As Our World Collapses…

Finally, reality verifies my predictions. I started OmegaShock in 2011, and I’ve been writing about what we are seeing for more than four years.

It gives me no pleasure to say, “I told you so.”

The question that I am most concerned about is you. In fact, all of my articles were about you, and my hope is that you paid enough attention to them to prepare.

Yes, my timing was off.

I’m not a prophet, so timing was always going to be a problem. In fact, I’m sure that we’ll look back some day and point out where I was wrong. But… right now …disaster is at your door.

Are you ready?


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As Our World Collapses…

Look around you.

What do you see?

Chances are, everything seems fine. Your neighbors seem fine. The Sun rises and sets every day. Your kids are off at school, and you are at work.

But, is everything really as ‘fine’ as it seems to be?

When you ask your neighbor about how he or she is doing, you’ll hear that everything is wonderful. You might even hear a ‘praise God’ in there. My hope is that they ARE fine, but there are too many of your neighbors who aren’t fine – and are lying to you about what is going on.

Numbers Are Important

As a ‘finance guy’, I understand the significance of certain numbers. I understand that some numbers are more important than others. I know WHEN a number is important, and when it isn’t.

I don’t always get the importance of numbers right. Economies and their financial systems are complex, with many moving parts. But, there are some things that do not change.

Words are also important, not just numbers.

Inputs Matter

Take this word, for example:


If you want Outputs (e.g., products), you must have inputs. And, it is the sum total of our products that makes up an economy. And we all know that a bad economy means that our lives can be quickly ruined.

So, we need inputs.

What kind?

Iron, coal, natural gas, fertilizer, oil, copper, grain, etc.

Those are the most physical of inputs, so we’ll talk about those. When the price of those inputs goes up, it generally means that factories are producing and wages are being paid. It means that people have money to spend – on what they need and what they want. They are under less stress. They are happier – at least, generally.

It means that your economy is growing. And, a growing economy is good, right?

When The Price Of Inputs Goes Down

But, what if the price of those inputs goes down?

It can mean a lot of things, but generally it means that factories do not need those inputs. It means that people are not buying what factories are producing. It means that wages are not being paid.

It means that your economy is falling and failing.

It also means that your people are suffering more stress. They’re having to cut back on what they used to believe were important parts of their lives. Their kids can’t go to that private school. They can’t eat out as much. They can’t go on vacations.

That’s a moderate level of stress.

What if you can’t pay your mortgage?

What if you can’t afford rent?

What if you can’t even afford to buy food?

When you look in the research section of this article, you’ll find that one in seven people cannot afford to buy food, and must rely upon what we used to call ‘food stamps’.

My family suffered through the terrible recessions of the seventies, and we qualified for ‘food stamps’ at one point. But, we refused to do that, and by the grace of God, we made it through.

Today is a different matter, and I am deeply concerned about those young families that are living paycheck-to-paycheck – like we did four decades ago. This time, the situation is worse. Much worse.


For one thing, it’s those inputs that I talked about above. Those inputs have fallen in price, and the demand is so low that there are too many ships to transport the few inputs that factories want.

We just do not have enough demand for the ships that we have.

The Baltic Dry Index

I’ve been watching the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) for months, and I am horrified by what I see. In fact, I just looked at it:

It’s at an eye-popping low of 298!!!!!

The BDI essentially tracks the demand for dry-bulk freighters. And, these dry-bulk freighters are what carry all these ever-so-important ‘inputs’ that I mentioned. This is an ‘OUCH’ of colossal proportions.

It means that factories are not producing, and there’s only one reason for that:

No one is buying.

People are people. We like buying things. We like new stuff, to replace the old stuff. We like to eat good food. We like to live in houses that stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We like cars that we can depend on. We like traveling to work.

We like being paid enough for our work so that we can buy what we need and what we want.

The Economy Has Collapsed

If the Baltic Dry Index is THIS LOW, it can only mean that factories are not producing and people are not being paid. It can only mean economic collapse. And, when an economy collapses this badly…

…Financial collapse is not far behind.

Ezekiel’s Fire And The Antichrist Are Coming

Governments will try to keep the financial system alive, but they will not be any more successful than Weimar Germany was during the Great Depression. You will notice what happened when the attempts by the Weimar Republik to survive, failed:

World War II

Right now, we are already fighting World War III, in Ukraine and Syria. There are more flashpoints for war in the South China Sea, Libya, the Persian Gulf, and too many more areas, too numerous to mention.

The collapse of the Weimar Republik, brought us Adolf Hitler.

I believe that the current collapse will bring us Ezekiel’s Fire and then the Antichrist.

Will you be ready when this arrives at your door?



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Here is the research for this week. It’s a bit more than last week, now that some of the air has cleared.

These were my main sources for this week:


These are the articles that you should pay a lot of attention to. They often straddle categories, or they exist in a category all their own.

Whatever the case, the articles here have individual significance.

Transcript – What is a Watchman? Part 1 | Watchmans Cry

This is from Nathan Leal and an excellent discussion of what it means to be a ‘Watchman’.

My perspective is somewhat different than Nathan’s. I believe that you are ‘called’ to be a watchman (or watchwoman) when you see danger to the Body of Christ.

If you see a danger to the Body of Christ, look around to see if there are others who are doing an adequate job of warning your brothers and sisters in Christ. If more work needs to be done, and no one is around to do it… well …guess who has the job?

I believe that a recognition of a need is a big part of what it means to be ‘called’ to be a watchman. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the right mix of knowledge and skill to do the job.

Also, Nathan makes an important point about God’s communication with you. If God shows you that you have a job to do, you must do it – or, at least start on the path of doing that job. If you ignore this calling of God, you will suffer for it – and rightly so.

Each of us will have our own view of what it means to fulfill Ezekiel 33. But, whether you feel that you conform to that definition, isn’t as important. What’s most important is that you do your very best to serve God.

I do not call myself a watchman. Others have, and I appreciate it. It is quite a compliment that I cherish. But, I’m still not completely sure that I qualify for such a status.

The only thing that I feel any confidence in saying about this, is that I do qualify for the description:

Trying To Serve God

I’m trying. My success has been a bit ‘here-and-there’. I’ve been pretty lousy in the past, but I’m improving.

My hope is that you will also take up the challenge of ‘Trying To Serve God’. He sent His ONLY SON to die for you, and you didn’t deserve it. The least that you can do is serve His children.

You can find Part II of Nathan Leal’s discussion on what it means to be a Watchman, here:

War On Cash Escalates: China Readies Digital Currency, IMF Says “Extremely Beneficial”

This is more data pointing towards electronic currency and electronic totalitarianism.

My own thoughts are that it will take a complete financial collapse to bring in something like a true electronic currency. It will be billed as the salvation of our economy, but it will be a true prison for everyone but the Elites.

We will see what happens, but an electronic currency is very, very bad news.

Legal Reform – Learning From the Mistakes of the Past | Armstrong Economics

Read this carefully, and you will find an ominous warning of Revolution.

America and Europe are following the same path that led to death and devastation for their own people.

Civil War and Revolution are coming.

My hope is that you will stay out of this.

The coming revolutions cannot be won, for God has told us that the Antichrist will rise and take power.

Therefore there can be no hope of winning. Or, if there IS hope of winning, then it means that you are on the wrong side.

Either way, stay out of this conflict. The coming wars are for the wolves among us, not the sheep.

‘Eyewash’: How the CIA deceives its own workforce about operations – The Washington Post

This is important. I have friends that I suspect are members of the CIA. They are required to lie about who they work for, so I do not ask them.

However, I have known for a long time that the CIA lies to their own people about what they are doing. I didn’t know the name for that lying, but now I do. What an appropriate name:


To any of my friends who might be working for the CIA:

You are being lied to.

Think about quitting.

Carolyn Hamlett – The Third Eye & A New Age Lie – YouTube

Apparently, AMinuteToMidnite – broadcasting out of New Zealand – picked up on the controversy over Ted Broer’s comments, and they had a discussion over the infection of New Age religion into Christianity, and that this was the plan of the Illuminati. I have a TREMENDOUS amount of respect for Carolyn Hamlett and her willingness to come forward with what she know about the plans of Satan in these Last Days.

A big thank you to ‘Angel’ for leaving a comment that pointed me to this video. It really is a ‘Must Listen’.

Raymond Ibrahim: U.S. Military Denies ISIS Targets Christians


How DARE the US military do this. HOW DARE THEY!

Colonel Steve Warren should be placed before a Courts Martial. That goes for his commanding officer. And, it should move up the line until the very last commanding officer is put on trial.

No wonder morale in the US military is so low.

Americans Really, Really Hate The Government

This is a recipe for civil war and revolution.


As citizens of a greater Kingdom, we are not to bloody our hands in political violence. Unfortunately, that political violence is coming, because our government is run by wolves.

Student punished for refusing to recite Islamic profession of faith

This is utterly sick and twisted. How dare they do this.

This doesn’t happen in places like Israel and Taiwan, but it happens in American schools.


“American Ultra”: Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool – The Vigilant Citizen – Understand the Occult Symbolism in Pop Culture


I am horrified by this. They are actually bringing MKULTRA out into the open, and trying to make it cool.

This is verifying all the horrors that I’ve read about. How utterly sickening.

Scientists Want NOAA To Stop Hiding Global Warming Data | The Daily Caller

Just in case you DIDN’T know that they were lying to you, here’s more evidence.

Global Warming is a lie.

But, you knew that already.

Feds Tell Texas Ranchers The Government Owns Their Land Despite Owners Having Deeds, Paying Property Taxes On The Land

Eventually, I suspect that my doctor will tell me to stop reading this stuff. It’s not good for my blood pressure.

