A Desperate Truth

I just sent out a response to an email that has changed what I was going to write today. It was from a woman that I will call Lorrie. Her husband does not – and will not – agree that there was anything to worry about. And he is dead-set against disaster preparedness. This poor woman is stuck in a situation that is beyond impossible.

Unfortunately, quite a few of you have written with similar stories, and it breaks my heart to read them. You are in situations of true desperation, and there is nothing and no one that can help, except one…



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A Desperate Truth

There have been moments in my life in which I did not know how I was going to survive. I literally had no hope, except a belief that God would come through and keep me from complete destruction.

And… He did.

It has taken quite a few miracles to put me in the right place, at the right time – to write what I am writing now. It is easy to believe in miracles, when the fact that your life is a miracle.

I believe that it will take a miracle for any of us to survive to even see the coming of the Antichrist, let alone what comes after. But, like I said, I believe in miracles.

The problem is that miracles don’t usually come until you have lost hope in anything else. It seems that only when true desperation sets in, that miracles appear.

Does this mean that you should NOT do your best to prepare for disaster?

Of course not. That’s like saying that you don’t need to help the poor and starving because God will provide a miracle for them. No, WE are to be their miracle.

WE are to be God’s messengers of help in time of need. So, when you prepare for disaster, don’t just prepare for yourself. Prepare for the desperate men and women who have no ability to do anything for themselves, no matter how much they want to.

And please, pray for Lorrie and people like her. That’s not her real name, but her real name doesn’t matter. There are so many of us in exactly that same situation, and I don’t know what to say, except to cry out to our merciful Father and ask for a miracle.

Will you join me in calling out to God for a miracle?

It will take a miracle for ANY of us to survive.

The New World Order Illuminati are deadly serious about reducing the global population to 500 million. I can’t think of many ways better than biological weapons, for doing that. It’s also a great way to kill off potential rebellions amongst your own population. And, it’s a great reason to declare martial law.

And, if you wanted to release a biological weapon…

…wouldn’t you want to do it in such a way that it seemed like a natural disease that had gone rogue?

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you had a bio-weapon, and let’s say that America was the target.

Wouldn’t it be logical to release it in Africa first, before making a bigger release in the US?

I mean, that’s how I would do it.

How do we know that Ebola isn’t just such a bio-weapon?

I can’t begin to tell you how to prepare for a bio-weapon attack. But, I can tell you how to prepare for a miracle.

You MUST turn away from the sin in your life and ask God to forgive you. You must hold Him as close as you can, and that means reading your Bible and praying to God often. And yes, fasting and prayer go hand-in-hand.

Do the best that you can to prepare, and that means going to sites like survivalblog.com and connecting with people in your area. You will need to stay informed, and that means visiting stevequayle.com every day. There are others out there that are excellent, and my blogroll has a list of the best. I read them regularly.

But, the site that you will need most is the place where you listen to God and tell Him what you need – the place where you read your Bible every day and bow your head.

God is the Father of Miracles, and He loves you enough to send His only Son to die for you. If He would do that, then miracles cannot be far away.

But, will you hold Him close?

He certainly deserves it.

May God bless you all.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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56 thoughts on “A Desperate Truth”

  1. Lorrie, leave him. How can he love you and your family if he doesn’t see the future and crucial need to store provisions.
    His reluctance doesn’t say much for his intelligence.
    My husband of 40 years has beginning dementia and memory problems from circulatory problems and seizures–but even he sees the dangers.
    Give him the ultimatum–or start storing foods and water alone.
    That is the only thing you can do.
    My husband boo-hooed my saving of most of my S.S. check each month–that attitude stopped when the new heat/a/c unit was needed.
    We pay cash for everything but mortgage, so credit card and loan was definitely out.

    JUST DO IT!!!! Save your life and his. He’ll thank you later.

    • Hi JayJay,

      I’m not sure that disagreement over whether to prepare is grounds for divorce. However, I think that you have the right idea. Start preparing, and the disapproving spouse will eventually be won over.

