The Heart of Evil Revealed – Fritz Springmeier on the Weekend Vigilante Show

Like you, I spent most of my life not really believing that true evil walked among us. Yes, I knew that it was out there, somewhere, and I knew that Satan was a really bad dude. But, it just was never really real to me.

Unfortunately, we no longer have the luxury of ignoring the true nature of evil, because it has plans for us. It wants you, your family and your friends… dead – or worse. It wants you asleep while it seeks to extract God from your life.

And, because you have so little experience with such depravity, it’s hard to believe that it’s true.


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The Heart of Evil Revealed

Fritz Springmeier on the Weekend Vigilante Show

Truth is incredibly important to me. In fact, there is literally nothing in this world more important to me than truth.

Because God is Truth.

The problem is that there is so much untruth out there, that it’s actually hard to see what IS true. If you want to keep your understanding of the truth uncorrupted, you must be fanatically careful about what you call true.

If you aren’t careful, you will find your ability to see clearly, obscured – or, even destroyed.

This means that you must choose your sources of information very, very carefully. Even then, you should treat what comes from those sources with a healthy dose of skepticism.

We are all flawed individuals, capable of sin and foolishness. And, that’s why none of us should be trusted completely. Not me. Not you. Not anyone.

Except God.

I say all that because I’ve been holding Fritz Springmeier at arm’s length for a couple years. I wasn’t sure about who – or what – he was, so I chose not to use him as a source of information.

Sheila Zilinsky – The Weekend Vigilante

However, listening to him being interviewed by Sheila Zilinsky, has changed my mind, and I had no idea beforehand that Sheila was going to bring him on her show.

Here’s a link to the show:

Weekend Edition: The Weekend Vigilante & The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

Dr. Michael Coffman

The first part of the show was with Dr. Michael Coffman, and it was a great interview, all by itself. In fact, as I listened to it, I found myself thinking of the parallels between what he was saying and how the Soviets gained control of Eastern Europe after World War II.

People often don’t realize that the Soviet Union didn’t just invade Eastern Europe. They were far, far more subtle than that. They set up a big domestic intelligence gathering entities and a system of laws and taxes that ground down the middle and upper classes. Within a few short years, Eastern Europe was under the direct control of Moscow.

And, the Elites are following the exact same formula in the US – just a little more slowly.

Fritz Springmeier

I would have written about that today, if Fritz Springmeier hadn’t come on – at the 86:54 minute mark – to talk about Mind Control and the Illuminati.

To listen to the interview on YouTube, go here:

Hagmann & Hagmann – 14 Sept 2014 – Weekend Edition

YouTube shortlink:

(I’ve already fast-forwarded the interview, in the YouTube video,
to the point where Fritz is introduced.

For the first time, I finally got a feel for the kind of person that Fritz Springmeier is. I guess that you might say that ‘the pieces fell into place’. I now believe that Fritz is a sincere brother in Christ who has sacrificed his well-being to bring us the truth.

Does this mean that everything he says IS the truth?

I don’t know. But, I can attest to the fact that a lot of of what Fritz says is completely true. And, I so very much wish that it wasn’t. There are many independent sources that corroborate much of what Mr. Springmeier says, so we need to treat him as an important source.

In fact, I have placed his website on my blogroll, and I strongly encourage you to support  – and read – his work. You can find it here:

God bless you, Fritz. I’m so sorry that it took me so long to believe you.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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25 thoughts on “The Heart of Evil Revealed – Fritz Springmeier on the Weekend Vigilante Show”

  1. I have known about Springmeier for over a decade and used to believe what he preaches. The one thing that did bother me though was his allegation that Billy Graham was a mind control agent of the illuminati. Graham has lived a life of compromise but how in the world could Springmeier know that Graham allegedly sleeps with his eyes open? In recent years more information about Springmeier has come to light so that I no longer trust him. Like all these alleged ex-illuminati people in the Christian community much of what they say may be true but it always contains disinformation and these people discredit the Christian community. More about Springmeier can be read here.

