Beware the Ides of March

Next week will mark a turning point. Either the Republic continues as it is, with all of its faults and corruptions, or it turns deeper into Empire. Rome stood at that same turning point more than two thousand years ago, and America is remarkably similar to Rome.

In fact, that similarity was by design.

Anyway, next week will be of enormous importance. Of course there will be other weeks of such importance, but there are few times in which such importance mimics history so closely and allows us to quote Shakespeare:

Beware the Ides of March!


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Beware the Ides of March

Most people do not realize that America’s founding fathers designed the United States according to Rome. The political system was Roman. The legal language was Roman. The architectural style was Roman.

George Washington, styled himself after one of the most important Romans of all:

Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus

In Washington’s eyes, he was the ultimate statesman. He was the man who took the reigns of power, and then gave them up.

Daniel 2

The problem with this conformity to the Roman paradigm is that it follows prophecy and the great image in the dream of Nebuchadnezzar, in Daniel 2. You can read the whole dream, here:

The dream was about a succession of empires leading up to the return of Jesus Christ, to rule the world for a thousand years. We know each of those kingdoms, up to and including the kingdom that was iron:

The Roman Empire
(aka, Pax Romanus)

However, the Roman Empire was followed by the last one, and that one was also iron – like the Roman Empire – but, was mixed with clay:

And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron: forasmuch as iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things: and as iron that breaketh all these, shall it break in pieces and bruise.

And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters’ clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay.

And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken.

And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

 – Daniel 2:40-43

That fourth kingdom was Rome, and the fifth kingdom would be LIKE Rome… but, not Rome.

Interesting, don’t you think?

There will be many of the characteristics of Rome, but not the unity of Rome. This final empire will beat down the world. Crush it. Break nations in pieces.

But, the leadership will not have the unity of the Roman Empire.

Pax Americanus

Now, I cannot be completely sure that God was speaking of America in that dream, or something more than just America. You will need to make your own decision on this. For myself, I lean towards a more American interpretation of that fifth empire:

Pax Americanus

Time will tell if I am right. Unfortunately, once we know for sure, it will be too late.

Our Own Julius Caesar

But, America’s similarities to the Roman Empire cannot be denied, and I fear that there could be one more similarity that will play out next week:

The assassination of Julius Caesar, in 44 BC.

In his play, Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare foreshadows Caesar’s assassination in his play by having a soothsayer cry out to Julius:

“Beware the Ides of March!”
(Julius Caesar, Act 1, scene 2)

When are the Ides of March?

March 15th.

And yes, that was the day, in 44 BC, in which Julius Caesar was assassinated by the oligarchs of Rome – the Roman Senate. It was also the day in which the Roman Republic was pushed towards empire.

Of course, you could make a better case for the assassination of JFK, as that pivotal moment, and I would agree with you. In fact, I truly believe that it was that coup by the CIA (e.g., Praetorian Guard) and the Satanic Elites that turned America toward Empire.

However, there is another assassination of a different kind on our radar – an assassination by politics and intrigue. Less bloody, but no less important.

Donald Trump

On March 15th five states will vote in the Republican primaries. And, the Republican Party has dedicated millions upon millions of dollars to destroy a new kind of Julius Caesar on that day:

Donald Trump

Stealing The March 15th Primaries

Just as Julius Caesar did, Donald challenges the entrenched oligarchs of Washington, D.C. And, just as the Roman Senate in 44 BC, the American oligarchs are terrified that their corrupt powers will be taken away. So, they will do the one thing that they are most adept at:

stealing elections

At least, they will try. We know that they have done this before. We know that they will do it again.

Will they do it on March 15th?

I believe so, but I am no soothsayer or prophet, as Shakespeare used in his play. They might even try and fail. But, when you read my research below, you will see that they have been very, very successful, in the past.

If our political masters succeed in their plan to ‘assassinate’ Donald Trump, they will have irrevocably changed America in ways that will be obvious to absolutely everyone. In fact, I believe that it will touch off a new civil war.

I’m sure that the oligarchs know that this is a possibility, but they are blinded by their own hubris. I’ve met such people, and their blindness is amazing.

Bo Polny’s Prediction(s)

There’s also another danger that I focused on this week, and it comes from Bo Polny. His website is:

I’m not quite sure what to make of Bo, and his predictions. But, his recent accuracy has been uncanny. And, it is THAT accuracy that makes me want to point to some recent videos of his:

There Is No Other Way To Say It, The Economy Will Crash This Year: Bo Polny

YouTube shortlink:

That was from the 5th, from an interview on the X22Report Spotlight. In that interview, Bo lays out his accuracy and why he’s agreeing to do the interview on that day.

Then, the next day, Bo came out with THIS video, on his own channel:


YouTube shortlink:

Bo is putting it all on the line in those two videos, and he’s talking about March as an important month.

You notice that we are ALREADY IN MARCH, right?

And, it sounded to me like next week was going to be big.

Do I believe him?

I don’t know, but I also do not need to. I did all of my financial preparations a few years ago. So, I’m ready.

Are you?

Beware The Ides Of March

Whether you consider the threat to our political system to be important… or the financial threat… or both… Whatever you consider to be important…


Beware the Ides of March!


Please take the time to read through
the research section below.
There is a lot there
that you need to know.


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These are the articles that hit my desktop this week – and seemed important.

Most of my sources for this week are the same as last week’s. Most. I have put an asterisk ( * ) by the additions. Anyway, here are the sources for this week: * *
 – X22 Report Spotlight

Best of all, many of you provided me with valuable links that you will also find below.

Each of the above has their own foibles and biases, and that goes for Omega Shock. My hope is that YOUR bias will ALWAYS be Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


These are the articles that have importance all by themselves.

The Nine: Overcoming ISIS | Ezekiel Countdown

There’s a video in this article that speaks of the amazing suffering of Christians at the hands of Muslim terrorists.

But, the biggest thing about the video is the true love of Christ shown by the people in the video.

If you want to see true victory over evil… THAT is victory over evil.

Don’t Stop Sharing This Until Every Person Who Cares About Christians Sees it – Israel Video Network

This actually goes along with the link above, but notice where this one comes from… the Israel Video Network.

Israelis are concerned about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East, and Israel is the only country in the Middle East in which Christianity is GROWING.

I also have a small connection with this video. A friend who pastors a church in Israel, regularly goes to Iraq to spread the gosple and distribute supplies. He’s a great guy, a faithful Christian and a citizen of Israel.

Joanie Stahl – Carolyn Hamlett – Matt S PtII Chaos & False Messiah, Antichrist – YouTube

Interesting show. Both of the guests inject a bit of Biblical rationality to the discussion of who the Antichrist is. Furthermore, Carolyn Hamlett is able to describe the plans that Satan’s people have for WHEN their ‘Antichrist’ – that they call The Christ – will be revealed.

Technocracy News Hour » Blog Archive » Interview with Carl Teichrib: Religion and Globalization

A very interesting look at the RELIGION behind globalization. Patrick Wood really understands what is coming and Carl Teichrib has captured the religious element completely.

This globalization is profoundly religious, and you need to understand that.

And, it’s great to see that both men have truly accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.


Another excellent broadcast on Agenda 21 and Technocracy from February 9th.

Black Man Films His Unfortunate Interaction With Cincinnati Police While Getting His Morning Coffee

After reading what the text said, I was too mad to even watch the video. The fact that police officers would act this way makes me want to bash heads.


What troubles me even more is that we only know about this because we have electronic devices recording it.

How long has this been going on?

Unfortunately, I suspect for a very, very long time, and THAT thought sickens me.

World’s Poorest President Urges Public To Kick The Wealthy Out Of Politics

I am sure that there are problems with Uruquay. No country is without them, but it is nice to see a president like this.

Maybe you should follow Alexandra Devereaux’s advice and move there?

Escape the Asylum – To South America

It sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

10 things EVERY liberal needs to understand (but never will) – Allen B. West –

I would like to see THIS GUY as President of the United States.

In fact, if Trump got elected, he would be smart to make him Vice President. That would keep Trump from being assassinated.


Grexit back on the agenda again as Greek economy unravels

Anyone for a game of dominoes?

I have a feeling that – when this one falls – the rest will go down quickly.

Saudis Awarded France’s “Highest National Honor” For “Fight” Against Terrorism

At first, I thought that this was a joke – from The Onion. But… but… it’s not.

This would be like awarding Yasser Arafat the Nobel Peace Priz…

Um… wait. They did that.


Europe Without the Union | Stratfor

Interesting. This is how the EU would break apart… IS breaking apart.

China bans images of gay people on TV


Now THIS is something that you can like about China.

War against the weak us as old as man himself. Edwin Black provides illuminating historical information.

Many, many Americans shared in this awful Eugenic idea. Even my own family, way back when.

What a horrible and vile legacy that we bear.

How dare we be so evil.

Still Report #687 – Worst Passwords of 2015 – YouTube

This is quite a useful video. You need a good password, and Bill Still has news for you on the password that you are using.

And, his recommendation at the end is excellent.

The Afghan war explained:

A million people died due to the Afghan heroin cultivated and produced, due to America’s control of Afghanistan – and due to the CIA’s involvement in the heroin trade from Afghanistan.

Add to that the 30 million killed in the 201 conflicts started by the US… and you have to ask yourself about what kind of country we live in.