Right now, my blood pressure is okay, but I bet that it went up while I was reading this. Maybe I should by a ‘blood pressure monitor’ and see how high it gets while reading about the FILTHY, DISGUSTING, LIARS THAT ARE STEALING THE LIVES OF AMERICANS.

I hafta keep telling myself that vengeance is His (Romans 12:19). God certainly has a bigger hammer than I do, so I know that these fiends from Hell will suffer greatly. But, I am so sorry for the suffering of the innocent.

Pope Francis Said to Bless Human-Animal Chimeras

Great. The Vatican approves of Chimeras.

This is obscene.

Eyewitness Shawna Cox Exclusive Interview On the Murder of Finicum-CSS Special Report

Unfortunately, we are left having to believe this eye-witness account.

This was murder, plain and simple. They did it on purpose.

During the time in which Paul was writing Romans, The Roman Empire was doing the same thing.

The Biggest Treasonous Plot In the History of the USA

Actually, you wonder what plot Hillary ISN’T in!

That woman is a crime wave, all by herself. She’s really a piece of work.

But, there’s irony in the story, as well. The idea that America would be destroyed by the fruit of her own corruption is a poetic irony.

ZOMBIES « The Burning Platform

This is a quote from Neil Postman:

“What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one. Orwell feared those who would deprive us of information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egotism. Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture, preoccupied with some equivalent of the feelies, the orgy porgy, and the centrifugal bumblepuppy. As Huxley remarked in Brave New World Revisited, the civil libertarians and rationalists who are ever on the alert to oppose tyranny “failed to take into account man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions.” In 1984, Orwell added, people are controlled by inflicting pain. In Brave New World, they are controlled by inflicting pleasure. In short, Orwell feared that what we fear will ruin us. Huxley feared that our desire will ruin us.”

It looks like Huxley won that one.

Pentagon Will Spend $3.4 Billion Next Year To Keep You Safe From “Aggressive” Russians

Actually, you don’t need to read the article. All you need to read are the last line of it, here:

So there you have it. Ash Carter is all set to make you safer in 2017 by spending nearly $600 billion of your taxpayer dollars on, i) exacerbating what amounts to a new Cold War in the Balkans, ii) buying smart bombs to drop on Sunni extremists that the CIA probably armed with more of your tax dollars, iii) making sure Kim Jong-Un can’t sabatoge any more Seth Rogen movies.

You’re in good hands America…

Actually, I could do without the Seth Rogen movies. Really.

Explaining The “Rise Of The American Protest Vote”: It’s The “Popular Discontent,” Stupid

This is what Martin Armstrong meant about his turning point. He said that it would mainly be about a crisis in confidence in government.

I believe that he was right. Is right.

The problem is that Martin might not understand how the Elites are managing this.

Ryan asks conservatives: Don’t revolt in 2016


He wants us to stick with him, after betraying the entire country?

Treasonous Paul Ryan wants us to trust him, one more time?


I would rather have BERNIE SANDERS as President than put my faith in such treasonous filth. With Bernie in power, the whole rotten, stinking pile of garbage will come tumbling down, and we can start over.

Lying filth like Paul Ryan will keep the corruption going.

The Democrat Sharia Bill: Criminalizing Criticism of Islam | Pamela Geller

Here’s a quote:

So let’s see. Drawing Muhammad – that’s right out. And of course, Christmas celebrations, officially banned this year in three Muslim countries and frowned upon (at best) in many others, will have to go as well. Alcohol and pork? Not in public, at least. Conversion from Islam to Christianity? No more of that. Building churches? Come on, you’ve got to be more multicultural!

I suspect that breathing will be banned as well – if you aren’t Muslim. In fact, I think that there are quite a few Muslims that would like to have my right to breathe, severely limited. As in, permanently.

Expert: North Korea prepping EMP attack on U.S.

I think that the threat of an EMP attack is extremely credible. In fact, I’m pretty certain that Revelation speaks this when referring to the ‘deadly wound’.

America has become a ‘rabid dog’ on the world stage, and someone is going to need to neutralize America. If I was Putin, I’d get North Korea to do it.

How Corruption Cripples America’s Military Washington’s Blog

America will not fall because of the enemies without.

No, America will fall because of the enemies within.

Here’s a quote:

America’s military budget is roughly 7.2 times that of Russia ($610 billion compared to $84.5 billion), but even Western news-accounts are saying that the weaponry produced in Russia is superior overall to the weaponry produced in the United States.

How fascinating.

How appropriate.

How disgusting.

Rebel Planet Dispatch: Peaceful North Korea’s Peaceful ICBM Program

Marcel does an EXCELLENT job handing out no-holds-barred truth.

In fact – should this site go down – Rebel Planet Dispatch is ready to take over where Omega Shock leaves off. I’m not planning to go dark, any time soon. BUT, it is good to know that there are others ready to step in.

And, I agree with Marcel that this satellite launch is something that we ALL should want to avoid. There is no reason for North Korea to have a satellite like this. No reason at all.

The only possible reason for this launch – in my limited mind – is an EMP attack.

This EMP attack might not happen immediately. It might not happen at all, at least from this satellite. But, I am deeply concerned about this.

The Occult Meaning of Rihanna’s “ANTIdiaRY” Videos

I would LOVE to believe that the symbols and symbology pointed out here is just some kind of ‘over-the-top’ hysteria. But, I can’t say that. The meaning is too clear.

The saying ‘there is no smoke with out a fire’ is operative here. I see LOTS of smoke. It smells of sulfur, and I sense a REALLY BIG FIRE.

Wayne Madsen: Marco Rubio Gay Homosexual Duplicity Update — with Photos


Look, you are NOT going to be given a real choice in this election. It’s all rigged. Just look at Rubio’s persona.

It’s ALL FAKE. All of it.

Madness: Olympics to allow pre-op male-to-female ‘transgenders’ to compete as women

Behold, madness upon madness.

Television, Football and Politics: Gaming Spectacles Designed to Keep the Police State in Power

When I was a kid, Mom threw out the television. Probably literally.

And, I thank God that she did, and this article verifies the wisdom of that choice that she made for us, all those decades ago:

In this way, television is a “dream come true” for an authoritarian society.

Television isolates people so they are not joining together to govern themselves. As clinical psychologist Bruce Levine notes, viewing television puts one in a brain state that makes it difficult to think critically, and it quiets and subdues a population. And spending one’s free time isolated and watching TV interferes with our ability to translate our outrage over governmental injustice into activism, and thus makes it easier to accept an authority’s version of society and life.

If you love your kids, thow out your TV.

If you love God, thow out your TV.



These are the articles that point to a dark future for the economy, and the life-blood of that economy, which helps keep it alive – the financial system.

Caterpillar closing 5 plants, cutting 670 jobs

Another BIG SIGN that the economy has already begun to collapse. In fact, my suspicion is that the collapse began a few months ago. We’ll see.

The Final Blueprint for the Enslavement of the American People

Unfortunately, history shows us that this article is NOT hyperbole. There was REAL starvation during the Great Depression, something that historians have refused to write about, but anecdotal evidence and an analysis of census data shows us the truth.

This time, it will be worse. Much worse.

The collapse of the financial system will bring violence and death. The only question is, “How Much?”

Mining Industry in Collapse | Armstrong Economics

Nothing says economic collapse, like the failure of the mining industry. Raw materials are needed by a healthy economy to produce what that economy desperately needs.

A decline in raw material production, means that buyers of those raw materials do not need them. The only reason why they would not be needed, can only be due to the fact that no one is buying the manufactured products that raw materials are needed to produce. For instance:

Iron ore is needed to produce Iron. Iron is needed to produce steel. Steel is needed to produce trucks. Trucks are needed to transport products.

But, when the economy falls apart:

If no one is selling products, we don’t need trucks. If we don’t need trucks, we don’t need steel. If we don’t need steel, we don’t need iron. If we don’t need iron, we don’t need mines.

So, when you see that the mining companies are failing, it is a sign that we are already deep into an economic collapse. The mines will always be the last to feel the pinch.

The collapse is here.

I hope that you are ready.

Baltic index slips to fresh low as demand concerns persist | Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide

This is horrific.

I’m wondering.

If we took a snapshot of how many ships are out on the oceons and seas… …would we be shocked?

I think that the answer is YES.

Report: Store Inventory Levels Reduced Nationwide: “Stock Up Now While You Can!”

When looking at evidence like this, it is hard to know intentions.

But, it should be clear to all of you that bad news is coming fast.

I would advise you to think about getting extra food with a long sell-by date. And, not just for yourself. If you are thinking of just yourself, then I would wonder if you really are a Christian.

Retail Apocalypse: 2016 Brings Empty Shelves And Store Closings All Across America

This goes along with the article above. Not good.

Critical Retail Apocalypse Update: Empty Shelves, Store Closings The “New Normal” As Fed Talks Negative Interest Rates

Banks are now extremely low in cash, that should be really concerning. To everyone. I would be curious to know how widespread this is. Has anyone gone to the bank and gotten a few hundred dollars in cash, yet?

Is It Time To Panic About Deutsche Bank?

There’s a graph in this one that made me cringe inside. It goes something like this:

German GDP: 2.74 Trillion Euro

Eurozone GDP: 9.6 Trillion Euro

Deutsche Bank Total Derivative Exposure: 54.7 Trillion Euro

Um… um… THAT… THAT IS BAD!!!!!

Toxic Loans Around the World Weigh on Global Growth

Those that understand economic and financial history can read between the lines of this article and see complete devastation.

The optimistic bias of this writer cannot hide the incredible tragedy that is about to unfold. We have flooded the world with foolish debt and bad investments, and it will all come crashing down. And, the fools that write financial articles know NOTHING about what is about to happen.

