WEEKEND SHOCKCAST: Another Disastrous Week

If you’re like me, a really big disaster is about as fun as having your stomach pumped. I would even prefer a life in the mountains of Taiwan, feeding chickens and growing tomatoes. (And yes, that’s exactly what my lovely wife is threatening me with.)

The problem is that reality doesn’t give breaks, and won’t allow us to avoid the consequences of ignoring it. So, we’re stuck with each other. And that reality has turned up clothed in a rather shocking shade of calamity, this week.

Seriously, I wasn’t actually expecting for Peak Oil to pop back into the lime light. But, it certainly did – hogging the stage, grabbing the microphone and singing off-key.

Having said that, Peak Oil – along with this confluence of multiple disaster cycles – is an amazing story. Here we are, thinking that the world in which we live is the most normal thing in the world – when in reality, it’s the biggest freak show in five thousand years.


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I really don’t know whether to laugh, or cry.

And yes, I really do include myself in this mass delusion that we’ve built for ourselves. We convinced ourselves that something this good MUST be natural and last as long as we want it to.

Seriously, what were we thinking?


Why did it take me this long to figure it out?

I spent more than 40 years of my life living a delusionary fantasy of oil-fueled prosperity, while I was helping burn away the future. I feel hoodwinked, but I don’t really have anyone to blame.

We’ve all been ‘hoodwinked’ by our own inability to grasp how incredible our situation is. The trap that we find ourselves in is both awe-inspiring and shocking.

Who would have thought that our mighty civilization could be so effectively brought to its knees by such a small miscalculation?

Of course, it really isn’t a small miscalculation, and we really should have known what was coming. But, whatever the cause of the pickle that we find ourselves in, there can be no argument that we are in truly dire straits. The disaster rolling down on us is awesome to behold. I can hardly believe how bad it is.

Billions of people are going to die – all because we goofed.

Our parents and grandparents laughed at M. King Hubbert, and now their children and grandchildren get to pay the price. Of course, that’s how the end of empire works. I guess that we should be lucky to be able to complain.

What’s not so lucky is the fact that our brothers and sisters are completely unaware of the dire nature of their situation. We are in a heap of trouble, and there is nothing that we can do except tell everyone to get out of the way.

This runaway train is going over the cliff, and it might happen this year.

Worse, I see the Book of Revelation in the midst of this story and hear the thunderous hooves of the four horsemen. I don’t want any of us entangled in what those riders are up to.

Please. Get ready for the worst moment in time for five thousand years.

Are you going to be ready for this?
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WEEKEND SHOCKCAST: Another Disastrous Week

So, what did we talk about this week?

This week it was the convergence of cycles and Peak Oil. Harry Dent, Jr. had some interesting thoughts to share about how a demographic shock will arrive this year. And, then I spent some time researching the comeback of Peak Oil, and it truly is as disastrous as ever. What an incredible apocalypse this end of cheap energy is. And, when it all finally hits us, there won’t be any warning.

So, let’s talk about that.

Listen to the WEEKEND SHOCKCAST for May 24th, here:

Weekend ShockCast for May 31, 2014 – John Little



YouTube Link: http://youtu.be/P-dofYON1gk


The Articles That You Will Find in This WEEKEND SHOCKCAST

MONDAY – Demographic Shock – 2014 – Harry Dent

Demographic Shock – 2014 – Harry Dent

I find our cognitive limitations to be interesting – fascinating, even. It seems that we can only hold so many ideas at any one time. Introduce a new one beyond our capability to hold, and we either have the stress of living beyond our capabilities (which can be good, short term) or we need to let an old idea fade.

I say that because I’ve run across someone with a profoundly important idea for this moment in time in which we live, and he has made some vital and important predictions in the past using that idea. But, he also has a history of plugging that idea into too many areas and getting negative results. That man is Harry Dent, and he has something to say about the demographic shock that begins this year.

By the way, as you take an inventory of the important ideas in your life, there is one idea that must always be first and reign supreme – Jesus Christ. Nothing should ever compete in your mind for that space – ever.

And, please be careful about the junk that you allow to take up space in your head. Really, it’s important. Garbage in… garbage out.