Earth: 248 armed conflicts after WW2; US started 201 (81%), killing 30 million so far. Arrests are when now?

Irrefutable Film Footage Of Climate Engineering Aerosol Spraying » Irrefutable Film Footage Of Climate Engineering Aerosol Spraying

It is hard to understand why they are doing this. But, the fact that they ARE doing this cannot be disputed. What a crazy world to live in.

Russia warns North Korea over threats of nuclear strike

Is it a real rebuke by Russia?

Is it political theater?


Unfortunately, with all the other illegal shootings and killings by police… why would ANYONE believe that this wasn’t another murder by the powers that shouldn’t be.


‘Set up assassination’ alleged in FBI kill shots

How could they rule this shooting at justified?

Hands in the air. Unarmed. Shot in the back.

I have to keep telling myself that ‘vengeance is the Lord’s’.

The CFR Is Having Some Problems LoL – YouTube

I bit of a ‘compendium’ of threats against YOU.

The Pope Cartoon – Indoctrinating The Children – YouTube

Nothing says Antichrist and Last Days like the Pope trying to get everyone to worship the Virgin Mary. OUCH.

Rebel Planet Dispatch: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Beware chubby kids with nukes.


These are a few of the articles that point to the fulfillment of prophecy – at least the ones that do not fall into the categories of Gog and Magog, and Matthew 24:7.

Rome & the Birth of the United States – Armstrong Economics

Remember the great image in the book of Daniel?

What was the second-to-last kingdom?

Right. Iron.

THAT was Rome. The question was about what came next.

Well, this article points you to ‘what came next’.

Water wars intensify between Egypt, Ethiopia

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has yet to begin filling, and the resevoir behind the dam should have started filling last year.

What will happen when the GERD is finally complete?

And, if there’s a drought?

It’s the fulfillment of Isaiah 19, and it is coming to a Middle East near you.


The people elected this year will either lead America into the days of Gog and Magog (or, Ezekiel’s Fire), or they will terrify the Elites so much, that there will be a coup.

Unfortunately, I’m betting on a coup. In fact, we’ve already had one, but this election may force the Elites to become obvious. We’ll see.

Whatever happens, this election will be very, Very, VERY bad – even if we aren’t allowed to have it.

WATCH: Video Reveals Hillary Clinton Praising Late Klan Leader Robert Byrd

Hey, let’s have a supporter of the KKK in the White House!

Or… er …let’s… um …NOT.

Who Is Hillary Clinton? – YouTube

Just two and a half minutes, and it destroys Hillary Clinton.

Show this video to ANYONE who thinks Hillary would be a good President.


Gingrich: Establishment Scared of Trump Because He “Didn’t Belong to the Secret Society”

Could it be?

Is it possible that I will no longer be able to despise Newt Gingrich? That he has repented of his sins and no longer owes allegiance to the NWO Elites?

Just the thought that it MIGHT be true is wonderful. I am hoping to see more of this from Newt, so that I can say nice things about him.

Repentance is a good thing, so let’s hope that this is real.

Conspiracy Theorists Across America Vindicated As Newt Gingrich Drops Massive Truth Bombs In Donald Trump Illuminati Stunner

I may have to change my mind about Newt Gingrich. He actually has come out against his masters. The guy might actually have repented of what he was and what he did. If so, this is wonderful news, and bad news for the Elites.

Threats to Trump’s Life | Ezekiel Countdown

EZC weighs in on the threat TO Trump and the threat OF Trump and refers to ‘the absolute lunacy to which the RNC has now stooped’.

Ouch. Lunacy, indeed.

MITTENS ROMNEY is exposed by Lou Dobbs of FOX Business News for the scumbag he really is

Lou Dobbs NAILED IT! Good for you, Lou.

And Romney? What a LOSER!

Who Is The Real Ted Cruz?

Beware those who appear to be sheep, but are really wolves.

I hate to say it, but Cruz is a tool of Wall Street and the Elites. His Sanctimonious fakery just makes it worse.

Ted Cruz: Illegal Alien? NO PAPERS (Canada Born – Entered Illegally in 1974)?


Now THAT is embarrassing.

Furthermore, Ted’s Mom wasn’t a US citizen, when Ted was born, and his DAD was Cuban.

Houston, we have a problem.

“There’s An Insurrection Coming… The American People Are Sick & Tired Of Crony Capitalism”

Good ol’ Mitt.

It looks like the Elites have called in a Mormon hit-man to tear up the Republican Party and hand the election to Hillary.

What a bunch of scum.

The oligarchs’ super-PAC anti-Trump savagery

I rarely read or listen to anything that Pat Buchanan says. The guy is CFR establishment, through and through. But, what’s going on in the Republican Party is even too much for him.

Here’s a quote:

Not in memory has the leadership of a party been so out of touch. The Republican rank and file are in revolt, not only against the failures of their fathers but the policies of their present rulers.

Some among the GOP elites, who have waited patiently through the Obama era to recapture control of U.S. foreign policy, are now beside themselves with despair over Trump’s success.

Fully 116 members of the GOP’s national security community, many of them veterans of Bush administrations, have signed an open letter threatening that, if Trump is nominated, they will all desert, and some will defect – to Hillary Clinton!

“Hillary is the lesser evil, by a large margin,” says Eliot Cohen of the Bush II State Department. According to Politico’s Michael Crowley, Cohen helped line up neocons to sign the “Dump-Trump” manifesto.

Another signer, Robert Kagan, wailed in the Washington Post, “The only choice will be to vote for Hillary Clinton.”

Are they serious?

The Republican Elites would rather have Hillary Just-Like-Hitler Clinton?

These people need a sanitarium.

Now, here’s an even more interesting point:

But it raises anew the question: Can the establishment stop Trump?

Answer: It is possible, and we shall know by midnight, March 15. If Trump loses Florida and Ohio, winner-take-all primaries, he would likely fall short of the 1,237 delegates needed for nomination on the first ballot.

March 15th. Interesting date to focus on the future of America.

Do you know what March 15th is, on the ancient Roman Calendar?

What was it that Shakespeare said in Julius Caesar Act 1, scene 2?

Beware the Ides of March.

The assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 B.C. was the turning point of the Roman Empire, and the assassination of Donald Trump might very well be the turning point of a very similar empire.

Yes, Beware the Ides of March.

Thanks To The Republican Civil War, Every Scenario Ends With Hillary Clinton Winning The Election

Um… nothing says endoftheworld like ‘President Hillary’.

Although Clinton Won Massachusetts by 2%, Hand Counted Precincts in Massachusetts Favored Bernie Sanders by 17% – Election Nightmares

Now this one is good. When you hand-counted votes in the Massachusetts primary, Bernie Sanders won. But, when you used Deibold electronic voting machines… Hillary won.

Now, tell me that your vote is going to count on election day.

At Secretive Meeting, Tech CEOs And Top Republicans Commiserate, Plot To Stop Trump

Hey, Look!

The political prostitutes have gathered. They have plotted and planned.

And the American people?

Don’t know.

Don’t care.

Stick a fork in us.

We’re done.

Why Electronic Voting is a BAD Idea – Computerphile – YouTube

As Stalin said, it doesn’t matter who votes. What matters is who COUNTS the votes.

Welcome to the New World, Comrade.


Hillary for Prison!

GOP Leaders, Tech Execs Plot Against Trump At Secret NeoCon Island Meeting

Nothing says freedom, openness and democracy like the rich meeting in secret with political elites on an Island.

What could go wrong?

Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections (Full Length) – YouTube

The 2016 has ALREADY been stolen. A-L-R-E-A-D-Y

The only way that this theft can be stopped is if everyone steps up and forces their communities to be honest. That means setting up groups of people to do statistical analysis of those who voted, to discover irregularities – and letting their governments and the polling machine manufacturers KNOW that you are doing this.

THAT is the ONLY way that you will be certain that your vote has been counted. THE ONLY WAY.

Unfortunately, they will steal the vote, anyway, and the country will move one big step closer to civil war.

Welcome to the end of America.

Comey’s FBI makes waves | TheHill

Hmmmm… I don’t know what to make of this.

It would be nice to see the FBI take down Hillary. But then, I’d have to wonder why the Elites allowed it to happen.

Dunno. We’ll just hafta see.

Ohio Republican Ballot Creating Confusion…

Hey, those of you who live in Ohio… the Republican Party is trying to steal your vote.

These people are garbage. Trash. Toxic landfill. Give it your own name. Jesus said things like Snakes and Vipers. I’ll go with that.

Are you going to allow these lying liars of uncertain parentage to steal your vote?

Do you have a choice?

Welcome to the USSA, comrade.

Why Trump Haters Really Hate Trump – Armstrong Economics

As Martin says… It’s not the hair.

Rigged Democracy – Nearly 10% of Democratic Party Superdelegates are Lobbyists | Liberty Blitzkrieg

You know that ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ thing?

It needs to change.

Here’s my edit:

…and to the oligarchy for which it stands.


I really wish that collapse was not coming to America and the world. The pain and suffering that this will cause makes my heart ache. Mothers will watch their children destroyed. Children will see the retirements of their parents eliminated. Violence in the cities will increase. Crime will explode.

And THAT is the best case scenario.

Unfortunately, the worst case points to people being unable to afford to eat. Homelessness. Medical care collapse. Infrastructure collapse. The descent of America to Third World conditions. Cities collapsing and consuming themselves.


