Remembering Our Lord in the Midst of Evil

As the darkness closes in around us, it is natural for our thoughts to turn towards the prospect of a grim future. And, in the short-term, it IS grim. But, as John The Apostle contemplated these things, he embraced these events, for they pointed to the return of our God and King, Jesus Christ.

I must keep reminding myself of this, as I look upon the evil that is happening around us, and within us.

I am grateful to all who have chosen to make a stand for Christ. For the Truth. For Righteousness. For an eternity with God. It is a struggle, and it will take everything you have. But, it is worth far more than anything that we can give.


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Remembering Our Lord in the Midst of Evil

When Monday arrived, it seemed like this week would turn out to be much like the previous. Lots of bad. Some good. Dismal future.

However, the events of Tuesday morning – in Brussels – concentrated our minds upon a dark and Satanic evil in our midst. The bombings in Belgium were quintessentially Islam. They were the purest expression of the commandments of Muhammad to his followers. They were the Satanic essence of the evil at the heart of the Muslim world.

Worse, Europe and much of the world has embraced the followers of this vile and oppressive darkness, while choosing to be blind to the evil of Islam. This insanity is beyond comprehension, for it is only the truly insane that could understand it.

But, I must remind myself that, in one sense, we are all truly insane. We have all, at one time or another, engaged in a life of sin and rebellion against God. Muslims are likewise caught. Their version of sin and rebellion is just a bit different than our own.

We were all followers of Satan, before we came to Christ.

So, as we gaze into the darkness, we should see opportunity. For, when the darkness is greatest, our chance to reflect the light of Christ is even greater. But, we must stand upon hilltops and make sure that our mirror is clean and pure.

When people look at your life, do they see Christ in you?

Being a truly imperfect follower of Christ, I am not always sure that people see the reflection of Christ in my life. So, if you often falter and fail, I am with you in this. But, when you fall, pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Turn back to the path that Jesus laid out for you.

Only a fool would lay on the ground where he fell.

Anyway, I am reminded of this by the time of year that we find ourselves:


I wish that the Roman Catholic church had not corrupted the story of the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior by calling it Easter. I would prefer to call it Resurrection Day, but most would not understand what I’m talking about, when I say that.

When I finish writing this, my wife and I will rush off to teach a Bible class, and we will be talking about Easter. Many in our class are not Christian, and would not understand if we called it anything else. So, we will start off by calling it Easter, but – by the end of our class – they will all understand that we are talking about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They will know that God the Father sent His Son – God the Son – to be a sacrifice for our sins, so that we would have eternal life.

To write that gives me chills. I am beyond grateful that God would do such a thing, to send His Son, who is also God. The idea that Jesus would love us so much that He would willingly submit to this awful thing… is …well, amazing.

I really do not have the words to adequately express my profound gratitude.

Even more, I find this gift of God – this gift of eternal life – to be completely incomprehensible. I did nothing to deserve it. I can do nothing to earn it. I will do my best to serve God in offering the message of it to as many as will receive it.

So, as we look towards this Sunday, think upon the incomprehensible gift that God gave us. The immeasurable blessing. Our Lord. Our King…

…who died for YOU.

So, please. Remember this as you contemplate the darkness grows worse, that gathers around us – threatening ourselves and all that we love. When you hold close to Christ, that darkness cannot touch you. In fact, we might even be somewhat thankful for that choking blanket of evil that encroaches upon our lives…

…because it inspires us to hold Jesus Christ ever more tightly, and to shine more brightly.

So, bring on the bombings. Bring on the death and corruption that seeks to choke the very life out of our world. Bring on the Muslim maniacs. Even the Antichrist… bring it on.

Our Lord, God and King is returning, and there is nothing that will stand against Him!

Before I Send You Off…

Now, before I send you off to look at the research that I have prepared for you, let me point out a few things that are significant:

ISIS is being cornered, so it is not a coincidence that the Brussels bombings have occurred. This is ISIS saying, Alea iacta est!

Turkey continues on its road to collapse, and we are seeing more evidence that Russia is helping to push Turkey into the abyss. (Watch Armenia!)

Trump seems unstoppable, so what the Elite do to try and stop him will be interesting to see.

We have another piece of evidence for Ezekiel’s Fire, the Superflare that lies in our uncomfortably close future. You might want to keep this link handy:

Hatred of Israel is on the rise. The antisemites are pushing a vile agenda at every opportunity, so I hope that you will push back, when you can.

Oh, and remember that Jesus was NOT crucified on Friday. It was Wednesday. To say that it was Friday is to have a tiny problem with math.


He is Risen!


Please take the time to read through
the research section below.
There is a lot there
that you need to know.


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These are the articles that hit my desktop this week – and seemed important.

Most of my sources for this week are the same as last week’s. Most. I have put an asterisk ( * ) by the additions. Anyway, here are the sources for this week: * *

Best of all, many of you provided me with valuable links that you will also find below.

Each of the above has their own foibles and biases, and that goes for Omega Shock. My hope is that YOUR bias will ALWAYS be Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


‘Good Friday’ Is A Roman Catholic Invention, Jesus Went To The Cross On A Wednesday

Geoffrey Grider and I have a HUGE disagreement over when the Rapture occurs. We have some other disagreements, but not over the subject of this article. And, we have far more AGREEMENTS than disagreements.

Geoffrey is a good guy, and I respect his passion. I’m a pretty passionate guy, myself. So, I completely get it when he passionately disagrees with me.

Anyway, this article is completely correct, and it’s nice to see someone lay it out like this. I dimly remember writing something like this – but not as good – in the past. Although, I don’t remember when. But, the fact that Geoffrey wrote this one saves from having to look for my own version.

Good work Geoffrey!

(But, about the Rapture…)

What is a superflare? Researchers explain ‘devastating consequences’ of an eruption from the Sun – Mirror Online

A superflare?

My name for the one that is coming is Ezekiel’s Fire.

The Bible talks about it. It’s coming.

Are you ready?



These are the articles of special significance. They often do not fit into any one category. They may even sit only in their own.

Whatever the case, please pay attention to these articles.

Carolyn Hamlett – JFK Last Truly Elected POTUS – NASA & Illuminists – YouTube

I always have time for Carolyn Hamlett – well, at least I TRY to have time to listen. She really has a very authentic story.

It’s interesting that she starts off with the Flat Earth Theory, and I find that to be interesting.

She also talks about some other references to the JFK assassination, as well as Nixon.

Hmmm… Nixon. Yeah, definitely was in league with darkness.

One Person, One Vote – Speak – Why Protest? | Ezekiel Countdown

I’m a sucker for good writing. I really am, and Ezekiel Countdown is exceptional. You can also tell that EZC is just a wonderful person.

Anyway, she writes that she ‘came of age’ in the 1980s. I too share in that experience.

It was a moment in time where many of us still held on to values and principles, even though life was getting better and easier. Yes, greed took off, but it had not yet destroyed the character of a great nation.

We were a better nation then.

Today, not so much.

Today, we have lost all concept of goodness, truth and decency. Every vile and evil activity is celebrated, while truth, goodness and honesty are reviled.

This is definitely an article worth reading.

MIT Engineer Disputes 911 Theory of the WTC Collapse « InvestmentWatch

Okay, this is a bit of a flashback for most of you. But, for just about 12 minutes, you see a brutally honest and scientifically sound discussion about why the official explanation of the destruction of WTC 1, 2 and 7 could NOT have happened.

The only reasonable explanation is explosive demolition by pre-positioned explosives.

The Quigley Formula – G. Edward Griffin lecture – YouTube

This was from a few years ago, but there’s a WHOA moment at the 22+ minute mark.

The secret society that Carroll Quigley Wrote about was MODELED AFTER THE JESUITS!!!

This was from early 2008, but is an excellent video.

My wife adds her own observation to the ending of this video:

He did not succeed.

And yes, my darling wife is correct. As much as G. Edward Griffin wanted to succeed, wanted US to succeed, he did not. We did not…

…and we will not.

Bill is Back! Whittle’s New Firewall Video: The Most Shameful Injustice

Bill Whittle is ALWAYS on fire. Say his last name fast enough, and he could be in my family.

Anyway, the corruption is amazing. AMAZING.

When the Lord returns, He’s going to clean house. Until then, we hafta live in this dump.

O Lord, come quickly.

Are Electric Cars Really Green? – YouTube

Now THIS is a video to drive your Earth Nazi friends crazy. (And, I like driving Earth Nazis ’round the bend. It’s a hobby.)

The U.S. Forest Service On Friday Proposed Giving Nestle A Five-year Permit To Keep Siphoning Millions Of Gallons Of Water From Springs To Bottle And Sell…. Pays Only $524 To Extract 27,000,000 Gallons Of California Drinking Water « InvestmentWatch

This quote pretty much says it all:

Clive Bundy is in jail for grazing on federal land. But if you make chocolate, you can steal 750 million gallons of water and make massive profits off it.

And, California is water-starved… hmmm… one more reason to boycott Nestle.

Watson: Absolute Proof Liberalism is a Mental Disorder [Video]

Sweden. It’s not just a country.

It’s now a DISEASE.

1924 Newspaper Article Outlines Six Goals of the Illuminati

You could more accurately call that the ‘Six Goals of Satan’. Here they are:

First, the abolition of government. Second, the abolition of patriotism. Third, the abolition of private property rights. Fourth, the abolition of all rights of inheritance. Fifth, the abolition of religion. Sixth, the abolition of the family relations.

