Hagmann and Hagmann Interview – Oct 30th

I appeared on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, last Friday night for the full three hours. Doug and Joe were at their awesome best, even in the face of technical difficulties. They let me babble and dabble a bit on my own as they connected cables, flipped switches and fixed a few last minute issues.

(Eric, you’re awesome.)

I talked a bit about what’s going on, as well as my life here in Taiwan. But, we spent the largest part of our time talking about the spiritual dimension of Halloween (aka, Samhain) and the spiritual darkness that envelopes our world.

I was also interviewed by John B. Wells, on Monday – for Caravan To Midnight.


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Hagmann and Hagmann Interview – Oct 30th

Doug and Joe are awesome. They are truly dedicated brothers in Christ, who have poured heart and soul into serving God and the Body of Christ. I always consider it an honor to be asked to come on and talk about the important issues that we are faced with.

I always talk about a wide range of issues when I appear, and this was not an exception. My favorite pastor calls it chasing rabbits, and I do not deny it. Rabbits are cute and fuzzy, and chasing them is fun.

For me it was an extremely early Saturday morning, since I live on the other side of the planet from most of you. Now that the time has changed, it will be an hour easier in the future.

However, my wife tells me that maybe I should give up my crazy-writer sleeping habits, but like all crazy writers, I like crazy late nights better than the normal ones.

As always, the first hour was a bit slow. The second picked up speed, and the third just flashed by.

Hour One

We started with a bit of geopolitics and the Middle East. America’s position in that war-torn locale is faltering, and we talked about the problems of the region – as well as, the challenges that the US faces there.

We also talked about spiritual warfare and the demonic activity that goes on in the world – especially in Taiwan. And, in that context, we talked about what I wrote on Friday:

Samhain and Dangerous Evil

All of that was the first hour.

Hour Two

In the second hour, we spoke of the days of Jeremiah – much like the days that we live in right now. You and I are modern-day Jeremiahs calling the Body of Christ back to God, and watching our brothers and sisters reject that call.

We also went into a bit more about spiritual warfare and the permission that Satan seeks, to enter our lives. And, we talked about the terrible day that occurs every October 31st, Halloween.

We touched again on the Muslim invasion that is happening right now, in Europe, and then we returned to speaking about the struggles of poor Jeremiah to turn Israel from destruction.

Hour Three

After the break, we addressed an issue with Halloween and then finished our discussion of Jeremiah. We moved on to a discussion of Islam and the challenges that Israel faces, in dealing with Islam’s hatred of Israel.

Following that was an awesome, table pounding oration by Doug on the political correctness that is enslaving America. YouTube, the despicable Southern Poverty Law Center and many others are stifling ANY controversial discussion on the Internet that dares to expose evil. It’s a truly vile movement that is sweeping America.

We talked about funding and support given to the Muslim invasion of Europe, by George Soros. We went on to describe the impact of this invasion, and how Islam will play an important role in Europe’s destruction.

This Muslim invasion is a part of the fulfillment of Matthew 24:7, and even though we know that this was bound to happen… the insanity of it all is still shocking.

We ended hour three with a talk about our need to love the truth, to embrace it, no matter what the cost. We are in greatest danger, when our grip on the truth weakens. We cannot truly love God without loving the truth, which means that our eternal future is impacted by how much we love the truth.

The Interview

Here’s the YouTube version of the interview:

The Hagmann Report- 10/30/15-OMEGASHOCK’S John Little-This Week’s Headlines

The technical problems experienced by Doug and Joe, knocked out the sound until a little after the nine minute mark. Remember also that there are also several minutes of silence at the top of each hour – due to their link with main network provider Global Star Radio.

Also, consider subscribing to the Hagmann & Hagmann Report Channel, here:

The Official Hagmann & Hagmann Report YouTube Channel

Those of you who prefer to listen via sound cloud, can go here:

Or, you can listen on blogtalk, here:


You can get the MP3s for each hour, directly from the global star radio network, here:

Hour One: http://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/hagmann_and_hagmann/hr1103015.mp3


Hour Two: http://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/hagmann_and_hagmann/hr2103015.mp3


Hour Three: http://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/hagmann_and_hagmann/hr3103015.mp3


(I put the URLs for each MP3 in parentheses,
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into your favorite MP3 player.

Please do not hesitate to ask me questions in the comment section, below – about anything that I said. Some of what we talked about might have been difficult to understand for some of you, and I would be more than happy to explain.

As always, my hope for every interview and every article is that God would be glorified, and that the body of Christ would be edified.

My Appearance On Caravan To Midnight

I appeared on Caravan to Midnight, on Monday. John B. Wells is an awesome interviewer, and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. I hope that you will too. However, you will need to be a ‘Caravanner’ to hear it.

(I don’t think that I have permission
to host an open link
to the two hours that I was on.

John B. Wells interviews a huge number of interesting and authoritative people, and a subscription of just $5/month is a good deal.

Here’s the link to the page where you will find my interview:


Here is the subscription page:



I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
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A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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