America Destroyed – Part 3 – Nuclear Decisions

Obama is the most evil president in American history. The fact that he was re-elected says much about the kind of nation America has become. But, I had hoped that there was a silver lining to this awful presidency – a reduction in the threat of nuclear war.

That vain hope was dashed when I saw the CIA’s muddy bootprints all over events in Ukraine. If Russia had any doubts about America’s intentions, you can bet that she is now certain that America is determined to destroy Russia.

Worse, it is merely confirmation of reports that Russia has been getting for years.


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America Destroyed – Part 3 – Nuclear Decisions

As I said yesterday, the Bible’s account of an attack on Israel (Gog and Magog), is more than enough proof that something dreadful has happened to America. The US MUST defend the petrodollar system, or her empire ceases to exist. The fact that she can’t means that imperial America HAS fallen.

Add to this Revelation’s description of a deadly wound happening to such an empire as America’s… well, suspicion becomes certainty. But, certainty can still leave room for doubt. So, let’s remove all doubt by digging up the decisions America has been making that will lead her to this ‘deadly wound’.

Russia Trembles

When the Soviet Union finally collapsed on December 26th, 1991, there was nothing that protected her from her enemies, except for nuclear weapons. And, even that was under threat as her financial system spiraled out of control. It hit rock-bottom in 1999, but she still scraped up enough cash to invest in the modernization of her nuclear weapons systems.

In 1997, as their GDP was about to fall by more than 50%, they put into service the Topol-M, also known as the SS-27. This missile was specifically designed to survive a nuclear attack, so that it could be used in retaliation. And, it was also designed to evade America’s anti-missile defense system, and it is apparently still able to do so.

The capabilities of this missile were loudly publicized in hopes of making any potential enemy think twice before attacking Russia.

US Nuclear Intentions Revealed

Fast-forward to 2006 and an article that shook the world of foreign policy. It appeared in the CFR’s magazine, Foreign Affairs, and was titled “The Rise of U.S. Nuclear Primacy” by Keir A. Lieber and Daryl G. Press. Through careful and irrefutable analysis, they indicated that America was developing the ability to launch a nuclear first strike and defeat any retaliation – which they called Nuclear Primacy.

This was NOT good news for those who were suspicious of American intentions, which was probably why the Russians rolled out an upgraded missile, the RS-24 Yars, in 2010. If you have a history of being attacked and run over by history, you tend to treat threats seriously. And THIS threat was big.

CIA Attempts To Encircle Russia

During this time, the CIA went in and overthrew the government of Georgia, on Russia’s southern border – installing US ally Mikheil Saakashvili. The US then handed Georgia military training, money and weapons. Saakashvili had dreams of joining NATO, a desire that the US State Department encouraged.

This led to Georgian over-confidence and the Russo-Georgian War of 2008. Georgia was defeated, but Russia was rattled and feeling threatened by the US.

The Obama administration attempted a ‘reset’ with Russia in 2009, and presented Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov with a button labelled peregruzka, or ‘overload’ – claiming that they meant ‘reset’. With all that the United States had been doing, the Russians would have undoubtedly wondered if the Americans were really interested in a new US-Russian relationship, or… just an ‘overload’.

Syrian Uprising

Then, just two years later in 2011, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the CIA launched the ‘uprising’ in Syria to stop a certain natural gas pipeline. That pipeline would have stretched from Iran, through Iraq and to a Mediterranean port on the coast of Syria. The ‘uprising’ killed the deal which was a big blow to Russia, because the Russian company Gazprom had an enormous stake in that pipeline.

Worse, this uprising in Syria threatened Russia’s naval presence in Syria’s second-largest port, Tartus, and her influence in the region. Add to this, direct Saudi involvement in stirring up trouble in Chechnya, within Russia, and you have a very, very unhappy Bear.

All of this would have been extremely bad news for Russia. But as deplorable as the situation was, cooler heads in the Kremlin might have dismissed these moves by America and her allies as just a bit of over-confident irrationality. But, all of that changed this year.

Then, There’s Ukraine

When the CIA and the US State Department overthrew the government of Ukraine in February of this year, they pointed a dagger at the heart of Russia. America had physically breached Russia’s geopolitical boundaries and threatened the Russian heartland. It was a threat that could NOT be ignored.

