An Anguished Memorial

There is a darkness at the heart of America. There are evils so profound that to even mention them is almost too much. Our leaders have sent us to war, to fight and die for… for… corruption most foul. We sent our boys (and now also girls) to die for evils that are beyond imagining.

We didn’t know it at the time, but now… well …now we do.

We sent our best and brightest to die on battlefields far away, so that rich men could get richer and the perverse more perverse.

And… it gives me no pleasure to say ANY of that.


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An Anguished Memorial

The Littles have fought and died in every war that America has waged. The first John Little to fall in battle was killed by Hessians just a few days after the Crossing of the Delaware. We’ve been in every rank from private to General and Admiral. I have a brother who commanded combat infantry and retired at the rank of Lt. Colonel. And, should you ever meet a Little, there’s a 66% (or more) chance that he/she is related to me.

I’m sure that mainy – if not most – of you have the same kind of story to tell.

Unfortunately, the last two weeks have been hard for me because it has revealed that America is so unimaginably corrupt, and that we – my family and yours – fought and died to preserve that corruption. This is horribly, horribly painful to me, personally. I can hardly stand it.

Last week, I wrote about how the discovery of oil and its use… how it gave us the freedom to sin. I wrote about how Americans funded and supported Hitler in ways that are horrendous beyond belief.

You can read that article, here:

Unfortunately, there are even MORE evil that I stumbled over this week. You’ll see it in the first section of my research below.

How could we tolerate the rape of little children?

And yes, the operative word is WE. WE elected these foul fiends of Hell. WE put them in office. WE kept reelecting them.


When people stepped forward with evidence of utterly foul activities, did we do anything about it?


If you should choose to do so – and you should – listen to the BFP Roundtable:

BFP Roundtable: Pedophiles Run the Government & No One Gives a Damn! – YouTube

The FBI agents that discovered all the material on the horrendous politicians that are raping little boys and girls… They chose not to come forward with this material because no one cares.

Did you get that?


These congressmen and senators are engaged in the rape and murder of little boys and girls, and no one cares.

The above video doesn’t get into the murder that happens when little boys and girls are raped, but I know that it is a part of all of this from my research elsewhere.

Oh, and there is one other thing that you MUST understand:

The rape and murder of little children is a key part of Satanism.

Yes, that’s right. The rape and murder of little children is a key part of Satanism. It’s almost as if you cannot be a Satanist without raping and murdering a little child.

And, let’s not forget the change in the Republican Party logo:

The Republican Party Satanic Logo

Notice the upside down stars?

There is only ONE REASON why those stars are upside down. Only one. And that reason is purely Satanic.

Who did the change?

George Bush.

There is talk of more war. More death. More suffering. And, our Satanic masters are the ones who will pull the trigger on the next wars that will be fought.

And, when Memorial Day comes around again next year – assuming that there will be one – my anguish will be greater, for the dead will be piled higher.

I can’t sing ‘God Bless America’ anymore. I just can’t.



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These are the articles that hit my desktop this week – and seemed important. In fact – depending on who you are – the research below might be more important than my words, above. My hope is that my research will be a springboard for your own. Start with my sources, and expand.

And then, tell me what you’ve found.

Most of my sources for this week are the same as last week’s. Most. Anyway, here are the sources for this week: (aka, Black Pigeon Speaks)

The following sources weren’t in here last week, but they made it in this week:

Best of all, many of you provided me with valuable links that you will also find below.

Each of the above has their own foibles and biases, and that goes for Omega Shock. My hope is that YOUR bias will ALWAYS be Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.



I am shocked and dumbfounded by all of this. Some of the videos and write-ups will be found in my article above. But, there’s more here than what I profile. Much more.

I am heartbroken over the evil of my homeland. My family has fought in every war that America was in. The first John Little died in battle, just after the crossing of the Delaware. We were the truest of patriots.

And now, I find that my ancestors have fought and died in vain.

Bush Family Dynasty – The Nazi Connection – YouTube

More vile and evil connections between America and Hitler. I continue to plumb the depths of this vile relationship.

Apparently, America also supplied the iron that Hitler needed.

Dark Secrets of the Rockefeller Family – YouTube

An excellent, excellent video. Yes, it’s a bit rough around the edges, but it presents the information that you need to know.

The last bit with Aaron Russo is especially important. It’s the finale to the video. Aaron was dying of lung cancer at the time and had no reason to lie.

Criminal Bankers Threaten Entire World Economy-Helen Chaitman

Okay, just in case you’ve been asleep at the wheel… and slept through your history one oh one …here’s a dose of CURRENT EVENTS!

Do you want to know how controlled our media and government is?

Well, here’s a nice data point. A nice big one.

And, it should make you realize that there are lots of little ones. Lots. and. Lots.

Corey Feldman on Elijah Wood Hollywood Pedophilia Controversy: “I Would Love to Name Names”

I so badly want Feldman to name names. I want these people to be tried, convicted and then put in a jail where everyone knows what they did. It won’t happen because Corey Feldman knows what will happen to his child. So, he won’t, at least… not yet.

This rape of innocent children is the truest mark of the Luciferian… the Satanist. And, it’s EVERYWHERE in the US.

Elijah Wood: ‘Hollywood in the grip of child abuse scandal similar to Jimmy Savile’

This ferociously vile evil is at the very heart of our society. And, I want every one of these vile abusers to die.

We do not have permission from God to do it ourselves, and we cannot ask the government to do it – because they won’t. So, I’m relying upon God to destroy them, and He will.

I’m just tired of waiting. I want them dead, NOW.

The REAL Hastert Scandal: Pedophilia, Drug Money and Blackmail : The Corbett Report

With all the evil that I dragged out last week, it’s appropriate to shed some light on even MORE evil. I guarantee that you will be sickened by what you see and hear.

Anyone who rapes a child should die.

God will handle this, so I don’t need to. But, this evidence of the vilest of evils should tell you that there is a pressing need get as far from the blast zone as possible.

God is going to kill them. Do not get caught by the wrath and vengeance of God.

BFP Roundtable: Pedophiles Run the Government & No One Gives a Damn! – YouTube

I don’t like the word, ‘pedophile’. It’s too nice of a word to describe the rape, torture and murder of innocent children. Whever you see ‘child rapists’, Satanism is there. Satanism ALWAYS included the rape, torture and murder of young children. And, I want every one of those vile, filthy and disgusting filth to die. I want God to pound them into the ground and make them pay. I want their lives torn apart and ripped to shreds with every nerve-ending shrieking in agony. I want the pain to last forever. I just don’t want them dead, I want them to suffer. FOREVER.

But, then I remember that God rescued me from my own sins and that He does not look upon the evils that I have committed. No, I’ve never done anything as bad as these child rapists, but I still deserve an eternity in Hell.

Even more poignant was the sermon that I gave on Sunday. About once a year, I am invited to preach at a local Taiwanese church, and the pastor asked me to talk about deception and deceivers. I gave my talk and then mentioned forgiveness. I said that one of the hallmarks of a deceiver is that they cannot forgive.

I then said, “If you will not forgive others, Christ will not forgive you.”

Little did I know, when I was preparing my sermon, that a woman in the audience discovered that her precious child had been raped for three years at the hands of a relative, an uncle. From the age of six.

She was distraught, because she could not forgive.

Luckily, my wife was there to help. I don’t speak Chinese, so I could not tell her that forgiveness begins with a desire to forgive. The process takes time.

Do I forgive these Satanists?

I will try.

I could say that I will forgive them… that I do forgive them… but, I would be lying to you. But, I can truthfully say that I will try to forgive them.

I certainly hope that they will accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and repent of their sins.

If they did THAT, forgiveness would be easy. Unfortunately, they will not, so my forgiveness will be difficult.

As to the discussion, here are a couple of other thoughts:

What is the number one thing to take away from this:

The American People DO NOT CARE.

Did you get that?


I am extremely disappointed with Wayne Madsen. I have issues with his anti-Semitism, but I didn’t think that he is completely indifferent to deep issues of morality. Sibel Edmonds talked to the heart of the issue, and he changed the subject.

Sibel Edmonds is anti-Semitic, but I give her points for going to the heart of the issue.

Those of you who think that our beloved America (and Europe) can be saved… well, you should think again.

We are doomed.



These articles are individually significant. Some will be about preparation. Others will be about the general condition of our society. Some might even talk about prophecy.

Whatever the case, I believe that you will find these links to be important.

The Washington Post’s Modest Proposal To “Fix Democracy”: Root Out “Ignorant American Voters”

This is the kind of thing that you would expect from the Washington Post. Ignorant. Elitist. Revolting.

But, there’s truth in what was said here, and the one bit that struck me the most was this statement about a survey of American voters:

Only 30 percent knew that the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

These are the ‘cream of the crop’ of aware Americans. Voters. They are the ‘top 51%’ of politically aware Americans.

And, only 30% know that the Constitution is the supreme law.

America is DOOMED.

(And no, we were NOT always this stupid.)

Something Has Shifted And Things Have Suddenly Become A Whole Lot More Serious

This corresponds with the article that I did on April 15th:

It’s hard to know if these feelings have merit. I’ve been like a cat with his hair on end for a while, but I can’t say that your hair should be on end, too.

But, we are about to begin the 50th year since Jerusalem was liberated by the Jewish people. Jesus included that in His list of markers for the Last Days in Luke 21.

My hope is that you will redouble your efforts to prepare and to help others prepare.

Has Pope Francis converted to Islam yet? He seems to care way more about Muslims than he does about Christians being slaughtered by Muslims

Hmmm… the Pope is Muslim?

No, he’s just as bad.

He’s a Satanist.

Pope Francis embraces grand imam at historic Vatican meeting

This came via Gibby, in the comment section of last week’s post.

This is very significant. The center of Islamic scholarship is al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. If you wish to be a true scholar of Islam, you must go there. It is THE center of Muslim theology and thought.

Yes, Mecca is the heart of Islam, but al-Azhar is the mind.

