New Signs of Prophecy Being Fulfilled?

For more than 25 years, I have been looking for signs of the next stage in the fulfillment of a prophecy – the one written about in Ezekiel 36-39. (And yes, those chapters should be looked at together as one prophecy.) We’ve seen the land of Israel change and become fruitful. We saw the return of Israel to the land. What we have not seen is the purifying of Israel that comes after that. And, that cleansing will not come until AFTER the coming of a terrible army and the Battle of Gog and Magog.

I bring this up because I saw an intriguing link on Steve Quayle’s news site. The link read ‘Monumental: Islamist Super-Bloc Begins Forming In The Middle East‘. That link took me to Joel Richardson’s website, which then led me to the source page, The Clarion Project. As I read the article, it became clear to me that there was real cause for excitement (and dread). In the power vacuum created by America’s decline in the Middle East, a Russo-Muslim alliance appears to be forming in a way that seems to mirror the elements of that great army that will one day march under the banner of Gog.


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There is a description of this army on the page dedicated to Ezekiel 38:

Notice something important. Egypt and the Arab nations are not involved in this army:

Sheba, and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto thee, Art thou come to take the spoil? hast thou assembled thy company to take the prey? to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take great spoil? – Ezekiel 38:13

Sheba is an area on the Arabian peninsula, near Yemen. Dedan is in Saudi Arabia. Tarshish is in Spain. The ‘young lions’ would be the ‘new world’ countries in North and South America. So, THEY aren’t in this alliance with Gog and Magog. Notice also that Egypt isn’t mentioned, either.

So, Egypt and the other truly Arab states do not play a part in the Gog and Magog military alliance. And, these are precisely the Muslim countries that are NOT being included in this Super-Bloc.

It is too early to say definitively that this is the beginnings of the next stage in the Ezekiel Tetrad (Ezekiel 36-39), but it is certainly something that we need to pay careful attention to.

Oh, if you think that this does not have personal implications for you, think again. Ask yourself what God meant when He said this:

And I will send a fire on Magog, and on them that dwell securely in the isles; and they shall know that I am JehovahEzekiel 39:6

That ‘fire’ could be, in effect, a Solar EMP. You will want to be prepared for that.


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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75 thoughts on “New Signs of Prophecy Being Fulfilled?”

  1. Steve Cioccolanti has an interesting take on Gog and Magog. See ”
    GOG MAGOG World War III Players Exposed! Korea, Boston Bombing, Ezekiel 38 Connection!” of DiscoverMinistries on Youtube. Description: “My teaching on the Biblical main players of WWIII has been on record for over a decade and is now being vindicated. They are NOT what many Gentile prophecy teachers assume! You have to go back to the Jewish sources. The Boston Bombing and North Korean nuclear testing have a surprising connection to Gog of the land of Magog. I connect the pieces together for you so you can watch ancient prophecies literally unfold right before your eyes… and know for sure the God of the Bible is real, God cares for you, He knows everything, and yes, He is sending His Son ~ our Savior ~ the Jewish Messiah – back sooner than you think!”

    • Hey Kevin,

      I am not familiar with Mr. Cioccolanti’s work, so I can’t comment on it right now.

      I must caution you on using ‘Jewish’ sources. As much as I love the Jewish people, they are not saved and are currently bound in idolatry. Their scholarship is not inspired by the Holy Spirit and should be treated with extreme caution. Extreme.

      However, the fact that you love the Jewish people and hope for their salvation is awesome. Please keep praying that they will one day be saved. That day is coming soon!

      Thank you for adding your input.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • If you cannot understand the link of Israel to end times prophecy then you are really off the mark. Jahovah is not western focused so we need to get past it. Read the work of Walid Shoebat or listen to his various utube presentations. His understanding of biblical endtimes makes much more sense then most western focused positions. The time of the wrath is called the time of Jacobs trouble for a reason. It’s all about the restoration of Isreal to have the Jewish remnant come to faith in Christ. The west will suffer in the end times but it is nothing more then a side show. The focus will and always has been Israel and the middle east.

        • Hi Jafo,

          It’s obvious that I did not make my points clearly enough.

          You are completely correct that Israel is the focus of the Last Days. In fact, God has said that the most important place in His creation is Jerusalem.

          I haven’t heard Walid Shoebat’s discussion on eschatology, so I can’t comment on it. However, I am impressed with much of what Walid has said and have a profound respect for him as well. He is a very good man.

          God’s promise to Israel will be fulfilled in Israel, and it will be a great joy to see.

          For me personally, wherever I am in the world, Jerusalem will always be home.

          I hope that this clarifies things for you.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

      • There are many born-again Jews that are very well informed/blessed with knowledge, discernment when it comes to our GOD, eschatology, etc.

