Disaster Cycles Converge with Peak Oil – For a Perfect Storm

I didn’t do an article yesterday because I needed to spend time doing research. I had an idea that Peak Oil was still out there, ready to spring on us, after hearing Steve St. Angelo talk about fracking hype. But, I needed to make sure.

Unfortunately, now I’m sure.

Peak Oil is alive and well on planet Earth, and it is about to combine with three different disaster cycles to do unimaginable damage to us. And, just like the crises of the recent past, we’ve papered over the problem with debt and lies. And now, this downward spiral is going to turn into a catastrophe.


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Disaster Cycles Converge with Peak Oil – For a Perfect Storm

When I ran into Martin Armstrong’s work, I was impressed by what he had to say about cycles. His models had an uncanny ability to predict the future, and the future that they were predicting was grim, very grim. So, I wrote about them:




Three Disaster Cycles

Martin Armstrong is telling us that three incredibly important cycles are hitting us almost all at once. The 8.6 year economic cycle will turn down and cause a financial collapse toward the end of 2015. And, for the 25 year war cycle and for the 300 year civil war cycle, BOTH of those cycles hit us this year.

THAT was headforthehills news from someone with an excellent track record for getting things right. But, unfortunately, I uncovered ANOTHER person with an excellent track record for getting things right.

Charles Nenner

His name is Charles Nenner, and I wrote about what he had to say, here:


In fact, Charles is probably even MORE pessimistic than Martin. And BOTH of them have something awful to say. But, it didn’t stop even there.

Demographics Shock

Demographics expert Harry Dent, Jr. offered his own observations, and I wrote about it here:


That demographic bomb is going to do an amazing amount of damage to us and to the economy. And, the financial markets are going to get hurt very badly by it.

Peak Oil

And then, yesterday, as I thought about all of that, I realized that there was something else that was probably lurking out there in the dark recesses of our future:

Peak Oil.

I’ve written about it before, and you can see that it is one of the four big challenges facing the US and the world at large. You can read what I’ve had to say about Peak Oil and the resource shocks that are barreling down on us, here:


And, go to the About OmegaShock page for a description of the four (soon 5+) big challenges that we face:


Fracking Hype

The problem is that a lot of fracking hype and hyperbole has been sloshing about, and Wall Street money has been chasing it. It has been a feeding frenzy, but it has slowly dawned on some of the ‘feeders’ that they aren’t getting what they paid for.

Up to now, mainstream media has been trumpeting the glorious message of the death of Peak Oil at the hands of the frackers. And, the artificial suppression of interest rates by the Federal Reserve has allowed the companies doing the fracking to keep borrowing and borrowing and borrowing.

The problem is that most (if not all) of the fracking profits have evaporated.

For a short time, fracking distorted the Peak Oil forecast. Experts thought that the peak in world oil production would occur in 2005, and that did happen – for normal sources of oil. Conventional oil production has been in decline since 2005, and it has been unconventional oil that has made up the difference.

So, the question then, is:

When does Peak Oil REALLY happen?

When Was/Is Peak Oil?

Apparently, when you add in unconventional sources of oil (like fracking), Peak Oil happened two years ago. However, some positive souls estimate that Peak Oil will arrive this year, or the next.

Unfortunately, this disagreement over dates isn’t all that important because, no matter how you slice it, it means death for America and civilization, as we know it. And yes, it really is that bad.

The Perfect Storm

If we hadn’t allowed the government and media to lie to us, we might have managed something of a transition. We could have gone in for more coal usage. We could have done more with solar and wind power. We could have taken a bit of the flood of money going to the banks and set up some kind of infrastructure to soften the blow that is about to fall on us.

But, we didn’t do that.

Now, as the financial cycle gets ready to start downward… as the war cycles heat up… as the demographic shock begins to hit us…

…we are going to be hammered by a Peak Oil Apocalypse.

This Means War

Please understand that this means war, death and destruction on an unimaginable scale. Everyone is going to fight for what they see as ‘their share’ of what is left of the world’s oil reserves – especially the United States. And, that fight has already started.

The coup staged by the US State Department and the CIA in Ukraine was a part of that war. The US and Saudi involvement in the Syrian war is a part of that – as is the CIA funding of terrorist groups in Africa and Asia. But, that is about to change.

Now that our financial chickens are coming home to roost, world conflict is going to explode. I can’t see the psychopaths running the US government and the financial system being passive in the face of the destruction of their wealth and power. So, they are going to take the gloves off.

And lose.

Oh, the US Navy and Air Force are powerful entities, and the US Army still has teeth. So, there will be some early wins in the coming war. But, as I’ve said before, a powerful military cannot function without a prosperous economy, and America doesn’t have that.