Now, relations could collapse as they did five years ago, but I don’t think that this Jesuit Pope is going to let that happen.

The beast rider rides.

Thanks, Gibby!

Licence to cheat: the women who give their husbands a ‘sex pass’

Ouch. When I see stuff like this, I ask myself, “how much more of this before God must judge us?”

I don’t get it. I don’t understand it. I don’t WANT to understand it.

This is a sign of a deep, deep sickness.

Get out of the blast zone, kids.

Target Now Suing A Hero Who Saved The Life Of A Child

The more and more that I hear about Target, the more that my disgust grows. I am sickened by this company. So much so, that I might need to sue them for… lessee …mental suffering and… um …frown wrinkles. Oh, and nausea.

They’re making me sick, and I want them to pay.

Of course, it looks like they’re paying, anyway. Well done, all of you who boycott Target – and are able to. There’s no Target within five thousand miles of me (literally, 5,000 miles), so boycotting them is an empty statement. But, I would do it if I were back in Indiana. But, I’m in Taipei, so you’re on your own.

So, join the ‘#FlushTarget’ movement.

Target sues man who fended off knife attacker that took 16-year-old hostage

Here is another view of the above. This is beyond horrendous.

May God judge this evil chain of stores until they repent or go under.

BlackLiesMatter – Activist Group Leader Arrested For Sex Trafficking, Blames “Conservative Trolls”

Ooops. BlackLiesMatter. Appropriate.

Europe’s Leaders Blast Bill Over Democracy Jibe: ‘The Mouth Belongs To Clinton, The Voice Belongs To Soros’

If you give the Clintons enough rope, one of them will hang himself.

Good job, Bill.

Channel 4’s Secret Life of the Human Pups sheds light on men who dress as dogs

Well, it’s clear that Satan is gaining a bigger foothold every day. This psychosis is utterly Satanic.

Lucifer is laughing at us.

Facebook Censors Conservative Lauren Southern for Mentioning Censorship

Well, it didn’t take long for Facebook to show its true colors. If a conservative is banned from Facebook, and you mention it… you get banned.

Hey, it’s American values at work!

Target Sales Drop Amid Transgender Promotion, Consumer Boycott, $10 Billion Stock Crash

May Target’s sales and stocks crash even further. If they are going to engage in this kind of sin and insanity, they deserve it.

Ten Reasons Why Glenn Beck Is Wrong About Facebook’s Bias Against Conservatives

Poor Glenn. He seems like a nice guy, but he just doesn’t ‘get it’.

Zuckerberg is the enemy. Facebook is the tool.

Man Arrested After Claiming To Be Transgender, Filming Women In Restroom

That didn’t take long.

Pope Francis Declares Himself The Anti Christ – YouTube

Okay, Alex Jones is not saying that the Pope is THE AC. Alex believe that there will be many ACs before the big one appears. But, I’m afraid that Alex is right.

This high-ranking Jesuit has taken control of Rome. All high-ranking Jesuits are Satanists. The Jesuit Order is the Ultimate Satanic secret society.

Pope Francis is VERY bad news.

‘DHIMMI’ POPE cozies up to Sunni imam who clashed with former Pope Benedict over Muslim violence against Christians

And… just in case you DIDN’T get it, the Pope is making Islam to be equal with Christianity.

This Pope may not be the Antichrist, but he certainly IS antichrist.

Prepare for Total Collapse- Moral, Economic, and Spiritual- Bob Griswold- Pt 2 – Prepper Recon

An excellent podcast wit Bob Griswold of Ready Made Resources. Excellent preparation advice. If you are going to stay in the US, then you need to prepare.

Here is Part 1 of this interview:

Of Two Minds – The War on Cash Is a War on Your Freedom to Opt Out

This cashless society is at the very heart of tyranny rising.

Nanny helps explain Common Core subtraction – YouTube

Holy Garbage Bins, Batman! THIS is INSANE!

WHERE did they GET THIS?!?!?!

If someone tried to teach my kids that, I’d take ’em to court for child abuse.

Pope and top imam embrace in historic meeting at Vatican

WOW. The Pope is auditioning for the role of prophet of the Antichrist.

I think that he might get the job. He certainly looks qualified.

The One World Religion Cometh: Pope Francis Warmly Welcomes Top Islamic Cleric To The Vatican

That ‘I Believe In Love’ video is chilling. This Pope is pure heresy in slippers. And the fact that he would embrace the most important Islamic leader on the planet… ouch. And yes, al-Azhar is THE center of Islamic scholarship.

Interesting times, kids.

Mother lets son drive golf cart at resort, gets jailed for child abuse

THIS is absolutely sickening. How dare they do this, and how dare Bald Head Island back up there rogue police force.

Those of you thinking of visiting Bald Head Island… DON’T. The fact that they have police officers that would do this is revolting.

In fact, the money that you would have spent going to a worthless island like that… spend it on preparing for a difficult future.

Saudi Press: U.S. Blew Up World Trade Center To Create ‘War On Terror’

Well, the Saudi chickens have come home to roost. They certainly are putting up a squawk over all this. Methinks they protest too much.

Let us not forget that the Mukhabbarat of Saudi Arabia has the closest connections to the CIA of all the intelligence organizations in the Middle East, and from the very beginning.

Psychopaths are just soooo predictable.

Illuminati Billboard Music Awards 2016 Exposed! – Full Analysis and Review of #BBMAs – YouTube

I’m amazed at how open the Satanism is. I shouldn’t be, but I am.

VA secretary: Disney doesn’t measure wait times, so why should VA?

The arrogance of this guy is impressive. You can tell that he doesn’t care who the veterans are, or what they think.

He doesn’t care how long it takes for a dying Veteran to receive healthcare?

Maybe someone should drop a nice big rock on him, and then make him wait for the healthcare that he claims is satisfactory.

Tinder sues threesome app rival 3nder

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Many will talk about all the good that has come from the Internet, but most do not see the horrendous evil that lies beneath the surface. I was in Israel when the Web took off. In fact, I remember sitting in my office, in the investment company that I was working for, just as the ‘WorldWide Web’ was breaking out of the universities. Up until that moment – as I remember it – you had to be a student, or a professor – or something like that – to be on the web.

I remember the sense of anticipation of getting on it myself. The idea of being able to communicate around the world, anywhere in the world, was awesome to me.

But, what was the first industry to turn a profit on the internet?


And, it has gone downhill from there.

Oil gave us free time, because we didn’t need to work to grow our own food. The Internet gave us something to use that free time on, and just look at the result.

Agenda 21 Will Bring Witchcraft, Corruption, Trafficking and Foreign Troops to Your Town

Dave Hodges says that Agenda 21 will bring witchcraft and all the rest. Unfortunately, it’s already here. Of course, he knows that, so it’s not his point. His point is that Agenda 21 will increase what is already here.

Having said that, I’m not sure that Agenda 21 is the problem. It’s a symptom, yes.

But, is it the problem?

DHS Using “Compromised Communities” to Train and Launch Martial Law

Interesting. The idea of using communities that have already been corrupted. Smart.

The witchcraft connection is interesting too.

Of course, there’s always some kind of ‘witchcraft’ going on. Their ‘dark lord’ is the point of all of this.

Pediatricians Call It What It Is – Child Abuse

Child abuse?

Of course. Unfortunately, we and our country have been abusing our children for decades.

Men, It Is Time To Start Protecting Our Wives and Daughters

One way to protect your wives and daughters is to get them away from places where you need to protect them. I know that this is hard, but do your best.

What a sick and evil society.

Why Do So Many Preachers In America Refuse To Talk About Hell?

Notice also that preachers don’t talk about sin, either.What a sorry state that we are all in.

Home – Flush Target

Well, I’ve discovered a new website. I like it.

Hopefully, Target will change their stupid policy or get flushed.

Canada Says They Will Give Jail Time To People Convicted Of ‘Anti-Transgender’ Speech Crimes

Anything LGTBQ is revolting.

Now. Come and get me if you can.

Canada’s Goose has been thoroughly COOKED.

Video: Cops Tase Man to Death, Whine About Broken Cuffs, and High-Five Each Other…in Front of Victim’s Family

This is disgusting. How dare they.

There are good cops putting their life on the line, and then… there are these swine. They’re rabid dogs that need to be put in jail for the rest of their lives.

Supreme Court Allows Monsanto To Sue Farmers

Revolting in the extreme. Eventually, this tyranny will cause a revolution.

People get dangerous when they have nothing left to lose.

Illegal Immigrants Sue After Landlord Threatens Eviction

Wait… WHAT?

You mean, it’s illegal to require your renters to be legally in the US?


Oberlin students want to abolish midterms and any grades below C

I’m really not sure what to say here. It’s so incredible.

America is doomed.

Mainstream media fails to expose government censorship of news

I’m including this one to point out hypocrisy.

I left a critical comment at the bottom of this article, telling them that they had deliberately misreported an event here in Taiwan. I didn’t mention that they also censored the comments criticizing them, that flooded in from Taiwan.

Here was my comment:

Unfortunately, I’ve seen NaturalNews do their own censorship, so I’m not impressed. It’s a little bit of the pot calling the kettle black.

Remember the color party fire in Taipei?

Remember how NaturalNews distorted the story?

I’m in Taipei. I have friends who were there, doing triage.

If you can’t get the facts straight on something like that, how are we going to trust you on anything else?

AND… they censored my comment.

What irony.

NaturalNews posts an article criticizing censorship by the mainstream media, and then… NaturalNews engages in censorship!

The brazen hypocrisy is incredible.

After NaturalNews depicted the Color Party Fire as a ‘Gay Pride Event’ eleven months ago, I stopped paying much attention to NaturalNews. They were determined to promote an under-the-radar Gay Agenda on their site, so you won’t find very many of their links on Omega Shock – if any.

Hyporcrisy and lies do not sit well with me, and I don’t think that they sit well with you, either.

Memorial Day crosses for fallen soldiers removed after single complaint

This is what happens when you elect an idiot as your mayor. No sense of proportion. No sense of responsibility. No sense of morality.

