Ebola in America – The Deadly Implications

So, Ebola has finally arrived. I’m not surprised, and you probably aren’t, either. But, there are a few things that you might not be aware of.

For instance, you might not know that:

  • Ebola is MORE contagious in colder climates, in the winter – than in areas where the outbreak occurred.
  • It is AT LEAST as contagious as Influenza A.
  • It takes an amazingly small amount of the Ebola virus to infect you.
  • They’ve been lying to you about this virus.

Oh, and one more thing…

…they’re doing it on purpose.

But, you knew that.


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Ebola in America – The Deadly Implications

With this positive identification of the arrival of Ebola in America, we now have to ask ourselves about how much of a threat this is, and what the elites are attempting to do with this threat.

The Massive Threat

When you look closely at this virus, it’s hard to see any reason for optimism. It really is one of the most horrifying viruses known to man. It is massively contagious. It has an extremely low survival rate. Those that survive will often die later on – from organ failure, because of the massive internal damage this virus causes to even those who survive.

It truly is a nightmare disease.

Unfortunately, this nightmare won’t go away by ignoring it, so let me show you a vitally important video that you must see and understand:

Aerosolizing ONE DROP of EBOLA = 1/2 MILLION DEAD

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/X5VR0Mz4lys

I got this video from Susan Duclos, of allnewspipeline.com, here:

This Is How It Begins….. The Terrifying Reality By The Numbers

That page includes other links that you should pay attention to, so I recommend going there.

And, Susan got the page from a site with a rather crude name:

Pissin’ On The Roses
Feral dogs, out in the cold, marking our dissent, one rosebush at a time.

Quoting from that site is difficult because of the crude name, but… well …the information is THAT important. And, to be fair, all of the dogs that I’ve ever owned, liked to do that to rose bushes.

Anyway, here’s the article where the above video originated:

Aerosolizing ONE DROP of Ebola Infected Blood Can Kill 500,000 People

It too, has some important links – and great articles – so, I also recommend going there.

Now, let me quote directly from the author of that video, from the page connected to it:

The key take away from this analysis is that an INSANELY small amount of Airborne Ebola has a MASSIVE infectious potential. In fact Ebola’s infectious potential is so great that its not the amount of Ebola that is the infectious constraint, rather the constraint is how long Ebola can survive in the Air.

Unfortunately, According to the US Army’s  Center for Aerobiological Sciences, Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Maryland:

(1) Ebola has an aerosol stability that is comparable to Influenza-A

(2) Much like Flu, Airborne Ebola transmissions need Winter type conditions to maximize Aerosol infection

“Filoviruses, which are classified as Category A Bioterrorism Agents by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Atlanta, GA), have stability in aerosol form comparable to other lipid containing viruses such as influenza A virus, a low infectious dose by the aerosol route (less than 10 PFU) in NHPs, and case fatality rates as high as ~90% .”

“The mode of acquisition of viral infection in index cases is usually unknown. Secondary transmission of filovirus infection is typically thought to occur by direct contact with infected persons or infected blood or tissues. There is no strong evidence of secondary transmission by the aerosol route in African filovirus outbreaks. However, aerosol transmission is thought to be possible and may occur in conditions of lower temperature and humidity which may not have been factors in outbreaks in warmer climates [13]. At the very least, the potential exists for aerosol transmission, given that virus is detected in bodily secretions, the pulmonary alveolar interstitial cells, and within lung spaces”

In summary:

Quite possibly the only thing standing between us and a massive EBOLA outbreak is, Winter Weather and ONE Ebola infected sneeze.

Let me put this another way:

If someone with Ebola sneezes and leaves the room, you can still get Ebola by walking into that room just minutes later – and taking JUST ONE BREATH.

Worse, this is especially true in colder climates. Believe it or not, like influenza, Ebola is actually LESS contagious in Africa because of the warm moist air.

But wait, there’s more.