Please understand that Russia’s unfortunate history has been one of hostile neighbors and indefensible borders. That’s why Russia considered it vital to have either mountains or water separating the Russians from their neighbors.

By overthrowing Victor Yanukovych and installing a US puppet in Ukraine, America trampled over what Russia considers to be a vital interest – The Carpathian mountains. Without the Carpathians as a barrier to NATO, Russia was wide-open for invasion. It was an invitation to a return to the nightmare of Russian history.

Whatever reason America had in doing what she did in Ukraine, the Russians would have seen this as a revelation of American intentions. Everything America had done in the past would have been cast in a new light, and there could be no question in my mind that the Russian government now felt a real and present threat to their existence.

Unfortunately, we aren’t done.

The Final Threat

Now, we are hearing that US military strategists are lobbying for a nuclear strike on Russia. And, if WE are hearing about this, you can only guess at what Russia is hearing.

Have we gone beyond the lobbying stage and directly into planning a nuclear attack on Russia?

My suspicion is that they have, and there is some evidence to back up these thoughts. In addition to whatever hard evidence that we may have, please remember that Russia is an active threat to the petrodollar system. And, the United States will do ANYTHING to keep that system alive – including the murder of tens of millions of Russians in a nuclear first strike.

Furthermore, Russia knows that it cannot hope to survive a nuclear first strike. And, that leaves only one option:

Strike first.

Now, many of you will want to claim that Russia could never pull this off, that it would be an impossible task. And, most in the US government would agree with you.

But, are you sure?

More on THAT, tomorrow.

Are you ready for this?
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28 thoughts on “America Destroyed – Part 3 – Nuclear Decisions”

  1. Obama was never elected by the people, he was installed by the people who control the system.
    After 1913, we have never decided who our Presidents would be. As Woodrow (The Treasonous Traitor) Wilson admitted after they were done with him:
    “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

    Since 1913, ALL Presidents are selected and installed. The voting process is a cattle call that has no effect whatsoever on the outcome that the controllers want.

    America is done, finished, and will collapse to ruin for one reason and one reason only. We as a Nation have turned our backs to God and we live a life of pure sin calling it righteous.

  2. JOHN,JOHN,please pay attention to GOD,he’s telling all his PROPHETS to get ready to come home,and warn all the sheep the end is here,THEIR lining up to attack ISRAEL,america doen’t have a clue what the FATHER will do to everyone involved in an attack on ISRAEL,the US marines are building a nuclear rocket base in LIBYIA and plan to launch on ISRAEL and then BLAME it on IRAN,THE FATHER sees who’s doing what,and NO ONE will get away with this,HE WILL COMPLETELY DESTROY THEM,OIL,GAS,and MONEY have nothing to do with the PLANS of SATAN,his time is short and he wants to destroy the planet,BEFORE THE LORD RETURNS,cause he knows him and the false prophet,and oboozo will be cast into the lake of FIRE,IF the LORD RETURNS before he can destroy the planet,THIS IS REAL SERIOUS,america will be destroyed first,then europe and england,and on and on.RUSSIA and CHINA have already had the HOOK placed in their mouth,everything america has………

  3. HERES the number one reason america loses,and is totaly destroyed,”THE POLICE GANGS”,these guys are so stupid ,if you put the brains of all of them together ,IT WOULDN’T BE ENOUGH FOR A HONEY BEE TO FIND HIS WAY HOME,.the american people are so politically correct they’ll never see it coming,and THAT will be the final straw for america…THE POLICE GANGS and THE US MILITARY,and DHS,will attack their own families and friends,and neighbors and the DOOR will swing wide open for the RUSSIANS and CHINESE to invade america….and the BLOOD will flow down every street in america,IT WON’T BE A CIVIL WAR,IT’LL BE A BLOODBATH………………..

  4. This chilling #3 Analysis of what the situation is w/ Russia vs USA is truly run for the hills senario! Again I say….listen to Henry Gruvers visions of the demise of the USA. WITH WHAT YELLOWSTONE is acting like …it fits! Everyone should know this day would come! Does everyone know he saw (vision) the huge billboards we now see on our city streets taken over by the Anti Christ announcing …..this was in the mid 80’s when no such thing exhisted in the sign industry. To me this lone is HUGE!
    Time is certainly running out. OUR city is a prime target as it would take out power,and oil for all Western Canada. Plus our feeble military (compared to other countries)have been practicing manuvers that make me worry( was in a local newspaper)Canada couldn’t stop a flea if Russia invaded thru us in Canada over the pole or thru Alaska! Truly Good help us all. I have been watching since “72 … quite a lot of developments in the last few years…..Yikkkkkeeeesssssss!