Someone needs to issue a recall of this mayor.

BREAKING: Obama Administration Cuts Benefits to U.S. Military Veterans to Pay for Visas for Muslim Immigrants

THIS what happens when you put psychopaths in power. They have no compassion for the suffering of those that they have crushed.

They sent these men and women to fight and die for them. And now, they want to take those promises that they made and give them to someone else.

Is this the kind of country that you want to live in?

Not me. Not me by a very, very long shot.

The Rise of the Meta-Criminal; Is the NSA Manipulating the Stock Market?

VERY interesting point. VERY.

Our focus has been on privacy and the protection of our own… stuff. But, we’re just small potatoes. Oh sure, they might have told everyone – including their own people – that they were searching for ‘terrorists’…

…but, is that what they are REALLY after?

Paul said said to Timothy that the love of money is the root of all [kinds of] evil.

So they created a network ostensibly to track terrorist sheep, and then built an app that filtered all that data to give them… an inside advantage.

Follow the money. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about terrorism, drugs or war. Follow the money.

You can’t beat them. It’s not possible. It’s their system. Their rules. Their game.

Just follow God.

To God, these criminals are just bugs in search of a windshield.

Anti-Transgender Speech Will Get You Two Years In Canada

Hey, if you like your religion, you get to keep your religion.

Schumer upends 9/11 Saudi suit bill at 11th hour

Don’t you just LOVE politicians?

And, Paul Ryan the crook who became Speaker of the House, is back from Riyadh where he got instructions to keep the bill from reaching the Floor, for a vote.

Ah yes, our Saudi masters have spoken, and we’re jumping through hoops.

Oh, and a big thanks go to upChuck Schumer, the piece of scum who watered it all down.

It almost brings a tear to my eye.

Common Core Crisis Hits U.S. As School Kids Opt-Out En Masse

Finally, Americans are doing some waking up. Good.

It would be nice if they did more of it.

“We Will Fight This All The Way To The Supreme Court” – 11 States Sue Obama Over Transgender Bathrooms

It’s a losing battle, but it needs to be faught. It just makes me want to bash heads.

The insanity is overwhelming.

The Next Wave: ‘Puppy Play’, ‘Ecosexuals’ And ‘Polyamory’

I am finding myself saying this a lot:

America is DOOMED.

This stuff isn’t just in the world. It’s in our churches.

The Story Of Lot Is Not A Picture Of The Pre-Trib Rapture! – Let’s Get It Right!

Paul Benson is a reader (hi Paul!) who has impressed me with his work and his comments. I have yet to find anything that I could disagree with in his writings, and I like what he’s doing on his site(s). He writes well, and he has a sound understanding of God’s word. Even better, he’s not afraid to tell you of his shortcomigs.

This week, he is talking about the oft used canard that Lot is a picture of the Pre-Trib Rapture, and Paul demolishes this idea completely.

Of course, now I have a problem with the need to distinguish Paul Benson from Paul the Apostle. Maybe I should use Paul-not-the-Apostle?

Keep up the good work, brother. It’s always a pleasure to see good writing, along with relevant and organized thought.

Satanic Temple Celebrates 6/6/16 in Los Angeles

Could this have happened even ten years ago?

Oh, and where did this ‘Satanic Temple’ orignate?

Harvard and Cambridge.



Who knew that we would be building an Israeli mountain in America?

(Armageddon actually means Mount Megido, which is in northern Israel)

Of course we know that Armageddon means ‘the end of everything’, at least that is how we use it today. And, I believe that our political system is on the verge of completely destroying itself. And, that self-destruction could happen, this year. I truly hope that you will be ready for that possibility.

Whatever happens, this election will be a doozy.

Trump fires back at Clinton over Muslim ban: ‘Ask Hillary who blew up the plane last night’ | TheHill

WHOA. Trump speaking TRUTH.

For 15 years, I’ve been waiting for someone ‘presidential’ to say something like this.

If he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, at least someone’s finally coming out and saying the obvious truth.

Finally, someone who isn’t COMPLETELY insane.

Bill Clinton: ‘I sometimes feel that I’m totally useless in this election season’

I’m sorry Bill, but you are VERY useful. You are helping Trump win the Presidency.

Clinton rape accuser blasts ‘biased’ NBC anchor

Good ol’ Bill.

After this election is over, we might want to make Bill an honorary Republican, to acknowledge all that he’s done to help get Trump elected.

Trump The Golden Man, Part 1 – News from the Wall | Watchmans Cry

Nathan and Donna Leal do an excellent job of analyzing Trump. Is he the Antichrist? Is he the false prophet that introduces the Antichrist?

I sincerely doubt it. Too much must happen before the AC comes to power. BUT, the AC will be a lot like The Donald.

(No, Donna and Nathan are NOT saying that Trump is the AC.)

Plus, it is good to hear that Donna is doing okay. It’s an answer to prayer.

The video Hillary Clinton does not want you to see. – YouTube

Send this to any Hillary supporters that you know… if you think that it matters. This woman is completely unashamed of how two-faced she is.

She honestly doesn’t care if you catch her in her lies. Really. She doesn’t care.

She thinks that most Americans are too stupid to figure out that she’s a lying liar.

The question is… are Americans THAT stupid?

Shaun King of The Daily News – “Why I’m Leaving the Democratic Party”

The amount of corruption in the Democratic Party is… INCREDIBLE. The insanity just keeps rolling on. Why they haven’t tarred and feathered the Democrat Elites… is… well… a sign.

We should have a rule that only voters with morals and enough knowledge that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land… only THOSE people should vote. Even if they are eight years old.

A child two hundred years ago had more sense than adults today.

Trump Campaign Image — Thoughts?

Yeah. I don’t think that I want a president to be like what this picture represents. If a picture is worth a thousand words… this is a thousand words that seems to point towards Antichrist.


Nothing says ‘democratic’ like Iran.

Why all the Hillary haters?

Wow. This guy can’t understand why we detest Hillary. I stand amazed.

Seriously, it’s an impressive feat of self-delusion. By being unable to see her lies and corruption as the reason, he moves to the one delusion that makes sense to his poor, addled mind:


I am impressed.

Reality Check: Democrats have a Super-Delegate Problem – YouTube

Hey, did you think that you lived in a democracy?

Welllll… you don’t.

Ben Swann, in just three minutes and fifty seconds tells you that you do not.

Welcome to the USSA, comrade.

Clinton Insider: Elite’s Final Endgame For USA Revealed – YouTube

Some interesting information from both Alex and Larry Nichols.

Nothing is more dangerous than a man with nothing left to lose. That’s Nichols.

He also wants to atone for all that he did. And, he wants to stop Hillary because he helped to put her where she is. If Hillary destroys America, it will be partly due to what Nichols did to help her.

He wants to make it right, and you can see it in this video.

Larry Nichols also makes an impassioned plea to all of us, to prepare for what is coming. He’s seen it himself, in other countries. He’s even caused it. He is begging you to prepare for Hell on Earth.

I’m begging you also. Please. Prepare. You still might not make it, but at least you have a chance if you have prepared.

Alex also made an interesting point that the Y2K thing was to insert a control grid into all the major computer networks around the world. I hadn’t heard that theory before, so this is a new one. It also makes a bit of sense. But, just remember that it’s a theory. We have no proof.

Anyway, please prepare. I’ll get on my knees and beg, if I need to.

LARRY NICHOLS — HILLARY CLINTON: West Coast Satan Coven \ Church – YouTube

This was in the Dave Hodges article about Agenda 21.

As I have said before about Larry Nichols, he’s dying, and he wants to make restitution.

Always be afraid a man who has nothing left to lose. Larry Nichols is that man.

It’s good that he’s on OUR side.

Clinton Releases Plan to Dissolve U.S. Border Within 100 Days

Yes, vote for Hillary if you want the dissolution of the United States. And, if THAT is what Americans want… well …THAT is what Americans should get. And, it will be what they deserve.

We let this happen. We shouldn’t complain when it happens.

Out of the pool, kids. America is going septic.

BREAKING: State Dept. Inspector General Releases Clinton Report: GUILTY

Hmmmm… OOPS!

This actually looks real.

Hillary Responds To Damaging State Department Report

And, Hillary responds with an ‘everybody was doing it’.

Which is strange since private email servers are a pretty recent idea.

Hillary In Trouble: State Department Says Clinton Did Not Comply With Record Policies: Full Report

More detail. By the way, this does NOT actually touch on the email server, but the fact of her not turning over all of her email.


Hillary Accuses State Department Report Of Having An “Anti-Clinton Bias”

And now, she’s feeling persecuted. Poor dearie. I think that she needs a nap.

How many Muslims would Hillary Clinton flood America with during her first term?

Um, yeah. Vote for Hillary if you want MORE Muslims in the US.

It’s Official: Trump Has Enough Delegates To Win The Republican Nomination

Okay, so… Trump is in.

NOW what?

Trump: Hillary Can’t Say She Cares About Women While Importing Radical Refugees to America

Crooked Hillary. She’s in the pocket of the Saudis, and she wants MORE Muslims in the US.

I was tempted to put this in the Matthew 24:7 category.

See what happens, Hillary?

I sense that we are being ‘had’.

MSNBC seems to have turned against Hillary.


Are they throwing her under the bus?

This could turn interesting.

It’s Over: Even MSNBC Turns On Hillary – “Stop Lying, Stop Digging”

The ZeroHedge take on MSNBC’s abandonment of Hitlery.

10 People You Can Vote For In 2016 Not Named Trump Or Clinton

I’m thinking that my vote might go towards Deez Nuts.

Of course, I won’t be voting… so, it’s theoretical. But, Deez Nuts as a protest of the system?

Chart Of The Day: May Registrations For The Libertarian Party Jump 20-Fold

And… here is where we see the protest vote rise.



Without an economy, a nation cannot exist. And without a financial system, an economy cannot exist. The financial system is about to fail, and followed by the economy.

Please. PLEASE, be ready for this.