My hope is in the ‘best case scenario’, but I do not believe in living a fantasy.

Please, be ready for the worst financial collapse in world history.

13 Black swans swirling above the US economy – The Great Recession Blog

Here are the 13 black swans:

1 – Gold is up 17%

2 – Citigroup says the chances of recession are high and only going up.

3 – JPMorgan strategists say they have scanned 115 years of US stock market history and have divined a sign that is 81% accurate in predicting recessions.

4 – a survey of market analysts shows that the best investment strategy in recent months would have been to do the exact opposite of whatever your analyst told you to do

5 – The G-20 failed to formalize any kind of global stimulus agreement

6 – Freddie Mac and Bank of America have returned to the hog trough in which they partner to offer 3% down mortgages

7 – Subprime auto delinquencies are on the rise already. Repo rates are at historic highs!

8 – 40% of student loans are in technical default.

9 – Several states report their employee pension funds are underfunded by about 50%

10 – China is sinking further.

11 – US productivity fell in the last quarter of 2015 at the fastest pace in two years.

12 – the overseas shipping industry has never seen things this bad

13 – The number of troubled companies is nearing its 2009 Peak

Hey, it’s our lucky number!


Remember, when things get bad, they lie to you.

Here’s a quote from the article, with proof:

So, we have the BLS reporting tremendous job growth over the first two months of 2016, while actual payroll tax data and actual corporate layoff announcements showing little or no growth. Who to believe? Wages are dropping. The number of hours worked is dropping. The number of part-time jobs is soaring. The number of self employed Ebay sellers is going up. Retail sales are terrible. Polls show most people think the economy is on the wrong track. Corporate profits and all economic indicators indicate recession. Establishment politicians are being tarred and feathered. Do you believe the facts or do you believe the government manufactured propaganda, propagated by their corporate MSM mouthpieces, and peddled by the Wall Street criminal bankers?


There Is No Other Way To Say It, The Economy Will Crash This Year: Bo Polny – YouTube

Here is another interview with Bo Polny, cycles expert.

For your sake, I hope that he’s wrong. But, I think that he’s probably right.

Cash, Guns And Safes: Stress Is Spreading

Ouch. This will not end well.

PE Ratio – Mania v Panic – Armstrong Economics

It seems like Martin Armstrong is talking about a gigantic high in the S&P 500, before a massive crash.

If you wish to invest in this idea, and follow his advice on how to take advantage of this… go for it. I won’t.

I don’t care about how much money that I could make in the collapse that is coming. I’m out and staying out – and not because I was burned. I’ve made money in the stock market – back in the day. It was fun.

But, I am NOT going to play with this.

The Collapse Of Italy’s Banks Threatens To Plunge The European Financial System Into Chaos

Um… THIS could get interesting real fast, real quick.

Will Italian banks spark another financial crisis?

More on the Italian bank crash. Most alarmingly is the last sentence in the whole article:

In remarks during heightened concern over the Greek crisis in 2011, current European Commission President and then Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Junker, stated “When it becomes serious, you have to lie.”

Everyone… it’s serious, and they’re lying.


Okay, Bo Polny is putting his reputation on the line with this video.

He’s saying that THIS MARCH everything begins to really crash. I recommend that you listen – and watch – this video. If you think that he’s right, then act accordingly.

I have ALREADY ACTED. And, I did that years ago.

Early is MUCH better than late, and if Bo is right… it might ALREADY be too late.

We’ll see.

Some Juniors Have More Gold in the Ground than you Can Fathom! – Marin Katusa Interview – YouTube

This is a VERY smart interview by someone who is extremely clear-headed.

If you want to see the twists and turns of what is happening financially, this is a good video to listen to.

You can see a write-up, here:

Are You Kidding Me? Chinese Exports Plunge 25.4 Percent Compared To Last Year

Brace for impact, kids. This is going to get ugly, real fast.

Market Meltdown Already Underway-Gregory Mannarino

Gregory Mannarino does an excellent job of showing us the turning point. Mannarino is a pro and follows his own advice.

Please, with your finances, head for cover.

Global Liquidity Collapses To 2008 Crisis Levels


This is REALLY bad.

Life And Times During The Great Depression

What we are going into will be worse than the Great Depression, but since it will be similar to the Great Depression…

Behold the future.

Freightliner to lay off 1,250 employees in Mt. Holly, Cleveland

Okay, if you didn’t want to believe the ‘Baltic Dry Index’… believe THIS.

Please, I hope that you are ready for this.


If you could get through all of the above with your optimism intact, you are a better man (or woman) than me.

I really wish that there was something other than gold or silver to buy – after you have done all of your preparations.

Please understand that preserving your financial future should be LAST ON YOUR LIST. God, first. Secure location which means good and solid and dependable neighbors, second. Food and water, third. Preparing for everyone else, fourth.

If there is anything left… only then, buy gold or silver.

However, you might have a better idea, and that’s wonderful. Please, if you know of a better way to preserve the finances that God has given you, share it with us in the comment section.

Oh, and remember that if you have not dedicated yourself to following Jesus Christ with every fiber of your being… you have no hope. NONE.

This 4,000-Year-Old Financial Indicator Says That A Major Crisis Is Looming

History shows that when the ratio of gold to silver is THIS high, something breaks and millions die.

Got a safe place to live?


If I didn’t laugh every once in a while, I’d die. The world is heading straight into the abyss, and we can’t stop it – or even delay it.

And, if you you’ve read through the stuff above, you’re probably in need of a chuckle or two.

I’m the one posting this stuff, and I can tell you that I’m desperate for even a chuckle.

Hillary Clinton: “I’ve been the most transparent public official in modern times”


Pathetic and disgusting, too. But FUNNY.

I laughed. TWICE.

Steve Bridges as President Obama – August 2011 – YouTube

Ginny sent this to me, and I was impressed. Then, I read the YouTube notes.

Steve Bridges died months later.

Maybe he was just a bit too funny?

Video: Americans Don’t Know Who Washington D.C. Was Named After

Another good one from Mark Dice. Funny.

The funniest part – to me – was the couple from Italy. And, woman was just a bit too honest and realized it too late.

Unfortunately, she was right. OUCH.

Quote by Groucho Marx: “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. …”

I was going through me emails, and someone had this as their email signature.

That quote hit just right, and I couldn’t speak for several minutes.

The “Outrageous” Reasons Donald Trump Will Never Be President

The irony of the outrageous.

Hello, my name is Muhammad – picture

Really, it’s cute, and I actually laughed.


I think that one of the reasons why I am so focused on Islam is that so many consider Islam to be benign. Europe has EMBRACED a FLOOD of Muslims!

I am just astounded by this.

But, there’s an even more important point about all this.

Satan is using Islam to bring the world to the point where the Antichrist can rise. Islam is Satan’s masterpiece, and you need to be aware of how evil and vile that ‘masterpiece’ is.

Muslims Chant Death to America and Israel as Bomb Goes off in Yemen – YouTube

I remember hearing about this last year. The important thing to see is that this is Muslim terrorism upon Muslims.

But, the irony of this bomb going off while they were chanting death to America and Israel…

The silencing of the truth of Islam | Examine Islam

Ouch. Just talking in any way that is negative towards Islam will get you silenced. Double ouch.

Muslims Claim Lion’s Share of Christian Victims

Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world, and 82% of the persecutors of Christianity are Muslim.

The very same group of people seeking to stamp Israel and the Jewish people out of existence.

Nothing says hypocrisy, like supporting Islam’s war against Israel, and then claiming to be Christian.

On Not Forgetting Molly Norris | Frontpage Mag

If a Muslim drew Jesus in a derogatory way, or a decrepit Moses… would that Muslim be in fear of his life from a Christian or a Jew?

Of course not. Don’t be absurd.

But, we have, in America, a woman who is afraid for her life, because she had the temerity to advocate the drawing of that vile Satanist, Muhammad.

And yes, Muhammad – the ugly dude worshiped by Muslims – was a Satanist. I’ll draw him for you, if you need a picture. (Think of goat-head, horns and big ears.)


Having read Matthew 24:7 many, many times, I am well-acquanted with what it means – the rise of ethnos against ethnos. But, when I look back to the first few times when I read that verse, I am surprised at how different my understanding is today, than way back then.

I literally had no idea that Jesus was referring to THIS.

And, it is just so completely insane.

If Europe allowed in millions of Hindus, do you think that there would be the same level of catastrophe?

Of course not!

Millions of Buddhists?

No problem with THEM, either.

Chinese? Ukrainians? Polynesians? Southeast Asians?

No problem.

But, millions of Muslim men of military age?


BREAK EUROPE: Merkel and her Migrants — What comes Next? – YouTube

Excellent video by someone who goes by the name of ‘Black Pigeon’. He really lays out the insanity of what is happening in Europe.

That whole continent is in need of therapy and a straight-jacket.

Germany on the Threshold of an Unprecedented Radicalization – Armstrong Economics

Here’s a quote:

Merkel’s decision happened at the worst possible timing. As the European economy turns down further, the cost of the refugees will send taxes even higher. The civil unrest our model has been predicting is on schedule. It is linked to the economy and when that turns down, this cycle will turn up.

With Martin Armstrong weighing in on this… well …very bad news coming.

Migrant sex assault victim tells women: Go on self defence course as crisis will get WORSE

This is just incredible. Europe is DOOMED.

Here’s a quote:

The carjacker pounced just moments after she fought off a bag-snatcher and another man who groped her breasts.

