Chipping Away at the Normalcy Bias

Getting people to wake up to what is really happening is an amazing challenge. I’ve been trying to do that, in one form or another, for almost twenty years. However, even I did not truly begin to understand what was going on until God shook me awake in 2011.

So, when I see someone else stuck firmly in a normalcy bias. All that I really can do is offer a few bits of incontrovertible evidence and a prayer that God will do what He did to me – shake ’em awake.

Unfortunately, this means that God will need to knock the other person down, which is a really hard process to go through. So, you’ll need to stick around to help pick up the pieces.


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Chipping Away at the Normalcy Bias

A friend and I had lunch recently, and I was struck by something of a revelation. My friend was exactly where I was, almost four years ago. And, it was an interesting thing to realize.

Like I used to be, my friend is completely derisive of the idea that there is anything like a grand conspiracy at play – in anything that is happening, right now. He laughs at the work that I’ve been doing for the past three years, but I don’t really mind.

Because I did exactly the same thing.

In fact, I told him that he was EXACTLY the way that I used to be, not so long ago.

How do you wake up a hard-headed cynic, like myself?

Waking The Stubborn Cynic

For me, it was the knowledge that Iran was doing something that I had predicted years earlier. I didn’t like being right on such a thing, and it was an ice-cold shower to my soul. I had suddenly come face to face with the fact that I had been asleep at the wheel – and that the world wasn’t what I thought it was.

That was a beginning of a journey that led me through one painful epiphany after another. And, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, unless they’re like me.

Could I have been awakened any other way?

I don’t know.

I like to think that I would have finally seen the obvious, once I was offered evidence that I could not argue with. But, I can’t really say for sure.

I guess that you might say that I’m struggling with this because it’s like looking in the mirror, every time I talk to this friend of mine.

How do I reach someone who is as stubbornly cynical as I am?

The best that I’ve been able to do is show him where he’s wrong, and offer up bits of evidence that cannot be argued with.

Tough Questions

Here are just a few things that come to mind:

  • If Ebola isn’t that bad, then why have so many more people died from it, than in the previous outbreak?
  • For building 7 of the World Trade Center, how was it possible for it to collapse straight down onto its footprint – due just to burning office furniture?
  • With a few exceptions, why is natural resource production flat or falling?
  • Why is the price of Gold and Silver below the cost of production, while demand is high and inventories are low?
  • If Geoengineering is a tinfoil hat fantasy, what are those fluffy lines crisscrossing the sky, and why is there so much aluminum in our rainwater?
  • If the Illuminati aren’t real, why do they have their symbols everywhere?

Those are some pretty tough questions to answer, and still stay stuck in a normalcy bias. But, we have a tremendous ability to keep deceiving ourselves. So, don’t expect that any of these questions will knock too much sense into someone.

If you have any tough questions that might help someone break out of their normalcy bias, share them with us in the comment section, below.

I would love to try them out on my cynical friends and family. Really.

It Takes More Than Tough Questions

Ultimately, knocking someone off their perch with a tough question won’t be enough, if they aren’t interested in the truth. So, if you find yourself talking to someone who doesn’t want the truth, then stop wasting your time.

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.
Matthew 7:6

Many have come and asked me for help in waking up friends and family. And, I wish that I had easier answers. It took an act of God to wake me up, and I believe that it will take an act of God to wake up anyone else, in this age of lies and self-deception.

God help us all.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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80 thoughts on “Chipping Away at the Normalcy Bias”

      • Little John;
        Yes that is true, for what it’s worth. However, please, do not mistake members of Christendom for Christians. Two different animals. True Christians adhere to the “one true faith” that Jesus taught, and Christendom is religion. Religion, by definition, is a group or organization that teaches about God the Almighty, things that differ from what God teaches about Himself. Each religion teaches something different from eachother. None of them teach what God teaches in total. They all change things, small or large, that cause them to NOT be close to God, and cause them to NOT do the ENTIRE will of God, all day, every day, in everything they say or do. There is a huge difference. Jesus said all religion is false, and in Revelation, John said we need to “flee from her” (Babylon the Great, the world empire of false religion), unless we want to share in her plagues and punishments. Revelation states clearly that they will all be wiped from the Earth, and only the righteous shall dwell forever in a paradise Earth. That’s a LOT of dead religionists. Ever since Satan introduced religion to Earth, it’s been God’s enemy along with Satan. He even caused almost all translations of the scriptures to be changed, and caused hundreds of words to be mistranslated, thus changing the meaning of most of the scriptures. Take the removal of God’s personal name almost 7,000 times. I can’t count the instances where God said to prophets to write “they shall have to know that I am one Jehovah”. KJV has it only four times. The NKJV has it zero times.