Poll: Two-thirds of US would struggle to cover $1,000 crisis – Yahoo Finance

All of this is because our vile and villainous masters have raped and pillaged our country. They did it, and we allowed them to do it.

My hope is that you will do the best that you can to extricate yourself from the collapse that is already happening.

The Fall of Venezuela. Prepare Yourself Accordingly. – YouTube

This comes from DRG, who is good at finding my mistakes, and I ALWAYS appreciate that. I love it when smart readers point out those things that I get wrong. No sarcasm here, I really believe that. One of my greatest fears is leading you astray, so I really like it when people like DRG, Chris, and others whose names I have forgotten (I do NOT have a head for names).

Seriously, never be afraid to offer constructive advice. A good writer always appreciates good critique. I always aspire to being a good writer.

Anyway, all of that to say that this comes from DRG, and it’s a pretty good video about the comparison between the free market and the cesspools of misery like Venezuela. He also mentions Chile, and some have moved there.

When markets are free, countries prosper.

When markets are controlled, devastation comes.

Unfortunately, America no longer has a ‘fee market’. You do the math.

Thank you, DRG!

U.S. Suicide Rate Surges to a 30-Year High

This is a very clear sign that the economic collapse has reached right to the heart of our society. And, that’s assuming that we are actually finding all the suicides. Some of those suicides are going to look like ‘accidents’.

Deutsche Bank AG — Moody’s downgrades Deutsche Bank’s ratings only two notches above JUNK! It’s post-crisis mortgage positions are being probed by SEC… halts some bonus payments « InvestmentWatch

If Deutsche Bank goes down… make your final preparations. This could be REAL bad.

Moody’s Downgrades Deutsche Bank’s Debt Two Notches Above Junk

Here’s the ZeroHedge version.

May 2016: Will Deutsche Bank Survive This Wave Of Trouble Or Will It Be The Next Lehman Brothers?

Another view of DB from Michael Snyder.

Seriously… when DB goes, the system will go with it, unless we have a miracle.

Manufacturing Recession Goes Global as Demand Withers


Manufacturing is about ‘making something’.

Can you really say that you have an economy if you aren’t ‘making something’?

The Fact of the Matter Is, Greece Is Insolvent

Beware July 1st, kids. This could get interesting.

They MIGHT nudge Greece past that due date. They might not.

Eventually, they’ll be forced to let Greece go bankrupt.

Of course, they’re clever little monkeys, so the Satanic Elites in Europe might think of something.

Just be ready if they don’t.

Is the Derivatives Markets About to Implode the System Again?

More news on the possible collapse of Deutsche Bank. Their derivatives book is the largest in the world. $75 Trillion.


More Young Americans Live With Their Parents Than At Any Time Since The Great Depression

ANYTHING with a title that includes the phrase…

…Than At Any Time Since The Great Depression

You KNOW that you are in trouble.

Are you ready for this?

Why China Is Being Flooded With Oil: Billions In Underwater OPEC Loans Repayable In Crude

Somewhat important, but more interesting than anything.

China is taking oil as payment for debts, and they’re being flooded with it. Interesting.

REVEALED: Debt, China and an oil price at $50 a barrel

I talked about this situation above. But, this one adds depth to it.

It’s very interesting analysis on China’s deals with oil exporters. China loans money and gets payback in very cheap oil. Of course, it reduces oil available for sale worldwide, which temporarily raises the price.


China is playing a VERY smart game. America had better watch out. When the petrodollar goes… the empire goes with it.


Like I said… when Deutsche Bank (DB) goes down, make your final preparations. Only YOU can say what that means and what you should do, but lots of things could happen from that moment on.

Will a fall of DB take down the global financial system?

The chances are high that it would.

Will this be the disaster that you’ve been preparing for?

I can’t say for sure. But, you should be ready for it. If you DON’T know what to do, start reading. Bible first. Websites second.

The Next Big Crash Of The U.S. Economy Is Coming, Here’s Why

SRSrocco is often my last stop before sending you my research. He understands oil. He understands gold and silver. He understand economics and finance.

THAT is a combination that I pay attention to.

If you ignored all the other articles… or even if you read them …read this one. Just the graphs alone are worth the price of entry.



I’m not a gold bug. I’m not a silver bug. But, nothing at this present time has as much portability while being recognized universally as valuable. If something else came along that was better, I’d go for that. But, until then, I’m recommending gold and silver for those of you that have money left over, after doing all your other preparations.

God, community, secure location, water and food (in that order) should all come before any purchase of gold or silver.

Going for Gold: Russia, China Ditch Billions of Dollars for Prized Bullion

Russia and China can see the ‘handwriting on the wall’.

Mene. Mene. Tekel. Upharsin.

That message could have been written for the US.

An Inside Look at the World’s Biggest Paper Gold Market

There is a graphic in here that basically tells you that essentially tells you that your gold – if you have any – is worth many times what it is now.


Because the demand for gold is so great that London alone trades paper gold at a yearly rate of about seven or eight times the total volume of gold that has been mined IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!

I hope that you got that. London trades the equivalent of all the gold ever mined in less than two months. A few weeks. All the gold. Ever mined. In the history of the world. Every few weeks.

Not possible?


These are just empty paper promises. They are trading in lies and empty promises.

Eventually, people will figure this out.

Got gold?



Laugh a little. It’ll help. Seriously, it’ll do your heart good, especially after reading all the horrible news above.

I don’t go out of my way to search for these. I usually discover them by accident.


The only thing that I like about election years, is the political humor.

EPIC : Japanese Girl Pretends to Be A Ghost to Avoid Parking Fee – YouTube

This is pretty funny.

Okay, avoiding the parking fee is theft and THAT isn’t funny, but… the prank …awesome.

When I told my long-suffering wife, she said “That’s not nice.” (although, she chuckled.)

She’s right. It’s not nice. But… um …clever.

Stoned sheep went on ‘psychotic rampage’ after eating cannabis

Okay, I don’t think that it’s funny to feed drugs to sheep. But, the idea of sheep on a ‘psychotic rampage’ is… um… worth a laugh.

Would be along the lines of…

…Run! Hide! Rampaging Sheep!

I feel sorry for the poor things, but… the fear of… psychotic rampaging sheep …was a bit hard to treat seriously.

(Although yes, wandering out into roads and being hit by cars is bad for the sheep and dangerous for the driver.)

The Two ‘Faces’ Of The Democratic Party

EXACTLY what I’m thinking.



There is NOTHING funny about Islam. It is the most evil main line religion that I know of. There are other religions that are more evil, but they must hide from plain sight.

Worse, Islam is as much an ideology as a religion. It’s more fascist than Hitler’s Nazi Party, or Mussolini’s Italy. It’s more racist than the KKK.

What a vile ideology.

Ten Arabic Words: Bracken’s Challenge to National Security Professionals

Outside of the horrific threats from within, that we face – like the traitors who funded Hitler – the single biggest threat that America faces is Islam. Unfortunately, our leadership has betrayed us.

GERMANY: Universities are shutting down ‘interfaith’ prayer rooms because Muslims turn them into Muslim-ONLY prayer rooms

Actually, this is very true. Such a supremacist ideology does NOT allow other faiths to pray where they have already declared a territory as theirs.

Once an area is theirs, it’s ALWAYS theirs.

Pakistan: “Blasphemy” for Ethnic Cleansing

Here’s the summary:

After the attack, some villagers gathered and started threatening other Christians, demanding they either convert to Islam or move out of the area. Then an Islamic religious decree was issued, to hand over Masih to the local Islamic clerics so that he could be burned alive for blasphemy.

Why was only Masih (a Christian) accused of blasphemy, when Bilal (a Muslim) had obviously watched the video in question?

The Christians who are left are searching to find an alternate place to live, and are now facing hatred in the guise of a boycott. No one is selling them food or any daily essentials.

In Punjab, harassing Christians has become a norm; a way of getting rid of them. Every time Christians are threatened and forced to leave the area, the charge is always blasphemy.

Please, please pray for our suffering brothers and sisters in Pakistan. This is horrendous. As I have said before and keep saying:

Our turn is next.

Imam Urges Denmark To Legalize Pedophilia (Child Brides), says ‘It’s Part Of Their Culture’

Completely and utterly horrifying. This is what happens when you don’t know what Islam is.

Islam is a sick and twisted ideology.

BREAKING: Muslim Pilot Of Flight 804 Converted The Plane Into A Portable Mosque And Said Farewell Before He Crashed The Plane And Slaughtered Everyone

Another reason to NEVER board an airplane where the pilot(s) are Muslim. This article is very speculative, but there is reason to believe that this speculation is true – at least, some of it.

Elderly Christian woman stripped naked and paraded through streets by mob

When Isaiah 19 is fulfilled and the Nile dries up… it will be justice for Egypt. God help the Copts.

Saudi cleric has declared that photographs with cats are forbidden

Do NOT read this if you are sqeamish. This article shows what Muslims do to cats and dogs, but cats are the subject here. This makes me want to shoot the Muslims in the pictures.

How DARE they do this to animals. And yes, I’ve seen with my own eyes how Muslims treat animals.

So very, very sick.

Arguing with Muslims is like playing chess with a pigeon…

…No matter how good you are, the pigeon will knock down all the pieces, take a c–p on the board, then strut around claiming victory, without a clue as to what actually happened. TRUTH.

Rebel Planet Dispatch: ISLAMOPHILIA

Good point Marcel.

They accuse us of Islamiphobia. Well, tell someone who says that… ask them if they are suffering from Islamophilia.



Jesus spoke of Ethnos rising against Ethnos. That is happening as we speak, and Islam seems to be leading the way – in its invasion of Europe.

Why Merkel insisted on inviting these barbarians into Europe, I’ll never know. In fact, I’m not sure that I WANT to know.

Czech President: ‘It’s Impossible to Integrate Muslims into Western Europe’ – Breitbart

Well, it’s good to know that not EVERYONE in Europe has gone insane.

