Relocation – Interview with James Wesley Rawles

We are now witnessing the countdown to apocalypse. And yes, I mean that both in terms of how we use the word ‘apocalypse’ today, and how that word was originally meant. In a terrifyingly short period of time, we will see the worst disaster to hit the world since the Great Flood. And, it will be a revelation. The challenge lies in avoiding the former, so that you can experience the latter.

The only way that you will avoid this cataclysm is by relocation. If an atomic bomb is going to explode, wisdom would suggest that you get as far from ground zero as possible. And, the US and Europe have ‘ground zero’ painted all over them.


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Relocation – Interview with John Wesley Rawles

Sometime during the next four years, America and Europe are going to be destroyed.

Pause for a moment and let that sink in.

…At some moment in Time…

…Between now and the end of 2018…

…You will die a terrible death…

…Or, you will be enslaved.

And, I told you why, last week.

Now, I’m not a prophet. So, the time frame MIGHT be a bit longer – or shorter. There is also the possibility that the US might escape the worst of Ezekiel 39:6 or Isaiah 30:26. All of that is possible.

But, are you going to pin your hopes on such a slim ‘chance’?

Will You Heed The Warning?

You know that we are living in the Last Days. And, the time period that we are living in right now started 47 years ago. You can try to convince yourself that there’s a lot of time left before disaster strikes, but God didn’t consult with you when He laid out the events of these Last Days.

To paraphrase Ayn Rand:

You can avoid truth, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding truth.

God has given all of us plenty of warning. The question is whether you will heed that warning and get out of the way of incoming disaster, or whether you will convince yourself that tomorrow will be like today.

Will you listen to the warning and take action?

Take Action

You must get as far from ‘ground zero’ as possible, and that means relocating – moving to a safer place. The question is where.

As I said before, East Asia, Southeast Asia and Australia/New Zealand are the best areas to go. But, those aren’t the only places to survive.

You CAN survive in the US, if you are far from a city and do not need electricity or fuel. If you do not need electricity or fuel for your water needs, then you might be okay. And, there are places in the US that are ready for such situations.

There are also places OUTSIDE of the US that are ready for this. And, I was reminded of that fact by an interview between Barry Jay of and James Wesley Rawles of I have never heard anyone get JWR to open up about relocation outside of the US – like Barry did. And, Barry had some intriguing things to say, himself.

The interview is broken up into five videos:


Part ONE – Collapse Of The Dollar And Investment Alternatives

James Wesley Rawles – Collapse Of The Dollar And Investment Alternatives – Part 1

YouTube Shortlink:


Part TWO – Sustainable Ag and Gravity Fed Water Best Defense Against Violence

James Wesley Rawles – Sustainable Ag and Gravity Fed Water Best Defense Against Violence – Part 2

YouTube shortlink:


Part THREE – Thoughts on Threats From Russia, Ebola and Power Grid Failure

James Wesley Rawles – Thoughts on Threats From Russia, Ebola and Power Grid Failure – Part 3

YouTube shortlink:


Part FOUR – ISIS CIA Connection, War On Our Home Turf In The USA

James Wesley Rawles – ISIS CIA Connection, War On Our Home Turf In The USA – Part 4

YouTube shortlink:


Part FIVE – 2nd Passports – Affordable Healthcare – The Case For Expatriation

James Wesley Rawles – 2nd Passports – Affordable Healthcare – The Case For Expatriation – Part 5

YouTube shortlink:


Dominican Republic

I haven’t thought much about the Dominican Republic. It shares an island with Haiti, and… well, an island would be a pretty good place to be in a ‘collapse’ situation – assuming that the neighboring country on the island doesn’t try to start a war with you. I have friends from Haiti, so I’ll have to ask if that’s possible.

Life Without Electricity

Whatever happens, you MUST prepare for life without electricity. The people of the Dominican Republic seem to be able to do so.

If you live further south, will you escape the effects of the MASSIVE Solar Flare that’s coming?

I don’t know. Maybe yes. Maybe no. I strongly recommend that you take steps to either be able to live without electricity, or to be able to obtain it on your own. Unfortunately, there’s no ‘do over’ button should any of us calculate wrong.


Those of you who would like more resources on preparation and relocation, I highly recommend James Wesley Rawles’ website:

JWR is a sincere man of God, and one that I respect very, very highly. Pay close attention to EVERYTHING that he says and then make your own choices.