Christopher Greene – AMTV Media

Christopher Greene weighs in on yesterday’s news, here:

ENGINEERED! Ebola Bio-weapon to Depopulate America

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/QI6AsGWGpuo

Christopher’s website is here:

AMTV Media

I like the work that he does, so check out his other stuff.

Alex Jones

Then we have Alex Jones, weighing in, as well:

Has Ebola Come To Texas?

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/tn0H7Xp5r28?t=7m

And then, there’s some evidence that Alex picked up a couple weeks ago. He put it together in a special report:

Globalists Are Building Hell On Earth

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/eMwIAetWpGw?t=11m

If that doesn’t raise the hair on the back of your neck… well …nothing will.

The Doug Hagmann Dimension

Then, let me add yet another dimension. It comes from Doug Hagmann, and it deals with a completely different set of circumstances – while illustrating what they are trying to do with Ebola. I picked up the article from Steve Quayle’s website, and you can see that article, here:

Evidence of the Islamic terror threat within our borders

Yes, that article is about Islamic terror cells operating in the US. But, it is actually more about how the US government has intentionally fostered their existence and growth. Or, maybe I should put it another way:

The US government WANTS Islamic terrorists in America

And, when you read the how Doug lays his article out, you cannot come away with any other conclusion. It really is THAT clear.

How does this apply to the current Ebola outbreak?

It’s all a part of the same plan. This is being done on purpose – to enslave you.

They’re Doing It On Purpose

But, I like how coach Dave says it:

They’re Doing it on Purpose

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/C7TyTHE5isA

Yeah. They’re doing it on purpose.

Their Purpose

The next question is about what that purpose is – currently.

Are they doing this as a part of their attempt to control the globe?

That’s possible, if they have an actual vaccine that actually works. They could then offer the vaccine to those they like, and deny it to those that they do not.

That would be a great control mechanism. Lots and lots of power in that idea. Lots.

But, can we be sure that this is their intention?

We already know that they intend to commit genocide on a global scale, so they might not have a vaccine that works – or, that vaccine might not be what they say that it is.

It’s kinda hard to trust people that have been lying to you about vaccine safety, all these years – as well as being on record that they want to kill off six billion people.

To Take The Vaccine Or Not To Take The Vaccine

So, you’ll hafta ask yourself if you are prepared to take this vaccine, when/if they decide to reveal that they have one. It might work, and they might make it work – to lull you into a false sense of complacency.

Or not.

Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to talk about this vaccine, when they roll it out.

God help us all.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


I don’t normally dump my research links on you, but you need to be as informed as possible. Please go through these:





















If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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66 thoughts on “Ebola in America – The Deadly Implications”

  1. Hi John, organic cold pressed olive oil kills viruses. Gods medicine. Kills bacteria too. We use coconut, avacado, and all kinds of essential oils. Eucalyptus , peppermint and some other essential oils can be inhaled by dropping a few drops into boiling water and breathing in deeply . Towel over head helps. I don’t usually get sick, when I do I doesn’t last very long. Raw honey (also in Gods medicine chest) is good too. Mixed with cinnamon or cinnamon oil kills lots of viruses and bacteria. No vaccines for me. They’ll have to kill me to make me take a vaccine( any vaccine). Hope this helps , fear is a powerful weapon. “Fear not” is mentioned 365 times in the KJV Bible. One for every day.

    • Hi Craig,

      Interesting. I will try to keep this in mind. And, some of what you write dovetails with what the Chinese do.

      And, I give a hearty AMEN to your point about fear.

      We need not fear, but we do need to prepare.

      God bless you, Craig. Keep up the good work.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. They already have a real vaccine. They’ve already given it to the upper echelon and middle management. As the Ebola “threat” continues and certain people on their list demonstrate their loyalty, they give them the real vaccine. This protocol will filter down to those in the trenches doing the general grunt work like police and military. I’m sure their special ops people have already been immunized in advance of this “threat” to ensure compliance by others on their list to get the real vaccine.

    The rest of us will be offered a weak vaccine and one that will further erode our immune system and ensure we ultimately die of Ebola or other complications. I suspect we may even show some improvement but later as time goes on, people will eventually die. This is their plan. The masses have no part in it.