Since these are actually the goals of Satan, the guy who runs the ‘Illuminati’, the order is a bit wrong. The goal is the distruction of faith in Jesus Christ. To get there, you need to follow that list in pretty much that order. Having said that, destroying the family leads to the destruction of a belief in God.

Anyway, a good snapshot of a moment in 1924, in which there were people like you and me, that understood the threat that we live under.

Republican Representative, Mike Noel, of Utah pleads with Congress to defund the Bureau of Land Management before violence breaks out in Utah.

Wow. This is a hard-hitting video. If I was BLM… I’d be hurting.

Unfortunately, money talks. So, the situation will get worse

My Year in San Francisco’s $2 Million Secret Society Startup

This is a story insipired by the Illuminati, but it is unclear if it was created by the Illuminati – or, is connected in any way.

One thing that is clear, is that it is a story about how secret societies are created, how they grow, and why they grow – and, why they are only for the rich and truly Satanic.

It is also an unsettling tale, because it is true.

Netanyahu Gives Devastating View Of Threat To America From Iran Deal – YouTube

Remember… America is the Great Satan to Iran.

Vet Goes on Hunger Strike After the State Took His Kids for Him Legally Using Cannabis for PTSD

What a horrendous and sickening thing for the State of Kansas to do.

Having worked in the IT dept. for the Indiana version of CPS, I can tell you that neanderthals are running such organizations. That’s right. NEANDERTHALS, also known by their more famous name, Drooling Idiots.

Of course, I only saw it from the IT side of things. But, I also know that government incompetence allows the truly evil to take over such organizations.

Who knows? Such incompetence might be by design!

Whatever the cause of this horrendous atrocity commited against this family, it is still evil – through and through. HOW DARE THEY DO THIS!!

May God protect these poor children and bring them back to the loving arms of their parents.

May God give mercy and peace to the parents who have suffered so much in all of this.

God help us all.

AL Lawmaker Backs Off Bill That Would Train Teachers Not to Have Sex With Students

Maybe this should be in the humor section. Or, maybe I should create a, ‘This Is Your Government At Work’ section. I dunno.

(face palm)

Americans Skeptical Of God But Think Heaven Is Real, Somehow

I remember 1980 quite well, and it would be nice to go back for a ‘do over’. 1980 was good. 36 years later… not so much.

Here are the first two sentences of this disturbing article:

Since 1980, the number of Americans who believe in God has decreased by half and the number who pray has declined five-fold. Has America lost its faith?

Well, I can answer that question… YES.

…and those who are left… well, their faith is positively wretched.

You know what would be really good?

Going to a place where you are forced to live out a faith that is challenged every day. Where you could DIE because of your faith.

Now THAT would be really good – and really awful. And, for those of you who are living in the US, it’s coming to your neighborhood.

Are you going to be ready for this?

Am i being hit by frequency devices for writing about the doctor deaths? – YouTube

I’m a natural-born skeptic, but this is a bit over the top.

And yes, you can bet that Big Pharma would do something like this.

The Rutherford Institute :: Fascism, American Style

No matter WHO you vote for in this election, you will be voting for a fascist. Sanders, Clinton, Trump, Cruz – all of them, fascists. Some, more than others.

Trump may actually be less fascist than the rest, although that is hard to tell.

The point is that the New Roman Empire has risen. All that we are arguing over is whether Pax Americana will be good for Americans, or not.

Do we want an Empire that crushes the world under its feet? That enslaves mankind to its own desires?

Well, it’s what we have, and I am looking forward that Empire’s fall. I do NOT want to be a part of such an evil as our nation has become.

John Whitehead offers some recommendations for a ‘grass-roots’, non-violent overthrow of this fascist empire of ours. They are good recommendations, but they will only work if there are enough people who have disentangled themselves from the evil of our society and sacrificed their comfort for the good of the country.

I see very few willing to do that, so good luck.

North Korea’s “Mini Nuke” Might Be Real After All

I’m wondering… when will our masters actually DO something about the chubby kid in Pyongyang?

Are they waiting for the cherubic dear leader to do an EMP attack?

Government Agents Hired To Argue Politics On-line

If the news doesn’t seem real, then maybe it isn’t. The military and the CIA have a new job, managing how YOU think.

American Mormon survives Brussels attack after also surviving Boston and Paris attacks

Sorry, but the coincedence is just a bit too much.

Either the kid is lying, or he’s involved.

Falling Sea Level

Global Warming! Global Warming!

… um … no, wait …

Climate Change! Climate Change!

… um… but… uh …that…

Global Cooling! Cold-house Gases! Runaway Refrigeration! Eliminate refrigerator emissions! Driving cars causes Ice Age!

…oh, brother!

19-year-old Mormon missionary “Elder Mason Wells” survives his 3rd terror attack: Boston, Paris, and now Brussels.

Nothing to see here. Nothing to see. Move along… move along…

These Are the 8 Biggest Barriers to Economic Growth

Interesting. ALL EIGHT barriers to economic growth come from the government.

Well done.

(golf clap)


Most of you might not know that the word ‘Armageddon’ comes from two Hebrew words ‘Har’ (mountain) and ‘Megiddo’, and also turned into Greek – dropping the ‘h’ and adding an ‘n’.

Well a mountain in Israel is coming to America this year. It’s going to be interesting.

Since I’m outside our green and fertile plain, I won’t be voting. They won’t count my vote, so I won’t bother.

How about you?

Are you voting?


Wow. THAT is a hard-hitting commentary on ‘Democratic Socialism’. OUCH.

Yeah. Let’s be like Sweden.

No… wait.

What Can Americans Do When Their Vote No Longer Counts? – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

This brings to mind, this quote:

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

– John F. Kennedy

That is what masters are driving us towards, violent revolution.

15 Dirty Tricks The GOP Establishment Can Use to Stop Donald Trump

May the group with the best intelligence organization win!

Yes, folks, THAT is the state of Amerikan Demokracy. You only win if you make good deals and have an intelligence operation that can outmaneuver the dirty tricks.

It’s the USSA, comrade!

Enough!: The Official Republican Establishment’s Last Betrayal!

Frank is RIGHT.

Here’s a quote:

So there you have it. According to the prolific written admissions of the movement’s founders, neoconservatives are purposeful liars and incipient totalitarians who hold the American people and their traditions in absolute contempt. Today they control much of the national GOP’s internal workings. How much do you appreciate where the neocons have taken “the Republican party, and American conservatism…against their respective wills?”

Frank Brady for President!


It would be a death sentence, and we’d lose an excellent commentor on what’s wrong with the world.

“The Big Steal Is ON”: RNC Secret Plans Revealed – Hannity “I Am Walking” With Supporters – RNC Phone Provided, Time To Make Our Voices Heard

Yup. It’s the Big Steal. Of course, they’ve been stealing your vote since – at a minimum – the Deibold voting machines were introduced.

How’s it like, being a citizen of a country run by mafiosos?


Articles: Trump Fights

Interesting article about the foundations of the Trump Movement. But, there’s one paragraph 100% geopolitically correct, and terrifying to the Saudis:

Obama’s deep bow to the previous Saudi King went very badly for the Kingdom, since Obama ended up handing nuclear power and 150 billion bucks to the thousand-year fanatical enemies of Arabia, the mullahs. Iran is only 50 miles away from Arabia, and they constantly threaten the Saudis with extermination. The US Navy used to be a reliable protector, but we have now essentially handed the Gulf to Iran. The Saudis now see their own Armageddon approaching fast. They are not happy with Obama.

LOTS and LOTS of people are unhappy, and they are flocking to Trump, to demonstrate their angst and their belief of who they think are responsible.

Judge Jeanine Opening Statement & Donald Trump Spokesperson 3/19/16 – YouTube

To quote the judge:

What are you guys smokin’?

Then, towards the end of her opening remarks, she said this:

Be careful, boys. Be very, very careful. You don’t want THIS a DIFFERENT kind of Revolution.

Then, in the next segment following the opening, we hear a very well-spoken representative for Trump, making some very cogent points.

Judge Jeanine for President!

Focus group calls Hillary Clinton ‘worst liar I think I’ve ever seen,’ says she ‘lied about lying’ – YouTube

Houston, we have a credibility problem.

Summer of political unrest will tear at the fabric of American society

This dovetails with my post titled ‘A Long Hot Summer’:

A Long, Hot Summer


The establishment has sent out their ‘brownshirts’, and it’s going to get ugly. REAL ugly.

Glenn Beck Channels Mormon Prophecy in Utah for Cruz: ‘Body of the Priesthood’ Will ‘Stand Up When the Constitution Hangs by a Thread’

This is ANOTHER reason why I would NOT vote for Ted Cruz:

He’s channeling MORMON PROPHECY!


How the US ends up in a real Civil War this Fall – Global Guerrillas

Interesting scenario of HOW – if the conditions are right – the upcoming elections could spark a Civil War and utter collapse of the global financial system.

Something tells me that it won’t happen this way, but a sufficiently dedicated and unknown group could pull off the initial bit. The question in my mind is whether this is something that the true masters of the American Empire really want. THEY have their own agenda and will want to time the global reset to their advantage.

Any upstart group that tries to take this ‘timing’ out of their hands will get… disappeared.

Glenn Beck touts Ted Cruz as fulfillment of Mormon end-days prophecy

Okay, Ted is digging that hole for himself, deeper and deeper.

What will we have next?

The Pope beatifying Ted?

Being annointed by the Church of Scientology?

Will he give a sermon at a Christian Science meeting?

A group of rabbis give him a kippah, a prayer shawl and a Torah Scroll?