The person hosting the interview with James Wesley Rawles is Barry Jay, and HIS website is:

What he has to say is intriguing, so you might think about the Dominican Republic. If nothing else, there are resources on his site that could be of help to you.

Four Choices

I now leave you with four choices. You can follow my recommendation by going to the other side of the planet and living in East Asia. You can follow James Wesley Rawles to the American Redoubt. You can follow the suggestion of Barry Jay by choosing to live in a ‘Third World’ country. Or, you can choose to suffer a terrible death.

There is no fifth choice.

Are you ready for this?
(That’s a link. Do more than just think about it.)


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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21 thoughts on “Relocation – Interview with James Wesley Rawles”

    • Hi Russ,

      Well, Zechariah 13:8 says this:

      And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the Lord, two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein.


      I believe that the Lord will have extra protection for Jerusalem during this time, but a rough time will be had by those who survive. I’ve been asking the Lord if He wants me there during this time, and… well… I think that my wife and I will be there. But, I’m not completely sure.

      If you go to Jerusalem, it should be because you are being drawn by God – and that you do not mind if you don’t survive.

      If that is how you see it, then God bless you, brother!

      Thanks, Russ.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  1. This is ridiculous thinking running away from lucifer and his minions well I hear and see many cowards lately no picking up swords and shields with these sheeple which no matter where they go will always be sheeple I also see and mostly hear silly ways of sheeple thinking nothing about real truth not much about God only protecting there goodies and charity well gone with the wind I last note lucifer and the Big A are right around the corner and when he comes on the scene kiss your valuables you loved more then God and truth goodbye and then history is going to repeat itself on a grand scale thru out the world not just the sinfull USA one last note forget rapture nonsence Rothschild set that up false flag event your going to suffer cry and understand God came first and threw away that chance for love of the world

    • Hi End time servant,

      I’m afraid that God laid out a time line for what was going to happen, and He didn’t leave any room for Christians to succeed in militarily defeating Lucifer. In fact, the Bible is pretty clear that Lucifer was going to take over the world and rule it for at least three and a half years. No effort on our part is going to change that.

      Furthermore, the biggest problem that American Christians have is their immorality and dishonesty. In fact, we are less moral and less honest now, than the average unsaved person 60 years ago. Trying to preserve America for THAT brand of Christianity… well, let’s just say that God is angry with American Christians, and it’s time for some judgment.

      I really wish that ‘taking up arms’ was the answer. I really do. But, I have to follow the Bible.

      Thanks, ETS.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. Your four relocation options may or may not be safe alternatives to “staying put”. I don’t know how many of your readers are realistically able to avail themselves of any of them. In my case, none of those options is remotely possible and I suspect I am not in the minority in that regard. The question them becomes, how to best “shelter-in-place” and will it make any difference anyway. This is all terribly frustrating, even depressing. I care for elderly parents who cannot be moved and our resources are very limited. Guess we will do the best we can with what we have, where we are, and trust God to make a way; or take us home quickly. Maranatha!

    • Hi Kevin,

      You are NOT alone, and it is heartbreaking to see. My prayer is that God will do a miracle, and there is some indication that this might happen. (Luke 21:36)

      But, you must get as close to God as possible. Read your Bible every day. Pray. Get rid of any sin that might still be in your life – if any.

      Try to connect with people in your area that want to prepare, also. Pool your resources.

      Water – figure out a way to have access to drinkable water that doesn’t require electricity

      Food – store as much as you can. Put all of your money into food and water.