(Read the rest of the article, here)


TUESDAY – (took time off to do extra research)


WEDNESDAY – Disaster Cycles Converge with Peak Oil – For a Perfect Storm

Disaster Cycles Converge with Peak Oil – For a Perfect Storm

I didn’t do an article yesterday because I needed to spend time doing research. I had an idea that Peak Oil was still out there, ready to spring on us, after hearing Steve St. Angelo talk about fracking hype. But, I needed to make sure.

Unfortunately, now I’m sure.

Peak Oil is alive and well on planet Earth, and it is about to combine with three different disaster cycles to do unimaginable damage to us. And, just like the crises of the recent past, we’ve papered over the problem with debt and lies. And now, this downward spiral is going to turn into a catastrophe.

(Read the rest of the article, here)


THURSDAY – Peak Oil Apocalypse

Peak Oil Apocalypse

I talked about a perfect storm, yesterday. And, as I look back on what I said, I can only say that the conclusions are completely inescapable. As this perfect storm approaches… and starts to rip away at civilization’s facade… the world is going to come crashing down around us. It didn’t have to happen this way, but it is GOING to happen. And, God has said that it would happen.

More than 25% of the Bible describes the Last Days, and most of that description is horrifying. But, when you think about the true implications of just Peak Oil… well, the devastation described in the Bible no longer seems so astonishing.

(Read the rest of the article, here)


FRIDAY – There will be No Warning

There will be No Warning

We are at a tipping point. Give us just a nudge, and we’ll go over. That nudge could come from anywhere and be almost anything, and we won’t see it coming.

The problem is that you DID see it coming. I’ve been writing about it. Others have, as well. We just can’t tell you exactly WHEN the fireworks begin. And, that’s how all great catastrophes happen.

The stage is set. All the actors are in their places. The orchestra is warmed up and in tune. All that we lack is for that enigmatic creature, the black swan event, to arrive. And, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that I hear the flutter of her wings, right now.

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Are you ready for this?
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20 thoughts on “WEEKEND SHOCKCAST: Another Disastrous Week”

  1. Hi John-
    I believe it was the History Channel that produced an interesting show a few years back and it was called PROPHETS OF DOOM. Each of the 5 or 6 men had their own ‘end of the world’ theory ranging from Artificial Intellegence (singularity) to Terrorism (nuclear holocaust). But the one guy that made me sit up was the fellow who talked about the peak oil scenario. The linear graph showing the world population growth the last 2000 years was at first mind blowing and quickly became terrifying. The spike that has occurred at the turn of the 20th century was the most clear cut case for the truth about un-sustainability that i can imagine. Yet when i share this with my friends and family…yep…deer in the headlights. I don’t write you often, but I want you to know that i feel connected through Omegashock and appreciate you very much. Off topic…Dave Hodges Common Sense show has been knocked off line multiple times the past 24 hours. Heard anything about that?

    • Hi Mr. Jones,

      Thank you for that comment. I really appreciate your kind words.

      Yeah, people just can’t seem to get their heads around the idea that oil might run out. What’s coming is going to blow everyone’s mind.

      Since I’ve been so late getting to comments, I can now report that Dave is back online. The threats against him have grown in strength and credibility. We need to be praying for him.

      Thank you, Mr. Jones. It’s good to know that you are out there and awake.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. What I have always heard about oil is that there is plenty of it.

    The question is, “at what price?”

    The deeper it is, the more expensive it is.

    The United States may indeed be sitting on a sea of natural gas that could fall in and burn while the ship captains watch from a distance and wail that they can no longer be made rich by the abundance of the great whore of Babylon.

  3. This is probably going to be long-winded, no problem if you abbreviate or don’t post it, I just wanted to respond, mostly from the perspective of an American in the middle of farming country, to your very compelling week of articles.