I’m trying to think of some way to trump what he’s doing now. Hmmm… I didn’t quite plan to use that word ‘trump’. A bit Freudian.

So, what WILL Trump do to trump Ted?

Cruz Said Trump Should Denounce KKK over Endorsement, but Embraces Endorsement from Two Men Who are Part of a Theological Cult

I like clever writing, and Tim Brown shows his ability to write in this piece.

It’s also completely and utterly true.

Ted is such a hypocrite!

Trump under attack by 187 organizations directly funded by George Soros

NOTHING says corruption like the name, George Soros.

Does this mean that I am for anything and everything that George Soros opposes?

Maybe not, but if I see George Soros oppose something, then maybe that’s a clue that I should look into it.

Soros Board Member Chairs Firm Running Online Voting for Tuesday’s Utah Caucuses – Breitbart

It’s nice to see that free and fair elections happened on Tuesday. Nothing said free and fair like Soros!

No… wait.

Here Is The Math: Trump “Almost Certain” To Win Republican Nomination Before Convention | Zero Hedge

So, it DOES look like we’ll have a faceoff between Trump and Hitlary. Intweresting. Very.

“The FBI agents who investigated David Petraeus were furious at the wrist slap that he got — the very same FBI agents are the people now investigating Mrs. Clinton…it’s almost inconceivable that Clinton won’t be charged with something.”

THIS is going to be interesting to watch. VERY.

The future of the Empire rests upon whether she is indicted, or not.

The problem is that she knows things. She’s a fighter. She’s killed a lot of people to protect herself.

What will she do, to escape prosecution? To still have a shot at the White House?

Of Two Minds – If Hillary Isn’t Indicted, the Rule of Law and the Republic Are Dead

This really is the central question:

Do we still have a ‘rule of law’ in Amerika?

I say that we do not, and I further say that you should move to a place where there is a rule of law.

FBI “Increasingly Certain” Hillary Broke The Law, Stone-Walled By White House

Um… Hillary? Better run faster!

Trump Blasts Muslims After Brussels Attack: “We Cannot Let These People Into Our Country” | Zero Hedge


Another vote for Trump!

How many times do I get to vote?

EXCLUSIVE – Bolton: FBI Will ‘Explode’ If Hillary Not Indicted Over Email Scandal Due to Politics – Breitbart

Interesting. If Obama clears Hillary… the FBI will go berserk.

I wonder what secrets will come out, if Hillary doesn’t go down. The leaks could get… interesting.

Trump is absolutely killing it at AIPAC – Most presidential speech ever

Very impressive speech. As the title says, he was Presidential. He did well. He captured the hearts of his audience. He helped people see him as acceptable, which was what he needed to do.

What he does, assuming that the Elites let him live… well …we’ll hafta see.

Trump Yarmulkes Are Biggest Seller at AIPAC Conference

Yup, looks like The Donald did it. Good for him.

Trump Learns Of Naked Melania Photo Used In Attack Ad, Threatens To “Spill Beans” On Heidi Cruz

Hey, it looks like Cruz is going straight for the sleeze factor. Good one Cruz.

But, I think that it will have backfired, a lot.

The Rule-or-Ruin Republicans

I picked this up from ZeroHedge, and their title was: The Goals Of The Rule-Or-Ruin Republicans.

Anyway, Pat Buchanan hits this one out of the park. I am disgusted with the Republicans. So much so, that I would WELCOME a NON-REPUBLICAN candidate that had NOTHING to do with the Establishment. And, I mean NOTHING.

I’d even vote for that idiot, Bernie. As a protest.

I believe that the leadership of the Republican Party needs to be tried for treason. The same for the Democrat leadership. And, if they are found guilty, they should be hung from the nearest lamppost. The whole lot of them.

Chart Of The Day: Poll Trends Last Time An Anti-Establishment Insurgent Won (Hint, 1980)

Hmmmm… I think that a cycle is about to repeat.

Reagan was a ‘throw the bums out’ moment in time, and I think that we’re at that moment again.

So yes, let’s throw the bums out!

Still Report #729 – Utah Vote Rigging – YouTube

AAAAAmazing! The Mormon Machine strikes again!

Kids, if you think that your vote counts, think again.

Remember the somewhat immortal words of the VERY mortal, Stalin:

It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

– Joseph Stalin

Good ol’ Uncle Joe. What a guy.

Judge Jeanine Has New Warning For Establishment

Some interesting videos and write-up in this one.

I really liked the second-to-last one. That guy gave a very real view of what he saw.

Oh, and about the write-up… GO TRUMPZILLA!

Ted Cruz Attacks Donald Trump after Brussels Jihadist Attacks

Cruz pushes every single CFR and Establishment button on the neocon board. WOW.

Pax Americana! All Hail The Establishment! Up the Military Industrial Complex!

(My sarcasm meter just exploded)

Trump Sick & Tired of US ‘Leading Potential Third World War Against Russia’

Trump is essentially calling America back to her pre-imperial days. Doing good in the world is nice, but America must focus on America first.

If America actually did that, the problems of the world would decline.

We’ll see if Trump survives to make those decisions.

Arizona: Hillary Clinton’s Election Fraud Masterpiece

Well done, Hillary. Well done. The question is whether this election fraud will work on election day.

Or, when the FBI comes and knocks on your door, with questions about that server…

Hillary for Prison!


Anyone who tells you that our financial system and economy are fine… well …consider them to be very, very foolish.

(Never listen to fools. They will only cause you great harm.)

The fools of our world have lined up for a one way ticket into the financial abyss. My hope is that you won’t join them.

Ed Butowsky: Calculating The True Cost of Living | Peak Prosperity

Those of you interested in how much MORE things will cost next year… and making ends meet… well …you’re in for a shock. Ed Butowsky has been publishing the REAL inflation rate for years, and it’s really bad.

And, it’s really bad – in part – because the government is lying to you. If the government was telling the truth, then maybe you could make smart decisions. However, the government knows that the first ‘smart decision’ that you would make is reduce the size of government, and the government doesn’t want that.

A Glimpse Of Things To Come: Canadian Oil Company Liquidates Hours After Bank Demands Repayment

This is going to hurt, kids.

Just make sure that you can afford to lose the money that you have in ANY financial institution. If you cannot afford to lose it, then get it out. We have not yet begun to see the fall out from the oil sector, on just the banks.

Remember. Dominoes. (as in falling)

It’s Official: Canadian Bank Depositors Are Now At Risk Of Bail-Ins

This goes along with the point that I made about needing to get your dough OUT of the banks – if you can. And, you need to have that DOUGH in the form of something shiny so that you will be able to buy BREAD when the fecal matter strikes the air flow management device.

How Bull Markets Puncture the Heavens – YouTube

I got this from:

And, the subtitle is:

We are in the era of skyscrapers on steroids. The race to construct the world’s tallest building is on. How does this relate to financial markets? Find out.

This is an excellent point. When skyscrapers go up – lots of them – it means that we are at a HUGE TOP in the stock markets. ‘Tallest buildings’ mean bad times ahead. When there are a bunch of them, it means REALLY bad times ahead.

Got gold?

Similarity in Stock Market Charts for 1929, 2008, 2016 May Show This is the Epocalypse – The Great Recession Blog

This is looking more and more like a repeat – except worse, with technology and nuclear weapons. Ouch.

So yeah, not an exact repeat of the Great Depression. It will dramatically WORSE.


There are lots of things that you should buy to prepare for an uncertain future. That list is long, and you should make sure that there is a ‘check mark’ besides every item before you buy the last one:

Gold and/or Silver

I keep saying that I wish there were other items of recognized value that would safeguard the financial resources that God has placed in your hands. But, there really isn’t anything else that I can think of.

If you have money in the bank after you’ve done everything else… get gold. Better yet, get silver. (Although, silver is harder to carry.)

Google Fact: In order to keep diamond prices up, companies create false scarcity by keeping large amounts of diamonds off market.

DRG was talking about Russian diamonds in a recent comment, and here’s something else.

Really, diamonds aren’t ANYONE’S best friend. (And, they AREN’T forever.)

Gold/Silver Price Rally will be Biblical, Stackers will Make Incredible Wealth – Bo Polny – YouTube

I’ve been paying attention to Bo Polny for a few months. He’s sounding a little… testy …in this video/audio. I think that he’s been taking some flak over the world not ending this month – although, there’s some time left.

Anyway, it is some intriguing technical analysis, as well as a warning to stock up on silver (and gold) while it is still relatively low.


You might be one of the lucky few that don’t need a laugh every now and then.

I’m not one lucky ones, so I am always on the lookout for a chuckle or two.

Reader’s Digest always said that Laughter is the Best Medicine, and I believe it.

Professional Protestor Inc.

Oh dear. Truth.

Reince Priebus – Chairman, The Party of Stupid

Nothing says corrupt and stupid like Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican Party.

You know you’ve been had, when…

You know you’ve been had…

…when the ‘refugees’ pull out a selfie stick.

Passport control – Welcome to Israel – YouTube

A bit of fun from ten years ago… ah yes, those were the days.

Is This The Most Intricate Oil Theft Operation Yet?

This wasn’t MEANT to be funny (and to be fair, it’s just mildly humorous). But, it does show the darkly ironic condition of the human soul.

It’s also telling that most people – idiot humanists, mostly – think of the source of this problem being poverty.


Please. Don’t pay attention to the drooling idiots that make such foolish statements. In the eyes of God, we are all degenerate criminals, and it took the death, burial and resurrection of His Son to redeem us.

Poverty had NOTHING to do with it.