        • Hey Susan,


          I want to be absolutely clear that there are MANY Jewish brothers and sisters in Christ who labor alongside us in the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I have been truly blessed to have been a member of a church in Jerusalem, pastored by a strong, Jewish man of God.

          I’m sorry if I did not make that clear. Thank you pointing that out.

          Yours in Christ

          John Little

  2. Ezek. 36-39 Difficult prophecy to determine. You have been studying it for 25 years. I have been studying it for 50 years. Many for much longer. I don’t believe anyone out there has the correct understanding until it is given of the Holy Spirit at the time.

    As a quick comment, some things for you to consider:

    The present Zionist State of Israel is NOT the nation brought back by God cleansed from their filthiness. The present Zionist State is FILLED with UNgodliness. Every form of the most heinous sins, including: sodomy, white slave sex trade, occult freemasonic societies, international extortion, theft, murders,
    mossad intrigue, blackmail, sabotage, and death. Fomenting wars, using the US military as an arm of Israeli militancy. “Israel” was founded by Bolshevik trained terrorists, and financed by the corrupt Rothschild banking machine. It is antichrist in spirit, and is the necessary power structure prophesied by Albert Pike (top freemasonic Luciferian) in the 1800’s to be placed in its present position to create tensions in the Mideast which would bring about World War III for the setting up of AntiChrist for the purpose of destroying Christianity to bring about the new world religion of Luciferianism in its “pure” doctrine–according to Pike.

    It is certainly not the nation prophesied in these Ezekiel chapters that has been brought back from the sword, now cleansed, living in peace and security WITHOUT WALLS! WALLS are a very SYMBOL of the present Zionist State and more WALLS are in process and planning of being BUILT!

    The New Covenant WARNINGS against the doctrines of Pharisaical Judahism to the Church are still in EFFECT. Modern “Judahism” created COMMUNISM, INTERNATIONAL FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING, and the ZIONIST “Israeli” deception to dupe dumb Christians into supporting their Satanic plans.

    I would suggest this Ezekiel prophecy takes place AFTER the Tribulation PUNISHMENT on present “Israel” who will AGAIN go into captivity, slavery, and be scattered among the gentiles. There they will finally find REPENTANCE, DELIVERANCE, RESTORATION, FORGIVENESS, AND PROTECTION AS GOD’S TRUE PEOPLE AT LAST. A HOLY GOD WILL PROTECT A HOLY PEOPLE. That is yet future, and so is the Gog/Magog attack AFTER “Israel” has been REDEEMED.

    Serious historical books: The Zionist Connection, Lilienthal. The Plot Against Christianity, Dilling. The Plot Against the Church, Piney.

    Please educate yourself, and STOP disseminating the Evangelical “Christian” clap trap!

    • Hi Gerald,

      You wrote a lot there.

      Please remember that God said that He would cleanse and purify Israel AFTER they were brought back into the land. ONLY when they were in the land, would God THEN cleanse them. It appears that you are requiring the Jews to be perfect before they have been cleansed.

      Here is what it says in Ezekiel 36:

      24 For I will take you from among the heathen, and gather you out of all countries, and will bring you into your own land.
      25 Then will I sprinkle clean water upon you, and ye shall be clean: from all your filthiness, and from all your idols, will I cleanse you.

      If you expect the Jews to be Godly BEFORE they return to Israel, then you are not reading your Bible carefully enough.

      Secondly, your enumeration of the sins of the Jewish people is immaterial. God acknowledges their sinfulness. But, let me ask you this:

      What were you like before you were saved?

      Depravity does not disqualify you from salvation. Depravity merely illustrates the power of God to change a depraved life.

      Furthermore, I have lived in Israel for 15 years. I know exactly what Israelis are like, and I can tell you that Israelis on average are a far better people than most Americans. The fact that they are unsaved breaks my heart, but I trust in God’s plan for their lives.

      Gerald, I believe that you need to reexamine your faith and seek for that first love that God called us to have. We are to seek for the salvation of those that are lost.

      Thanks for giving me the opportunity to explain all this.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little,

      • Very good reply John. And I also take issue with the term “Zionist” Gerald uses, that anti-Israel people use, and the world uses, so freely inditing ALL Jewish Hebrews, that they also do not believe exist today. They believe that blood line has died out and been watered down to non existence. Of course God says otherwise. Jeruslaem is nicknamed ‘Zion’ by God and those who live there are Zionists. That is all that term actually means – that is until the Anti-Israel people came along beginning in the early 1960″s with cult leader Bertrand L. Comparet. This use of that term Zionist for evil Elitists is totally wrong and discriminatory. Your reply to Gerald is on target.

