America Destroyed Redux – Part 1 – Death by Makhaira

When I did my America Destroyed series, I talked about this as the fulfillment of Revelation 13:3. And, a few of you responded by making a connection to ancient slaughtering methods. I initially wasn’t so sure, but was prompted to look at the original Greek of Revelation 13:14.

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That made me think. The original Greek word for sword, used in verse 14, isn’t one of those big blades that Medieval knights would whack each other with. It’s a makhaira, as opposed to a rhomphaia.

This distinction made me realize that there might be a bit more to this.


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America Destroyed Redux – Part 1 – Death by Makhaira

As you know, the New Testament was written in Greek. And, the word sword is used 27 times. However, our English translations of the Bible often do not reveal the complexity of the original Greek. Just as there are a thousand words for reindeer among the Sami, there are at least two words for sword among the ancient Greeks:

makhaira – a single-edged short sword that could also be what we would call a knife.

rhomphaia – a long, sometimes curved, sword that can also be attached to a pole – and even have two edges.

The rhomphaia is used exclusively in battle, but it’s not something that you would carry around with you, in daily life. You’d probably put it up above the fireplace and only take it down when you were called up for war. After a certain point, it would stay up there and act as a source for the stories that you’d tell your kids and grandkids – about all the battles that you fought in.

Makhaira – A Personal, Concealable Weapon

The makhaira is also used in battle, but it IS something that you’d carry about with you for personal defense. In fact, everyone carrying a rhomphaia would also be carrying a makhaira.

To think of it with a modern perspective, if you were carrying a rifle, or a squad automatic weapon (like the M249), you’d probably also have a pistol, holstered on your belt. And, you certainly aren’t going to be carrying a rifle to the supermarket, even in dangerous neighborhoods.

Also the makhaira can be concealed easily. If you were trying to sneak around with a rhomphaia, you’d have a pretty tough time doing that. This means that the makhaira would be the weapon of choice for the assassin. And, THAT thought has opened up my thinking about what America faces, in terms of this Biblical threat.

America – The Seventh Head

At this moment in time, there is no doubt in my mind that America is the seventh head of Revelation 13. She fits the description in Revelation, and there does not appear to be an empire ready to take the stage, with the right set of characteristics that would qualify it for being one of the heads of the Beast. Furthermore, there just isn’t enough time left, within the time frame of the Last Days, to bring on another candidate.

So, America is IT, and she’s going to be killed by a machaira. But, it will be a death that is slow enough that someone (or something) will be able to heal the wound and keep her from dying.

To put it another way, those who witness what happens will not believe that America could survive. But, for some reason, she will. The deadly wound will be healed.

The wound that should have killed her will be healed in time, to keep her from dying.

The question in my mind, is this one:

What scenario could reasonably account for all of that?

A few possibilities come to mind, and I will lead with what I believe to be the most relevant one, tomorrow – Lord willing.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
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If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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26 thoughts on “America Destroyed Redux – Part 1 – Death by Makhaira”

  1. I listened to the weekend show of Hagmann and Hagmann with Sheila Zilinsky this past Saturday. The guests were Walid Shoebat and his son Theodore. Just amazing, his interpretation of prophecy. If you haven’t already listened, I would highly recommend it:

    I have a question also: It is your opinion that east Asia is the place to be during the Great Tribulation. Perhaps you have covered this in previous writings, pre-dating my subscription. If so, could you provide a link to that?

    God Bless,


  2. John, I was very moved by last week’s information. I have a question for you. What are your feelings on preterism? I don’t believe in preterism, but my minister does. Do you feel preterism is heresy? Also, my minister says that my Baptist wife will go to hell because she was baptized at 12 years old. He says she was too young. Thanks for all you do, brother.

    • Hi David Galvin,

      Yikes! Get a new minister, quick!

      Sorry, but preterism is heresy. They’re some of the biggest Bible-twisters out there.

      I hope that you can find another church, David, because this guy sounds like bad news.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • David, if your wife knew at that time the difference between right and wrong, and she decided then to commit to the Lord and knew what she was doing, then she is in the right. What the heck with that minister, I agree, dump him quick as its not up to him to decide who is going to hell and who isn’t, that is between her and the Lord! As for preterism, let me ask you this, as of right now, are we a spotless bride? Have we been refined and are counted worthy as the Lord’s bride spotless in His eyes? I THINK NOT! So therefore, preterism is not in the cards, sorry, same with pre-trib, it will take a lot to get the bride ready and spotless, so draw your own conclusions with the Bible as your guide.