    I hear you, totally. The human inability to grasp, as you put it, is a major contributor. So is normalcy bias, herdthink, and the human tendencies to dismiss problems of a distant nature (at the time), assume that someone, somehow, will come up with a solution by then, and to think that the people at the top of various industries and government entities must surely have got there via competence, and that their decisions are surely for the best. None of the above are rational, and as every politician knows, the vast majority of people make decisions based on emotion, not logic. I think that is one key mechanism of how the enemy and all his corrupt servants have managed to get the entire world into their clutches. “It is a fruit to be desired to make one wise …” – a purely emotional argument. Logic would have said, “that changes nothing – God told you not to do it. Period.” A second key mechanism, one that you have alluded to before, is that the majority of people are not sociopaths and therefore cannot imagine the state of having no conscience at all, and the kind of things a person like that would really do. As you put it, pure evil is unimaginable to most of us. Our governments and financial industries are totally selling us out, and most of us just can’t get our brains around that.

    The situation reminds me of all those people who win lotteries and are broke a few short years later. Some have a mind for numbers, others do not, and I think many of these people just think the number is so big that they cannot conceive of it running out, but there is an end to everything material. If you can’t do the mental calculus of comparing the rate of flow to the reduction of starting amount, further complicated by increases in population and demand that steadily increase this rate of flow – and project this into the future for an idea of how long this can go on, you have no idea. It doesn’t seem real. This applies not only to money and petroleum but water in unrenewable aquifers, etc. The people who can instinctively grasp this have been screaming about it for years but they are a minority, and the rest pretty much ignore them – aided by political agendas that have anything but the common good in mind. Which reminds me of one of my favorite Far Side cartoons: a little animal with the new mutation of fur is walking past a bunch of dinosaurs laughing at him for how funny he looks, except for one: he is holding out his hand to catch one of several snowflakes fluttering down, looking at it with a puzzled and uneasy expression.

    So I guess we can’t really beat ourselves up for letting this happen – based on all this, how else COULD it have turned out? No wonder God saw it all happening thousands of years ago.

    There’s more, in terms of the US food/water situation. Haven’t seen you mention some of these but you were getting close to it talking about tractors and crop yield. Not only have gas-fueled machines greatly increased yield, but so has the advent of easily created (extracted from air, which is about 80% N) nitrogen fertilizer, which requires either petroleum products or electricity to manufacture. Small scale farms can utilize the N in livestock manure. Without it, crops in all but the most naturally fertile areas struggle. Then there are chemical pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Yes, the chemicals have their downside. Absolutely. But the problem of bugs and weeds destroying your food has not been solved on a large enough scale that we can feed this many people without chemicals. Just as it is physically impossible to plow that much land with horses – who themselves must eat grain if they are to work hard – you can’t hand-weed and pick bugs off either. This will be a problem for preppers who think they can rely on organic gardening – when your life depends on a good crop, and it is infested and overrun with destructive insects or diseases and you have no backup chemicals – you die. Think Irish Potato Famine. This is exactly why the farmers of 100 yrs ago – doing it the old way – fed only 2 1/2 people besides themselves. The preppers need to get that. Their farms are not going to look like or yield like these vast, weedless, healthy seas of grain that you see driving down the highway. And I hope they do not learn the hard way that raccoons love tender baby ears of corn, and a few deer and rabbits can eat the new shoots of an entire garden. They will do this even when there is plenty of succulent green grass, for the same reason we would prefer a lovely bowl of salad to a mouthful of grass. It tastes good. In the winter, they will eat fruit trees and berry bushes, even rose bushes with huge thorns! Some of these articles I read make it sound like living off the land is a piece of cake. Invest in wire fencing at least 6 feet high to discourage deer – they could probably jump that if they were really determined – and mesh for the lowest couple feet small enough to keep out even baby rabbits. Raccoons can still climb a setup like this, though. If you want to go all out you could try the outward-slanting top layer of barbed wire. And make a tight gate. I think there will be a lot of city people trying to make it out in the sticks and they are going to have quite a time of it. Most gardens are not this barricaded, but consider the difference between a hobby and something your lives depend on, where there is no room for error. Deer have eaten my baby cherry trees to the ground 3 winters in a row. I am going to bite the bullet and fence them in now. But my life has not depended on having cherries so far….

    On large farms, grain is stored in silos with carefully controlled humidity to keep it dry and free of mold. I don’t know how preppers plan to do that but if the electricity goes, so does the large scale grain storage.

