America, Lord of War

I thought long and hard about where to go next in this series, America, Lord of the… We have already established the absolute moral bankruptcy of the United States, so there’s very little territory to cover, except… well… war.

We have been in a shocking number of them – 120 since our founding – and, that is NOT counting covert actions. In fact, there have been very few moments in time when the US was not involved in war.

That some of those wars were necessary cannot be denied. But, the amount of time America has spent at war… well, it highlights the fact that America isn’t the peaceful nation that we think it is.

In fact, it really is a Lord of War.


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America, Lord of War

War is both fascinating and horrifying at the same time. I have spent a lot of time studying the strategies and tactics needed to achieve victory in war, as well as the strength of human spirit that is the vital element in winning. But, as I have dug into the reasons for war, and the lies told to convince men and women to send their children off to war… I find myself horrified.

Was it necessary for Germany to be defeated in World War I and II?


But, those wars were used to twist and bend us so that we would be what we are today:

The Lord of War

American weapons and the CIA are involved in almost every conflict in the world today. It has gotten so bad that whenever you see a demonstration in some dark corner of the world, you immediately look for USAID or the National Endowment for Democracy – front groups for the Central Intelligence Agency and the US State Department.

  • We fed the conflict in Ukraine
  • We fed the revolt in Libya
  • We fed the civil war in Syria
  • We fed the Chechen conflict in southern Russia
  • We fed the uprising in Egypt
  • We continue to feed terrorist groups in Africa and Asia
  • We invaded Iraq and Afghanistan under false pretenses
  • We overthrew the government in Kyrgyzstan

And, I have my suspicions about a host of other uprisings around the world that are just a tad bit too compatible with the foreign policy objectives of the psychopaths in Washington, D.C.

In fact, the question is probably more accurately phrased this way:

Is there any conflict that we AREN’T involved in?

There isn’t a single shred of morality in US foreign policy. There isn’t a single objective pursued by the US that has ANYTHING to do with what we would consider just. All that the US government cares about is money and power, and they will kill anyone to get it. Anyone. And no, there is no limit to the number of people that they are willing to kill.

Please understand, that to them, there is no difference between a million dead, or a billion. As Joseph Stalin famously said:

One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic.

Uncle Joe would have felt completely at home in the US capital, because that is exactly how the CIA and the US State Department feel. Exactly.

Eisenhower warned us of the US Military Industrial complex, and we didn’t listen. Now, we reap the bitter fruit of that carelessness.

How does it feel to be a citizen of the most warlike nation on Earth?

Unfortunately, America’s enemies understand the US government’s willingness to kill millions and even billions to further their aims. And, that has brought us closer and closer to the nuclear war that many have warned us about.

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