    • Hi Steven,

      I’m afraid that the truth probably lies somewhere in between. Yes, I understand that Fritz is a flawed source. However, I also know that his detractors are also seriously flawed, as well.

      Fritz’s main problem is that he’s getting his information from the Illuminati themselves, and the Illuminati lies to their own people.

      Fritz’s second problem is that he’s doing this on his own, while handling the darkest of evil. This is NOT a good idea.

      Unfortunately, I have found that the kinds of criticism that Fritz gets shows a great deal of ignorance about the Illuminati. I understand that ignorance, because the results of my own efforts to track down what was really happening were awfully hard to believe.

      The bottom line is that we must always use multiple sources to establish the truth, and even then, be a bit critical of what we come up with.

      The only source of written truth is the Bible.

      Thank you, Steven.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. Thanks, John for lifting up Fritz. I have 3 of his books and have been fallowing him for a good decade . However there are a number of disinformation agents out there that have been putting him down. and they create doubt. Thanks for your stand and good words towards Fritz. I agree .

    • Hi Rinaldo Bonovento,

      Yeah, when dealing with the Illuminati, the evil come out of the woodwork. And yes, the disinformation agents are very, very clever.

      Jesus warned us about them, when He talked about wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      Now, be careful. When dealing with such a tangled web as the Illuminati, always have several sources. Remember that the Illuminati lie to their own people.

      Never trust Satan to give you the whole story.

      Thank you, Rinaldo. Great comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. We have to be careful about what we hear and what we fill us with. And I believe its importent to read the Word of God daily. Thats the basic of all true. And a holy life with Jesus will clean up the trash in our soul, and we will more and more hear the voice of the spirit. When I tranlate one of your shock letter, and sometimes I was not sure about the truth in some sentence, but in my spirit, i feel a great peace and somthing holy. I was bless. So keep up the go(o)d work. Bless from Norway.

    • Hi Tore,

      Thank you!

      It is good that you never trust me completely. Take everything to the Lord. All that is true comes from God.

      The mistakes are mine.

      And, please feel free to criticize what I write. You do not need my permission. You will stand before God one day and answer for what appears on your site. This is a serious responsibility.

      God bless you, Tore. It is good to know such a faithful brother in Christ.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. Fritz Springmeier was on of the first persons I listened to concerning the NWO. His presentation at the prophecy club was stunning. He shattered everything I learned about in history. Although he expressed hope in his presentations I still think it was more on the fearful side just based on the content of what he was speaking about. I did appreciate his witholding of judgment on people like John Todd or Abraham Lincoln.
    Supposedly there was a controversey concering his wife. That she said he cheated on her with one of the women that he was hoping to break free of mind control. I am not sure if he has ever responded to that.

    • Hi Sean,

      Anyone who tries to take on the Illuminati are going to have their reputation falsely tarnished, in some way.

      If there is any criticism that I have of Fritz, is that he hasn’t had the right kind of brotherly backup to keep him safe. It is my understanding that he’s doing this on his own, and that’s dangerous. Of course, the fault may be ours – because we weren’t standing with him.

      Whatever his faults, I believe that he is sincere, and a valid source. Unfortunately, that’s not enough when dealing with this subject, so I always recommend using as many sincere, valid sources as you can.

      Thank you, Sean. Great comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  5. John,

    Thank you for sharing the Fritz Springmeier interview and for coming to the conclusion (and all the awake and aware wish it wasn’t so) that he is exactly who he says he is and knows what he says he knows. I have read a couple of his books. ” Worldwide Evil and Misery” is a must read…astonishing, I learned so much about the world and all the lies we have been fed. Thank you for your wonderful insight, I truly enjoy your writings.

