A New, Faster Omega Shock

Hi Everyone,

OmegaShock.com has been up and down for the last couple of days, because I’ve been transferring this site to another server. That transfer is complete and should mean that pages load faster with fewer errors and less frustration. (At least, in theory.)

This is already the second upgrade for this website in less than six months, and I am deeply grateful to all of the loyal readers who made this upgrade necessary. You guys are awesome.

Those of you who posted links to my articles or passed my articles around… thank you so very much. I am truly honored.

In fact, to all of you who are doing your best to warn others about the times that are coming, God bless you. God bless you for treating the calling of God so seriously. God bless you for loving your brothers and sisters in Christ with such devotion. God bless you for standing in the gap.

A crown and the words ‘Well Done’ await you in the life to come.

We are truly in the calm before the storm. The coming years will be the worst that humanity has ever experienced. But, they will also be an amazing time when God’s people will shine. I pray that all of you will be ready for what comes.

See you all, tomorrow. (Lord willing)

Yours in Christ,

John Little

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    Brother John Little! I am so glad to get back on the site today! I have been fasting and studying! Fasting and PRAYING! I’ve been studying just about every book in The Bible, as well as The Book of Jasher, The Book of Enoch, and The book of Jubilees. All 3 of these books are referenced in The Bible. The Book of Jasher is Referenced in Joshua 10:13, and 2Samuel 1:18. I’m including this information because within the framework of The Bible, I believe Satan has manipulated the fullness of THE WORD OF GOD to exclude many of the older texts that have information that clears up many of the mysteries given in The Word.

    Please allow me to reference a portion of The Book of Jasher involving the journey taken by Abraham and Isaac, Ishmael and Eleazer in Jasher 23. In this account of the journey Satan had come to Abraham and to Issac in attempts to discourage them from continuing their efforts in following the commands of God. At one point Satan disguises himself as a a brook of powerful and mighty waters to block their path to Jehovah Jireh, as Abraham later named the place. Abraham, according to the account in Jasher, remembered this area as not having a stream. He recognizes the deception as being Satan. Upon recognizing him as Satan, Abraham rebuked him by saying the very words spoken by Michael, the Arch Angel, whilest wrestling with Satan over the body of Moses, “The Lord rebuke thee, O Satan,” he continued “begone from us for we go by the commands of God.” This passage goes on to say that 23:39 And Satan was TERRIFIED at the voice of Abraham, and he went away from them, and the place became dry land as it was before.

    The point of including all this information is to make a correction in my previous position on Pre-Trib Rapture. there will be NO PRE-TRIB RAPTURE! This is another deception perpetrated by the leaders of the ancient Satanic Church to deceive those who will follow tradition instead of learning for themselves. LISTEN MY PEOPLE! The first Christ that comes, the one who will walk upon the earth and offer everyone salvation through a rapture is THE ANTI-CHRIST! The first bus out is the WRONG BUS! You will be lead down the slaughter chute to your destruction. GLORY TO GOD! Prepare my brothers and sisters for the judgement cometh! If you do follow this Jesus in the flesh, he will own your soul and you will not enter the KINGDOM OF GOD! This is the understanding of the magnitude of the deception of Satan! It will be GREAT DECEPTION!

    I REPENT of any and all words spoken by me, in the name of Jesus Christ, that have led a single soul to stray from God’s COMMANDS! Following the modern day church has led many many to believe they can solve the mysteries of THE WORD on their own. Without the Holy Spirit, you will be led astray! Thank you my brother, for holding your ground and making me look further than just the surface of THE WORD! PRAY FOR THE DISCERNMENT PEOPLE! IN JESUS NAME!


    Your brother in Christ Jesus!
    the watchman
    PSALM 91/LUKE 21:36


    2nd page from first posting.

    I would like to point out to those who may read this post that Satan was TERRIFIED by Abraham’s voice when Abraham spoke “the Lord rebuke thee!” That’s your power! That’s your authority over Evil! Over Satan! I would further point out that according to this book, and also discerned from study of Genesis that Isaac was 37 years old. He was not a child who had no control over his own path. Concerning Isaac’s position and thought about the sacrifice he was about to go through, Jasher 23:51,52 “And Abraham answered his son Isaac, saying, The Lord has made a choice of thee my son, to be a perfect burnt offering instead of the Lamb. 52 And Isaac said unto his father, I will do all that the Lord spoke to thee with JOY and CHEERFULNESS OF HEART.” You see? The emotion! The commitment! The obedience of Abraham and Isaac is not related as well in the Bible. The Bible is True to God’s Spirit! The Holy Spirit has compelled us, in Joshua 10 and 2Samuel to look further! I looked and have been blessed in my understanding, beyond that which I was ever taught in the Synagogues of Satan! praise be to JESUS CHRIST!

    For those who are not afraid of finding out the truth, go to The Book of Enoch 106 and read the account and description of Noah at his birth. Lamech was terrified at the appearance of Noah when he was born. I’ll not include any details here. If you want to know why I reference this, go to Revelation 1:14-16. this is an accounting of the presence of Jesus Christ, The Son of Man, at the throne of God. Tell me, do these descriptions closely match? The pictures you see of Jesus Christ will be how you see Satan when he descends upon the earth. Read The Word! Read the books referenced by The Word! You will be blessed!

    I for one have grown sickened by the direction the JudasGoat leaders have tried to take the family of God! The Church of Jesus Christ’s will prevail over the gates of hell! Why? BECAUSE HE SAID SO! AMEN!

    I do not ask that you believe me or agree with me. All I ask is for you to LOOK! You will be blessed if you will seek his face! Here’s the deal! for the many millions who have followed these JudasGoats, you may be too entranced and brainwashed by their scratching of the itching ears, to even receive what I am saying. If only one! If only one will have the courage to get outside of the box and look, BLESSINGS TO YOU MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Don’t get on the first bus! It goes to HELL!


    Your brother in Christ Jesus!
    the watchman
    PSALM 91/LUKE 21:36

  3. I am new to your site, but I wonder about the Achilles’ heel of America > ELECTRICITY. If we lose it, anarchy would reign.

    Also, there could be a natural event that would disrupt the country, especially if it is New Madrid or Yellowstone.

    America is not long for this world, as her sins have reached heaven’s gate.


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