        • Thank you Little Bright Feather!

          I appreciate your comments, and it’s good to see that you have a good grasp of these things.

          I’d not heard of Comparet before, so I’ll keep an eye out for him.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

    • I believe you are correct.My understanding is the antichrist will rule from the rebuilt soloman’s temple after the abomination of desolation.

      • Hey Dan,

        Of course, you’re referring to Matt 24:15. The ‘holy place’ is where the Antichrist (AC) declares himself. Jesus did not say that he would rule from there. (Although, the fact that we must immediately flee in v.16… which means that the AC might indeed rule from there.)

        Also, remember that the place that the AC declares himself… that it’s a place considered holy. The ‘Temple Mount’ just by itself is holy. If Israel never builds a temple there, that fact should not keep us from watching out for the AC coming along and declaring himself a god.

        Thank you for that comment, Dan!

        Yours in Christ,

        John Little

  3. Rev 2:9
    Rev 3:9
    you either take god’s word as it is – or you dont. “gog & magog” is the caucasus region of russia- presently georgia regions- that formerly housed the ‘fake jews -pharisees- khazar kingdom” that moved on to E Europe, later calling themselves “zionists” and ashkenazi. these fake jews are now in israel under a flag flying the symbol of Rothschild family crest. there is NO reference in the bible to “seal of solomon”.
    the 6-sided star is one of the oldest, most wicked symbols in black magic. and these Evil Ones brazenly adorn their national flag with it.
    you need to stop buying the judeo-xtian propaganda. these false jews adhere to the TALMUD- and it is what most rabbis are trained in- NOT the Old Testament as we assume.
    Hosea 4:6 also means what it says, so you’d best begin research in earnest

    • Baba,

      I can see that you have a real hatred for the Jews, and it pains me to see that.

      What that six pointed star is, no one can say with authority. The fact that there are Satanists who use it in their ceremonies doesn’t convince me that it’s an evil symbol. It just means that Satanists use it.

      Did you know that the five pointed star once was a symbol of Christianity?

      The Satanists use THAT too.

      Even if your accusations are true, that the Jews are a depraved people, that changes nothing. God saves depraved people. We were all depraved before we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

      But, I’ve lived in Israel for more than a decade. I know Israelis well, and they are NOT as you describe them to be.

      Baba, your hatred has blinded you to the need to seek for those who are lost. I think that you need ask yourself if you truly know Christ.

      More importantly, ask yourself this: Does Christ know you?

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Most that claim to be jews are not jews rather they are the synagogue of satan.Thus the 6 pointed star is a symbol of satan or lucifer the fallen one.

        • Hey Dan,

          The same is true about Christians. Most who claim to be Christian are fake. Indeed, I know of quite a few fake Christians who even worship Lucifer.

          The thing is that we don’t have to worry about the fakes. God takes care of that. He knows His own people.

          In fact, the most important thing for a Christian is not to know Jesus. No, the most important thing is for Jesus to know YOU.

          Thanks, Dan, for allowing me to clarify that.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little


        • Hi John b,

          I think that the interpretation that the Antichrist (AC) will make a seven year treaty with the Jews… that interpretation lies on shaky ground. Arbitrarily lopping off seven years from Daniel’s prophecy to make it fit more easily with our notions.

          Having said that, I understand the difficulty of understanding Daniel 9:27. It doesn’t seem to fit anywhere.

          I say all that to caution us all not to be dogmatic about this interpretation.

          Thanks, John!

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  4. John,

    I’m relativly certain the 6 pointed star is the star of Remphan, mentioned twice in the bible by prophecy against Israel.
    however, no one seems to be certain when the Jews started using various symbols.
    5 pointed star a symbol of Christianity?
    yikes, brother…

    the only symbol i’m partial to is the fish, because i’ve seen it in a vision.

    • Hi Joe,

      Yes, the star of Remphan (Acts 7:43). That could be it. Of course, a lot could change in 2000 years. It certainly has lost its connection to Remphan.

      As far as the five pointed star’s connection to Christianity, that comes from a story that I heard a couple months ago about the early church. I would not consider this to be an authoritative reference.

      The main thing about symbols is one of conscience. Never violate the conscience of another brother/sister in Christ. Otherwise, they have no power over us who know Jesus as our Savior.

      Walk close with the Lord.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Hi Rich,

      I’m not sure that anyone knows the difference. God did say in Ezekiel 37 that He would make them one staff in His hand, so it’s clear to me that they would eventually lose their tribal affiliations.