We are about to find out that Greed is NOT Good.

US Factory Orders Slide For 14 Consecutive Months As Inventory Ratio Soars To Recession Cycle Highs

Eventually, people will wake up and realize that all of these economic indicators are actually REAL, and that they actually MEAN SOMETHING.

I’m just looking at all of the horrifying economic information, and it is hard to believe that there is any way out for the economy.

“It’s Probably Nothing”: January Truck Orders Collapse 48%

The collapse in truck orders hasn’t been this bad, since… oh …The Great Recession.

Think about it.

The Great Recession…

…but, this time…


ALERT: Global Crash Accelerates As Governments Increase Theft From Citizens

This is ALL about the economy.

The price of oil is low because people can’t pay for it at higher prices. The price of oil and the amount of oil in storage should tell you that we are in real trouble.

Kyle Bass Asks If China Is Fine, Why Are They So Worried About “Some Hedge Fund Manager In Texas”

Kyle Bass isn’t always right, but I would NEVER go up against him. His track record is WAY too good. And, there are too many fundamental reasons for why China’s currency is going to fail. Far too many.

What Happens Next?

There’s a graph in this article that answers that question in an unmistakeable way.

Welcome to the Recovery – 1 Out of 7 Americans (45.5 Million) Remain on Food Stamps

That title is yet another piece of data that should be screaming to you about the need to prepare for economic and financial collapse.

The collapse isn’t Coming.

It’s already HERE.

Investors Heading for Slaughter One More Time-David Stockman

Here’s a quote from the writeup for this interview:

Stockman warns the next crash will be bigger than any other in history. Stockman, the best-selling author of “The Great Deformation,” says, “I think we have been building a bubble year by year since the early 1990’s. The earlier crashes that we are so familiar with, Dot Com and the Housing Crash, were only interim corrections that were not allowed to work their way clear. The rot was not effectively purged from the system because central banks jumped back in within months of the corrections and doubled down in terms of the stimulus and liquidity that they pumped into the market.”

I don’t know about you, but when someone like Stockman says “the next crash will be bigger than any other in history”… well …I would prepare accordingly.


There is a compelling reason to BUY Gold and Silver – AFTER you have bought everything else that you need.

Then, there will be a compelling reason to SELL Gold and Silver.

I have already done my buying – years ago. I will certainly tell you when I will be selling, but my conditions are different than yours. I live in a more just and honorable society than America or Europe.

IT BEGINS… Primary Silver Mining Company To Cut Production 25% In 2016 : SRSrocco Report

THIS is interesting. It means that the production of silver will decline until the price goes up.

There’s always a lag as producers take time to understand the markets. Once they realize that they’re going to lose too much money, and that they cannot gamble that the price will go back up… they reduce production.

This will mean that the price of silver will start going up. And, only once it is clear that the price will stay well above their production costs… only THEN will they begin producing again.

I’m not sure how much time that you have left to stock up on silver. Eventually, the price will go up, and you will lose that chance.

The Great Credit Unwind!

Bill Holter is focusing on Gold here as the correct response to what is happening, and I’m afraid that I agree with him that we are going to be seeing a default of some kind, in the future. How near, is hard to say, but with China buying ALL of the world’s production of gold – and has been doing so for years – it is hard for me to believe that a ‘default’ won’t happen soon.

Of course, I’m not betting on a default. I made my preparations a few years ago. I you haven’t made your preparations, I’m not sure if you have enough time left to get ready.


These are the articles that point to what you should do to avoid the violence, destruction and death that is coming.

My hope is that you will treat these articles with the seriousness that they deserve.

I really, REALLY hope that you’ll be ready for this.

A Forecast For 2016 and Beyond: Will America’s Cascading Collapse Finally Unfold?

James Wesley Rawles is one of my favorite writers, and his website – – is an extremely important website for ANYONE preparing for what is coming.

Here’s a quote from this article:

In the event that The Fed fails to re-inflate their bubble and prop up the system a little while longer, we will probably experience some or all of the following:

– Another Global Credit Crisis

– Bank and Oil Sector Bailouts

– Further Deep Stock Market Indices Declines

– Housing Market Collapse

– Bank Runs and Bank Holidays

– A Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP)

– A Derivatives Implosion

– Digital Dollar Replacement (with recall of all circulating paper currency and coinage)

– Bank Bail-Ins on the Holdings of Individual Depositors

– Deflation, then Transitioning to Mass Inflation

– World War 3

Please pay attention to this article, and to this website.

Percentage of pregnancies aborted by country (listed by percentage)

As you consider your options for relocation, think about the rate of abortion.

My hope is that those countries with a lower rate of abortion will suffer less wrath from God.

I believe that our cup of iniquity is full. I would not want to flee to a country whose abortion rate is worse than America’s.

10 Diseases That Will Become Far More Common After The Collapse – All Self-SustainedAll Self-Sustained

If you are preparing for a grid-down situation, you need to be ready for these ten diseases:




4. Hantavirus

5. Bubonic Plague

6. Leptospirosis

7. Chagas Disease

8. Food Poisoning

9. Heart Attacks/Strokes

10. Emerging Diseases

When The Power Grid Goes Offline Half Of The Population Will Perish:Patrea Patrick & G. Ed Griffin – YouTube

I’m afraid that this is inevitable. In fact, I outline this in my book, Ezekiel’s Fire, that you can find here:

And, you can download the PDF, here:

Astronomers have seen many, many ‘superflares’ produced by stars like our own Sun, so we KNOW that Ezekiel’s Fire is very real from a scientific standpoint. But, when the Bible says that it will happen… well …you need to take it seriously.

Here’s a quote from the writeup of the documentary:

We are talking about the probability ‒ astronomers call it the inevitability ‒ of the Earth being slammed by a mega solar flare. This is not the kind we read about in our newspapers every few months that merely interrupts communications and creates light shows in the Northern skies. We are talking about their big brothers that are hundreds and even thousands of times more powerful. These monsters deliver enough electromagnetic energy to completely blow apart the master transformers at generating plants that supply the planet’s energy grids. If that happens, the lights go out and stay out for longer than anyone wants to even think about.

Imagine the chaos that would ensue ‒ no light, no water from pipes, no appliances, communications, gas pumps, transportation, food in grocery stores, fire-fighting, banking services, medical services, police protection ‒ you get the idea. It has been estimated that eighty to ninety percent of the population, especially in cities and towns, would perish.

Fortunately, these high-end X-Class solar storms don’t hit the Earth very often, only about every 150 years, on average. But unfortunately, the last one arrived 156 years ago, which means that, statistically, we are overdue.

My sincere hope is that you will be ready for this, WHEN IT HAPPENS!


We need a bit of a laugh, every once in a while.

Especially, when so much of this ‘while’ is dark and dreery.

Dear Abby | Armstrong Economics

I am NOT used to Martin Armstrong having a sense of humor. I know that he does, but he normally doesn’t show it.

When I read this to my wife, she howled. She laughs better than I do.

I just chuckled.

How We Know the Earth is Round / Flat Earthers DEBUNKED: Exploring Science, Ep. II | Cut2TheTruth

I’m putting this here because the embedded video was humorous.

And, I get a chuckle out of the impenetrable psychology of ‘Flat Earthers’. For instance, Evolutionists are ‘Flat Earthers’. Pretribbers are ‘Flat Earthers’. Global Warming freaks are ‘Flat Earthers’. Liberals are ‘Flat Earthers’.

There is LITERALLY NOTHING that you can say to convince a ‘Flat Earther’ that the Earth is a globe. NOTHING. This article – along with the video – is completely conclusive. But, not a single ‘Flat Earther’ will be convinced. Not a single one.

THAT is why we have Communism, Socialism, Humanism and any other ‘-ism’ that defies reality.

Picture found on BareNakedIslam – To prevent their rape from occurring, European Women have resorted to extreme measures to deal with Europe’s fast rising rape epidemic.

The picture is of an ‘extreme measure’. Here is the text within the picture:

To prevent their rape from occurring, European Women have resorted to extreme measures to deal with Europe’s fast rising rape epidemic.

Um… extreme measures, indeed!

MUST SEE! Gutsy German woman beats the crap out of Muslim who is harassing women in the street

Oh dear. This one is funny.


The coming of Gog and Magog is as certain as tomorrow’s sunrise. WHEN this great army comes is the only issue to be determined.

These are the articles that point to that coming.

Russia deploys frontline fighter jets to Syria amid Turkish tension

What Russia is doing in Syria, is helping to lay the groundwork that will eventually lead to this massive invasion of the Middle East. The entrance of these top-of-the-line aircraft is a big escalation of Russia’s involvement.

The next question is about what Turkey will do in response.

Russia Releases Video Of Turkey Shelling “Syrian Civilian Settlements”, Demands “Immediate Explanation”

This just keeps getting worse and worse. Now, Turkey is openly shelling Syrian border towns.

What will they do next?

60 Dead In Massive ISIS Suicide Attack On Syrian Capital

It looks like ISIS really wants to fulfill Isaiah 17 as early as possible. I figured that they would start hitting Damascus.

Closing In: Russia, Iran, Assad “Encircle” Syria’s Largest City As Peace Talks Collapse In Geneva

I have to keep pinching myself.

After all the brutal atrocities committed by Hafez al-Assad, I’m actually supporting his son, Bashar. I actually want these rebels to be pounded to a pulp. Once these Sunni Muslim scum are obliterated, I can go back to attacking Syria for supporting terrorism.

The evil of Syria was bad, but not as bad as these ISIS pigs.

Whatever happens, all of it is leading up to the coming of Gog and Magog.

Turkey trying to conceal illegal military activity on Syrian border – Russian military

THIS is heating up in a VERY big way.