Worse, the US is not prepared for the kind of war her enemies are ready to fight.

Get Ready

Where we sit now is just the calm before the storm. The cycles of financial collapse, war and demographics converge at a moment in time when Peak Oil finally makes its appearance. It would be hard to find a more catastrophic ‘perfect storm’.

The clouds of this ‘perfect storm’ are on the horizon, but we cannot be completely sure when it will arrive. It could be this Fall. It could be next year. If we’re really lucky, we might even have more time than that – but, I doubt it.

Do not look around you and expect tomorrow to be like today. It will not. You will look back one day and realize that this was the pinnacle of our civilization – the top. Nothing will ever be this good again, until the Lord returns.

Are you ready for this?
(That’s a link. Do more than just think about it.)


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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5 thoughts on “Disaster Cycles Converge with Peak Oil – For a Perfect Storm”


    Brother John Little,
    An excellent conclusion to the data presented. Often times we beat and persecute the scripture, THE WORD, to the degree that it yields the results we desire. When it comes down to it however, we cannot change God’s WORD. As such, this information you have been accumulating reveals a very very bleak outlook for the future. Can it be that those involved are creating these things so that prophesy is being fulfilled? Or is it that prophesy has spoken these events into existence? Which ever the situation, prophesy is being fulfilled on a daily basis now.

    By any accounts, your research has, with absolute accuracy, predicted the dark future of mankind. This brings us to the ultimate realization that the only way to overcome these catastrophic events is to simply kneel, and begin by saying “FATHER FORGIVE ME, I REPENT OF MY SINS!” And he will! Next you say “Father I trust you and only you to show the way!” Then maybe you can say “Father I LOVE YOU!, I give you my life, my soul, my spirit, my mind, my body and strength, to LOVE you and only you!” “Father! Show me the way?” And he will! PRAISE AND GLORY TO THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! YESHUA IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE!

    A quick update on the sun’s activity. Easter morning the sun arose about 30 to 35 degrees further south than just weeks before. The sun has proceeded to the north about 35 degrees further than it should be at this time of year! For the last several days it has been creeping back to the south. the sun travels south to north for Summer procession. The sun travels north to south for it’s winter procession. It has 12 windows of which it is bound by the laws of the universe to remain in EACH OF those windows for 30 to 31 days. Never does the sun travel from South to north, then back South, then back north, then creep back south. THE SUN HAS LEFT IT’S WINDOWS! THIS MEANS THAT THE EARTH IS WOBBLING TO AND FRO! ISIAH 24:19-20 I hope this makes sense to everyone. Without the visual, it is hard to imagine or picture.

    Your articles are of great encouragement to those of us who understand that the time of servitude and enslavement is coming to a close! Yeshua promises his return! For those who find these things overwhelming, hit the knees and seek his face. The world is about to re-discover the TREASURE OF GOD, “THE FEAR OF THE LORD”!!! So very many have forgotten that! I fear him as my Father, who tells me, “IF YOU DON’T TAKE CARE OF YOUR BUSINESS, THEN I’LL HAVE TO, AND YOU DON’T WANT ME TO!” He’ll fix it for us!

    I had a very vivid dream last night of many many people being healed by the Holy Spirit, the very spirit that raised Yeshua from the grave. We were all laughing and laughing and having a wonderful time. for many, Death was being defeated real time! A small blue/green light was present on those who were being healed. somewhat like a mark! Sweet dream!

    Your brother in Christ Yeshua!
    James Timms

  2. Hi John,

    Martin Armstrong’s writings are interesting but he’s wrong about hyperinflation versus deflation.

    France was not a peripheral economy in 1803, Germany was not a peripheral economy in 1923, China was not a peripheral economy in 1949, the U.S.S.R. was not a peripheral economy in 1999. All of them went through hyperinflation. All you need for hyperinflation is a government that is willing to borrow and print a lot of currency.

    China was the world’s largest economy followed by India and France.
    USA was the world’s largest economy followed by the UK, China, France, Germany, India and the USSR.
    USA was the world’s largest economy followed by the USSR, UK, China, France, Germany and India.
    USA was the world’s largest economy followed by the USSR, Japan and Germany.

    • Hi Michael Haller,

      Martin Armstrong’s point is that these other nations were not the CORE empire whose currency was the Reserve Currency of the world.

      His point also is that empires fall through massive debt, and then a complete collapse of that debt. A collapsing debt system is highly deflationary and actually causes a destruction of currency. Remember that currency is actually loaned into existence. When those debts collapse, that currency also collapses.

      Hence, deflation.

      However, to say that there is no threat from inflation would be wrong. For instance, we are currently seeing inflation in asset values.

      Thanks, Michael. Great comment, as always.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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