          • Well it’s a good thing that you don’t confuse Christians, those who follow the “one true faith” that Jesus taught (and is no religion) with Christendom, all of which is religion. All religion is God’s enemy and originated with Satan in the garden in Eden. Revelation tells us to “flee from her”.

          • Hi Mike Savage,

            Please be careful. Religion is just a word. And, the Bible doesn’t actually speak against it.

            Here is what James says:

            Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world. – James 1:27

            The Greek word for religion is threskeia – or, the act of worship.

            I would have a hard time believing that someone is saved, if I saw no act of worship in a person’s life. Singing in Church is an act of worship. Just going to church is an act of worship.

            However, I understand your point about ‘man-made religion’, or a ‘man-made act of worship’. That is false, and is of the devil.

            Please remember that Satan will take advantage of any error that you hold close. And, I believe that saying that ALL religion – or, act of worship – is of Satan is one such error.

            Because not all religion is of Satan.

            Thank you, Mike.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

          • Little John;
            In Paul’s letter to the Christian Congregation in Galatia, in chapter 5, verses 19-21, it specifically mentions sects/dissentions/divisions (religion) as works of the flesh. Revelation to John makes clear that religion is Babylon the Great, and we are to “flee from her”. Satan was the first to teach someone different about God than what God Himself taught, about Himself. That’s the first religion brought to earth, and it was by God’s opposer.

          • Hi Savage Mike,

            If you object to using the word Religion, that’s fine.

            Just make sure that you are not speaking against Christians gathering together as a church.

            The writer of Hebrews speaks of that in chapter 10:

            Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. – Hebrews 10:25

            It is a serious sin to forsake the church.

            Thank you, Mike.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

  1. We’ve at least 4 conspiracies in my life:
    1) gulf of tonkin under LBJ. got us into ‘nam.
    2) Iran/contra under Reagan, or didn’t he deal with terrorists?
    3) Bush admin lied to foment war for iraq, or have those WMD appeared yet as Rumsfeld claimed?
    $) add doubter’s here. Hollywood is a worthy candidate.

  2. To add to your list of questions —
    Why does the very first item on the Georgia Guidestones 10 Commandments of the New World Order say “Maintain humanity under 500 million” when it’s already 7 billion?

  3. If we’re not in the last days end time senario, then why are there so many disasters, pestilence, sickness, death, terrorism, wars, corruption in govt and the ‘churches’, why are so many falling away as told in II Thess 2, and the love of so many falling cold…..why is there such an acceptance and influx of homosexuality in society and the church…….If we’re not in the end times/last days, then why aren’t believers following the teachings of Moshe, the Torah, why are so many pastors, preachers, priests misleading so many into apostasy, and why won’t believers study for themselves what Abba Yahuah requires of them, why don’t so-called “Christians” know the true names of their Elohim, instead of using titles for unknown dieties and pagan gods….I could go on and on with this……PEOPLE…..You Seriously Need To Wake Up!!! Especially if you don’t want to be destroyed along with along with the unbelieving. John, if you want people to leave messages of importance, and ask tough questions, then why do you delete them because you don’t like what’s being said…..the light has to be shown, everywhere….people have to know….Shalom

    • Hi Andrew,

      Good points. The signs of the times are all around us.

      As to why I delete messages…. I am responsible for what appears on this website. If I allow heresy to be taught even in the comment section, God will have something to say to me about that.

      Normally, I allow a heretical (or just incorrect) statement to appear, so that I can answer that statement, and show why it is wrong. However, I don’t always have the ability to do that, so the comment gets deleted.

      An example is your desire that everyone follow Torah. Unfortunately, no one can, so you are raising an impossible standard – a standard that Paul in Galatians said that no one was meant to follow.

      And… I’m afraid that your pronunciation of the names of God are incorrect. Since I am a Hebrew speaker, I can tell you that it’s Yehovah, not Yahuah.

      But, I understand your zeal, and I prefer that over the lax and liberal foolishness of most of our brethren.

      Thank you, Andrew. Great points.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. If MH flight 370 really crashed into the ocean, why have over 30 countries with the planet’s best technology been unable to find it?

    Why is the world giving the Islamic State a pass to continue their carnage?

    Why did the Supreme Court rule that banks own your money when you deposit it with them?

    • Hi mike,

      When I show people how tiny Israel is, they are always surprised.

      The world is fixated on that miniscule patch of land, and it should make everyone wonder why.