Russia is saying that there are indications that Turkey is getting ready to invade Syria.

Erdogan. The new Hitler.

Hopefully the Russians will knock the stuffing out of him.

«Islamic state of Iraq and Levant» | Every day | April 2013 – January 2016 – YouTube

This is the growth of ISIS from it’s beginnings until now. What a sick and twisted plague upon the Middle East.

But, ISIS is just a reflection of the sick and twisted world of Islam.

Syrian rebels are losing Aleppo and perhaps also the war

Once Aleppo is retaken by the Syrian government, the rebels will be in serious trouble. Turkey has been the big supporter of this rebellion, and retaking Aleppo will essentially eliminate Turkey’s ability to support the rebels.

Turkey is attempting a different strategy by creating an alternate Alawite leadership, to split Bashar al-Assad’s support, but it’s a bit late in the game to do that.

So, when Turkey fails in her bid to conquer Syria… What next?

Remember that the prophecy centers on Damascus. It has not been destroyed yet. So, expect the fighting to shift southwards as the Gulf Arabs continue to support this Sunni rebellion against their Shiite government.

Saudi Arabia “Ready To Send Ground Troops To Syria”

This ‘Theater of the Absurd’ just keeps getting more Absurd.

Saudi Arabia and Iran will be fighting against each other in Syria.

Unfortunately for Saudi Arabia, Saudi troops are not known for their prowess in battle. If there was a JV team for armed forces, the Saudis would be warming the bench.


These are the articles that point to the fulfillment of the words of Jesus in the Last Days.

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

– Matthew 24:7

Islam and Islamism in America in 2015: Part I

Here is the Islamization of America. Once it reaches a certain point, Americans will fight back. That will be yet another part of the fulfillment of Matthew 24:7.

Here’s a quote of the Summary for this article:

Representative André Carson (D-Indiana), a convert to Islam, was appointed to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Carson has extensive ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Officials at the Rocky Heights Middle School in Littleton, Colorado, ignited controversy when they told female students to dress according to Sharia law while visiting a mosque during a field trip.

Islamic politics “advocates the world’s greatest double standard: if you come to our country, we won’t let you worship the way you want, we won’t let you say what you want to say… However, we have come to your country, therefore we have the right to do whatever we want to do, including kill you if you make us mad.” — Former US President Bill Clinton.

Fouad ElBayly, an Egyptian-born imam who in 2007 said that Somali-born activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali should receive the death penalty for her criticism of Islam, is now a Department of Justice contractor hired to teach classes to Muslims who are in federal prison. – The Daily Caller

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under Allah….” – Arabic rendering of the Pledge of Allegiance, Pine Bush High School, New York.

Breitbart News revealed the existence of what is believed to be the first official Sharia law court in the United States, in Irving, Texas. The so-called Islamic Tribunal settles civil disputes among the growing Muslim population.

I am shocked that my own state actually elected a Muslim to Congress. OUCH.

UK: Watch the ferocious hatred spewed at ‘Britain First’ activists when they carry Christian crosses in the heavily Muslim area of Luton

I’ve been in some of these places around London. All that I can say is that I’m NOT surprised by this. Not at all.

Here’s a quote from the writeup for the embedded video:

Bury Park in Luton is a notorious NO-GO zone, stinking with Islamic hate preachers, ISIS followers, and terrorists. Pity the poor Christians who still live in the area. There are several neighborhoods in and around London just like this.

Instead of chasing down rapists and potential terrorists among the Muslim migrants, Dutch police are monitoring social media for anti-Muslim rhetoric

Oh dear. Nothing says crime and terrorism like comments that tell the truth about Islam.

Hmmmm… will I get a visit from the friendly Dutch police?

I mean… I’m a TERRIBLE threat, right?


CONFIRMED: Daily Mail Article BLOCKED In Sweden Due To Migrant Murder Court Case – Breitbart

I do not understand that mental illness that has infected the government of Sweden. I don’t get it, and I don’t WANT to ‘get it’.

This abhorrent form of national suicide is beyond my comprehension.

It really is amazing to me.

So it begins here: U.S. city ‘overrun’ with criminal refugees

Annnnnnd…. it’s in America. Wonderful.

Nothing puts a small town on the map, like being called Rape Capital. OUCH.

In Latest Shock Video, Migrants Maul Elderly Germans In Munich Metro

It’s getting bad enough in Europe that now ZEROHEDGE is picking up these videos.

This is what happens when you let barbarian followers of a death cult into your country.

Deutschland Uber Alles! (cough!)

GERMANY: Muslim invaders attack two pensioners who tried to defend a German woman who was being harassed by Muslims on a Munich subway

Another view of the previous link.

What a bunch of ANIMALS. Pigs and monkeys are better behaved.

Like Sweden, Britain, & France, Germany has Muslim NO-GO ZONES where even police are afraid to go

No-Go Zones.

Right. That’s the kind of thing that should encourage us to bring in MORE Muslims into our countries.

Let’s have MORE ‘No-Go Zones’ that will grow and take over our already festering inner cities.

Ia this the “cultural enrichment” Angela Merkel promised Europe would gain from millions more Muslims?

Here’s a quote from the article:

SWEDEN: Swedish workers at an asylum center for Muslim migrant ‘children,’ had to barricade themselves after being attacked by 19 Muslim teenagers who were angry when one of them wasn’t allowed to have candy.

GERMANY: Police are being told not to arrest Muslim migrants for petty crimes like theft and vandalism.

GERMANY: Gun sales have tripled since the Muslim rape wave on New Year’s Even and German women are signing up in droves Krav Maga classes used by the Israeli military.

Actually, that IS the article. Except for the Video, which you will see in the next link.

High Priority: German women take ‘Krav Maga’ classes for self defense – YouTube

Here’s the video from the above link. OUCH.

Actually, at the end, the journalist takes a bit of a beating. DOUBLE OUCH.

Surely This Problem Won’t Affect Me

Here’s a quote, and it’s an excellent one:

The question is not whether Muslims will overrun Europe. They will. (That’s the objective.) The question is not whether there will be war. There will be. The question is whether you live in a place that will be safe when it occurs or whether your present location will become unlivable at some point.

Now, how about you?

Are you in a safe place?

Remember that it is YOUR government that is causing this.

Town Hall Meeting Erupts After German Mayor Says Schoolgirls Should “Not Provoke” Refugees

My wife and I are getting to that point where we would have had grandchildren. So, I’m starting to identify with the grandfather that is concerned about his granddaughter being sexually harassed by these Muslim thugs – or worse, raped.

Even now, the thought of our wonderful niece going through that… well …it would send me into a rage.

And, it’s happening in Europe, and eventually it will be coming to a town near you – courtesy of the psychopaths in Washington, D.C.

Finland-based Soldiers of Odin are neo-Nazi White Supremacist led vigilantes

It’s just one more piece of data pointing to the fulfillment of Matthew 24:7.

This will only increase.

DESTROYED BY MUSLIM MIGRATION Swedish police officer: “I will not let my children go into the city after 2pm”

There is one picture in here that is not safe for children, or more commonly known as NSFW, so be advised.

The problem is that the truth of what is happening in Europe is horrific and getting worse. Here’s a quote:

‘I have worked in Gothenburg for over 30 years and I have never known anything like it,’ said the officer. ‘I will not let my children go into the city after 2pm and never at night. There are violent Muslim gangs roaming around the streets and the use of knives and other weapons have become normal, rather than a rarity as it used to be.’

Nothing says ‘Religion of Peace’ like roving gangs of Muslims.

Sweden: Death by Immigration

These four sentences – quotes from the article – are horrifying:

The atmosphere on Swedish social media is now almost revolutionary. People post videos of themselves accusing the government of murder, of filling Sweden with violent people.

When Alexandra Mezher was murdered, she was alone in the residence with ten asylum seekers. She was stabbed by one of the “children” she cared for.

When National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson appeared on the “Good Morning Sweden” TV show, the day after Mezher’s murder, he expressed sympathy for the murderer, but barely mentioned the victim. This sparked frenzied outrage on social media.

The National Police Commissioner expressed SYMPATHY FOR THE MURDERER?!?!?!?!

This kind of insanity is beyond comprehension.

Asylum Homes in Germany: “Women Are Treated Like Dogs”

The title says it all. These ‘migrants’ treat women like dogs.

They are horrible, filthy barbarians. And, Germany is letting them in.


This is another part of the global insanity that is creeping into every country. There’s too much money behind it, and money talks.

Eventually the suffering and death will get too much for people, and the money won’t be enough to whitewash the evil of Islam.

The Arab-Israel conflict is about Islam. Islam wants anyone who is not a Muslim, dead.

There can be no compromise with such evil. NONE.

Boko Haram Jihadis Burn Children Alive, Slay Over 100 Villagers in Nigeria Massacre – Breitbart

Hey, it’s the religion of PIECE.

Read the article, and you will realize that this Religion of PIECE is actually killing their own.

What a wonderful religion. So PIECEfull.

Nigerian Islamists burning 86 children alive met with Obama silence – Conservative Base

Here’s another article confirming the one above.


This is also what Israel fights, every day.

Did DOJ Strong Cities Put US Under Islamic Law?

An interesting connection that I had not seen before.

Excellent points and a view of the future.

The world is being Islamized to a shocking degree.

The Islamic Rape and Murder of Christian Boys

In Islam, non-Muslims aren’t human. You can do anything to them.

It is the most barbaric religion on the planet. And, it is the most successful form of Satanism that the world has ever known.

CHRISTIAN LEADER ISSUES DIRE WARNING: “Islam is more protected in America than Christianity is”

Unfortunately, he’s right.