      Just remember that it doesn’t matter what WE think, but what God decides. We are spectators in this. Our job is to serve the Lord in whatever capacity He calls us to serve – and to pray that we be found worthy to escape the things that are coming. (Luke 21:36)

      I hope that I’ve answered your question to your satisfaction, Rich.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • My understanding of Judah is who we see in Israel today…and some of Benjamin. They were of the southern tribe that split with Reaboam (sp) in David’s time and also group that returned to rebuild the temple after coming out of their 70 yrs of captivity in Babylon. House of Israel is most often used to refer to the northern tribes…there was a split between the two groups…… warred against each other……..also the other 10 tribes that either stayed in Babylon, went out into other nations and are also oft times referred to Ephraim…or the lost 10 tribes. Course, they are not lost, God knows where/who they are.

    • The house of Judah was a tribe of Israel. They were the descendants of Judah brother of Joseph son of Jacob who God renamed Israel. The house of Israel would include all descendants of Jacob /Israel.

      • Hi Megan,

        You are correct, but please remember that we are not God. We see the Jews today as from the tribe of Judah. God, in His omnipotence and omniscience, may have taken the house of Israel and absorbed them into the house of Judah over the past 2000+ years. When speaking about Israel and Judah, God says that He will make them one stick in His hand:

        Say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel his fellows, and will put them with him, even with the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, and they shall be one in mine hand. – Ezekiel 37:19

        So, I think that it’s very easy to see why we do not see the ‘Lost 10 Tribes’ of Israel anywhere in the world, because they are already a part of the Tribe of Judah, in one stick.

        Far too many Christians seek to delegitimize Israel by saying that they don’t see the other tribes of Israel. Please don’t do that, for your own safety. God still loves Israel.

        Our lack of ability to see does not hinder God’s ability to act.

        And, remember that the ways of God are not OUR ways.

        Thank you again, Megan, for your input.

        Yours in Christ,

        John Little

        • I don’t see the two sticks as being one YET. Most of Israel today is Judah with some Benjamites……Netanyahu is Benjamite. Ephraim is not quite there yet and still in much of the world. Don’t you see the many Jews that are making aliyah….they are finding their way back to their homeland…. Many don’t even know they are Ephramites but there are getting there. Judah must welcome his brother and he will. God knows what HE is doing………

          • Hi Susan,

            You could be right. But…

            The thing is that we are limited in our perceptions. AND, we are relying on unsaved rabbis to determine what God may have already decreed – that the ‘lost tribes’ have returned already and united with Judah. In fact, I would not trust even my own perception as to who is a member of what tribe.

            And, I think that this is the point. By making it impossible to tell who is a member of the different tribes of Israel, I believe that God has made the two sticks one, already. If not, then there must be some way of reliably determining who is a member of what tribe… and, in all my years living in Israel, I have yet to see anyone come up with such a reliable measure.

            It could be that someone will invent a genetic test that will determine who the lost tribes are… but, I don’t see how that could happen.

            But, here’s the bottom line. I want everyone to be open to the fulfillment of prophecies, especially the ones that will directly impact each of us. Too many are saying “oh, trouble can’t come yet, because such-and-such must happen first…”.

            Trouble IS coming and too many of our brothers and sisters are in harm’s way.

            Thank you for taking the time to comment, Susan.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

    • The difference I believe in the House of Israel and the House of Judah is that of the 12 tribes (actually there were 13) but of those tribes not all of them were Jewish. The ones that are true Jews are the House of Judah and the others are the House of Israel. I would lead you to a site to read but I think you just need to google it and let the Lord lead you to the truth.

      • Shalom, Ish!

        (Atta medebare ivrit?)

        Please see my response to Megan, just above yours. While it is more than possible that there are identifiable members of the ‘lost’ 10 tribes out there, it is easy to understand that they have been here all along – amongst the Jewish people.

        Thank you for that, Ish!

        Shalom b’Yeshua,

        John Little

  5. I agree with what your interpretation is in as far as it goes but there is a prophesy in Psalms 83 which needs to be fulfilled I think before the Ezekiel 38 and 39 can be, I say this as in Ezk. 38 39 it is stated that Israel will be in a position to feel secure and at ease with in cities with no walls or gates. This is not a description of Jerusalem or Israel today how ever if Psalm 83 takes place which includes all the surrounding countries but not Gog and Magog the Princes of the far north.
    Should Psalms 83 take place then the boarders of Israel will be on the North the Euphrates river and Jerusalem could feel much more at ease than today. I think we will see Psalms 83 first with a 7 year peace treaty to end it. Then half way through that the treaty will be broken and Gog and Magog war will take place, this will be Armageddon . Just an opinion for what it is worth.

    • Hi Steve,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I’m not sure how Psalm 83 applies here, or that it is even a prophecy. Although, I could be looking at it wrong.