…and, the people of the country of Georgia have a reputation for being thugs, anyway.

Bryan Lewis ‘I Think My Dogs A Democrat’ – YouTube

Okay, I needed this one. The raging KKK/Nazi antisemite pigs had me all riled up, and this came along and gave me a laugh. (h/t Steve Quayle)

(Come on people. Stop it with the antisemitism. Only drooling idiots believe that stuff.)


Outside of pure Satanism itself, no movement or ideology is more Satanic than Islam.

My time in the Middle East is complete confirmation.

Fact-Checking “10 Lies You Were Told about Islam” (Part 3) – YouTube

I did parts one and two last week, and this one is the third. As always, David Wood is excellent, and I will need to remember is delightful quip:

If we gave them a penny for their thoughts, they’d have to issue a refund.


Oh, and here’s the write-up:

Radical Islam: The Most Dangerous Ideology – YouTube

Intentions… motivations… goals… philosophies… they all matter. If you live in a neighborhood of anarchists and earth nazis, you’re going to have a pretty hot time of it, if you drive a car or don’t wear body armor. Of course, that word ‘ideology’ encompasses all of that and adds things like, preferred way of life, societal goals, politics, etc. Ideology is a really big word for a world that has gotten pretty small.

This video speaks of that ideology that so many people call ‘Radical Islam’. Radical Islam is merely the ideology of the founder of Islam – Muhammad (violence be upon him – vbuh). To be ‘radical’ in Islam is to just do what Islam actually tells you to do. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Muhammad (vbuh) was a first class thug. He had the ideology of a thug. And, he communicated that ideology to the other thugs who followed him. If you weren’t a thug, then you died. All that were left, were thugs. Sword-weilding, blood-thirsty thugs that loved the idea of a religion that gave them permission to rape any woman not wearing a garbage bag.

Oh, and they had a thing for goats.

So, when they mention ‘Radical Islam’, they really mean Islam – the real kind. Every other kind of Islam is just corrupt Islam. Of course, we like the corrupt kind of Islam better than the real kind, so we aren’t complaining about THAT kind of corruption. In fact, the more of THAT, the better.

Anyway, the video is just under five minutes, and it’s by a guy who writes great articles on the subject, articles that I provide links to and comment on – on a regular basis.

Saudi Arabia brutality against its people revealed in video

This is the very definition of horrific barbarity. The fact that it is organized and accepted by the majority of Muslims is just as horrifying… no …MORE. MORE horrifying.

THIS is what humanity is capable of. THIS is the very ESSENCE of our sinful nature. And, the very foundation of the American Empire rests upon this barbarity.

And, the ideology that fuels this horrendous inhumanity is in your neighborhood – at EVERY mosque around the world.

The Truth About the Brussels Attack – YouTube

Paul Joseph Watson used to be a vicious anti-semite. But, something must have woken him up. Whatever/WHOever it was, thank God.

(BTW, I’ve been through several ‘wake ups’ and they are NOT pleasant!)

Anyway, Paul hits this one out of the park. It’s really a Must Watch.

List of Islamic Terror Attacks

Nothing says ‘religion of peace’ like murdering over a thousand people in just 30 days.

Of course, everyone knows that Christianity is the worst, and THEY murdered… uh …um…

…I’m sorry but we don’t appear to have the figures on the number of people murdered by Christians to further religious beliefs. We’ll hafta get back to you on that.

Sharia in Denmark

This should help you understand that what the Muslims are telling you in your neighborhood are pure lies.

Taqiyya – lies – is alive and well, and practiced at EVERY mosque on the planet.

How many more innocent civilians do Muslim terrorists have to kill before the West stops blaming itself?

This article contains a fictional dialogue that is actually quite funny. It starts out something like this:

MUSLIM TERRORIST: “We did this because our Islamic holy texts exhort us to do it.”

WESTERN LEADERS: “No, you didn’t.”

MUSLIM TERRORIST: “Wait, what…yes, we did.”

WESTERN LEADERS: “No, this has nothing to do with the Muslim religion. You guys are just using religion as a front for social and geopolitical reasons.”

MUSLIM TERRORIST: “WHAT? Did you even read our official statement? We provide explicit Quranic justification and documentation. This IS jihad: a holy crusade against pagans, blasphemers, and disbelievers.”

Read the article for the rest of it.

Only the truly insane could understand such insanity.

Mohammed, Islamic History, and the Bloody Future of the West

This is a great quote from a great article:

Dualism: Islam’s Secret Weapon

The dualistic nature of Islam is that it is both peaceful and violent.

The nice Muslim lady at work and the ISIS jihadist who beheads Christians in Iraq are both following the Islamic doctrine found in the Sira, Hadith, and Koran.

This is confusing because we assume Islam must be either peaceful or violent. And since you probably know some nice Muslims from work or school, Islam must be the “religion of peace,” right?

The answer is that Islam is both peaceful and violent because Mohammed was peaceful at first and then violent after leaving Mecca.

When Islam is weak and surrounded by a large group of non-Muslims, it is generally peaceful and tolerant (Mecca Koran).

As the Muslim population grows and strengthens, Muslims become more forceful in the implementation of Sharia law and making political demands (Medina Koran). It is the same trend throughout 1,400 years of Islamic history.

Islam is a plague, and this plague is sweeping Europe.

And, it’s already in YOUR neighborhood.


Jesus said that ethnos would rise against ethnos. What is going on in Europe is showing us that the words of Jesus are playing out in front us.

And, it will be playing out in your own neighborhood, soon.

German mom has multicultural encounter with son’s muslim ‘friends’ – YouTube

The video is almost ten minutes long, in German with subtitles. That’s a bit long to sit through, unless you understand German. But, the horrifying part of this from a sociological position, is that the police have abdicated their responsibility. With the police in full retreat, this will force the Germans to act on their own.

The German police are forcing the Germans to defend themselves, on their own. This vigilantism will destroy Germany and the rest of Europe.

Migrants Attack 60 Minutes Crew In Sweden. – YouTube

This is the Australian version of 60 Minutes, and it is shocking that their film crew would be attacked in Sweden.

I’m sorry for all the nice Muslims, but Islam is ONLY for BARBARIANS!

Become a Muslim, and your IQ assumes room temperature.

NETHERLANDS: Anti-Islamization Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders on trial for saying “We need fewer Moroccan Muslims”

This is news from before the attack on Brussels, in a country just a stone’s throw away.

Geert Wilders is on trial because he doesn’t want so many Muslims in his country. I’m thinking that the bombing might be a good argument in his favor.

But, there I go again… thinking rationally.

Former PM Says Sweden Needs More Migrants: “Does Any Place Still Believe In Humanity?!”

You don’t need to read this. Everything is in the title.

Believe in humanity?

Oh yes, I have an absolute and complete trust in humanity…

…to do the absolutely WRONG THING.

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Brussels Terror Attacks That Killed Three Dozen

This, of course, will do wonders for Muslim relations in Europe…

After all, it’s the religion of pieces.

“We Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet,” Dutch Party Leader Rages: “We Need To De-Islamize The West”

When a Dutch politician says, “We ain’t seen nothing yet,” you KNOW that it’s serious.

Humor aside, it really is serious. Belgian police are saying that – in Belgium alone – there are at least 90 ISIS fighters. And, Belgium isn’t a big place.

Yup. A nice long and HOT summer in Northern Europe.

Nail Bomb, Chemicals, ISIS Flag Found As Manhunt Underway For Brussels Bombing Suspect

Interesting. It seems like there were supposed to be THREE attackers at the airport, instead of just two. The third apparently panicked and left his bomb unexploded, so police are searching for this… um …coward?

This why Satan’s designs fail. His tools are badly made and unreliable.

Thank God for unreliable Satanists.

Hopefully, the police will get this guy, and the ISIS network will start to unravel. We’ll see.

Brussels attacks: the next step: bye bye Europe

As the writer says, ‘one great cheese glob of the great utopia’!

I sense more cheese coming.

Why the neanderthals running Europe think that all of this is a good idea is… difficult… no… …IMPOSSIBLE to understand. So, this obviously IS NOT a good idea.

Hmmmm… Islam. What an utterly SATANIC idea.

7 Strange Questions About The Brussels Terror Attacks That The Mainstream Media Is Not Asking

Excellent points by Michael Snyder. Why there? Why now?

Turkey needs a war. ISIS needs a war. The Gulf Arabs need a war.

A BUNCH of people need a war.

(Except for Israel, who does NOT want a war.)

Take your pick.

But, whatever you pick, war is coming.

Brussels Terrorist Attack Show Jihad Is Everywhere

Eventually, when every empty excuse is exhausted, when every false logic is exposed as foolish, the Europeans will wake up to the menace among them and fight back.

By then, it will be almost too late. Maybe we’ll have to erase the word ‘almost’.

But, whether it is ‘almost’ too late, or just plainly too late, it will be the fulfillment of Matthew 24:7

SuperStation95 – “Refugees” in Greece Distribute Leaflets: “The war has come to your country . . .”

Come on Europe. WAKE. UP.

You can lead an idiot to water, but you can’t make him think.

War in Europe

The subtitle of this piece is:

After Brussels, it’s time for the governments of Europe to fall.

Robert Spencer isn’t advocating violent overthrow, just votes of no confidence that will require new elections.

In democracies, the price of such incredible ineptitude as displayed by the governments of Europe to allow in millions upon millions of people who support Jihad… such obvious ineptitude is usually rewarded with being voted out of office.

The question is whether the average European is aware of the obvious, or is merely oblivious.

And then, the question is whether it’s too late to see the obvious.