      Thank you, Mike. Excellent point.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  5. John, I think your statement about a person being ‘not interested in the truth’ really is the main issue. It reminds me of a well thought out question which cuts to the chase:


    I’ve been very slow to ‘see’ and change. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. I fully went with the official story line on 9/11 for almost 9 years. At least when I was presented with another line of evidence to check out, as doubtful as I was, I did look at the new evidence and think about it. Until the day a light went on and I realized the official story was a giant lie.
    Chemtrails is another. I had watched 2 documentaries on this topic, thought it was terrible and yet somehow didn’t think it had application to me. I live in Canada. Until one Saturday afternoon I was out getting my garden ready for planting, sat down for a rest and decided to look up! Instantly I saw just what I saw in those documentaries. “Crap, they are doing it here too” I told my wife.
    So, I think from our side we need to feed little bits here and there to our ‘subjects’. The rest is not in our control. As Paul wrote, I planted, Apollos watered, but it was God who made it grow. On the bright side, for those who are anything like myself, once you crack the facade hiding the evil running this world in the minds of others, it is only a matter of time before they start to understand our predicament ever more clearly. In other words, the entire house of cards representing this world will fall down.

  6. I came to the conclusion many years ago that some plant some water but only God can give the increase. Having called some people swine in the past and letting them know that I care, has shaken a few to be serious. As to whether they like it or not I always remind them that when the day comes they will remember the conversation we just had but that it will be too late to do anything about it.

  7. You are told waste not your time with a fool. Having been doing this for the better part of 40 years, I have learned that you cannot wake up those that are not meant to be awaken. When you show someone the obvious, and they look at you as if your the fool, or that your insane or a conspiracy tin foiled hat type, stop and waste not your time with that fool. The time you waste on that fool would be better spent on finding and waking up the truly deserving.

  8. Hi John,

    Think of the modern world as a vast cult of mammon. It promises people if they work hard enough and go along with the program they will have a big house, a shiny car, security, safety, happiness, etc., etc., (heaven on earth) but if they don’t work hard and go along with the program they will be in jail, out on the streets, cold, hurting, afraid, etc., etc., (hell on earth).

    ONLY GOD CAN WAKE US UP! Usually by showing us that the world’s promises are only an illusion. That’s why Jesus mostly preached to poor people and gave little hope for rich people.

    Our job is to pray for people, tell them God loves them, and to be there for them when God wakes them up. The whole purpose of the great tribulation is to wake the whole world up. I expect more and more people will wake up as the shaking gets worse and worse and I thank God he woke me up sooner than later.

  9. Brother John,

    it truly is difficult for people to WAKE up from the Lies being spoon fed to them on a daily basis.
    I have come to believe that it takes an act of GOD to wake people up that are stuck in the love of this world.
    and for me, Jesus had to get involved first hand to jolt me awake and push me towards the right direction.
    I was SO incredibly blessed that Jesus decided to get involve with a young muslim Kid in order to show him the truth.

    I keep thanking Jesus Daily for opening my eyes, but every effort I try to make with even my own fiancé , to show her the lies of the devil, she believes me to be a fool and a frequently called Jesus freak.

    I don’t mind being called that, its just now that Jesus decided to open my eyes, Now I see the devil at work in everything around us. from Cartoon shows to news broadcasts, to items sold in streets and fornication that is promoted EVERYWHERE!.
    Of course living in San Jose California its just plastered in everything. Babylon is a sinners paradise and staying away from it is impossible here unless you lock yourself up in your house. The only other option is putting on the armor of God and standing strong in the midst of all the evil that is pushed on us.

    A common question I like to ask people that are yet to come to Christ. is that if Jesus never existed and the devil is not real,

    Then Why is Hollywood Going out of its way to attack Jesus at every chance they get ?
    from shows like Simpsons , Family Guy, Arrested development , Mr. Pickles ( this one is truly and outright satanic brainwashing)!!!! I can go on. but people need to ask themselves, if Jesus never existed. why does Hollywood make plenty of room to insult the Lord our God time and time again. and at the same time they enjoy raising up their Illuminati savior ?

    Yet we as Christians are asleep and we don’t stand up to defend our Lord. Even though he laid down his life for us!.

    So with people who are still asleep, it is my experience that it takes an act of GOD to wake them up. The HOLY SPIRIT is being poured out more and more across the world and Jesus is making his move to save those written in the Book of Life.

    The Enemy knows his time is short and we are in the precursor to world wide destruction before the illuminati savior makes his way to the global screen.

    Look at the Pope and how he is setting up the table for his master :

    The Prince of Lies is nearly here.

    We must Pray for vigilance from our Lord Jesus

    • Hi Shehab,

      Wow. What a powerful story. That dream of yours is amazing, and there are many who have had similar dreams. And, there is something about these dreams and visions that are completely different. It’s like they are etched in our minds.

      I’ve never had a dream of Jesus, but I did have a prophetic dream that was sent to keep me out of trouble. And, that prophecy came true in every detail. And, I will never forget it.

      Now, a word of caution. You indicate that your fiance is not saved. Please understand that marrying someone who is not saved could end up in grave spiritual damage. I have seen too many go this route and suffer terribly.