      God bless you, JayJay, as you care for your husband. I bet your husband thanks God for you every day.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. I agree 100% about pretrib crapture. Just wanted you opinion on Daniel 9:27
    the he that confirms the covenant with many for one weak. Do you think Gabriel was referring to THE CHRIST or anti Christ. Please answer

  3. Comment to Lorrie:

    I too am in a marriage with as spouse that does not want me to prep…so my hands are tied so to speak. You are not alone, so don’t dispare. So, I knew that I was not going to leave the marriage since we have kids, etc, but I can see that one day, things will change, and we may part ways. So I put on my happy face and do what I can…so what can you do…do some stuff in secret and don’t tell anyone . Examples…do you have a first aid kit….if not get a plastic tote with a lid (prefer water tight if you can get it). Then hit the dollar store and pick up stuff to pack in it. Look at the expensive first aid kits and then mirror the contents…dollar stores, are a good place to start, and if you can only afford 5 bucks a pay check, after a couple of months, you have “something”, and then add the expensive stuff like pain meds, perscriptions etc. At least you have a box of stuff that can help you or your kids in an emergency, any emergency…and no spouse can bitch about that. Get a good pocket knife, and a flash light and bic lighters and stash them in your purse. Make you purse a personal suvival tool box. I have purchase a larger lunch bag with a “pouch”, that I have put all that stuff in and leatherman tool. You don’t have to talk to your spouse to do this, so no arguing. And you may be several miles from your home when the SHTF and be isolated for a while, so good to have a few things with you always.

    Keep positive Lorrie….I admire you for thinking about your family and wearing the pants in the house.

    I wish I had a wife like Lorrie.


  4. This week I am sitting under the teaching of a representative of Open Door, a ministry to the persecuted church founded by Brother Andrew. Contact them for more info: My rough notes:
    everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus WILL BE persecuted 2 Timothy 3:12

    they have joy in that respect.
    Torture and possible execution
    Destruction of church building
    programmed starvation
    Physical attack
    Restrictions on church activities.

    Common misconceptions
    1. Suffering is punishment for sins.
    2. S should not be sad or sorrowful
    3. S comes to the holiest Christians
    4. S is glamorous
    5. Persecution should be feared
    6 S. is a mark of defeat.

    Intellectual Understand what the Bible teaches about suffering.

    How does our suffering increase our communion with Christ?
    How do some Christians bring suffering upon themselves.

    Practical knowing the dos and don’ts.
    Be sensitive to the sound levels.
    Be integrated into the village.
    Be culturally sensitive
    Avoid highly publicity programs.
    Don’t use social programs as bait for evangelism
    Adopt a simple lifestyle
    Avoid projecting foreigners in the village –don’t unmask believers
    Gather in smaller groups if hostility persists.
    Avoid disrespectful comments about other religions.

    Don’t be surprised
    Pray with thankfulness
    Evaluate the source of suffering
    Do not be ashamed of suffering
    Respond as Christ did
    don’t return insult for insult
    don’t threaten don’t ask for revenge
    he loved them and prayed for them.
    Bless those who curse youLove those who hate you
    Trust God
    stand firm and together

    Pray WITH the persecuted church not For them.

  5. If I dont make it till Jesus returns it wont matter because my next awake moment after i die will hopefully find me with Jesus. So maybe some other Christian can use my preps to make it to the end. Odds of making it till the end? Lets add it up. Rev6:7 one quarter die so 3quarters of 6.4 billion leaves 4.8. Minus Rev9:18 there goes a quarter more (1.6 B)will leave about 3.2 B. Looks like half of us wont make it. Just keep preparing spirtually and in the physical. Praise God preach and teach repentance and work for God till the end whenever that may be.

  6. In my prayer time I felt the Lord leading me to put aside some water, just in case. A few months later, when our town’s well pump broke down and the whole town was without water, we still had plenty on hand for all of our needs. Disaster? Maybe not, but we were prepared anyway because we were LISTENING to hear His voice, and OBEDIENT to His word.