    There’s been a lot of publicity lately about the drought in the west & southwest, and they are beginning to talk about what was predicted in Cadillac Desert, a 1986 book later made into a movie and a documentary, about the unsustainability of huge metropolises in the middle of deserts. And that is assuming they still have electricity to pump the water that is no longer there. What I have seen less publicity about is the depletion of aquifers, namely the Ogallala that has been pumped for irrigation water to Nebraska and other heavily agricultural states that, based on rainfall alone, could barely grow scrub grass. That is not going to last much longer, and would be gone overnight with an EMP/CME. Same with aquifer water being used up to supply Phoenix, Las Vegas, etc. Along with the Colorado River which is down to a trickle. Consider also that the heavy ag states grow mostly corn, wheat, sunflower seeds, and soybeans. For most of the year, the stuff you see in produce aisles is trucked in from irrigated farms in southern California and Arizona, or flown in from South America. For a few short months in the summer there are farmer’s markets and you can buy locally grown produce, in season. But these incredible, only-in-America grocery stores — we’ve grown so accustomed to them, most Americans don’t even think of the fact that fruit trees bear once a year. We can have any fruit, any time. Orange juice every morning, even if you live in northern Minnesota. If you read the label, it’s not just Florida oranges, which have their seasons like others. It’s South American oranges, for when ours are off season. We take this for granted just as we have the benefits of petroleum. When petroleum becomes so expensive and/or unavailable that we can’t truck or fly in food, we starve. Unthinkable, to Americans.

    If it seemed overwhelming before, it seems WAY overwhelming now for the US considering all the different ways in which our basic necessities of life are at risk of disappearing suddenly and completely. And if not suddenly, then slowly but surely. There is not enough water. Or petroleum. And population continues to grow, making this curve even steeper.

    I think we very well may be the Babylon of Rev 18, and I frequently think of Rev 18:14: “The ripe fruits and delicacies for which your soul longed have gone from you, and all your luxuries and dainties, your elegance and splendor are lost to you, never again to be recovered or experienced!”

    Sorry to have rambled on and on and on and on but your articles this week were particularly thought-provoking. I see it all coming together too, and it’s not good.

    • Hi DRG,

      That was so well written… and so well thought out… and so true… I just could NOT shorten ANY of it. And, I just hafta approve it.

      Everyone, please read this comment. It is truly excellent!

      Keep up the good work, DRG!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Hi James Timms,

      This is very serious. And, I appreciate Daboo7 for getting this out.

      What I do NOT appreciate is his continual attacks on Israel, and his continual melodramatic overplaying of every bit of information he presents on everything. And, he truly knows nothing about Israel or Mossad, as he claims.

      Furthermore, this is NOT about the drying up of the Euphrates for the coming of the Kings of the East. We’re not even CLOSE to that moment in time.

      Seriously, Daboo has GOT to stop including Israel in everything. And, the continuous melodrama is driving me nuts.

      But, this point about the water flow is a good one, and I appreciate the ‘heads up’. It truly is worth some melodrama – but, only on THIS one.

      Thank you, James.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Brother John Little,

        I must encourage you to forgive DABOO for what he does not know. Who was that guy that said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do!”? Ahh yes! He’s the truth, THE WORD! I too grow weary of sifting through the shift ing stuff on occasion. When I do, i just give a great big laugh and go back at it. With a youngster such as DABOO, he would do well to have some listening ears of enlightenment, however, he may not have a trusted brother to share his thoughts with. I do believe the information will be better presented by someone with a substantial background in Israel’s history and future. As with many who are lacking enlightenment in this area, they make hasty, harsh, an often unfounded judgements based on completely misleading or untrue information about Israel. I believe that information is now in the right hands to give a full understanding of the implications. There will be many of these incidents where it clouds the vision of truth based on THE WORD.

        In his defense, I applaud him for his enthusiasm! He seems to come up with more substantial news quicker than any other site I’ve found. As you and all of us must do, I sift through these things to get to the final impact of such an event. That’s the fun part some times. With the vast knowledge that you possess, I imagine you sometimes leaning back and just giving a quick chuckle and even a deep laugh when you see someone so quick to pronounce the end of everything is “NOW!” Just an encouraging word for you brother, “be of good cheer!”. You and I know the very moment this thing will be done. It’s when ABBA says to the son “SON GO GET YOUR CHILDREN!” And then we are home! PRAISE JESUS!

