehard evolutionists can come up with a better ‘evolutionary model’, there’s no way that alien life is even remotely possible or plausible.

      From a Biblical perspective, aliens are also impossible, unless you lump all the demons, angels and whatnot into the picture. (Angels and demons are NOT what anyone could claim to be aliens.)

      Is it possible that God created alien life on some other planet?

      Well, God doesn’t tell us everything, so I can’t tell you that it’s impossible. But, that’s a level of speculation, right up there with the idea that McDonald’s in Heaven.

      As for other uses of the word ‘alien’, I’m an alien. Here in Taiwan. The government said so.

      Thank you, Mark.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Yes I am saying angels are alien creatures in the heavens. Some are fallen angels cast down to earth. There are angels in heaven and I don’t have issues about calling them alien creatures living in space or “the heavens” who knows how many and how diverse these angels are? It’s just a wonder and thrill to explore the depths of the majesty of God’s creation. When I read: Revelation 21
        And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God. …” I cant help imagining a space ship the size of a city landing on the earth. Don’t worry John, I have stable foundation in the word to keep me grounded until the Lord lets me fly to meet him in the air. Oh to answer the question about the planet being seeded? Mathew parable says just that. The devil came and planted his seed among God’s creation and wheat must grow with the tares. That is the theme of the whole bible – God’s promised seed Jesus Christ. Born of a seed from the spirit of God born of a virgin and the devil trying to destroy the seed of the woman from Adam until his death and now believers in Jesus Christ born of the spirit like a Mustard Seed – Matthew 13

          • Amen A few examples of Heavenly creatures if you allow. “ktisma” Greek word creature a form of the word (creator) used 4 times. ( a thing made and clearly does not refer to angels.
            Revelation 5:13
            “And every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth…” Every creature? not the word for angel but a living thing made.
            Other alien or mythological creatures. Unicorns, Satyrs -Isaiah 13:21, Molech, Seraphim’s/Cherubim, Ez. Ch 1. A very bizarre heavenly creature. .
            Rev. 8 “And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him; and they were full of eyes within: and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come.” This word beast is Greek word (zoon) for beast- a living creature different than a (Ktisma).
            Not preaching here just exploring the depths of the word

          • Hi Mark,

            I’m not sure that putting that word under a microscope will derive any additional meaning. I’ve seen people spend hours upon hours in ‘word studies’ and totally miss the intention of the passage. (Although, there IS a place for word studies, and I’ve done many of them.)

            We must keep our analysis of the Bible in context. In this case, it is about all life acknowledging their Creator. Trying to extract more meaning from that passage is to risk corrupting your understanding. I’ve seen it far too many times.

            Remember that we are meant to read the Bible. Read it. Over and over. By doing that, you will see how it fits together.

            Thank you, Mark. You are to be commended for your interest.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

    I have no illusions Donald Trump can single handedly reverse decades of bad policies, bad choices, bad government, bad politicians, and shamefully horrendous Federal Reserve monetary policies designed to impoverish millions through man made inflation and debt issuance. His election would be the upset of the century and spit in the eye of the establishment.

    If Trump can win an upset victory in November, the initial surge of confidence and anticipation of game changing policy changes will shortly be replaced by the left hook of reality. Trump will likely be thwarted at every turn by the corrupt members of both parties. Debt will continue to pile up at a $1 trillion per year rate. Trump’s volatile nature will inflame passions both domestically and abroad.

    No matter who is elected in November, the next eight years will try men’s souls and the outcome for our country could be glory or destruction.

  10. John…

    Maybe I’m lame, but is there a link on Investment Watch blog that you’re referring to ? I don’t see anything there that explains your remarks.

    Thank you.

    • Do a quick search for ‘Israel’ on the site. Look at the comment section. When you object to the neo-Nazis, Alex (aka, Doodaa) boots you off. Antisemitism corrupts, and I won’t be a part of such corruption – especially since there are better sites. – JL


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