America, Lord of the Heroin Trade

Today, as I went through my personal email folder, I found something sent out by Chris Duane of As I scrolled down the email, I found this:

US Troops Protecting Opium in Afghanistan

We just observed Memorial Day last week, where we honored those who gave their lives so that we might be free. And, my family has been represented in every American war fought since at least 1776. So, it makes me sick to think of our precious boys and girls being sent out to become casualties so that the US can keep its profits in the heroin trade.


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America, Lord of the Heroin Trade

I really was going to talk about something else, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow for that – because I’m hopping mad over this.

(And yes, I do know that this is not new.)

The United States government has become the single largest trafficker in narcotics, since the ’60s and ’70s, and that thought makes me want to burn my passport. And, it all began with the coup that took over the United States government on November 22, 1963, when Kennedy was assassinated.

America, The Heroin

From that moment on, it was game over. Drugs began to flow into the US from Southeast Asia on US Air Force transports. We cultivated cocaine in Central and South America. And, when Jimmy Carter signed a secret directive on July 3, 1979, giving covert aid to opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul… well, America became heroin traffickers. We taught the Afghanis how to make heroin from opium, and exchanged it for guns. And now, 90% of the world’s heroin comes from Afghanistan.

You’ll never guess who transports the heroin out of Afghanistan.

Really? The US Air Force?

Yes. Really.

No, 99.9% of the Air Force doesn’t know that they’re flying out heroin. They’re just the unwitting drug mules for this vast operation that is netting the CIA billions and billions of dollars.

And, who is guarding the poppy fields?

The US Army.

However, the US Army is being pulled out of Afghanistan. But, don’t worry. The US has brought in tens of thousands of ‘private contractors’ to make sure that the poppy fiel… I mean… the government of Afghanistan doesn’t fall to those terrible Taliban – who also happen to have been created by the CIA.

Here are a couple videos to get your blood boiling:

How Opium Greed Is Keeping US Troops in Afghanistan | Brainwash Update

YouTube shortlink:

And, there’s this one as a backdrop:

Iran Contra & the CIA Cocaine Conspiracy | Brainwash Update

YouTube shortlink:

(If you want more, you’ll hafta’ get it yourself.
My stomach can’t handle much more of this.

I was a child of the ’60s and ’70s, but while I was growing up, my country was falling. And, it makes me sick at heart. We had such promise at our birth.

There was goodness in us, but now… I find it hard to see much that is good in the land of my birth. And, I am devastated by this.

A Little History

Clan Little fled Scotland to America (and elsewhere) in the 1600s, as the English ‘pacified’ the border clans. And, the first recorded ‘John Little’ to arrive was in 1712. There was a John Little killed by the Hessians in the Revolutionary War. There have been Little Generals and Little Admirals. The Littles have been, and are, everywhere in the US.

We are a truly American family.

So, it makes me sick to see how our great country has become the drug lord of the whole world.

God’s Wrath

Worse, far worse, we have invited God’s righteous wrath against ourselves. And, when God is angry with a nation, bad things happen to those who live in and around it.

Please, get as far from ‘ground zero’ as you can.

Are you ready for this?
(That’s a link. Do more than just think about it.)


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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29 thoughts on “America, Lord of the Heroin Trade”

    • Hi tex,

      It’s not quite the same. Nor is there quite the same ‘dollar requirement’ for the ‘narco dollar’. But, there is something of an echo to the petrodollar. Hmmmmm…

      Interesting perspective, Tex. Thank you.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  1. John, it’s worse than this by a long damn shot. I researched who the Lords of the opium trade really are but it is far too long to post here. The nut of it is, the biggest family names in the Northeast corridors of power. Now, when money does literally ‘grow on trees’ for these people, it is inconceivable these families got out of the trade and went ‘legit’. The Afghan – us or the Russians – is almost entirely about this business. As was, believe it or not, Vietnam. Much of the conflict in the Middle East is, back a page or two, is about controlling territory that has no stable government. Read Edward Harle Limited – Red Cocaine (amazon) .. The Opium War’s Secret History by Karl Meyer. Or, the secret behind Skull and Bones or Dr. John Coleman’s Who Profits?

    The political/financial scion families of the Northeast are an unholy disaster sacrificing American lives around the world in defense of their Opium and drug trade. It is the secret of their money and influence and I cannot begin to imagine the price they will pay upon Christ’s return.

    PS – remember Bill Clinton, Mena Arkansas and the cocaine trade?

    • Hi Jesse,

      Unfortunately, you are right. And, I have had to keep back a lot of what I know, because it is too awful for some of my readers. Even what I have said to date has been too much for many.