  3. Yikey, John! I knew you’d get hammered for yesterday’s column, but WOW, that was some number of comments!!

    As Kay Arthur would quip, “Hangeth thou in there!”. Good thing to have a measure of resolve when handling material of this nature, yes?

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s posting.

  4. “As you know, the New Testament was written in Greek.” I disagree, John. The NT was written in Aramaic to Aramaic speaking peoples. It was translated from the Aramaic into Greek. We have thousands of Greek manuscripts (some only bits and pieces) that may be compared with the Aramaic to prove the point.

    Totally agree with you regarding the death and revival of America.

  5. Great articles. However here’s the problem. God is in control. God has a plan. Its all timing. Will these come to pass? Yes.. How soon.. Only God knows and its up to us His Remnant. Obama was put in office by God THe Father.. He told me in 2007 and re-election why. “He is like Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar. He will bring My people to their knees like the children of Israel crying out for deliverance.” It is a judgement upon all of us. THe just and unjust.. Obama is in Proverbs 24:21-22. GOd has a plan people.. Its not over.. America will not burn down and be destroyed yet. Prophecy is conditional upon obedience. God changes HIs mind all the time.. Read it for yourself.. Hard times are coming, but churches are so messed up that we are to blame. THis all happened under our watch, to include me also. Quit playing christian and church.. WHat is christian anyways today? Cry out for our nation, our families, the nations of the earth. 2 Chronicles 7:14 has not happened yet. It does not take everyone, but we are so blind all we talk is destruction out of our mouths. Its time for battle.. I spoke words to my former pastor if he did not repent and do what The Holy Spirit was saying (long story) that he would be judged and his church along with it. I even told him the meaning of his dream.. He did not listen and he’s paying a price for it now and the church too. Be willing to confront the church, leaders, and the sheep and goats.. Its terribly tough and hurts deeply. Its love.. Gods love that is happening right now in our nation.. Its not over.. Far from it.. The God of The OT is still the same God as in The NT.. Jesus is Lord.. The stumbling blocks are going to be removed soon. All of us need to get our hearts and minds right with Jesus… Our real enemies wont be the world but from within the church. The church is mostly goats today.. We all have been created for a purpose.. DARNIT.. quit living in fear and get on your knees and do it.. GOD HAS A PLAN… Its time for war in the spirit and in the physical.. Dont back down.. The Holy Spirit will pave the way… Enough of the hyper grace and hyper mercy movement.. The Father, Jesus and THe Holy Spirit are not Santa Clause… Thank you John for being a watchman and speaking the truth.. God has a plan.. Press in and see what is is.. I only have peaces of it.. There is alot that has to take place and this will be the greatest time of our live upon the earth, but also the greatest of sorrows.. Ananias and Sapphira judgement is here.. Its already taking place… Blessings..

      • LOL… You hear from The Holy Spirit John, ask him… Obama was initially not Gods choice, but the peoples choice.. It does not matter what majority or minority say or think.. God is in control.. Satan is the God of this world, but he cant do what ever he wants.. The Bible is clear about that.. We can debate that.. In the end we got what we deserved.. We got the KIng we deserved… just like the children of Israel cried out for a King and they got what they deserved.. “Saul”.. Saul was originally not God’s choice was he? 1 Samuel 8… What was the voice of the people in the USA and in the churches? Is Obama anointed by God? I dont believe so.. We got the Santa Clause King we deserve.. If it takes a tyrant like Obama to get us to our knees, weep, persecuted, and repent for our nation and our socalled churches, then so be it.. I told a few people that Obama was going to be president and talk about hatred towards me.. When George Bush Jr. got into office the christians said basically, ” our guy is in office” and went about their own business.. Do you think The Anti-Christ will rise to power and no one wants him? God will give to us what we demand and deserve.. The lies are being exposed in our government and from within all over the place.. God has a plan John.. Its not all gonna burn yet.. Its not over.. The Church rejects the ten commandments, says there is no law, but love the Lord your God, and loving your neighbor as yourself.. The first 5 commandments are about loving God, the last 5 is about loving your neighbor.. The christian so called church is lawless and disobedient.. This is a whole nother topic.. Jesus set us free of the curse of the law.. Heck there is a movement saying Obama is the Anti-Christ, and we will all be ruptured before the tribulation starts.. People dont read their bible. In Daniel the book was sealed till the times of the end? The Book has been opened.. I hear pastors say all the time God has nothing else to say than what is in the bible.. Really? John it does not matter if we disagree.. Ezk. 16:48-59 says alot about the time the USA is in now… It will rain on the just and the unjust.. I cry out everyday.. I dont know it all and I am a sinner just like everyone else and I get it wrong sometimes because of my emotions and flesh get in the way.. The dying process is a daily thing.. God has a plan… Thank you for what you do.. You have really kindled my spirit to press in deeper and seek deeper by your articles.. Not saying your wrong at all.. Thank you for being a watchman.. Praise Jesus for the time we are in..