      You raise a good point about ‘walls and gates’. I certainly myself see that they have a strong military that acts as a wall to Israel’s enemies. However, there are many ways that these ‘walls’ could be thrown down. For instance, an EMP attack would neutralize all of Israel’s electronics and her military.

      But, whatever happens, please remember that people have been misinterpreting prophecy for two thousand years. I’ve certainly been guilty of that, and may be guilty of that even now. But, that’s not important.

      What’s important is to prepare for what appears to be coming. The coming of Gog and Magog will shake the world to its foundations. You need to be ready for that.

      If we make our preparations and nothing happens… we lose nothing. But, if we ignore the warnings and disaster strikes, the blood of those who fall will be on our hands.

      Remember that one day we will stand before a holy God and answer for what we did on this Earth. We need to be able to say that we did our best to prepare and to help others prepare.

      May we all be ready for what’s coming.

      Thank you for your contribution, Steve.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. Dear brother John,
    I do see Ezekiel 38-39 being put in place, but as Bill Salus points out in his Psalms 83 book, that the nations on Israel’s border are not listed in the Ezekiel 38-39 battle, which goal is after great spoil, as the Psalm 83, war is about Israel’s neighbors wanting to destroy Israel so that “the name of Israel will be remembered no more”.

    Ezekiel 35 and Psalm 83 seem to be speaking of the same battle, and
    God even says in Ezekiel 35, that since they (enemies on Israel’s border) love blood, he will give them blood,( their own blood) and “the whole earth will rejoice,” because the covenant will be signed.

    Daniel says that when this (soon) coming daily sacrifice is stopped after a few days, weeks, months, there will be 1290 days BEFORE the abomination is set up.

    The covenant is signed 1260 days BEFORE the abomination is set up, and the daily sacrifice will be stopped again, for the second time.

    That means that there will be 30 days from the daily sacrifice being stopped, (the first time), until the covenant will be confirmed, exactly as Daniel has revealed.

    Watch for the Jewish daily sacrifice to start on the Temple mount.

    When the daily sacrifice is stopped there will be 30 days of war, probably nukes, a seudo armagedon, Isaiah 17, Psalm 2,- 83, Ezekiel 35-36, etc … and the covenant will be confirmed.

    Grace and peace to those who trust Christ,

    • Hi Jabez,

      There certainly do seem to be parallels with what is coming to what Psalm 83 says. The fact that I don’t see it as a prophecy may only mean that I need reading glasses.

      Just remember that God does say that the children of Ammon, among others, will return in the Last Days, and they don’t seem to be set for destruction.

      In terms of the sacrifices, you are referring to Daniel 9:27. Please remember that the popular interpretation of that verse lies on shaky ground. Arbitrarily lopping off seven years from Daniel’s prophecy to make it fit more easily with our notions is a dangerous thing to do.

      Having said that, I understand the difficulty of understanding Daniel 9:27. It doesn’t seem to fit anywhere.

      I say all that to caution us all not to be dogmatic about this interpretation and to not blind ourselves by expecting sacrifices, when we could be wrong.

      Thank you Jabez, for that input!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little,

      • Hi again John,

        Sorry I didn’t mention the fact that I was talking about Daniel 12;11

        “And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.” (1290 days)

        The sacrifice is cut off 1290 days before the abonination is set up,

        The covenant will be confirmed 1260 days before the abomination is set up, a difference of 30 days ?

        Could you please give me your opinion on Ezekiel 35

        13 Thus with your mouth ye have boasted against me, and have multiplied your words against me: I have heard them.

        14 Thus saith the Lord God; “When the whole earth rejoiceth,” I will make thee desolate.

        When has the whole earth ever rejoiced, and what will they be rejoiceing about ?

        I believe it’s because the nuclear war has ended, the covenant is confirmed, and the Restriner of evil has been removed from the earth and the great deception has come. (imho)

        Thank you for your reply,

        • Hey Jabez,

          You raise an interesting possibility. It may be that Ezekiel 35 has already been fulfilled. I’ve spent some time traveling back and forth through the mountains where the Edomites lived, and I can tell you that they are already pretty desolate and inhospitable.

          Could it be that there will be a nuclear war to make them even MORE desolate?

          Anything is possible. We will have to see what the Lord does.

          As far as the whole Earth rejoicing… well, pretty much everyone will quake in fear when the Lord returns.

          Thank you Jabez!

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

    • Hi Magen,

      I don’t know what to say about prophecies like this. We will have to see.

      Having said that, since this is a ‘thus saith the Lord’ prophecy… if it turns out to be false, then we will be required to consider her to be a false prophet according to Deut 13.