      And yes, Mena. A lot went through certain remote location(s). Medical supplies, they called them. Chip Tatum has a thing or two to say about all that.

      Good luck with your books. They look awesome. For those who are interested, his site is:

      Keep up the good work!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. Bo Gritz, the famous Green Beret Colonel announced his retirement from the Army in early 1975. At the time he headed the Studies and Observation Groups (
    SOG) along the Ho Chi Mihn trail. His reason for resigning was the CIA was smuggling Heroin into the United States from the “Golden Triangle”. I was on active duty at the time stationed in the D.C. area. I remember thinking at the time he had gone off the deep end. Boy, was I naive. I guess thats why the government sends 18 year olds off to war. Anyway, I’ve smartened up since. Be careful what you say and who you say it to. Gary Webb a great columnist with San Jose Mercury news got fired for reporting on the Heroin smuggling and was so distraught he commited “suicide” by crashing his car into a tree in the middle of nowhere. Sound familiar? Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi John,

    I agree with you that the U.S. has been a bad actor for a long time…most governments will do whatever they can get away with. However, you seem to think the whole country will be judged. I believe the righteous will not be judged with the wicked. I have personally known far more than ten truly righteous people living in the U.S., their righteousness is based on the sufficiency of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, NOT on their own works. Their spiritual fruit bears witness to their relationship with Jesus Christ. I have lived in big cities and I have lived in the country side, there is definitely a difference. I am confident if a Christian is living in a small town in the U.S., they are generally far more safe from the judgment of God and crime and persecution from people, than if they live in a huge city any place in the world, including Taiwan, Australia,or Israel. If I had to live in a city in Russia or China to escape the effects of Ezekiel’s fire, I would rather go without electricity. Maybe this confidence will not last forever because events and people do change but you might want to watch this:

    • Hi Michael Haller,

      That video is powerful. I cannot comment on how true Henry Gruver’s vision was/is, but I have heard him to be a truly Godly man. So, I treat what he says with great respect.

      My own message is compatible with his. (Although, I have had no vision about this) If you cannot get out of the US, get away from the cities. And, it seems that the best place to be in the US is the mountain states of The American Redoubt.

      Will there be other places?

      I don’t know. I hope so, but I can only speak about what I see.

      Unfortunately, all of that will probably happen before Ezekiel’s Fire. Of course, Ezekiel’s Fire wouldn’t have much effect on an already destroyed America. Just be ready to survive without electricity, wherever you are.

      But, your main point was about the righteous, and I agree. God is calling the righteous to flee the wrath of God. Judgment IS coming to America. Now is the time for the righteous to get away from the path of that righteous anger.

      By the way, please understand that there were more than ten righteous men in Israel when God declared that He was going to destroy her. So, He called His righteous ones OUT of Israel, before destroying Israel. I believe that the same applies here.

      Thank you Michael. Great points and great video link.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. John, I look forward to your post each day and agree with all you are saying and teaching me things I have not heard. I know this article is right on, but it is only half the story. This drug is destroying the youth of this country. It has infiltrated our high schools and even down to middle school. I have watch this drug destroy my son. For those that think rehab works, you are kidding yourself. They would not have any patients left if it did and they would be out of business. I know that soldiers are dying because of this, but the youth of America is being destroyed!

    • Hi Troy,

      I am so sorry to hear that you lost your son to this. I cannot think of many things more terrible than that. May God give you peace in the midst of your pain.

      You are so absolutely correct. Heroin is destroying America. I heard a figure that only 2% of those that enter rehab actually ever get free of Heroin. What an abominable drug.

      A friend of mine – one of the few to successfully escape Heroin – says that he loves Taiwan because it is impossible (or close to impossible) to get Heroin here.

      God bless you, Troy. Thank you for your kind words.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  5. Hello John Little. You and many others talk of the wrath of God which most of us think is long overdue. The sins of America are so bad that some preachers are saying we are past Sodom and Gomorrah and God will owe an apology to them come judgement day. What is God waiting for.? Why does he turn a blind eye to America’s sin.? I hope he’s not asleep.!!!