  7. John,
    So many crisis’ being thrown at the people of God, Patriots and the like that one can barely keep ahead of all that is going on. I’ve been down this road with friends and family for five years now, some moved in the he right direction, but others close to me refuse to see the storm clouds approaching. Someone close said they are either blind or stupid. I disagreed, they are blind because they choose to be blind and stupid because the public schools have failed to teach them critical thinking, and churches have failed to show them how stand up to evil, even if that evil is their own government. Christians parish because they’ve been taught to be passive, that they should not defend themselves from thugs and tyrants.

    Blind and stupid is just the symptom of a bigger issue, and that issue is cowardice. Cowardice to stand against evil, cowardice to seek shelter in the world by getting along with the secular humanists, atheists, Muslims, et al that will as soon kill you, throw you in prison at best than consider you. The same reasoning the Jews had in Germany. Blind and stupid is the simple path, easier to ignore the mess all around than deal with it, pretend it doesn’t exist and may be it will go away. Reminds me of neglecting to check the oil in your car, overtime it keeps running, but just a little sluggish, but you’re afraid to open the hood and find that you have run the engine dry of oil. So better to not open the hood and deal with the neglect.

    Ignoring the signs of what is coming or being blind or stupid is not a way many people want to be labeled. And those that are supposed to be shepherding their flocks tell them, all is well, Jesus will not let you suffer. Tell that to the Iraqi Christians being slaughtered. Or this one, ” preparing for a disaster means you lack faith in God”, tell that to Joseph or Noah. And my all time favorite , ” if persecution comes, God will provide”, why would he provide while you have squandered the financial means now to prepare.

    It will drive you mad, so yes prepare for those that haven’t, but realize the day will come when you charity will be tested.

  8. Open your eyes. Obama is the Anti-Christ. If this doesn’t fit in with your flawed theology-that’s too bad. He is the guy. Make a note of it-remember it. You have been lied to for years on so many subjects including Sunday keeping and Christmas and Easter and so on and so on… Wake up already. Here you are giving advice or counsel to others and you have no idea what’s going on or what the truth is…

  9. BRAVO,JOHN,you hit the nail on the head,..time is short,the LORD is telling all his children to plant gardens,HE says he’ll water them,HE SAYS,the time is short and the survivors will need the food your garden gave them,WHEN I ASKED him about the survivors,he showed me,A man and his wife with TWO little children,he lead to the food I left for them….ISN’T THAT WONDERFUL?……………..

  10. Thanks for your focus on the Truth for truly not only is He all we need – He is all there is if you understand that in Him we live and move and have our being. There is no real life outside of him. Sadly many do not think that tribulation, tests and trials will come to them so they do not prepare. The best preparation is as you said to meet frequently with our Lord. However, throughout all history God has warned His people and those who heeded the warning prepared to meet what was warned about.

    • Hi Ken Little,

      I think that this is only the second time in my life that I have ever had any kind of correspondence with a ‘Little’ that I didn’t know personally. The first time was with a ‘John Little’ who also writes on global security and foreign policy – in Texas.

      I’m afraid that you are completely right, and we must do the best that we can to be ready to help those who will not be able to stand when tribulation comes.

      Thank you, Ken. Great comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  11. OH,my friend,I foregot to tell you,..ALL the vaccines have a nanobot virus in them,it destroys the emotional center in your brain,and is really hard on women and children,it turns them in zombies,no more emotions ever again,SO “DON’T TAKE ANY VACCINES”,their going to try to force every one to take them,even on the side of the road at CHECK STOPS,so don’t do it,or anyone you know………

  12. I agree that the most important matter of all is – To believe in our Lord, Jesus Christ. Put our faith in him. Prepare to die for our faith. And do what he would have us do, during the Great Tribulation.

    The hardest part is surviving (where and how to find food) when we (who do not bear the mark of the beast) are not allowed to sell and buy. This will take a great emotional and physical toll on us. If you have not been hungry due to no money, and no immediate prospect to earn any – it is very mind chilling and clearing how the mind becomes …. totally focused on food/survival, nothing else matters!