      • I don’t have the reference right now, but God is in control and puts kings on thrones – Saul and David??? God allowed or put Obama on his “throne” as a judgement, I have also heard this and agree with it, it does say in the bible that He puts them there and removes them (paraphrased, sorry)

  6. Wow, consider this a pat on the back for a heroic job of actually taking the time and effort to go thru all those comments on your previous post – and they’re probably still coming in – and the volume of those comments as confirmation of the Lord’s direction to write about that instead of your original plan. There’s a lot of really messed-up doctrine in the American churches these days. I’m sure the Lord does want to get it straightened out, or at the very least warn the die-hard reality dodgers. Don’t be discouraged when they come back at you as if it bounced right off their heads. It did. But as things continue to get worse, and worse, and worse …….. and the rapture still has not occurred ……. you will have given them some very important teaching, and it will probably come back to them then. I view rejected witnessing in the same way. They can’t un-hear it, and someday they may be glad.

    But as for today’s post, the makhaira may be why so many think that passage refers to an assassination attempt on the AC ……. if the head/mountain/empire/king analogy permits that interpretation. A king, or an empire, or both, or the king of an empire? I guess that would be an emperor. What do you think of that interpretation?

    • Hi DRG,

      Thank you. That pat on the back is much appreciated.

      My soul aches over the fact that so many would twist the precious words of God.

      God help us all. We are in so much trouble.

      Your point about an assassination of an emperor vs. empire is a good one. Since I am not a prophet, I cannot claim to know with complete certainty that it should be empire, instead of emperor. Having said that, it would still mean the destruction of America, because the events described in the Bible cannot allow there to be a superpower that would oppose Gog and Magog – at least, not in the way that the world is set up now.

      Thank you, DRG. It’s good to have you as a reader. Challenging questions are always welcome.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. Hi John,
    Well you opened a can of worms with the pre trib rapture doctrine. Myself I believe we are no better then the thousands of christians losing their lives. So the persecution coming to the church I can understand, My problem with those that believe a doctrine of the pre trib rapture is not about getting ready physically but instead getting ready spiritually. Your faith has to be strong when persecution comes. And that means you have to undertand what is taking place and why. As for america being the 7th head I have a different outlook. I think that the mark is the mark that the muslums take when they join islam. For this to happen in the usa I think we will need a reason to open the fema camps. When you get there they will offer you a choice to swear allegiance to allah by taking the mark and saving your life or the guillotine. Those that understand the ramifications will take the guillotine and save their lives. Those that take the mark will end up in hell. I think that Islam will return with a caliphate and God will allow this to happen till Jesus returns. I think the 7th head that was wounded was the ottoman empire and now it is rising again. You might want to look at the works of Walaid Shoebat.Thank you very much for your work brother and only time will tell what is going to take place but in the end we win and until then we try to to walk holy in our lives and share Jesus as the only way if we get the chance. Peace to you.

    • Hi d ames,

      Yup. A whopping big can of worms.

      I do not discount what Walid Shoebat says, but for this to come about, it would require a massive – truly unimaginable – change in the world. And frankly, it’s really hard to see that now.

      Having said that, I’ve been wrong in the past, so I certainly accept the possibility.

      Thank you, D. Good points.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. This is a question … all my life I have been taught that YAHshua/Jesus Christ would return at the end of 6000 years. IF that is true (is it) the Jewish calendar says this is year 5774 … then wouldn’t we have 226 more years for famines, earthquakes, wars and rumors or wars? Just asking since no one else can answer my question. Perhaps you or someone who reads this question can answer it. Thanks for considering it.

    • Hi Nickie,

      The reason why no one can answer your question is because they’ve blinded themselves and cannot see what Jesus said in Luke 21:24:

      And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. – Luke 21:24

      That verse was fulfilled on June 7th, 1967.

      Then, Jesus says this, later in the chapter:

      So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand. Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled. – Luke 21:31-32

      The generation that Jesus was talking about started in 1967. We can’t have more than 23 years left.