Muslim Demographics – YouTube

I remember watching this shocking video several years ago. Now that mobs of Muslims are rampaging across Europe, this video from 2008 is more than merely prophetic… it is apocalyptic.

This should shake you to your soul, and it should give you a glimmer of what the future will be like.

Violence. Conflict. War. Destruction.

The four horsemen ride.

Are you ready?


This is where I picked up the video above.

Hold onto your seats, kids. This is going to get rough!

Why Belgium is Ground Zero for European Jihadis

Belgium has become a pathetic disgrace of a nation, and now they are terrorized by the Muslims living among them.

Here’s the summary:

Growing numbers of Belgian Muslims live in isolated ghettos where poverty, unemployment and crime are rampant. In Molenbeek, the unemployment rate hovers at around 40%. Radical imams aggressively canvass in search of shiftless youths to wage jihad against the West.

“When we have to contact these people [European officials] or send our guys over to talk to them, we’re essentially talking with people who are… children. These are not pro-active, they don’t know what’s going on. They’re in such denial. It’s such a frightening thing to admit their country is being taken over.” — American intelligence official.

“Returned Syria fighters are a huge threat… It is absolutely unbelievable that our governments allow them to return… Every government in the West, which refuses to do so [lock them up], is a moral accessory if one of these monsters commits an atrocity. … Our citizens are in mortal danger if we do not restore control over our own national borders.” — Dutch MP Geert Wilders.

I feel sorry for the Belgians. But, stupidity has consequences.

Arizona AG Brnovich: There Has Been ‘Huge Spike’ In Money Transfers on Border to Middle East

Nothing to see, here. Move along. Move along.

IS trains 400 fighters to attack Europe in wave of bloodshed

It would appear to me that this Islamic State is getting ready to fight more than just a terrorist campaign, but a GUERILLA campaign. The Muslim networks throughout Europe have been activated and are in use. This appears to be the next phase, and it’s going to get hot, really hot.

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Brussels Attacks, Promises ‘Dark Days’ For ‘Alliance Of Crusaders’

This is a translation of the ISIS statement, claiming responsibility for the bombing.

EXPOSED: 23 Jihad Training Camps Are Located Inside America… Obama’s FBI Does NOTHING

Unfortunately, such training camps are not against the Constitution, or the law. Otherwise, patriot militia groups would also not be able to train. You can bet that these training camps are very careful about staying just this side of the law.

And, CAIR – along with other Muslim groups – is ready to step in an neutralize any legal challenge to these camps.

Get ready for Matthew 24:7.

(U//FOUO) Pennsylvania Fusion Center Alert: Terrorists Impersonating First Responders

This could get interesting (and ugly) real quick.

It’s not the first time that they’ve tried this.

ISIS Sends 400 Specially Trained Fighters To Unleash “Wave Of Bloodshed” In Europe

To paraphrase the geopolitical writer for ZeroHedge:

Yup, there’s probably A LOT more than just 400.

BELGIUM: Teacher gets visit from police after Tweeting that Muslim students were celebrating the Brussels attack

Belgian teacher tweets about Muslim students applauding terrorist bombing and then the police show up to question him about the attack. Yet, the very same police say that they are unable to track terrorists because they are just ‘overwhelmed’.

I’m waiting to see Europe’s breaking point, when European citizens take matters into their own hands.

Brussels Attack: Will the West Wake Up?

Here is a rather telling point, from the article:

We can no longer afford to be patient. ISIS is slashing to shreds a defining tenet of liberal society: our expectation that we can live freely in the pursuit of happiness. I spoke to a close friend in Brussels today and asked her whether she felt safe in Brussels. Her response was chilling but understandable: “It makes us want to leave, but we’re not sure the rest of Europe is any safer.”

Yes. Where in Europe would be safer?

Mapping The Belgium Terrorist Attacks: The Full Recreation Of The Brussels Bomb Explosions

Interesting details, if you want them.


For almost two thousand years we have been looking for signs that this great army would be coming to attack Israel. Now, we see that the foundation has been laid for that coming.

It will shake the world, and billions will die.

Will you be ready for this?

As Russia’s Tactical Jets Leave Syria, Its Most Advanced Attack Helicopters Arrive

Russia’s presence in Syria has had some very positive dividends, and now Russia is going to get even MORE dividends.

Here’s a quote:

These helicopters are key players in Russia’s present and future military arsenal, and like pretty much everything else in Russia’s inventory, they are for sale. Using the Syrian conflict as a big showroom and test track for Russia’s arms export business has been a nearly comical component of their whole excursion in Syria. Now, after all the other hardware has had their turn in the spotlight, it is now the Havoc and Alligator’s turn.

Those helicopters are going to strike terror in the hearts of ISIS, and they will also improve Russian arms sales around the world.

It’s a twofer!

audioBoom / Are These the Last Years of the Republic of Turkey? Michael Rubin, AEI. Sarkis Naoum, An Nahar. Anna Borshchevskaya, Washington Institute. Murad Ismael.


When the Turks oppressed the Kurds, they leveled their towns and villages to the ground. This has caused the Kurds to spread out in Turkey, which means that when Erdogan started his vile and vicious campaign against the Kurds… the response from the Kurds is violence… but ALL OVER TURKEY.

We also learn that Lebanon is about to become a failed state. Another ouch.

The next person that comes on ALWAYS puts my teeth on edge. Anna Borshchevskaya is PURE neocon, and I don’t think that her neocon bias allows her to be able to analyze the situation correctly. But, she does provide some information.

There was also a brief discussion – at the end – about the fact that the US Dept. of State has FINALLY called the actions of ISIS towards the Yazidis and others… as genocide.

So, can we PLEASE PLEASE invade Turkey and stop the genocide? Also, Washington, D.C. might ALSO needed to be invaded because they are also supporting genocide… except… um …that would be awkward.

Russia Started Shipping Weapons to Kurds in Iraq

I predicted that Russia would do this. Turkey will rue the day that they shot down that Su-24.

Foreign Policy Diary – Turkey and Kurdish Question – YouTube

A very thorough analysis of Turkey vis a vis the Kurds in just five minutes. In fact, the narrater speaks a bit fast, but it’s very accurate, so definitely worth a listen.

International Military Review – Syria-Iraq Battlespace, Mar. 21, 2016 (Arab, Ger Subs) – YouTube

More evidence that Russia is in Syria for the long term. Also, it looks like the success of the Syrian army has slowed a bit. We’ve been used to seeing Syrian advances move quickly and take more territory, due to Russian air support. That air support continues, but with fewer aircraft and more helicopters.

The Truth about Putin’s Withdrawal from Syria

The link, here, comes courtesy of Gibby, and it’s an excellent bit of analysis of one more aspect of Putin’s motivations for withdrawing part of his forces from Syria.

Putin’s mastery of this conflict with ‘The West’ is very impressive. He has turned the strengths of NATO against itself and blunted the ambitions of the Gulf Arabs – while not directly antagonizing them. He has demonstrated how advanced and capable the Russian military is, and has hinted at even greater capability. He has been careful to win every conflict with the least cost and effort.

THAT, my friends, is the signature of a master player.

Caught On Tape: Turkey Shoots At Kurds Waving White Flag In Cizre

The Turks continually astound me with how vile and disgusting they are.

The title of this piece indicates that the Turks were shooting AT Kurds. The use of the word ‘at’ indicates that they missed, or weren’t attempting to kill the civilians.

Sorry, but they weren’t shooting AT the civilians. They were KILLING THEM!

The video in the story is graphic, horrifying and completely disgusting. They should do to Erdogan what they did to Mussolini. And, they shouldn’t stop at Erdogan.

New CCTV Footage Shows Moment Of Deadly Istanbul Suicide Attack

Taksim Square is one of my favorite parts of Istanbul. I remember walking down the street and realizing that I was next to a bookstore. It was Robinson Crusoe 389. Apparently, it still IS Robinson Crusoe 389, and that’s good to see.

I love bookstores, and I spending time in them. I don’t do that as much as I used to – not even close. But, I’m still glad that they are out there, selling bound paper with words on them.

Anyway, I’m saying all that because a bomb exploded not very far from my favorite bookstore in Istanbul, and I am saddened by this. And, this article talks about that. And, the person ultimately responsible for that bomb is at the bottom of this article.

I would prefer him to be at the bottom of the sea.

Classic Putin – YouTube

I saw this in the comment section of a ZeroHedge article.

Don’t mess with Putin.

And yes, he wants his pen back.

Is There a US-Russia Grand Bargain in Syria?

I’m not a big fan of Pepe Escobar. He’s an anti-semite of the first order. But, this is a well-written piece where he managed not to blame Israel for everything. Maybe Pepe is mellowing in his old age.

Anyway, the point of the article is the speculation that Washington and Moscow have made some kind of deal. I’m not so certain, because that would mean that the US government have actually recognized their limitations.

But, who knows? Maybe these pigs are flying? Whatever the case, this article lists and illustrates the tremendous wins by Russia under the steady hand of Putin. My suspicion is that Putin’s hand is going to be quite steady for some time to come.

NATO member and ISIS sponsoring Turkish president Erdogan ‘predicted’ Brussels bombing 4 days before it happened « InvestmentWatch

Interesting that Erdogan could be so… so… prescient. Why, he’s a prophet. He can say that a bombing is going to happen, and then… it just DOES!

How convenient for someone who is the life-blood of ISIS.

Great Game & Partitioning Of Syria

Interesting Geopolitical analysis. The builders of the British Empire were cold-blooded psychopaths. The death and destruction that they bequeathed to the world, lives with us today.