      May God bless you, and keep you safe. God is a God of miracles, and I earnestly pray that He will do one for you and all like you.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Dear John
    Your caption says you dislike writing ‘doom and gloom’ but it seems that is what you do.
    It is commonly understood for those who believe in the ‘Lord Savior’ that He will provide protection as long as we are ready in ‘spirit, mind and body’; like Gideon’s 300 fighting men.
    The idea that you must ‘trust the lord’ and try not to ‘plan your life’ since we all fundamentally know that building a ‘bunker’ or moving to ‘high ground’ or conserving food; all the endless contingency plans people have devised, will have little effect when God transition’s His world from ‘Tribulation to Judgement’.
    At the very least, why not love God and wait for the signs of divine support to help lead you through the upcoming ‘valley of death’ ( Moses and the parting of the seas ).
    You have left us with ‘4 Choices’.
    There is absolutely no doubt that acting upon these ‘4 Choices’ is a human choice with limited intelligence, hoping to be following God’s Will and his Word.
    I sadly must go further: when the EQ, Volcanoes and Weather patterns upend the earth from every corner, it has been clear to many that long standing islands ( no matter the size – including England, Taiwan etc. ) will disappear. Moreover, from a geopolitical front ( again, China is the ‘political dragon’), Taiwan’s independence
    will not last ( by force ) and Taipei will be the last place you will want to live which I believe is where you are now.
    So then I note in your caption that you ‘still consider S. Jerusalem your home’.
    Is your plan to move back home at a predestined date ( just in time ) before the fallout like so many in Southern California who plan to leave upon signs of the ‘great’ L.A earthquake forecasted by visionaries ( Edgar Casey ), dreamers ( Joe Brandt ) and church age prophets ( William Branham ) ?
    If so, why not tell everyone to do as you will do when the time comes and be a leader in the purpose of God, to help ‘gather the seeds’ along with doing for others what you are doing for your self: many are planning to go to Israel for ‘God’s protection’.
    The problem with this plan is that God cares more about the land than the people since most people in Israel are apolitical and atheistic ( what are called ‘physical Jews’ -there are of course purely ‘Spiritual Jews’, but there are so few and no one knows who they are ).

    • Hi Thomas,

      I’m not very good at enforcing the 300 word rule, but I am asking everyone to please keep your comments at 300 words or less.

      Thomas, thank you for taking the time to write that comment. I can see that you put quite a bit of effort into it.

      First, I don’t just dislike writing ‘gloom and doom’ articles… I HATE IT. But, as with Jeremiah, when danger comes, I have a responsibility to talk about what I see. I will stand before God one day and answer for what I did not do when others were in danger.

      Second, you advocate doing nothing in the face of certain danger. If you see rain, do you get an umbrella, or do you ask God to supernaturally keep the rain off of you? Do you wear a life jacket when in a boat? Is it possible that there is unsound thinking in your position?

      Third, you are assuming that I am without spiritual direction in this. Again, you are sadly misdirected.

      Fourth, are you sure that the ‘four choices’ are ‘human choices’? Again, do you wear a life-jacket when in a boat? That’s a ‘human choice’. Did not Jesus tell His disciples to flee persecution? That’s a human choice.

      I am finding your comments to be… not spiritually discerned.

      Fifth, I understand SE Asia better than many. It is not a perfect place, but it is better than the US. Even when China takes over Taiwan (and it will), it will still be a better environment for Christians than the US. I offer 100 million living, breathing Chinese Christians as evidence.

      Sixth, when my wife and I return to Jerusalem, it will not be because it is a safe place. It will NOT be. Two thirds of Israelis will die in the coming years, and there is a possibility that this will happen to us, if we are there. But, I am not interested in safety.

      Seventh, your understanding of God and His promises to Abraham are faulty. Ezekiel said that God would bring the Children of Israel back to the Land, cleanse them, and make them His own (Ezekiel 36-39). What part of that did you not understand?

      Thomas, you may be the victim of false teachers, but it grieves me to see such views. So, I apologize for my terse answers. Please, turn away from the commentaries that you are reading the false teachers that you are listening to.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Dear John
        Thank you for your reply.
        Wanted to ask about your thoughts regarding a prophet arriving to help those people written in the ‘Book of Life’ prior to the Lord’s arrival and referenced in my comment to you.
        As you know, there are many passages that speak to help being provided at the appropriate time .
        If these two prophets are present, it would be hoped that both you and I would recognize who they are.
        It would then follow that recommendations by these men of God would be upheld.
        If so, then our personal plans would be changed accordingly.
        This was mostly what I was referring to when at special moments, we will be given divine guidance.
        The bottom line is that if we are chosen, we will be given protection. To upend your life and leave your location would only happen if you were given warning – like Lot and his family.
        The only warning to date given through divine sources has been the recommendation to leave S. California.
        As for Israel, we agree there will be ‘spiritual Jews’ protected and this is what I was identifying.
        However, ‘New Jerusalem’ has not been identified as the physical location in Israel we are all familiar with. Just a thought. Thank you again for your time.

        Yours in the Lord

        • Hi Thomas,

          The description of the two witnesses don’t seem to indicate that they are giving spiritual leadership to the Christians in Jerusalem. In fact, Revelation 12 indicates that the Christians have fled Jerusalem.