Faith Change: Islam rapidly grows as Christianity declines in UK – YouTube

THIS should make your hair stand on end.

In less than ten years, Britain could become more Muslim than Christian.

In my mind, that’s already happened, but now it’s going to be official.

Obama: ” We Can’t Suggest that Islam is at the Root of the Problem”



Well, here I go:

Islam has murdered more people than ANY OTHER RELIGION ON THE PLANET COMBINED!

I don’t know of ANY religion – or combination thereof – that has murdered an estimated 270 million people. Combine ALL THE RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD TOGETHER, and I doubt that you’ll get 270 million people murdered.

Gotta’ love that religion of PEACE.

(If ya’ don’t, they’ll chop your head off!)

Report: 2015 Saw ‘Most Violent’ Persecution of Christians in Modern History

The question now is… what will 2016 be like. My suspicion is that this year will top 2015. The only reason why this year would not be worse, would be because they run out of Christians to murder.

Think about that for a moment.

ISIS Beheads Young Boy, Germans Boo Mayor and more | Ezekiel Countdown

Here’s a quote from the article:

“A 14-year-old Syrian boy was beheaded by the Extremists of the Islamic State, or as they are better known — ISIS. The beheading happened in the northern city of Jarablus after he was accused of apostasy for missing his prayers. Making matters even worse is that ISIS beheaded the teenage boy right in front of his parents.”

The poor kid just missed his ‘prayers’, and lost his head for it. OUCH. Of course, as the writer of EzekielCountdown writes:

Nothing done by the so-called ‘relgion of peace’ surprises.

Truth. And nothing but.


Israel is on the frontlines in the war against Islam. And, it has been on those frontlines for more than a century.

Are you going to turn your back on that tiny country fighting it’s war against YOUR enemies?

Funding of the Palestinian Authority — and Fueling Terror | Frontpage Mag

The world has given the Palestinians BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of dollars.

What has the world gotten in return?


Rebel Planet Dispatch: A Curse Devours The Earth

Marcel makes an excellent point here:

When God is judging a nation, no amount of begging for money will save it, you cannot bless what God has cursed.

Marcel goes on to talk about the justice that God is pouring out upon Syria for what they tried to do to Israel, and what they did do.

When I saw what we are seeing now, I also saw this as God’s judgment. However, the pain and suffering in Syria was too great for me to mention what Marcel is saying here. But, the truth is the truth, no matter how painful it is.

So, let me repeat the excellent point that Marcel has made here:

…you cannot bless what God has cursed.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. Click it for a discussion on preparation.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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100 thoughts on “As Our World Collapses…”

  1. “Either way, stay out of this conflict. The coming wars are for the wolves among us, not the sheep.”

    Really great and wise advice to stay out of all of it because it is God’s judgment on the wicked as we see Him drawing the maggots into ‘His Syria conflict.’

    Awesome times and only getting more perilous.

    Something that I’ve come to realize before God’s wrath consumes this earth is that there is no way I or anyone can stand firm and strong without His covering, blessing, leading, second by second help.

    FAITH will get us through, PERIOD. Don’t let the stealing devil steal it from you.

    Like you, I know my wretched self and that is why I have ALL CONFIDENCE in the LORD and really none in myself.
    It’s really a breeze when the Lord is carrying our load and not we ourselves, in fact it’s all joy, unspeakable, kind of fun.

    Praise God, we already know the end of the story while the wicked are being tossed and turned, confused and trying to save themselves, which is futility, and hopeless.

    I know He will wake up/SAVE everyone who belongs to Him, but not so for the foolish virgins and the smelly goats.

    PS I’m using a ‘free’ google website and it’s really a miracle that they haven’t shut me down yet, although they are monitoring me closely.

    Praise God anyhoo!

    • Hi Marcel,

      Excellent and wonderful advice. Your positive frame of mind is an inspiration. We will need such views in the dark days ahead.

      I wish that I could reach out and make people see things the way that you do, but I cannot. So, I must watch in horror as this juggernaut rushes down upon our brothers and sisters. I guess that’s the reason why I am writing so much.

      But, in all of this, we know that God is good, and that everything happens for a very good and just reason.

      Praise God!

      Keep up the good work, Marcel!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Hi EVERYONE!

      What ironic timing.

      I sent my article out about 10 p.m. Taiwan time, and six hours later we had a bit of a different kind of ‘collapse’ at the southern end of Taiwan.

      It is now about twelve hours after the Earthquake in Tainan.

      A couple of you have reached out, wondering if I am okay.

      I am okay.

      The earthquake happened in Tainan and southwards – at the southern end of the island. I’m on the northern end, in the northern part of Taipei – officially New Taipei. Even so, our apartment shook for quite a while. Thankfully, friends and relatives in Tainan are fine.

      We were there just a few weeks ago, so the devastation is a bit more horrifying to us – as was the evidence of corrupt construction work.

      Earthquakes like this are fairly normal for our beautiful island, and it should not have caused the destruction that we saw. Some of the collapse appears to have been caused by residents having removed important structural supports – such as walls and pillars. Furthermore, of the buildings that were damaged, most were built BEFORE the new building codes came into effect after the September 21st earthquake that happened in 1999.

      If a builder follows those new building codes, here in Taiwan, most structures can survive very, very big earthquakes.

      Thank you for all of your concern. I really appreciate it.

      May God bless you and keep you in the many different quakes that are coming.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Hello John,

        I had the same thought, concerning the title of your article and its timing just a few hour before the earthquake … I am not sure how many people, actually make those kind of connections … without dismissing them, as mere coincidence.

        God has many amazing ways of confirming His Word, and letting us know that we are on the right track, but they can only be noticed, by those who have been given … ” Ears that Hear and Eyes that See.”

        I am happy to hear that the God we Serve together, is watching over You, and that you are safe. (He’s Not Done with You Yet John) 🙂

        Israel Hanna

      • I logged on as soon as I heard about the earthquake, hoping to find a report stating you’re okay. I rarely respond on public forums, but want to thank you for posting your status. You will continue to be in my prayers.

    Greetings Brother John!
    Thank you for your article!
    You most assuredly have been a dedicated watchman! Today there is a disconnect of such magnitude that makes one believe that there is no hope for the masses, who are so mind controlled that they will not see the devastation until it hits them right in “bread basket”! Yeshua Christ Jesus was the GIFT from God that allows us to hope!
    With current conditions that are so very revealing, one can scarcely keep from being inclined to seek the deepest meaning of every word spoken by our Lord and Savior!
    It is time for humanity to understand that the “SONS OF GOD” mentioned in Genesis 6:4 and confirmed as “Fallen Angels” in Job 1:6, Job 2:1 and details given in Jude 6, 7, also in 1 Peter 3:19 and 1 Peter 2:4 that these ENTITIES are of EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL origin and could be called ALIENS in every sense of the word! Having a full understanding that this is what took place then, and knowing full well that they remain in control of this earth now, one can easily perceive, that everything they have perpetrated against humanity has been done to eliminate human beings from the face of the earth, and in fact to destroy the very human genome that YESHUA CHRIST JESUS created to rule over them, with him throughout eternity!
    They have corrupted every aspect of our environment along with every aspect of our DNA! The only question now remains, will mankind see through the obfuscation and understand that we are on the tail end of a war that was established from the beginning, in order that YESHUA could give these “FALLEN ANGEL” entities, and their offspring, to turn from their ways of rebellion, lawlessness, and wickedness, and return to their original positions of worthy servitude to THE MOST HIGH GOD? Is there anything redeemable from their lawless activity? YESHUA loves all of his creations! He has gone the extreme distance to give them a last chance to conform, and alas! they would not! The ALIEN seed was planted among us from the beginning, even now it matures and seeks to devour all that it comes into contact with! this is clearly established in YESHUA’S parable of “THE WHEAT AND THE TARES” IT GRIEVES HIM IN HIS SOUL THAT THEY WOULD NOT REPENT!
    God’s Grace!
    PSALM 91
    LUKE 21:36
    EPHESIANS 6:10-20!

  3. John when all this starts to happen, as a Christian, can I protect my family with lethal force. I don’t want to hurt anyone, but when it comes to my family or my own life, I can’t just standby and watch my family or someone that has done nothing wrong, get murdered or tortured. Thanks

    • Hi terry,

      I DO believe that lethal force is allowed when protecting yourself, or anyone else.

      But, using lethal force against the government?

      Christ submitted Himself to illegal taxes and illegal execution. He asked us to submit to illegal confiscation and occupation – in His case, the Romans.

      The Romans illegally occupied the Land of Israel – HIS LAND. Yet, He asked us to submit to that illegal occupation.

      Therefore, as unjust as our government is, I do not believe that we have permission to use lethal force against our evil government.

      This is NOT easy for me to say. I am – by nature – a fighter. I have never taken such abuses ‘sitting down’, yet I am required to follow the Bible – and NOT my feelings.

      My recommendation is to flee the evils that are coming.

      Thank you, Terry. I hope that helps.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Dear John,

        “Our government” has been overthrown. The occupiers are no different from an invading army. I consider it more than our right, but our duty to defend against them if that day comes. I don’t believe we should ever be the aggressor, but if we stand firmly for our God given rights and in defense of innocent life, a conflict is sure to arise.

        The German people had a duty to quash the evil machinations of Hitler. Our duty is no less than theirs.

        In regards to “rendering unto Caesar”, our founding fathers, being very Biblically literate, specifically wrote our Constitution and Bill of Rights to not conflict with the Christian Conscience. Therefore, we were made the ‘sovereigns’. We were never to suffer under a Caesar by design.

        I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts, and for iron to sharpen iron.