    Let me further add that this form of Ebola can be administered by aerosol and will be sprayed wholesale at some point to finish off those who think they will be separate by remote location, safe in their bug-retreats. They won’t have to go and look for you. They’ll simply chemtrail and kill you.

    You’d best have your immune system in order, have measures in place to prevent exposure and remedies to help you fight infection. And most of all, a real relationship with Almighty Yahweh, and not some a supposed one from the comfort of your delusional paradigm.

  3. THANK YOU …GREAT AND INFORMATIVE ARTICLE … this focus on Ebola is much superior to the usual focus on Jerusalem! … fantastic

  4. Hi John,

    Thank you so much for the knowledge and wisdom you are sharing with the brethren. What a godsend you are! I wanted to mention to you that you and your audience can google Natural Solutions Foundation and Dr. Rima Laibow provides a wealth of info about preventing and curing this virus using the nano silver. This info is being suppressed by our gov and if you google her site, you can read much critical info about this and order this life-saving silver. God bless you and yours.


    • Hi Lisa D’Alia,

      Thank you for your kind words. It is only by the grace of God that this truly foolish writer has anything to say. This has been a truly humbling experience!

      I did a search as you indicate, and here is Dr. Rima’s site:


      I’m not an expert in this area, so caveat emptor to everyone.

      Thank you, Lisa, and may God bless you!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

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  6. John, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Pharma company that is working on the vaccine out in San Diego named ISIS?

  7. So it comes
    God is with us
    Let’s unite together brothren and sisters
    We r with u too, we must gather together and counterattack
    Hope it would change,it is hard deeply to see people dying
    Oh lord almighty,

  8. i read where Canada did tests and it transferred from swine to monkey or maybe the other way around…either way i knew it would get here sooner or later..now that its here ,who knows if it will mutate into a 3rd variant?..i believe these are the ” beasst of the field” of Revelation..?

    • Hi Tim Moore,

      Yes, I saw that report, too. And, it’s clear that they are deliberately not talking about it.

      As to your point about ‘the beasts’, I think that you are referring to Revelation 6:8 and the pale horse. This death by the ‘beasts of the earth’ continues to puzzle me. I think that this Ebola sits under the category of ‘pestilence’ – which may be what verse 8 refers to, when it says ‘kill with death’.

      However, if my suspicion that Ebola is a bio-weapon is true… well …Ebola could be a part of any one of the horsemen. How the elites respond to this will indicate what it is.

      It’s like we are back in the ‘good old days’ of the Cold War, when you knew that the USSR had a bad wheat harvest – when they talked about how great the potato was.

      Thank you, Tim. Great point.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  9. Hi again. I’ve not yet had time to watch your many linked videos, but I will try to watch as many as I can. But for now, there are some logic flaws that need to be set straight.

    There is a HUGE difference in contagion between droplet transmission and truly airborne transmission. I have no doubt the PTB are furiously working on making it airborne, but so far it is not. Note that much of the panic verbiage is based on what Ebola could do IF it were airborne. In airborne, pathogen particles can float in the air for extended periods of time and be carried through ventilation systems, on air currents, etc. If Ebola were truly airborne we would be seeing cases in the multiple millions already. This is a terrible disease to be sure but it is also being over-hyped. I have read articles, that make a lot of sense, to the effect that “they” are trying to create a panic so they can rake in even more profits from vaccines, plus play on the psych aspect of it to get even more control. Not to mention the stuff they offer as a protective vaccine might not be that at all.

    One unusual thing about the virus is that it is able to evade most of your immune system’s attempts to fight it, not in the same way as AIDS but actually even worse: your immune system eventually goes all out and throws everything it has at the virus in an attempt to save your life, but what you actually die of is an overdose of this immune activity. They call it a cytokine storm, the same mechanism that killed via the “Spanish” flu of WW1. Actually it started in an American military facility but the PTB named it that because they didn’t want America to be blamed for it, and our soldiers spread it to Europe even as they were dying of it themselves. The seemingly strange thing about that epidemic was that it affected young healthy people more than the weak and elderly, because their immune systems were able to respond more aggressively. That may turn out to be the case with Ebola also, that the stronger you are, the more susceptible.