      Thank you for that.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • The “three ribs” symbolism is not a metaphor of nations…but of times. For three years, the bear (Russia) shall hold ruler-ship over the hidden ones [Ps.83:3kjv] ( the hidden ten lost tribes.) These three years are known as the times of “Jacob’s ( House Of Israel’s) Troubles.”

      These times of Jacob’s Trouble has nothing in common with the 7 yr, Tribulation period, as has been wrongly taught by interpreters. The times of Jacob’s Trouble first comes. This destruction appears to be Tribulation times, but it is only meant to start the 7 yrs. of Tribulation. This is why some men/women believe the rapture occurs before the Tribulation, but others say no…for they see in scripture troubled ( tribulation) times before the rapture.. Yet, they are only witnessing the… Times Of Jacob’s Troubles! This is the symbolic meaning of the “ten days/yrs” in [Rev.2:10kjv]… 3 yrs (Jacob’s Trouble) + 7yrs (Tribulation Period) = Ten!

      Then after three yrs. of the exhaustion of the food supplies of America’s resources, captured by the enemy, starts the Tribulation and the starvation of the World. That is why in [Ezek. 38:11,16kjv]; Gog the land of Magog (Russia) goes “UP” to (America, The House Of Israel) to destroy, not “DOWN” to (Israel, The House of Judah!) This is why the bear leans on its one side..she (the bear) goes UP [Dan.7:5, Ezek. 38:11kjv]!)

      This House Of Israel (America) is the land of unwalled villages, the land at rest, that dwells safely, having neither bars or gates. Their cattle dwells in the midst of the land..not so in geographical Israel, but in America! They are the people gathered out of many nations [Ezek.38:11-12kjv.] They are the people brought back from the sword [Ezek38:8] symbolic of a severing, a dividing, as with a a dividing of a nation, in a Great Civil War! They (the enemy) come to take cattle and spoil and gold and silver and great riches in the latter days [Ezek.38:13kjv,]

      To interject here, I believe the latter days are symbolic and different from the last days or the end days. The last days has been with us since the book of [Acts.2:14-17] as the word declares. The latter days however, I believe, from the studying of scripture, refers to that time period at the end of the last days, and before the commencement of the end day/times, Tribulation times. Therefore, it is my speculation that the latter days in [Ezek.38] is in reference to a period before the 7 yr. Tribulation Period and at the end of the last days. However, these are only my personal opinions and are not meant to be concrete in any doctrinal belief.

      This cannot be geographical Israel…A nation who must borrow billions of dollars from America each year just to survive. There is not an abundance of wealth in Israel to entice Russia to attack! Also Russia attacks this nation with the aid of ten others nations. Listen, Russia could wipe out all of Israel ( a nation approximately 180 miles long and 50 miles wide) with one nuclear blast in its midst: killing all those cattle..I mean sheep! The reason they need ten other nations to help them, is because they are attacking the World Power with all its wealth (The United States) and they are scared!!! I believe if we Discern correctly the Word of God, all mysteries can/will be reveled!

      • I’m sorry, DannyR, but you’re on the wrong track. America is NOT the lost ten tribes.

        This is a serious error that will blind you to the truth if you hold tightly to this.

        There are plenty of reasons why Russia will come down to attack Israel.

        I hope that you will set aside whatever commentary has led you down this path and read the Bible. A true Christian really doesn’t need commentaries to understand the Bible. The Bible and the Holy Spirit are more than enough.

        Yours in Christ,

        John Little

        • John,

          Thank you for your reply. I agree that scripture study should be our number one priority after salvation. This I have faithfully sought and desired to accomplish for over forty years. In doing so the Lord has through his own goodness allowed me to study and memorize many hundreds of passages and several books of his word. I did not learn these things from commentaries of other men, nor through the studies of others who claim to know these hidden things today. I was shown these things long ago through my studies of the word.

          I am not saying that theses passages in [Ezek. 36-39kjv] are speaking only of the House Of Israel, but also the House Of Judah. Both shall be attacked as declared so in these passages in Ezek. I know that is not the proper theological teaching, but the word does not contradict itself. The lapse in the time linage is the confusing factor here. While one passage is speaking of the PEOPLE OF Israel [Ezek.38:14,16kjv] the other passage is speaking of the LAND OF Israel {Ezek.38:18kjv]. These two subject matters varies in their explanations of his (God’s) purpose toward both encounters. If you will notice that it states “at the SAME TIME” in this passage [Ezek.38:18kjv]. When is the SAME TIME? The word in this same verse, answers this again for us…When it shall come to PASS! This reveals a time lapse of a happening. God does not take his fury out on Russia immediately after they attack his (God’s) PEOPLE, as interpreters claim, but after time PASSES (a few years, 3 yrs) his fury is released….. when his (God’s) LAND is attacked. God is very jealous for his land. You see his (God’s) people, they sometimes/often rebel, but his land is always steadfast and faithful within his (God’s] declared borders. Nevertheless, the distinction of the two must not be forever separate, or else the remnant thereof suffers the greatest sorrow. They, therefore, must/will join together to fulfill their destiny in Christ, in the end!