        • Hi Catherine Crabill,

          I do not see anywhere in the Bible where God calls us to take up arms against our government.

          Is there a gray area?

          I don’t know.

          You bring up the Holocaust. Many Jews were saved by those Christians who took individual action, and it did not require taking up arms and engaging in revolution.

          The US Constitution is a wonderful document, but it was not given to us by God. It was given to us by men of questionable faith.

          We are at this stage in our country’s history because of the sin that has crept into our churches. Taking up arms against the government will not solve that.

          I say again that the Roman Empire at the time of Christ was far worse and far less legitimate than our own. Yet, Jesus did NOT advocate revolution. In fact, Jesus and the Apostles commanded us to submit.

          Anyone who acts contrary to the words of Jesus and the Apostles… well …they have sinned.

          We are in the Last Days, Catherine. We will not find rescue by force of arms.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

          • Dear John,

            Jesus told his disciples to sell their cloaks and buy a sword. I recognize the truth in what you say, that we cannot fight against God’s judgment, nor should we. I agree that the failure is in the church and reflected in the government and the culture.

            Nevertheless, I will not be one to lie down and be carried away by demoniacs. I will absolutely resist.

            The reason Christians in Germany did not take up arms in self defense was because they had been disarmed, not because they were opposed to resisting. In fact, by your argument, they were resisting by ‘unlawfully’ helping the Jews. Should they have refused to do that because those were actions against their government? Should they have ‘submitted’ to the ‘law’?

            So I am confused. What was the sword for that Jesus instructed his disciples to buy?

            As for our Constitution, many men involved were indeed of questionable faith or none at all. Many more were profoundly devout. Even those who were not believers knew the Bible because it was THE world view of that day. Everyone’s education involved the Bible. Guaranteeing the freedom of religion was in the 1st Amendment for a reason.

            It is because of that history of Revolution that The Gospel was spread throughout the world from a nation prospered and protected, unparalleled in human history, by the manifold blessings of God.

            Any study of that period shows that they knew they were up against overwhelming odds and that they were wholly reliant upon Divine Providence. That, obviously, did not preclude the cycle of human nature that so afflicted Israel, over and over again, from happening to us. So here we are today.

            I may be wrong and need to repent. I am not so married to my opinion that I would choose to sin against God!

            As I look at those in so many places in our world who are being carried to the slaughter, I reflect on Proverbs 24:

            “10 If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.

            11If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain;

            12If thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not he that pondereth the heart consider it? and he that keepeth thy soul, doth not he know it? and shall not he render to every man according to his works?”

            Could I stand by if all I had were my bare fists and not try to stop my brothers and sisters in Christ and other innocents from such evil?

            No. I could not.

            Should a husband allow his wife or daughter be raped and not resist?

            It is our duty, I believe, to exhaust every conceivable avenue for peaceful resolution to end strife, but having the wherewithal To protect the weak, helpless, and innocent and fail to do so, in my estimation, is evil.

            I am prepared to stand corrected.

            Your friend and sister in Christ.

          • Hi Catherine Crabill,

            The command by Jesus to buy a sword was not to engage in revolution.

            I have made the case repeatedly that we are allowed to defend our lives, and the lives of others – which was the point made by Jesus.

            But, revolution?

            Paul the Apostle was a patriot before he was saved. He was zealous towards the law, and the Mosaic Covenant was all about Israel’s right to the Land of Israel. Yet, after he was saved, he commanded believers to obey the very government that was illegally occupying the Land of Israel.

            Jesus Himself KNEW that Rome illegally occupied the Land of Israel – HIS LAND!

            But, what did Jesus tell His disciples?

            But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

            And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also.

            And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.

            – Matthew 5:39-41

            We are NOT to engage in revolution, which is the killing of others for political gain.

            That’s right. Revolution is about killing others for political gain. If you think that you can have a tidy little revolution without wholesale death and destruction, think again. I have spent a large part of my life studying war, and very little good is gained from most of the wars that I have studied.

            Furthermore, you speak of the great things done because of the American Revolution. As someone who has studied history, I can point to the great evils done by America, that might not have been done – if the Revolution had never happened.

            Think of the great evil that is done in our name, across the world. This list is huge and eclipses any good that we have done. And, that evil was made possible by the American Revolution.

            Was it wrong to ask for independence?


            Was it wrong to kill others for that independence?


            Jesus said:

            Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

            – Matthew 10:16

            If we kill for political gain…

            …how is that being ‘harmless as doves’?

            Again, by nature, I am a fighter. I want to fight. I want to kill those who are evil. I want to destroy those who have corrupted our country, our people and our children. I want to rend, tear and destroy those that threaten the weak and defenseless.

            But, I must remind myself:

            Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

            – Romans 12:19

            At the end of that chapter it says:

            Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. (v. 21)

            It is difficult to accept such defenselessness. I don’t like it, but I submit myself to the words of our Lord and Savior.

            We are to be harmless as doves. We are to be sheep before the wolves. We are to harm no one, except in self-defense or in the personal defense of others.

            Very few of us will die of old age. My hope is that we will have died, obeying God to our dying breath. To do anything else is to fail.

            I know how you feel, Catherine. I have to fight myself, to say what I have said here.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

          • John,

            I have shared in Catherine’s concerns, and have come to the same conclusions as you. I sometimes contemplate the significance of the purchased sword and wonder if it wasn’t for any other reason than to provide for the miracle that followed (Jesus healing the severed ear), rather than the often used argument for armed resistance.

            The question brought to mind a story I heard a few months back, of a woman who was held in a POW camp in WW2. It’s a story of how God works in and through the lives of the faithful, even in times of great trouble. Thankfully, a YouTube video exists of that story.


            God Bless,


  4. Good, John. Really good. I truly did “laugh out loud” when I read your summation of Ms. Rodham-Clinton:

    That woman is a crime wave, all by herself.

    Truer words were never spoken. By your leave, I will be repeating that to all who will listen. I’m still giggling.

    Oh, and “ouch”, too.

  5. Kyle Bass said Killary Clinton is “the most fit to govern, given her experience”. He also spoke against the second amendment of the US constitution, saying all guns should be registered with the government (I add:), like in communist countries before they mass murdered their citizens. (Killary was a typo while thinking Kyle. I’ll just leave it. ha.)

    I once liked his help for me to understand the meaning of data. Now I suddenly realise he will derail me and I better be careful of him. He must be non-Christian to ignore Clinton’s crimes, and her muslim brotherhood/ISIS mayhem in Libya, Syria, and Egypt.

    I will still listen in, on athiests/false-Christians, as you say, like also Armstrong. However, let’s be alert of a strong delusion meant for them for their wickedness, that is not God’s plan for us. I think we can know when they are very wrong and about to be brought to their knees, only if we watch for it. We will be amazed at how inconsistent their advice will suddenly become, as blindness comes over them.

    Here is the link; end of Wall Street Week Show:

    • Hi Ed Sain,

      Yes, I like that typo of yours. Killary, indeed!

      You are completely right about needing to be wary of people like Kyle Bass. The more intellectual they are, the more prone to humanism that they are. For someone like Kyle to be a Christian, it would require quite a few humbling experiences. The same goes for Martin Armstrong.

      God’s favor does not go to the wise or the strong of this world, but to the humble.

      By nature, I am as far from humble as can be. However, God in His love and faithfulness has brought me many humbling experiences, which is why I am now able to write for all of you.

      Furthermore, never trust me, either. Always check. Always read your Bible. All of it. Always.

      Keep up the good work, Ed!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. OH BOY! My husband and I are so VERY grateful for all that you share and all the research you do on behalf of Christians everywhere!!!!! You do an OUTSTANDING job, cover all of the vital bases and inject humor whenever possible, even when it isn’t funny. You give credence to the phrase. . .”The truth shall set you free”! God Bless and keep ’em coming! The Sutton Family

  7. John- I just saw on the news that a pretty big earthquake hit Taiwan. I will pray for you and your family’s safety and I will pray for all the families that were affected by this quake. God bless my brother

  8. I just heard about a major earthquake in Taiwan. Are you and your dear ones all right? May Lord Jesus be with you in these trying times………

  9. Nothing to do with this, just checking on you brother after the earthquake. Hope this finds you and your wife okay and safe. Bless you!

  10. John – Just to give you a heads up…Listen to the 2nd anniversary edition of Caravan to Midnight, and you will hear Doug Hagmann triple down on the Hear the Watchmen controversy. WOW! I didn’t know anything about all of this until I read your article. I stopped listening to Quayle, Hagmann, Lankford, and their crew, and my life is nice and peaceful. I’m working on my Ph.D. in Advanced Prophetics, and don’t need the aggravation. Besides, people better do their homework to find out when God’s 6,000 years of human history is up! It may be much closer than everyone thinks…Take care and God Bless! YBIC in SK, Justin

    • Hi Justin,

      Yeah, I heard about that. I don’t know why Doug is doubling down on his position.

      As for Advanced Prophetics, when you read Matthew 24, you’ll notice an important signpost: Jerusalem.

      That happened on June 7th, 1967.

      How much time is left?

      Not much.

      Thank you, Justin.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Huh? Okay I get the whole Jerusalem being retaken on June 7th but what in the world is Advance Prophetics? Is that a play on words?

        How much time do you think? Are we lining up with Jonathan Cahn and Anne Graham Lotz who believes she will see the return of Christ in her lifetime?

        I want to disconnect from H&H but I guess I’m an addict. Also Rick Wiles…those two are downloaded everyday. If I don’t like the guest, I don’t listen. But it is a lot of “noise” and can tie me up in knots, robbing me of peace. Nathan Leal has a soothing voice and though he warns, I don’t get all twisted with fear.