    For droplet transmission, overcrowding and nonexistent sanitation help it spread very well. Monrovia has no public sewer system, they literally use the beach as a latrine. Think about that for a moment – no possible way to wash their hands, and then going about their business as usual, in a teeming city of people who do the same. But even with all that in its favor, it still has only killed about 3,000 people. This guy in Texas, his family and anyone he sneezed on or shook hands with at a bad time is in danger. Not the entire city of Dallas. Note that the entire EMT crew that took him to the hospital when he became violently ill has tested negative. It is absolutely true that an already infected person can take it anywhere airplanes go – but once there, it is not going to spread like wildfire unless it becomes truly airborne. Or somebody puts it in a public water supply or something, and I wouldn’t put it past them to do so, if it can remain viable in cooler temperatures. And survive chlorination. Something to watch, and be concerned about, but not yet worth wholesale panic. That may just be what the PTB are trying to stir up.

    I am reminded of some recently declassified stuff a researcher dug up about our military, I think in the 50s, intentionally spraying radioactive particles over elementary school playgrounds in St. Louis, for years, just to see what would happen. It was done from light poles. I just tried to go back to that link but it’s no longer active, will have to look it up again. It is appalling what governments are willing to do to their own people and ours is no different. But we must try to resist them “messing with our heads” and I think there is an element of that in the Ebola issue.

    • Hi DRG,

      Excellent and well-written points.

      I think that I might not have emphasized the first video’s point – that this virus is airborne in colder climates, just like influenza.

      It does NOT appear to be airborne in equatorial regions, just as influenza is not airborne in those same regions. To be airborne, this virus needs winter weather.

      The ‘cytokine storm’ that you refer to is exceptionally interesting. But, this does not appear to be the primary killer with Ebola, although we’ve seen some patients die AFTER they were free of the virus – and that cytokine reaction may be the cause.

      In the final analysis, we will see if Ebola is truly airborne – when winter sets in. Remember that there’s a reason why cold weather brings on the Flu season – and it’s NOT because you don’t bundle up enough.

      Great comment, DRG!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  10. Since the Shemitah began on Sept. 25, 2014 we have had two 200+ point drops in the DOW (one on the first day), a beheading by a Muslim and our first Ebola outbreak here on US soil.

    And the ending of the Shemitah is supposed to be much worse than the beginning – just food for thought.


  11. Hi again. Am halfway through the first video and have already seen so much misinterpretation and misstatement that I had to stop and comment. He is emphasizing what the article says ‘might be possible’ (namely airborne transmission) and ignoring what it says IS KNOWN in the sentence above what he highlighted, namely that there is no strong evidence of this, and that secondary transmission (meaning those after the first case) involves direct contact with infected body fluids. It is common practice in scientific articles to cover all bases and not call something impossible until you have proven that it is. They are acknowledging the possibility that the virus could become airborne, either thru natural mutation or bioengineering. They acknowledge that work has been done on weaponizing such things. No doubt. Aerosolizing blood would probably mean spraying a fine mist of it in a crowded place, and even that might not work if the virus has not mutated or been changed enough to transmit that way. The droplets might be heavy enough to fall straight to the ground and not be easily inhaled. It does NOT mean a sneeze, and he uses the example of a sneeze as aerosolizing the virus and that is absolutely not what it is. It’s droplet transmission, not the same as aerosol at all. At the 2:55 mark, he completely ignores where they say that in the 1976 Sudan outbreak, only 23% of family members sleeping in the same room with the patient were affected. That is pretty darn close contact, and all of them breathing the same air. 81% of health care workers were affected, presumably because they were in continual close contact with victims who were vomiting, bleeding profusely, etc – precisely the close contact with body fluids that is known to transmit the disease. I read more today about the virus and apparently just soap and water will kill it on a skin surface.