          As to the ‘spiritual Jews’, I acknowledge that there are such, but Ezekiel is very, very clear that all (physical) Israel will be saved, and that means that they will become Christian. Please do NOT reject the Bible just because it doesn’t fit your view of the world.

          As for taking warning and fleeing, I am giving you warning. Others have had visions of what is coming and have given you the same warning. Unless you have been given a responsibility that keeps you from fleeing what is coming, or if you are unable to… you have an obligation by God to heed such warnings.

          We have a job to do. We cannot do that job if we are dead. And yes, death is coming.

          Will you heed this warning?

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  4. Mr. Little this is somewhat verbose so you need not post it, I meant it for you. I found your post here to be most interesting. If I understood you correctly, you are saying 2018 is the important year. Per my old calculations when I was a Christian I thought it to be 2018 +/- 1 year. That was my theory before 2006, but was something I understood about 1988. The reason was this, I used the Bible history chronology calculated by the Geneva Bible translators (made in about 1599) that they included as notes at the rear of their original Bible translation. I noted that per that calculation the distance in time between Moses giving the Law until Jesus hung on the cross was about exactly the same time distance from the Cross until Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the church door in Wittenberg, near the end of 1517. This measure could easily overlap into 1518 as for example to May 1518 when Luther received great honor at Heidelberg, or later in October 1518 when he appeared before the Diet of Augsburgm (the parliament of German Princes and Dukes) and then a bit later met with Cardinal Thomas Cajetan to defend his teachings.

    The reason I allowed a squishy +/- year was because the pre-cross timeline was based on computations of the lives of Bible characters and reigns of kings. Those figures were always given in rounded years, such as 40 years for example. Today I tell people that my father lived 78 years, even though he was really only 88 days away from being 79 years old when he died.

    Though I was certainly not Lutheran, the point for me was that Luther’s action was a seminal event in Church history (whether one was a Protestant or not). Luther’s stand on the New Testament led to the end of the Roman Catholic unquestioned hegemony over Europe. So, because of the symmetry between Moses, the Cross, and Luther I wondered what other symmetry might exist prior to Moses giving the Law as compared to the period AFTER Luther did his thing. What I found was Gal. 3:16-17 which shows that the Law was given 430 years after Yahweh made his covenant with Abraham. So I asked myself, “What happened 430 years after Luther took his stand?” Well, from Oct 31 1517 till November 1947 was 430 years. And 1947 was the year the U.N. began the process to establish the nation of Israel. From the month of May 1518 when Luther was first received with great honor in Heidelberg until May 14th 1948 when Israel proclaimed its establishment, and the USA recognized it, was 430 years. From Oct. 1518 when Luther defended himself in Augsburgm until Oct 1st 1948 when Israel was required to have a government of elected, regular authorities, was also 430 years. So there was symmetry between Abraham’s promise, the Cross, and the new state of Israel (even if one finds fault with the new Israel).

    So I asked again, “What major event date predated the promise made to Abraham?” His birth of course, which most authorities know was 70 years. He was not just a Joe 6-pack in history. Per the Bible he was the SEED of promise, the seed of the righteous wheat fields that were to ripen unto the harvest. What symmetry then should take place in respect to the SEED of promise in 2018? (1948 + 70 = 2018)

    Truthfully I should admit here that a dream of mine early on 4-25-1991 led me to search this out. I dreamed of Jesus on the cross with his arms outstretched forming a timeline. His right hand reached and touched Moses and his left hand reached and touched Luther. His head marked the central point of the timeline. And there were words assigned to all three points: The right hand was called: ‘The animal is captured’. The head point at the center post area of the cross, was called, ‘The animal is killed’, The point of Luther, at the left hand, was: ‘The gutting of the animal’. There were also two dates given in a separate segment of the dream, spoken, but not appearing with the cross timeline. They were: 180 B.C. and 1520 A.D. In 1991 I supposed that the “animal” might refer to a ram. But as regards the two numbered dates, I could only guess that 180 BC might refer to the time when the vizier of king Antiochus III was stopped and expelled from entering and profaning the Temple. As for 1520 AD, that was the year (June 16th) when the Pope excommunicated Luther. Thus 1520 was also the year Luther divorced his allegiance from the church in Rome. I was never certain whether Luther should be compared to the vizier of king Antiochus III, or whether the Pope compared to the vizier. On the one hand, in 1520 Luther was thrown out of the Roman church and in 180 BC the vizier was thrown out of the temple. But in 1520 Luther would throw out the authority of the Roman church. I, at the time, being technically a Protestant, leaned toward Luther’s side. But of course that proved nothing. P.S. I admit, recalling all this has kind of shaken me.