  5. Nice post John, No country sends its manufacturing base out of the country along with its revenue that is generated from that manufacturing base and receives nothing in return unless they have another agenda. 300 members of our government belong to the council of foreign relations that want a one world order. That includes Mr Obama. Their agenda is not for the country but instead for a new world order. Our federal reserve is not federal or a reserve. They have never been audited and do not answer to congress or the president. The federal reserve answers to the Bank of International Settlements , 52 central banks answer to the BIS including Russia’s. This is nothing but a dog and pony show. what is going to take placee has been decided behind closed doors along time ago. Thankfully God is in control and he laughs. Read Psalms 2. Thank you for your work.

  6. stepping on Russia leads to nukes?:
    . if you study 9/11 with Dr.Judy Wood,
    you will see the Towers were not collapsed;
    rather they was dustified by secret CIA beam weapons
    exactly to show the elites that the time is now
    with weapons that are far more powerful than nukes .
    . I bet you can find some bible verses
    that sound more like plagues than nukes:
    those would be the beam weapons!
    . my guess is Fall 2016, what’s yours?

  7. WHERE ARE WE GOING AND WHY ARE WE IN THIS HANDBASKET???? That’s what I’d like to know!!!

    yes, I DO think they could pull it off, for the simple reason that we are stupid and they are not.

    • Hi Jeffrey mcfarland,

      Very good question. It’s certainly far out there, so it might be.

      I am NOT an expert on EMP or nuclear weapons, nor do I know Russia’s intentions vis-a-vis Alaska. However, I do think that you would be better off than many living in the lower 48.

      My favorite ‘go to’ site for such questions indicates that Alaska might not be a great place. Here is the relevant page on his site:

      As always, seek the Lord’s direction, and then follow.

      Thank you, Jeffrey. May the Lord guide you.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. Russia, may have first strike capability since 1977. There’s reports contradicting info that Russia is a low tech.

    There’s also reports that claim Russia not only has first strike capability they also have the means to shoot down all US missiles if we launch first.

    Russia is holding back attacking us because the leadership is Christian and they don’t feel killing their American Christians is very Christian.

    I would be watchfull of the petro dollar tanking I would be surprised if nukes are ever used. I’ve read so much how they won’t be allowed.

    If you had to die. vaporized isn’t the worst way to check out. I have no fear nukes will be used on US.

    • Hi Robot head,

      My sources don’t paint quite as rosy a picture as yours. Furthermore, a Russian nuclear attack won’t vaporize you. What will happen is the lights going out and your neighbors coming after you with garden tools.

      Death by violence, starvation and thirst will NOT be pretty.

      Please prepare.

      Thank you, RH.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  9. George’s comment is right on. Read “Vote Scam” to see how voting machines are rigged to bring about the “correct” outcome.
    Your reasoning on Russia, U.S. Ukraine etc. is fine except it ignores the fact that “evil men and seducers” are present in Russia as well as the U.S. and in all other countries with CENTRAL BANKS. Check it out. There are only about three countries in the world that lack a central bank and these three are in the unknowing group. All others are part of a great cabal in another attempt to rule the world. Google “Club of Rome” and look at their map issued in 1965. There has only been one change since then, Mexico is now configured with the U.S.
    All of the hoopla and show in Ukraine is to keep the sheeple on edge so they will accept the phony war (and loss of more liberty) that is being orchestrated. When it is over and enough money has been made by the armament mfgs. it will settle out with Russia taking the Ukraine and being one of ten world regions (ten horns of the beast) out of which will arise a little horn etc. etc.
    By the way, your reply to my request for a more readable type face was “more readable” I hope you will consider using it exclusively in the future. Cheers.

  10. I think it’s even more simple! obummer stands down at the border, and lets them flood through! he will do the same thing when russia and china are playing war games in the pacific! It will be fake and they will launch an attack!

  11. “Obama is the most evil president in American {history}.”

    That’s for certain.

    It took Obama to make me admire Putin.


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