    I repeat what I said in my first comment: we don’t even need to debate whether it is transmitted via aerosol at this time. It would be obvious if it were – there would be millions upon millions infected, and entire cities would be laid waste in Africa. It would be worse than the black plague in Europe. That kind of devastation would spread. I doubt even the illuminati could protect themselves. What we are seeing is a contagious and horrible disease, yes, but hysteria is unwarranted. If it mutates or they succeed in weaponizing it, that’s a different story, but we’re not there yet.

    • Hi DRG,

      Great critical analysis.

      However, if I remember his point, he was/is analyzing a worst-case scenario. We HAVE seen airborne transmission of variants of this virus, but we don’t know if THIS specific virus will be transmissible when Winter sets in – when traditionally airborne viruses are most infectious.

      Remember that he’s making the link with Influenza A – which is a virus that requires cooler air to be airborne.

      Oh, and soap and water doesn’t kill this virus. It just washes it off.

      We’ll see what happens. I truly, truly hope that this worst-case scenario doesn’t occur. But, we must be prepared – just in case.

      Thank you, DRG. Again, another great comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Oh dear dear dear dear. For what it’s worth, I am a registered nurse as of 5 years ago (recent education) and finished with a 4.0 because I am meticulous and wanted to understand how and why everything works the way it does. I continue to research topics of interest for clarification and latest findings. Before that I was a software engineer, and am well acquainted with the process of deductive and inductive reasoning, what it can tell you, and what it cannot. The point of which is, what I am offering here is not opinion, it is hard science. I have found several sources which state that soap and water will kill the virus; one (Ultraclenz) is a manufacturer of antibacterial handwash used in hospitals, and it further quotes from the Mayo Clinic website. Ebola is a lipid (fat) containing virus, and soap dissolves fats and oils. Bleach dissolves just about everything microbial. I am guessing this is the mechanism, but the following sources say soap kills it without detailing the mechanism:

        : http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/ebola-virus/pages/ebola-virus.aspx#UK

        Strict infection control procedures and wearing protective clothing minimises this risk – see What’s the advice for healthcare workers?. Simply washing hands with soap and water can destroy the virus.


        Wash your hands often with soap and clean water – and use clean towels to dry them. This can be difficult in slum and rural areas where there is not always direct access to clean water – but it is an effective way to kill the virus. Ordinary soap is all that’s needed.


        Ebola is transmitted by human to human contact and this transmission is almost always among the caregivers and the gravely ill patient. The Ebola virus is easily killed by soap, bleach and other methods. The number one protocol in protecting the health care worker is maintaining a rigid hand hygiene protocol in

        As with almost all infectious diseases, it is critical to have in place hand hygiene protocols to follow. It isn’t merely enough to wash your hands – you need to provide tools for the staff and make compliance easier. Providing conveniently located hand hygiene stations at critical juntures throughout facilities..

        “As with other infectious diseases, one of the most important preventive measures for Ebola virus and Marburg virus is frequent hand-washing.” This passage is taken from the Mayo Clinics website and underscores one of the most basic tenants of hygiene that far too often is also one of the most ignored.


        I went to the POTR website, and the post I find currently (10/2 at 9:25 AM, CST) is “MAXIMUM ALERT: DALLAS EBOLA VICTIM MOST LIKELY ACQUIRED HIS INFECTION ON HIS FLIGHT”. I was unable to find much of anything about the author of that blog, except that they call themselves Ms. X, and nothing about their credentials. Here is their statement following the “alert”:

        “Per the Center For Disease Control’s very own Ebola simulation model, 50% of all Ebola infections develop symptoms five and a half days after infection. Given that the Dallas victim’s symptom onset occurred within 6 days of his Liberian departure flight; it is most likely that he/she was infected on that flight by someone else on that flight who was actively shedding Ebola virus.”