  6. Dear John, Thank you for this good review. The Body of Christ needs to know to give credibility to this source; Fritz Springmeier. I believed him from the first that I read his material last November 2013 and I will tell you why. 1. The Holy Spirit supernaturally brought me to his prophecy club video through a series of events in my personal life. 2. His material had the ring of truth, to me, as I watched and listened. 3. Reading his books online, immediately following, although I continuously thought,”These people actually believe this stuff?” (meaning Fritz, Cisco, Cathy,… in regards to MKULTRA and satanic ritual abuse…), I could not get away from the fact that his information was, as I like to call it, crazy accurate! 4. I have had enough “bad” in my life via early childhood sexual abuse,… to know good when I see it. The man loves the Lord and is accurate when using the Word. 5. The only possibly credible bad things written about him, that I could find on the internet, were from an ex wife and a couple pastors. The other detractors were obviously disinformation bc of their ungodly stance and worldly world view. That actually convinced me even more, because that is very realistic for an ex to have problems with your life after them. I have looked up others whom I know to have evil associates and not one shred of negative information is on the net against them except as lumped with others. In other words, the net had been wiped clean for them. Too clean. 6. I guess I had a heads up on some false doctrines in the church from a very good church I attended and I was not distracted by those in the Body who have mixture and come against Fritz. 7. This is a big deal, to wake up to how evil is running its world. Of course, the ways of the enemy would be sneaky and far more evil than we can even begin to comprehend. You have to have untruth out of your heart sufficiently to be able to “see” the truth. Obviously, the church in the earth has some serious problems or we would walk and talk much more like Jesus. Where are all the ill being healed? Where are all being saved at meetings and the signs and wonders we should walk in as children of the Most High God? With such great power available, surely we are lacking in some way. This is one major way, unwillingness to hear the truth while also actively believing lies. What lies? There are many (…) in this post for a reason. MANY. The church in the earth needs to seriously repent in “sackcloth and ashes” for how we have been “missing the mark” so badly, yet are somehow comfortable with that fact and/or blaming others and even God for the lack of power and delay of blessing. Ultimately, it took a month to completely wake up to all the truth that Fritz was exposing. In less than one year I am almost completely well from the abuses I have suffered (the church has had me for almost 30 yrs…), several family members have been saved (some elderly), miracle after miracle has occurred as a direct result of believing the truth as told by Fritz. The proof is in the pudding. Taste and see that the Lord is good and Fritz is His servant. Who could go through all he has for others without the love of the Lord? Who could stand for Jesus so plainly and consistently in accord with the scriptures and not be of God? He exposes evil and champions truth. How is it that we have a hard time believing him? God have mercy on us all.
    Sincerely, Samantha

  7. Dear John, This reply is to confront the negative opinion post by Steven. All that Steven has said is vague, unsubstantiated, and not credible in itself.

    As to your reply to Steven, you mention up front you are “afraid the truth lies somewhere in between.” Fear no more. It is the end times. Light is getting lighter and dark darker, meaning, in general, truth is becoming purer and evil is also. The truth lies in the truth, 100%. Why do we hesitate to support the truth? Of course, we are all flawed sources, we are all human. This is a given and frankly rudimentary for any serious seekers of truth. As to Fritz “doing this on his own”, he says he had people planted in his life as false friends and few Christians would believe him. This says more about the Christian church than it does about Fritz. We have failed him terribly. I am not god to judge someone’s heart motives and or heart problems to purge and overcome. Who knows how much of his sufferings in prison and with his reputation have to do with sins in his heart (such as we all have to purge; pride…) and how much is pure persecution for righteousness sake? We do know that MKULTRA documents have been released, by the US govt. itself, that corroborate his findings. There are multiple sources that agree with the information he puts out. There are volumes of documentation. You have to hurt yourself to not see it! He is getting his information from serious, in-depth, research at the leading of the Holy Spirit. I have heard him state in a radio interview that it is ridiculous to think he was sleeping with the woman he was helping get free while her husband was in the house. He says he tries to focus on the facts and avoid being drawn into focusing on lies about himself or others. It just feeds the disinformation as in all publicity is good publicity. he wisely keeps above the fray as much as possible. Look, this is serious. If he is telling the truth and it is proven through multiple sources that he is telling the truth, then many owe him an apology and need to seek the face of the Lord for how we have been deceived lo these many years!!! I am not defending Fritz. I am defending the Truth. This is serious. I cannot say that enough! How many are being tortured and killed while we glibly debate Fritz’ merits?