Many anti-semites like to ‘conclude’ that the creation of the State of Israel was a part of this ‘Great Game’. It was not.

I lived for a year in a place that was called Radar Hill, or just The Radar (HaRadar). That radar installation was created for the sole purpose of detecting ships full of Jews, to intercept them before they could land in what was called ‘Palestine’. The British were desperate to keep the Jews from forming their own state.

The anti-semitic word AngloZionist is an moronic. The Anglos were AGAINST Zionism in every way, and still are. For crying out loud, the QUEEN is GERMAN, and her whole family sympathized with Hitler.


But, you can’t reason with anti-semites.

The rise of ISIS, explained in 6 minutes – YouTube

Interesting overview that leaves out a bunch of facts, like where the financial support for ISIS is coming from: TURKEY and the Gulf Arabs.

Outside of that, this is an excellent and short summary of thirty years of history – vis a vis ISIS.

Former IRGC General Close To Supreme Leader Khamenei: ‘Bahrain Is A Province Of Iran That Should Be Annexed To [It]’

Oh great. Iran claims Bahrain to be a part of Iran. Yes, there are some Persian Bahrainis in Bahrain. Yes, the vast majority of Bahrain is Shia. Yes, Bahrain is ruled by a Sunni King.


Even though this guy has ‘retired’ from the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps), he is still connected with THE power of Iran – the Supreme Leader. My thought is that this is a ‘trial baloon’, to raise an idea in everyone’s minds, to see if there is ‘pushback’. If no pushback, then raise the idea some more, until it becomes a rallying cry.

Bahrain isn’t the only flashpoint in the Persian Gulf. It might not even be THE place where the next Sunni-Shia war is fought. But, it IS a sign that Iran is getting ready for yet another war.

Understanding Russian Political Ideology And Vision: A Call For Eurasia, From Lisbon To Vladivostok

This quote is worth the whole article:

On April 30, 1998, the U.S. Senate voted to expand NATO by including Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic in it. A few days later, New York Times columnist Tom Friedman wrote[7] about a conversation he had had with Kennan, in which the latter called the Senate’s move the “beginning of a new cold war” and added: ”I think the Russians will gradually react quite adversely and it will affect their policies. I think it is a tragic mistake. There was no reason for this whatsoever. No one was threatening anybody else. This expansion would make the Founding Fathers of this country [i.e. the U.S.] turn over in their graves. We have signed up to protect a whole series of countries, even though we have neither the resources nor the intention to do so in any serious way. [The NATO expansion] was simply a light-hearted action by a Senate that has no real interest in foreign affairs.” Kennan also noted that the West should not be “turning our backs” on Russia: “I was particularly bothered by the references to Russia as a country dying to attack Western Europe. Don’t people understand? Our differences in the cold war were with the Soviet Communist regime. And now we are turning our backs on the very people who mounted the greatest bloodless revolution in history to remove that Soviet regime.”

Those who are secretly pushing for Empire and a new World War, did this on purpose. They KNEW what the result would be. This was NOT an accident.

Here is another interesting quote for those of you who are looking for an important factor in Russia’s current motivations:

Russia’s current economic, political, and structural situation renders the vision of an integrated Eurasia inapplicable at this time. Russia has also an identity problem. Karaganov explains, in the preface of a 2015 monograph,[22] that since the fall of the Berlin wall, the Russian people have drifted away from their Soviet identity without finding a new one, and Eurasianism cannot be a new identity. Present-day “Eurasianists,” Karaganov clarifies, “have never known modern Asia, or Europe, or their new achievements, or their new problems.” Therefore, Russia has, for the time being, returned to its “initial main national ideas – defense and sovereignty at all costs,” he says, adding, “It may be a good interim solution, but could be dangerous if it turns to be the final solution to Russia’s identity problem, since no country in the modern world can succeed or win by solely defending its own identity.”

I’ve seen this identity problem in those students who come to Taiwan from mainland China. Communism destroyed their cultural identity, and that has left the Chinese without a cultural foundation to build a vision about their future.

Multi-culturalism is doing the same thing in Europe. It is destroying the sense of identity of the Europeans, and giving them nothing to replace it with.

However, Satan wishes to replace that identity with his own foul purposes.

I know that these quotes are long, but they are giving us a snapshot of the internal dynamics that are shaping ‘Gog and Magog’, and here is yet another one:

“It is an established fact that a substantiated policy is impossible without reliance on history…History doesn’t confirm the widespread belief that Russia has always camped in Europe’s backyard and has been Europe’s political outsider. I’d like to remind you that the adoption of Christianity in Russia in 988… boosted the development of state institutions, social relations and culture and eventually made Kievan Rus[29] [a powerful East Slavic state, shaped in the 9th century] a full member of the European community…Many prominent Western thinkers recognized that Rus [the region of Kievan Rus] was part of the European context. At the same time, Russian people possessed a cultural matrix of their own and an original type of spirituality and never merged with the West. It is instructive to recall in this connection what was for my people a tragic and in many respects critical epoch of the Mongolian invasion…

This recognition by the Foreign Minister of Russia, is confirmation that Russia sees its origins in Ukrain and Kievan Rus. Remember that the ASV corrects the mistake made by the KJV translators, showing that Rosh (aka, Rus) is a part of Gog and Magog.

And then, there’s this very interesting and insightful paragraph:

“Rus bent beneath, but was not broken by, the heavy Mongolian yoke, and managed to emerge from this dire trial as a single state, which was later regarded by both the West and the East as the successor to the Byzantine Empire that ceased to exist in 1453. An imposing country stretching along what was practically the entire eastern perimeter of Europe, Russia began a natural expansion towards the Urals and Siberia, absorbing their huge territories. Already then it was a powerful balancing factor in European political combinations…

Consider that statement carefully. Here’s the key phrase:

…the successor to the Byzantine Empire…

THAT should concentrate your mind wonderfully. Remember also that the kings of Russia called themselves… Czars – or, Caesars.

Notice also that Russia considers itself to be a natural center of the world. The Chinese felt/feel the same way, when they called themselves the ‘Middle Kingdom’. Europe and America do the same. This is completely natural. We are all self-centered.

That self-centered-ness will contribute to Russia’s role in Gog and Magog.

It will be interesting to see all this come together. And then, it will become horrifying.

South Front Military Review – Syria and Iraq

South Front continues to give what appears to be accurate and detailed reports of military actions in Syria and Iraq. ISIS appears to be slowly losing ground on all fronts, which leads me to believe that there is a connection between the Brussels bombing and what is happening with ISIS. Eventually, those ‘400 fighters’ that the headlines are screaming about will activate and kill as many civilians as possible.

ISIS has been looking for an opportunity to do something like this for a long time, to fulfill their apocalyptic, Muslim eschatology.

Here are the South Front Videos that have captured my interest so far:

International Military Review – Syria-Iraq Battlespace, Mar. 22, 2016 (Arab, Ger Subs) – YouTube

International Military Review – Syria – Iraq, Mar. 23, 2016 (Ger Subs) – YouTube

Militants Threaten Oil And Gas Infrastructure in Algeria – YouTube

This could get interesting, VERY quickly. A big part of Europe’s natural gas comes from there, or through there. I have been wondering about Russia making a counter move against the neocons in response to their takeover in Ukraine.

I do not think that this is that move, but Russia’s effort will be bigger and more devastating – using proxies that are not allied to the Saudis.

ISIS, oil & Turkey: What RT found in Syrian town liberated from jihadists by Kurds (EXCLUSIVE)

Eventually, the evidence will get to be too hard to ignore.


God’s history and timeline for the world revolves around a patch of land the size of Taiwan. What happens there, will happen where you live.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.

– Psalm 122:6

Arizona Law Bars State from Contracting Companies That Boycott Israel

I often do not get a chance to publish GOOD news, but I get to do that here. All that I can say is God bless Arizona.

Ungrateful Muslim Want To Murder Those People Helping Her – YouTube

Just look at the woman profiled. She failed at her attempt to murder those who helped her – saved her life – and she wanted to KILL THEM.

THAT, my friends, is the insanity of Islam.

That vile and venemous ideology must be pushed out before it destroys all that is good.

audioBoom / North Korean Morlocks Build Gaza Tunnels. Co-host Malcolm Hoenlein, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

Interesting. Who knew that the North Koreans were building combat tunnels for Hamas and Hizbullah?

Morlocks, indeed!

Israel: The World’s Most Moral Army – YouTube

I can attest to the morality of the Israeli army, while my neighborhood was shot at by the Tanzim for about a year – in 2001/2002. They were extraordinarily careful to try and contain casualties to just the militants that were shooting across the valley at us, from Beit Jalla. My friends have been – and are – soldiers in the IDF, and not a single one of them would ever knowingly shoot a civilian under any circumstances.

And, because of the growth of Christianity in Israel, more and more members of the IDF are Christians, too – and not the cultural kind. These kids are real Christians that take a daily stand for their faith – in the Israel Defense Forces.

Israel makes mistakes, but in my travels… I have not found a more ethical and moral country on the planet. No country has done so much, with so little. And, it is the duty of every Christian to stand with those who are so unjustly reviled.

Sha’alu shalom l’Yerusalayim (Pray for the peace of Jerusalem).

Muslim terrorist-supporting, Soros-funded, anti-Israel thugs attack people going into the AIPAC conference today

I am eternally disgusted by the antisemites that hate Israel. The vile and evil people of uncertain parentage have a special place in Hell reserved for them.

