There Are Reasons

As we stand at the brink and contemplate the abyss in our future, we should remember that there are reasons for why we stand here. The path to this place and time was paved with good intentions and bad ones. We forgot that nothing and no one is more important than God. We listened to foolish men with foolish ideas.

Of course, we are sheep, and this is what sheep do. Jesus said as much, and loves us anyway.

So, let’s look at reasons. Let us face what is real and discard the lies that blind.


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There Are Reasons

There is a dark and malignant evil that has been hunting us for thousands of years. Its author is Satan and he is the father of lies and half-truths. And, these lies and half truths have captured our churches and our country.

The question is…

…has it captured you?

I understand how you can be captured by such things. I’ve been in thrall to misconceived ideas and falsehoods myself. So, I know how such things can happen. The fact that we all started life, speaking lies as citizens of the kingdom of Satan… well …we should have some understanding of the lies that blind.

So, we all have a history of being caught by lies. It happens. But, it doesn’t need to continue. We no longer have the luxury of entertaining flights of fancy. Reality has coming knocking, and it is past time to wake up.

So, how did we get to this sorry state of affairs?

What were the lies that led us here?

Well, as with so many evils, many of the lies start with Rome – more specifically, the Jesuits. These guys gave us the Bavarian arm of the Illuminati and the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Lie. The Jesuits went on to help us out with other -isms, such as Socialism, Communism and Fascism. Oh, and there’s one more thing:


I spent most of my life wanting to be a scientist, so that -ism has quite an appeal to me. I’m just grateful that God forced me onto another path. The world didn’t need another physicist.

Steve Quayle posted this link on Sunday:

TECHNOCRACY RISING: Patrick Wood On Caravan To Midnight
A Video Review From Elias Alias, Editor

That page reviews this video:

Caravan To Midnight – Episode 250 Patrick Wood: Technocracy Rising

YouTube shortlink:

Patrick Wood’s website is here:

The website for Patrick’s book, Technocracy Rising, can be found here:

The above video is three and a half hours long, but you need to listen to every single minute of it. It lays out many of the key reasons why we are in the sorry state of affairs that we find ourselves in. If you want the reasons, that video will show you most of them.

What it won’t show you is the hand of Satan and the Illuminati. It also won’t show you the twisting of scripture that lulled you to sleep, or the corruption in our churches. But those reasons would require videos of their own.

By the way, pay attention to Caravan to Midnight. John B Wells is a great guy trying to fight off the lies that have captured us. He was fired from Coast-to-Coast AM because of that, so he started Caravan to Midnight. Become a CTM member and get access to everything he talks about. It isn’t expensive, and a servant is worthy of his hire.

Here’s his website:

Unfortunately, once you think through all the implications of the video above, you will see that the only hope that America has, is in God – because only a miracle can fix the problems of the US. And, God is the only source of miracles.

The problem is that fixing America will require a painful cleaning process that we normally call judgment or wrath. The rot needs to be cut out, so that the wounds can heal. The alternative is death.

So whether you see hope for America, or not – prepare for the worst moment in American history. Either America will be purified and live on as a shadow of her former self, or she will die. It will be bad, either way.

My hope is that you will be spared when this moment comes.

However, I believe that moment in time begins this fall, because I see this coming:

Sovereign Debt Crisis – Oct 1st, 2015

That graphic comes from Martin Armstrong. He has calculated that October 1st, 2015 – i.e., 2015.75 – will be the date when our financial system begins its final, complete and utter collapse. Since Martin has always been right about these things, I am prepared to treat his prediction very seriously. I hope that you will do the same.

That storm is coming. It is not too late to prepare…

…but it is ALMOST too late.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. Click it for a discussion on preparation.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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26 thoughts on “There Are Reasons”

  1. Satan needs technology to be like God and therefore needs humans to embrace technology, because he can only imitate God and not be like Him.