    I have been saved since I was 22 and now 50. I mentioned someone who I could find nothing bad about, basically, online. It is Marilyn Hickey. I will name names and cite sources. I was born in Pitt., PA during the time of the Nazi Dr.s’ experiments. I was raised in a town that was home to the pharmaceutical company, Hoffmann La-Roche, that invented LSD and was doing, documented, mind control experiments with the US Army (Is it that much of a stretch to believe that they did secret experiments with local children?). My hometown had an iconic resident, Annie Oakley, whom I found, through research, to be friends with Scotty of Scotty’s Castle and lived in Nutley,NJ during the time of Anton Lavey writing his Satanic Bible in NYC just 15 min out of town. She was also part of the Country Music “circuit” which was written about by others (not Fritz). There are too many incidents and facts to cite to support the findings and printed research from Fritz Springmeier. I am not trying to write a book here. “Wake up people!!!” To quote Evangelist Anita Fuentes. Jesus is my Lord!!! I will be a fool for Him in a heartbeat now and forever. You slander Him when you come against the Truth. It is for Him I am passionate.
    Thank you for your consideration, Samantha

  8. Dear John, Oh man! I just read the rule about comments over 300 words. I am very bad with numbers and have no clue if I am over or not. I probably am. Is there anyway you can break up my comments and post them in multiple posts? Also, what is with the math quiz for every post? ha ha JK. I do like it better than un-discernable wiggly letters. I am just, as I said, not fond of math. I will try to do better with future posts, but am very tired now and cannot go back and re-write in an acceptable format, yet I think what I had to say is valuable and shouldn’t be lost. It is 8:05 am here and not pm as your site says of my previous comments’ times. Are you on the other side of the world? I am in USA. I looked at your home page and couldn’t find “about us” article. Maybe I am too tired to find it now. I will look again later. Thank you, again, for your consideration. <3 in Christ Samantha

  9. Hello John,

    You are so right about deception in these days. Of course discernment of today’s prophets comes from His word. I believe we have the ability to know genuine sincerity blessed by His Word. (i found many-our ‘job’)

    I must bring something to your attention. Given my study and experience to ‘see’ the occult symbols and faces in ‘art’, I had plenty of time to study the cover of your Lady Liberty.
    Knowing what Disney draws, Batman’s ‘package’, a disgusting ‘package’ on Elwood at a McD’s in Chicago Hts. IL, ETC, What is that hanging from her robe? (phallic? with an eye?). Is that a pyramid ‘AT’ her throat (inconsistent lines of the red stripe)? A black pyramid to her right used for an eye of a face? Is there a face peeking from her mid-section? A goat head on her right shoulder? Serpent heads of her hands? Scales are ‘greys’ with mics? Are there not SEVERAL faces large and small, with distorted, covered, or highlighted eyes? A dragon head across her right breast- large eye- ‘3’. . ‘pods’? Bottom right dark robed image clutching a cross with its feet?

    Sorry my brother. Please have someone you trust with the experience to find these things? This image may be intentional, (revelation of the unseen) so we SEE who is responsible for the danger ahead. I would never suggest it is a reflection on your ministry. JESUS WITH YOU BROTHER!. . . .toby

    • Hi toby lee,

      I see that you understand these things.

      Yes, Disney was (and is) heavily involved in the occult, the Illuminati, Satanism and MK-Ultra mind control. We have been truly deceived.

      Thank you, Toby. God bless you, brother. I pray for you often.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  10. John-Fritz Springmeier is a convicted bank robber, released in March of 2011 from prison. Perhaps he found Jesus there, but I find it hard to take anything he says too seriously. Caution is the word as far as I am concerned.

    • Hi Chas,

      I’m sorry that you see things that way. If you look closely at the evidence, you will find that it was a miscarriage of justice, and that there was no basis for a conviction.

      Secondly, you should be well aware by now that the elites use the judicial system to shut down those who criticize them.

      Be careful, Chas. The elites love to distract you with false arguments.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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