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In the world of intelligence gathering and analysis, you know that not everything that you hear is true. Sometimes your information changes hands many times and gets distorted in the process. Sometimes a source that you thought was honest… wasn’t. Or, maybe the source didn’t hear something correctly. There are an endless number of explanations for why information is incorrect. That’s why you should never consider ‘intelligence’ to be 100% correct, because it never is. Never. That’s why intelligence agencies employ so many to analyze the information that they receive.

I say all this because I have received ‘intelligence’ that is earth-shaking, and I have received it from a source that I trust: Dr. Jim Garrow. Dr. Garrow was, until very recently, an officer of the CIA and part of a deep-cover operation in mainland China. He has 45 years of experience and is a passionate, devoted Christian. Anyone who knows his life and background would trust his honesty implicitly.

(By the way, when I say that I have received ‘intelligence’ from him, I am NOT claiming a personal relationship. I am referring to radio broadcasts and public messages that he has shared via the Internet.)


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Earth-Shaking Intelligence – Literally

Earlier this year, we received information that a nuclear warhead was moved without proper authorization. Infowars and others picked up this bit of news and checked its authenticity. The information seemed to check out as true. I didn’t think much of the news because I didn’t have anything to put that news into context.

Then a few days ago, I saw this:

The claims made in the above video were more than a little difficult to accept… except that the source was impeccable – IF that was the source. So, I went to check if these really were claims by Dr. Garrow.

Here are two screenshots that I wanted to verify, from the above video:


Screenshot 2:

So, did Jim Garrow actually write what we see above?

Let’s go find out.

The best place to go, to verify the source of the above information was Dr. Garrow’s Facebook Page. So, that’s where I went. You can find his Facebook page here:

I then took some screenshots:

 Then, his facebook page shows this:

 So, it DOES appear that Dr. Garrow made the claims in the above video. Interesting. VERY interesting.

 Here is another post verifying that Dr. Garrow is the source:

Then, he drops ANOTHER bombshell:

(And it’s a lovely bombshell, indeed!)

 Here’s a link from Erik Rush, confirming Jim Garrow as the source of the intelligence on the nuclear false flag attempt:

What I’ve thrown at you is raw. I’ve not analyzed it for you. I haven’t put it in context. The only thing that you know right now is that I’m treating it seriously enough to publish it. On Monday, I will try to put it all together in a way that makes sense, and helps you understand what parts of this you can trust – and how much.

See you then.

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If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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