US congress blocks $159 million in aid to Palestine

Of course, the massive corruption inside the Palestinian Authority, where the PA is stealing public water and selling it… I’m sure that this had NOTHING to do with it.

And, the persecution of Christians… or the torture of prisoners by the PA… or any of that other stuff.

The Palestinian Authority is full of thieves and cutthroats, and it’s good to see that their check has bounced.

Imagine what the Israelis could do if they didn’t have to spend a third of their annual budget on defense

Israel isn’t a perfect country, but I can tell you that I do not know of a BETTER country!

Netanyahu in AIPAC speech: Fight terror together

Yes, it’s not as if we could give them Brussels, so that they would stop attacking us.

If we sacrificed Israel upon the altar of Islam, they would require more and greater sacrifices.

The world needs to say, ENOUGH!

Israel’s Christian Minority

This is yet another piece to send to the anti-semites that hate Israel with a passion.

Here’s a summary:

Christians in Israel, as well as all other minorities, understand today that serving in the Israeli military is essential. Many Christians and other minorities in Israel share the same fears: they understand that in this region, Israel is the only island of safety that allows them freedom and democratic rights.

Christians and other minorities in Israel prosper and grow, while in other countries in the Middle East, including the Palestinian Authority, they suffer heavily from the Islamic movement and persecution — until forced to disappear.

Contrary to propaganda, there is no “Apartheid” of any kind in Israel, and no roads on which only Jews may travel.

In Israel, members of the Christian and Muslim minorities fill all types of high positions — just as any Jewish Israeli who wishes to have a successful career. There is the Maronite Christian Supreme Court Judge, Salim Jubran.

Widely discussed in the region is how the Europeans secretly want Israel wiped out, too, and are hoping that their new laws, combined with old Arab violence, will do the trick.

Israel is the only country in the Middle East where the population of Christians is growing. Everywhere else, Christians are forced to flee for their lives. The same happened when Israel turned areas of the West Bank over to the Palestinians.

Merciless persecution by the Palestinians has forced whole communities of Arab Christians to flee to South America and elsewhere.

Watchdog Blasts UN Human Rights Council for Appointing Biased Academic to Investigate Israel

Nothing says UN like appointing an anti-semite to investigate Israel.

You could try to make this kind of stuff up and put it into a novel, but it would never sell. Too ridiculous, they would say.

Report: Belgian Muslims Refuse to Help Police Find Terrorists

I’m putting this in the Israel section because the first two paragraphs – and the rest of the article – illustrate why Israel does what it does.

There is a reason why Israel razes the homes of terrorists. It is because Israelis know that a terrorist cannot plot and carry out an attack without the knowledge and help of his or her immediate relatives, and further, the entire community. Punitive home demolition is meant to serve as a deterrent, the idea being that a would-be terrorist’s family will fear losing their home and thus persuade him or her against the attack.

In fact, knowing that it “takes a village” to aid and abet a terrorist is precisely why the terrorists responsible for the Paris, and recent Brussels bombings could operate “right under the noses” of their victims. And it is why some are calling for heightened scrutiny of Muslim communities across the West, and right here in the U.S., despite cries of Islamophobia.

The West needs to learn about how to deal with Islam. And, they need to learn it from the only country that knows how to do it: Israel

US Professor in Gaza: Shocked by Wealth of City, Notes 900 Mosques Only 2 Libraries

I find this one to be interesting, for two reasons:

Gaza isn’t the bombed-out refugee camp that everyone wants you to believe.

The identity of the person being highlighted – Joel S Migdal.

First of all, Gaza does quite well. And, what parts of Gaza that DOESN’T do quite well, are well… because of Hamas. But, you should know that story already.

The identity of the author is a different matter. Joel’s book Palestinian Society and Politics was an eye-opening look into a third world society confronting a first world civilization. If you can get your hands on a copy, I highly recommend that you read it. It misses out on many aspects of the conflict between the Arabs and Israel, but it makes direct hits on core issues.

But, that’s me.

You should read this article because it tells you all that you need to know about the reporting on this conflict:

They’re lying to you.

But, you knew that, right?


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. Click it for a discussion on preparation.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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40 thoughts on “Remembering Our Lord in the Midst of Evil”

  1. Nothing to worry about here… (The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. Revelation 13:15)

    Microsoft’s artificial intelligence Twitter bot has to be shut down after it starts posting genocidal racist comments one day after launching

    Yesterday, Microsoft launched its latest artificial intelligence (AI) bot. Within hours, the AI chatbot was responding to certain questions from Twitter users with racist answers.

  2. We all stumble in many ways, especially those who are imperfect. James 3:2

    Asking God to fill us with His love and wisdom is a daily part of our mission. After years and years of “projects” (and seeing many that corrupt people- people fighting to get stuff, money) I came to the conclusion it takes God to do anything for Christ. It takes God’s empowerment to show people Christ in us.

    We are constantly misbehaving, at various levels and degrees. My prayer is sometimes “Lord hide my many foibles. Let them see You.” I really believe it is a matter of degrees. Some Christians are more honest than others. Some actually use theology to “clothe” themselves and front a tough Christian veneer. Good theology is fine, and I wouldn’t be on here if I thought OmegaShock was off.

    I get Omega Shocked by what the Bible says, don’t you? This whole journey with God takes Gods grace and we cooperate with it. Thats a generalization. Meanwhile, the news shows those partnering with darkness and evil. I enjoy how you contrast the light and darkness. Light of Christ is so supreme, sublime and unique– unmatched, unparalleled.

    Many ministries fear to do this ministry of contrast. It is so important. For my part, i tell people “I want to show Christ’s love vs the anti love, anti Christian stuff which is now manifesting in plain view.”

    Keep up your good work, bro.

  3. I speak in several languages, colloquial and now being back in babylon boggles the brain. Its a better part of Babylon, the governor is outstanding. The people standing here would not want to have a Che Guevara mural behind them like “we love Marxism it rocks.” Sad when the true colors come out. Babylon is now led by a shameless Marxist, cunning wicked wisdom.

  4. ISLAM is apparently the chosen vehicle to bring about the death and destruction foretold. Revelation 6:8 is the key. THE PALE HORSE is the the GREEN HORSE, (Gk Chloros), from which we get Chlorophyll, Chlorine etc. It is the fourth horse of the apocalypse and it beheads with the sword.

  5. Hi, John. You asked: “Are you voting?”


    Never again. I am DONE with politicians.

    Remember that infamous line from “Hunt for Red October”? “I am a politician, which means I am a liar and a cheat; but it also means I like to keep my options open.” (Secretary of whatever to a very young Jack Ryan after a briefing on Russian Admiral Ramius). Clancy hit that one squarely on the head.

    And I am a FANATIC for Bill Whittle also. I will stop doing anything to listen to his acerbic and incisive commentary. The man should be packed in cotton and bundled off to some super-secret hide-away to preserve for a future generation of those struggling to learn to think for themselves. May his days increase!

    Hangin’ in there, John. Been a really rough week, no??

  6. Hello John! A blessed Easter to you and family. Jesus is victorious. By His blood we are saved… Death where art thou sting?
    I know I know I know John it has been one year and four months since we were blessed with your spoken words on youtube .. however, you are still missed for that. It really isn’t that I’m lazy to read what you write as what you have to write is great on many levels. Your vocal delivery conveyed your feelings to us warmly. Plus my eyes aren’t as young as they once were… 😉

  7. Hi, I like the first part of your article, since it’s Saturday in our part of the world, we in fact can proclaim: ‘He is Risen!’. I am not so interested anymore in the rest of “news reports” that all have one thing in common: They miss the bigger picture of what is happening. The Belgium attacks happened on 3/22. It’s a ‘signature date event’ for anyone who knows what 322 stands for. So while the world talks about islam and its involvement, few seem to realize that they are just game pieces used by someone else to provoke a “formidable social cataclysm”.

    Who said that? Here is a hint: “We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists” – search for it and you see and understand the connection to 322. That’s the actual game plan, its architect and the current time administrative part who trains the ground operatives and orders these things to happen. The rest are people that are either hired or being played, none of them matter or have any influence on the outcome. The trick used most often is to let Nihilists operate under the label of a satanic religion, always works due to the close proximity, and because they are one of the main groups that are to be engaged in that game plan.

    So the presented news “facts” all are true in a sense, in another sense they have nothing to do with the main reality of why they happen – at all. We are all being played and contribute in part to the confusion by going into the ‘detail view’ of where they want us to go, in order to create the intended reaction on our part. Mentally or practically, we are to be engaged to react. So, there is no objection on my part to the “truth” of what’s been said in those articles, the only problem with it is: it’s just particles of the whole truth and these “news” actually more veil than they reveal.

  8. Hi John! Shabbat Shalom–שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם. Hope you and your family are well. I’m planning on obeying our LORD’s instruction and going to Jerusalem and mount Zion next Passover with my wife and daughter(Joel 2:32). Never been there, so I’m asking if you could suggest a hotel to stay in? Nothing fancy. Thanks {ps–Good article, as always!}

  9. Hi John

    Thanks for a really well resourced information packed OmegaShock, I usually reserve my Saturday morning for reading, but found this took me most of the day as there was so much in it. If I didn’t know better of course I would be almost tempted to think that world is increasingly suffering from a mass delusion.

    The information on Islam is right in peoples faces but no Government wants to acknowledge this. Yes we know that the majority of Governments are directed by the New World Order toadies, and they want this chaos. Not a single person I knew (except one brother in the Lord) mentioned the Belgium terrorist attack this last week. This disturbs me a great deal.