        The post goes on to make more wildly inaccurate CONCLUSIONS (“Since the Dallas victim is most likely a secondary infection, patient zero from that flight is still on the loose and more victims are to follow in the near term. “) based on the first inaccurate conclusion.

        I will now analyze that first statement, using logic alone.
        1. If 50% of infections develop symptoms 5.5 days after infection, that means the other 50% develop either earlier or later. This is shown quite clearly in the graph Ms. X included, yet uses to support their statement, which does not follow.
        2. the quarantine period is set at 21 days because it is well known that 21 days is the maximum time it can take for an infected person to show symptoms. If this is true, it is possible that he was infected 21 days before he first began to feel unwell, and we don’t know how long it was between that moment
        and when he decided his symptoms were serious enough to make the first trip to the ER.
        3. It is therefore impossible to conclude, from logic alone, exactly when he was infected.

        Using the logic applied by Ms. X, since overall US birth statistics are 51% boys to 49% girls, then we can be sure that Mrs. So-and-So, who is pregnant, is going to give birth to a boy and we should decorate a blue room for him and buy lots of boy clothes and toys.

        I will now analyze it from a medical perspective, based on current research.

        1. People are not contagious until they are symptomatic.
        2. The airport in Liberia has been screening for elevated temperatures, and he was not showing an elevated temp when he boarded his flight. Temps are one of the first symptoms, and fortunately they show up before the violent nausea, etc which is REALLY contagious. He appeared, and felt, fine at that time. According to the calendar of key dates included by Ms. X, he developed symptoms 5 days after he boarded his flight. That means he was asymptomatic for the first 4 of them, and not contagious.
        3. Everyone else on that flight was screened for an elevated temp as well, and apparently no problems were found. It is highly unlikely that he caught Ebola on his flight.
        4. More information is coming forth on this case, most recently that while in Liberia he assisted in bringing a pregnant woman stricken with Ebola to a hospital, and was turned away for lack of space. He took her back home and carried her into her family’s house, where she died shortly thereafter. If she was already so sick she could not walk, she was definitely symptomatic, and carrying a stricken person in your arms is very close contact. This is by far the “most likely”, a phrase much used by Ms. X, the way he caught Ebola.

        In all the hubbub surrounding this case, let us not allow our own fear to blind us to the fact that this man performed an act of selfless compassion as Our Lord commands us to do. He knew the risk he was facing better than we do, because he saw it all around him. And let us forgive him his very understandable fear, if that’s what it was, that caused him to hasten to the US instead of waiting 21 days in Liberia to see what happened. He already knew there would be no room for him at the hospital. He knew that if there was any hope of successful treatment, should he be infected, it would not be there, it would be here.

        Another one of my interminable comments. Don’t feel that you have to include it all. I could keep typing for days on the deplorable logic and pseudoscience I am seeing on many of these sites, POTR in particular. After what I have seen there, I cannot take it seriously, and neither should anyone else, if they value truth and accuracy.

        There is scientific support for the idea of FLU virus being more airborne under conditions of cooler temps and lower humidity – here is a good explanation of how and why: https://www.sercc.com/FuhrmannGeogCompassFlu.pdf

        Ebola is not flu and does not behave like flu, and does not concentrate in the human respiratory tract as does flu. It concentrates in the liver in people, but in some susceptible animals (dogs, for example, do not become infected with it) it does concentrate in the lungs. Research has been done trying to figure out how it could get from infected pigs to infected monkeys, and suggests that airborne MIGHT – MIGHT!!!! – be the explanation. It’s a long way from “MIGHT” to hysteria. It behaves very differently in animals and in people, and it can NOT be assumed otherwise. Here is an excellent article on it, written by a medical doctor:


        For what it’s worth, as the disease spreads however it does, more means of transmission will emerge. In Africa, people eat bushmeat – already a mode of transmission – and if they also eat stray dogs, that will become a vector also. They won’t be able to distinguish infected dogs because they don’t get the disease, although they can carry it. Revulsion alert – if you have a weak stomach skip to the next paragraph: stray dogs have been seen digging up Ebola corpses and eating them. They could well become a significant vector, but I have not read anything on how the virus acts in a dog or where it concentrates. Only that they don’t get sick.