  2. In all my 60 years on this earth I have never seen the people and nations so divided, most especially here in Babel land USA. Families are divided already to the point of murder,Christians are severely divided as is Islam.The have’s and the have not’s, the godless extremist left and the normal people.The goose stepping, black booted Police against the lowly citizens.God said He would divide those who divide His land Israel and the nations are divided within and without as Jesus warned us would be the case before His return.What sane soul does not hunger for His return in this dark and evik day.Under the destroyer Obama, the racial, wealth distribution divide has only widened by leaps and bounds, and all of this is before the sure and certainly (planned) collapse of this hellbent nation. Can the myopic American citizen living in deep denial even grasp what life will be like when the present engineered fascade comes down and the reality of God’s severe and fearful judgments hit? No they can’t because God has blinded the cursed fools who assumed they could ignore Him and become their own god’s. He said He would laugh at them when they cried out (too late) to Him. Don’t blame the elites for the coming wars and destruction because as He used Egypt’s reprobate Pharoah to accomplish His will He is using the NWO perverts to accomplish His will.

  3. ITS really sad here JOHN,in all of southern colorado,I’am the only one warning of whats coming,everyone else is in full blown denial,THIS is nation wide,the whole show will go into the trash can and they’ll just stand there and watch,You know I’am about as good friends with OUR FATHER as one can be,He comes by every once in a while and we talk about his judgements on a nation of scum,and I can tell you,anyone who thinks our FATHER loves america,Their wrong,he hates this country,HE SAYS they have destroyed the entire planet,and it has become UNTENDABLE,meaning its gone OFF the cliff,and it can’t be saved,ITS TO LATE,he said in just a few short years it will be uninhabitable,and will need a full restoration,which he intends to do,and there won’t be many survivors either,around 51,000 or so,more then the last time,What I’ve said will be a hard PILL to swollow for most people cause denial rules their life,very few will be taken out of the way,Most will be left behind to see the end,and just what they did to one of the most beauififull planets created by our FATHER,just for his people,and they watched as a hand full of satans minions destroyed it,TELL all your friends,everyone will be leaving soon,THEY really need to think about where their headed when they leave,its down to that,up,or down,it will be their choice……….

  4. OH,lets talk about some one who you might know,NETANYAHU,the end time ruler of ISRAEL,he was hand picked to rule over the end of ISRAEL you know,HERES one you might have not known,Netanyahu is a blood kin to Yahushau,he’s the great,great,great,grandson of KING DAVID,see that ring he wears on his finger?..It says netanyahu on it,it was a present to King Davids son,3,000 years ago…and our dear friend Netanyahu,the ruler of ISRAEL wears it now,isn’t that great,THE ruler of Israel is more then just the ruler of Israel,.HES THE BLOOD BROTHER OF “JESUS”,him self,when the war starts in ISRAEL,everyone who wants to survive it,had better be under the PROTECTIVE WING,of our dear LORD,or they won’t have any protection…..OUR FATHER will go out of his way to save everyone in ISRAEL if he can,BUT,they have to have his protection to survive,or they won’t make it…SO warn them all JOHN……….

  5. John,

    I’ve been reading your work faithfully for a couple of years now and couldn’t ever bring myself to respond. However, it is a must that I express my gratitude. You are a brave and intelligent man. I love your writting style and the messages you put forth. Thank you for all that you do to help others. We are definitely on the same page. I wish we could be buddies and prep together. Nevertheless, we’ll meet in the next life. May God bless you.