Visibly crying, Ms Kohzina says when the man failed to get into her car, he rolled on to the roof and then attacked another woman who was walking down the street, shoving her before escaping.

After parking up, she decided to issue a stark warning to fellow women.

In a furious online rant, she said: “Listen ladies, I’ve just recently been forced to make the acquaintance of some of these non-Austrians.

“First of all I’ve had to defend my handbag and my iPad. Fortunately I managed to defend myself, but I still don’t find the whole experience cool.

Rosita was visibly distressed and emotional

“And just now, somebody tried to get into my car which fortunately I had locked from the inside.

“He was so annoyed about it that he then trampled on the roof, and it was difficult for me to control myself.

“Fortunately I managed to keep my common sense and stayed seated inside the vehicle.

“He, however, was clearly not content to sit still, and a completely innocent woman who had nothing to do with the incident ended up being flattened.



This summer is going to be… UGLY.

Germany: Migrant Rape Crisis Worsens

The idea that there would such a thing as a ‘migrant rape crisis’ is bizarre. If you deported the migrants – all of them – you wouldn’t have a ‘rape crisis’ anymore.

For crying out loud, this is GERMANY. NOT Bangladesh!

Here’s the summary:

Sexual violence in Germany has skyrocketed since Angela Merkel allowed more than one million mostly male migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East into the country. The crimes are being downplayed by the authorities, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiments.

“The moment they [male migrants] see a young woman wearing a skirt or any type of loose clothing, they believe they have a free pass.” — Restaurant owner at a mall in Kiel.

“Every police officer knows he has to meet a particular political expectation. It is better to keep quiet [about migrant crime] because you cannot go wrong.” — Rainer Wendt, head of the German police union.

Police are warning about a potential breakdown of public order this summer, when women who are lightly dressed are confronted by young male migrants.

Jakob Augstein, an influential columnist for the magazine Der Spiegel, says that Germans worried about migrant crimes are motivated by racism. His views shed light on the worldview of German multiculturalism: Migrants who assault German women and children are simply rebelling against German power structures. Germans who criticize such assaults are racists.

Police in Cologne received more than 1,000 complaints from women, including 454 reports of sexual assaults, related to New Year’s Eve. Police in Hamburg received complaints from 351 women, including 218 reports of sexual assault that took place on the same evening.

I wonder how many of these foolish ‘journalists’ would write such garbage, if it were THEIR daughters who were being attacked?

GERMANY BANS SAUSAGES: Pork banned in cafes and schools to ‘not offend refugees’

Holy Garbage Dump, Batman!

The Germans have gone insane. I was hoping that Merkel would look at her handiwork and change direction, but no. She’s doubling down.

Germany is destroyed, and the Germans did it all by themselves. How tragic.

SERIOUSLY? Are European men in skirts going to scare away an invasion of Muslim sexual predators and rapists?

Apparently, they’re going to need MORE men in skirts ‘cuz the ‘invasion of Muslim sexual predators’ continues. There’s nothing like ‘doubling down’ on an idea that just doesn’t work.

Seriously, men in skirts.

Why do they think that there’s an invasion, for crying out loud?

Finland’s Immigration Crisis

And then… there is Finland.

When are people going to wake up?

So-called Muslim “victims of war” no sooner wash up in Greece and proceed to start a war with police

This one was incredibly sad. A squad of well-trained police should be able to out-maneuver and disable ANY unorganized rabble.

In the video, the police ACTUALLY RUN AWAY!!

Immigrant rape statistics in Sweden – YouTube

Language alert. This guy throws F-bombs and such.

This is actually a very thoughtful and intellectual discussion from someone who immigrated to Sweden as a child from a Muslim country – Albania. He also refers to himself as ‘Angry Foreigner’. It’s an interesting perspective.

However, he also appears to be an Atheist, and uses Satanist iconography at times to rattle those of us who are horrified by such things. Unfortunately, Satan uses such young men for his own awful purposes.

Anyway, he brings out some very intelligent ideas, if you are interested in that. If you merely want an analysis of rape statistics in Sweden, correlated to immigrant origin, just listen to the first ten minutes.

My own analysis is that Europe is destroyed, because they will not wake up to this situation until it is far too late. And, this young Atheist doesn’t understand that it is Islam that is at the core of the problem.

Sweden: Sexual Assaults at Swimming Pools

It just doesn’t seem to end, and I just don’t understand why the Swedes are putting up with this.

Here’s the summary:

Young male asylum seekers have turned Sweden’s public swimming pools into ordeals of rape and sexual assault.

Swedish politicians seem convinced that some education on “equality” will change the ways of men, who, since childhood, have been taught that it is the responsibility of women not to arouse them — and therefore the woman’s fault if the man feels like raping her.

More and more Swedes are now avoiding public pools altogether.

Staff at Malmö’s Hylliebadet family adventure pool were given strict instructions not to report certain things, and above all, never to mention the ethnicity or religion of those who cause problems at the pool.

“What the Afghans are doing is not wrong in Afghanistan, so your rules are completely alien to them. … If you want to stop Afghans from molesting Swedish girls, you need to be tough on them. Making them take classes on equality and how to treat women is pointless. The first time they behave badly, they should be given a warning, and the second time you should deport them from Sweden.” — Mr. Azizi, manager of a hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan

That’s the summary, but there’s a paragraph in the article that horrified me the most:

The 16-year-old rapist was sentenced to three months in juvenile detention and his friend was acquitted. The victim was badly traumatized and had to be treated in a psychiatric care facility, after several failed suicide attempts.

That… THAT made me want to track the kid down and rip his throat out.

THAT is what is happening in Europe, and this girl’s father – if he’s a man at all – will want vengeance. Each case will leave one more father wanting to commit violence. Each case adds more and more men to a seething cauldren begging for something to be done.

When the government does nothing – and they will do nothing – there will be an explosion. That explosion will be Matthew 24:7.

Sweden migrant sex attacks: Women in Ostersund warned not to go out at night over refugees

The full title of the piece is:

Women warned ‘don’t go out at night’ after migrant sex attackers target 10-YEAR-OLD GIRLS

How is it possible that Swedish fathers would allow this kind of thing to continue.

Eventually, the Swedes are going to burn down the migrant shelters, with the migrants in them.

Women are warned not to go out alone at night in Swedish town after multiple sex attacks by ‘foreigners’

The insanity of this is beyond my ability to comprehend. In fact, I hope that it is beyond YOUR ability to comprehend, too.

NO ONE reading this should be able to understand such insanity. This madness can only be understood by the truly insane.

Sweden Warns Women Not To Go Out Alone After Dark: “This Is Serious”

Another view from the geopolitical writer at ZeroHedge. This is swiftly turning iconic.

I’m sure that baseball bats are selling like hotcakes.

Who Is To Blame For The Rape Epidemic That Is Sweeping Across Europe?

I love the part about blaming the victim. Israel has been suffering from such a thing for a very long time.

As in… you’re an attractive, decent human being, so you obviously were asking for it.

SWEDEN: Stockholm Syndrome isn’t called ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ for no reason

Raise your hand if you remember where the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ came from.

Yes, you there in the back of the room.

Um… yes …but, I was looking for more than the word, Stockholm.

Okay, it’s here:

Oh, and it’s happening RIGHT NOW, in Europe.

Germany’s Embrace of Rapefugee Spawns, has led to Rise of Far-Right Leader

Wait. A German politician that actually makes sense?

Unfortunately, the German elites will shout her down, and the German public will begin to take the law into their own hands.

THAT, my friends is the essence of what Jesus said about ethnos rising against ethnos in Matthew 24:7.


And, it’s all so unnecessary.

Presenting The Interactive Map Of European Refugee Assaults

Okay, that’s it. Germany is OFF my summer vacation list.

…that is…

…if I had one.

The map in this article is horrifying. WHAT was Merkel THINKING?

Migrants not to blame for sex attacks: Swedish PM

Could someone please arrest that man for the crime of criminal negligence and for being absolutely and completely… criminally… INSANE!


The fulfillment of prophecy is accelerating. Isaiah 17 (Syria/Israel) and Isaiah 19 (Egypt/Israel/Kurds) are approaching quickly. As those two prophecies crash into us, Ezekiel 38 and 39 – Gog and Magog – will arrive and knock down the world. It will bring upon us Ezekiel’s Fire, and billions will die.


So please, watch for the signs that these events are coming to pass, and pray that you would be worthy to escape what is coming. It’s what Jesus told us to do:

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

– Luke 21:36

PLEASE. Follow this commandment of our Lord and Savior.

Russian Analysts: Through Its Intervention In Syria, Russia Seeks To Reshape Its Global Standing

Another interesting Russian analysis – towards the end of the article.

Russia Defense Report – Mar.3, 2016: Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria and Beyond – YouTube

Excellent strategic and tactical analysis of Russian air-power. When the Bible speaks of Gog being a ‘guard’ to the invasion, this revitalized and rejuvenated air power will be a key part of that.

Russia has done an excellent job learning the lessons of the Russo-Georgian war of 2008 – a war instigated by the US Dept. of State. And, because Putin was in power to make sure that those lessons were learned properly, you can thank the US for a resurgent Russian power.

WAR CRIME: Turkey’s artillery shells international journalists in Latakia, Syria – YouTube

Well, it’s nice to see the Turks caught red-handed. Unfortunately, no one will do anything.