      Shehab, God bless you, brother. Your comments are always wonderful to read.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Do not fear John, Jesus is tempering me like steel to be strong in him.

        I am concerned for my Fiance’s Soul, but I have put my faith in Jesus that he will bring her to him before its too late. I have put all my concerns on Jesus to help bring my fiancé and the rest of my muslim family into the Truth of Jesus. that is part of the reason why I put my dream on youtube, and I shared it with my family members so that they know the truth as well.

        Becoming the black sheep of the family isn’t fun due to leaving Islam and finding Jesus. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME, AND ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD. So I put faith that Jesus will invade my families hearts to help them know the truth. Giving up everything for Jesus is the least we can do for the Glory of God, and I still haven’t given up enough to Glorify God, not until I give up my very life while witnessing the truth of Jesus will it be enough for my Lord. Even then I still feel I need to do more for Jesus ‘s Glory. He is worthy of my Praise and its all that matters in my life.


  10. Hi, John. I do have one response to the inertia of normalcy bias. It’s what wakened me. TRUTH, and TRUTH alone, and the LORD’S TRUTH was the ONLY solution for me.

    My own journey into the purity of the light of the LORD’s Truth began during the years of the Clinton administration. It began with the suspicion that Clinton was seriously deceived. His level of deception became apparent during an interview with Barbara Walters, when Bill and Hillary together affirmed that what one does in private has no relationship to how one conducts one’s self in public. “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways” resonated loudly in my thoughts. My journey to discovery of the depths of human depravity and the pell-mell, head-first slide into immorality of my own culture began then. I spent an entire decade in sorrow and mourning for what had been lost by my people and my nation. Time has put distance between that sorrow and now, but any review of that time renews the anguish of spirit.

    John, no one can ever apprehend what is happening in their culture, or the world at large, without the truth of the Word of God emblazoned in their hearts and minds. I know you know this.

    The lies of the Dark Prince rule this world. He began his strangle-hold grip on this world with the first lie in the garden. Believing his lie, rather than the truth of the LORD, is what led the First Couple into disobedience and it resulted in the spiritual death of all their unborn children.

    Believing all his lies, the Dark Prince’s lies, rather than the truth of the Living God, is the essential plight of humanity to this very day. As it is written in Romans 1:25:

    “For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.”

    The “creature” is the Dark Prince, as in the serpent, the devil, or the satan (accuser). One cannot see the truth at all, whilst they still inhabit his kingdom of darkness. Only when one begins the journey out of darkness and into the Light of the TRUTH of the Living God, can the Creator begin the process of bringing sight to the blind, and the sweet sound of the Truth of His Voice to their ears.

    It really is all about lie vs. truth.

    His Glorious Name be praised, honored and worshipped forever and ever.

    May the LORD OUR GOD, bless you and keep you, dear brother.

  11. A few thoughts. I have noticed that some believe what they WANT to believe – what they find convenient, pleasant, palatable, or coincides with how they were raised and doesn’t push the boundaries of their comfort zones. They will hang onto whatever confirms their position and disregard what doesn’t. It will be tough going to convince them of anything different, which reminds me of a situation I encountered at my nursing job where a patient was clearly dying and his family was in complete denial of this. We were unable to get their permission to give him liquid morphine to make the process easier; their response to several requests was a vehement refusal, and an insistence that he would come out of it. Finally we had to call them to tell them he was dead. You need to listen to the people in the trenches. And no matter how unpleasant reality may be, it is still reality.

    A different personality type, that is more interested in what reality actually is and recognizes the futility of trying to shape it to fit their comfort zone, will do some homework and try to gain insight into these things. For them, info from reputable sources might work.

    I wonder if this might be useful. I sent you the same link via email, but it may apply here as well in terms of trying to wake people up. The following is a 7 1/2 minute interview segment with John McAffee, founder of the computer security company, about his attempt to retire to Belize. I found it quite shocking, but that is because I have lived my entire life in America and that is all I know.

    That is a wakeup call to what reality is like in many other parts of the world. It is on its way to getting like that here, after noting what John Corzine got away with. The human beings in those places are the same species as those here, with the same flaws, motives, greed, and corruption. Given enough time and opportunity, they will find a way to use the system to their advantage.

