America Destroyed – Part 5 – Between Now and Then

My hope is that we have time before Russia feels forced to act against the United States. I believe that there are some indications that this is the case. So, here’s the big question:

What else would need to happen to finally convince Russia that a nuclear attack is the only answer to American aggression?

I’m afraid that this is difficult to determine, because it all rests upon America’s actions. Also, there’s an internal political dynamic within The Kremlin that is unique to Russia and opaque to those of us on the outside.

So, let’s take a look at a few factors that play a role in our future.


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America Destroyed – Part 5 – Between Now and Then

There is a balance of power within The Kremlin. On the one side, we have the siloviki, and on the other, the civiliki. I wrote about these two groups in February, so allow me to paste in what I said there:

When Putin came to power, he set up two centers of influence within the Russian government – the siloviki and the civiliki. The siloviki were the politicians and bureaucrats with strong military or intelligence backgrounds. The civiliki were the economists, sociologists and career bureaucrats without KGB links – but with connections to Putin going back to his days in St. Petersburg in the ’90s. These two groups were to compete with each other for the betterment of Russia and Putin. But, that didn’t work out quite as well as planned, because the civiliki ‘dropped the ball’ and made a mess of things.

With the decline of the dovish side (civiliki) of The Kremlin, the hawks (siloviki) rose to prominence. Not a good thing.

Do separate searches for “siloviki” and “civiliki”. You’ll find that the civiliki articles are older and far less numerous than the siloviki articles. And, the civiliki don’t even have a Wikipedia page. I know that this is hardly a scientific analysis, but it should tell you something about Russia’s direction – and Putin’s options.

With the siloviki looking over Putin’s shoulder, a softly-softly approach isn’t going to go over well. If Putin appears to sit this fight out, the Russian generals are going to get restive and whisper about ‘Vladimir’s lack of resolve’. Putin cannot allow that, if he wants to stay in power. That’s why he needs to produce results, quickly.

Of course, we’re assuming that Putin isn’t one of the siloviki himself. Remember that he was a Lieutenant Colonel in the KGB until he chose to retire and enter politics in 1991. No one reaches that rank in the Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (KGB) without being very politically aggressive.

(At the time of that writing, I was working my way through what was really going on in Ukraine. Unfortunately, it’s gotten a LOT clearer.)

The Civiliki

So, THOSE are the two factions within the leadership of Russia. You can bet that the siloviki are ALREADY convinced of the need for a nuclear attack on the United States. But, the civiliki aren’t going to be so easily won over.

Furthermore, you can see the fingerprints of the civiliki in Russia’s moves to isolate the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Those are economic moves that the civilian side of Russian power understand how to use.

America Invades The Middle East AGAIN

The problem is that this a direct threat to American power, and there’s only one way that America knows how to handle such threats:

Military Invasion

America has invaded a massive number of countries over the last sixty years, so this is going to be more of the same. And, as I’ve said before:

America CANNOT allow the petrodollar system to fail

Please. You MUST understand that. The Petrodollar System is THE linchpin of the American Empire. And, there is NOTHING that America will not do to preserve it.

So, what will America do next?

Invade the Middle East.

9/11 All Over Again

With every report that you hear of OPEC contemplating a switch AWAY from pricing crude oil in dollars, that is one more step towards an American invasion of the Middle East. Saudi Arabia and the other Persian Gulf states cannot be allowed to move away from the US dollar. And, America is prepared to invade the Middle East to scare them into staying with the US dollar – if necessary.

This could be one of the reasons why America has been backing ISIS. Each step that ISIS takes, towards more and more power, is a step towards the excuse that the US needs to invade the Middle East. After a certain point, all that it would take to cause that invasion would be something that we’ve seen before:

A 9/11-style attack

The US government has been hinting that ISIS is planning such an attack (gotta love those CIA talking points), and you can bet that this attack will happen at the most convenient time for America to invade the Middle East and protect the Petrodollar System.

Then, The Russians Destroy America

They call such things a ‘false flag attack’, but you have my permission to call it anything that you want. When it happens, just remember to ask the question:

Cui Bono (Who benefits)?

So, I guess that you would say that the efforts of the civiliki (the doves) in Russia would have backfired, and the siloviki (the hawks) would have the opportunity to act on THEIR plans. And, that is when the attack that I described yesterday would happen.

Are there other possible scenarios?

I’m sure that there are, but I find these ISIS guys to be fascinating in the same way that Hitler was. We’ll see how all of this works out, but please – as we move forward from here – be on the lookout for those events that will drive Russia towards implementing a nuclear attack on the US.

Are you ready for this?
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If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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