ISIS calls for attacks on America during Ramadan

Ramadan is on June 7th. Those of us who have lived in the Middle East know that Ramadan is when the Muslims are most agitated and most vulnerable to sheiks, imams and mullahs who preach jihad.

I will be interested to see what is going to happen. I am glad that there are not many Muslims here in Taiwan.

Brexit bombshell – 12 MILLION Turkish nationals coming to UK once it joins the EU

With the ‘Brexit Vote’ coming up, this has gotta hurt.

If you are British, then you need to read this.

Unless Britain leaves the European Union, it will be flooded with 12 million MORE Muslims, just from Turkey

More on the above via BNI.

Seriously, never EVER allow Turkey ANYWHERE near you.

Austria polls predict Norbert Hoferwill win presidential elections

We can thank Merkel for the rise of Nazism.

Well done, Angela, if that was your goal.

If not, you’re a drooling idiot.

(BTW, when I read the article, Norbert had not ‘lost’ the election. Notice the vote rigging?)


Islam has come into contact with Western culture, and Western culture lost.

Czech Republic Politician Klára Samková Boldly Proclaims; ‘..The West Will Have to Crush Islam..’ in Order to Survive

Whoa. I’m not used to seeing the truth so boldy spoken. Unfortunately, she’s right.

Erdogan Furious After EU Suspends Plans To Extend Visa-Free Travel To Turkey

Whoops! The wave of Turkish Jihadis sweeping through Europe is on temporary hold.

Put those Allahus Snackbars back.

Finnish girls dealing with Somali immigrants – YouTube

I’m lovin’ it!

If this is Finland… well …there’s hope.

‘Whoever Loves Austria Is Sh*t’ – Austria’s New President Hates His Own Country

Well now, THIS will go over well with those being raped, robbed and murdered by the migrants.

Pope Francis Celebrates The Islamization Of Europe, Says Muslim Migration ‘Necessary’

There is a video in this article that I’ve posted before, but it adds ‘oomph’ to the article.

That video was made in 2008. Think about the fact that we are now eight years into the future of that video. And then, think about the fact that the Pope is helping in the Islamization and downfall of Europe.

You can’t stop it. But, you CAN get to places where it HAS been stopped.

LIBERAL MEDIA DARLING ‘Muslim Selfie Girl’ heralded for her cheerful anti-bigotry stance in front of a Belgian anti-Islam protest has been exposed for “praising Hitler and calling for the killing of Jews” on Facebook

How’s that peace and reconciliation working… oh, wait… It was called off?

Hmmm… one wonders why.

A Spirit Of Violence And Civil Unrest Is Rising In America

This is yet another view of Matthew 24:7. Jesus spoke of Ethnos rising against Ethnos.

And, we haven’t seen the worst of it yet.

Austrian election was rigged, a village with nearly 150% voter turnout… This fraud is very blatant, and they don’t even care.

I’m curious about whether anyone would care in the US, if they did the same thing there. I’m beginning to think that we are just so uncaring that nothing matters anymore.

Politicians caught raping and murdering little children?

Nobody cares.

So, why should Americans care if an election is rigged?

CZECH REPUBLIC: “Should we fear Islam” debate in Czech Senate turned stormy after one speaker compared Islam to totalitarian regimes such as Nazism or Communism

Of course… he’s right.

However, we don’t let a little thing like ‘the truth’ to get in the way of an opportunity to get in a tizzy.

‘Eating our bacon reduces your chance of being a suicide bomber by 100 per cent’

Now THIS is the right kind of bacon.

Feeling like a bit of suicide bombing?

Eat this.

Angry Birds the Movie and the European Refugee Crisis – An Allegory – YouTube

Hmmmm… interesting parallels.

Is it possible that someone in the movie industry decided to tell the truth by way of allegory?

It’s hard to believe, but it seems to be the case.

British ISIS recruiter known as Mrs Terror issues threat of summer terror campaign

Okay, I’ll stay away. The idea that a female punk rocker would would turn full-on Muslim terrorist like this is… bizarre.

It also goes to show you that Islam should NOT be allowed ANYWHERE in Europe or the Americas. PERIOD.

Syrian refugee wants to bring his 3 wives and at least 17 children to Denmark

I’m sure that this will sit well with the hard-working Danes. As in… where the Vikings came from?

I’m wondering when their inner Viking will show up. There’s only so much that these people will take before putting on horned helmets.

Erdogan Halts European Refugee Deal After Merkel Snub, Says Turkey Has Other Options

Oh dear, the porcine president is in a bit of a huff. He’s a bit steamed. Poor guy.

Poor Porky. He’s looking at ‘options’.

Muslims Attacking People Walking Their Dogs, This Is Sharia

What these filthy Muslims are doing is sick beyond belief. But, there is one thing that I am thankful for… that they are terrified of dogs. Many Israelis owe their lives to this. If you have lots of Muslims nearby, get a big dog.

I try very hard to treat Muslims in a kind and decent way. These are people duped by Satan into following Satan. But, to treat animals so horribly… I just can’t stand it.

Europe’s First Migrant Political Party Accused Of Being Mouthpiece For Turkey

WHOA. This is a first.

A European political party made up entirely of Muslims.

I don’t think that this has ever happened before.




This massive invasion described in Ezekiel 38 and 39 will rock the world and bring wholesale death and destruction, around the world.

Why? Because it will bring something that I call Ezekiel’s Fire:

You will see the preparations for that invasion in the links below. As the time grows closer, please be ready for that dreadful superflare.

Kurdish President Barzani: The Sykes-Picot Agreement Has Failed; It Is Time To Establish A Kurdish State

Whoops! THIS will scare the pants off of Turkey. They will NOT like this one bit.

It’s another nail in the coffin of Turkey and a point towards the rise of Assyria, as mentioned in Isaiah 19. (Although, I could be wrong about the Kurds. We’ll see.)

The Turbulent Centenary of Sykes-Picot

Here’s some background on the Sykes-Picot agreement. When Gog and Magog arrive, part of the reason will be this agreement. (but, only part)

De-Petrodollar-ization Esclates – China Imports Record Amount Of Russian Oil In April

Whoops! This is bad. When people no longer need dollars to buy oil, then the American Empire dies. I’ve talked about this a lot, so most of you already know what I’m talking about.

Those of you who do NOT understand what I’m referring to, go here:

That article was almost two years ago, but it also predicts what will happen when no one needs dollars anymore. The resulting power vacuum will bring Apocalypse. In this case, Gog and Magog, along with Ezekiel’s Fire:

Russia Defense Report: Aircraft Carrier Program – YouTube

This report hits all the main points, which also apply to the Chinese aircraft carrier that is a sister ship to the Russian carrier. This report tries to put a positive spin on Russian carrier operations, but… sorry, one carrier strike group is woefully insufficient. Carriers spend a LOT of time in port, under maintenance, and you need to have three strike groups to be able to claim an adequate carrier program.

But, one other thing that you can take away from this presentation is that the Russian Navy is pretty much a ‘shallow waters’ navy, also known as ‘littoral’. Russia is basically interested in keeping US Navy battle groups away from Russian waters.

Notice also one more thing….

Where is the emphasis for this carrier?

Right. The Mediterranean. The Levant. North Africa.

Remind you of anything?

Anti-NATO Cartoons In Pro-Kremlin Russian Media

Just to give you an idea of how Russia feels about NATO and the US.

I think the best word to use is… contempt.

Kurds/SDF Reportedly Preparing Large-Scale Operation To Recapture Raqqa In The Coming Days, ISIS Forbids Civilians From Fleeing

This is good news!

I really hope that the Kurds kick their butts. And then, I hope that they go into Turkey and kick THEIR butts too!

‘It showed Turkey is big’: Poll says over 50% of Turks think downing Russian jet was ‘right’ — RT News

Fifty percent. Incredible.

Okay, Turkey is toast. And, when it comes to something like this, I like my toast blackened and broken in pieces.

Justice for the Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks… it’s coming.

Erdogan Is Preparing For Military Coup In Turkey

Now that ‘Oink’ Erdogan has succeeded in launching his civil war in Turkey, he’ll be able to take power as Turkey falls apart.

The porcine president will destroy his country, and it will the smallest of down-payments towards justice. After murdering two and a half million Greeks, Assyrians and Armenians, Turkey has a lot to pay for.

Furthermore, Turkey’s destruction will create a power vacuum that will bring in external powers, like Iran.

Turkey shifts to presidential system, even without constitutional change

Erdogan is incredibly bad news. This guy WILL NOT STOP until he gets what he wants. And, his opposition have essentially given him the opportunity by collapsing.

Unfortunately for Turkey, giving that pig what he wants will destroy Turkey. It’s justice.

Even though I detest Turkey and the evil that they have done, I still prefer that they repent of what they have done and receive mercy from God. But, they won’t repent, so they will get justice.

Erdogan Nears Absolute Power With Appointment Of Puppet Premier, Stripping MPs Of Immunity

Stripping parliament of immunity is a VERY big deal. Even bigger than the new PM. No, this is a part of Erdogan’s war against the Kurds, which make up 20% of the Turkish population.

There goes Turkey.

And the last picture in this article is EXACTLY how I see the porcine president of Turkey. EXACTLY. (Although, he needs a little pig nose, added for effect.)

Turkish Sultan’s New Grand Vizier: What Is His Main Goal?

In the midst of all that the porcine president has done to grab the reins of power and… um …reign on everyone’s parade (ahem!), he has replaced a loyal Islamist prime minister with an even MORE loyal corrupt one.

Here’s a quote:

Ahmet Davutoglu was a typically Islamist prime minister, except that even his secular rivals admitted that he was an honest man — not corrupt at all. In contrast, Binali Yildirim, who is designated to be the next prime minister, has a different story to tell.

How convenient to have a corrupt underling act as your front man. Classy.

Iran’s Ayatollah: “The US Can’t Do A Damn Thing About Our Missile Program”

Yes, the true head of Iran, the Ayatollah, is thumbing his nose at the US.

And, the impotent US can do nothing.