    If anyone believes that our government, while including a few incompetents and a few bad apples, nevertheless for the most part does look out for us, they need to read and think hard about the following: Do you respect Vanderbilt University? Would you believe it if I told you they fed radioactive iron to 829 pregnant women without their knowledge, just to see what would happen, with no kind of medical followup care? Decades after it was already known it causes genetic damage? They did, and many worse things were done to us, while we trusted our government to have our best interest in mind. The next link is about now declassified info on radiation experiments done on Americans by our government. Like when they were dropping radiation from airplanes over Oak Ridge, Tenn; Los Alamos, NM; and Dugway, UT. It is not conspiracy, but fact, that our own government has experimented on us in hideous ways, without our knowledge, and in this particular case of radiation experiments it was classified because – in their own words, in a 1947 memo – they didn’t want any lawsuits or negative effects on public opinion. Think about that for a minute. They had no problem whatsoever with COMMITTING these crimes – they just wanted to make sure we didn’t find out or have any means to legal recourse. As recently as 1985 the Energy Dept was deliberately producing reactor meltdowns in Idaho. To see what would happen. To us. No one was warned or compensated. This is complete sociopathic sickness, and ENOUGH PEOPLE IN THE SYSTEM WENT ALONG WITH IT THAT IT WENT ON FOR 60 YEARS. Even the Nazis were halted before that much time passed. This was on our own soil, done by our own elected and appointed officials, TO US.

    At the following link, you might have to page down a screenful or two to get to the radiation article:

    After reading about that, how could it seem far-fetched that governments – not only our own – would do such a thing as disperse bio or chemical weapons, just to see what would happen? Yet another “experiment” they did, not included in the above article but probably in some of the books it mentions – was to spray radiation from utility poles onto inner city schoolyards in St. Louis. For years. To see how it would affect the apparently expendable inner city children.

    The following articles might be helpful in illustrating what our system has ALREADY done, and why on earth would anyone maintain “nobody would do THAT!!! Especially not in America!!!”???

    The next article is about how incarceration has become a profitable private industry. Some might be surprised to read that 2/3 of prison contracts examined contained minimum occupancy clauses of 80 – 100%. It may further surprise them to read about how certain judges and police departments, after years of profiting under the table from their corruption, have been found to be falsifying evidence on a huge scale and putting people in prison for even minor things. This is from a finance website, not a conspiracy website!

    Here is an article about one of those judges, sentenced – finally – to prison himself after selling juveniles and adults under the table to a prison developer who paid him over $1 million for this. At least 4,000, that they know of, went to prison wrongfully due to this.

    Here’s one about a government chemist being paid by prosecutors to falsify evidence – at least 40,000 cases involved:

    If someone does not believe that money not only talks but trumps voting and serving the public and even the most basic human decency – even and especially at the highest levels, they can read about the Koch brothers and their empire. This also is not from a conspiracy website but appeared, of all places, in Rolling Stone recently:

    Both sides of the Cold War were trying to figure out how to manipulate weather to their advantage, and even use it as a weapon. This was no secret. How, then, should it be so unbelievable that they would still be trying to do this? They have much greater technology and chances of success now than they did in the 50s. It was considered a real enough threat in the 70s that they signed an international treaty against it, but hey, who pays attention to treaties?

    And that’s just a start. If someone wants to know the truth, there are mountains of info to sift through, and it can’t all be fabricated. For those who are threatened by this and want to remain blissfully ignorant, we can only pray for them.

    In some ways the situation reminds me of salvation. For those with access to a Bible, I think we are expected to read it, even though it may blow our comfort zone and raise disturbing questions. It will enable us to detect the charlatans preaching ear-tickling heresy. Some people who call themselves Christian, do NOT read their Bibles and go to what I call pseudo-churches passing out pseudo-salvation, and the time will come when they desperately need the real thing but do not have it. The Lord has promised that if we seek him genuinely, we will find Him. I think the same goes for the head-in-the-sand crowd. They don’t WANT to know.

  12. I talked to friend about chemtrails.
    I simply pointed out the facts and mentioned a few explanations, and then I backed off, leaving him to ponder on that information on his own time and at his own pace.

    So, he talked to someone he knows from a previous job and whom he considers an expert, because of the specific industry they used to work in together…
    The “expert” laughed and said that they were asked, and answered this questions many times over, and they found absolutely no evidence of chemtrails existence. Those white trails which they conspiracy nutjobs call “chemtrails” are simply condensation trails.

    What my friend needed to do was to simply look in the sky on a sunny day (which is what I recommended he should do…) and ask himself how the supposed water vapor can turn into a cloud and hang in there for many hours.
    He did not.

    I am done. No more attempts. The frustration would drive me to an untimely grave, so basically – f*** it.

    I do have one good argument though, for those who try to argue the need for firearms in a house (yes, that’s the kind of neighbors I have…):
    ask them (preferably, a man of the house, or whoever is a stronger character, which quite often is a lady):
    when they say that they live in a good neighborhood, and statistically they will never be attacked here, ask them:
    so, if right now, while we are sitting here and talking, a group of armed men break into that door, with the intention to rape your daughter and kill you all, the only thing that you will rely on to defend your loved ones is STATISTICS?!..
    Most important: after that question, leave it be. Let them think about it. Do NOT offer an obvious solution, because it will be rejected, out of a force of habit. Just keep silent until they break the silence. Only if they come up with the solution by themselves, will they be able to accept it. Drop the seed, and let it grow.