        GOD’S GRACE!

        Your brother in Christ Jesus!

        james timms
        PSALM 91/LUKE 21:36

        • Hi James Timms,

          God bless you brother. You are absolutely right, and I also know that I am an opinionated so-and-so – as well.


          And yes, I do forgive him. I’m sure that he’s a really good guy, and doesn’t mean to get things wrong. And absolutely yes, the fact that he’s willing to jump out there is very good.

          Being a hasty fellow myself, I should be much more willing to give Daboo some slack.

          Thank you for that well written admonition, James. You are undoubtedly a great blessing to your church. You are certainly a bless here.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  4. Lindsey Williams has gone over MANY times that there is no such thing as “Peak Oil”. It is a carefully contrived lie to keep gas prices high for no reason other than to enrich themselves.

    Do the research.

    • Hi PeakOilLies,

      I like Lindsey Williams and consider him to be an honest and sincere man. Unfortunately, he is NOT a geophysicist.

      And, I HAVE done my research, and Peak Oil has everything to do with math.

      Did you notice that the United States stopped exporting oil more than 40 years ago?

      Have you noticed that oil production ALWAYS declines after a certain point? Always?

      Do the math.

      Yes, there will still be oil in the ground with the last well goes dry – because it will cost too much to get at it.

      I’m sorry, POL, but you’re lying to yourself if you think that Peak Oil is a lie. Do the math.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  5. 1-28-2011 “UFO Temple Mount” YOUTUBE. Revelation 12:7 War in heaven begins. Revelation 6:1-2 The White Horse IS Michael going forth to make war in heaven against the dragon/accuser. Rev. 6:4 The red horse IS the dragon and his angels. Rev. 6:12-13 The Stars ARE the dragon and his angels cast to the earth. Rev. 7:1-3 The 4 angels are the dragon and his angels given to hurt the earth and sea. Compare to Rev. 7:12 “Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and sea”. Compare Rev. 12:10 Loud voice in heaven saying “Now is come SALVATION. –Accuser is cast down” to Rev 7:10 “They cried with a loud voice, SALVATION unto our God”. War in heaven began on 1-28-2011 over the Temple Mount. The question is how long? 7 years? If so, then the beast should arrive around the 28th of June 2014, based on subtracting 1,290 days from the end of 7 years from 1-28-2011. The Abomination which Maketh desolate and daily sacrifice set up. Many believe the Temple has to be rebuilt first. If so, then explain how a fourth Temple fits into the scenario, because it is prophesied that every wall will fall and Jerusalem area leveled and made into a plain. There will not be 4 Temples, so therefore the “Temple” is somewhere else. Likely the Vatican, which sports the symbols of Osiris rebirth and manifestation, the Dome and Obelisk, Osiris being the fallen angel of the bottomless pit, Apollyon, named DEATH (4th horseman) with hell following. Azazel, cast and bound into darkness, according to Enoch. Osiris and Azazel are one in the same. He manifests outside his body to possess a man to become the beast/antichrist. People will not understand because they have been led to believe the Temple in Jerusalem must be rebuilt for the beast to show up. GOD Himself will rebuild that Temple, not man. Many things have been assumed and perpetuated. This may be one of them. Careful study reveals anomalous wording connected to the scriptures concerning this. “Standing where it ought not” may intend to mean that it is not where you think it will be. It never specifies this particular Temple as being in Jerusalem. It is only assumed. Any where God is worshipped is His Temple. Many will vehemenently dispute all this. The programming is very deep. If you do not publish this, at least keep it to consider for yourself. There are many points of connection to what is seen over the Temple Mount on 1-28-2011, with the 4 red “winged discs” being the dragon and his angels. Note the size of the “white horse”. Same as the Dome, which is 65-1/2 x 65-1/2. This can be nothing else.

    • Hi D. Drake,

      There is NOTHING in scripture that indicates that the rider of the white horse is Michael. Nothing. There is nothing in scripture that indicates that the red horse is the dragon and his angels.