Turkey Zaman crackdown: Police unleash tear gas, water cannon on protesters – YouTube

The question is whether this will result in civil war. Unfortunately, I think that it will.

CHAOS IN TURKEY – Riots & Chaos Over Govt Forced Take Over of Turkey Largest Newspaper Media Co

Here’s another look at the above.

Civil war always results when you do this. Turkey is going to shatter, and it will be Erdogan’s fault.

‘Everyone is being framed’, journalist deported from Turkey tells RT amid govt media takeover

And, a third view.

This take-down of Zaman is just one part of a bigger strategy that will backfire badly.

“Democracy Ends In Turkey”: Prominent Anti-Erdogan Newspaper Seized In Midnight Raid

This is a fourth view. It’s the best of them because it adds another dimension:

Fethullah Gulen

That guy has been lurking in the shadows for decades, working to Islamize Turkey. He originally helped Erdogan get in power, but they had something of a ‘falling out’. Now, Erdogan is trying to push back against Gulen.

The question is… How will Gulen push back?

This could get interesting REAL QUICK.

Here’s a quote:

Erdogan’s crackdown on the freedom of speech is so vast, that as of this moment almost 2,000 journalists, bloggers and ordinary citizens, including high school students, have found themselves prosecuted on accusations of insulting Erdogan.

Europe Stays Silent As Turkey Butchers Its Kurds

This is yet another genocide perpetuated by Turkey, and Turkey will collapse because of the evil that they are doing here.

The Kurds will rise, as the Bible said that they would.

Military Instructors From Turkey Gather Near Crimea To ‘Train Mercenaries’

If true, then this will push Russia to accelerate their moves to support the Kurds INSIDE Turkey. Those Russian bases in Armenia will work nicely towards that effort.

This is a SUPREMELY stupid move by Turkey.

Obama’s ‘peace’ partner, Iran, fires missiles carrying the Hebrew words for ‘Israel must be wiped out’

Just love those peaceful Iranians.

Executions in Saudi Arabia reach ‘frightening’ rate as 70th prisoner in 2016 is killed

It looks like Saudi Arabia is a little uneasy. In fact, the words ‘running scared’ come to mind.

Putin To The Federal Security Service: Russia’s Enemies Abroad Plan To Intervene In Next Fall’s Duma Election

The US State Department and the CIA just won’t give up.

Eventually, Putin is push the shiny red button, and Amerika will go into the history books.


U.S. builds two air bases in Kurdish-controlled north Syria – Kurdish report


It could be that Turkey is blocking America’s operations from Incirlic Air Base, near Syria. Turkey is desperate to keep ISIS alive.

The Danger of Media Blackout

Gotta’ love those CIA censors operating in the mainstream media.

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. Move along.

Will Russia End Up Controlling 73% of Global Oil Supply?

Interesting possibility. And yes, it’s only a speculation at this point, BUT it would be a major shift TOWARDS the coming of Gog and Magog. We will see what happens at the OPEC meeting.

Foreign Policy Diary – Conflicts Heat Up in Ukraine – YouTube

It is going to be a hot summer folks. Real hot.

audioBoom / Ceasefire Update: Turkey & US Resupplying the Jihadists; Russia & Syria Attacking the Jihadists. Gregory Copley, Defense & Foreign Affairs.

Interesting. The Kurds shot down a Turkish helicopter, and no one really knows who gave the Kurds the SA-24 MANPAD, to actually do the shoot-down.

My bet is on the Russians, but the Russians have not had direct contact with the Kurds, at least as far as we know. However, the Israelis HAVE had direct contact, and it is thought that Israel might have given the SA-24 to the Kurds. If it was the Russians, then it is a sign that the Russians are moving VERY quickly against the Turks.

If it was Israel… hmm… this is going to get complicated.

audioBoom / The Kremlin Cancels the S-300 Contract with Iran, Again. Malcolm Hoenlein, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Thaddeus McCotter, WJR.

This is also interesting.

Here’s a quote from the write-up:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has suspended the transfer of S-300 surface-to-air missiles to Iran in light of Tehran’s violation of an earlier pledge not to provide sophisticated Russian-made weaponry to the Lebanese Shi’ite group Hezbollah, according to a report Saturday in the Kuwaiti daily Al Jarida. A senior source told the newspaper that the Russian leader elected to punish the Iranian regime after Israel supplied him with clear-cut evidence that Tehran had given its proxy Hezbollah SA-22 surface-to-air missiles.

Apparently, Russia is quite interested in good relations with Israel, and Israel and Russia are also interested in helping the Kurds.

MPs In Gulf Countries Urge Recognition Of Ahwaz Province In Iran As Occupied Arab Country

Um… right. Bahrain and Kuwait, with almost no military worth mentioning is antagonizing the most powerful military in the Middle East outside of Egypt and Israel.

I’m sure that this will end well. Really.

As Turkey Turns Totalitarian, EU Officials Move to Accelerate EU Membership Bid

Ouch. Turkey goes from Bad to Worse.

It’s as if Erdogan WANTS a civil war, and Russia is just waiting to give him one.

What insanity.

UK: ‘The EU’s migrant €6bn deal with Turkey’s despot isn’t just shabby – it’s terrifying’ | The Muslim Issue

The last line in this article says it all:

It is a terrifying state of affairs that simply beggars belief.

What’s the difference between Assad and Erdogan? – from June onwards 77 million Turks will be given the right to travel to Europe without a visa

This is the article that contained the above link.

America!! World War 3 is about to Begin:120 Countries Amassing Troops! (MEDIA BLACKOUT) – YouTube

I’m in Taiwan, so I can tell you that her comment about military activities is not completely accurate. Although, we did see something just down the street from us.

However, the main point is accurate. World War III is coming. Or, maybe I should say that the prelude to World War III is coming. The real thing – Gog and Magog – will come a bit later, and with it… Ezekiel’s Fire:

I hope that you’ll be ready for this.

Saudi Arabia Is Collapsing in Yemen

THIS is a foretaste of Saudi effectiveness. Anyone who talks about this ‘massive’ military that is being formed… well …they need to read this. Tiny Yemen is making mincemeat out of Saudi forces.

Russian FM spokesperson in tears: Russians do not want WW3, West should be ashamed of war mongering – YouTube

I am sickened by the psychopaths running the US Dept. of State. Their sick and twisted minds have launched America on a collision course with those who love their children.

We are forcing countries like Russia to defend themselves in a way that will bring a permanent end to Pax Americanus.

Foreign Policy Diary – Iran: Military and Technical Cooperation After Sanctions – YouTube

Russia and Iran are moving closer and closer. The synergies are impressive, and it’s hard to see what – or who – could drive them apart.

VERY interesting. Very.

EurAsian Union? European Commission Now Proposes Visa Free Travel For 4 MILLION Georgians

Behold, another ‘project’ of the US Dept. of State. You just can’t keep a good psychopath down.

Ukraine was insane. Adding Georgia to that insanity is even insaner!

Hey, I know… let’s keep making the advanced and nuclear-armed Russians feel like their lives are being threatened. What a wonderful idea.

I’ll take two!

Poroshenko-Erdogan: The Black Sea “Axis”

This axis of evil is being set up by the ever-so-wonderful US State Department. However, both Poroshenko and Erdogan will stab each other in the back at the earliest, most advantageous moment. Until then, they – along with the country of Georgia – will act in concert with US interests, against Russia.

Turkey will continue to descend into civil war and break apart. Ukraine will continue to suffer defeat in their own civil war, and Poroshenko might even wind up swinging from a lamp post.

We’ll see. Rough waters ahead, kids.


I have my reservations about Jeff’s talk about shmitah, but for the rest… he’s spot on. Yemen has never been conquered and will be Saudi Arabia’s Vietnam. Likewise, this anticipated invasion of Syria by Saudi Arabia is likewise doomed… although, there may be some initial success.

The Saudi armed forces is a miserable collection of mercenaries, high tech equipment, poor training and zero morale.

UK Inquiry Finds Gulf “Allies” Sustaining ISIS in the Face of Oil Price Collapse

Isn’t it nice that we Americans can point to our grand and glorious foreign policy of supporting the richest band of thugs on the planet?

Why, I’m getting all teary eyed over all the peace and freedom that we’re bringing to Syria. The democracy. The prosperity.

We should all pat ourselves on the back for electing such wonderful people to represent us to the world.

God bless Ameri-… um …wait.

Doomsday Weapon: Russia’s New Missile Shocks and Dazzles US, China

Hey, I know… let’s continue to antagonize Russia… threaten their existence.

…just like the US State Department is doing.

How the Russian Orthodox Church is backing Vladimir Putin’s new world order | Christian News on Christian Today

Okay, there’s some anti-Russian bias here, but the truth of this article cannot be denied.

Russia has a state religion that is backing Russia’s power – more importantly, the power of Putin.


God loves the Land of Israel. I do too, and I don’t know exactly why.

Yes, I have lots of possible reasons for why I love that land, and why God does too. But, none of those speculations explain why that place is so important, and why God would have chosen it.

Furthermore, God chose a certain people to live there. They’re not the most polite people in the world. They’re gruff and rough, but there is a goodness about them that I don’t find anywhere else. Unfortunately, that ‘goodness’ is not salvation, which means that those in Israel who die today, without Christ, are destined for an eternity of suffering.