  13. Wow, can I ever relate. The Lord also woke me up in the Spring o 2011. For that I am so grateful. I don’t know why He did but am grateful I headed His call. I have struggled since then to get people to “see it”. Most don’t. Most just say no one knows the day or the hour, these things have been happening or thousands of years and so on and so on and so on. A few are beginning to see it though but most just do not under any circumstances want to even discuss it. I think they dread seeing me. I finally just about stopped telling those I have been telling these past few years just recently. I finally realized it is only the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ that can wake them up. I just keep praying and go on to the next person I meet.

  14. Hi this is a link to some articles you might want to consider when you are thinking about what is really happening with Ebola. I have of coarse prayed about this and believe the Lord is telling me that this information is closer to the truth than the scare tactics of the media. But the end game they are going for is the same: death of millions. I am not claiming to have all the answers but my eyes are wide open and all is taken to our Lord in prayer. Blessing of God to all.

    • Hi Carolyn Cosper,

      This is an interesting point. However, we have seen people die from Ebola, who did NOT get these vaccines. Although, I am sure that the Ebola vaccine that they come up with will NOT be in our best interest.

      There is no way, that I would take their Ebola vaccine – at least, not until I was able to see the side effects of those who DID take it.

      Thank you, Carolyn. Great point.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  15. Excellent article!!! I was shaken out of my sleep by the Lord in 2012 as I begun researching all of the hype around the potential “end of the world” two years ago. I spent literally hundreds of hours researching and absolutely COULD NOT ignore the reality of what was taking place with regard to Obama and his signing of the absolutely evil, constitution killing executive orders such as the Patriot Act, NDAA etc. The documented reality of FEMA camps hit me like a shovel in the face!!!! What could these possible be used for in the future???? NO ONE can explain these away without admitting that there is some type of vile conspiracy in the works. This concept also helped me to understand the reactions of my family and friends who thought that I had completely lost my mind when I began informing them of what I had discovered.

    In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.[1][2]

    Leon Festinger’s theory of cognitive dissonance focuses on how humans strive for internal consistency. When inconsistency (dissonance) is experienced, individuals tend to become psychologically uncomfortable and are motivated to attempt to reduce this dissonance, as well as actively avoiding situations and information which are likely to increase it.[

  16. Brother, To add some points on why I think Jesus has to get involved himself to save souls is that he calls us to do what? To pray for those who need it. even our enemies!
    Hate Sin, Love the sinner.
    we are also called to be a witness to the Light of Jesus.

    Jesus described the Holy Spirit as the Wind. and as we witness to others, I believe the Holy spirit is waiting for that persons heart to be softened enough for Jesus to Invade into that person’s heart that has heard the gospels.

    For some Jesus will come to those in a dream.
    for others it could be in a vision while driving down the road.
    and others may find Jesus thru much hardship and when they Lose everything, they finally turn to God who had been waiting for them while they were on their path.
    I even know one person that came to know Jesus while playing with a Ouija board, thru his ignorance in the spiritual world, he invited a spirit to enter into him and he had been taken by a demonic spirit that stayed with him for a few weeks.

    It wasn’t until his panic and fear that he was driven to our Lord to have Jesus Evict the demonic spirit that had invaded his body.
    Since then he has been a great witness of Jesus and can see clearly now that his eyes had been opened.

    For those Christians that are true followers of Jesus and are wide awake to the deception, all we can do is remember our time in the dark and realize that it was Jesus who awakened us. No one else. Jesus has put us all on our separate paths which all lead to him. He knows each soul intimately and knows what it will take to finally open their eyes.

    Putting faith in God in these matters is the best way to get people to wake up.
    Of course we can witness to them, but in the End it is Jesus that will shake them awake.

    I love how Great Jesus is!,
    For God loves us all, even in our sins and evil nature which we were involved in , he never stopped loving us.
    Some times I don’t get it myself, Why does Jesus love the sinner sooo much ? I can somewhat understand his love, due to having a son born unto me 5 years ago. I love my son Dearly and with all my heart, even if he turns away from me, I will still love him with all my heart. then I realized, that Jesus Loves my Son even more than I love my own child. That is truly amazing that God Loves us That much, we can only catch a glimpse of how much he loves us all and that Glimpse is a vast ocean which can never truly hope to understand.

    I can go on Praising Jesus all day and it still wont be enough but I will simply say that Jesus knows every soul written in the book of life, our names were written in it before the world began, So Jesus will do what must be done to drive those souls to know him before the Great day of Judgment.