Unfortunately, when you scroll down to the comment section of this article, you see that the anti-Semites are proliferating. Explosively. Like Cockroaches.

Putin Tells Merkel To Stop Shelling Donbass

Unfortunately, telephone conversations don’t work. Something stronger will be needed.

Russia-NATO Update – May 2016

I love this quote from the article:

“In our confrontation with NATO our advantage is that we have a clear mind, while the other side is clearly paranoid.” – Alexey Pushkov

Absolutely CORRECT.

US spy plane flew ‘dangerously close’ to passenger jets near Russian border

I bet that you didn’t hear anything about US spy planes endangering civilian traffic, or ignoring Russian airtraffic control.

We Americans are disgusting hypocrites. And yes, ‘we’ is the operative word. WE voted for these people. WE are allowing them to do this in our name. So yeah…


audioBoom / Lamentations of Gorbachev. Stephen F. Cohen, NYU. Princeton University.

I am amazed at how open and obvious this warmongering from Washington and the Pentagon is.

Yes, one part of it is to get Europeans to buy American military equipment. And, it’s also to scare the Europeans to cower under the wings of the ‘great eagle’. The military industrial comples has always been playing this game.

But, there’s this other part. This… DESIRE …for war. The psychopaths in Washington seem bent on war. It’s as if they haven’t had enough of it and are pushing for more.

And, it is obvious to anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together that Russia doesn’t want a war, either!

Maybe Washington sees their empire failing, and this is a last-ditch attempt to sew it back together. If they destroy Russia and isolate China, they probably believe that they can last a generation or two longer. Maybe they even believe that they’ll achieve their ‘Thousand Year Reich’.

But… the dead and dying …how do people like this sleep at night?

Is Soros Funding Another Movement To Destabilize A New Democratically Elected Government

I don’t know what’s going on in Poland. At the moment, all that I have are impressions. And, it looks like George Soros is playing games in Poland. George ‘Spooky Dude’ Soros is stirring up trouble in Poland, and I would love for someone to put a stop to it.

Games are being played by very rich men. That should stop. Now.

Confronting Soros’s Open Society Foundation Over Lack of Transparency – YouTube

Here’s the video embedded in the above link.


Spooky Dude is a psychopath, and he enjoys it.

Foreign Policy Diary – New Point of Instability in Central Asia? – YouTube

I agree with the SouthFront assessment. Russia and China are NOT interested in destablizing Nazarbayev. He’s a thug, but no one want’s an unstable thug.

So, America is the likely culprit, through the National Endowment for Democracy, a tool of the CIA and US Dept. of State.

Dontcha just LOVE US foreign policy?

Imminent Intervention? Greece, Italy, & Malta Close Airspace For Aircraft From Libya

Are we opening a new ‘front’, in Libya?

Something is happening. We’re just not sure what.

International Military Review – Syria, May 26, 2016 – YouTube

It looks like ISIS is continuing to lose ground to Syria/Iran/Kurds/Russia. Good. I want those barbarians to be ground down to nothing.

However, THAT event is a long way away.

Beware What Washington Wishes For – Russia Is Ready For War

Pepe Escobar is an anti-Semite and a leftist thug with a pen.

But, he’s captured the situation vis-a-vis Russia.



As the day of our Lord’s Return grows closer, so will evil grow greater. And, as evil grows, so also grows a vile and insane hatred of Israel.

I’ve been watching this form of anti-Semitism grow for more than twenty years. Do NOT get sucked into this terrible hate. It is a madness that will eat your soul.

That madness is why I’m talking about Israel below. I’m an eyewitness of events in Israel. I know the country, the people and her language. I know the history and the reasons for the conflict in the region.

I am in a good position to tell you that the articles below really do speak the truth about a people and a place that are important to God.

VIDEO: Anti-Semitism in Britain’s Labour Party

The fact that the head of one of the major political parties in Britain is such an anti-Semite is… chilling. This isn’t just a UK problem. It’s a WORLD WIDE problem.

Evil stalks the globe.

Iranian commander: We can destroy Israel ‘in under 8 minutes’

There is a certain amount of truth to Iranian pronouncements. How much is hard to say, so you can take this one with a grain of salt.

But, if Gog and Magog are as close as I believe it to be… then there is probably a LOT of truth to this.

Remember that Zechariah 13:8 says this:

And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the Lord, two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein.

– Zechariah 13:8

With all my heart, I want to believe that two thirds of all Israelis will not die, that this has already happened. But, this has NOT happened, and so it is coming.

God help us all.

Those of you living in Israel… get to Jerusalem, when Gog and Magog are ready to descend.

Palestinians and Jordan: Will a Confederation Work?

As I have watched the Middle East – and lived there – it has become clear to me that the biggest troublemakers of all, are the Palestinians. None of the Arab countries feel safe with them in their midst, and the Jordanians are fearful of what would happen if they entered into a confederation with them.

Therefore, it is no wonder that Israel has so much trouble with these barbarians.

ISIS seeks to destroy Israel, ‘liberate’ Jerusalem with Sinai Peninsula terrorist force

When you want to capture the attention of Muslims worldwide, you talk about ‘liberating Jerusalem’. Nothing does it better than that.

And, they have help from the Left AND the Right. Everyone who vilifies Israel, is supporting Islam.

Secretary-General Of Palestinian Presidency Delivers Speech On Behalf Of President ‘Abbas: In Fighting For Palestine, Our People ‘Loves Death More Than Life’

So utterly typical.

And the world wants Israel to ‘negotiate’ with such… such… creatures.

Students Pledge to Fund Hamas Terrorism Against Israeli Civilians

THIS is SICK. No, the writer of the guy doing the video. No, the STUDENTS in the video.

They are INFORMED that they will be contributing to the MURDER of Israelis, and they offer to give money towards that effort.

Sick. Sick. Sick. SICK!

The Lie of “Disproportionality”

This has ALWAYS been the canard of the anti-Semite. Basically, they accuse Israel of… winning too well. It makes me want to scream.

But, instead of screaming, I’ll give you the summare:

By making an accusation of disproportionality without defining the meaning of the term, Bernie Sanders and Haaretz betrayed not only the Palestinians and the Israelis, but also their professions. They made false and unsubstantiated accusations while ignoring the thousands more deaths that the Palestinians are inflicting on their own people — by training toddlers and children for war, using their own people as human shields and failing to provide shelters for them, as the Israelis do for their citizens.

In addition to helping Bernie Sanders attract the naïve and anti-Israel vote, and helping Haaretz attract anti-Semitic readers, unsubstantiated claims of disproportionality divert attention from the fact that preventing more wars requires replacing Gaza’s Iranian-backed terrorist regime with a regime that is interested in the well-being of the Palestinians.

And no, this isn’t some chest-thumping Israeli crowing about themselves. Fred a left-leaning Arab from Lebanon, but based in Canada.

Would there be gag order on story about “3 Jewish men who brutally raped a mentally disabled Muslim girl and filmed it?”

The answer is… NO.

But, there was a gag order put on the brutal rape of a Jewish girl by Muslim men.

Notice the need by the Press to placate the Muslims?

Even Israel bends over backwards to be as fair as possible to their Muslim minority.

(Thanks to Barack Hussein Obama) Iran now says: “We can destroy all of Israel in under 8 minutes”

Nuclear weapons for Iran?

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Thanks, Barack HUSSEIN Obama!

Rebel Planet Dispatch: US to Israel: You Must Submit to our Will

I’m afraid that Marcel is right about this. America has suckered Israel into a corner that she will not get out of… at least not without a horrendous number of Israelis dying.

I’m afraid that Netanyahu was the one who allowed Israel to be tricked, and Israel will pay dearly for that. Of course, I believe that Israel is in control. God know who are His. And who are not.

Please, pray for the peace of Jerusalem. They’re going to need a miracle.

Of course, God promised a miracle, and it’s coming.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. Click it for a discussion on preparation.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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29 thoughts on “An Anguished Memorial”

  1. Hi John,

    This article and the video contained therein – very enlightening AND frightening! I’ve so far gotten through 30 minutes of the 1 hour and 11 minute video titled ‘BREXIT THE MOVIE FULL FILM’

    In his article, Jeff Berwick says in part:

    “An excellent crowdfunded documentary was recently released which does an excellent job of showing why Britain should do everything it can to escape from the clutches of the European Union. I highly recommend everyone watch this documentary.

    “I was aware of what a fasco-communist tyrannical technocracy the European Union has become… but I didn’t even realize just how bad it had gotten until I saw this film. You really just have to see it to believe it. ”

    My impression so far is ‘coming to a country near you’. While many of us have realized what the globalists have planned, how they manage to accomplish it may have eluded many of us.

    Food for thought – and prayer!

    Thank you, John.

    Your sister in Christ,


  2. Hi John,
    thanks for all information, again. It’s just sad. Obviously, we have crossed the point of no return. No doubt about that.
    One remark about your Polish link, maybe it will be useful for my American brothers and voters. You know, we have just elected Trump, so to say. Then we have elected 235 Trumps to form majority in our parliament. The words “make Poland great again” were never uttered in the process, but the message was similar. People just had enough, enough of rainbow ideologies of EU, government following Berlin and Brussels, lies, theft and outright corruption. I mean, about 60-70% of people. Now things changed and you can imagine oinks and screams of the opposition, all that externally founded organizations (good old George!) etc. There is an ongoing propaganda war, but they are loosing. Hence the noise, but I think that Poland will not turn around to become EU-suicidal again. Sounds nice? Now, the bad part of it. Just after new year, my wife has asked me: how do you think, what “they” would do with a country which is mostly christian, no minorities, government rejects cultural marxism, ministers call global warming BS, no abortion, no gay propaganda, and so on. “They will drive such a country into war” I answered without thinking, before realizing what country she thinks about. And so it goes. Just say “Russia” and our government will volunteer to form the frontline. You can see them bragging about building first-class nuclear target (US missile base) and talking everyday about “Russian agression”. You know, I understand everything, but to engage such a foe, you should have resources. We don’t. And common logic would suggest that, if inevitable, one should do everything to enter the conflict as the last participant. But we are openly asking to be the first. That’s the price. I wish to be wrong, but it looks we have exchanged european insanity for mile-wide craters in the ground. To conclude: at this moment we may freely vote and choose the lesser of evils. But that’s not so important. Really. The salvation of ourselves and our brothers and sisters is important. Everything else is just context.
    Years ago my friends were joking: vote for whoever you think, in the end you always elect Commander Tarkin (architect of the Death Star). It’s about one of Polish singers mocking Star Wars, and this song (sorry, in Polish, but I think subtitles are accurate, just do not expect anything good from politics. And Star Wars):
    Sorry, it became to long, please pray for my country when/if the bombs fall.
    God bless you!

  3. Hi John,
    As always, an important message for those who are awake and to awaken those who are not.
    We see that the devil has a noose around the neck of America and is pulling it tighter by the day. I was thinking today about how he’s already got us so divided, everyone, even the demoncrats and especially Christians.

    He’s already got almost everyone angry and looking to their latest false hope for relief from 24 years of the Obama/Bush/Clinton-Globalist scourge against America.

    So, coming up soon, the devil’s next move ?

    What if Obama’s brown shirts dispose of the great hope of so many and trump the angry false hope crowd ?

    I still remember listening to Dimitru Dudiman and his nephew Michael Boldea translating his message on Jewish Voice broadcast back in the early 90’s.

    His vision of how the government busy quelling insurrection, civil war, whatever you want to call it, when God showed him our enemies striking us for final kill.

    I’ve been watching and am watching, thought maybe Ferguson, Mo.Black lies matter or the BLM, Patriot standoff out west might be the catalyst, but now my attention has turned to the ever popular and polarizing already divided America’s
    enemy of the corrupt establishment, Donald Trump.

    So many bad people want so bad to see him have an accident, especially Obama and his brown shirt brigades with their Donald Pinata’s, Bernie delusions and Mexican flags flying high and proud.

    If he does, I think it is possible that this will be the tipping point for the fall and the end of America.

    I wonder if we will get through the summer to an election ?
    We can all agree that we are long overdue for a big swat from heaven and it seems to be in the playbook with backslid Christians and their Donald/ Hope for America.


  4. Hi John!
    Another great article, I am still digesting the material.
    This is a big bad world we are in here, is it any wonder why God plans to roll this universe up like an old garment and throw it away?
    I do appreciate the warning you have been sounding and I know that you are exposing yourself to an immense amount corruption by studying the enemy like you do. This can be dangerous in that in order to understand what the enemy is doing you have to be able to think like he does to an extent. I could be wrong, but I think I sensed a little despair in these last two articles. Now as for spiritual gifts, I am the encorager/support type. I have a couple of things that I think will encourage you that God is moving in this world, not just the enemy!
    But first, I wanted to clean up a couple of things from previous conversations.
    Three basic sources for sin. First is the world (as symbolized by Jericho in Joshua), this could include such things as money, fame or status. Second would be the flesh, which we discussed two weeks ago (symbolized by Ai). These sins would include adultery, drunkenness etc. Last is Satan (symbolized by Gibeon). His chief weapon I would say is deception.
    Even though we are saved, until we shed these cursed forms we currently ware, we are still vulnerable to these types of sins.
    Salvation is a love affair and the bible is our love letter!
    Now maybe you have heard that there is a biblical princepal that when we have an unnamed servent, that servent is often a picture of the Holy Spirit. An example of this is the unnamed servent of Abraham that goes to find a bride for Isaac. Even though we know this servent is Eliezer, he was not named in that story. So we have Abraham as a picture of the Father, Isaac as a picture of Jesus, the unnamed servant as a picture of the Holy Spirit and Rebekah as a picture of the gentile church. When Isaac meets Rebekah, it is love at first sight.
    There is a better example of this love affair in Ruth where we find an unnamed servant introducing Boaz (Jesus) to Ruth (church). This book also gives us a clear example of how the kinsmen redemmer law works. Christ is our kinsmen redemmer! But our prophetic picture doesn’t end there. What makes this one a better picture is that we also have Naomi as a picture of Israel. Now when the harvest is done, it is night and we find Ruth and Boaz together and Boaz puts his cloak on Ruth symbolizing she has his protection. This tender act was motivated by love! Ruth had nothing to offer Boaz. This sounds a lot like the love Christ has for His church doesn’t it? But look at this picture again, the harvest is gathered and sorted it is at night. Boaz and Ruth are together and Naomi is alone. By Jewish reconning the new day starts at sundown!
    Now take a look at Revelation 3:10(nasb)
    Because you have kept the word of My perseverance, I also will keep you from the hour of testing, that hour which is about to come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.
    Bottom line, Jesus wants a relationship with YOU (meaning anyone who reads this). If you want to have a picture of the level of intimacy, read Song Of Solomon.
    Now to the encouragement I found. On Netflix I found four movies produced by Darren Wilson. I liked them all! These are the two best ones. They do a very good job at showing how God is moving in our world even now!
    Father of Lights
    Holy Ghost
    Hope this finds you and yours well!

    • Hi Michael,

      Thank you for that. I don’t have a netflix account, so I can’t comment on those videos. But, if they are like your written account, I’m sure that they are fine.

      Just be careful about over-symbolizing the Bible. Some symbolizing is harmless, especially if you are making an illustration as you are doing here. But, I’ve seen many people go down the path of symbolizing EVERYTHING.

      (Sorry. I just felt the need to give a warning.)

      As for sin, you are right that I’m forced to grapple with the sin that is happening in this world, and it grieves my spirit deeply to see how horrible we have become. Worse, our brothers and sisters in Christ have participated in many of these horrors.

      We must always be grieved by the sin of this world, especially the sin that our churches participate in. Remember that ‘Just Lot’ was vexed every day by the wickedness of the wicked. (2nd Peter 2) We must always be repulsed by our sins, and the sin of others.

      However, we must love the sinner. I must keep reminding myself of that.

      Thank you, Michael. I truly hope that we will all remain unspotted by the corruption of this world.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Hello Brother;
        Please allow me also to minister a word of encouragement to you (as well as a very hearty THANK YOU! for the encouragement you have been to me).

        The fact I have been a believer for 36 years becomes insignificant when placed against the old adage: “It’s not how long you have been on the road, but how far you have traveled.” And although the testimony of my walk with Jesus is marred by a track record of many personal failures, in recent years, by God’s grace. I have applied myself to diligent commitment to a sanctified lifestyle, and the earnest study of God’s Word (and the publishing of the truth revealed to me), I said that to say this: Although I am far from being perfect, one thing I truly am is serious about the things of God.

        Along this journey I have developed a great appreciation for certain things. And one of the things I have the highest regard for in life is Truth. And not only for truth itself, but for those who have what it takes to speak the truth in an uncompromising fashion no matter the consequence. As our Lord Jesus Christ IS the truth, I see how someone handles the Word of God as an indicator of their true regard for Christ. I know you agree, as I have heard you voice similar thoughts before. It is very hard for me to believe someone telling me what a great love they have for Jesus when I see them editing the message to please man, or worse yet twisting it into a means to fill their wallets (or climb the ladder).

        One of the strongest words I have ever gotten from the Lord is that, in the years to come, there will be a marked difference in what those who are faithful watchmen will receive from God compared to what will be received by those who have pacified and deceived the people of God with a compromised Gospel and ear-tickling fables. The Lord subsequently showed me a remarkable illustration of this word he had given me in the book of Jeremiah,

        The Prophet Jeremiah was one who stood fast and declared the true words of God in the face of great opposition and persecution from those he was called to minister to. Although this man of God suffered great things to stay true to his calling, the end of the matter was an amazing display of the favor of God poured out upon him as the judgment of God was visited upon those who had opposed him. I have laid out what was shown me in this article:

        John I sincerely respect you for your love for the truth, and also for the tenacity to administer a word of correction where needed. I believe you are truly one of many who will see what I have come to call ‘the blessing of Jeremiah’ become a reality in your future walk with Jesus through the trials and tribulations which lie ahead.

        Psalms 40:10
        I have not hid thy righteousness within my heart; I have declared thy faithfulness and thy salvation: I have not concealed thy lovingkindness and thy truth from the great congregation.

        The subject of your article this week hit a very tender spot for me as I have an older brother severely ill affected by his tours in Vietnam, I have only seen him face to face three times since the early seventies as he lives in isolation from the family in another part of the country, tormented in his mind, and locked into a self-destructive lifestyle, all thanks to the military industrial complex and their lust for dominion.

        Oh, how I long for the day when the Sun of Righteousness will arise with healing in his wings!

        Paul Benson

      • Hi John!
        Thanks for the prompt response!
        You are right about the symbolizing. The trick is that the symbol has to mean something real.
        About the videos, you may want to get a netflix account just to see these two.
        In Father of Lights, an OPENLY Christian film crew, with no plan or connections, is allowed into the Well Of Souls inside The Dome of The Roc in Jeruselam. With camera’s rolling the whole time, they are allowed to pray inside the Well of Souls claiming it for Christ.
        No-one stops them!
        God is moving in this world and doing amazing things!
        As to the corruption of this world, our bodies are of this world. But Christ has given us a new heart marking us as His, and no-one can snatch us out of His hand!

  5. the conclusion of the matter? As Johnathan Kahn keeps reminded us, like Israel U.S.A. following the same de-generation — GOD reveals the sin of the nation to it’s people to bring repentance & restoration – if the people (leadership – religious & political) refuse / reject / remain stiff necked? Judgment, total destruction, exile, humiliation ! So where are we America on this time line? Are we past the point of no return? Have we gone too far and can only expect the hand of GOD to be against us? Sadly, our military men & women will get the first hit & suffer the most in foreign fields!

  6. Hi John,
    I know you are familiar with Carolyn Hamlett’s story of mind control and ritual abuse, and perhaps you have also visited some of the websites she lists as resources. One of those is, where there are many videos and podcasts by and about other SRA survivors. I love the way these survivors talk about how God has taken their trauma and has turned it into a strength, authority, and sensitivity in the spiritual realm that normal people may not experience. Their stories are a ray of hope in the darkness of the ugliness you describe in your post. I just finished listening to a podcast by Daniel Duval, who is one of Carolyn Hamlett’s counselors. In this podcast he interviews another SRA survivor, Nikki, and they recount some amazing experiences in which God declares to a very high-ranking evil entity that the time line has been pushed back, that counterfeit timelines have been judged, and that Living Waters will flow, not omitting the realm of darkness. You can find this podcast on Dan Duval’s website,, on his Twitter list, May 26, should you care to listen to it. I find this very hopeful, and to return to my point from a reply to a previous post of yours, there ARE people praying, warring, and interceding, and God is listening to His people’s cries. America is full of wickedness but there are many more than “10 righteous people” and we are told “If My people which are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sins, and heal their land.” 2 Chron. 7:14. We His people can cooperate with Him in prayer like this and avert or postpone many of the judgments.

    • Hi Valef,

      The fact that God can heal the hearts and minds of people like Carolyn is very encouraging for those us with loved-ones who struggle with difficulty. We know that God has His plans, and that they are good.

      People like Carolyn and the many others who have gotten victory, are a shining light in the terrible darkness that we contemplate.

      As to the intercession for America… please understand that the prophecies are fixed. They will occur as they were spoken. Once fulfillment begins, a prophecy cannot be stopped. It will not be stopped.

      The prophecy of the Last Days began its fulfillment 49 years ago. There will be no delay in the completion of the prophecy that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13. If there is to be any hope for America, for those Christians who are left in America… America must be destroyed. America must become a wasteland so wrecked and ruined that she would never join with the Antichrist. Because, if she is NOT destroyed, she WILL join with the Antichrist.

      These ARE the Last Days, and the return of Our Lord will not be delayed, for which I am grateful.

      Thank you, Valef. Great comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Valef, there is great danger in seeing only what you want to see. There’s a heck of a lot more to the picture than that. 2 Chron 7:14 is not in any way being fulfilled in present day America. The majority of those who call themselves God’s people are NOT turning from their wicked ways, they are still preaching the prosperity gospel, lax morals and many other abominable heresies and the actions of the tiny minority that does not go along with all this is not going to stay God’s hand. He would be UNJUST – do you believe God is unjust? – if He continued to overlook this. Think about that. Suppose you have a community of 1,000 people, 999 of whom are continually robbing, raping and stealing from each other. One of them is a Christian who prays continually, “Lord, please do not do anything about this! Please do not judge or punish anyone!” and that this state of affairs has gone on for several hundred years. Does it really make any sense at all, spiritually or otherwise, to think it is a good thing for this prayer to be answered? There is a time for patience, a time for mercy, a time for forgiveness if there is sincere repentence. But there is no repentence, sincere or fake, on the part of the 999. And God’s patience and mercy is not to be confused with looking the other way and ignoring justice altogether.

      Let me tell you a real-life story about denial and seeing only what you want to see. As a nurse, I have taken care of many dying patients. When this process begins there are many treatments and medications that can ease this for the patient. One elderly man began to show signs of this, and we talked to his family about starting some of these medications. They were in absolute denial that he was dying, and refused the medications because “those are for dying people!” He already had the “death rattle” at this point. So, he had to go thru it cold turkey, and the next morning we had to call his family and tell them that this man, who they would not believe was dying, was dead. Their denial not only made it impossible to give him easily available comfort when he needed it most, it also robbed them of the chance to say goodbye and to spend his last hours with him, whom they supposedly loved so much they refused to entertain the thought that someday he will die. How loving was it, really, to let him die alone and with no comfort measures that could so easily have been given?

      They will have to wrestle with that for the rest of their lives, and they may or may not learn anything from it. But the salient point here is that reality, and one’s feelings/beliefs about it, are two entirely different things and reality is what it is, our feelings do not change it. It is our feelings and beliefs that must adapt to reality, not the other way around. People die, and empires fail. Any study of history shows that all empires have a predictable cycle of rising, plateauing, becoming eaten up from within by corruption (inevitable due to the fallen human nature), and then collapse. It is not hard to see where the US is in this cycle, and it is the height of folly to buy into this “exceptional” nonsense.

      You are free to deny and rationalize to your heart’s content. And one day, you will wake up and the US will be dead.

  7. Hi all,

    In addition to the transgender law, the prince of selfies is looking forward to legalizing killing people. Canada has so lost its moral bearing.

    BTW, it was announced earlier today that 300 firefighters from South Africa will go to Fort Mac to help fight the fires. Begs the question — why couldn’t firefighters from Canada and the U.S. come help the fires? I wonder what exactly is the agenda….

  8. Thank you for all your work. I am very happy to say our Redeemer lives and He knows how to heal a broken heart. The awful, vile stuff coming out of Hollywood is just disgusting; words can scarcely be found to express the outrage. If there is any place on earth that needs to be cleaned up, perhaps destroyed due to filth that may have polluted the very soil, it’s that place. I pray Yahweh pulls out any and all of His people before He does destroy it.

    I found a couple of articles that touch on a bit of the other material you had presented. I like what she said about the DNA. If there is any confusion for a person with respect to their gender, it is a deeply-rooted spiritual issue. You know what really bothers me, as in a lot? It is the well-meaning or so-called, supporters who enable those of the LGBT (whatever floats the boat today) persuasion. I get especially hot under the collar when it is those who should know better who are doing the enabling. The enablers do not seem to understand that most, if not all the LGBT etc. people got that way from abuse, therefore they themselves are compounding the abuse. LGBT etc.’ers don’t need any more enabling! They need to be told the truth, given the opportunity to repent, return to Abba’s ways and on the road to complete recovery.

    Have a great Tuesday.

    Shalom aleichem!

    Ps. I understand Romans 1. Having personally dealt with similar issues, I know that for a person truly who wants to heal, by acknowledging sin as sin and the need for accepting, and applying the completed work of Messiah’s work of redemption in one’s life and a dedication to working out one’s salvation, it can and has change a life.

  9. Brother John,

    I am sick to my stomach as well. I cannot wait for His return.. I don’t want to live in a world like this anymore. I fear for my children.

    I am a proud veteran. But to your point, we didn’t fight for freedom. We fought to preserve evil. Part of it is because when we first joined, we didn’t know any better. We were brainwashed. For this reason, I tell anyone and everyone NOT to join the service. There are a lot of good people in the military, but they were lied to as well. Let’s pray that those in uniform see the TRUTH. The good news is that there are many vets who share my views.

    Whatever punishment we get, we deserve, Brother John. We need to turn to God. People have this idea that anything that is ‘free’ is not worth anything. People forget that sometimes the ‘free’ stuff is the BEST stuff. Salvation is FREE. Jesus died on the Cross for our sins. All people have to do is accept our Lord Jesus.

    I am sick to my stomach, literally. Forgive my ranting. I’m just verbalizing how I truly feel.

    • Everyone,

      This is a message to everyone, and not specifically to the horrifying comment by this fellow that calls himeself ‘Truth’.

      A lot of things happen in the background of Omega Shock, that you often don’t see. This fellow is one of them.

      He’s part of a group that denies that Jesus is God. Worse, he claims that Jesus is actually a ‘false god’, and that we Christians are worshiping Zeus – because he says that Jesus is a derivative of ‘Zeus’. Furthermore, he claims that the REAL Israelites are Black Africans. He goes on to say that the Hebrew name of Jesus is ‘Yahushua’ (or ‘Yahusha’) and not ‘Yeshua’. He says that the name of the Lord God is not ‘Yehovah’, but ‘Yahuwah’.

      I speak Hebrew and read it. I have never heard of ANYONE being given a Hebrew name like ‘Yahusha’. And, while I disagree with the use of ‘Yahweh’ as a pronunciation for ‘Yood Hay Vav Hay’, it is certainly closer than ‘Yahuwah’.

      He has gone on to say that we will all be slaves of the true black Israelites, and that I’d better get with the program, if I want to be saved.

      And now… he’s gone one more step in his attempt to condemn himself to Hell, by claiming that Jesus is also some obscure European god called Esus.

      For someone to take this path to Hell is horrifying to me. I don’t want ANYONE to go to Hell, but this heresy is so incredible, that I am horrified a second time by how it shakes its fist in the face of God.

      Jesus – Yeshua – spoke of such heresy arising in the Last Days, so maybe I shouldn’t be so outraged by it. But, I can’t help myself. We should always be outraged, heartbroken, repulsed, amazed, shocked and grieved by sin and evil.

      The above commenter hides his identity by calling himself ‘Truth’ and his email account name ‘nowendtime’. I can’t call him ‘Truth’, that’s too much for me. So, he’s ‘nowendtime’ in my book.

      ‘NowEndTime’ is an example of the heresies that will increase in these Last Days. I pray that God rescues him from the evil path that he is on, before it is too late.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  10. Saw the movie X-Men Apocalypse this weekend and noticed that they had modified a scene that had caused some backlash (at least in Christian press). The originally released scene was where the “bad guy” in the film says he goes by many names and then proceeds to name several false gods as well as “Yahweh”. In the movie we saw, he said Elohim instead. Interestingly, they could be considered one and the same since the word Elohim is the plural of El (or possibly of Eloah) and is the first name for God given in the Tanakh. Even more interestingly, it is described in Wikipedia as a grammatically plural noun for “gods” or “Deity” in Biblical Hebrew. In the modern it is often times referred to in the singular despite the-im ending that denotes plural masculine nouns in Hebrew. Elohim – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Some deliberate obfuscation on several levels??

    • Hmmm… interesting points. And I can verify that you are right in your Hebrew. All that I can add is that ‘Yahweh’ is an incorrect pronunciation of ‘Yood Hay Vav Hay’. Christian Archeologists unearthed the pronunciation key, confirming that it is Yehovah, which essentially means the eternal one. Thank you, Gibby! – JL


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