  6. The late Paul Harvey’s “If I were the Devil” is spot on! Thankfully the Hagmann show plays this audio often! Also, the ill-loons manifesto (you know, C Marx) list the how too’s on destroying nation’s such as this late great ‘us of a’ (because of our faith in God/knowing where our true right’s come from) But, will the Master chess player make some (or one) very interesting move(s)?! The tribulation period is to bring back 1/3 of His chosen (Jacob/not any better people) and wrath to a unbelieving world? The Lord also blessed Ishmael, interestingly many of these people are coming to Christ Jesus and willingly to die for Him!
    One of the prevailing traits of the end of Grace is big pharma. Satan won’t want many taking anything that may help prolong life w/out the devil/apollo! These freaks do not want us well – period! They’d go broke! Guess we’ll continue taking our mercury & sodium fluoride? Seriously, I hope not!
    Dear bro John, eschatology wise we disagree on one thing, I’ll leave it there, God bless ya, your heart is in the right place! My prayer is that we (Believer’s) all will be crossing that River sooner (one way or other) then later.


    • Hi Byron,

      Well said.

      As to differences in eschatology, I don’t mind the disagreement. I just don’t want to see anyone hurt or killed who is a faithful servant of God, such as yourself.

      God bless you, brother.

      Shalom u’Vrecha b’Yeshua,

      John Little


    Hey Brother John,

    Great presentation! Your family history is wonderful. You’ve had so many great figures to look up to and be proud of. Here’s the deal! You were born in and under the influence of an established plan of a regime from ancient times. These plans have been in place for thousands of years. I cannot let you or any others of the current generations blame yourselves or others for not seeing the future these unholy beings have generated for us. It is by the GRACE of GOD that we are able to see these things now. Without God’s hand being firmly placed upon your life and your surrendering to the Holy Spirit, you would be among the sleeping masses. It becomes a burden at times to keep moving forward and not allow the discouragement to overtake us.

    Let me share an encouraging story with you. I have for months and years struggled with not having anyone near me, other than my beautiful wife, to share the many things I study and diligently share, with whomever I come across during my day. I do not believe in coincidence meetings. I do not hesitate to share current events with anyone because I know if they give me more than ten words spoken in the conversation, seeds will be planted. Today, as I walked with a neighbor up the street, first time ever to walk with him. He and I entered a conversation about weather, the sun, the chemtrails and many more subjects related to current events throughout the world. What a wonderful discovery! A guy right here next to me has been enlightened to the corruption of the world by these unholy beings from ancient times. The point is! We all grow tired of the atrocities being inflicted upon the unsuspecting masses. As we sift through the day to day piles of more astonishing and more evil acts being thrust upon us, we grow weary, tired, saddened, and sometimes down right angry about it all. That’s when we need to have a brother or sister in Christ Jesus tell us, “There is one guy or gal that I know, who will not allow the rocks to cry out in their place”. See we were born to a corrupt system that is now winding down. One can hardly blame themselves for the conditions of things, but we must not accept these conditions. It’s in the accepting of the conditions that surrender to the Unholy that makes us feel helpless! My thoughts? I’LL NEVER SURRENDER! I’LL NEVER GIVE UP! YESHUA IS IMPRINTED ON MY HEART, ETERNALLY DWELLS WITHIN MY SOUL, INFUSES AND DEFINES MY SPIRIT, AND POSSESS MY MIND IN EVERY CAPACITY! THE LAST WORDS I WILL SPEAK ON THIS EARTH IS YESHUA CHRIST!

    Ok, so that guy I’m saying now does his part and much more is John Little! We are to encourage each other. We are to help each other! We are to speak THE WORD to each other! If you grow angry over these things, it is normal. People say all the time, “I don’t hate anyone or anything”. How damning is that? God tells us to “HATE THE EVIL!” The more you hate the evil, the stronger you will become! The HATE for the evil should be like a nuclear reaction within our body! Just keep the anger in proper prospective and give it to The Lord. Every Day! EVERY DAY! We must drop the flesh off at the cross and put on the ARMOR, every Day! We must polish it up! Keep it shining! Keep the chinks out of the ARMOR, lest we have a failure! Failures in this battle can be fatal! He gives us everything we need! A dwelling place with 15 blessings and 23 promises, PSALM 91. He gives his ARMOR, Ephesians 6, which is the best ever constructed! He gives us courage to overcome! He gives us each other to say “I wish I could be as strong as John Little!” “iron sharpens Iron”! You don’t find Iron sitting around on the sofa drinking Bud Lite, eating potato chips all day and having their minds infested over and over and over again with the filth and garbage from the deepest darkest depths of hell. You find Iron when you find one that will speak THE WORD, even within the throws of death! That’s how I see John Little, Steve Quayle, Dave Hodges, Tom Horne, Haggman and Haggman, and so many others, too many to list. Why do you do it day after day? Because he tells you, “finish the race!”. “and be of good cheer!” “WE WIN!!!” He says “CAST YOUR WORRIES AT THE CROSS” CAST THEM! If the world starts getting you down, just start slinging the BLOOD all over it! The evil melts under the cover of THE BLOOD!
    Is there one more John Little can reach?
    Sorry I just got excited!
    Just let me know if ya get sick of it all again? We all need someone who will lay it down for us on occasion! Hehehe! yep! I know! my friends think I’m nuts too!