          Listen, God is not allowing Russia to attack his people to just punish them. No, no, God’s usage of Russia as his instrument is to call his people to repentance and a turning away from their many idols (greed for money, lust of cars, computers, boats, other toys, big screen t.v. etc…back to God! This does not happen over night (immediately.) Why would the Lord Of Glory destroy his own instrument (Gog) immediately after the attack. He wouldn’t. Because, it is his own chastisement of correction toward an unrepentant people that he uses Gog. However, if that same tool/instrument (Gog/Magog/Russia) decides on its own will (not God’s will) to attack his (God’s) land for their own pleasure, when after that same time, it came to pass… What came to pass…that time linage of the same 12 tribes, but separate in distance/times/and divisions of purpose!!! Then immediately in his (God’s) great fury he has no obligation to hold back his hand toward that same instrument of his wrath outside his (God’s) will!

          John, I am not seeking any contention with your beliefs. As a matter of fact you have the majority in agreement of your convictions. Nevertheless, often the majority only teaches us to conform. Once conformity is established it forces us sometimes to follow the wrong direction. Please allow me to give an example. No I did not learn these things through commentaries, or teachings of other men.

          It is taught by the majority (theologians, scholars,interpreters) that [Isa.49:1-3kjv] is in reference to Jesus Christ and his future ministerial purpose. That through prophesy God the Father declares the mission/purpose of his Son’s coming forth in the last/latter/end days.

          These passages concerning Jesus’ mission are however not true.. in accordance with man’s interpretation…..WHY? Because it is contrary to God’s Word! If it does not line-up with the word of God it is misinterpreted!

          It states in verse (1 of Isa. 49) this man’s named was mentioned in the bowels of his Mother. Not to get complicated here, but the word mention here in the original vernacular, actually means a sympathetic remembrance, and the word bowels refers to the heart. Neither of these two factors applied to Mary the Mother of Jesus. Mary was told from mouth to ear the name of her child!

          In verse (2 of Isa. 49kjv) it states that he (God) made this man’s mouth like a sharp sword, in the shadow of his (God’s) hand has he (God) hid him, and made him a polished shaft (ARROW) in his (God’s) quiver…hath he (God) hid him.

          First and foremost, it is impossible, symbolic or otherwise, for God the Father to possess a shadow! For the Father of lights, hath no variableness, neither SHADOW of turning [James 1:17kjv.] Neither can the Holy Spirit possess a SHADOW for he is of the making of spirit, not flesh, as the Father is of spirit.

          Who then is capable of possessing a SHADOW to hid his son/servant in his hand, for the purpose of hiding that hidden man.. from man’s understanding. JESUS of course is capable of possessing this SHADOW, for of the Godhead of that Trinity only Jesus possess a SHADOW. For he (Jesus) since his resurrection is of the make-up of flesh and bone, and absent the flesh… no SHADOW appears.

          So it is clear through the word that this entity with the shadow is not God the Father, but God the Son. Who is he hiding for the last/latter/end days, and what is his (that hidden man’s) purpose? He is the man to restore God’s true salvation on the earth and to Israel/Jews to their messiah [Isa49:6kjv]…JESUS THE CHRIST!!!

          Where is this man hid in scripture? Throughout, and in every book is he hid in the shadow of the Lord’s hand (work). This man is truly that Prince of Israel [Jer.23:5-6kjv] [Ezek.21;25-27] to come. Notice, the THREE OVERTURNS spoken in [Ezek.21:27], again symbolic of after 3 yrs comes forth the true Prince of Israel! This my friend is not speaking of Jesus. Because Jesus is the King of Israel (King of the Jews). and a king must and never/cannot be relegated to a lower position..such as a Prince!! It is he (that hidden one) in these passages of [Isa.49kjv] that is that Deliverer of Israel (Rom.11:26kjv]], and that One hidden Witness of Two [Rev.11.] He is that hidden witness; for all know that Elijah is the other, and he has never been hidden. He (that hidden one) also has been given many other flattering names and tittles as the Lord has given him… for he (The Lord) has surnamed [Isa.45:4kjv] him. Thus, (surnamed) means in the original vernacular, “given many flattering names and tittles”. This is the man that the Lord of all has hid even as an ARROW in his quiver. This is why the man on the white horse {Rev.6:2kjv] for the end days comes forth with an empty bow….for he himself is that hidden ARROW none can see [Zech.9:13-24kjv]! He comes to conquer [Rev.6:2kjv] that which was always his..given to him (Adam) in the beginning by his creator.. What rightly belongs to Adam? …. The Earth, and all the fullness thereof… For the gifts and callings of God are without repentance!