        Also, since Ebola does not kill 100% of its victims, there are survivors. And in survivors, thought needs to be given to post-illness transmission. I read recently that in men, live virus is present in sperm for 7 weeks after recovery, so there is the potential for Ebola to become an STD.

        And it just occurred to me that since it is present in blood (in the case of people), it may be that it could become a mosquito-borne illness. I have not read anything about this, am just presenting it as a possibility.

        • Hi DRG,

          Again, yet another excellent critical analysis.

          Unfortunately, Ebola is still insanely contagious, whatever the mode of transmission, and this means that we should respond to this with worst-case preparation. Should Ebola burn itself out, our preparations would still be useful for the other threats facing us.

          I’m afraid that a simultaneous outbreak of the Zaire and Sudan strains of this disease lead me to believe that this disease originated in bio-weapons program.

          Either way, God did promise death on a grand scale when the four horsemen began their ride.

          Thank you, DRG. Valuable commentary!

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  12. Whether this is going to kill millions, or just a couple hundred thousand will be a great way to shut down the banks, steal accounts, grab pensions, and clamp down on the population under the guise of “protecting families & children”.
    My second guess is that Israel has threatened Obama with this if he didn’t obey them & follow through on their desire to destroy Iran.
    Who knows? My government lies so much that the proper default is to assume they’re trying to rip us off & kill us.
    If this is as bad s they are making it out to be, then you need 10X the ammo that you think is plenty…

  13. The 3rd horse (pale horse) of revelations is picking up pace.
    I am trying to spread the word around my work and to anyone who will listen, but even now when speaking to a friend at work whose parent is a pastor doesn’t believe in Jesus, he states he is modest about that and believes in a higher power, but when I repeat myself and tell him that JESUS is that higher power he becomes stand offish on the matter.

    How do I reach people who are unwilling to listen so that they can prepare for what is to come ?

    is it out of my hands and I have to let Jesus open his heart ? is simply being a witness for Jesus what I must do so that people can hear the message and then pray to Jesus that he can open their heart before its too late ?

    I feel soo sad that soo many people will be lost to this antichrist beast system that is underway, sooo many need to wake up and they need to wake up Now, not later, but Right now !!
    this is Sooo very horrible if people like my coworker don’t wake up and take the mark of the beast and lose their eternal soul, MAN!!

    this is Crazy to say the least

  14. Hey! Haven’t seen you and Kwei for such a long time!
    I am suppose to be doing a review paper for Ebola virus this semester and the next so this kind of helps:)

    Will you be visiting YangMing like before? We really need you! No matter how bad the world is going to become, we still have to go and make disciples of all nations, right?

    • Hi FongSiang,

      Will Kwei and I be showing up at the YangMing class?

      I don’t know. We’re still trying to figure out what classes we can handle, right now.

      But, if we can’t make it to YangMing, you are the student that Kwei and I will miss the most. It is truly wonderful to see the work of God in your life. We are very impressed.

      And, thank you for the reminder about sharing the Gospel. It really is our most important job.

      God bless you, FongSiang – and, I hope that your review paper goes well!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  15. YEP!!!
    Hitler had SS Troops, Death Camps and ZyklonB!
    The 8th and final SPK will use what?! –
    Zombie Certified SS Troops, Fema Camps and Ebola?!

    The “O” man jus’might be HIM (AC)!!!
    Note that Avenged Sevenfold broke with their album “Hail to the king” last year!!! It’s not Jesus they’re hailing!!!


    Good News Is-
    World’s going 2 be BEGGING 4 him!!!

    “Verily I say, you’ll not see me again til ye say, “Blessed be HE who comes in the name of the Lord!!!”

    Well, I’m not waiting!!!
    We LOVE and NEED YOU!!!