      Read my ‘Prophecy Clock’ series, here:

      I hope that helps, Nickie.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Nicki,

      This you refer to is known as the “Seven (Or Seventh) Day Theory” – if you Google this, you’ll of course find massive amounts of information. I am in 100% agreeance with it myself – and have read much on it. I crossed a site years ago where the author had spent MANY years studying/researching this Theory and had more or less himself proven that a number of years (A little over 200 as I recall) had been lost off of the Jewish Calendar —- yes, we are much closer to the year 6000 (Or beginning of the 7th Year) than the Jewish Calendar reflects. It makes sense, right. That the 1000 year reign of Christ will commence on the 7th Day (Year 6001 – 7000) – the day of the Lords Sabbath!

      JL’s response to you concerning the Final Generation “Not passing away” may be misunderstood:

      Luke 21:32
      “Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.”

      “Generation” as used here is Transliterated from the Greek:
      Strong’s Greek # 1074 Genea – which states: “From (A PRESUMED der. of) 1085; a generation; by implication – an AGE (AEON) —- age, generation, nation, time.”

      Know anything about astrology?!
      Hitler was looking to the New AGE. The New-AGER’s of course are looking to the NEW AGE. Astrology says that we have left (Or are soon to leave) the AGE of Pisces and enter the AGE of Aquarius….. (The Mayan Long Count Calendar predicted that transition to be on 12/21/2012)…… and the Astrologist’s and Occultist alike are looking for the beginning of this NEW AGE to begin their AGE of REASON. Hitler (And his Occultist’s Associates) planned to usher in the New Age (The Age of the Aryan’s) and spoke of a 1000 year reign?!

      Could this be the “AGE” the Jesus was referring to?!
      Better put, to rewrite the verse:
      Luke 21:32
      “”Verily I say unto you, This AGE/AEON (Of Pisces) shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.”

      It would appear that Satan is aware of and understands the 7 Year Theory and is seeking to circumvent the 1000 year Reign of Christ with his own (The) Anti-Christ reign?!
      If he understands that Jesus was referring to the end of the AGE of Pisces (Which is an actual event – our Galaxies Circumnavigation of the Galactic Center) — then he knows ABOUT the TIME of Christ return/reign and will be working overtime to circumvent it. Which might explain the “Falling Away” that appears to be going on now!!!

      I also believe John is right concerning a Generation – except I look at a 70 year generation from 1948 – Israel’s Rebirth as a nation – which puts us at 2018.
      2018 of course falls INTERESTINGLY CLOSE to/with these 4 Blood Moons on the Jewish Holy Days that we are experiencing.

      ALL PUT/TAKEN TOGETHER — no matter which understanding one may have of the “Generation” spoken of in Luke 21:32…. they ALL POINT TO ONE THING.


      “Is this the Dawning of the AGE of AQUARIOUS?! Or the AGE (AEON) of Christ’s Reign?!”


  9. I agree that is is assassination that takes down the US, Both election days for Obama the Lord showed me who he was. The first was a vision that showed that he was the final piece in an ongoing takedown of the US as we have known it, The second day the lord just said “He is a Judas.” and that said it all. I believe that assassination is deep within first which is almost complete by this Judas and then EMP will just be a part of the final dismantling so the US can become the seminal piece in the NWO she was envisioned to be by many of the masonic crafters at the beginning. Sadly the Lord showed me a great stake driven deeply in her heart at her inception that only a national face turned toward God would prevent and when the Lord was allowed to be removed from the center of things here the abscess that had formed when that masonic stake was driven in began to grow. We are now seeing that evil fruit. I grieve.

      • I am so grateful for your transparent honesty of process and the obvious grief that leaks out around your words – it is an intercessors heart. I have seen these days coming since I was a new Believer in the late 70s and I read Daniel and saw that when Russia aligns with Iran these days would be upon us. At that time The Iron Curtain was a reality and my kids were young. I believed this would all be over before they had to tromp through the teen years and then out the door. They are all grown with kids of their own now and I believe the rich grace of God has withheld destruction to allow as many to come as can. We are at that tipping point though and now I see a great harvest of souls through death. In the end it only matters that they finally come to the truth. if He had come then my unsaved father and mother and lesbian sister might not have had the time to come- both parents came and left the world days after and now my hardened sister is coming. God answers and is more Faithful to care for His own than I would have ever been able to believe or know before. I want them all to come to Him and then to go home. God help us that the truth of God be so real to all of us that death is a gift and we all die like my current heroes – Steven of Acts or Bonhoeffer who I study constantly now as they faced tyranny and walked with God all the way through the rope and the stoning and then got safely home. I don’t pray to stay . I just want to go with all that I can take with me. I threatened the enemy with this when the Lord brought me out of abuse and occult darkness in the 70s and this remains my prayer and my personal battlefield.


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