Another Poke at the Bear

There are moments when you are forced to sit back and think, “Wow, these guys are shameless.” This is one of those times, and I can hardly believe it.

When the CIA and the US State Department fomented the revolt that we are now calling the Euromaidan, you could have made the excuse that someone in the labyrinthine corridors of power made a mistake – overreached himself (or herself). You could have reasoned that America was suffering from a momentary fit of irrational exuberance. But, subsequent actions by the US have indicated that this is NOT the case. America really DOES want a shooting war with Russia, and they’re determined to get it.


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Another Poke at the Bear

I really don’t know how John Forbes Kerry can look himself in the mirror, without experiencing a wave of disgust. As the US Secretary of State, his job is to churn out lie after lie after lie. He was against the Vietnam War, and now he’s trying to start one in Europe.


What got me going was a Zero Hedge article picked up by Steve Quayle. The article is this one:

Ukraine Scrambles Fighter Jets, Intercepts Airplane Carrying Russian Deputy Premier

That Deputy Prime Minister is Dmitry Rogozin, and he was in Moldova, in Tiraspol, as a part of the celebration for the victory over Nazi Germany. We call it VE Day and celebrate it on May 8th. Eastern Europe calls it Victory Day or 9 May, and celebrate it on the 9th.

Trapping Dmitry in Moldova

Dmitry’s plane flew in to Moldova, through Romanian airspace, bypassing Ukraine – which had closed its skies to anything Russian. All was fine and good, until he decided to leave the way he came. By that time, Romania had been told to close its airspace to anything Russian – so it did.

This meant that our boy Dmitry, the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, was trapped in Moldova.

Isn’t that interesting?

Yeah, it’s interesting all right. It’s a sign that the United States and Europe are desperate to get into a shooting war with Russia. It was a complete provocation, and it was calculated to get Russia so mad that they would do something stupid – like shoot someone who needed to be not-shot.

So, why is the US doing this?

It’s The Economy, Stupid

Well, as Bill Clinton so eloquently said, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

They need a war to keep you from realizing how bad everything is. They need someone else, or something else, to blame.

Did you see the latest GDP figures?

Pretty bad. Actually, REALLY bad – especially the real figure calculated with real math, which they don’t want you to see.

Who did they blame?

The weather.

The next release will be on July 30th.

I wonder what they will blame the bad figures on?

Could it be war in Europe?

Operation American Spring

Maybe they’ll kick off a civil war on Friday, during Operation American Spring. All it will take is for a few agents provocateurs to fire from the crowd to get things going. Those in power are desperate for an excuse – any excuse – to keep you from identifying the real enemy.

Don’t Get Caught In The Crossfire

The vile psychopaths that make up the US government are determined to have a war, and they do not care how many people they kill in the process.

Do not be one of those people.

Are you ready for this?
(That’s a link. Do more than just think about it.)


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