But, God has promised that He would not leave them in their current, unsaved condition. He has promised to save them, and that means that one day they will embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, their Lord and Savior. That day is coming, and we must be careful to not oppose this work of God.

Oppose THAT, and you will suffer the wrath of God.

Christians LOVE Israel “evangelicals” Irrelevant | Ezekiel Countdown

The writer of EzekielCountdown had to take a bit of a break, but it’s good to see her back and writing again. She is a far more gentle soul than myself, so you’ll find her writing far more easy on the eyes than my own fire and brimstone way of writing.

And yes, true Christians will love Israel. The rest… not so much.

Palestinian Authority President ‘Abbas Sends Letter Of Condolence To Family Of Car-Ramming Terrorist

More proof that the Palestinians really want peace.

No… wait.

Those of you stupid, idiotic antisemites (but, I repeat myself) need to get a clue.

Palestinians: The Right Time to Take Big Steps?

Wait, I have the answer to this one:


Never, is the only right time.

Here’s the summary:

Despite the “official” surveys taken among Palestinians, which show support for Hamas, the residents of the West Bank are terrified that Hamas will gain control and destroy our lives and property, the way they did in the Gaza Strip.

The BDS organizations are trying to boycott products made in the West Bank, which only throws masses of Palestinians out of good jobs in an effort to force Israel into a hasty withdrawal that has no chance of taking place. The Israelis and everyone else remember all too well that the last Israeli withdrawals — from southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip — led to the terrorist takeover of the vacuums created.

Ikrima Sabri, the former Mufti of Jerusalem, often said that Palestinians were better off with the Jews in charge of Al-Aqsa mosque and Jerusalem, because in the future they could be removed and killed off, but if the Crusaders returned to Jerusalem — such as an international commission headed by the French — it would be harder to get rid of them.

You know, BDS sounds like a disease – one that you only get in a place like Vegas.

Article In Iraqi Newspaper: Iraq Needs A Hitler To Stop The Jews Who Are Planning A Takeover Of Iraq

If you needed any more evidence of how sick the Arab Muslims are, this is all that you need to see.

This mental illness called Islam is vile and evil beyond imagination. And, if you are against Israel’s fight against this disgusting obscenity, then you are obscene.

Islam is Satanism, and if you are against Israel, then you are for Satan.

Obama Administration: A UN Resolution That Would Divide Israel And Jerusalem Is Back In Play

Every time they try this, disaster happens.

What did Einstein say about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?



Welcome to the loony bin.

World Council of Churches Struggles with the Truth – Again

The hypocrisy of the Palestinian leadership knows no end, and the gullibility of the World Council of Churches is similarly endless.

Did you know that the Palestinian Authority is taking Palestinian water and SELLING IT PRIVATELY?!?!?

Palestinians: Have The Donors Finally Woken Up?

Um… the answer is NO.

Thank you for paying… er …playing.

Muslim-in-Chief will try to use the UN to divide the capital of Israel – JERUSALEM

He’s destroyed America, and now he’s set his sights on Israel. Just look at the body language of Obama in the first picture. How utterly disgusting.

Rebel Planet Dispatch: Palestinian’s Roll Out the Red for V.P. Biden in Israel

There’s nothing like a terrorist attack to welcome the VP.

Worse, such blatant acts of aggression by the Palestinians will change nothing. America will continue to support the thugs and barbarians threatening Israel’s existence.

Scholar Who Gave Anti-Israel Lecture Threatens to Sue Anyone Who Publishes Transcript

YAY. Hypocrisy is alive and well on planet Earth!

Fatah Celebrates “Heroic” Palestinian Who Killed U.S. Army Vet in Israel

Captain Taylor Force, US Army, ret. served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and was murdered by a vile, venomous, and disgusting Muslim thug in Yafo.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. Click it for a discussion on preparation.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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32 thoughts on “Beware the Ides of March”

  1. I would even go so far to argue that we are even more like Babylon….maybe Mystery Babylon!!

    I was surprised to see that James Dobson support Ted Cruz citing that Mrs. Cruz would be the first pro-life First Lady.

    You did hear about the 10 year old boy that was raped by an Iraqi migrant in a swimming pool in Austria. His defense? The migrant, 20, claimed he raped the boy because it was a ‘sexual emergency’ and had ‘too much sexual energy’

    Interesting name:

    ‘Soldiers of Odin’ anti-immigrant group spreads from Finland to Norway as one of its ‘patrols’ operates in the country for the first time. More false Gods??

  2. Just a thought here? the 44th President and Julius being murdered in 44 BC.
    Is not BHO the 44th pres of the USA? Perhaps Obama is the one to be taken out on this years Ides of March? Just a thought…

    As a history buff I have never seen the “us” ending rather PAX AMERICANA, PAX ROMANA and not Pax Americanus, Pax Romanus…
    At any rate, its no big deal. Agreat article as per usual.

    God bless you!


      If Obama was assassinated THAT would be catastrophic. It would ‘deify’ everything that is abhorrent about Obama. You have just given me the shivers.

      As for the ‘us’ part, I am NOT a Latin scholar, but… These are merely two Latin forms. You will find Pax Romanus used, as well as Pax Romana. The difference is whether you want to say Roman Peace or Peace of Rome. The same goes for Pax Americanus and Pax Americana. You will normally see the ‘a’ ending, more so than the ‘us’ ending. The ‘a’ ending is a bit more ‘official’.

      Thanks, Shawn. Your last name reminds me of the one presidential candidate that I actually felt good about.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Here’s an interesting (And possibly telling) article from the Rus. Gov. news/propaganda arm, sputnik.

    Now – do you think there truly is a “neo-con NWO” conspiracy?!

    OR – is it communist propaganda to bring down Conservative “Zionist” America?! To blame all the worlds woes on the supposed “Zionist Takeover/Cue” attempt?!!!

    I expect your answer on my desk in the morning?!

      • Is this about you guys?!!!

        Tell’n ya, bro…. China/Russia is G-ds answer to Gay Marriage (And the like).

        Almost makes ya wish our own military had recruitment vids like this?!

        Yea!!! Keep your lil raft aired and gassed up!!!
        You might have to make a quick get-away in the semi-near future!!!!


        P.S. — those vids might/almost make one think that China was SERIOUS?!!!!

        I think that first vid. was them envisioning raising THIER FLAG over your lil Island!!!!

        Brother —- they are getting ready to take Taiwan!!!

        MAKE NO MISTAKE!!! That’s what those lil Island Outcroppings are about!!!
        I told my folks last year —- as soon as they finish those Islands — they’ll be loading em up with SAM’s et al….. and guess what happened?!!!!

        China IS ON THE WARPATH!!!!

        • Hi JS,

          Thank you for the concern.

          However, China is not ready to go this far, and really doesn’t want to. This kind of propaganda is produced to try and ‘help’ Taiwanese politicians understand the possible future if they don’t cave in to China.

          Taiwan has been ‘caving in’ to China for a very long time.

          Seriously. Why would China invade Taiwan to take was is already being given to them for free?

          Paying for something – when it is free – is not the Chinese way.

          Thank you, JS.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

          • Hi JS,

            I’m not saying that Taiwan is free from risk of invasion by China. But, I am saying that this threat is far less than it appears to be. China has a brutally pragmatic government, and they wish to control Taiwan for other reasons than you think.

            Remember that China is not held together very strongly. There is always a threat that the provinces of China could declare independence. That terrifies Beijing, and they will do ANYTHING to keep that from happening – including a nuclear attack upon Taiwan.

            Taiwan symbolizes the idea of a ‘breakaway province’, and they do not want other provinces in China to be inspired by Taiwan’s ‘break away’. So, as long as Taiwan doesn’t ‘declare independence’, Taiwan will be left alone.

            Currently, Taiwan offers more benefit to China, as it is, than otherwise. Furthermore, Taiwan is well aware of her precarious situation, and is doing everything possible to keep China from feeling the need to militarily attack Taiwan.

            So, no raft needed.

            Thank you, JS. I will watch/listen to the videos.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

  4. Brother John,
    As always, thank you for your posts and your steadfast witness.

    There is significant controversy regarding the fourth kingdom of Daniel 2. Unlike the previous three kingdoms that are readily apparent (Neo-Babylonian, Medo-Persian, and Macedonian/Greek), the Roman Empire really does not fit the description, for two major reasons:

    1. This is a vision of what comes after Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 2:29), so it is Babylon-centric. When Babylon was abandoned, its materials were used to build nearby Selecucia, the capital of the Seleucid Empire until they moved to Antioch in 240 BC. Next this became Cstephon, the capital of the Parthians from 247 BC to 224 AD. Rome briefly conquered this region in 117 AD under Trajan, but lost it back to Parthian within months – thus ending the only Roman occupation of Mesopotamia. Cstephon was also the capital of the Sassanians, from 224 AD until it fell to the Mohammedens in 651 AD. A new city called Babylon was built further north, and that became the capital of the Abassid (3rd) Caliphate from 750 onward. Babylons history looks like this: Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek/Seleucid, Parthian (Roman for 6 months), Sassanian, Islamic.