      The stars probably ARE the angels that were corrupted by Lucifer. But, there is NO scripture that indicates that it is Satan’s angels that are to hurt the earth and sea.

      And, I’m sorry, but the 2011 ufos over the Temple Mount were all HOAXES! Every single one of them.

      As for a third temple (not fourth), if it IS built, it will be AFTER the coming of Gog and Magog, not before. And no, there will be no temple at the Vatican. (And, if there is a building built on the Temple Mount that they call a temple before Gog and Magog… that will be a fake, too.)

      But yes, if there is a temple built, it won’t be God’s temple. THAT will be made by Him.

      I’m sorry, Drake, but we really need to be careful to follow scripture. Otherwise, we will be led off into error and heresy. There is already enough scripture to show us what is coming. It is not necessary to add to what has been written.

      More importantly, it says this in Revelation:

      For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. – Revelation 22:18-19

      Drake, you are adding to the Book of Revelation. For your own sake, I would ask you not to do that.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. These are the several videos that were gleaned from all the garbage, obscurity and fakes. It took a few hours to get these. These will blow your mind and basically confirm what I have presented, once you connect the dots. MAy take a couple of years, which we do not have now. These are very important, especially some that are included. They need to be examined in their entirety and relationship to each other to get the best insight. God BLESS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw7JC5yRYiM

  7. WELL the Black Swan is a FIVE mile across asteroid,and its been orbiting earth for a while,..NASA had it brought to their attention BY A PROPHET in puerto rico,GOD TOLD him it would kill 40,000,000 people and to get his churches ready,EVERYTHING THESE GOVERNMENTS are doing right now are a result of that asteroid,they know its coming down,and they were told when JERUSALEM,is divided,GOD will flick it with his finger,AND DOWN IT WILL COME,the PROPHET was told,it will hit northwest of puerto rico,RIGHT ON THE FAULT LINE,and sent a mag. 12 earthquake into the mississippi river valley of the USA,and that point in time,EVERY REVELATION prophecy in the BIBLE will start coming to pass,SO SAYS OUR DEAR FATHER………….

    • Hi Arizona,

      Ouch. That would certainly hurt.

      Since this was not my vision, I can’t comment on it. Having said that, it adds emphasis to my own call for people to leave the United States.

      In such a situation, the same advice would apply to all. Get out of the US. If you can’t get out of the US, get away from the cities. Get close to God. Have water and food. Buy silver and gold. Help everyone you can.

      Thank you, Arizona.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. Morning John,

    I think this is my first time visiting your web site and I listened to you review of things from May 31. Yep. I think you’re right on the button.

    I have to disagree with you thinking that you’re married to the most beautiful woman in the world, I really thought I was… for 31 years now…

    I didn’t know about the prophet from Puerto Rico and the comet / and the Mississippi – I’m inclined to say that it ‘seems’ to fit with the protocols of Revelation.

    On that note, a man named Dumitru Dudman who died several years ago whom I had the pleasure of going to listen to back in 92, gave a bit of insight while in flight from one speaking engagement to another – as he looked out the window of the airline, he kept asking for the names of the rivers they were flying over – finally, one individual inquired “why do you keep asking for the names of the rivers?” He replied that “the angel” told him that the people of this country would be protected ‘between the two great rivers’ when basically the east and west coasts were ‘on fire’ and the revolution / war started by ‘the communists’ was in high gear. The twist is that he was not allowed to give the names of the two rivers. I suspect my family and I are right there between the two…

    I could give you several examples of how Jesus Christ has worked directly in the lives my family when all other options were hopeless – it’s nerve racking how He always waits until all ‘human’ hope is lost and then THAT’S when Christ shines brightest – I say this to say that every indication I’ve received from our Lord is that I’m to stay put – right here in the middle of the country. Will we die here – most assuredly – I just don’t know if it’ll be by ‘natural causes’ (as with my brothers, mom and dad, and now my younger sister who have gone on before me) or calamity… either way, when I die, I’ll be ‘home’ with our LORD.

    Thank you for the ‘tone’ you use to speak with, it’s a breathe of fresh air to listen to…



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