  17. Amen!! It took an act of God to wake me up, and I believe that it will take an act of God to wake up anyone else, in this age of lies and self-deception. God woke me up to the truths in 2011 also along with two sisters! We’ve been screaming our heads off since to no avail : ) May God bless you in your work and continue to pray!

    • I am one of patty’s sisters that God woke up. One day I was a pot smoking zombie and the next day I was wide awake and warning everyone. Unfortunately no one listened. Only God can wake them up. I get really impatient until I remember that I was just like the sleeping ones. All we can do is pray. And believe. God answered prayers of believers. He will wake up our love ones

      • Hi Becky,

        What an awesome testimony!

        So many of us live with the constant frustration of not knowing if what we say is having any effect. So, your example is a wonderful boost to our flagging spirits.

        Thank you, Becky. Keep up the good work!

        Yours in Christ,

        John Little

  18. Shalom John!

    Here are the main events that knocked me outta my purple haze;

    1. Building 7 , and the executive decision to “pull it.” Classic Freudian slip by Larry Silverstein who collected $5.7 Billion on the insurance. The policy which had been amended weeks before.

    2. The “missile” that hit the pentagon, another Freudian slip by Donald Rumsfelt.

    3. Daniel 4:17 “This word is by decree of the observers; the matter is a command from the holy ones. This is so the living will know that the Most High is ruler over the kingdom of men. He gives it to anyone He wants and sets the lowliest of men over it.”

    4. I Samuel 8:7 But the Lord told him, “Listen to the people and everything they say to you. They have not rejected you; they have rejected Me as their king.

    5. The realization that the lowest of scum sit in the highest of offices and are capable of the most depraved and criminal acts. Now I know the man behind the curtain.

    Shalom u’vracha

  19. I will say that you are absolutely correct on this topic. I have studied eschatology for many years – watching events creep up until recently when they are taking giant steps. No one listens to me. Even when they pretend to listen, they will say, “I know what you mean” and then continue on with life as usual.

    On “Before Its News” a good Biblical commentary will get a few reads but an “alien in Sacramento” or a Nostradamus non-prophecy article will get thousands of hits. That is the world we currently live in.

  20. Why do the “separate and sovereign” states of the United States each fly their flag BELOW that of the federal flag, if they were not captured nations? Are the terms of surrender to the federal government actually posted in their State Constitutions?

    Why do US laws prohibit citizens from holding public office if they were A) considered disabled, such as with the national debt, making them a debtor and without rights and B) guilty of misprision of treason by supporting an illegitimate government by simply being a registered voter and participating in the election of usurpers of the original Constitution? Could it be because with a vote of 2/3 of each house they have removed all such disabilities from each other, which can only be accomplished by removing US citizenship?

    I could do this all day long…

  21. Hello Mr. little
    My name is Brent
    I did not mean to make these emails so impersonal I apologize. This is information that the world and the body of Christ needs to know. I had to send it out I am sending it out Please accept this in the name of Jesus.
    Thank you
    P.S. Please save for future reference
    I cannot send the information in this email format but if you send me a response
    I will.
    Again Thank you

  22. Thankfully, most of my family is awake. But, sadly, I can’t say the same for the people I work with. They are dead to the world and very happy in their deception!

  23. John-
    Not sure if this should be posted, but I must warn you …

    Be careful with quoting Wiggington. I believe he is a NWO schill posting much disinfo.

    Quickly, he is a very wealthy man and appearing to be anti chem-trail and pro humanity/environment, he promotes the theory that global warming is man made, and we are overpopulated (theories which I believe are untrue …false, NWO propaganda.)

    I have a BS in Natural resources and Wildlife conservation, and a MS in Life Sciences (Marine Bio & Ecology.) I also have over 30 years professional experience in marine bio, ecology, environmental investigations & restoration.

    Dane says we are loosing 200+ species a day and are in a great extinction period. I researched this: We have lost about 300 mamillian species in the last 500 years and much less of all documented species (plant & animal) in the last century (and if you eliminate subspecies …much less.) At the rate Dane claims we are loosing species (arithmetically) we would loose all known species (about 2 1/2 million) within 40 years …and with the breakdown of ecosystems and the food web ..these numbers would increase exponentially and those 40 years would be very much shortened.

    Thus, Dane is speaking much BS. And, I would not trust anything he says.

    I sent Dane a detailed letter explaining my position on the extinction rate as the result of much investigation (amongst other topics with which I disagreed with his position on.) I requested to know what his sources were on the extinction rate and some substantiation for it.

    I also asked him to provide me with a list (or source) of just 100 species we have lost since 1900 (should be easy if he can confirm a loss of 200 a day …simply ridiculous.)

    Result …no response. And, he continues this nonsense. I truly believe he is a false friend of humanity and life on this planet, a true disinfo agent with an ulterior motive.

    Nuff said.

    May you be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ.