    • Hi DanielY,

      You speak as if from experience, and I have heard of others speaking the same way. This is why it is so important to be spiritually prepared, as well as mentally and physically.

      Otherwise, you might find yourself doing something that would have eternal consequences – and not just in terms of the Mark of the Beast.

      God bless you, Daniel. Wise words.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  13. Hi John,

    Thanks for sharing the truth with grace and while addressing practical prepping, for focusing on the spiritual.
    I find myself in a similar one to which Lori does. I am believing for a miracle but if relocation doesn’t happen for myself or others then Maybe it’s because he wants us to help others in our present location.



  14. Some good thoughts and good points, thank you.

    I have recently had an epiphany that I want to share. I was a prepper back before the term was coined. I guess back then I was more likely to be called a crazy survivalist.

    After thirty some years, I can honestly say that I was better prepared than most anyone with the modest means I’ve had to work with.

    I say “was” because I have been distributing my resources to people who may possibly have the opportunity to use them.

    You see, faced with the reality of the situation that is upon us, I realized my prepping was pointless.
    They will be coming for me and if I am here when they do, I will die. Miracles are nice but the average Jew in the Warsaw ghetto in WW2 didn’t get one so I am not counting on one to save me from the stupidity of staying put.

    What good is a few dozen firearms when I can carry one handgun and one rifle? What good is five years worth of food when I can carry 30 days worth? What good is twelve thousand rounds of ammunition when I can only carry three hundred and twenty rounds in my vest? What good is several hundred books when I only have room for a small pocket bible.

    Just some food for thought, be realistic and face the facts of todays technology. They know who you are, they know where you are. Staying there to defend the fort is going to get you killed before you have a chance to extract your pound of flesh in the process.

    On the bright side, there is no more deadly an opponent than a man with nothing left to lose.

    Make your peace with man and God, prepare your mind for what’s to come.

  15. I dont think any of us will be here for the tribulation to witness the antichrist anyway.

    Jesus Christ himself tells us in Revelation 3:10 that He will keep us from the tribulation (hour of temptation). “Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.”

    And if you can’t believe Christ Himself, then who can you believe?

    • Hi Bill,

      He was talking to a physical church almost 2000 years ago.

      Did Jesus speak of a pre-tribulation rapture in Matthew 24 or Mark 13?

      No. He spoke of the rapture AFTER the Tribulation.

      I’m sorry, Bill. But, I’m afraid that you’re caught in a lie.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  16. Yes, you will never see the antichrist because in reality he does not and will not exist. The antichrist is a Christian fabrication through verses in the “New Testament”. People tend to try and tie it to the verse about the 70 weeks in Daniel, “He will take covenant with many.” But this “he” taking covenant with many is the Anointed leader that physically built the 2nd Temple with his own hands, which is what the 70 week prophecy is about in Daniel. When he comes, our Father will come after him, bring judgement.

  17. Good article. We will see many more miracles as the time draws nearer. It is fascinating in the years of walking with our Lord that we can look back and see all the exciting moments of His interventions. There are so many times I asked Him for help. I did not know how He would answer my prayers, but He always amazed me how He provided in ways I never even considered. Thank You Lord Jesus for Your abounding mercies! I have anticipated Your miracles, and You have always been generous!

  18. “How do we know that Ebola isn’t just such a bio-weapon?”

    John, we do know; that’s exactly what Ebola is for. Perhaps you recall back when Ebola made its debut- it was disclosed then. Can you believe there exists on this planet people so evil with minds so twisted they deliberately make something like this? I didn’t previously, but in the last 7 years or so, I’ve gotten a cram course that has taught me otherwise.

    • Hi DG,

      It IS my suspicion that Ebola is a bio-weapon, but I try not to claim certainty when I haven’t done my research yet.

      I also had a rude awakening on April 5, 2011 which led to this site. There really are people that sick, that depraved.