    2. The fourth kingdom breaks and crushes all of the preceding empires (Daniel 2:40). Alexander’s Macedonian kingdom stretched from modern day Greece to the Himalayas. When Rome took over, not only did they worship Greek gods, use Greek language, and idolize Greek culture and government, they held an area stretching from Spain to Palestine. Mesopotamia was held by the Parthians for 400 years, and then the Sassanids for another 400 years, until due to constant war between Sassanians and Rome (now Byzantine or Greek Roman Empire), both fell to the Arabs under Mohammed beginning in the 7th century. Islam – not Rome – crushed and ground all of the preceding locations, cultures, languages, and cities to bits under its iron grip, and held it solidly for over 1,200 years! So Rome holding half of the Macedonian Empire for a few months? Or Islam holding all of it and more for over a millennia?

    Islam has far more in common with the Antichrist’s kingdom than Rome does. I’ve counted 39 very specific characteristics and prophecies that match thus far, whereas Rome only meets a handful. Lots of prominent Christians of the past have also supported this (Wesley, Luther, Calvin and Edwards for example). I suspect the notion of Rome solely filling this role really took hold with the Scofield Reference Bible.

    Grace and peace to you!

    • Hi Isaac,

      Very interesting analysis, and I appreciate the thought and effort that went into it.

      Your comment is giving me the idea that I might need to do an in-depth analysis of the ‘Islam vs. Rome’ idea of Daniel’s prophecies. I believe that I have some insight into this that others might not. We’ll have to see if the Lord pushes me in that direction.

      The problem with Islam is that it’s a brute-force and disorganized instrument in the hands of Satan. It is chaotic, brutal and without social cohesion. In that way, it is completely unlike the other empires described by Daniel.

      Furthermore, Islam’s imperial ambitions are limited by geography. It has never been a global power, and is currently at its apex in influence. As the oil in the Middle East begins to run out – and it is – the power and influence of Islam will decline. So, if the world lasts much longer, Islam will be crushed. They just cannot compete.

      However, the power and influence of Roman is completely and truly global. Even China has been put under its power. The mere fact that China conforms itself to a Roman calendar and dating system is quite something, when you realize that China has been the civilization with the least influence from Rome.

      I could go on and on about the influence of Rome on the world, and the destructive power that the inheritors of Rome have had. Suffice it to say that Rome is a far more obvious interpretation than Islam.

      Thank you, Isaac. A truly excellent comment, and I really like such thoughtful work.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • I think Isaac has some excellent points and that Islam really does fit certain prophecies more than has been heretofore credited to it. As a “brute force, disorganized instrument” …… “without social cohesion” …… no cohesion … think what you just said …… iron and clay. From what I have read, Rome wanted political power and having that, seemed to be satisfied and let its subjugated peoples continue practicing their choice of religion and live their daily lives as long as they paid their taxes and didn’t stir up trouble, especially of the rebellious kind. Contrast that with the way Islam absolutely crushes the life out of every area they take over. That video on the real history of Islam and the dark ages was amazing. They crush not only the people but trade, commerce, whatever advances science has made, and they even ruin the environment and cause desertification and famine – all in the name of allah, piss be upon him. I am not talking about secular Muslim leaders like Kadaffi and Assad. I am talking about real Islam. My western naivete has been disabused of many silly notions after vicariously observing what is happening in Europe. I now understand why middle eastern dictators seem so ruthlessly brutal compared to, say, banana republic ones. Considering what the German and Swedish police have been trying to contend with, maintaining control with civilized methods is useless against an uncivilized and probably demon-possessed population. I have also heard, several times and from different sources – i.e. people who’ve been there and know – that in societies that have never been under the Judeo-Christian influence, what we consider a baseline morality that we (whether Christian or not ourselves) grow up in unthinkingly, like fish in water, simply doesn’t exist and being confronted with this is quite a shock to us. Like, a young man who really doesn’t see anything wrong with brutally raping a 10-year-old boy and ruining his life, just because he felt like indulging a moment of perversity. Like the man who threw boiling oil in his wife’s face because “I wanted to show her I am not weak!” Like gangs of young men who sincerely believe it is their “privilege” to assault, brutalize, and gruesomely murder women and children as a form of recreation. I think we should reinstate the use of the breaking wheel for this kind of behavior. And for people like Hillary.

        I have a cousin who lives in Norway, and he has a good heart but is hopelessly and blindly libtard. Whatever it is, it has affected him. I asked him, cautiously, about what problems he is seeing because he goes into a rant if anyone suggests there is a problem with Islam. He said that they are having little friendly-reminder/heads-up classes for new male immigrants, kindly letting them know that in European countries, women have equal rights to men. I didn’t say so, but I was thinking, if you moved to a middle eastern country and they called you in to a class and taught you, in a friendly way, “We have noticed how you treat your wife, and we just wanted to let you know that you are now in a part of the world where things are different. Your way is not acceptable. You must beat your wife, you must rape your children, and your wife must be completely covered at all times when she leaves the house, and then only with your accompaniment. Your wife may not vote, drive, sign a contract, speak to any male non-relative, and if she does we will give her 100 lashes until there is no skin left on her back.” How much, really, is this going to change the fundamental values he’s grown up with all his life? Is he suddenly going to realize how wrong he was, and start beating her?

        The enemy has had thousands of years (at a minimum!) to work on his plan, and the duration of a human life is nothing to him. With sufficiently brutal methods, you can soon slaughter anyone that knows any other way and within a generation, those memories, that knowledge, those ways are gone forever. A dark age has been accomplished.

        Reread the 4th paragraph in your response above. Methinks some of your premises need to be reexamined. You seem to be assuming traditional methods of warfare, economic persuasion, global dominance. I don’t see Islam’s imperial ambitions being limited by geography – on the contrary, I see it spreading everywhere and even invited to do so. They aren’t using the methods or acting on the level you are assuming. Can’t compete? Irrelevant, because they don’t want to compete, they just want to destroy. Can’t compete with advanced scientific knowledge? Doesn’t matter. Burn down the libraries at the universities. Who needs science. Sure, they will use advanced weaponry as long as it exists but when they have brought us all back to the stone age, which is their preferred level of existence, none of that matters anymore. Reminds me of one of the communist-inspired genocides in Asia, I forget which one, but anyone who wore glasses was slaughtered because it was suspected they might be able to read.

        Islam’s acquisition of power reminds me of the sociopath’s rise to power. They are uncannily successful because they don’t play by the rules, in a world where their nonsociopathic competitors try to. By the time they figure out what’s going on, the sociopath is way beyond their reach, and they have been destroyed. Look how long it is taking Europe to figure out what is happening. Nobody had to drop a bomb on them, or apply sanctions against them, or take over their political system. They’ve been looking in all the wrong places for the source of the danger. They have no way of fighting this, now. There’s too much of it, and it proliferates. It’s like a horrible virus, like Ebola, that knows how to subvert the immune system leaving its victims with no defense. There is no defense, but for the outraged men of Europe to roam the streets themselves with baseball bats, and I hope they use them. And when they do, I see no reason for the taxpayers of Europe to pay for their treatment in the emergency rooms they have so disrespected, nor for the doctors and nurses they have disrespected to agree to treat them. And for those Christians horrified at this idea, let me remind them that God invented the idea that what one sows, one reaps; and when Jesus was here in the flesh He said something to the effect of – and this is a very rough paraphrase – behave yourselves lest they turn you over to the torturers. And that was in this world – what they will get in the next is far worse than a baseball bat. I am reminded of Ann Barnhardt’s position that it is not loving at all to coddle and enable a vile person into hell. That a suitable capital punishment should be imposed, after giving them one more explanation of the Gospel and chance to repent before death.

        • Hi DRG,

          Whew! That was an awesome rant. I am still convinced that you should offer your views in your own website.

          My point about Daniel’s image is towards the symbolism within the dream itself. Each Empire was represented by a metal. Gold, Silver, Bronze and then Iron. Those were the first four empires.

          The question is about the fifth, but we are still bound by the ‘rules’ of the symbolism set up by the dream. Of course, I am engaging in a form of supposition here, so no one should accept my points as doctrine. But, if iron represents the Roman Empire, then the iron inside of the fifth ’empire’ should cause us to look for that ‘Romanism’ in history. Otherwise, that ‘iron’ in the fifth empire would have been replaced with a different metal like… oh …platinum, or tin… or something else. But, it is iron, mixed with clay.

          In fact, we see that ‘iron’ throughout the era of the Renaissance, in Russia, Germany, France, Italy and the United States.

          Conversely, I have not been able to detect that ‘iron’ in the Muslim empires that rose up in the fifth century, and onward. Furthermore, there are uniquely identifiable characteristics that were common for all four of the first empires of Daniel’s vision:

          The Rule of Law

          Some form of Multiculteralism

          That second point is a bit weak, until you look at the example of China, which imposed a mono-culture upon East Asia. But, the main point is the ‘Rule of Law’.

          Even though Islam acknowledges a kind of ‘Rule by Quran’, it really does not truly believe in a rule of law. Islam really is a very tribalist, barbaric form of rule – if rule is even an operative word.

          Furthermore, my point about Islam only being a ‘regional power’ is born out by the strong divisions within Islam and Islam’s inability to project power beyond its area of influence. Once the rest of the world wakes up to the menace of Islam, there will be a severe pushback.

          Nothing excites the mind like the threat of death.

          Ultimately, the next two or maybe three years will determine who will be the victor in this West versus Islam conflict. China has already won their conflict with Islam (the Uighurs), and I’m afraid that the rest of the world will be required to follow suit.

          Excellent points, DRG. Your comments are always excellent. Seriously, when you start your website, lots of us will be readers.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  5. Greetings John,

    Thank you again for an excellent article.

