WEEKEND SHOCKCAST: Prophecy Clock and Timeline

This week was something of a revelation for me. The idea that we are so close to absolute catastrophe is amazing. I can hardly believe it myself, but that feeling is exactly what God said would happen:

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.
1 Thessalonians 5:3

According to Paul, everything will seem fine until it suddenly isn’t. You will go to bed with news of war in the Middle East ringing in your ears, and you will wake up to apocalyptic disaster. It will truly be that sudden.


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The thing that worries me the most is whether you will escape what is coming, and it is one of my biggest goals to make sure that you do escape.

Are you willing to take a leap of faith and prepare for what’s coming?

I have already proven to you that we live in the Last Days. And, if I’m right about the time frame Jesus was referring to, we have less than 20 years before the Tribulation begins. However, THAT storm isn’t what worries me, right now.

What worries me now is the storm that is almost upon us. In as little as two years, we could experience the largest Solar Flare in the history of the world. It will destroy Russia, Europe, the Middle East and probably the US.

If this Solar Flare DOESN’T destroy the United States directly, it will do so indirectly as the global financial and petrochemical systems are completely destroyed. It will be the most amazing disaster that the world has ever seen, and you do NOT want to be in Europe or North America when it happens.

Furthermore, what will arise from this disaster will be a New World Order with a miraculous figure at the helm – who will rescue millions from death. He will be hailed as a savior, and all he will ask in return…

…is a world that worships him as god.

That’s right, the Antichrist.

He’s coming, and you aren’t ready.

God put you on this Earth to fulfill His purpose. You can’t do that, if you’re dead.

Please, prepare for what is coming.
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WEEKEND SHOCKCAST: Prophecy Clock and Timeline

So, what did we talk about this week?

This week we talked about when The Rapture happens, and we laid out a timeline for events that will happen before the Tribulation – as well as WHEN they will happen. The Tribulation MUST happen before the Rapture, and there are three unavoidable passages that prove this conclusively. Gog and Magog is coming soon. Israel will be saved after Gog and Magog comes, and there must be time for Israelis to reach spiritual maturity before the Antichrist arrives. Egypt must fulfill the Isaiah 19 prophecy. And, let’s not forget Ezekiel’s Fire and the seven headed beast.

So, let’s talk about all that.

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Weekend ShockCast for May 3, 2014 – John Little



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The Articles That You Will Find in This WEEKEND SHOCKCAST

MONDAY – Prophecy Clock – The Rapture

Prophecy Clock – The Rapture

I’ve been trying to avoid this topic for a long time. I don’t like controversy, and this site is really about only one thing – helping you survive what is coming. Unfortunately, I’ve painted myself into a corner, so we need to talk about this subject.

The problem is that if you believe that the rapture will happen before anything bad comes… well, you won’t prepare. And, history is full of what happens to people who believe that nothing bad can happen to them. Please remember that it doesn’t matter what YOU think about what God is saying. It truly only matters what GOD thinks about what He is saying.

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TUESDAY – Prophecy Clock – Timeline – Gog and Magog

Prophecy Clock – Timeline – Gog and Magog

Now, we get to the reason why I started this series – time. The more that we can understand the timing of future events, the more that we can prepare. And, the more joy that we can have, knowing that our redemption ‘draweth nigh’ (Luke 21:28).

And no, what we are going to discuss is NOT something that we can be dogmatic about. A lot of this will be guesswork – but, hopefully ‘educated guesswork’. What I hope to do is take what we know with absolute surety, and build on top of that – which is why I made such a fuss about The Rapture, yesterday.

By the way, when I talked about the ‘three absolute proofs’ that made a pre-tribulation rapture impossible, I did NOT mean to indicate a timing or order to those ‘three absolute proofs’. The reign of the Antichrist MUST start before the Tribulation. The Tribulation MUST start before the resurrection. And, we which are ‘alive and remain’ are taken up closely after the ‘dead in Christ’ are resurrected. Sorry about any confusion, my focus gets a little too narrow sometimes.

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WEDNESDAY – Prophecy Clock – Timeline – Israel Saved

Prophecy Clock – Timeline – Israel Saved

The coming of Gog and Magog will be a horrifying catastrophe for the world. At the very least, it will mean that America will be so weak, that Russia and her allies will feel like they have a free hand to do what they want. That’s bad, but what appears to be much worse is this fire that God sends upon those who dwell carelessly or securely (Ezekiel 39:6).

If that’s a Solar EMP, Europe and North America will be toast. And, I’m not sure what else it COULD be, so you need to be prepared for that. But, there is one thing that is far more important to me than all of that – the salvation of Israel.

Personal Note – I want to apologize for how bad I am at responding to emails. Many of you have sent messages and haven’t heard a word from me. That’s NOT good, and I intend to respond to all of your messages as soon as possible. Just know that I do read them and appreciate the time and effort that you put into them.

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THURSDAY – Prophecy Clock – Timeline – Egypt

Prophecy Clock – Timeline – Egypt

I hope that it’s clear to you that time is ticking away towards disaster, and not just any disaster. It will be the biggest disaster in the history of world, rivaled only by Noah’s Flood. It will sweep the world and leave billions dead. Those who survive the initial devastation will face a brutal struggle for existence without the necessary skills to survive.

In the midst of this cataclysm, a man will step forward who will provide a solution. He will eventually claim to be god, but we will know him as the Antichrist. He will rebuild civilization in his own diabolical image, and this New World Order will seek to kill and destroy all who name the name of Christ.

Like you, I want to know when these events begin, and what signposts there are that will verify that we are close. On Tuesday, I talked about the Summer of 2016 or the Summer of 2018 for Gog and Magog , and yesterday I talked about the salvation of Israel and a truly massive, cataclysmic Solar EMP. Today, I’d like to talk about Egypt.

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FRIDAY – Prophecy Clock – Timeline – Finale

Prophecy Clock – Timeline – Finale

There are other prophecies that we could add to our Prophecy Clock. We could also take a harder look at what happens during the Tribulation, but I’m not sure how accurate we would be. And, I’m not sure that the exercise would be useful. Once we get to the Tribulation, we’re pretty much stuck where we are.

The biggest challenge that we have, right now, is envisioning what is going to happen before we even GET to the Tribulation. It’s mind-blowing. It’s beyond anything that we can comprehend because no one has ever experienced such a massive catastrophe. And, when we look around ourselves, we see a world that seems to work pretty well.

The problem is… that deep down… we really don’t believe that any of what we see will actually change. But, the Bible promises ‘sudden destruction’ (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

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Are you ready for this?
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If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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