    How can anyone watch that vid. or any Vid. by Metallica, AC/DC, Megadeth, Marilyn Manson, Janes Addiction etc. etc. etc. —- read/follow wiki and links for “Rock and Roll”, “Death Metal”, “Black Metal” and so-on —— AND NOT UNDERSTAND THE FOLLOWING VERSE AND THUS KNOW WHO “BABYLON” IS

    Rev 18:22
    The music of harpists and musicians, pipers and trumpeters,
    will never be heard in you (BABYLON) again.

    Were reffering to “ROCK-N-ROLL”!!!
    HER (BABYLONS) Night Clubs, Concerts, etc…..

    I mean, who has the “NOISIEST DEN” on earth?!

    Imagine the Lyrics and Music of Bands like G-N-R (“Girl’s, Girl’s, Girl’s” or “Mr. Brownstone”), Avenged Sevenfold (“Hail to the King”), Lil Wayn (“Lick’er like a Lollipop”), Metallica (“Enter Sandman”), AC/DC (“Hells Bells” – “If GODS on the left, then I’m stickin to the right”),
    Godsmack, Alice in Chains, Marilyn Manson, NWA, Snoop Dog (“Gin and Juice”), etc, etc, etc,…..

    And those NATIONS/ARMY’s of the NORTH are preparing/being prepared for that now!!!

    • Hi Jus’Say’n,

      I couldn’t include all of your other comments, and I’m violating the 300 word rule here, as well. However, you make a good point.

      That video is an homage to the Antichrist, and it is truly vile.

      Now, does America reign over the ‘kings of the Earth’ more-so than the Vatican?

      Does America have more of the blood of Saints on its hands, than the Vatican?

      Well, we have evidence that the Vatican DOES rule over kings of the Earth, and the Vatican CERTAINLY has more blood on its hands than America.

      But, the message is the same – GET OUT! And, I truly hope that you will do that.

      Thank you, JS. Good comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

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  17. John,

    I have read on numerous sites that the Ebola scare is a manufactured event to cause fear. This fear will cause the American people (and other nations) to be vaccinated. The vaccination will be the cause of the genocide. It is all just too suspicious and my tin foil hat is vibrating a warning. Your thoughts? I know I will not allow myself to be vaccinated. It just seems too convenient that they have a vaccine so soon…and it has been stated that the virus has mutated several times. I don’t think they can have a vaccine for all strains.
    Yours in Christ,

    • Hi annspinwall4,

      It’s hard to know all of the reasons why they might have released this virus. It is undoubtedly a supremely deadly threat.

      So yes, they want you afraid, but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t any danger.

      As always, we don’t need to be afraid, but we do need to prepare.

      Thank you, Annette. Great comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  18. John, I love reading your published work. You inspired me weeks ago to get off my butt, build a website and get to work. So I’ve been busy. It was your quoted scriptures that really pierced my heart, and I am grateful to you.

    I did some homework on Ebola and nano silver. I have small children so their health is vitally important to us. Nano silver solution is available to buy, and we use it at home. But your readers can MAKE THEIR OWN, at home, in their coffee pot.

    Go here:
    I posted a dosing protocol here: http://www.jerrywdavis.com/nano-silver-protocol-ebola/

    I also posted a recipe to make your own Silver Tea, and EPA documentation that supports the tea solution.

    Jesus Christ Is Lord – jd

  19. Hello John,
    I thought this article was very interesting and important. So important that I hope you don’t mind, but I posted a link to it on my website and on my personal Facebook page for all of my contacts.
    It is incredible that the Obama Administration has allowed this to happen, but then again, I believe it is intentional and planned, especially given the fact that this has happened right before a major mid-term election.
    Thanks for the research!
    Jeff Wingo

    • Hi Jeff Wingo,

      Not only do I not mind, but I feel honored that you would post the link on your website.

      Furthermore, your site looks excellent. And, I believe that this alien messiah (aka antichrist) story is an important one for us to keep in mind, as we go forward into these dark days.

      God bless you, Jeff. Keep up the good work!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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