      Thank you, DG. It’s good to see someone with their eyes open.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  19. olive oil is anti viral, anti bacterial, anti fungal. God’s meds work, they actually cure diseases. allopathic meds, big pharma, are full of chemicals to work the royal scam. big pharma is the bankers. the same bankers Yeshua ran out of the Temple. coconut oil is another that cures. make sure your oils are organic and cold pressed. as far as prepping, I stopped and feel great. i’ll just follow the Holy Spirit and the Bible. I will opt out and go to the wilderness. learn what to eat off the ground (edible weeds and plants). they will clean us out. just like the Israelites in the wilderness. I live 5 min from ft riley army base so I may not have to worry about anything. kind of like a nuke golden ticket.

  20. So true……..It will take a miracle to survive even to survive to the appearing of The Anti-Christ………So true…….
    Wished more people understood this…………..

    In order for the world to gladly except him , a condition must exist on planet earth for him to come forth…

  21. “….survive to even see the coming of the Antichrist…”??

    Personally, I’m looking for Jesus Christ! As we are instructed to do.

    “… Let alone what comes after.”

    Are u serious? Have u not read the end of the book? News flash!!! We Christians win!

    You say in your bio that you hate writing doom and gloom articles…I suggest you quit writing doom and gloom and start writing about what really counts the Good News of Jesus Christ!

    Lest you think I don’t know what’s going on…I am well informed as to what is taking place in this country and the world. I do have a concern but it is for lost loved ones and friends.

    Philippians 1:21

    • Hi James,

      So, you are spiritually and physically ready for what is coming?

      Great! That means that I am not writing for you.

      However, as God said to Ezekiel:

      Again, When a righteous man doth turn from his righteousness, and commit iniquity, and I lay a stumbling-block before him, he shall die: because thou hast not given him warning, he shall die in his sin, and his righteousness which he hath done shall not be remembered; but his blood will I require at thine hand. – Ezekiel 3:20

      So, James, are you ready?

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • James,

      We won WW2, the Americans who died at Pearl Harbor are no less dead however.

      I think what he meant by “what comes after” was referring to the following years of tribulation and not the final battle.

      There is a difference between accepting your fate and allowing yourself to be led like a lamb to slaughter.

      You can go into any church and listen to the rosey stuff you already know. Unfortunately, very few if any address the hard topics… That’s why many of us look to places like this, to learn, share knowledge and perhaps just because we don’t feel so alone among like minded people.

      You say you are not worried about your own life and I assume that means you feel as though you are right with God and your soul is saved regardless. That’s great but no reason to commit suicide.

      You also say that you -are- worried about your loved ones. I know you don’t like the doom and gloom stuff so you won’t like hearing this but they are probably going to die as well.

      That’s a reality, grim as it may be. Preparing, developing a plan and teaching them to fight gives them a chance at never having to die, however slim that chance may be.

      I will not fight because I fear death. I will fight because evil must be confronted and destroyed.

  22. I wish you were aware of what a true Christian is, and believes, and how he lives. Then you would understand the absurdity of your opening statements. The least of which is your belief that there is “an antichrist”. The scriptures refer to the antichrist as the whole body of antichrists, and not a single individual. Then, the concept of miracles is mind boggling. No miracles have been performed, as people think of miracles, since the death and resurrection of Jesus, and the annointing of the first of the 144,000. Since then, it’s been hands off for God Almighty. He said he would not interfere, and he never lies. That will change at the final battle.

  23. I’m sure you know from all your research on the US economy that the middle class is pretty much destroyed. It’s a comparative minority that can afford to do serious prepping or leave altogether. Almost half of Americans are basically living paycheck-to-paycheck, if they are even lucky enough to have a job.