    You put in some great video clips and it is good to see Bill Little…. (um Whittle) back on, and in form. The British officer speaking about the IDF was really put things in perspective also.

    So once again thanks for all your hard work, it is truly appreciated. If I didn’t know that the Lord Jesus is coming back soon to sort out this nasty little mess of a world, I would be very depressed and scared.

    Thanks to you and your wife (truly an excellent lady for standing along side you in this ministry)

    God bless

    Matt from New Zealand

  10. Thank you, John, for bringing out the truth about the pagan origins of the name “Easter” and the fact that it should be Good Wednesday when our Savior was crucified. Another interesting tidbit is that Yeshua/Jesus arose on the biblical feast of Firstfruits presenting Himself to the Father as the First of the Firstfruits. As He arose, so shall we. Halleluyah!

  11. Okay, it looks like it’s working…I’ve tried to post a couple of times but it wouldn’t let me.

    Anyway, good article this week. I’m amazed at the amount of research you do. Thanks.

    Islam–perhaps the worst thing to happen to mankind with the exception of the Fall.

    These are people enslaved to darkness, in cultures with no light for centuries. A terrible condition.

    My wife and I had a good friend murdered by a muslim hit-man. Read Total Abandon, by Gary Witherall. But a muslim teenage girl my wife befriended over 35 years ago has led many muslims to Christ. You never know.

    Blessings to you.

  12. Thinking of you, brother John, and wishing you and your loved ones joy and peace in the Lord on this day of celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord.

    He is risen, indeed!

  13. John,

    I hope you had a nice Resurrection Day! Since learning the real meaning of “easter”, I stopped celebrating, but today is still a reminder of the sacrifice of Jesus for us sinners. Like you, I am so grateful! I always appreciate your reminders of needing to live for Him, and to show others how we are like Him. It’s easy to become complacent and to forget what we need to do while we are here on earth,

    Your generous list of articles is appreciated as well. It’s amazing to see how unstable society is right now. I hope I will be ready for what’s coming. There seems to be so much to prepare for that it is too overwhelming sometimes to figure it all out. Thank God we have been given a lot of “warning time”.

    God Bless.

  14. Unbelievable..
    ISIS ‘crucifies Catholic priest on Good Friday’ after kidnapping him from old people’s home where four nuns were shot dead

    Read more:

    When do the child sacrifices start (or are we doing them now courtesy of Planned Parenthood)?

    The reproductions of the 50-foot arch that stood at the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria, that will be erected in New York City and London next month will only be the first of many. As you will see below, it turns out that there are plans to put arches in hundreds more cities all over the globe.

  15. The bombing in Baghdad got less coverage than the Brussels bombing even though the death toll was higher in Baghdad than Brussels.

    Very disturbing but not totally unexpected…

    Over 60 Christians were slaughtered in an Easter Celebration at a children’s park, the death toll in Brussel’s has risen to 35. Israel has warned it’s people to get out of Turkey. Syria and Iraq are on fire as is Africa. Christians are slaughtered and kidnapped, and yet not one cry from Churches in the West. I have asked many here in America and all are silent, not one mention. Not one mention even when 2 from their own community were killed in Brussel’s. What is happening? Do you not know that Silence is evil?

  16. Hi John,

    yes there is a lot of disinfo regarding Pike, that is to be expected. I knew a guy who once talked about a visit in the UK in the early 1920 to find the actual document in the British Library Museum with his own eyes before it disappeared, he died in the meanwhile so I cannot ask him details, but he never was less trustworthy than the critics that never seen anything by themselves. And to make things more complicated: Forgeries sometimes are created to erase the perception there ever was an original and get 98% of analysts off track. To concentrate on that is however missing the actual point.

    To say the letters content would not be Pike-like and look at current reality and say it’s not actually happening, now that is willing blindness. But what I am supposed to expect from an American in that regard? Growing up in a nation that has skull-bones members as foreign ministers, and presidents, and are indoctrinated with occult deception since their birth? If they would be less proud, they would be able to learn a thing or two, but how it is, we have to postpone that discussion for later, when the obvious is also understood by them.

    It’s very rare to read anything these days from an American source that can actually put 1 and 1 together, a rare exception is “brotherhood of darkness” by Stanley Monteith. He can clearly identify the main motor that drives this world and has all the involved subjects lined up. He also died in the meanwhile, so now who can teach the youngins the simple things of understanding of why things happen the way they do? They spend all their time on the symptoms and never catch the basic strategy. Ah kids these days and their websites, but I am also guilty and done it when I was your age.


    • Hi George,

      The problem that I have with the Pike letter is the obvious forgery by raging anti-semite William James Guy Carr. His hatred for the Jews was so great, that he fabricated material to back up his own theories.

      The lies are abominable. Just abominable. And the guy claimed to be a Christian.

      That is just plain blasphemy.

      Anyway, thank you, George.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  17. As I have quoted before, curiouser and curiouser. Arches of Baal going up everywhere, but nobody cares about bombing children at a Christian celebration of the Resurrection.

    Here is what I’ve never been able to get my mind around, and would love to hear other people’s take on it:

    Absolutely horrible things are happening all over the world. Hellishly horrible. I pray for the victims every day, more out of habit than hope because these horrible things just KEEP HAPPENING, and I wonder why I bother to pray. Because they will keep happening. The Lord commanded His people to pray the Lord’s prayer, and we have been doing that for over 2,000 years, and instead of being delivered from evil, there is more of it than ever. They estimate the world population at about 100 million at the time of Christ. Pushing 7 billion now. Think of how many have lived and died in the past 2,000 years, and all of the atrocities of history, that were not prevented by this plea to be delivered from evil. Why are we praying this? What is the point?

    I know that all who try to live godly in Christ will suffer tribulation. Some say these things “refine” us. I have a real hard time understanding how it is that a 6-week-old baby benefits from the refinement of being punched to death by its drug-crazed father. It is even harder for me to understand these things, knowing that nothing can happen to us without the Father’s permission.

    How do you handle stuff like that?

    • Hi DRG,


      You present a tough question that I’m not sure that many – if any – can answer. I struggle with this myself and ultimately place my faith in the idea that there’s a good reason.

      Unfortunately, you’ll hafta die to find out what that reason is.

      The core issue is why God allowed evil into His Creation in the first place. The second question is why does God require us to go through these trials and tests?

      Since you are in the medical field, you see more of this than I do. So, it must be doubly hard to see the broken lives pass into your care, and then out again.

      One way of explaining it is that there is a war on, and we fight that war with faith, love and humility – offering our lives as a willing sacrifice. Why that war is being fought, is difficult to understand.

      But, there is one thing that I am sure of:

      There is a reason…

      …and, it’s a good one.

      God bless you, DRG. I wish that I had a better answer for you.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • I’ve struggled with why we pray myself. I’ve come to the conclusion prayer isn’t about a “to do” list of things for God to act on (even if they are really worthwhile things). Prayer is about RELATIONSHIP.

      21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.

      So how does He know us….the same we know each other. We learn about each other through spending time and talking. He communicates us His will because by spending time with Him we recognize his voice.

  18. I regret the loss of the name Easter. The pagans should regret that we took it and made it our own, in celebration of the resurrection Jesus Christ, and we redirect them away from pagan folly. I think we should not give Easter back to them.

    I read Nathan Leal,, change the name. I heard Rick Wiles,, change it. I read it hear.

    I heard it also on Hagmann, and some disdain for Catholics having so many children, said Stan Deyo. I read some concern about the Protestant slander of Catholics on Z3news. So I put it together and I pondered if renaming Easter is some anti-Roman-Catholic, Protestantism. Maybe not from you, John, but is it so, from some?

    The 500 year anniversary of Martin Luther’s Catholic bashing, door posting, is 2017. Rick Wiles this week mentioned Protestant Reformation as a great basis of America’s constitution, without elucidating. Hmmm.

    I was raised Catholic. I do not know this Protestant chip-on-their-shoulder.
    The middle ages doctrinal disputes are satanic.

    “Having few children by using birth control is the practice of liberals. Why would many Evangelicals support birth control is beyond me. Yet both religious Jews and Catholics see such practice as going against God’s plan. I agree 100%. God after all said to be, “fruitful and multiply”. My wife Maria put up with me for over two decades because she was brought up Catholic and to her marriage was a holy sacrament. ”

    This was a contrasting view, haha.

    “Together the rebellious monk and the runaway nun paved the way for the Christian family as we know it and provided a shining example of a truly biblical, Christ-centered marriage.”

    • Hi Ed Sain,

      Unfortunately, Roman Catholicism is a perversion of the scriptures. There’s no chip on anyone’s shoulder, just a love of the truth.

      You must leave the Roman Catholic Church, Ed. The blood-soaked hands of the Vatican are no place for a follower of Christ.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • I did leave 35 years ago because I was not getting the Holy Spirit. I might return to fight from within, rather than without. I have the Holy Spirit now. Maybe my family needs me. I will know soon.

        I am not convinced of “blood soaked” because I do not believe the myths against the Jews either, as you warned in your April 1st article. I am not sure what is true about the Vatican, except I know the current Pope is not Catholic. Your USS Liberty explanation is plausible. I had studied an eyewitness audio account here:

        I do not see the perversion of scripture for Catholics.
        They read the scripture.

        There is confusion with Catholics, but that is true with all the churches and synagogues. I do not attend in person, so far. I talk to Jehovah’ses Witness at my door to explore their error, to no apparent avail, so far. Next, I will ask them what they think of the Gospel of John. They must not read it.


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