    james timms
    PSALM 91/LUKE 21:36

  8. Did you ever read the “Declaration of Arbroath?” (Scottish declaration of Independence). It seems back then the Scots knew who they were and where they came from. That’s why the flag is called the “Cross of Saint Andrew”
    Jesus commissioned his 12 disciples to go only “to the lost (apo-like ‘lost in the woods’) sheep of the house of Israel.”
    So while Andrew is said to have evangelized as far as Rus’ Kiev, he ended up in Caledonia (Galed/Gilead) both names mean “hard stony region”;
    aka Alban (Laban) both names mean “white”;
    aka Scotland (Scota-land/Scotia) scotia is Biblical Greek for “darkness”
    The red, right-angle Cross of Saint George, superimposed on the “x” Cross of Saint Andrew gives a large part of the Union Jack (Union of Jacob)
    this is the mark on the foreheads in Ezekiel 9
    “Set a mark” (8427 a 8420) “tavah a taw,” “cross a cross”
    this is the only way to visibly “cross a cross”

    For years I have tried to discover the “true history” of the English rivers
    Tavy, Taw and Tamar. Apparently their names are so ancient all I could ever find is their basis in a legend of giants.
    Any Bible student should know who were the three women in the Bible named “Tamar.”
    When she was raped by her (probably half) brother, David’s daughter Tamar tore off her “coat of many colors.” But in Hebrew this has more to do with needlework/stitching, than with colors. That is it was – like Joseph’s – a tartan of nobility. Just like in ancient Ireland when they had a law that the number of colors in one’s coat was determined by class/status. From 7 (the king), on down to the servant/peasant.

    • Hi Mark Leininger,

      Welllll… I don’t think that the Scots are one of the Lost Tribes.

      And, I am sure that the Littles aren’t. We were the biggest bunch of scoundrels you ever saw. Sheep rustlers and horse thieves, but the best light cavalry in Europe for a couple centuries. (Steal enough English horses…)

      Thank you, Mark.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  9. Hi John,

    The “grapes of Sodom” (gall/rowsh/poppy plant) (Deuteronomy 32:32-33)….

    Have they now become the “grapes of America” ?

    “And the light of a lamp will not shine in you any longer…..for your merchants were the great men of the earth, BECAUSE all the nations were deceived by your sorcery (PHARMAKEIA).” Revelation 18:23

  10. I can confirm this connection between the white horse/air force from bizarre tales I once heard from an old hippie who serve in the AF in the early 70’s. Wasn’t supposed to see the plane-load, in the hanger where he was servicing another plane, and was shot at, as he narrowly escaped. He was later honorably discharged by Nixon.

    And all this time I thought he was just full of it…jokes on me.

  11. [Great blog, John. I enclose what I ran into lately on the net. Enjoy.]

    Harvey Milk Stamped “Out” Forever !

    The Obama Cabal is behind universal GAYety with a “forever” postage stamp issued by the US Pederastal Service which idolizes Harvey Milk, a Jewish pederast “attracted to boys aged 15-19,” according to WikiAnswers! (Also see Wikipedia.)
    Global gaydom was even predicted by Jesus (see “days of Lot” in Luke 17 and compare with Genesis 19).
    And the Hebrew prophet Zechariah (14th chapter) says that during the same end-time gay “days” ALL nations will come against Israel and fulfill the “days of Noah” at the same time (see Luke 17 again) – a short time of anti-Jewish genocide found in Zechariah 13:8 when two-thirds of all Jews will die.
    In other words, when “gay days” have become universal, all hell will break loose!
    The same “days” will cause worldwide human government to collapse in just a few short years! For the first time ever there won’t be enough time for anyone to attend college, have a family, enjoy retirement, etc. It will also be the last time anyone like ObabaBlackSheep will be able to keep pulling the wool over our eyes!
    One final thought. The more we see gays “coming out,” the sooner Jesus will be “coming down”!
    For more, Google or Yahoo “God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up,” “Jesus Never Mentioned Homosexuality. When gays have birthdays…,” “FOR GAYS ONLY: Jesus Predicted…,” “USA – from Puritans to Impure-itans!” and “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up.”
    (PS: HOMOgenized Milk has been honored by Gov. Schwarzenaggravator as well as ObabaBlackSheep.)


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