          This is truly the last Adam, for his need was the quickening of his spirit. Only man needs the quickening (bring to life) of the spirit. Jesus is of the Trinity.. his spirit is always of life and needs not to be quickened. Even as the Father quickeneth the dead, so does the Son [John.5:21kjv] He suffered the death of the flesh for man, but his spirit could never cease to live, for he is always the life giver..he needs no quickening..he is/and always has been…. the living God!. Thus, the First man Adam was made a living soul [1Cor.15:45kjv] and the Second man is the Lord of heaven (Jesus) [1Cor.15:47kjv] and yet, the last Adam remains hidden until his time. For when the verse was written no man as that last Adam had yet appeared, only the promise of the event. Therefore, the last Adam is not/was not yet referred to us as a MAN b/c he had/has not yet appeared in his office. Therefore, there are two men who appear, but three different entities being discussed. The first Man Adam. the Second Man who is the Lord of heaven, and the Last Adam. How appropriate that the Lord of heaven stand betwixt the two Adams as the all revealing source of life (1Cor.15:49kjv]! Again man only sees two entities being discussed in these thee examples of Man/Adams. The one therefore, remains hidden again, as the Lord has ordained it to be so in scripture [Isa.49:3kjv]! This is but one of many examples of the hidden one.. never expounded upon. However, if there seems a hidden meaning or of various interpretations of a passage or verses in scripture. You can be sure its the Lord’s hidden one in the [Rev.6:2kjv]..[Dan. 7:13kjv]..[Rev.14:14kjv]..[Rev.2:26-27kjv]..[Lu.7:28kjv] [Isa.41-52kjv] and sooo many more references to the hidden one. For God has highly favored him, and he shall be stationed on the right hand of the King of Kings, and his brother shall set on his left.. in the passage of that age!

          So it is my belief we have much to look forward to if we escape the coming destruction, and even more so if we remain in Christ… regardless of the outcome of our lives in this realm.

          Yes, my friend I have not received my tutelage through the comments of commentaries, as you wisely cautioned against….but I am a student of God’s Word.

          Your fellow servant in Christ.

          • Hi DannyR,

            Thank you for taking so much time to lay out your thoughts. I can tell that you have really been considering this deeply and thoroughly, and it appears that you really have developed your ideas without the input of commentaries. As you said, your ideas are not taught by the majority of theologians, scholars and interpreters. Furthermore, it is clear that you are truly devoted to reading and studying the Bible. You are indeed a student of God’s Word, and that is an awesome testimony. I wish more people were like that.

            Also, we are in complete agreement with the idea of God’s judgment upon America (especially the carnal church) for her sins and her wickedness. And, I suspect (and hope) that we agree on the need to prepare for the difficult days ahead.

            In fact, there are many things that we agree on, and I did not take time, in my rather curt comment to you, to highlight those commonalities.

            And, I know that there is a strong probability that there are elements of what I am convinced is true… is not. I am trusting that the Lord will illuminate my errors when the time is right.

            My concern is that you have drawn conclusions that seem to me to be completely out of context with the Bible. If these are indeed errors, as I believe them to be, then my concern is that you not be blinded by them. Error has a blinding effect. I know this from personal experience having been in a situation where one error was compounded by another and by yet another – and on and on.

            So, I know this process well, and it took me 13 years to unravel them enough for the Lord to allow me to move forward. Therefore, I believe that it is vital that we approach interpretation of the Bible with a healthy fear of error. It’s a part of being humble before the Lord and allowing Him to direct us through His Holy Spirit, instead of wrestling with the Bible using our own powers of reasoning.

            Again, I know what it is like to go down the wrong path. It is not an experience that I wish for anyone.

            DannyR, I am impressed by your desire to serve the Lord, and your willingness to not take offense at my curtness. I truly believe you to be a brother in Christ and am glad to see you walking in the Lord.

            May God bless you and hold you close!

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

  7. I tend to think you all are wrong, no offense. Ezekiel is clearly not talking about the Israel in the middle east. In the prophesy he clearly states the Gog and Magog war is against the “House of Israel”. Israel today is not the House of Israel, it is the “House of Judah”. The Jews reside there do they not? This is a prophecy about the House Of Israel- those descendants of the ten lost tribes who inhabited the northern countries and today are the modern day Christian nations. This includes Europe, England and its satellite nations, including the United States. