If My People…

Donald Trump has essentially won the Republican Party nomination, and many rejoice over this. It’s a great victory, and I have been highly critical The Donald’s opponents in this contest.

But, will The Donald really change anything?

He might make some important changes. We’ll certainly feel better about our government, should he survive to take the White House. But, there’s a far deeper issue, and it’s even connected to last week’s review of ‘The Rapture Verdict‘ by Michael Snyder.

It’s about you and me.

Remember. You can’t fix a spiritual problem with political solutions.


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If My People…

Sometimes you get so caught up in a contest, that you lose perspective. I’m an old hand at losing perspective, so I know this well. And, I think that we risk doing that with Donald J. Trump.

You haven’t heard me say much about Donald Trump, and I’m not sure that I will say very much. I’m not sure that it matters. In fact, of all the things that matter most, The Donald will have very little – if any – control over.

I’m sure that Trump is a good guy. We’ve certainly heard a lot of good stuff about him. Those that know him personally have nothing but good to say about him. Even his enemies have difficulty in making criticisms stick.

He is a very likeable guy.

No High Hopes

In fact, the one he resembles the most is Ronald Reagan. Everybody loved The Gipper, and we still remember him fondly.

But, did Ronnie actually change the course that America was on?

Was the threat of the Military Industrial Complex reduced?

Was abortion eliminated?

Were the NWO Elites blunted in their power?

Was corruption reduced?

Unfortunately, the answer to all of that is NO. As much as I liked Reagan, he didn’t really change anything. At best, his presidency reduced the rate at which evil and corruption encroached upon the US government. At best.

So, I don’t really have high hopes for Trump. In fact, there is a real possibility that he isn’t quite what he seems to be. Some have shared with me the fact that he is a Freemason of very high order. Some have talked about his strip clubs and casinos. I could go on, but I won’t – because all of that is less important than something else.

How We Got Here

We are at this point in time because we – you and me – have sinned against God. We have brought sin into the church and corrupted the Body of Christ in the United States. Half of our pastors are regular consumers of pornography. The abortion rate among Christians is only a little lower than that of non-Christians. Likewise, the divorce rate is only a little lower among Christians than non-Christians.

How about tithing?

Do evangelicals share the gospel anymore?

Do we even read our Bibles?

When was the last time your pastor even mentioned the word ‘sin’?

Identical The World

Hopefully, none of you are in churches that have become corrupt. It is not my intent to call out anyone in particular, but to illustrate something important:

We have become indistinguishable from the world.

Our churches are so full of sin and corruption that they are no longer offended by the corruption of the world. We don’t know what sin is, anymore. We even enjoy the sins shown to us on TV, the Internet and through popular music. We delight in the sins of this world.

Look, sin is fun. Being Godly isn’t. Being Godly means restricting yourself, holding yourself in. It means NOT thinking or dwelling upon that which you shouldn’t. It means NOT gratifying ourselves and living for this life.

I get that, because I have the same struggles that you have. Seriously.

The Only Hope For America

But, our sinfulness has destroyed our country, and the final act of that destruction is coming. However, for those of you who think that the United States can be spared the judgment that is coming, there is really only one answer:

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

 – 2 Chronicles 7:14

If I saw THAT happening in our churches… well …I might begin to believe that Donald J. Trump might be sent by God to rescue our beloved country. But, I don’t see it, anywhere.

Last Week As An Example

In fact, what I see are people making excuses for the sin that is among us. I see adulterers allowed to lead. I see heresy preached from pulpits. I see open rebellion against God.

Last week was a small example of that.

One of the reasons why I get so upset over the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Lie, is that it’s such a deliberate corruption of the Bible. The lying liars that taught this awful lie to us, reached into the guts of the Bible and ripped them out. They subverted and perverted the Bible to make it reflect a subverted and perverted truth.

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Lie is the same message taught by Joel Osteen. Osteen tells us all that God wants you to have a good life. He says that God wants you to be happy and wealthy. He says that God wants you to be comfortable in your life.

And THAT is a lie from the pits of Hell.

God Has A Job For You

God wants you be represent HIM to a dying world. He wants you to be an EXAMPLE of truth and righteousness, and He will make you a miserable wretch – if necessary – until you are what He wants you to be. God loves you, no matter what you were, but He is not interested in seeing the precious gifts that He has given you… being buried in the ground.

God has work for you to do, and He isn’t interested in your excuses for why you won’t do it.

Read what Jesus said about the talents given to servants:


I find it interesting that this discussion about servants and rewards comes just after the discussion about the Last Days and The Rapture in Matthew 24. It’s not a coincidence, because the parable of the talents is a part of the same talk that Jesus was giving to His disciples.

Our Itching Ears

Those who have embraced the Pretribulation Rapture Lie, are doing exactly what Paul warned against:

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

 – 2 Timothy 4:3-4

Remember that Paul isn’t speaking about non-Christians. No, he’s talking about brothers and sisters in Christ.

Since the 1800s, we’ve been taught a ‘peace and safety’ fable. We’ve been taught that God would never allow us to suffer. We’ve been taught that we need never be concerned with watching and waiting. Yet, Jesus told us that we would suffer, and He commanded us watch and wait.

Suffering In Our Future

Look, I tremble at the thought of what we are about to go through. The thought of the suffering that lies before us… well …it makes me ache. I would do almost anything to avoid what is coming, but there is one thing that I would never do:

I will never knowingly twist the Bible.

I will take it for what it is, the words of God for us, and I will never knowingly allow a false teacher to make the Bible say what it does not.

We Were Chosen For Such A Time As This

You and I were chosen for such a time as this. God chose us to serve Him in this very important moment in time. It is an honor and a privilege to do so, but it requires clear vision.

If you have blinded yourself with the cares of this world, you will be unable to accomplish your appointed task. If you have lived a life of self-indulgence you will be unprepared for the difficulties that lie ahead. If this life is important to you… I shudder to think about what you will receive in the life to come.

Donald J. Trump might fix some of what is wrong with America. He might make the government more efficient. He might eliminate some of the corruption. He might do a lot of good, but he will not make a bit of difference unless something vitally important happens first:

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

 – 2 Chronicles 7:14



Read my book, Ezekiel’s Fire.

It’s free, and it may just save your life.

Here’s the website:


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These are the articles that hit my desktop this week – and seemed important. In fact – depending on who you are – the research below might be more important than my words, above. My hope is that my research will be a springboard for your own. Start with my sources, and expand.

And then, tell me what you’ve found.

Most of my sources for this week are the same as last week’s. Most. Anyway, here are the sources for this week:

















Last week, I had to cut some of my research short, because I was intent on reading and reviewing Michael Snyder’s book, so the following sources didn’t make it into my research:


https://www.youtube.com/user/TokyoAtomic (aka, Black Pigeon Speaks)





Well, I can cheerfully say that they made it in, this week.

Best of all, many of you provided me with valuable links that you will also find below.

Each of the above has their own foibles and biases, and that goes for Omega Shock. My hope is that YOUR bias will ALWAYS be Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


These are the links with some extra importance. They also don’t fit in just any one of the other categories.

Video: Cops Swarm Woman Pastor In Alley, Take Her Down With Force « CBS Chicago

Cops that dishonor their uniforms should suffer double the punishment that a normal person should suffer, under similar circumstances.

Five of six F-35 fighter jets were unable to take off during testing because of software glitches

Note to US Dept. of State:

Don’t engage in aggressive action against an opponent when your planes can’t leave the ground, and when you spent a hilarious amount of money building them.

The Russians are laughing at us.

They must think that we’re idiots.

They’re right.

Clark Neily on Civil Asset Forfeiture – YouTube

This should make you upset. If you’re poor, you’re a target. If you have lots of cash, you’re a target.

The US government is preying upon you. They are abusing you for their own profit. They know that they can get away with it, and that’s why they are doing it.

If you live in the United States, you are less free and more oppressed than I am living on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

So, tell me again why you plan on staying in the US?

Unmasking the Men Behind Zero Hedge, Wall Street’s Renegade Blog

Gibby62 mentioned this in a comment last week, and it’s interesting.

It looks like the political writer, Lokey, got a bad case of the sour-grapes, and decided to overturn the table and stomp out in a huff. (Very bad form, btw.)

I’d often wondered who the geopolitical writer was. There was a qualitative uptick in the writing and analysis when that writer came on. That might not have been the Lokey guy, but if it was… I’m sorry to see him go.

I also noticed in the article that Bloomberg was attacking Zerohedge’s anti-establishment view as ‘crazy’. Unfortunately, Zerohedge is NOT crazy, nor are they completely anti-establishment.

Thank you, Gibby, for sharing that with us.

The Full Story Behind Bloomberg’s Attempt To “Unmask” Zero Hedge

Here’s the rebuttal from ZeroHedge, also sent to me by Gibby.


Bloomberg is just another mouthpiece of the prostitute media that will hire itself out to the richest sugar daddy.

Well done, ZeroHedge. And, well done, Gibby. Thank you.

Scientology Leader’s Father Ron Miscavige Describes the Moment When He Says He Escaped – ABC News

Interesting. ABC News does a hit piece on Scientology.

I’m curioius about why.

ABC is a highly controlled news organization. They don’t do something like this, against such a powerful organization, unless there’s a need.

(At least, that’s my impression. I could be wrong.)

Could there be a ‘shake up’ among the Elites?

Could Scientology have tried to make a play for ‘membership’ among the Elites?

Was Scientology a member of the Elites, and fell out of favor?

Is all this hot air?

Am I just imagining things?

It’s hard to say. But, Scientology is bad news with a thirst for power. And, when it comes to such desires for power, there’s never enough. Those with more than enough, will push back.

EU military police carry out ‘worrying’ civil unrest crisis training

I think that it is pretty obvious that civil strife, civil unrest and then maybe civil war – or something like it – is coming. To Europe.

They’ve sown the wind.

Now, they reap the whirlwind.

Target stock plummets as “transgender” bathroom boycott swells to over one million « Hot Air


Boycotting DOES WORK!

Keep that up, kids. Make our voice heard.

The New World Order Has Created Its First Capital City Headquarters In Astana Kazakhstan ⋆ Now The End Begins

Linda Sorci sent this link to me, via the comment section, mentioning her speechlessness, and I can say that it really does take your breath away.

I’ve been wondering about Astana for a very long time. It’s out in the middle of nowhere. It doesn’t seem to be on any land route from one place to the next.

Yet, it has all that horrifying Illuminati/Masonic symbolism everywhere.

It’s been like that for years, but it seems to be gaining attention in the alternative media. It will be interesting to see how all of this develops.

For now, Astana is a ‘backwater’, but that might change.

BREAKING: Defense Secretary Slips Up, Reveals Obama Admin LED IRAN Straight to Our Sailors

Oh great. Now we have proof-positive that Obama isn’t just a corrupt piece of garbage posing as a world leader, we also find out that he’s a drooling idiot.

How pathetic.

What are we?

Extras on the set of Idiocracy?

(Don’t answer that!)

‘Air rage’ largely based on seat class, study finds

Okay, this confirms how small-minded we are. We get upset when people are better off than we are. Have it better than we are. It is a supremely stupid jealousy.

I’m six foot, four and a half inches. I have only flown first class when I’m bumped up from economy. And yes, I’ve traveled an obscene number of air miles. (Well, obscene to me.) Only idiots travel first class, or those with medical conditions that really need the extra space.

Yes, yes, if you have a medical condition where flying is an ordeal, then yes, first class is a good idea. But, few of those flying first class are in that category.

So, this air-rage stuff is for idiots. Only an idiot would envy the waste of money. Only a drooling idiot would jump up and cause trouble because some other drooling idiot spent too much money on a passenger seat.

It’s stuff like this that confirms my low opinion of humanity.

How to Live and Survive When Your Country Enters an Economic Collapse

This is a really good article on preparedness. I agree with all of it, and I hope that you will follow what it says.

Lindsay Graham Threatens “Next 9/11” AGAIN, This Time Blaming Trump « InvestmentWatch

Closet homosexual and chicken hawk, Lindsay Graham, threatens another 9/11?

He keeps trying to do this without ever quite succeeding.

I wonder if it’s possible to quantify the amount of blood on his hands. We could have a ‘blood index’ for politicians.

That would be interesting. Of course good ol’ George would be close to the top of that list.

China takes drastic measures to save the regime

All is not well in the Middle Kingdom. China has never been very tightly held together, so these signs of cracks in the China’s facade will worry those of us who wish for smooth sailing.

In fact, a collapse of China could very well be why China seems to have so little connection to events in the Last Days. Except for some reference to ‘Kings of the East’ which could be almost ANYONE.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Civil Forfeiture (HBO) – YouTube

This is from 2014. But, it is STILL a problem. I am sickened by this, and I want these officers put away for a long time. There is humor in this, but the pain is overwhelming the humor.

Those of you who are resisting the idea of living abroad… well, I wouldn’t live in America, under THOSE conditions for ANY amount of money.

The First Casualty Is Truth

This is as much about our willingness to participate in lies, as it is about the liars themselves.

Truth died a long time ago. The question is whether you will go with it.

A New Digital Cash System Was Just Unveiled At A Secret Meeting For Bankers In New York

Another great article sent via Gibby.

All that I can say is OUCH!

The day of the Mark is rapidly approaching. I believe that Ezekiel’s Fire will delay the arrival of ‘The Mark’, but the fact that the Elites are doing this sends chills up my spine.

To those of you, like me, who would like to get as far from such a system as possible, for as long as possible… get to a society that still values cash – like here in Taiwan. You can withdraw ten million Taiwan Dollars, in cash, and the bank teller won’t blink an eye. Other countries are like that.

I doubt that very many of us will be able to completely escape the Mark – except for those in Israel – but, maybe we can get to places where its arrival will be delayed.

I never believe in giving up, or giving in, and you shouldn’t, either.

Court Takes Child From Mother After She Mentions Chemtrails At School

Comrade, you are disagree with State? Therefore you are must be insane. We take you to friendly psychiatric facility.

Not to worry. Lovely family are take care of by us.

For good, comrade. For good. Da?


Wow. That’s obscene. This is mental rape and child abuse – all rolled into one.

You need to keep your kids from going to schools where they force this kind of horrifying education upon people.

This is child abuse.

Do you want your children to be mentally raped in school?

And yes, that is EXACTLY what this is.

The End Of America?: 13 Catastrophic Events Which Could Soon Lead To An American Apocalypse

Okay, this article will NOT make you happy. So be sitting down when you read this.

I’m afraid that these threats are all too real. And, you must at least think about them and weigh their potential in your mind. Mental preparation is vital.

When A Nation Is Doomed – A Definition…

Yup, America is doomed.

Please do not be doomed with her.

Something Big Coming In 2016?: Five Prominent Watchmen Issue Exceedingly Ominous Warnings

Is there something big coming in 2016?

Yeah. I think so, too.

The question is…

HOW big?

followed by…

WHAT big?

(As in… what will it be, exactly?)

The summer hasn’t even started yet, and it’s already pretty hot.

I hope that you’ll be ready for this.

Rebel Planet Dispatch: It’s Global Sin

Amen, Marcel. The biggest problem of all is sin. None of the disasters – even combined – comes close. The danger of the horrendous sins that encroach upon our lives is enormous. If there is to be ANY hope for us, we must submit ourselves to God. And, do it quickly.

There’s not much time left.

“You’ve Lost Their Confidence” Tom Coburn Exhorts Congress “America Doesn’t Trust You Anymore”

Wow. Coburn raked Congress over the coals. He demolished them, quietly… matter-of-factly… totally.

Basically, he called them scoundrels, without ever using the word.

I call the traitors.

Giant chunks of Earth’s mantle are FALLING OFF and causing quakes across southeastern US

I don’t know how significant this is, but from a scientific point of view… fascinating.

Basically, the Earth is a ball of liquid metal with a thin layer of crust around the surface. There are also currents – quite large and fast currents – of that liquid metal flowing under the surface of the Earth, which is why we have a gravity field. If those currents stopped, the magnetosphere would collapse, and we would become completely vulnerable to all sorts of stuff coming from the Sun.

This article introduces us to the thought that the magma is merely a bit more sticky, at least sticky enought to attach itself to the crust. But, something can unstick bits of magma from the crust and send it drifting deeper into the Earth.


The next question is to ask about what could be causing that.

Is it the change in flow of the outer core of the Earth?

Is it something else?

5/03/2016 — Scientists say CRATON EDGE Earthquakes caused by new UPWELLING magma from the ASTHENOSPHERE

Here’s another view. So, it COULD be a change of flow of the liquid core.

Serbian church head says string of fires could be a ‘warning’ | New York PostAmericans Distracted By The Transgender Bathroom Argument While 3 Nuclear Disasters Unfold

Okay, I’m not prepared to say that the completely insane ‘transgender’ nonsense is a conspiracy to distract us from a threat from leaky nuke plants or nuke wasts, but…


This is bad.

And that fire at that waste dump. There is no reason in the world for that not to be contained. They should have – and could have – dealt with that a long time ago, but the people in charge are drooling idiots.

Yes, yes, they are drooling idiots. I worked on a government contract once, and I was surrounded by them. Thank God I got out of there before I became a drooling idiot too.

…no… wait. You say that I’m ALREADY a drooling idiot?



Ex-CIA Analyst: Attack on US Could Kill 9 Out of 10 Americans – 9 Ways to Prepare for an Electro-Magnetic Pulse

Another article that has popped up about EMP. If you live in the US, this is a real threat. Outside the US, the threat is less real.

Those who truly wish to destroy America, know that an EMP attack is the simplest way to do it. It’s the idea that launched this website – among other things – and it’s the idea that you should have some preparation for.

The steps for EMP preparation for electronics need to be a bit more rigorous. You need a metal-coated tape – copper or aluminum – to seal the container. And, there must be no holes. My recommendation is one of those nice big metal trash cans.

If you’re going to prepare for an EMP, do it right.

The gender agenda in the war on normality

Horrifying madness. And, it needs RUSSIA TODAY TO POINT IT OUT!


(does gorilla impression)

(wife gives stern look)

Okay, I’m better now.

Where was I?

Ah yes, gender-neutral insanity. If you listen to the video, you realize that the parents don’t even realize that what they were doing was ‘gender neutral’. They were just doing what felt ‘natural’.

Stick a fork in us.

We’re DONE.

WHAT? 666 ʻMark Of The Beastʻ Just Got REAL! (2016) – YouTube

This video from KJ at ‘TheScariestMovieEver’ has a pretty scary video for us. He takes us through some of the events that are leading us to The Mark of the Beast. The video is a little over 18 minutes long, but I think worth listening to.

Despite economic recovery, every single county in America is facing hunger

I’m wondering if your church is looking out for those who are suffering hunger.

Is there anyone in your church that might be going hungry?

Are there those who are actively looking for those who are going hungry?

Remember Taxation Without Representation? It’s Happening Again

We have some real porkers in Washington, and I find it interesting that we’ve allowed them to continue fattening themselves at our expense. And, I had another thought.

Would these pigs be as fat if there wasn’t a petroleum economy to support them?

Oil has given us a tremendous amount of excess energy. When it begins to run out… and it has begun to run out…

How will the oinkers in Washington support themselves?

Corruption can only succeed when there’s a lot of excess production, and excess production means excess energy. Without oil, that excess energy… collapses.

Peak Oil is going to make things interesting, and we hit the peak in conventional oil in 2005. It’s all downhill from here, kids.

Scientists Explain Why It Is Inevitable That America Will Be Hit By Absolutely Monstrous Earthquakes

I don’t normally include links to articles predicting natural disasters, partly because so many man-made disasters are barrelling down upon us.

But, this doesn’t mean that natural disasters are not a threat and are worth preparing for. In Indiana, we were ready for tornadoes. We’d get them all the time.

So, spare a thought for earthquakes. We’re ready for them here in Taiwan, since we get them all the time.

Are you ready for an earthquake?

The Racist Trees of Our National Parks

Just when you thought that America couldn’t get more ridiculous… it does.

SAUDI 9/11

The Saudis have something to be concerned about, and it looks like the 28 pages on the 9/11 investigation are about to be released.

This could get real interesting, real fast.

CIA director: ’28 pages’ contain inaccurate information

Okay, so John Brennan – the closet Muslim – says that Saudi ties to 9/11 are false.

Riiight. I believe you, John. Sure.

Wait, should I call you Jihadi John?

Would that be more appropriate?

John Brennan converted to Islam while in Saudi Arabia, and apparently has already done Haj.

But, this move by Jihadi John Brennan seems to indicate that the ’28 Pages’ are about to be released. Look for more of this kind of thing in the near future.

CIA Head Against Declassifying 9/11 Report Over Inaccurate Information

I’m shocked… SHOCKED I tell you. The head of the CIA is against releasing the ’28 Pages’? Who would have THOUGHT such a thing?

BTW, that sound was your sarcasm meter exploding.

(Sorry about that.)

9/11 Damage Control Begins: CIA Director Warns “28 Pages” Contains Inaccurate Information

Even MORE Brennan. Good ol’ John ‘Hajj’ Brennan. Can’t keep a good crypto-Muslim down.

Saudi Foreign Minister Repeats Warning To US Over Sept 11 Law

The Saudis don’t realize that they are encouraging this release of the ’28 pages’.

Now, we will DEMAND to know.


This election in the US, will be one of the most important in America’s history and the history of the world.

This president will take America into the coming of Gog and Magog and Ezekiel’s Fire. The president will also help lay the groundwork for the coming of the false messiah, the one that we call The Antichrist.

Nothing good will come from this election. We’re just hoping for ‘less bad’.

Still Report #823 – TNALC Analysis – Cruz is a Man Without a Country – YouTube

This is a HUGE and HARD HITTING analysis.

Ted ‘Lucifer’ Cruz is NOT ELIGIBLE to be president of the USA. PERIOD.

The guy is a lying liar. He claims to be a Christian, but he’s an imposter.

And, I say tha his dad is a lying liar, too. Lyin’ Ted should be sent back to Canada, where he belongs.

Michael Savage DESTROYS and Exposes Ted Cruz – 3/10/16 – YouTube

I posted this in March, but I saw it again on Steve Quayle’s site recently and listened to it again.

Savage is SOOOO good in this one. A great take-down of Ted ‘Lucifer’ Cruz.

Byron York: Heidi Cruz says ‘Ted is an immigrant’

Cruz was NOT born to an American citizen – unless that ‘American Citizen’ was breaking Canadian Law. Because, at the time of Ted’s birth, his mother was NOT ALLOWED TO BE AN AMERICAN CITIZEN, according to Canadian Law.

So, unless Ted comes out and proves that his mother was breaking the law when he was born, Ted is… at best …a ‘naturalized citizen’.

Which is it, Ted?

Was your mother a liar?

Or, are YOU the liar?

Inquiring minds want to know.

CRUZ POACHES NEARLY ALL AZ DELEGATES=> Former Gov. Jan Brewer Screams “I Got CheaTED!”

Ah yes, good ol’ CheaTED. He’s the best corrupTED politician on the platform. No one cheats the will of the people better than CheaTED.

Boehner called him ‘Lucifer’, and as much as I detest John Boehner… I am willing to agree with him. Satan always comes as an angel of light… of goodness… of love and righteousness. But, at the same time, Lucifer is always lying, cheating, stealing and destroying.

I’m afraid that this ‘Lucifer’ shoe fits, so I’m going to make CheaTED wear it.

Ted Cruz’s Support Softens Among the Delegates He Courted

It is looking increasingly certain that Trump will be the nominee. The Republican Party will put this repulsive process behind them and move forward.

And then, we’ll focus on who Trump REALLY is.

Rafael Cruz: “I Implore Every Member of the Body of Christ to Vote According to the Word of God” (VIDEO)

So, wait. I should vote for the guy who is a skirt-chaser, not an American, cheats in his political race, supported by vile and evil elites, lies 24/7…

But, I should vote for him because he calls himself a Christian?

I hear that Satan is just like that.

Sorry, Ted ‘Lucifer’ Cruz. You need to go back to Canada. It’s nice up there, this time of year.

GOP’s fear of Trump exposes the party’s abject corruption

This one comes from Bob, who left a comment a few days ago.

This is EXACTLY the reason why I like what Donald Trump is doing. He’s exposing the cockroaches, and they’re going to kill him for it. Hopefully, they won’t.

Of course, if they don’t, it means that he isn’t what he seems to be.

(Thanks, Bob!)

Clinton allies fume over Sanders’s vow to fight on

They’re fuming?


I love the feeling, when I know that corrupt psychopaths are upset over the failure of their criminal schemes. I want to see more of this upset.

I’m lovin’ it!

One Year of Silence on Hillary Clinton Uranium Deal

Here’s the first paragraph:

Last Spring, my book Clinton Cash was released and it initially set off a media maelstrom. It began on April 19, 2015, with a leaked copy of the book going to the New York Times. The copy was not sent by me or my publisher. If the Clintons leaked the book with the hope of having it prematurely dismissed, that proved to be a mistake. The paper called the book “the most anticipated and feared book” of the political season. The Times went on to note that the book was hardly a hysterical attack on the Clintons, but rather, “mainly in the voice of a neutral journalist” who “meticulously documents his sources, including tax records and government documents.”

I find it interesting that no one has come to the rescue of Hillary. The book was leaked, but not quashed.


She’s a tool of the Elites – at least one arm of them – but, she isn’t being protected.


Is she going to be a ‘sacrificial offering’?

Or, is this like what Larry Nichols keeps saying… an underdog, come-from-behind strategy?

That strategy worked against George Lucifer Bush in 1992, but I’m not sure that it will work with Trump in 2016.

Democrats- The Party of Murderers, Rapists… and Hillary

Whew! What a title. That certainly grabbed MY attention. It’s so true.

(Unfortunately, it’s also true about the Republicans.)

As Wayne says, opportunity came knocking. The question is whether the Elites will let us answer the door. But, Wayne has made an excellent point.

Will Trump take advantage of that?

Probably. But, that depends on whether the Elites allow Trump to make it to Cleveland. It will certainly be interesting to watch what happens.

The corrupt Elites are so… dependable.

The GOP Establishment Finally Accepts The Idea That Donald Trump Will Be Their Nominee

It seems like the GOP is accepting defeat and moving to neutralize Trump – as they did with Reagan, in 1980. That’s assuming that Trump hasn’t been in the pocket of the Elites all along.

There’s a lot of theatre involved in annointing a previously ‘chosen’ candidate. And, I’m always suspicious of ANYONE who seeks the office of POTUS.

Obamacare To Unveil “Price Shock” One Week Before The Elections

Wait a second. They’re going to be rolling out the price hikes JUST BEFORE THE ELECTION?

Are they CRAZY?

Of course not, which is why they are doing this on purpose.

They are shoeing in Trump, who ‘plans to fix it’. Right.

Anyone smell a rat?

Citizenship Documents Cruz Sealed Because They Don’t Exist

Having lived as an expat for 20 years, in Asia. I know that what this guy is saying, is true.

I’ve never had to go through all of that, but I’ve had many friends who’ve had to do all of that. And, I have quite a bit of experience dealing with the consular section of US embassies.

So, what’s the deal with Lyin’ Ted?

Well, the deal is that he’s a lying liar, who lies even about being a Christian.

And, he is not legally, an American citizen. It does not appear that he is even a ‘naturalized citizen’. He’s Canadian.

That’s it.

Lynne Patton “The Trump Family That I Know” – A Black Female Trump Executive Speaks – YouTube

Wow. A powerful video and powerfully authentic.

If it truly represents the truth, then Trump will either be assassinated, or the US taken down before he can do anything good.

If he is not a tool of the Elites, they will do everything in their power to keep him from wrecking their plans.

I don’t know what to say, other than to hope that all of this is true. It’s hard to know.

Just be careful about where you allegiances lie. Our only true allegiance should be with God. All else should be examined with extreme care, before being supported.

If Trump is a true reflection of this video, then God bless Trump. He’s going to need it.

A Shocking Revelation About Ted Cruz – YouTube

I don’t know what to make of Jim Bakker. But, I know what to make of Gary Heavin.

I spent some time, one-on-one talking with him, when he came to Taiwan. And, Gary really is a genuine, honest and God-fearing man who loves God. He puts God before everything, and he is an amazing man of courage and good will.

So, when someone like Gary Heavin comes out and says what he says about Ted Cruz… believe it.

Donald Trump wins Indiana primary

Well, my home state just handed Trump the nomination, and knocked Cruz out of the race.

Well done.

It now looks like we get to examine Trump more closely.

Is Trump the real deal?

We will see. It’s hard to believe that a genuine, honest man could be allowed to win the White House, but I’m prepared to reserve judgment.

Clinton Campaign Made Payments to Hard Drive Destruction Company

Hillary is so transparent, she destroys the evidence of criminal activity, just so that she can be… um …wait.

With all the blood on her hands, the outright corruption and treason… does she sleep well at night?

I truly hope that she HAS troubled sleep, because it would mean that she has a conscience. But, I doubt it.

Dan Gainor: ABC’s ‘Quantico’ Puts ‘Make America Great Again’ ‘in the Mouth of Terrorists’ to Impact Election

Wait, major television networks attempt to manipulate elections?


(excuse me for a moment as I castigate myself for that rhetorical question)

So, not only does ABC write and produce mind numbing and stupefying ‘entertainment’ programing, but they also attempt to use that ‘entertainment’ to ‘impact’ elections.

And, they think that this is okay.

Kids, watching TV will turn your brains to mush.

Rebel Planet Dispatch: Demagogues in a Time of Mass Deception and Destruction

Those of you who believe in Trump completely will not like this article from Marcel, but I’m afraid that he’s right.

Even if Trump were EXACTLY as he appears to be, he will still lead America to her doom. As the Bible says… Pride goeth before a fall…

And, our fall will be great, indeed.

Well done, Marcel.

Romanian hacker Guccifer: I breached Clinton server, ‘it was easy’

There’s blood in the water, and I see the sharks circling. I wonder if Hillary sees what I see.

Is she being sacrificed?

The “Elite” Do Not Go Down Without A Fight – Will We See A False Flag Event To Stop Trump?

This raises an interesting question.

Has this all been just ‘sleight-of-hand’?

Have they wanted Trump all along, and were merely managing the situation to get him into power?

Of course, as we consider this, remember that there is no single group of Elites. There are several, and they are in constant conflict with each other.

So, is this Trump victory the result of one group of Elites being victorious over another group?

Because of the sin in our churches, our country has been handed over to Satan. God has always promised to do this, when we sin against Him, so this should not be a surprise.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

– 2 Chronicles 7:14

If you want a truly good leader, we must humble ourselves, pray, seek God, turn from our wickedness. If we do that, God will hear us.

If we do not… we will be destroyed, and we will deserve it.

John Kasich Just announced he is suspending his campaign for president, the last chip has fallen!

Hmmm… the worm turns.

And yes, Kasich is a worm.

Notorious Hacker Makes ‘Bombshell’ Claim: “I Got Inside Hillary’s Completely Unsecured Server”

Why has Clinton been unable to make this ‘go away’?

Either this is the plot that Larry Nichols is talking about – to give her a ‘come from behind’ win.

Or, the Elites are ‘voting’ for Trump.


Judicial Watch Lawsuit Uncovers More Hillary Clinton Emails Withheld from State Department

The noose around Hillary tightens, but will she ever be brought to trial?

Do pigs fly?

An Open Letter To Those Disappointed By ‘Both’ US Presidential Candidates

This is written by a Nebraska Senator, so it’s a bit biased, but quite good. And, speaking of Hillary and Trump, this sentence made me smile:

There are dumpster fires in my town more popular than these two “leaders.”

Yeah. Interesting.

Trump Picks Former Goldman Partner And Soros Employee As Finance Chairman

Okay, those of you who were thinking that Trump was the White Knight, to save the day… well …here’s a bit of tarnish for you.

Nothing says vampire pig like Goldman Sachs.


The world stands upon the brink of a fearsome abyss. The question is whether you are prepared to share in the fate of the rest of the world, or whether you will prepare for the worst moment in human history.

Taking the petro out of the dollar – Alasdair Macleod: Finance and Economics

Taking the petro out of the dollar will spell the end of the Imperium. Pax Americanus exists because everyone needs dollars to buy their oil, and the only way that anyone can get dollars is by selling Americans the stuff that they want, cheaply enough for Americans to buy it.

Wonder why there’s so little manufacturing in the US?

That’s it.

So, the end of the Petrodollar will end the dominance of America in the world – ‘cuz no one would want American dollars or American debt. Especially their debt.

It’ll bring manufacturing back to America, but only after the dust settles.

It’s going to be ugly, kids.

I hope that you’ll be ready.

The U.S. Economy Officially Joins The Global Economic Slowdown – 1st Quarter GDP Comes In At 0.5%

The interesting thing bout the statistic in the title is that they only were able to arrive at that by fudging the numbers.

We are ALREADY in a recession. We just don’t know it, yet.

(BTW, I love the image in the article. It makes me a little homesick for the semi-rural Indiana that I grew up in.)


Eventually, the lies are going to get so big, that they have to stop.

Or, maybe they kill us all. Dunno.

They ARE psychopaths, so the decision to go genocidal shouldn’t be all that hard.

Are you… by any chance …ready for this?

The Business Cycle Wins Again – Armstrong Economics

As I have said, and will continue to say until I am blue in the face – or, at least purple – Martin Armstrong’s cycle theory has the best track record of anyone that I have ever seen.

And, I remember that theory from when I was a wee tyke in the ’90s managing investments.

Will he always get it right?

Who knows?

I know what the Bible says about what is coming. I know what I see in the markets. I can read the headlines.

There’s a graphic in the article that points to a bounce up around the end of this September, followed by a peak again in October of next year. Then, it’s downhill until June of 2018. There will be a short bounce, and then… CRASH, 2020.

Is THAT how it will play out?


It’s actually more optimistice than my own concerns, and I’ll pay attention to any reasonable optimism that I can pay attention to. Irrational optimism can get you killed. Reasonable optimism – in moderate doses – can be a bit of balm for the troubled soul.

I take nothing that Martin Armstrong says as ‘gospel truth’. I try to test and reason-out, everything that he says.

Is Pi the ‘universal constant’ that God manages the Universe with?

I don’t do numerology, so I will need to leave that to you. But, Martin is making a pretty good case for it, right here.

Consensus Forming: China Heading Back Into Financial Crisis

Interesting. What happens when the Chinese demand machine gets turned off?

Who has their finger on the switch?

And, those Chinese ‘mom-and-pop’ investors are a bit scary. They take to the streets and tear stuff down, when things go the wrong way.

This could get ugly.

John Rubino – Gold is the Answer for Economic Pandemics

It’s good to listen to someone like John Rubino speak of uncertainty.

We ALL thought that the markets would have fallen before now, and we just cannot believe that they are still operating under current condtions. But they are.

It is becoming increasingly clear that they cannot continue as they are, but it doesn’t mean that they will crash tomorrow.

Just do not let our uncertainty keep you from making the smart decisions now. Collapse IS coming. The exact moment… hard to say.

China Threatens Its Economists And Analysts To Only Write Bullish Reports, Or Else

The problem is that China is less sophisticated than the US and doesn’t have the more civilized system of corruption that we have in the US and Europe. So, they need to resort to threats.

So, be bullish, OR ELSE!

“Nothing Has Been Fixed” – Citi’s Five Reasons Why This Sucker Is Going Down

Absolutely the truth. Nothing fixed. Collapse coming. Utter insanity.

Barclays reinstates the no-money down mortgage

Another sign of impending doom. Too many more of these, and we’re dead.

Um… actually, we’ve ALREADY HAD TOO MANY OF THESE!!

Freight Rail Traffic Plunges: Haunting Pictures of Transportation Recession

Whoa. This is bad.

292 Union Pacific train engines idled in Arizona Desert.


The pictures are worth… more than mere words. We’re talking an economy that has ground to a halt.

Rail Traffic Depression: 292 Union Pacific Engines Are Sitting In The Arizona Desert Doing Nothing

Michael Snyder adds his own perspective to this collapse in rail freight transportation.

Chart: No wonder people are socking away what they can and tightening their spending: they have no other choice, even as the Federal Reserve strip-mines their savings.

When people are forced to spend less, the speed at which money circulates through the system… collapses. Essentially, money is sucked out of the system. And, when you have inflation, like what we have now, it makes the situation worse.

Less spending means lower profits and negative wage growth. That means even LESS spending until the cycle hits rock bottom. Unfortunately, the Fed and the government are grabbing as much of our money as they can, so expect the bottom to be a lot worse than expected.


I’ve lived through one case of it, and it wasn’t pretty.

Eight “New Normal” Charts That Are Insanely Abnormal–and Dangerous

All that you need to do is look at the pretty pictures. All those lines going up. As in… insanity. Madness.

Someone has been taking crazy pills.

Odds Are Stacked Against Equity Investors

More ‘pretty pictures’ with nasty outcomes. The last graph… horrifying.

Now might be a REALLY good time to get out of the stock markets.

Surprise! Baltic Dry Index Plunges Most Since November As Commodity Bubble Bursts

ANNNNND, the Baltic Dry Index goes down again.

The BDI is at horrifying lows. Really not good, kids. Really not good.

China’s Monstrous Debt Looming Over World. John Rubino – May 5, 2016 – YouTube

John Rubino is a good, solid, unruffled guy with a HUGE amount of knowledge and common sense. And, in this 28 minute interview, he takes you through the major economic and financial situations that we are facing today.

John does an excellent job of explaining things, so I always take time to listen to what he has to say on what is going on. You can find John’s website at:


The Credit Cycle Begins To Unravel: US Commercial Bankruptcies Skyrocket

I’ve been waiting for this headline for a while. Now that it’s here, I shiver.

The coming wave of defaults will kill our economy and financial system, and then begin killing us.


If there are better item of value that is not subject to the whims of the NWO, I’m not sure what it is. An investment in a precious metal, is something of an insurance policy. It recognized around the world as valuable. It has been used as money for all of human history in one form or another.

If there is something better, share that idea with us.

Until then, stack up those silver and gold coins. They might mean the difference between life and death.

Five Signs of China’s Growing Influence in the World Gold Market

This is all good news for gold.

Got some?

Silver & Gold Rally Led By China As They Take Over Pricing : SRSrocco Report

I have a tremendous respect for Steve St. Angelo. He really knows his stuff, and now he’s teamed up with someone that a reader recommended – Tom Cloud of Cloud Hard Assets. Tom Cloud is a Christian who has been in the business for more than 40 years.

If you are looking for a precious metals dealer, contact Tom, here:


Scholes Sees Stagflation Coming, Suggests Safety To Be Found In Assets Like Gold and Silver

Seriously kids, it’s time to move to safer ground. If you want to try and wring out more pennies from this broken market, knock yourself out.

But, I’m not playing that game. I’m out and staying out.

A financial tsunami is coming. We might not know exactly when it will hit, but the warnings have been issued. And, we’ve seen what happens to people who don’t heed those warnings.

Got gold?

A Very Bearish Stanley Druckenmiller Blows Up At The Fed; Reveals His Biggest “Currency” Position | Zero Hedge

Um… this is VERY good news for the yellow metal. Very.

The Historic Dow Jones-Silver Ratio Points To $300 Silver

An interesting thought.

Will it happen?

Dunno. But, I DO believe that silver is exceptionally undervalued. So, if your preparations plan calls for you to stay where you are when everything falls apart… buy lots of silver.


Laugh a little.

At least an ironic chuckle or cough.

It’ll help relieve the dreariness of what is happening, and brighten the day a bit.

“The Three Terrors” – YouTube

It’s a catchy tune. It’s from Israel. It’s L’atmah. It’s fun.

Muslim slaps a Chinese girl for refusing to dance with him, HUGE mistake! – YouTube

I think that I even cackled. Man slaps woman. Woman takes man down.


I want ALL women to be skilled in martial arts so that they can do this. I want these freaks to be taught a lesson.

Fiorina drops like Cruz polls – YouTube

Carly Fiorina falls off of the stage after introducing Ted and Heidi Cruz, and Ted doesn’t notice. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t laugh, but I did.

The fact that she’s as bad as – if not worse than – Ted Cruz is probably part of the reason why I laughed. She helped run HP into the ground, has advocated Islam and has generally screwed up her campaign. Unfortunately, her shortcomings are NOT funny.

100-Year-Old Runner Breaks World Record At Penn Relays

Okay, this isn’t exactly humor, but it is uplifting. And, it’s funny for those of us whose only exercise is jumping to conclusions and taking leaps of faith.

Best of all, this is how she concludes:

“I thank God every day for my blessings,” she said.

“Never. Been. Higher.”

Hey, somebody’s peddlin’ fiction!

“Back On Solid Ground…”

Yup, Obama can actually say that. The picture in this article is worth a thousand words.

Look, you just press here & when it doesn’t work you press it again…and again…

Okay, we call this irony… even sarcasm.

But, I’ll take it.


What a fantastic ideology. It’s more Fascist than Mussolini. It’s more genocidal than Hitler. It’s more oppressive than Maoist Communism. It makes the North Koreans look like amateurs.

It is a supremely Satanic system of belief, philosophy and politics that the world has ever known. Only the Satanists themselves are worse.

Robert Spencer interviews Nicolai Sennels: “Muslims are taught to be aggressive, insecure, irresponsible and intolerant”

A very interesting discussion of Islam from a purely psychological point of view. This also corroborates everything that I know about Islam and those who practice it.

Shi’ite Lebanese Journalist: I Renounce The Shi’ite Sect; Hizbullah Is “Immoral, Murderous”

Whoops. That has to hurt. Hezbullah – aka, Party of God – must be smarting over this attack. Unfortunately, the journalist who wrote this piece will suffer for it. But, I salute her courage in saying what she said.

“It Is My Dream to Behead Someone” — American Muslim

THIS, brothers and sisters, is Islam. It is the ideology of Satan. It is one of many arms of Satan’s plan for these Last Days. It is a vile and literally diabolical evil that threatens the lives of Christians everywhere.

But, what are Christians doing in greater and greater numbers?

Attacking Israel, who is in a fight for her life against Islam.

It kinda makes me think that our churches are in dire need of the persecution that is being suffered elsewhere. Our weak faith and sloppy sinfulness needs to change.

Here’s the Gatestone summary:

“Why are your bishops silent on a threat that is yours today as well? Because the bishops are, like you, raised in political correctness. But Jesus was never politically correct, he was politically just! The responsibility of a bishop is to teach, to use his influence to transmit truth.” — Jean-Clément Jeanbart, the Melkite Greek Catholic archbishop of Aleppo, Syria.

Federal authorities arrested Khalil Abu-Rayyan of Dearborn Heights, Michigan, an ISIS supporter who had planned to carry out an attack on a 6,000-member Detroit church. Abu-Rayyan allegedly had guns and a large knife, and told an undercover FBI agent that he “tried to shoot up a church one day … If I can’t do jihad in the Middle East, I would do my jihad over here. … It is my dream to behead someone.”

In Pakistan, a disabled Christian man sentenced to death for blasphemy said that he was forced into admitting to the charges in order to stop his wife from being tortured… Emmanuel and his wife were found guilty of insulting the Muslim prophet Muhammad in text messages to a local imam in 2013, and sentenced to death. The conviction came despite the fact that the poor Christian couple are illiterate.

There is far, far more to this article than just that summary. The persecution that you see here is coming for you.

I hope that you will be ready.

Kenya Builds Wall Along Somali Border to Keep Al-Shabaab Jihadists Out – YouTube

This is Islam. If your neighbor is Muslim, you need a wall to keep him out. Otherwise, they will invade your country and murder your people.

A wall works. Israel proved that.

Designated Terrorist Group CAIR hitches its ‘pity party wagon’ to any minority group that has suffered discrimination in America

You kinda wonder what ‘tear-jerker’ the Muslims will think of next.

Did you know that some of the best restaurants in America are serving you barbarically-slaughtered, Islamic-blessed ‘Halal’ beef without your knowing it?

One thing that you need to know about Halal certification is that…

1. Special Islamic prayers are made over the meat.

2. A portion of all fees paid to Halal certifications goes to fund Jihad

3. Animals suffer needlessly in the Halal butchering process

If you see a ‘Halal Certified’ sticker or description on any meat or food product, do not buy it – unless you have no other options.

LGBT groups protest against “Islamophobia”…but are silent about sharia-compliant Muslim homophobia

Now THIS is completely insane. Homosexuals are supporting those who murder homosexuals?

Utter madness. Complete and utter madness.

Islam: The World’s Fastest-Growing Religion (David Wood) – YouTube

David Wood is completely awesome. I show the video of his testimony to my students every chance that I get, and he’s just an exceptional and dedicated follower of Christ.

He also has a great sense of humor, and I always get a laugh or a chuckle from his presentations.

(Warning: GRAPHIC) How the Media Uses Pictures to Protect Islam

Do not open this link if you have a weak stomach. But, I can tell you that the pictures cry out for vengeance. It makes me want to nuke Saudi Arabia and Turkey flat. It makes me want to wipe Islam off the map of the Earth.

I want every one of the fiends from Hell killed. Now.

God speaks of having chosen us from before the foundation of the World. So, if there are any whom God has chosen, I would spare them this wrath… but, for the rest… death.

I say death for all who support them. Unfortunately, that means the US government, the Palestinians, the Gulf Arabs, the Chechens, the Azeris, and the Uighurs.

And, if I missed anyone… death to them too.

Oh Lord God, please destroy them for what they have done to these precious children. May they be stopped from harming another child.


Our Lord spoke of the rise of Ethnos against Ethnos, and we are seeing His words played out across the headlines. It is most insane madness that I’ve ever seen. Whole continents are gripped by this insane desire to bring barbarians into their midst, so that they will be destroyed in an orgy of violence and chaos.

This madness is beyond my ability to comprehend.

Diversity DESTROYS Social Cohesion in the West – YouTube

An interesting discussion on diversity, and he really knocks it down. Comprehensively.

Fire ravages Muslim prayer hall in Corsica

As the Muslims keep flooding in, more of this will be happening.

VIDEO: Muslim prayer hall blown up in Russia after POLICE FIND EXPLOSIVES INSIDE

Now, THIS is what I call a GOOD IDEA.

If you find explosives inside of a mosque, blow it up.

If they find that members of the mosque knew about those explosives and said nothing… blow up THEIR houses, too.

I bet that Russia finds fewer explosives in mosques, from now on.

Just sayin’.

RUSSIAN POLICE bomb an illegal Muslim prayer hall to smithereens

More on the above. This one contains the video, which includes video shots from within the ‘mosque’.

Germany’s Third Largest Party Adopts Anti-Islam Manifesto: Says “Muslims Are Not Welcome In Germany”

This is ONLY the beginning. The question is whether the Elites knew that this was going to happen, and that it’s a part of their plan… or …this is just one group of Elites taking over from another.

I suspect that it’s both.

GERMANY arrests 400 in clashes between anti-Muslim invasion (AFD) party supporters & Leftist/Muslim opponents

And, the clashes escalate.

INVASION OF EUROPE: Migrants handed guide on how to evade borders and make way through EU | World | News | Daily Express

Good ol’ George Soros. It took money to print those booklets, and Georgie Porgie made the money available.

What a Satanist. I wonder how many children that he’s raped and murdered to appease Lucifer.

“Get Out Traitor” – German Justice Minister Flees In Armored Mercedes After Angry Protesters Boo Him Offstage

For the traditionally law-abiding and stoic Germans, this is impressive. It looks like the Germans have had enough, and they’re not going to take it anymore.

[MUSLIM] Labour candidate favourite for London mayor after racially charged campaign

This should be profoundly distressing to any who are concerned about the threat of Islam, to our civilization. Of course, these are the Last Days, so these kinds of threats were always going to be a part of the picture, but still…

Ouch. This is going to be bad. Real bad.

Europe is doomed.

Poll: ‘Total Rejection’ Of Islam In France From All Across The Political Spectrum

Look, as long as the Muslims keep acting like Muslims, this repudiation of Islam will only continue.

Unfortunately, Muslims are unable to STOP acting like Muslims.

It’s… I dunno …in the blood?

Is it a psychic disease?

I think that’s it. A Satanic, psychic disease that rots the brain. And, the Muslims have it.

I’m just glad that it’s only moderately contagious.

Europe’s Migration Crisis: No End in Sight

This is a more measured and intellectual discussion of the Islamic plague sweeping across Europe. It has less bombast, which might be more appealing for those of us who are less bombastic. Bombastic is almost my middle name, since I blow up in outrage over lots of things.

Here’s the Gatestone summary:

According to France’s Defense Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, 800,000 migrants are currently in Libyan territory waiting to cross the Mediterranean.

The multitude of very costly social problems that Muslim migration into Europe has caused thus far, do not exist in this whitewashed European Union report, where the “research” indicates that migrants are always a boon. Similarly, any mention of the very real security costs necessitated by the Islamization occurring in Europe, and the need for monitoring of potential jihadists, simply goes unmentioned.

Several European states have a less optimistic picture of the prospect of another three million migrants arriving on Europe’s borders than either the Pope or the European Commission do.

Bombs away!

127 MILLION people with visa-free travel to Europe in EU plans for Turkey and Ukraine

Hey, flooding Europe with even MORE Muslims… what’s not to like?

“Nightmare” Mistake: Visa Free Travel for 80 Million Turks Coming Up

This really is an incredible ‘Nightmare’. I just do NOT understand why Europe did it. I really don’t.

Here Comes The Turkish Flood: EU Commission Backs Visa-Free Travel For 80 Million Turks

Another look at the issue, but this time from ZeroHedge.

Let’s see, allowing millions of Turks to rampage through Europe – the same Turks whose great grandparents murdered 2.5 million Christians, with their own hands. The same Turks who support ISIS.

Yeah. This will be great.

Turkish Nationalists in Germany With Allah’s help, we shall conquer You , use Grey Wolves Salute 4 – YouTube

Just to emphasize the insanity of giving Turks free travel into Europe…

Absolute madness.

Sparks Fly In German Press As Treatment Of Muslims Hits “Gunpoint”

The leftwingers in Germany (and the rest of Europe) just do not understand. Their connection to reality died a long time ago, and they’ve been talking to themselves for all of that time. And now, reality is about to bite them where it hurts the most – their power base.

Unfortunately, the new reality won’t be like the old one, and the streets will run red.

How Many Molenbeeks in France?

Unfortunately, there are Molenbeeks all over Europe and even in the US.

Here is the Gatestone summary:

“There are today, we know, a hundred neighborhoods in France that present potential similarities with what’s happened in Molenbeek.” — Patrick Kanner, Minister for Urban Areas.

The Salafists, in fact, do not want to “take the power in these neighborhoods.” In many, they already have it.

“The farther I walked between the buildings, the more I was stunned. A courtyard of Islamist miracles; an enclave that wants to live like during the times of Muhammad. Bakery, hairdresser… It’s a mini Islamic Republic. During the sermons, they denounce, they criminalize. A woman who smokes? A degenerate. A woman who does not veil herself? A tease. A man that does not eat halal? He has an express ticket to hell.” — Paris Match.

Remadna received a death threat over the phone: “We know where your kids go to school,” and “your daughter is very pretty.” The next day, a delegation of completely veiled Salafist “true Muslim mothers” came and told her, “We want mosques, not schools.”

I doubt that Islam will be successful in their attempt to take over the world. What I do not doubt is their determination to try.

German Coverup Scandal: Ministry Urged Erasing “Rape” From “Monstrous” Cologne Migrant Attack Report

THAT was STUPID. The German Left is going to face plant in the next election, and they will leave a civil war in their wake.

Drooling idiots.

EU Plans $290K Per Person Fine For Countries Refusing “Fair Share” Of Refugees; Angry Response Ensues

If governments weren’t so stupid, we would be in WORSE trouble than we are now.

Amazing. Really.

Majority Of Germans Think The Media Is Controlled By Political, Economic Elites

Ooops. The Germans are waking up.

Migrant Rape Epidemic Reaches Austria

As a red-blodded American male, I would be more than outraged at something like this happening in my neighborhood. I’d try to do something about it. Personally.

The ONLY thing that would keep me from violence is my faith in Christ. That’s it. And, it DOES keep me from violence.

But, most Austrians do not suffer the same kinds of restraints. How much longer will they restrain themselves before dealing with this problem. Personally. Violently.

When it happens – and it IS happening – it will be Matthew 24:7.

TALK ABOUT NATIONAL SUICIDE…the people of London appear ready to elect a Muslim mayor with extensive terrorist ties

Wow. When a major portion of a society elects a devout Muslim as its political leader… well …it’s over.

They’re done. You can forget the fork.


There are two battles of Gog and Magog, and the first one is coming soon. The pieces are being placed on the board, and the game is about to begin.

The question is whether you will be ready for this great battle that we will also call World War III and Ezekiel’s Fire. As you see the game being played out, I hope that you will redouble your efforts to prepare for yourselves and the ones that you love.

Few of us will die of old age. I get that. But, my hope is that we die with the name of our Lord on our lips and His example in our lives.

ISIS Struggles to Overcome the Budget Deficit – YouTube

The poor Jihadis are struggling to make ends meet, so they’re calling for help.

My heart bleeds for them.

The video gives a bit of a statistical break-down of ISIS funding sources and is actually kinda interesting.

Who knew that ISIS liked Android so much?

In the Name of the Profit. Liberated Syrian Town Reveals ISIS Oil Trade Secrets – YouTube

Everyone knows that Oink (the pig) Erdogan is the father of ISIS. EVERYONE.

You know it. I know it. The US government knows it.

No one does anything.

The Israelis have ALWAYS said that terrorism cannot exist without money. Cut off the money, and terrorism dies.

ISIS has money. From Turkey. From Saudi Arabia. And, they get their supplies from that pig, Erdogan.

And no one will do anything.

“Erdogan Is The Father Of ISIS” – New Documentary Outlines Turkey’s Support Of The Islamic State

This is the ZeroHedge write up for the above video. Turkey is an obscene abomination led by an obscene abomination.

Justice is coming.

Russian Fighter Jet Flies Within 50 Feet Of US Spy Plane Over Russian Naval Base

Let’s see. Nice big Russian naval base with top secret submarine ready to be launched. It sees big airplane flying nearby/overhead, with ID transponders off. It dispatches Russian aircraft to look. They do a visual inspection of the unresponsive US Spy Plane. They go within 50 feet of the aircraft.

But, the Americans are upset by this.

Tell me again why the Americans keep voting such warmongers into office?

“Erdogan Is The Father Of ISIS” – New Documentary Outlines Turkey’s Support Of The Islamic State | Zero Hedge

New documentary describes how Oink Erdogan is behind ISIS. Without Turkey, ISIS would be dead. Period.

Turkey’s Islamic Supremacist Foreign Policy

I am coming to believe that Turkey must fall apart before the coming of Gog and Magog. The fall of Turkey will cause a power vacuum that will such Russia and Iran into the Levant (the eastern coast of the Mediterranean). Recep Tayyip ‘Oink’ Erdogan is pushing Turkey into outright civil war, and it will cause Turkey to break apart into little pieces. Here’s the Gatestone summary:

“We have never been involved in an attack against Turkey … we were never involved in such an action… Davutoglu wants to pave the way for an offensive on Syria and Rojava and cover up Turkey’s relations with the ISIS which is known to the whole world by now.” — YPG (Kurdish) General Command.

“Thousands of settlers from Anatolia were shipped in by the Turkish government to occupy former Greek villages and to change Cypriot demography — in the same manner the occupying Ottoman Empire once did in the 16th century.” — Victor Davis Hanson, historian.

Turkey, for more than 40 years, has been illegally occupying the northern part of the Republic of Cyprus, historically a Greek and Christian nation, which it invaded with a bloody military campaign in 1974.

What Turkey would call a crime if committed by a non-Turkish or a non-Sunni state, Turkey sees as legitimate if Turkey itself commits it.

Unfortunately, what is coming for Turkey is justice, a justice that has been delayed for a hundred years.

International Military Review – Syria, April 28, 2016 (Ger Subs) – YouTube

Hmmm… ISIS and the rebels continue to lose ground slowly. I also find it interesting that Russia is now directly supplying Kurdish forces in the northwest of Syria.

That should make Oink Erdogan supremely unhappy.

“Don’t Fly Near Our Borders” – U.S. Spy Plane Again Intercepted By Russian Jet

This time in the Baltics, and Russia has a very intelligent solution:

“The US Air Force has two solutions: either not to fly near our borders or to turn the transponder on for identification.”

You know, the idea sounds pretty reasonable. Why doesn’t the US do that?

Russia And Saudi Arabia Locked In Relentless Fight Over China’s Oil Market

I believe that it is this competition with Saudi Arabia that will pull Russia further into the Middle East. And, if the US is taken out – or, implodes – it will be open season on Saudi Arabia.

Iran touts Israel invasion to recruit teenage boys to fight in Syria

This should tell you that we are closing in on the coming of Gog and Magog. The Iranians are preparing for a direct attack upon Israel and inspiring their people to prepare for it.

And Jerusalem is the focus.

Moving Saudi Arabia’s economy beyond oil

This is an incredibly over-optimistic analysis of Saudi Arabia’s future.

A backward, medieval country that follows a Satanic religion will NEVER be able to develop very quickly – if at all. Eventually, they will implode, when the oil runs out.

Only AFTER that implosion, will Saudi Arabia have any chance of development. But, that implosion is going to be very, very ugly. Very ugly.

Oil’s Latest Casualty: Saudi Binladin Group Fires 50,000, A Quarter Of Its Workforce

Of course, our hearts bleed for the Binladin family. But, the biggest part of all this is the evidence that the economy of Saudi Arabia is getting hit this hard.

Having said that, the Binladin group lost billions after contracts were cancelled following the collapse of a big crane last year onto the Kabbah, killing pilgrims.

Russia Defense Report: Who Is Afraid of Iskander-M? – YouTube

There would be no need for the Iskander-M if the US government wasn’t made up of psychopathic, genocidal maniacs. Until America’s coup d’etat in Ukraine, Russia was satisfied with a small, professional military. Their defense budget was small, and they liked it that way.

The problem is that the United States does NOT like it that way and overthrew Kiev.

When Russia attacks America, I’m hoping that they limit their attacks to Washington, D.C., where most of their problems come from.

What is “Merkel plan” and who is really behind it. Rockefeller, Soros, UN, World Bank. UPDATED


So, Oink Erdogan, is in cahoots with Merkel.

The question is about the connections… their focus.

What are they trying to do?

Yes, yes, I know. Rule the world. I get that. I’m just wondering about HOW they plan to do all that.

Oh… and why do I call him, ‘Oink Erdogan’?

‘cuz he’s a pig.

Foreign Policy Diary – In Libya, the ‘Unity Government’ Struggles to Gain some Power – YouTube

Libya is an interesting conundrum. The Bible refers to the inclusion of Libya in the vast army that comes down to attack Israel, so I’m wondering how that will occur.

If I had to make a prognostication, I would say that Russia and/or Iran would provide support for shia-friendly forces in Libya, and help them neutralize the rebels. The alternative could be like that of Iraq, where NATO sets up a puppet, and Iran takes the puppet down.

We’ll see what happens.

Whatever DOES happen, I can guarantee that it will be… um …interesting.

Iraq: PM orders arrest of protesters who attacked lawmakers

It looks like corruption and the sectarian divide is causing a melt-down in Iraq.

This is going to be a civil war and blood in the streets. Furthermore, I believe it to be necessary because Gog and Magog will come – at least partly – through Iraq.

State of emergency declared in Baghdad as protesters take Iraqi parliament

My question is…

How close is Moqtada al-Sadr to the government in Iran?

Is he taking orders from Iran? I suspect that he is, and that this is Iran’s move to take over the southeastern part of Iraq, ahead of a move to dominate the rest.

Whatever the reason, this is the downfall of Iraq. It has erased years of ‘progress’ and turned back the clock on Iraq. It will now descend further into being a ‘failed state’, which it has been for a long time.

Another US foreign policy triumph. I’m not sure how many more of these that the world can take.

Protests in Baghdad throw administration’s Iraq plan into doubt

Here is the last paragraph, and it’s pretty much all that you need to know:

“Iraq is becoming increasingly ungovernable,” said Emma Sky, who served as a senior political adviser to the U.S. military prior to the withdrawal of U.S. troops in 2011. “Non-state actors are stronger than the state. The government is paralyzed and corrupt.”


“The Situation In Iraq Has Become Very Dangerous”- Iraq PM Orders Arrests As Green Zone Protest Disbands

This is how failed states occur. Seriously.

Turkey blackmails Europe with its own instability: Spengler

‘Oink’ Erdogan has successfully blackmailed Europe in his bid to keep the money flowing into Turkey. This neo-Ottoman pig has oinked himself into a corner, and he’s desperate to stay in power. All such megalomaniacal oinkers are cut from the same cloth.

Well, it looks like Turkey could be going under, and Oink Erdogan could be the one who has exacerbated the cause. And, that exacerbation could cause Turkey to break apart.

We’ll see. But, it couldn’t have happened to a finer pig.

Europe’s First Islamic Constitution? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

As I was reading this, I got a distinct smell of a rat. As in… I smell a rat. And, I believe that rat to be Oink Erdogan.

The writer of this piece believes that this call for an Islamic constitution has made Oink’s life harder, but I disagree. I believe that Oink Erdogan is BEHIND this call for an ‘Islamic Constitution’. Erdogan did it on purpose.

Think of it as a ‘trial balloon’. If he can manufacture a ‘ground swell’ of opinion in favor of an Islamist constitution, he will ‘reluctantly’ bow to the will of the people.

Oink Erdogan is an Islamist. He created ISIS – or, at least, helped create ISIS. The guy is a murderous psychopath and a pig, through-and-through – hence my reference to him as ‘Oink Erdogan’.

Please understand that an Islamist constitution would allow Oink Erdogan to stay in power until he dies, because Sharia DEMANDS complete obedience of the people to every wish of the ruler. Islam is a ‘subjectionist’ ideology, demanding that everyone follow the dictates of the ruler completely.

Russia to deploy missiles invulnerable to NATO missile defence

Unfortunately, the corruption in the US Military Industrial Complex might also have destroyed America’s missile defense, anyway. Whatever the case, Pax Americana is in trouble.

Christian Mercenaries Enter Islamic Territories, Kill Muslim Terrorists In Order To Rescue Christians In Heroic Crusade Against Islam And The Persecution Of Christians | Walid Shoebat

An interesting development. I’m not sure that I could fight alongside Hizbullah, or the IRGC, but the fact that Christians are helping send Muslim terrorists to Hell… well …I find that hard to object to.

Turkey Detains Another Journalist Over Social Media Posts

Oink Erdogan obviously had his feelings hurt again, so he threw another micro-aggressive journalist in jail.

PressTV-Seize US ships in Persian Gulf: Iran paper

You can’t trust PressTV farther than you can throw them. In fact, not even then. They are a propaganda arm of the Mullahs, but they do provide a view of the strategy that Iran might be planning – or, launching.

Iran got away with hijacking US sailors. I’m sure that they’ll think that they can get away with this, too.

BREXIT WAKE-UP CALL: Merkel & Juncker about to cave to Erdogan again

Oink Erdogan isn’t living up to his side of his deals?

Sounds like a page right out of Hitler’s playbook.

Syria_Battle_for_Eastern-Ghouta_May_3.png (PNG Image, 1160 × 695 pixels)

Interesting map that shows the areas controlled by ISIS and the other Syrian rebels. I am curious about when ISIS and the gang will advance deeper into Damascus. Gains by the Syrian Army will put pressure on ISIS & Co. to move into Damascus – especially, if their supply lines to Turkey are cut.

We’ll see what happens, WHEN that happens.

Iranian Hezbollah Organization Issues Threats Of Physical Harm Against Former Iranian Presidents Rafsanjani And Khatami, Calls On President Rohani To Cancel JCPOA

Whoops! The Mullahs are in an uproar. All is not well in Iran.

Russia Has Been Encircled And Pushed To The Brink Of War: “They Have Exercised Remarkable Restraint”

This article says what I’ve been saying about Russia, for the past two years.

This is not to say that we’ve become patriotic Russians. I like Russians, having worked with many of them over the years.

But, this is not about Russia. It’s about an evil and vile American government that is seeking to destroy a country that is merely trying to survive and prosper. Worse, they are doing it in our name, using our tax dollars.

This is sickening, and if I could stop it, I would.

Caught On Tape: Massive Brawl Breaks Out In Turkish Parliament

Interesting. And, it’s actually about an attempt to prosecute those politicians who are Kurds or pro-Kurd.

Let’s see, if I wanted to break Turkey into little pieces, I would attack and alienate the Kurds and the Alevis.

Oink (the pig) Erdogan is already doing that?

Well then, I don’t have to. Well done.

International Military Review – Syria & Iraq, May 3, 2016 (Arab, Ger Subs) – YouTube

More interesting news on what is happening in the war in Syria and Iraq.

audioBoom / Putin’s Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia? by Karen Dawisha.

Fascinating, if you want to get a glimmer of understanding of Putin, start here. Interesting. Very.

audioBoom / NATO Guns along the Russian Frontier. Stephen F. Cohen, NYU, Princeton, EastWestAccord.com.

Dr. Stephen F. Cohen is always interesting to listen to, and he covers quite a few topics here. But, the most important is at the end… Ukraine.

The militarists – the Siloviki – are pushing Putin to go into full war mode, and pushing hard.

What will Putin do?

Will the Siloviki have their way?

Will they be able to push Putin out of the way?

This is important, and ominous.

Renowned Russian Political Analyst Sergey Karaganov On The New Russia-West Ideological Struggle

Interesting discussion of Russian Character vs. European Character. Karaganov points out Russia’s return to Christianity – or, at least, something like it – while Europe has abandoned Christianity and anything like morality.

Europe embraced pacifism and anything goes, while Russia still values courage and ‘national dignity’.

The problem is… and this is reflected in one of the cartoons in the piece …that this amorality and ludicrous pacifism will turn into another form of Naziism. The Nazis will rise again, out of the ashes of European madness.

Turkish Lira Plunges Most Since 2008 As Yet Another Political Crisis Appears Imminent

Oh dear, more trouble in Turkey?

Poor Davutoglu has been oinked by Erdogan?

The poor rabid antisemite is upset. My heart bleeds for him.

Really. I’m crying inside.

“We’ll Respond Totally Asymmetrically” – Russia Answers NATO With Three New Deployments

If I were Putin, I’d be wondering what the idiots in control of NATO are doing.

Have they lost their minds?

Did they suffer a collapse in IQ?

The US is a bug in search of a windshield, and Russia doesn’t want to be the windshield.

Turkey PM To Quit, Handing Even More Power To Erdogan: What This Means For Turkey

Okay, so it’s confirmed, Davutoglu is out.

Now, what?!

Nothing good. Turkey has just become more unstable.

Erdoğan gets his wish

I didn’t realize that this quote from Erdogan came to us via the King of Jordan:

“Erdogan once said that democracy, for him, is a bus ride … ‘once I get to my stop, I’m getting off’ ”

This is actually an optimistic article, which you would expect from someone who does not care about Biblical prophecy. The problem is that Turkey is in line for playing a role in the fulfilment of prophecy, and that does not bode well for the Turkish republic.

As it stands now, Turkey is on the path of breaking apart. As long as that pig, Erdogan, continues to centralize his power and control and attack the Kurds and Alevis. He is leading his country to civil war.

Unfortunately, that civil war is richly deserved because of their murder of two and a half million Christians. It was a whole-society effort. Everyone did it. The blood on the hands of the Turks is everywhere. The fact that it happened a hundred years ago only adds a phenomenal amount of interest to that debt.

And, I believe that debt is about to be paid in full.

Foreign Policy Diary – Donbass: Further Escalation of Violence – YouTube

Unfortunately, you’ve probably heard NOTHING about this in the controlled media.

Kiev is getting ready to launch a summer offensive, and it makes me sick to think of it. We Americans did this. It was our government, in our name. We did it, and the blood of those who die will be on our hands.

This is yet another hook in the jaw of Gog.


For God, Israel – more specifically, Jerusalem – is at the center of the world. In fact, it appears to be the center of God’s Creation. The Last Days started at Jerusalem, and they will end there, as well. And, we have the awesome privilege to live through it all, and see it with our own eyes.

What an interesting time to be alive.

Sha’alu shalom, l’Yerushalayim.

Palestinians: University Students Vote For Terror

One of the many definitions of insanity is repeating a failed action over and over again and expecting different results.

So, by definition, the Palestinians are insane.


Here’s the summary:

Palestinian political analysts said that the Hamas victory at the university is an indication of what would happen if general elections were held these days in the West Bank.

Both Hamas and the PFLP are strongly opposed to any peace process with Israel. They continue to call for terror attacks against Israelis. The results of the election mean that most of the students at Bir Zeit University in the West Bank, not Gaza, support groups that have chosen terrorism over peace.

The Hamas victory at Bir Zeit University also shows that it does not matter how much money you pour on Fatah’s campus supporters; a majority of students would still prefer to vote for terror groups that do not believe in Israel’s right to exist.

Hamas leaders also called for holding long overdue presidential and parliamentary elections in the Palestinian territories. They said they had no doubt that their movement would easily defeat Fatah.

I actually LIKE the Arabs. I really do. I harbor NO hatred in my heart for them, except for their choice of ideology. They have chosen insanity, so they will continue to fail until they change.

This is the true tragedy of the Middle East.

Muslim Countries Slam Israel—For Protecting Them

Israel’s presence on the Golan Heights saved Jordan from an invasion from Syria, in the 1970s. Israel has been an extremely stabilizing influence in the Middle East, but you wouldn’t know it, when listening to the drooling idiots that make up this ‘Organization of Islamic Cooperation’.

Mush-for-brains. Every one of them.

German official denies report on foreign policy shift on Israel

Deny it all you want, Germany, but it is obvious that you’ve made a HUGE shift in your policies. Just the fact that you are inviting a tidal wave of Muslim invaders into Europe… that should tell anyone all that they need to know about Germany.

I can already hear the band tuning up for a rousing chorus of ‘Deutschland Deutschland Uber Alles’.

Frau Merkel has destroyed Europe and now sets her sights on the Middle East and Israel.

When and where will she stop?

Until we are ALL singing ‘Deutschland Deutschland Uber Alles’? (Germany, Germany over all)

UK: The Left’s Little Antisemitism Problem

I don’t understand this obsession with the Jews. They are a tiny group of people with a rather unusual religion, and they’ve been persecuted for two thousand years.

Why the persecution?

Why do antisemites have such a problem with the Jews?

I think that the root of the issue is psychological – a problem derived from an inferiority complex that requires them to lash out at a group of people who really can’t fight back… at least, until recently. We can see this psychological defect on every playground around the world. Bullies abound, and they are motivated by deep-seated insecurities.

So, intellectually, I get the ‘psychological’ reasons for why people hate the Jews. But… really …to hate the Jews THIS MUCH?

It really is amazing.

Britain’s “Routine and Commonplace” Anti-Semitism

After having writing my comment to the link above, I now see that Colonel Richard Kemp has written his own analysis of antisemitism, and I’m VERY impressed.

This is an exceptionally well written and well-thought-out piece. I recommend that everyone read it.

This hatred of the Jews is Satanic, and everyone needs to do everything that they can to be innoculated against this hatred. And, the best innoculation is always The Truth.

Bernie Sanders: Respect the Palestinian People Who Vote 100% for Genocidal Terrorists

A Jewish friend of mine told me once that the worst antisemites are Jewish antisemites.

The idea that Bernie supports the Palestinians is not surprising and not even shocking. Of course, ol’ Bernie is an idiot, so his support of the Palestinians feels ‘natural’. Only an idiot would support the Palestinians as they are organized today.

Bernie’s position is an apt demonstration of how socialism rots the brain.

To paraphrase Vlad Putin:

They have oatmeal in their heads.

The Holocaust: Many Villains, Few Heroes

As we contemplate our future persecution at the hands of the Antichrist and his followers, we should contemplate the Holocaust. There, a minority that was loyal to the German State was massacred by the Germans and their willing allies.

What came for the Jews is coming for us.

If you think that this is hyperbole, you haven’t been reading your Bible. And, just as the Jews were warned, so we warn you.

Will you heed our warnings?

Palestinians: Preparing Their People for Statehood?

Hey, when you are as venal and corrupt as Mahmoud Abbas, you do everything that you can to keep yourself on the top, so that you can lap up the gravy train that has come your way. Abbas has skimmed off MASSIVE amounts of money, money that was supposted to ease the ‘suffering’ of his own people.

But, Abbas is a crook, and he sees nothing wrong with that.

Unfortunately, his underlings are getting a little impatient. They want their own turn at the trough, ‘cuz Abbas hasn’t been sharing. So, now, there’s civile war in Fatah.

Well done, you slimey son-of-a-turnip.

The IDF: A Conversation with Ilana and Itai

A great article that portrays the spirit of the Israel Defense Forces and shows the compassionate nature of the Israeli people and their love for Israel. I doubt that there are many militaries as fascinating as the IDF. I have watched how the IDF operates and their place in Israeli society. And, I continually find myself impressed.

They are not perfect. No military is. But, I have yet to find a more perfect military than the IDF. It is a true citizen’s army.

To quote another commenter:

God bless the IDF.

Anti-Semitism in the UK Labour Party

ANYONE who is anti-zionism – of which, Rick Wiles of Trunews has told me that he is – is a racist.

No, worse.

You can be a racist an not want people to die. Being a bigot is vile and disgusting, but it’s a lot different than being a genocidal maniac.

Those of you, like Rick Wiles, who claim to be anti-Zionism… YOU are genocidal maniacs. YOU advocate the murder and destruction of a people. YOU are evil.

Sorry, but those are the facts.

Now, if you have been misinformed about what anti-Zionism truly is, then you might not be evil. Might. Not.

However, at the very least, you are resisting God – just as Rick Wiles is doing. If you resist God, you will suffer. God’s wrath will be against you.

My hope is that Rick will repent in time to avoid the judgment of God. If you are anti-Zionism, I extend the same hope to you. But, that offer of hope is for a limited time only, and time is almost up.

Here’s the summary:

At least this time, the Jews know the signs of danger and have somewhere to run to, somewhere they are welcome. But many members of the Labour Party, including Labour Members of Parliament, would prefer them not to have such a haven, wishing instead for the land to be “returned” in virtually its entirety to the Palestinians.

The “Left” repeatedly calls for boycotts of Israel because it is, they claim, “an apartheid state.” Israel is so totally free of apartheid that anyone who has spent ten minutes there knows the accusation to be an outright lie. So why keep on saying something untrue? That is anti-Semitism.

Two of the Labour Party’s senior members were suspended as a result of their anti-Semitic remarks, and there is talk that 50 secret suspensions have been made.

It is worth adding that existing anti-Semitism within the British establishment, not least the pro-Arab Foreign Office, means that little is done even by conservatives to tackle this Jew hatred on the left.

Like you, I am sickened by the evil in this world. What is happening is beyond my capacity to describe properly. Antisemitism is one of those great evils.

Egyptian-German Scholar Hamed Abdel-Samad: ‘In Fascism, Nazism, And Islam… Jews Are Like Animals’; ‘This Hatred [Of Jews] Is Poisoning Us’

This guy, an Arab Muslim, hits the nail on the head.

Arab hatred of the Jews is destroying them, and they need to stop.

If you bear hatred for ANYONE, it will destroy you. Hatred is an acid and a fire that consumes from the inside out. It will shorten your life and make what life you have, miserable.

Why Are There Still Palestinian Refugees? – YouTube


This… THIS is an AWESOME video. I call this another HOME RUN for Prager University.

Send this to ALL of your friends. Send it to all of your enemies.


What an exceptional video. And, just over four minutes long.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. Click it for a discussion on preparation.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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75 thoughts on “If My People…”

  1. Yeshua/Jesus said that if we want to follow Him, we need to take up our cross. That means, partake in His suffering. Peter and James are very clear that suffering is what brings about maturity. In Isaiah, he says that Messiah learned obedience through suffering. So pre-tribbers reveal their spiritual state just by subscribing to this theology. I find it interesting that most, if not all, pretribbers are also replacement theologists. Those who say they are not, are not being honest with themselves. And yes, it is that cut and dried.

    It is interesting. Nearly three years ago, the of Alberta province suffered its worst flooding EVER. There were some rather interesting events that took place before, during and after the flood. Now it’s fire. In a very sensitive place for the economy of that province, indeed the country, for Alberta is Canada’s economical powerhouse. Again, interesting events before, and during. The last great fire, in 2011, was proven deliberately set, but so far, no one was charged. Hmmmmm…….

    I believe Abba is calling. Who is listening?

  2. In all probability, given the evidence from your linked articles, Mr. Trump is an Ezekiel 14:4 judgment against the church.

    He, like many Presidents before him, is feigning whatever analytic-tested image that endears him to the most influential demographics.

    If you evaluate his fruit…
    1) He is inconsistent and does not stand on conviction
    2) Like Reagan his claim to His bible is through a woman
    3) He is unkind to his opponents

    We want a hero at any price and according to Ez 14:4 we will get what we want, but it won’t be the True Savior.

    The close we get to the end, the greater the troubles, the greater the resulting offense, the greater the cry for relief unto antichrists or people who come in place of Christ to offer us what we want to hear (while we reject God’s narrow way for us through Jesus)

  3. Funny you should mention 2 Chronicles 7:14 as I’ve seen this on several of our local churches signs!!!

    I’ve pondered that people voting for Trump are really just voting against the establishment. I’m not convinced Trump is the answer for President but I KNOW the others aren’t. Unfortunately, I believe that there won’t be an election or if there is something will happen to prevent the elected President from taking office.

  4. Hi John!
    Informative article, thank you for that!
    First the political front.
    Trump is now the presumed nominee of the Republican party.
    To me this is good news.
    Not because I agree with him on everything, or because he is likeable guy. It is because he scares all the right people! With him, we have a chance, with Hillary we have none.
    The same lovely people that have been trying to break up Trump rallies have also vowed to riot, not demonstrate as they called it before, if Trump is nominated. So I think there is a possibility of a civil war starting in the US this summer. I hope not, because chaos plays into the enemies hands not ours.
    On the European front, I found this inforwars interview. You may find it interesting.
    If Great Britain exits the EU, Greece will follow very close behind I think. So more chaos in Europe this summer?

    For comfort I can offer this:

    Psalm 37

    I am curios of where you stand on two different points John:
    1) How do you think salvation is achieved?
    2) Once a person is a Christian, is it possible to lose that salvation?

    Lastly, I would like to leave you with this:

    Psalm 25:14 (nasb)
    The secret of the Lord is for those who fear Him,
    And He will make them know His covenant.

    Do you fear Him friends?
    Do you love Him?

    • Hi Michael,

      Awesome comment that corresponds to my own thoughts. I don’t know if Trump is good or bad. I know that Hillary is completely evil. If my beloved country is on the path to destruction, I prefer a slower speed to a faster one.

      And Psalm 37. I dearly love that Psalm and have taken tremendous comfort from it. It really speaks to a broken heart.

      I will also listen to the Alex Jones YouTube video in your comment. Thank you.

      Now, to the bombshell questions that you’ve asked:

      1. How do you think salvation is achieved?

      The short answer: complete submission to God as described in the Bible.

      The Less short answer: Acknowledging your sins, fact that you are a sinner and the inability to become pure in the eyes of God. Accepting Jesus as God the Son, and as your sacrifice for those sins. And yes, that means asking God the Father to accept the sacrifice of Jesus in your stead. Once you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you must submit to Baptism – and that means being dunked under the water by a follower of Jesus Christ, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost (Matt 28:19). It is also permissible to be baptized in the name of Jesus (Acts 2:38, 8:12, 19:5). Seriously, Those who were sprinkled, were not baptized.

      Then, you must, from your heart, seek to obey God, to the best of your ability. (Your actions will show your heart.)

      Yes, I’m leaving out details, and many will say one thing or another about the process. But, that’s essentially it. And no, I am not saying that those who are unbaptized are not saved. But, I question the salvation of anyone who will not submit to baptism.

      2. Once a person is a Christian, is it possible to lose that salvation?

      Yes and No.

      The Bible is clear that there are those whose names are in the Book of Life, and are then blotted out. (Do a search for ‘Book of Life’) But, at the same time, the Bible speaks of being foreordained unto salvation. So, I consider this an issue of perspective.

      Those who are foreordained unto salvation, will stay the course. If they fall off of the course, they will regain the proper path of life in Christ before they die. (I’ve known a couple of those.)

      Those who accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, but do NOT ‘stay the course’ were not foreordained to salvation. Paul himself spoke of his relief to have made it to the end. So, this is something that we must also be concerned about… making it to the end.

      From God’s perspective, it is not possible to lose your salvation. From our perspective, it is. We will know that we were ‘foreordained’, when we reach the end of this life, still following Christ.

      Now, here is where I rant on a touchy subject, that I’ve suffered a great deal over. You weren’t asking about this Michael, but I need to be a bit preachy about this.

      Basically, it comes down to predestination vs. freewill. I’ve seen too many brothers and sisters split apart by this question, and I believe that division over this issue is a sin. Yes, you heard me right. A sin.

      I’ve been in more than one church that was torn apart by this question. I believe that the only reason why the concept of predestination is in the Bible is to give comfort to us, that God is in complete control, that we have nothing to worry about. To get angry over this and to fight over this is a sin.

      I say again that you heard me right. Division over Predestination vs Freewill is a sin. And yes, God will not be happy with you, if you cause such a division, for such a reason.

      If you wish to believe in Freewill, I’m cool with that. If you wish to believe strongly in predestination, I’m also cool with that – as long as you don’t use that as an excuse to do nothing. (Lots of harsh and cold Calvinists)

      Sorry about the sermon. I just saw a church broken apart, here in Taiwan, over the last few months – due to this question. It was wrong. It was handled badly. I hope that I’m handling this question better.

      I hope that this answered your questions, Michael. Great comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Could it just be that God knows who will stay the course and who will not, while we don’t? And that God is merciful and just enough to give anyone a chance, no matter what? Even when He completely and totally knows they will throw it away?

        Not knowing original Bible languages – and being skeptical of language scholars really and truly understanding nuances the way the original speakers of those languages did – I think it makes sense to stay flexible (within reason) on some of those passages … remembering that it is the Spirit that gives life to those words, but we can miss that if we focus exclusively on the letters ….

        • Hi DRG,

          That is certainly an acceptable position to me. Just remember that the letters of the apostles ARE important.

          For myself, I take a great deal of comfort in God’s control of my life. I certainly live my life as if I have the ability to choose, but I hope that I will always submit that ability to God.

          If having freewill means the ability to sin, I would gladly give that away. I detest my own sinfulness with a passion and want none of that.

          All of us must live our lives, believing that we have the ability to fall from grace. We must fear that ability, as Paul did, and seek to always hold God close – and to serve Him always.

          Thank you, DRG. May we all finish our race, having fought the fight in triumph in Jesus Christ. (2 Tim 4)

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

          • Hi John,
            I used to struggle with the sovereignty of God; is He REALLY in control over everything, even the little things? Then I was reading The Knowledge of the Holy by AW Tozer and I think He meant for me to find this. Tozer writes:
            “Here is my view: God sovereignly decreed that man should be free to exercise moral choice, and man from the beginning has fulfilled that decree by making his choice between good and evil. When he chooses to do evil, he does not thereby countervail the sovereign will of God but fulfills it, inasmuch as the eternal decree decided not which choice the man should make but that he should be free to make it. If in His absolute freedom God has willed to give man limited freedom, who is there to stay His hand or say, “What doest thou?” Man’s will is free because God is sovereign. A God less than sovereign could not bestow moral freedom upon His creatures. He would be afraid to do so.”
            Tozer goes on to explain how God’s sovereignty and man’s freedom don’t contradict each other by painting a picture of people on a cruise liner. He says the destination has been set by the proper authorities and nothing can change. The people on board are free to do as they please, but “all the while the great liner is carrying them steadily onward toward a predetermined port.” Then he says “The mighty liner of God’s sovereign design keeps its steady course over the sea of history. God moves undisturbed and unhindered toward the fulfillment of those eternal purposes which He purposed in Christ Jesus before the world began.”

            After reading this I no longer struggled with knowing that God is indeed in control!

          • Hi M.E.,

            I’m glad that the struggle is over. We all struggle over these issues at one time or another, and it is really unnecessary. How much control God has and why, is all a part of the mystery of God. That ‘mystery’ will not be revealed until the Lord Returns.

            I’ve never ready any of Tozer’s books, so I don’t know how much scripture he uses to back up his position. Just remember that no one is an authority on the words of God, except the words of God (and the Holy Spirit). This why everyone must read the Bible, every day. All of it.

            What is not said in the Bible is not meant to be known. We can speculate, but our speculations cannot be dogma. In fact, speculation is dangerous and must be treated carefully. Many have been turned towards heresy due to foolish speculation. Furthermore, our speculations must ALWAYS be in submission to what the Bible actually says.

            I love the verse in Deut 29:29 where it says that ‘The secret things belong unto the Lord our God’. THAT is so VERY true, and we must never forget it.

            Anyway, it’s good that you no longer struggle over this issue, M.E.!

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

      • Thanks. I think you helped answer a question regarding my own life. I am a former prodigal child of the Most High. I, with eyes wide open, ran away from Abba, and although the enemy presented me with a myriad of other “options”, they only reminded me of the One I was running from. In example, my cousin gave me a book by David Icke. I could not subscribe to his message because it was the opposite of the truth that I was running away from. Make sense? It did for me…. 😉

        Abba never let me go, I can’t tell you how many times I was angry with Him because He wouldn’t allow me to go to places I wanted to go, only so far and no more! One day, I came back. He sort of “tricked” me; sort of, because I foresaw what He was doing, but He knew I could not help myself to back out. Long story condensed.

        I often wondered how did I make it back, after having turned my back and lived such an unrighteousness life thereafter. I still have issues with angst once in a while, mostly healing from childhood trauma type stuff, but He always reminds me of His promises when I kick out. I think I now understand what is going on.

      • Hey John!
        Thanks for your answers on those questions!
        It explains a lot about why we differ on a few subjects.
        As to salvation, I think we are mostly in agreement. I believe it is through faith and faith alone. Faith is what allows you to believe God and His word (meaning Jesus and the bible both) and that saving faith is itself a gift from God. On our own power we are totally incapable of seeking or pleasing God. Romans I think is a good place to get a more lengthy explanation.
        As to losing salvation, I offer these two scriptures:

        John 10:27-30 (nasb)
        My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me; and I give eternal life to them, and they will never perish; and no one will snatch them out of My hand. My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand. I and the Father are one.”
        Romans 11:29
        for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.

        I think it is possible to fall out of fellowship with God, all you have to do is sin. This is something I do more often than I like. However, you can’t lose your salvation.
        We have a GREAT shepherd and he is good!

        Free will verses God’s will:
        We have had this discussion many times in our small group. For salvation purposes, we have none! Paul makes that real clear in Romans. I think we do have some free will, but I don’t know were to draw the line between the two. All I do know is we should seek to replace our will with His.
        Yours in Christ!

        • Hi Michael,

          Very good points. I’m not sure that there is any disagreement between us, other than one of emphasis.

          Salvation truly is by faith alone, but if someone claims faith but does not obey the commandments of Jesus… then, I stand in doubt of that faith.

          As for the ability to fall from salvation, there is a line somewhere. Jesus spoke of the sheep and the goats, and in Revelation 3:5, Jesus spoke of those blotted out of the Book of Life.

          I guess that I draw the line this way:

          Those that are truly His, cannot fall. They can stumble, but God will pick them up. Those that are not truly His, will stumble and fall.

          In our flesh, we must fear this ability to fall. In our spirit, we love and embrace God, calling Him Abba Father. It is a living, breathing dichotomy that we wrestle with every day.

          Good questions and points, Michael. May God bless you and your group as you seek the wisdom of God at His word.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

          • Hey John!
            Let’s see if I can give you a better idea of what I am driving at.
            At the last supper, Jesus girded himself as a servant and washed the disciple’s feet.
            Don’t let that just slide by!
            Here we have the creator of the universe, He knows He is going to the cross the next day and what is He doing?
            He is washing a bunch of nasty stinky feet!
            Think of the magnitude of this act!
            You see the bible is a love story and our motivation for service in the body of Christ should come from love, gratitude and reverence for our God and compassion for our fellow human beings.
            So, a statement like “you must be in submission to God and the Bible” seems to miss this mark. While not altogether wrong, it implies a motivation of fear.
            Am I saying we should not fear him? Of course not!
            You see everything God has done from creation until now has all been for YOU!
            Yes YOU!
            God is holding back his judgment until the fullness of the gentiles is in.
            That means us. Well, John you probably qualify as a gentile, I place myself in the third category Paul gives us, barbarian!
            Hope this finds you and yours well!

          • Hi Michael Wilson,

            Okay, I think that I missed something somewhere, because I don’t understand where we disagree on that. And, I don’t understand that Gentile vs. Barbarian thing.

            As for Fear, we are all called to fear God. It is the command to our sinful selves that still reside with us. Our ‘natural man’ MUST fear God, otherwise it would be out of control. However, our ‘New Man’ which is pure and holy does NOT fear God, and knows only the love of God.

            We each represent such a dichotomy, which means that there is a continual war within us – a war that Paul often laments. (“Oh wretched man that I am…”)

            The Fear of God keeps us from sin. The Love of God motivates us to serve Him.

            Again, the issue of the ‘fulness of the gentiles’ (Romans 11:25) does not point to either a pretrib/postrib Rapture.

            When did Jesus say that the ‘the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled’?

            I’ll give you a hint: it occurred on June 7th, 1967.

            As for the humility of Jesus, which you so correctly illustrate, I am continually astounded by this wonderful idea. Our Lord calls us brother and friend. That’s amazing.

            Thank you, Michael.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

          • Hi John!
            Okay, about that barbarian thing. That is me being a screwball!
            Back in the day, from the Jewish perspective, the pinnacle of society was to be Jewish, then Greek or Gentile, then barbarian.
            Sorry if my screwy humor confused you.
            Now as to fullness of the gentiles:
            I am still scratching my head over this one.
            I am not arguing the point of who controls the temple mount, but two other points. One I brought up last week about only six million of the fifteen million Jews actually living in Israel.
            The other is this: If the fullness of the Gentiles is in, why is it we are still seeing explosive growth in the church from mainland China and India missionary fields?
            In the case of China, thousands of Chinese pastors are being trained in schools in Thailand then are returning to underground parishes in China. Check this out as an example. https://barnabasandpartners.org/
            Of course the fullness of the Gentiles could easily be reached in the next year or two, just as the remaining Jews outside of Israel could be regathered in that same time frame.
            Hope this finds you and yours well!

          • Hi Michael,

            Okay, I get it about your ‘barbarian’ reference. Over the years, as a writer, the biggest challenge has been in communicating humor. I used to have a boss who had the sense of humor of a cabbage, and my greatest communication mistakes happened when I was trying out my humor.

            Keep trying to inject humor into your writing. It’s important, but it’s also a big challenge. Making universally understandable is difficult, but rewarding.

            As for the ‘fulness of the gentiles’ vs. the ‘times of the gentiles’, I suspect that there is a difference. Luke uses the word ‘kairos’ (times), which means era, season, appointed time. Paul uses the word ‘pleroma’ (fulness), which is fulfillment, completion.

            It appears to me that neither of those requires a sharp dividing line. In the Old Testament, many who were NOT born of Israel, joined themselves into the Covenant. Likewise, over the past two thousand years, many Jews came to Christ. In fact, there have ALWAYS been Jews coming to Christ – just not the majority, or even sizable minority.

            The interesting thing is that we are now seeing something of an explosion in Hebrew-speaking, born-in-Israel Christians. I saw some of that explosion happen while I was in Israel. It isn’t something that you’ll see in the newspapers, but it’s enough to scare the rabbis. I think that we have like six thousand Hebrew-speaking, Israeli Christians. In the early ’90s, I doubt that we had more than a few hundred – maybe a thousand at most.

            This is a very big deal, and it will only increase.

            Furthermore, Jerusalem really is under the control of Israel – including the Temple Mount. If Israel truly wanted a Temple, there would be one. The interesting thing is, that most Israelis DO NOT WANT A TEMPLE. That is something that most gentiles do not understand. Even the majority of Orthodox Jews do not want a Temple. They are waiting for Messiah to come and build one.

            Thank you for the ‘Barnabas and Partners’ website. We are already connected in a very small way with what is happening with the ‘house church’ movement in China. You might be interested in what is happening with the ‘Back to Jerusalem’ movement among these house churches.

            One other thing that you will notice is that probably most of these Chinese house churches do not believe in a pretrib rapture. The pretrib idea is a very Euro-American idea. The Chinese churches have already gone through great suffering, so they already see the pretrib rapture as a fraud.

            Thank you, Michael. I really appreciate the attitude that you have in our dialogue.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

          • Hi again John!
            As to the time/fullness of the gentiles thing, think I’ll just place that on the shelf for now and keep getting God’s word out and employ the old boy scout motto, “be prepared!”
            For blog humor maybe we could use a format like this:

            You are entering the humorous section of this post!
            Be calm and watch for low flying puns!
            Be ready to laugh! or else!
            (then insert joke)
            If you have one hundred rabbits lined up shoulder to shoulder and they all take one step back ward what do you have?
            A receding hare line!
            Laugh harder next time you long eared galoot!
            You are now leaving the humorous section of this post!
            Too much?
            I blame looney tunes, Monty Python, Mel Brooks and Farside. They warped me in my formative years!

            I do have another question for you, but will wait till after your next installment.
            Yours in Christ!

  5. John,
    You say you are uneasy about 2016 thinking something calamitous may happen, this is probably nothing but for what it’s worth let me say it. A few years ago the media was on a clamor about the Mayan Calendar and its supposed foretelling of the end of the world, Dec., 21, 2012. It occurs to me if you take the first prophesied 1/2 of Daniel/s Seventieth week, and add 3 1/2 years to 12-21-2012 you come up with June 21, 2016.
    Tom Horn’s book ZENITH 2016 agrees with you, in that he thinks this is a pivotal year. Could there possibly be a connection? What do you think?
    Dick Carmack

    • Hi Dick Carmack,

      It’s hard to know if my feelings of unease are indigestion or something more serious.

      I do know that what I see is apocalyptic. My hope is that those storm clouds will slow their approach. I’m just not sure. So, I will keep pounding on my keyboard, for as long as I can.

      I hope that next year, we’ll get to laugh at my uneasiness. We’ll see.

      However, one thing is clear. The Tribulation is not closer than maybe five years. I guess that it could always come sooner, but not likely. I believe that the Tribulation will be in about… eight or ten years? Even fifteen?

      Ezekiel’s Fire comes first, and that means Gog and Magog. And, it will be VERY bad. The world will need time to recover, so that the Antichrist can take control.

      Thank you, Dick. I hope that clarifies things.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    As it is today in America, the people to whom this was written to in Israel chose not to listen or to humble themselves and pray.

    The majority of God’s people in America have made their choice.

    With their choice fatal choice of a loud, proud, anti-humble, and boisterous Trump they have sealed their fate.

    There came a time where it was too late for Israel and it is the same now for America.

    This is the message I am hearing….

    As for you, do not pray for this people, and do not lift up cry or prayer for them, and do not intercede with Me; for I do not hear you.
    Jeremiah 7:16

    “Therefore do not pray for this people, nor lift up a cry or prayer for them; for I will not listen when they call to Me because of their disaster.
    Jeremiah 11:14
    …. loudly from the LORD.

    He has His remnant, as always, here in America.

  7. To me there is an inevitability with the events that are happening all over the world. I think something is about to blow and many are not prepared for whatever it is — it could be the Middle East, financial, war, a volcano (I’ve read that Yellowstone is acting strange and Old Faithful has been venting continuously–I don’t know how true that is though), an earthquake or a catastrophic terrorist attack. This election season is just plain weird. I don’t care for Trump but I don’t like how some Republicans appear to want to overlook what the people voted for. Frankly, I don’t care for any of the candidates — I feel that the Lord is saying “look to me for salvation” rather than healing this land — but that could just be me — I think as Christians we should be setting our affections on those things above and extending the “rightly divided” true gospel (absent of angel feathers and gold dust) to the lost rather than putting our hope in America and the reasonably good life we have here. Look at all the hurting people (Christians and the lost) and many, many people that need a healing touch from God. So many diseases and mental illnesses, depression, suicides etc. And the church sitting on their thumbs being entertained but asleep. God may be merciful and allow America to hold onto its sovereignty and what’s left of its sanity a little longer — but the goal is the One World Order.

  8. ” This is EXACTLY the reason why I like what Donald Trump is doing. He’s exposing the cockroaches, and they’re going to kill him for it. Hopefully, they won’t.
    Of course, if they don’t, it means that he isn’t what he seems to be. ”

    Or it means Christians are doing what they are supposed to do: pray for their leaders. Remember there was an assassination of Presidents every twenty years. By the time Reagan was elected 20 years after Kennedy, Christians had wised up and prayed against this curse. They tried. He survived.

  9. John;
    I share your thoughts about Trump is not the answer; repentance is the only thing that will stay the hand of God which is even now moving across this nation in Judgment. As America fails to heed the call to repentance the judgment will get more intense and more frequent.
    Proverbs 21:1 The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.
    God is in charge of what kind of government we receive, it matters not who we elect. They will fulfill God’s judgment or blessing according to the actions of the people of this country.
    I repent for the role I have played in bringing God’s displeasure upon this nation by the sins of my past. There was a time I was that one you spoke of who brought sin and defilement into the Church of God. I am so thankful for the Lord answering my cry for a deeper walk of holiness and sanctification. He indeed made me the ‘miserable wretch’ your spoke of to break me and set me free. I would not want those years in the wilderness changed in any way, for they changed religion into relationship, and brought victory over sin into my walk.
    AMEN once again, to your rebuke of the pre-trib rapture lie. The Lord has led me to start including a call to repentance to those who have embraced this error when I write on the subject. He wants his people freed from this defilement, and cleansed from the stain it has brought upon the Body of Christ.
    Here is my latest effort at detailing the solid evidence that proves the rapture theory is not correct doctrine. Hopefully the light will come on for some as they consider your writings and mine.


    Still chewing on Ezekiel’s Fire. Less than 50 pages in and already I am loaded up with studying to do! I have had thoughts about some of this (seven times brighter etc,) before but never went the course with them. You know how stuff hits you then kind of slides by sometimes before you study it out. I have a feeling it may take me a while to finish your book.

  10. Whew. Lots of stuff this week, and I’m nowhere near through the post yet but I wanted to stop and comment on the Watchmen link under the heading “Something big coming in 2016?”

    I watched the video of Heidi Baker talking about her vision of famine. I found it puzzling. I’d never heard of Heidi Baker before, but looked at her ministry website and was very impressed by all that she is doing for the Lord. It looks fantastic and amazing. But I still find the vision puzzling, and it strikes me as … well, I can’t think of any way to say it except the way that it came to me …. it seems like a dangerous mixture of truth and error. To my human mind. I have noticed how the enemy gets a lot of mileage out of mixing just enough truth with error to get his victims to take the bait, and this is enhanced by presenting it as something they would very much LIKE to believe ….. like a pre-trib rapture. I would LOVE it if there were such a thing, and if throughout all of history, all the martyrs were miraculously saved at the last minute. But the vast majority of them were not, which is why we call them martyrs.

    So in this vision of Heidi’s, it is acknowledged that severe famine is coming to America, who (my wording here) sits as a queen and thinks she will never know loss. She saw wealthy people in beautiful clothes, not worn out, standing in long soup lines; this appearance was explained to her that the lack of food would be “sudden”. She saw them, seemingly, in long lines of cars – Lexuses, Mercedes, BMWs, etc. Perhaps this was poetic symbolism, to make the point that those who think they are above ever having to worry about such things are mistaken. But I tend toward the literal. I can’t imagine an orderly line for anything under such conditions – there will be rioting and chaos and murderous violence. And if food is all but impossible to obtain, surely gas for those cars will be also – maybe not because it becomes scarce, but because those who transport and supply it now have more urgent things to do.

    But the part that disturbed me even more was when she said, these coddled Christians will become ‘worshiping warriors’ and there would be signs and miracles. The crowd cheered at this. Maybe there will. But I find it dangerously appealing to those who prefer to believe that life here on earth will always be a piece of cake for them, they are somehow special, and suffering does not apply to them. Even if there is a famine, an EMP, an invasion, all of the above; God does not want them to be inconvenienced, not really, not seriously. A very strange message. Don’t know what to make of it.

    • Hi DRG,

      Excellent critical analysis, and I always am glad to see someone do that.

      I am always very cynical about those claiming to have had visions. I do not reject them outright, but I also know that some ‘visions’ are just dreams, where the mind processes information and presents the results to us as we sleep.

      Is this what Heidi is doing here?

      It could very well be.

      I have seen so much corruption in the charismatic movement, that it’s hard to know what to think.

      Having said that, I know that visions DO happen. I had one just about 20 years ago, and there is a special quality to such things. For me, it was unmistakable. And, the vision came true in every horrifying detail. And no, I cannot talk about it.

      (God help me. I never want to go through that again.)

      So, the only advice that I can give is to take such claims of a vision as a data point. Hopefully, all the assembled data points will direct you to a certain conclusion that is useful. Like a scatter plot.

      Keep up the good work, DRG. Your critical analyses are always welcome.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  11. What a great and truthful article!. Brother John, … Such truth, yet Christians do not want to know the truth. The word conspiracy freaks them out. And I know I have tried to share truth with sincere Christians, and they won’t even look me in the eye. But I think your ministry and people like myself will reach those the church has left feeling cold and hurt. Many won’t ever try to know Jesus again because of what the modern church has done. So thank you Brother for speaking truth!!!!! Thank-you! Kris

  12. Thank you John for all your diligent hard work and faithfulness. I look for your posting every week!

    About Heidi Baker: About 5 years ago I went to see her in great anticipation for the message she would bring. So many people in my church leadership hyped her “anointing”.

    She stumbled up to the mic stand “drunk in the spirit” and I watched her slide to the floor and roll around, slobber and slur for 45 minutes. Forgive me but I found this utterly, gut wrenching, pitiful and embarrassing to watch and my heart hurt to think of my Lord Jesus to be represented this way.

    After that, I cannot take anything she says seriously… even in light of the fantastic stories and testimonies of her work in Africa.

    Humbly, I have been given some extraordinary visions from the Lord but most of them are for me alone. I have shared them as a testimony and for inspiration of my own personal relationship with Jesus and His faithfulness. I believe it is dangerous for some of these “anointed” few to be followed so seriously by people who don’t seek personal relationship with the Lord and His word for themselves.

    Blessings and peace,

  13. Brother John,
    Peace be unto you. You got me thinking this week. It’s interesting how the Republicans are aligned with the house of Saud and the Democrats are aligned with Persia. Hobama wants to destroy Israel by proxy, this is why he is enabling the Persians.
    I do not think they are going to allow Trump to become President. I fear for him.
    These scriptures apply to America and the Churches in America:
    Isaiah 30:9-10
    9 That this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the Lord:
    10 Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits:

    Jeremiah 44:16-17
    16 As for the word that thou hast spoken unto us in the name of the Lord, we will not hearken unto thee.
    17 But we will certainly do whatsoever thing goeth forth out of our own mouth, to burn incense unto the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto her, as we have done, we, and our fathers, our kings, and our princes, in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem: for then had we plenty of victuals, and were well, and saw no evil.

    Thanks again Brother John!

    Beware false prophets!

    your Brother in Christ,

  14. Thank you John for the information that is compiled for others to read and “chew” on a bit. Unfortunately it is a grim reminder just how far we’ve fallen. I have run into a bit of a “discussion” in my small group and would love to know how to respond to it. I agree with your teaching of the rapture debate, however, someone in my group brings up Matthew 24: 40-41, and I don’t know how to respond to this. Please send me in a direction so I may answer/ respond to this disagreement. I appreciate any input from your or your readers. Thanks again for everything, most especially for writing words that the Holy Spirit showed me are true and the urgency of the times we live in. I pray that all Christians will sense the need to be repentant for the sins of ourselves and of this nation.

    • Hi Dora,

      I always find it interesting that pretribbers will ignore verse 29 (in Matt 24), but will jump down to 40 and 41.

      The second coming of Our Lord includes the trials and suffering that God is warning us about. The verses previous to 40 and 41, make mention of the Great Flood and the destruction that befell those who ignored the warning. In the verses AFTER 40 and 41, it speaks of a thief coming in and breaking up a house – and that those who watch and are careful… will not suffer their houses to be broken up.

      Does that sound like a pretribulation rapture to you?

      In fact, throughout the chapter, Jesus calls us to watch.

      Why would we need to do that, if there was a pretrib rapture?

      Pretribbers are ‘peace and safety’ Christians, and Paul spoke of them, here:

      For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

      – 1 Thessalonians 5:3


      It’s nice to know that the prophetic words of Paul are being played out before us, as we speak.

      I hope that helps, Dora. Good questions. If you have other questions, do not hesitate to leave them in the comment section!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  15. You’ve probably seen that Armstrong has commented on the earthquake situation. I was surprised to read that in the San Andreas fault zone, the northern side moves 16 feet a YEAR and the southern side is locked and does not move! Yet. That would certainly make for the building up of a LOT of pressure ……

    Also, I have been rereading Ez 38 & 39. You speak so much about the fire from heaven, but I don’t hear much about the incredible earthquake mentioned there!!! What say you about that???

    • Hi DRG,

      Yeah, the San Andreas. A big ouch coming.

      As for the earthquake in Ezekiel, I didn’t really address it much because that Superflare is so horrendous. However, I DO address it in Isaiah 30, which is also a snap shot of the same set of events.

      Isaiah speaks of ‘when the towers fall’. Many have commented on the connection between solar flares and earthquakes, so I am happy (actually UNHAPPY) to see the same connection here.

      It is going to be an unimaginable time, so be ready as that vast army prepares to come down!

      Thank you, DRG. Great comments, as always.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  16. John, just saw something this morning and thought I’d share it with you since this topic is so important to you (and to me also):
    I was reading in Eph. 2 and came to the part:
    “For he himself is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility” (v.14).
    Now I’ve read that 100 times and it never hit me the way it did this time. There IS A DIVIDING WALL OF HOSTILITY between Jews and Gentiles! Paul comes right out and says it. He doesn’t say how long the wall has been there, but the assumption is that it always has been.
    That explains all the hostility the world has toward the Jews. The wall is there, it’s always been there, it’s there in the nature of the case. There IS a dividing wall of hostility. It’s a real wall. It keeps the two groups apart, and hostile toward each other.
    But…that’s not the end of it. The wall has been broken down! This is something new. This is different. The wall lies in rubble for those who are in Christ. That wall is no longer there for those who have trusted Him.
    Even if the wall is still there for unbelievers, Jews and Gentiles alike, it’s no longer there for us. The wall may still be there for unbelieving Jews, but it’s not there for us. They may treat us with scorn and contempt as gentile “dogs”, but we don’t have to respond in kind, because the wall is no longer there for us. We’re free to treat them with kindness, acceptance, and love. “If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.” (Rom. 12:18)
    All the above may be patently obvious to you and to other readers, but it was a revelation to me, and I thought of you.
    Blessings to you.

    • Hi davidnrobyn,

      Interesting thought. There certainly IS a wall between the Jews and the rest of the world. In fact, that wall is an affront to the Gentiles, since humanity doesn’t like such walls and tries to continually tear them down.

      Just remember that context of that verse, which is our inclusion into the promise made to Abraham. Until Jesus came, the only way to be saved and go to heaven was to join yourself physically with Israel. You had to become a Jew.

      Jesus destroyed that need and did more than that. He gave us something that even Israel in the Old Testament never had. I don’t exactly understand all of that, except to say that Jesus said that John the Baptist was the greatest of all prophets. Yet, the least in the Kingdom – you and me – would be greater than John the Baptist.

      That is a startling thought that is hard to get your head around.

      When we get to heaven, John the Baptist will have a greater place than you and myself. His service, in introducing the Messiah, is incomparable. So, it’s not about our heavenly rewards that Jesus was speaking of, but the power and ability that we receive on this Earth. I believe that it’s this ‘New Man’ that Paul speaks of. That makes us greater than John the Baptist – in THIS life.

      Sorry to meander like that. Your comment, DnR, made me think. Thank you!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  17. Wow, John. Double Wow. Can you be more right, than right? Maybe an “Amen!” is in order.

    I guess I read all the “right” sources because they all decry the corruption in the body of Christ.

    Even so, nothing changes in that body as a whole. I’d like to emphasize, italicize, and underline the “nothing changes”. How can this be – if those who are stating the obvious are also praying, fasting, and humbling themselves before the LORD?

    Is it possible that “we” can see the obvious? Even “hear” the Father’s Voice?
    And yet, remain INERT?

    Who has the greater shame?

    Those who are inert; whilst seeing and hearing?

    Or those engaged in known sin?

    I think I’m going with the inert as those with the greater shame.

    Somewhat recently, a pastor of some prestige in our community told me he couldn’t just launch into the subject of repentance, he had to “build up” to it.

    Care to guess how often I heard the “build up” messages?

    Not. Once.

    I don’t attend there anymore. Now I fellowship where the word “repentance” is heard every single message, and at every other opportunity. And it is making a difference in that community.

    So, “spot on” John.

    Repentance is a WAY OF LIFE; not an event or a series of events.

    Richard Owen Roberts wrote of this fact in Repentance: the First Word of the Gospel. I consider this book the second most important book in my library, after the Word of the LORD. It’s one of the things I would save first, if my house were burning.

  18. Wanted to make sure you saw this!! We are fearfully, and wonderfully made indeed!!


    While the team was working to try to understand and map what is called “Junk DNA” (they call it junk for their lack of that DNA’s known function), they noted that it really wasn’t mapping for biological functions, BUT it strongly resembled the similarity to patterns found in human language.

    The professors were rocked with sheer awe when they found that one existent language, and one language alone, was a direct translatable match for the sequential DNA strands.

    That language was ancient Aramaic, the same language spoken by those in the Bible.

    The scientists started to translate the code found within the human genome and found that parts of the script it contained were remarkably close to verses found in God’s Word, The Bible.

    • Hi gibby62,

      Thank you for that. When I first saw that article a little bit ago, it seemed to hit a false note with me, so I ignored it.

      When I clicked your link and saw it a second time, I read it… and hit the last paragraph, where he says:

      SO… I fell for a hoax but I am leaving this article up so that when other people come across it, they to may see that this information was a hoax.

      Yeah. I’ve gotten caught by hoaxes, a time or two, and it was Ray’s turn, this time. I’m glad that he’s kept it up as a demonstration of such things.

      Thank you, Gibby. I really value the articles that you have been putting in my way.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  19. Brother John,

    During my reading recently, I again came across these passages in Revelation

    Revelation 6:
    12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

    13 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.

    14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

    15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

    Revelation 8:
    7 The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.

    8 And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;

    9 And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.

    10 And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;

    11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

    12 And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise.

    13 And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound!

    My thinking was this: IF you take the passage in Rev 6 and play it backward, it would be the sequence of events for a major astronomical impact such as a comet or likely an asteroid impact (knowing its coming and will be a near extinction level event or worse – mens hearts failing them comes to mind), followed by the asteroid pushing the atmosphere aside as it enters, with the debris in its wake bringing on a major meteor shower, followed by the earthquake of its impact.

    The section in chapter 8 hints at much the same, but in reality, I believe it will be ANOTHER set of impacts, probably oceanic as it will kill the sea life and the salty ‘fallout’ would poison much of the surface water.

    Anyway, just something to think about in addition to Ezekiels Fire….

    God bless and prosper you brother,
    Bob Jones

  20. Sorry about the hoax article. Realized it after the fact, but too late to withdraw the comment. 🙁

    More on the “mark of the beast”…


    Making a payment using a part of your body is no longer science fiction. These are exciting days in the world of biometrics and payments. Visa and MasterCard are both working on specifications that will impact consumers globally. – See more at: http://www.secureidnews.com/news-item/will-biometric-payments-become-reality/#sthash.ecmRIPpn.dpuf

    People will think this is a great thing…can’t be hacked, provides security and with every day we come closer to global economic collapse I believe we’re come closer to this digital commerce reality.

  21. John,

    I know Trump is a very divisive person, and I don’t pretend to know exactly who he is and why he has become the almost certain nominee. But this link has an interview titled “American Houses Burning” with Pastor Masih, who says God gave him a dream about Trump. He says “Trump is not a Godly man, BUT he’s God’s man for this hour”.

    God can use anyone for His purposes, and only time will tell if Trump will be part of our judgment or part of His grace to those who actually have repented, fasted and prayed about America.

    Also, the Lord can show mercy and grace during judgment on the wicked, correct? Maybe that is His plan. I pray it is.


    PS. Also the first interview “Urgent Bank Closings- URGENT” is very interesting. He has information that bank closing could take place in July.

    • Hi Angel,

      It IS true that God uses unGodly men for His own purposes.

      The question is whether it will be for judgment or mercy. Since I have yet to see repentance in the Body of Christ, there can only be judgment. Look at the messages of Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Zechariah to Jerusalem.

      The ‘mercy’ part was the surrender to the invading forces and the going into captivity. Some did respond to Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Zechariah, and went into captivity. Those who did not, were judged.

      As far as I can tell, the ‘mercy’ in the coming of Trump may only lie in America’s destruction. If American is completely destroyed, those who are Godly and have prepared will be spared. They will be purified in the midst of the suffering.

      Those who have not prepared will suffer judgment and die.

      Unfortunately, I fear for those who DO prepare and still suffer along with those who God has judged. However, I know that God is just and will provide a way of escape.

      The key is repentance, Angel. If you don’t see it in the Body of Christ, then there will only be judgment.

      John Little

  22. This election keeps getting stranger and weirder….


    Someone wants Bernie Sanders supporters to feel the burn — in their skin, filling their nostrils and in their lungs, even to the point of death.

    A short infographic pulled straight from the Anarchist Cookbook called “How to make Bernie Sander’s Glowsticks!” [sic] found its way to Tumblr, DeviantArt and Reddit in the past 48 hours.

    Ostensibly, it’s a guide to making small, blue glow sticks. It’s even stamped with a fake “Bernie Sanders approves!” message at the bottom.

  23. Executive Orders:

    This was written (by Forbes) in 2012…a little prophetic??

    Hopefully, President Obama will never try to implement his executive order 13603 – the plan for seizing control of our economy and our lives. But the plan is ready-to-go, awaiting the right moment. One morning, Americans could wake up to the news that suddenly Obama is activating the plan because of cyber sabotage, a terrorist incident, a crisis in nuclear Pakistan, a war with Iran or some other state of emergency, perhaps the state of emergency he extended last year. Or perhaps the president might simply decide that to win the fall election he needs an “October surprise.”


    Notice Sec. 2. (c) (iii) and maybe wonder why this would be included in a transition between Presidents!!


    (iii) prepare and host interagency emergency preparedness and response exercises.

  24. Believe it or not,

    I’m trying to leave America asap.. I’m a new Christian and the reason WHY I decided to follow Christ is unbelievable to most.. If you want to read this, you can. I’ll stick with the super short version of my testimony.

    I went through a situation where I lost everything.. my wife and son, my career, my home, my car, also all of my belongings except for the clothes I wore.. I also had my bank account wiped completely clean.. One night someone gave me a Bible and eventually I broke down and prayed to God to show me that He was “there” and real.. I asked Him to show me something in a dream like Joseph and to allow me to remember it when I woke up..

    That night, I had a “Mr. Scrooge” type dream where I saw how badly I was living my life and as I woke up.. I heard an audible voice that woke me from the dream which said, “I will give you a second chance.”

    Long story short, I got into the habit of writing down all my dreams due to a few “strange occurrences.” In the end, I ended up having around 80 dreams actually come TRUE. Dreams about upcoming events on TV, locally, and about people personally which were all confirmed to happen. Here’s why I want to leave America..

    Out of all these dreams that came true.. the recurring dream I kept having (which seems to be coming but has yet to come true) is that of something horribly tragic coming to destroy the United States.. I kept seeing incredibly painful horror, despair, hopelessness, and tragedy from all the people in the USA. As I type this, I have chills. I was an Army Medic.. I have seen many horrible deaths and injuries.. but what I saw and felt in these dreams were overwhelmingly painful and hard to experience.. so much more than what I have experienced in my past. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I saw.. In these dreams, I heard a voice saying over the scenes I saw.. “Hurry before it’s too late..”

    These words kept repeating over and over again.. it seemed as if people saw this tragedy coming to them at the last minute.. and they had no time to escape because of the backed up traffic of others trying to escape as well.. so much despair. If it wasn’t for God allowing me to have 80 prophetic dreams in a row, I probably wouldn’t have become a Christian due to the issues I’ve experienced in the past with people in American Churches and so many choices of other worldy religions.. but God showed me His mercy and gave me a testimony that many Christians choose not to believe when I share it (the “crazy” prophetic dream part of it). I’m trying so hard to leave this country..

    Put this to the test. If the following dream does not come true, you can consider my comments to be hogwash, if you want. Before there were any political debates for this current presidential race.. I had a dream that in the end, it would be Hillary versus Trump for president..(that part has now come true).. the next part is that Hillary is going to GO UNDER and Trump is going to be the last standing. Put this to the test. (According to CNN Hillary is in double-digit lead by over Trump.. but my dream says Trump will win.. It’s either that CNN is getting inaccurate information OR something will happen with Clinton that will suddenly cause her popularity to plummet.)

    If Trump becomes president, everything that I saw in these dreams (from 2011) make so much more sense.. there were issues with China but these issues weren’t trumpeted in the media (it was secret/underground).. and Russia eventually became involved.. the attack on the US came almost from out of nowhere..) Again, put these words to the test. I’m just relaying information which could happen or not.. but my 80 dreams say otherwise or at least cause me to think more deeply about this.. If you have any idea of the best ways to leave this country, I would be forever grateful.

    • Hi Ricky H,

      I would love to believe that your dreams were hogwash, but I can’t. These things ARE coming, and they are as sure as tomorrow’s sunrise.

      As for getting out of the country, I don’t know what to tell you. Get a passport and drive south. But, you said that you were a new Christian, so it will be more important to have a good church as a destination. Start looking for good churches. Correspond with them, if you can.

      Do you have a good church where you are now?

      If not, you will need to find one.

      God WILL see you through this. If He has given you visions, then He will also give you the way.

      God bless you, Ricky. I share your concerns.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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