    The Israelites did not store up (and I don’t see how they could) 40 years worth of food, water, etc for 2 million people (the last estimate I heard) yet God brought them through. Without even their clothes and shoes wearing out!!! I agree with your statements that we need to seek the Lord and work on our relationship with Him like never before, especially in the area of discovering HIS will for our lives – not our own – and becoming more and more alert to His guidance. I also think there is much to be said for the way the Lord directs our steps, if we are truly submitted to Him, and HE is the only one that knows what will happen, and where, and when. Or what His individual plan for each of us really is.

    Due to following jobs I have lived in Boston, Chicago, San Diego and Milwaukee, all of which would be awful in a collapse. For some reason, the Lord brought me to central Iowa ( NOT where I wanted to settle but I had no choice) and put me down, kind of like Dorothy in the Emerald City. I have read as much as I can find about the visions of Henry Gruver, and guess where he’s got his family? Iowa. A couple hours’ drive away from me. Not that I intend to drop in, but I find it interesting that a man who has been shown so much of end times catastrophe for the US has his family here. And that’s where the Lord put me. I haven’t heard anything directly from God about His end time plans for me, but I just keep praying for guidance and trying to see His hand in my everyday life. I am amazed that the house of cards has not collapsed yet, and it only convinces me that God is in control and everything will go according to HIS timing, not the PTB. Yet we are told we WILL suffer persecution and the AC WILL be given power over the saints, to prevail against them, and the number of martyrs has yet to be completed.

    What I feel the most urgency about is praying for supernatural strength, to not deny the Lord no matter what happens; I don’t fear death itself, I fear long drawn-out suffering and misery. I don’t think I would hold up very well at all. I am among those who can’t afford to do much more than buy a couple extra cans of this or that when I go to the store, and rinsing out and filling pop bottles with tap water and storing it in the basement. In an economic collapse when the Fed tries to claim the property of all those mortgage-backed securities it’s been buying, I will probably have to just walk away from it anyway. None of us know how it’s going to come down. I try to remember to keep my gas tank mostly full, so that barring an EMP that renders my car inoperable, I have a chance of getting home when “it” hits.

    What I feel the most anxiety about is not, will I be able to store up enough water – but, when I come to the end of what I’ve stored, as I surely will unless God works a miracle, will I have the resolve to refuse the mark even when I am dying of thirst, and that’s the only way I can get water? They say there is a point in starvation and thirst where you go mad.

    Many Christians who have already seen persecution warn that we should be memorizing and storing God’s word in our hearts, for the day when bibles are outlawed. And until it comes to that, perhaps we should be stockpiling inexpensive paperback bibles that we can pass out when it becomes obvious that there is no human solution for what’s happening.

    I am somewhat puzzled by your emphasis on trusting the arm of flesh. I think it would be foolish to do anything drastic unless you are absolutely sure you’ve heard from God on it. If we actually believe that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord, would it not make sense that wherever we are, is where HE wants us???

    • Hi DRG,

      You have put into words my own thoughts, as well. I also have benefited from miraculous grace.

      I am really impressed with the kind of person that you are, DRG. I am convinced that God will guide you in your way. And yes, I also wonder how I will hold up under such conditions. God help us all.

      As for ‘the arm of the flesh’, I understand why you would think that. Ultimately, my goal is to get as many mature Christians as possible to places of safety so that they could serve the Lord in what comes after.

      My thinking goes like this: If you haven’t heard from the Lord about where you should be, then maybe you need to get OUT.

      If you HAVE heard from the Lord, then you need to go/stay where He wants you.

      Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, comes down to serving God. That’s what we are here for.

      I hope that I’ve clarified my point, DRG. I don’t always do that very well.

      Keep up the good work.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  24. John,

    Looks like you are writing only to yourself. From a man who Mocks others, you judge everyone and you are the sole proprietor of truth!

    • “Looks like you are writing only to yourself. From a man who Mocks others, you judge everyone and you are the sole proprietor of truth!”

      NO! That’s the POPE, PRIEST’S, RCC etc. whom don’t want anyone to read the “TRUTH” (Bible) for themselves. Hence the inquisition et al.
      JL has only used the Bible in answer to the pre-trib rapture lie. The BIBLE (Word) is sufficient unto itself.