    Got a couple questions:

    Who are “they” is the verses you quoted from Daniel 2 in the first part of your article? Who is not mingling themselves with the seed of men?

    Another question that has been rattling around in my head is about Revelation 13:18.

    “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

    Count the number of the beast?

    What popped into my head was what I have been teaching my girls concerning math and solving problems when breaking down the numbers: 6 hundreds, 6 tens, and 6 ones. I’ve noticed the modern translations don’t write/count out the number as the King James does, as well as the Interlinear and even the New American Standard (after having my eyes opened and a lot of research and praying, I am a King James girl and sometimes use the Interlinear as a control when comparing verses from different translations).

    Thank you and the LORD bless you and keep you.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      You have touched on some very interesting thoughts, and I have been pondering them, myself, for a very long time. So, let me say that my own ideas are speculation and should not be considered more than that.

      My own idea – currently – is that the image in Daniel 2 deals more with a ‘political system’, than with individuals. Babylon was a political system governed by law. So was the Medo-Persian, Greek and Roman systems. However, there certainly were iconic figures that symbolized those systems. But, what gave power to each empire was the system itself.

      So, when we come to the fifth and last ‘system’, we see Rome stamped all over it – i.e., the Iron – it is also constructed with far more common elements – clay. And, that iron is mixed with the common clay.

      For me, that symbolizes democracy married to republicanism. Republicanism was the idea behind Rome, where senators represented the citizenry in the creation of a system of laws that actually governed the citizenry. However, Rome only considered a minority of the people to be citizenry. Over the last centuries, we have added the democratic idea that ALL are citizens, and therefore should share in the representative process.

      It’s that democratic idea that describes – to me – the mixing of Iron and Clay, and that our leadership is derived from the common people, instead of a landed aristocracy, in the way that Rome did things.

      As for the number of the Beast, that is a far thornier problem. Ultimately, I believe that we will understand it better as we approach the time of the coming of the Antichrist. I will certainly continue to think about that number and what it means and how it will be expressed to us, but something else occupies my thoughts.

      Please remember that there will be a tremendous cataclysm that will occur between now and the coming of the Antichrist. That cataclysm is described in my book, Ezekiel’s Fire. When the dust settles from THAT, we’ll see more clearly.

      My great hope is that you and your precious girls survive this cataclysm, so that we can look at this issue more clearly.

      Keep up the good work, Jennifer. Excellent comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. Hi John,
    I wait impatiently every week to read your Friday news on your site. It is my Friday pleasure. You have great insight and have taught me much. That is why I hate so much to bring this up. I read your site on my iPad. I am 53 and wear glasses but it is still difficult to see some things. The iPad is great because you can tap on any webpage and it will expand to fill the screen with just the text in a bigger font. Your website will not expand either by double tap or by pinching out. That combined with the type being gray instead of black, it give me quite the headache to read your stuff. Would you consider making a change?
    Thanks for anything that you can do!

    • Hi Kimberly,

      Thank you so much for that. I really appreciate your comments.

      There is a real need to change the design and layout of Omega Shock, and your voice adds more weight to my desire to do that. It has been almost six years since the launch of Omega Shock and the design hasn’t changed in all of that time. I think that it’s time to make a big change.

      Unfortunately, I’m pretty stuck in my ways, so making the change will require a bit of extra effort. So, thank you for helping me get ‘unstuck’.

      The current list of changes needed are: PDFs, black on white text, more mobile friendliness, new subscription engine, comments notifications, SSL, and a couple other things that I can’t remember.

      Anyway, it’s quite a ‘laundry list’, and I’m dedicated to making it happen.

      Thank you, Kimberly. Your voice is important, and I am treating all of this very seriously.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Hey John thank you. It might be easier than you think if you use a template for your website design or blogspot design. The hardest part is going to be transferring all of your past work over to the new site. Not meaning to put in a plug for my business, but I do web hosting and used to do web design. My business hosting offers many business templates that you could use to design your site, and it automatically convertS your site to be mobile friendly. There is also an email marketing feature that allows you to manage your mailing list and news letter production. I would help you in anyway you need, just let me know my personal time is free to you, you only have to pay for the hosting. Feel free to keep this post personal as it is not my intention to plug my business on your website. You can reach my personal email at Here is the link to my storefront .

        • Hi Kimberly,

          Thank you for that, and thank you especially for providing us with a link to your business. I believe in doing business with brothers and sisters in Christ, so I always consider it a blessing to know of ANY Christian business.

          The issue isn’t so much a technical one, but mental. I’ve done my own web design for a bit more than twenty years, and have designed and built about twenty or thirty sites, or forty. (I don’t keep track.) I try to think through the future of each site before implementing a design, and the graphics work is at least half of the job. Oh, and I always use templates, since my sites are all database driven.

          And… um …I’m a bit OCD about all of that.

          So, like I said. Mental.

          I just now had a look at your storefront:

          Awesome. I will certainly try to keep your service in mind – especially for those who come to me, looking for web services.

          Thank you for all of that, Kimberly!

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

      • Hey Brother!
        I have another suggestion for your site that I think would be important to consider. A great deal (if not the majority) of web surfing and e-book reading is done on devices other than a P,C. (tablets, smartphones, etc,). I know you said you need to address being mobile friendly with the site (I use a responsive template for mine, it does amazing things automatically), but have you considered offering your book(s) in a mobile friendly format.

        I had to convert Exekiel’s Fire to the E-pub format to read it as I cannot read white screen/black text due to eye problems. An E-reader offers so many options like changing font size and background color; it is becoming the rule and not the exception, The PDF format is ok for people reading on a larger screen but with the small screen devices that have become so popular you have to scroll back and forth to read a PDF and most will not hang in there because of the hassle. I think it safe to say (generally) the only ones reading the PDF version of your book are using a P.C. I think the addition of an E-Pub as well as a Kindle / AZW3 (the two most popular) version of your fine book would increase the readership without question, and I know this is your desire for the project.
        I use a freeware conversion program called Calibre available here:

        It’s an amazing tool that will convert any format to whatever you want. and also has a great e-reader which will read any format.
        Hope things all well over there for you guys.

  7. John, you answered my point about Ezekiel 7:19, in the past:

    “‘They will throw their silver into the streets,
    and their gold will be treated as a thing unclean.
    Their silver and gold will not be able to deliver them
    in the day of the Lord’s wrath.
    It will not satisfy their hunger
    or fill their stomachs,
    for it has caused them to stumble into sin.

    On some alternative sites, Gold and Silver are considered bartering items during the collapse.
    With food and water and some self defense that would be more valuable then gold or sliver.
    On the other hand, if you have food and water and no gold, you perhaps could barter for it.

    Gold and silver are nice to have, but you can’t eat it or drink it.

    The day of The Lord’s wrath comes after the world accepts the anti-christ as God and worships him as such. But believers will not be subject to God’s wrath because he is going to remove them/protect them. Mid-trib rapture?

    What do you think?

    Be blessed

    • Hi Scooter,

      [I have made edits to combine your comments, and I am glad that you raised the issue. So, thank you for doing that!]

      Here is the link to the verse that you are referring to (Ezekiel 7:19)…

      Unfortunately, a lot of ignorant commentators have written books portraying Ezekiel 7 as a chapter speaking about the Last Days.

      IT IS NOT!!!

      When did Ezekiel live and write?

      Before/during/after the destruction of Jerusalem. And, this chapter – as with chapter 6 – is BEFORE THE DESTRUCTION OF JERUSALEM.


      Sorry to shout like that. The foolish idiots that wrote that commentary are at fault.

      Now, will there come a time when gold and silver are worthless?


      I’m not a ‘gold bug’. I am only interested in the shiny metal for as long as it appears to have use. I foresee a time when I will sell all of that for something better, whatever that is.

      Certainly, a secure location, food and water are far more important. I ALWAYS say that God, location, food and water must ALWAYS be bought first – and not just for yourself. (Yes, I know. You can’t ‘buy’ God. I’m not saying that.)

      So, if you’ve done everything that you can, get gold and silver with the rest of your money – unless you have a better idea. (I’m always ALWAYS open to better ideas.)

      The Antichrist will not arrive on the scene for probably another ten years. Ezekiel’s Fire comes first.

      Keep up the good work, Scooter. God bless you, brother!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. Brother John,
    Greetings and God bless!
    I have a New Age acquaintance who advised me that the ides of March is the day of schemes and preparations which result in war in April.
    Before I left Facebook, I remember my old band director from high school posting in frustration “it’s hard to know who and what to believe anymore”
    That is the point. The Father of all lies, the author of all confusion is in charge.
    I personally don’t believe in the validity of voting anymore since the e-voting was put in. There are precincts where over 100% of the registered voters voted. In another, a candidate gets 100% of the vote- impossible. Human nature being what it is, Adolf Hitler would get 2% of the vote in a Jewish neighborhood. And no way to verify, no paper trail.
    And yet we have Trump. Is the vote real? Is it all theater? Does he really work for the Elite?
    It is going to be interesting to see what happens today Brother John, you are absolutely correct.
    Thank you for adding your strength and confirmation to my comment last week. Let me know if I can ever be of assistance to you in any way.

    Ecclesiastes 10:4- If the spirit of the ruler rise up against thee, leave not thy place; for yielding pacifieth great offences.

    Your brother in Christ,


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