    Your buddy,

  6. Dear brother In Christ,
    ‘Now’ is quite sobering. (follow you, SQ, IW, HnH, Hodges, several months) *RE:Helm15. I have believed a long time we can’t stop the destruction of America. Information only gets worse RE:Common Sense 4/11/15. No doubt from first report:red list extraction/elimination. (‘team’s structure’, undercover infiltration, night time, area/’containment’? triangles/contingency? ‘Now’ CONUS) Nowhere to hide bro! I believe there really is 386,000 foreign soldiers here (Russia, China, UN) ready to ‘sweep&mop’ behind Helm.
    *Sir,you think taunting Russia to WW3 is only a decoy? (9/11-“our enemies are gathering”. There’s no national sovereignty of our enemies if America can be destroyed. Look at the hate, pain, death, destruction US ’empirical regimes’ brought since DS’90) No wonder veterans suicidal/diseased) PLUS the Christian genocide ‘red list’. ( – USA 260,000 die by 2025)
    *LOVE FOR CHRIST,COUNTRY, LIBERTY, &INTEGRITY BECAME OUR DEATH MARCH. (research+comments=’red list’!) but, “NO FEAR” & NO REGRET SIR. I will die on my feet because I pray on my knees. OF COURSE, I BELIEVE THE SUPERNATURAL, hope to survive on my feet.
    *I resent fear, all my life. -“fear not” said -esus, ‘This’ is ‘prepared’ sir.Correct? (i got stuff:food pantry-capital crime, they’re coming-soon; intell?infrared?drones?looters?disease?)
    *WE HAVE HOPE, in Heaven, by His Grace and Mercy. We love Our Holy Father, & our commitment to our purpose.
    *We pray for strength & protection for our loved ones, remnant,& innocent. Bless you brother.Thank you! your hard work, brotherhood, & global fellowship.NO FEAR! See you in Heaven.

  7. Sir, you don’t think a Christian should ‘prepare’ their soul, to fight, or be executed like our Lord?? (many of us can’t leave our non-believer loved ones) You don’t think the foreign soldiers are here? -here to take down our country? -before 2016? You think this country will repent? (no way) You don’t think the same Christian genocide isn’t coming here in America? CAN’T WE PREPARE TO DEFEND OUR HOMELAND? WHAT DO MEAN BY PREPARE? Why do you avoid the truth? What’s the point of your website? (red list harvesting? I’m not afraid! (‘the demons fear’ Christians and Our Holy Father) What’s the point of your warning? – your prayers? (prepare your “soul”?) Where’s the fearless love? toby

  8. Sir, sorry for being your salt.
    *(btw- it was me who advised you of that “Scariest Video” cover of Lady Liberty ‘faces’.Be advised of 9/11 testimonies of ‘demonic images’ in the smoke, (why they ran). (don’t you think the “global totalitarianism from Satan” be “the most” important threat to humanity?)
    *I live every day my last. I believe in Ephesians chapter 6, bold truth, unapologetic bold love to face the truth. I ask you tough questions. DO WE NOT PREPARE TO BE MARTYRS?, but pray for supernatural deliverance? I’m a Christian. I’m not entitled to anything,(impossible to be offend, ‘nearly’ impossible to forgive. Holy Father knows my heart and soul.
    *(please tell us, we are NOT at end times, or research and comments will get us murdered. It’s not the first time I asked a “watchman”. Nobody has the courage to reply.
    *Bless you sir, to all you love and prayer for.
    The end, toby

      • Awesome! You are for real. Thank you for your courage sir. Sorry for pushing you. You don’t appear to be disrespected,(was not my intent)
        *To all you who follow Omega, we are truly blessed by Mr. Little, a brother In Christ. (discernment now is non-negotiable)
        *We are privileged to be living in the last of days. PRAISE HOLY FATHER! We prepare, “fear not”, and we carry on with the supernatural hope and promise of Heaven.
        *Forever in my prayers brother, (goturback! Ephesians chapter 6)

  9. Dear John Little:
    Thank you for this article. Since most people that visit your websites are awake, what is your take on the information on Jade Helm 15? Is Jade Helm 15 a drill that will go live to remove people with views different from the US government or the start of confiscation of people’s property and money? Could it be the start of WW3 to cover the coming (2015.75) economic collapse? As you said previously, summer 2015, could be our last summer to truly enjoy. Consider a blog on Jade Helm 15 from your perspective which I appreciate. God bless you and yours, Thanks, Norbert.

    • Hi Norbert,

      I’ve talked a bit about Jade Helm 15 already. The FACT of it is the worst bit of news. It is confirmation of disaster incoming. I did NOT want to see ‘confirmation’.

      Will it go live?