        • Hi Karon Ruiz,

          I’m not into exact numbers, but Moses said that a generation would be 70 years (in psalms), and Jesus said that all the events in Matthew 24 would be complete within a generation – that includes Jerusalem AND the His Return.

          This coming June will be the 49th year. THAT could be significant – or not, for Ezekiel 38 and 39. Just remember that Gog and Magog MUST come several years before the Antichrist.

          In total, we could have about 21 years left – or less.

          I get into a lot of that in my book, Ezekiel’s Fire:

          I believe that the Hagmanns do some good work. Not all of their guests are good, but I believe that you have the discernment to tell the difference.

          Just be careful about Rick Wiles. I can’t figure out whether he is Amillennial or Post-Millennial. Whatever the case, his eschatology is wrong, and he is definitely anti-Israel.

          God bless you, Karon, as you try to unravel these mysteries.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

          • Sorry for my ignorance but on Rick Wiles…but I guess I am not up on those terms…

            What am I?

            I love Israel, I think Zechariah 12 is yet to be fullfilled where the Jews will “will look on me, the one they have pierced, and they will mourn for him as one mourns for an only child, and grieve bitterly for him as one grieves for a firstborn son.” I believe many Jews will come to faith in Jesus. I also believe Gods gifts and callings are irrevocable, they are the roots and we are the grafted in branches. I have a high regard for the Jews.

            I am no longer sure about pretribulation rapture but I am not dogmatic about either view. I don’t feel this is one of those black and white areas with God. I am leaning toward we go through part of the tribulation but definitely are spared the wrath of God. I do think Christians will miss the bad stuff in revelation but may be beheaded, I’m not sure.

            So what am I?

          • HI John,
            Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Rick Wiles. I stopped listening to him last June. I haven’t figured out if he is Amillennial or Post-millennial either. But I have picked up on his stance on Israel..which I didn’t like.
            What really did it for me was when he lightly suggested one day that if we donate money to him we will see God provide for us to move or make way for us to get out of country. At first I thought I was mistaken but the next day it was more clear when he also added a testimony of someone giving to him and then God provided for the donor. Last time I listened.

            John people have to look to Jesus as their Shepherd. Seems everyone is looking for someone to be their spiritual leader (and yes we do need them). But a Shepherd will smell like his flock. We have no way of knowing this with online relationships. It is very easy to be deceived in these days of technology. Just a techstep up from the televangelists of the past. God did use many of them but we need to be more discerning.
            Most online leaders/watchmen always steer people from churches and isolate believers. God’s Word says not to forsake assembling. But many things God intended in a fellowship cannot happen with just an online relationship..needs to be deeper than that.

            Keep on exposing truth…

  11. Hi John,
    Just heard about earthquake in Taiwan. Not sure if you live in the south or not but regardless, I’m praying for you, your wife and community, that you are safe. God bless all of you. Please post if and when you can.
    Thanks for all that you do 🙂

  12. John,before reading todays news and report:Let us know all is well with you and yours in lieu of the devastation that hit your country..

  13. I love your website and what you do here. I’m praying that you and your family are safe after the earthquake. Please let your readers know.

    God bless you for you efforts,

    Leighanne Oliver

  14. John, I hope you, your wife and others are safe. I just saw the news about the 6.4 earthquake that hit Taiwan just a little while ago.

    May the Holy Spirit quickly guide rescue workers to the trapped and injured. And may peoples’ hearts and minds turn to God, accept His truth, and follow the Spirit’s moment-by-moment guidance during this crisis.

    May the same be true for all of us during any and all crises to come. The labor pains of creation continue…

  15. Mr. Little – I’m sure I’m not alone in praying that you and your wife are safe after the news of a significant earthquake striking Taiwan was broadcast Stateside today. Please update your fellow Christ-followers when the situation becomes tenable.

  16. Dear John,
    First off I pray that you and your family are safe in Taiwan, and I pray for the people whose lives have been affected around you.
    Now to the economy, I drive truck professionally, most people do not care for us truckers (in fact trucker is a swear word to most of people), but our miles are down big time. We have been sitting alot lately. The company I work for is not ordering trucks yet for this spring. We usually order twice a year in the spring and fall. And the older trucks have not been replaced when we usually start getting rid of them at 600 000 kms. My wages are down about 20%. The guy who taught me how to drive, who is a Christian man, quit his job last month because the oil hauling company that he worked for cut the drivers wages 30% just before Christmas. And my Brother-in-law who is a welder and has been on job share for the past year,(a federal program that pays a part of your wages so that companies do not lay off employees, they only word 2-3 days a week and the government picks up the tab for the remainder, it also makes the employment numbers look good.), well he was given a layoff notice in his last pay stub as did everyone else in his company where he is a senior foreman. I do not see any economic miracle that the government keeps chatting on about.
    Thank you for your work.
    Byron A.

    • Hi byron,

      Thank you for your concern. We are thankful that God has preserved us, so far, from the earthquakes that afflict this island.

      The evidence that you present is an important snapshot of what is going on, and I very much appreciate such reports. I had not realized that the job-share program was that extensive. But, it makes sense that they would do that. Very clever.

      Yeah. No miracles. At least, not any economic ones.

      As for truckers such as yourself, I have always been impressed by your driving skill and your concern for those ‘smaller folk’ sharing the road. It’s a tough job, and you have my respect.

      May the Lord keep you safe, Byron. The bad news is only going to get worse.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  17. It seems something has taken over your leaders. Have the liberalism they thought in college come full circle??

    Are we seeing the fruits of accepting liberalism, political correctness, white guilt, and throwing the Bible out?

    If so, we should see the full madness of our ancestor’s punishment as described in the Bible upon us.

  18. Good to hear you and everyone there are fine after the shaking.
    Jesus also said the heavens would be shaken.
    Wait till we see that unfold. What will the atheists do then, who will they pray to ?

    Byron’s message on the economy resounds with me here near the Florida Gulf Coast.
    I do not believe the lying media and do not listen to brainwash and propaganda TV, but do keep my eyes open.
    Yesterday I took a drive to the closest big city and from the road noticed a number of nice big boats parked in the front yard with FOR SALE signs on them.
    When the people have to get rid of their big toys, misery and mourning are near.

    That is also a big sign for me that the govt. is lying.
    That’s all they have left up their sleeve.
    As my younger brother said long ago; ‘figures lie and liars figure.’

    I had not been to the big Mall in this University town in over three years and found it to be like some distant planet with so many mind altered, godless, smart phone zombies and young Bernie sheep headed for the slaughterhouse.

    ‘ I do not see any economic miracle that the government keeps chatting on about.’

    It’s not chat but lies, lies and more lies, thats what the people who do not love the truth want to hear.

  19. Thank you Brother John for another great topic. It often takes time (weeks, months, years) for the effects of events in massive economies and systems to be felt.
    Brother John, political correctness, diversity, and multiculturalism are the vehicles that will lead to Matt. 24:7 in Amerika (and Europe).
    In my lifetime , Texas has gone from being predominantly white to now a Hispanic majority. And it continues unabated. Savvy politicos claim that it is a deliberate attempt to change the demographics- and therefore the electorate- in Texas.
    They are half-right. Don’t get me wrong, I love all men. The problem is not changing demographics, it is ethnocentrism- every ethnicity believes theirs is best. It is why there are 200 countries in the world.
    We all know that in the neighborhoods and communities that fly the Mexican flag everywhere where their loyalties lie. But I have many friends whose families have been here so long they don’t even speak Spanish anymore- and they will tell you that if an ill wind blows, they will stand with “their people”.
    This week it was announced that gun sales hit a new all time high in Amerika again.
    Blood will be shed.
    And let me let everyone know that still has delusions about Texas being different or some kind of near haven:
    This week the Houston DA, Devon Anderson, dropped all charges against Planned Parenthood in the fetal tissue controversy. She did issue two warrants- for the two reporters that broke the story. They are charged with tampering with a government record. Seems they are accused of using fake ID’s during their investigation.

    Your Texican brother in Christ,
    Darryl Bond “Bondo”

  20. Hello John
    Just wanting to thank The Lord Jesus, you and your loved ones are safe. Also the Lord’s mercy, strength and guidance in the recovery of those missing and those whose loved ones are missing. The Lord is faithful and never fails.

    May we all be mercifully hidden under His wings,


  21. “What do you think about the federal Bureau of Land Management staking claim to land that has been owned by Texas ranchers for over 70 years? Should the BLM take into consideration that the land owners have deeds handed out by the State of Texas and that they have been paying property taxes on the land over the years?”

    This comment at the end of the article really burned me. “Should the BLM take into consideration…”! In other words, the BLM is the arbiter of this affair! There wouldn’t possibly be a conflict of interest, would there? I’d like the paragraph to read, “Should the BLM take into consideration that with the wide dissemination of happenings like this on the internet, their chances of burying this whole affair are greatly limited compared with past years, and could set off a firestorm of outrage not only against the BLM but against federal agencies in particular, and against the whole idea of immunity from prosecution for federal officials which only dates back to a 1970s decision and which if reversed, could result in a number of bureaucrats having their butts thrown into the slammer for long periods of time, not to mention the public infamy brought upon them and their families”. That’s what it SHOULD read.

    Whew, that felt good to say.

  22. John, I’m glad to hear your family wasn’t directly harmed by the earthquake, and glad that so many readers reached out to you.

    Re: cognitive dissonance (again), here’s an article worth highlighting for your readers:

    It explains quite a bit about how Common Core uses a specific technique to brainwash schoolkids from an early age. My 12 year old daughter commented on these fact/opinion worksheets with this: “I hate those things! They make it seem like religion is just opinion.”