      I wonder if the Iraqi Yazidi Christian’s believe/teach the pre-trib FALSE DOCTRINE?! If so, they must really think the RAPTURE is close, sitting on that 130 degree mountain top surrounded (And being SLAUGTERED) by allah’s hoard’s, hunh.
      They must be thinking that Jesus is late?!
      There is NO Pre-Trib Rapture. There will only be HELL on Earth, Death, Destruction – til Jesus appears to CUT SHORT those (These?!) evil days on behalf of the Saints.
      I assure you, YOU (And I) are no better than the Yazidi CRISTIANS whom have lived amoung and been persecuted and slaughtered by Islam for 2000 years. They haven’t been RAPTURED!!!

  25. I can’t imagine that they want to reduce the population to 500 million. Who will serve them? Who will farm for them and produce their luxury items from exotic points around the world? Who will heal them and research cures for them? Who will engineer their cars and planes? Who will fly them to the moon? If man power becomes a scarce resource won’t they fight among themselves for this resource? Are they crazy???? I have heard in just a few decades the world population will begin to decrease and we are actually in more danger of not having enough people to sustain our needs, such as food production and service providers.

    • They want to conserve the worlds resources for themselves.
      The 500’000’000 will be enslaved to do FOR THEM the things you speak of.
      The Anti-Christ will appoint/empower (Probably already has?!) 10 Kings (Or 7 [3 uprooted]) to lead over those remaining, with himself as premier (KING).
      The 2 recent movies “Elysium” and “Oblivion” are probably Illuminati Foreshadowing. Them telling you what’s coming.
      Watch those two movies with the Russian Space Station and the NSA in mind!!! Should give you an understanding of the Georgia Guide Stones!!! Or @ least food-4-thought….

  26. I have since late 1998 being aware and telling my family and friends about the criminal enterprise call government and they don’t listen and care. When I was 18, I asked my father why there were so many wars and lackness and he answered me not to worry about that, humanity had been like that since the beginning of time and that I would go crazy if I continue to think about it. 20 years later after studying the causes of war I told him that I knew the causes of war and did not go crazy. (Hemingway had it right when he said “if you wanted to eradicate war the first day it started, anyone profiting from it would get a shot in the head”) very simple and effective. He just smile and did not even ask me what where the causes. Since I remember I always wanted to know what the cause of things is, never believing in anything. I remember my grandmother telling me to believe in god and I would challenge her to tell me where he/she/it was because I had a few questions to ask him/her/it. Now after much soul searching and trials and errors and research, I know it does exist. Everything is a fractal of the whole that in some way somehow reflects a different aspect of infinity and at the same time being infinity itself. That is the great paradox. People are expecting the Crist or the antichrist and they are already here is called cultural programing but when you watch the natural world you can sense the unity of it all.

    • Hi Mario,

      There is a verse that reflects what you say:

      The heavens declare the glory of God;
      the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
      – Psalm 19:1

      You are not far from the Kingdom of God, Mario.

      There was a legal reporter who was an Atheist, and he tried to prove God didn’t exist. Instead, he wound up discovering Christ. That reporter was Lee Strobel. And, he wrote a book called The Case for Christ, which eventually became a movie.

      There IS a God, and His name is Jesus.

      Great comment, Mario. Keep up the good work!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  27. The seven sins are being effectively stimulated into the human mind and because very few dare to consciously think, we have the mess that we have today. In 2008 a friend lost a lot of money with the leamans brothers fraud and I asked her what she was going to do with the rest that she had left? She told me that she was going to invest it with Goldman sacks (a criminal enterprise). I suggest to you to watch the video in YouTube; Slavery and the 8 veils. And for solutions start with; the strangest secret and listen to the presentations of Nasim Haramein and Michael Tellinger and let your intuition guide you. There is no place where GOD is not (OMNIPRESENSE). There is nothing impossible for GOD (OMNIPOTENT). And GOD is all knowing (OMNISCIENT). ”BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD”




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