    • Hi Roberto,

      Since I never take anything – from anyone – at face value, it is safe to say that I don’t trust Dane – or anyone else – completely.

      Having said that, just because he has a different interpretation of facts, or even some facts wrong, doesn’t mean that he’s a disinfo agent. A true disinformation agent would NOT be acting and speaking like Dane is doing.

      So, I believe that Dane Wiggington is a fairly trustworthy source, but I also make sure the double-check what he says.

      Thank you, Roberto.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  24. How about “Decoupling Human Wellbeing from Resource Consumption” with decoupling leverage points diagram? Club of Rome

  25. That’s the amazing thing about the double edged sword of the Net is that we can network with likeminded people rather easily, evading the wasted time endlessly trying to convince your tiny group of people who know you and are going to be far too familiar to listen. I tell people I have my youtube channel and blog where i preach, and that’s always there for you if you want to hear the Bible and the end of the world stuff. . . meanwhile let’s be friends and just talk about whatever you want to talk about…

  26. John,
    During and interview with Alex Jones, Bob Chapman was asked what it takes to wake someone up so that they can see these realities. Alex was essentially asking the same “normalcy bias” question you are addressing here.
    Bob’s answer was simple but the older I get the more I realize it reflected deep wisdom and experience. He said that it takes some kind of crisis to shake “them” out of their blindness. A death, job loss, a shocking epiphany or some other change that knocks us off of our normalcy or disrupts our rut. This seems to be a positive form of trauma to shape our perception.
    I believe now, from my own experience, that this is a form of mercy from our Father.
    I quit a 6 figure job in 2008 and have ended up (through many steps) flipping burgers part-time but I thank God for the things He has shown me and the long list of Satanic strongholds (lies) He has shattered. Now, I wouldn’t go back for any dollar amount.
    He gave me the knowledge to see what was coming and prepare for it by shocking my normalcy.

  27. How really can open other minds and eyes while they r blind at all
    Many times, u have said to do, and we all repeat these words and signs to them but they r really blind,
    We already knew this that our behavior with them is like beating a nail into rock.
    But we try and try more, may God show them way and wake them up as he did for us

  28. Sometimes it’s more effective to play the “What if…?” game. For example, what if building 7 was a planned demolition? It housed these agencies/organizations and this is what was going on in the world at that time. [sorry, can’t remember the details right now] Who would benefit from such a catastrophe?

    Other examples are the decisions made in all branches of government. Ask: Who benefits, and would believing the “tin foil hat” version of circumstances make real sense in light of all the crazy things going on?

    Asking what if makes people think of answers, then defend their own ideas, as opposed to outright questions where you have to defend your ideas. I think if you can get people to entertain the possibility that things might not be as they seem, then they will be on the road to enlightenment.

  29. May The Glorious Lord Jesus Christ heal the parts of your heart where it needs mending brother John. Please know my friend you are not alone in the battle. I too suffer trying to talk to people as do many others. I have a question that I like to ask people who seem somewhat oblivious to the truth of today. If “our government” cares so much for us, why then is our southern boarder to Mexico wide open, yet we have reported tsa agents at football games frisking Americans or in airports? Thank You Brother John.
    May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ Be with your spirit, watch, guide, and protect you.

  30. The normalcy bias gives strength to what John Rappaport calls The Matrix. You and he are right on the money. The media is scripted, and a great example is in a video I have (will look for it) that shows several news shows from several different states all reading the SAME E X A C T news script in the evening news. It will leave your jaw hanging open, the scripting is so blatant. It cuts from one broadcast to the next, rapidly so you can get the full, seamless effect of all of them reading the same scripted story line. Satan is one clever deceiver, for sure. Brilliant, in fact.

    John, I want to tell you thanks for presenting scripture in your articles. I subscribe to your RSS feed on my ipad, and one day a Proverb you quoted stung my heart and got me moving. I started using some skills God gave me to contend for the faith, and I will always remember it was you and your love for the truth that prodded me to engage.

    Today, I wrote this:

    I hope you have a moment to read it.

    Jerry Davis

    • Hi Jerry,

      I’m glad that you found motivation in what the Lord has laid upon my heart to write. May God bless you as you take up the fight.

      Unfortunately, I was not able to read the article you wrote. It gave me a ‘permission denied’ error.

      God bless you, Jerry!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  31. God woke me up & it was painful. Not realizing the matrix in which you live is so much easier & simpler than being jolted awake!

    Here is an excellent Youtube video I have shared to “wake up” others, including the hubby which eventually enabled me to have the conversation about permanently leaving Babylon in under 2 months. Now we watch the slow implosion of our once great, Christian nation from afar.

    Additionally you need to have a voracious curiosity for the truth & knowledge.

    I thank God for waking me up & for the chance to give my kids some quality of life before the SHTF.


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