      Good question. As long as no one rocks the boat, I would say no. But, maybe they are expecting something that you and I do not know.

      Remember that they won’t launch martial law unless there is a visible reason. They also don’t want to go through the effort, as long as everyone obeys them. They won’t be doing this for kicks. That, you can depend on.

      I hope that helps, Norbert.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  10. I’ve watched this coming for many years John. I can’t bring myself to prepare for what’s coming, and I don’t see any reason why I would want to survive it. I will be one of the first to go down because I will never denounce my King. Good on all who wait on Lord. Even so come Lord Jesus…

  11. I’ve got some catching up to do on your post’s JL —- but just had something make me think about ya?!
    You’re go’n like this, me thinks?!!!!

    I’m kind of NOT big on your “Ezekiel’s Fire” message as you are not big on my “America is Babylon” message —– and is really going to suk if we’re BOTH right!!!! I’d rather be wrong and let you be right….. I can duck a Solar Storm!!! (Man Holes)

    Anyway – I haven’t really read much concerning your “Ezekiel’s Fire” and am not sure all you’ve posted about but – follow me:

    Dave’s newest (GREAT) article at the “Common Sense Show”

    Had a comment that led me to:

    Which led me to recall what the movie “Knowing” was about (Ezekiel’s Fire?):

    And then of course I recalled the “Sun Strike” (Ezekiel’s Fire?) in:

    “The Chronicles of Riddick”

    Wow, you’re thinking right?!
    Of course things are being “Forecast” to us in plain site—- Cabbalist have connection’s to a higher realm!!!

    So maybe you are right on a “Solar Storm”!!! It’s been all over the Big Screen!!!!

  12. Sir, I thought I would check to see my comments posted. NOPE!
    1) WHEN? When do you talk about “prepare” to be surrounded by death, or “prepare” to give our lives for our faith in Christ? (“Prepare” to be tracked, located, extracted, and eliminated NO MATTER HOW WELL PREPARED)
    2) Are you offended if I vet you. Please, you should have Christian courage to be challenged and provide solid answers. I actually like your research, etc.You’re an intelligent and goodhearted soul, BUT, where are the posts of your dissenters. (It’s so. . . ‘congenial’) There’s something missing. For all the work you put in, where’s the bottom line of what’s about to happen? When America goes down, you’re next brother. Where’s the spiritual preparedness for the final hours of incarceration? HOW DID CHRIST PREPARE, AND RESPOND UNDER ARREST? WHAT ABOUT ALL THOSE “FACES”, OF THOSE BEFORE THEY ARE MARTYRED, OR FROM THE TERROR OF ALL THE OTHER CRIMES? HOW DO WE “PREPARE FOR THAT”? Please, you advise every day, can you also advise “for that”?
    *ALL DUE RESPECT, My first impression if you don’t even reply @ my e-mail is you aren’t for real. (I don’t expect to hear from you. It’s not a debate, but why won’t you post or reply is a legitimate inquiry. What does that tell ‘you’? I(WE) need you to be real sir, or what’s the point of what you do or us to follow?) (you have NO answer!. . ?)
    BLESS YOU SIR!,. . . toby

    • Hi toby,

      Since I am only one person with other responsibilities, it is hard to answer comments quickly and even more difficult to answer email.

      As to my dissenters, I allow plenty. However, I’ve had to delete quite a few of them due to foul language or evil intent.

      Ultimately, you can’t know if I’m real. And, the only person that you can really trust is God. However, if it helps, check out one of my other websites:

      Thank you, Toby.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  13. Dear brother, of course you don’t preach fear, but to ‘prepare’, for ALL OF IT!
    **I believe they will false flag or allow Helm15 to go live. They ‘warned us’ and they don’t abandon their options, (ready for their economic reset, food shortages or ebt crash, medical martial law/disease, terrorist attacks)
    **THEY FEAR US! because WE DON’T FEAR THEM! . . and because The Word teaches us ‘how they think’! (dah? The godless insult, strive, and manipulate to destroy life, and ‘REPLACE GOD’)
    Bless you, nuffsedToby


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