    Re: the two vigilant citizen links — another online researcher/analyst who studies this kind of stuff in greater depth and detail is available here:

    This blogger (Jay Dyer) is a Christian, has a background in graduate-level philosophy, and seems to get the big picture in ways that many others don’t. I can’t endorse all aspects of his work, but I can say that his work has helped me to confirm many hunches I have had about the nearness of the end, while also helping me to understand more deeply why the Lord instructed his disciples to be “wise as serpents, gentle as doves.” Getting sufficiently clear about the pervasive and irreversible corruption of the whole planet and all human institutions isn’t easy or fun (as you know), but it’s essential (as you know).

    One more: a very helpful, gracious, wise, and thorough website, out of England, from a thoughtful Christian blogger named Julian Charles:

    May the Lord’s peace be with you, brother! Keep up the good work.

  23. Hi, John.
    Glad you and the Mrs. are well. Praying for Taiwan and its people. If you hear of any ministries sending supplies and people, please let us know so we can send them support. Thanks for your efforts and God bless!

  24. John, this was a fantastic Shock Letter. Here is where I am struggling. On the article of Americana really, really hates their government, I could not agree more. I look at the continuing struggles we are having with our current administration and grieve for our country.

    But on a different note, I have struggled for years on how do we deal with the laws that allow us to kill the unborn children in this country while we go to church and sing our praise songs and worship God. While we are at church, numerous abortions have taken place and it seems we do not even care anymore. Once a year, we have a service dedicated to the sanctity of life, yet nothing else happens. How can we as Christians sit back and do nothing but pray and allow this to continue. If God is going to judge us based on the actions of our country, would we not have the desire to take up arms against the tyrants who allow this to continue to happen? I would almost rejoice if some fringe American would break the law and take out one of these clinics.

    The bible shows us two sides of or God. The old testament shows his dealing with evil by taking them out by using his people or doing it Himself. The new testament is the love of Christ and how we need to forgive and turn the other cheek. Is the old testament no longer a valid way for dealing with evil?

    If not, we are headed for misery never seen in this country.

    I really appreciate your website and posted articles.

    God Bless You.

    • Hi fishman,

      What you might not realize is that the abortion rate in your own church is probably not that much less than for those outside of your church. We are at this impasse because of OUR sin, not the sin of the government.

      Again, great evil was being done by illegitimate government during the time of Jesus and the Apostles. Yet, they submitted to the government and did NOT take up arms against the government.

      I feel your rage and your sense of injustice. My desire to fight is great, yet our God gave us a different example.

      Jesus submitted Himself to execution, when He could have brought an army of angels to destroy all that was evil. He did not, and furthermore, Jesus spoke of us as sheep being sent out before ravening wolves:

      Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

      – Matthew 10:16

      If you take up arms against the government, are you being ‘harmless as doves’?

      We are at this stage in history because our brothers and sisters in Christ have rejected the commandments of God. I will not join myself with them, by disobeying the words of my Lord and Savior.

      I know that this isn’t easy, fishman. But we must obey God, and not men.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  25. Shalom John,

    Glad to see that despite all the shaking going on in your neck of the woods, that you are safe and well.
    Just to comment briefly on a point you brought up in your article. I have been noticing lately that even the big chains here in the Northeast are not re-stocking shelves in a very timely manner.. From grocery to hardware stores it seems. Subtle, but I’ve noticed an ever increasing delay in replenishing goods. Unusual. I’ve also noticed that there are a lot more “store specials” on goods that have reached their expiration dates, rather than fill the dumpsters.

    I just read Marcel’s comment, and I have to say that here in the Northeast, there are for sale signs in yards on just about everything, houses, vacant lots, former machine shops, old Camaros and corvettes, boats, tools and pick-up trucks. To me when I see so many pick ups parked in driveways every day, it tells me that these are tradesmen that no longer have jobs to go to. But hey, I’m only peddling fiction here, the economy is awesome. it’s all good.

    P.S. If I was recep erdogan I would be sleeping in my tent instead of the palace. I think uncle Vladimir has set his alarm clock.
    Shalom and Blessings

  26. Hi John

    Really pleased to hear that you were not at the epicenter of the earthquake, just a wee way to the side maybe? Taiwan should be named the “shaky isles” also. There have been some seriously big quakes there. Mind you, if you live on or near the Pacific “ring of fire” it ‘kinda’ does go with the territory!


    Matt from New Zealand

  27. there is a saying…. people don’t care how much you know til they know how much you care… and it is very true… that is why i come to your website every friday… i know you care about my soul brother.. that is why most everyone comes here… we will get the truth of the matter because you love your brothers and sisters and we will be prepared both physically and spiritually. and when we stand before our god to give an account for our lives… there will be none beside us.. we will be alone. i have been preparing for 5 yrs now physically.. but i know i may never get a chance to use the first bit of my preps. and my preps are not just for me… once we go into “lock down” and what you have is what you will be stuck with, and where you are is where you will be… there are gonna be allot of innocents that will need help… and i am not an island unto myself. I’m a veteran, a christian, a patriot, a preper,… i will be hunted… and it’s only by the grace of god that i will make it past the first few months, as is the case with us all.. our only chance is to stay prayed up.. walking in repentance and humbleness, so we can be led by the spirit. we are approaching zero hour, and the day is fast approaching where we will no longer have the guidance of people like you.. we will all need to stand on our own two feet and make decisions that will be life or death… the only way to make it thru whats coming is for god to have his hand on us.. walk in the spirit my brothers and sisters!

    • Hi joe moore,

      You have hit upon the essence of what we all are.

      You are preparing for others, not just yourself.

      I write out of concern for all of our brothers and sisters.

      We are all One Body in Christ.

      The fact that you see that is a great blessing to me. The love that I have for you all is only due to the grace and forgiveness of God. My gratitude towards God spurs me on.

      And, I am as big a fool as anyone out there.

      Thank you for that, Joe. I am truly blessed by that comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  28. Hi John — I’m so thankful that you and your wife were not injured in that terrible earthquake! My prayers are with the survivors, rescue workers, and victims’ families.

    Excellent post, thank you! I watched the youtube vid of Carolyn Hamlett and have to say that her information is of vital importance! I’m afraid so many people are being led into Satan’s trap of New Age — more than ever, actually. It’s all become way too “mainstream” to flash illuminati signs, do the yoga “thing” and use New Age terms. I pray that lots of folks watch her video and come to know the dangers of these things! Currently, I’m reading a book “For Many Shall Come In My Name” by Ray Yungen. Excellent resource on how the New Age has influenced every facet of the world.

    I was over on Nathan Leal’s forum yesterday and noticed that someone posted information that Doug H. was a guest on John B. Wells’ Caravan to Midnight show. John wondered about the Nathan/Ted B. controversy and I guess Doug just mentioned that there was a “huge backstory” involved but wouldn’t go into detail. A big HMMMMMM….. from me!

    The forum poster said that John is a friend of Nathan’s and is not one to let something like this drop. Interesting.

    I want to let you know that this Christian grandma has been sooooo blessed by your postings! Thank you and may the Lord richly bless you and your wife!


    • Hi Cathie Zeien,

      That video with Carolyn Hamlett is one of many videos on AMinuteToMidnite. You can find her appearances here:

      Of course, she is but the latest in a growing list of those who have come out of such darkness, to report what they’ve experienced.

      As for Doug Hagmann, I asked ALL the main players for their story, for that ‘HUGE’ back story. I told them that I was going public with what I knew, and the only one to give me anything was Steve Quayle. What Steve gave me did NOT indicate ANY wrongdoing on Nathan’s part.

      If there’s a ‘HUGE’ backstory, I’ve heard nothing of it, so I’m skeptical.

      Thank you, Cathie. Christian grandmas are the best.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  29. John Little,

    Please explain me what the following two scripture passages mean. Who is Yahushua referring to?

    Revelation 2:9 “I know your works, tribulation, and poverty (but you are rich); and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

    Revelation 3:9 Indeed I will make those of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not, but lie—indeed I will make them come and worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you.

    • Hi NowEndTime,

      I see that you are trotting out that text that every antisemite likes to quote. Whenever I see it, I know the kind of person that I’m talking to.

      That is to say…

      …you MIGHT be a Christian, but I doubt it.

      First of all, the name of Jesus in the original was YESHUA. If you are going to give His Hebrew name, you need to get it right.

      (And yes, we really DO know that it is Yeshua.)

      As for your misrepresentation of those passages in Revelation, yes there WERE those who called themselves Jews and were not Jews. There WERE those of the ‘Synagogue of Satan’. There are undoubtedly some of the same kinds of Jews running around today.

      Of course, not everyone who calls himself a Christian, really is one. In fact, MOST of those who call themselves Christian, aren’t. As Jesus said, by their fruit you shall know them.

      But YOU are claiming that ALL Jews are not Jews, and that ALL synagogues are synagogues of Satan.

      That’s a strange bit of logic there. It sounds to me that you just want to hate the Jews, and are just looking for an excuse.

      Hmmmmm… by their fruit, you shall know them.

      (Hey, I think that I know who you are!)

      Now, Judaism is a false religion. Therefore, all who follow Judaism are in darkness. But, God spoke of bringing the Jews back to Himself, in the Last Days. If you fight against that – and you are – you are a fool.

      Don’t be a fool, NET. You resist God, and that NEVER ends well.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  30. I believe there is a document that gives the citizens the right to overthrow the government its called the Declaration of Independence. You not only have right but a duty to throw off tyrants! Love the founding fathers!

    Glad your all right! Thanks for all you do!

    • Hi Connie,

      That document might give you the right. But, Jesus didn’t write that document. It’s very important to understand that difference.

      We are to obey God. Obedience to men and their ‘documents’ comes a distant second.

      Thank you, Connie.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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