Interview on Hagmann and Hagmann

I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report on Friday evening, January 8th, 2016.

I always listen for mistakes before recommending ANY video, and that goes for any interview that I do. And yes, I did make a few mistakes, and there were a few extra things that I should have said, but didn’t.

All-in-all, I feel like it was a good interview. We packed a LOT into that one hour. I hope that you will agree.

If you don’t agree, let me know. I’m always open for constructive criticism.

(I’ve GOT to STOP saying “You know…” and “Okay”. Seriously!)


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Interview on Hagmann and Hagmann

Here is the link to the interview on the Global Star Radio network:


My Notes:

One thing that I didn’t mention was the other reason why people buy ‘paper gold’, and that is the cost of storing gold.

Also, Joe was right about the 10% reserve requirement. Like I said. I’ve been out of the business for a while. That 2% figure that I mentioned, should have been 3%. Banks are allowed to keep only a three percent reserve when they have  about $110 million in short term accounts down to about $15 million.

I was not completely accurate when I said that wealth won’t be destroyed. PHYSICAL wealth will not be destroyed. VIRTUAL wealth will definitely be destroyed.

Money in banks will disappear. Bonds will collapse and disappear. Companies will disappear. So, expect THAT wealth to be destroyed.

By the way, just to show you the population figures of Saudi Arabia vs. Taiwan. The population of Saudi Arabia is 28.83 million (2013). The population of Taiwan is 23.46 million. And, Taiwan is a 59th the size of Saudi Arabia. To put it another way, you could fit 59 Taiwans into Saudi Arabia.

THAT is how small Saudi Arabia is.

(And, Taiwan has a MUCH better military than the Saudis.)

Oh, and here’s another mistake that I made:

The Saudi Air Force does not have F-16 fighter aircraft.

When I turned to talking about Hitler’s book Mein Kampf, I neglected to mention who actually wrote that vile book:

Bernhardt Staempfle, S.J.

And, that ‘S.J.’ behind ANY name means only one thing:

Society of Jesus



So, it was a Jesuit that actually wrote Mein Kampf.

Interessant, nicht wahr?

When I mentioned the David Wood video, here it is:

Why I Am a Christian (David Wood, Former Atheist)

YouTube shortlink:

It really is a shocking testimony of a life changed by Christ. This really is the testament of a changed life.

You can find the organization that he is a part of, here:

Let me reiterate what I said at the end:


I’ve been reading the One Year Bible for more than a decade, and it has been a real blessing. Here’s a site that will tell you more about it:

Please be praying for the Hagmanns. Doug’s wife (Joe’s stepmother) Renee had a medical emergency. It’s been a tough week for them.

Here’s the YouTube version of the Friday Edition of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report:

Economic Manipulation and Chaos on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report- 1/8/2016

YouTube shortlink:

You can find me in the third hour, here:


Oh, and my article, A Spiritual Battle, is here:

Have a great weekend, and please prepare for the worst times in human history.



Read my book, Ezekiel’s Fire.

It’s free, and it may just save your life.

Here’s the website:

Here’s the PDF:



I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. Click it for a discussion on preparation.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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13 thoughts on “Interview on Hagmann and Hagmann”

  1. Hi Brother John. Hope all is well. You posted this on January 9th. It is now January 14th and I have yet to see you approve any of your followers’ comments. It still shows “zero” (0) comments, which I know is inaccurate as you usually get response within minutes of posting. Please let us know you’re okay. God Bless.

    • Hi Joel the Filipino,

      Sorry about the delay, I’ve been engaged in some heavy spiritual battles. And, I had to spend a couple days going to a funeral.

      Lord willing you will read about one of those battles tomorrow. The other is closer to home and more painful and uncertain.

      Whenever you are required to intercede in the life of another who may be on the wrong path… well …the emotional cost can be high, even though the outcome is in the hands of God.

      Please pray for the churches here in Taiwan, I think that we’re under attack.

      It is a blessing to have such good brothers like yourself, Joel.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. John,

    There is such a heavy burden or mood I have noticed lately concurring with all the transgendered, cartel brutality and ISIS news here in the States that the only thing anyone seems to care about is the material world. You can talk to people until you are blue in the face about what’s happening, but they simply just don’t care and their eyes glaze over or either I am a poor messenger.

    I myself have had much soul searching in the past several months and have no idea where God wants me or what to do, but one thing I have come to believe is many, many believers will be deceived, whether the Antichrist could be a taqqiya Muslim or atheist, or what appears to be a Presbyterian Patriotic Savior of the nation!

    Many wiser than myself seem to be mesmerized by the Presbyterian and his words and this is scary indeed. I find myself agreeing with some of his message also and my thoughts and anger that have changed towards the Muslim “extremists” make me question myself as well. We truly live in the most deceptive time in human history and it is quite astonishing that you can’t even trust what you see with your own eyes! My spirit is troubled by these events and this is a great reminder for all believers that you can only put your faith in Jesus and Him alone, absolutely. No. One. Else.

    This was lengthy and off topic, but my thoughts were toward your last article. Stay strong and true to our Master, that’s all that counts.

    God bless,


  3. Thank you John for dealing head on with the division Ted Broer has created among the Watchmen I have been following. They all seemed to focus on taking a side with who they wanted to keep on good terms with and throwing Nathan to the wolves. Only us peons could see the obvious truth that Nathan was right in what he did.

    I have the spiritual gift of discernment but am never sure when I am actually discerning or perhaps being judgmental. But I also felt Ted knew exactly what he was doing and wanted to send Hagmann, Lankford and Quayle the following parable:
    If the guard dog calls out when he discerns a wolf in sheep’s clothing among the sheep, who is to blame for the upset among the sheep, the dog or the wolf?

    Thank you for your spiritual warfare in this also. It was so painful to see how poorly all reacted and how at risk what could have been a great conference is.

  4. John,
    I just found your notes on … Reading your “One Year Bible.”

    I have been reading the NLT. One Year Bible through, for almost 20 years, and it has changed my life. The readings often, are vary timely in many different ways, as you probably know and have experienced.

    I have never met anyone who really understands the simple statements in the paragraph above, and has followed this reading plan for any significant duration of time, other then myself.

    So John, for what it’s worth, once again, We’re on the .. “SAME PAGE.”

  5. John,
    You have contact with the Haggmans. Please warn them about a trap Satan prepared for them in the persons of Ted Broer and Michael Tyrell of Wholetones. They are teaching Hindu, new age doctrine in the form of frequency healing.
    Two shows about this in a row this week.
    In Christ


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