    • Hi Jim Eagle Feather,

      All that I can say is, WOW. I don’t have the heart of shorten that comment, and I have to post it.

      I can’t comment on how correct it is, because I just don’t know. I leave it to other readers to think it through. What an eye-opening and thought-provoking comment.

      Thank you, Jim.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  5. John the date in this sentence: “That was my theory before 2006, but was something I understood about 1988” should read 1991, I was estimating the date to be 1988 when I first began to write, but later I opened the dream record and saw the year should be 1991.


    —and apparently the Caribbean islands are infested with ticks, someone in the Virgin Islands reports picking about 40 ticks a day off their dog.

    Read these before relocating to the Dominican Republic. DREscapes has a lovely little video that makes DR look crime free but it isn’t. Not that the US would be, should the SHTF. Nor is it now. And it sounds like their economy is in a mess, just like ours. Come the utter collapse of infrastructure, and the disbanding of all police presence, a small island however lovely doesn’t give you many escape options, and I wonder if the existence of government is the only reason Haiti has not expanded eastward to ease its own painful hunger and lack.

    Sounds like their most worrisome tropical disease is worms, of several kinds and whose eggs in the soil can penetrate bare feet. That exists in the American South also, in areas where the ground never freezes. Haven’t heard preppers discuss stocking up on parasite medications, but they certainly should. When the SHTF we will see all kinds of formerly eradicated scourges reemerge. Tip: in the US, go to a farm supply store and buy Ivermectin, a parasite med for livestock. Cheap, over the counter, and people can take it. Research dosages before the grid goes down. It doesn’t work on everything but it works on a lot. Also scabies, lice and BED BUGS, new research shows if you take it, they bite you and die. Do not forget that tiny things can make life miserable too. And that hundreds of years ago, the main form of social interaction was to spend hours picking lice off of each other. I wonder if Ivermectin will someday be worth its weight in gold ….

    • Hi John galt,

      A broken clock is right twice a day. Ayn Rand is just such a broken clock. But, her observation was correct:

      “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”

      What part of that was wrong?

      Furthermore, would you ask me to deny her the credit that is her due, just because she was a mean-spirited, bitter woman who burns in Hell?

      Even Paul praised the Greek pagans in their worship to the ‘unknown God’ and declared that food offered up to pagan deities was okay to eat.

      Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment. – John 7:24

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. We were part of a militia groups 20 years ago. Scare tactics galore. They lived their lives in fear constantly. I even got to use some of my supplies one time in Georgia during a ice storm for our apartment building. I learned sterno is a good thing to have. I do not have the money to have a 10 years or even 2 year supply of food in my basement and if I did it would get stolen. Sometimes we have to trust in the Manna of the LORD. I was widowed very young with $35.00 in my bank account. So far today at 65 I am still alive!! I watched YAHWEH of ISRAEL provide for me and take me to ISRAEL 12 times since than. I understand you are all fearful of what is coming down the road but we have to be ready in SPIRIT MORE than anything. I would suggest praying more and asking the LORD to help you be ready in your SPIRIT. MAYBE he will ask us to move. I would like to move to JERUSALEM too and be a part of the vibrant Messianic movement there today! Even in the IDF there is a vibrant movement for YESHUA. YES some have said when they come to take you to the FEMA camp best to just let them shoot you. I know that could be a possibility. OF course I am not wanting this myself! But I have to be ready. I do not want to live in FEAR in my old age of the WHAT IF syndromes. You know a wart can turn to Melanoma too and you would die from that!! We all have to go sometime. IF our generation here in AMERICA is called to that maybe we should be REVOLUTIONARIES too. They were out there waving the flag yesterday on the streets. We all need to repent and live righteously and by HIS HOLY SPIRIT do the best that we can…and that is all we can do. AMEN

    • Hi Jo Ann Smith,

      Excellent words. We are NOT to live in fear. Luke 21:36 calls us to pray that we would be worthy to escape, and that should be our first step.

      Having said that, we should also be wise, as it appears that you are. Do the best that you can. Move, if God calls you to do so. Stay where you are, if that is His will.

      Keep up the good work, Jo Ann. God bless you for your love of Israel.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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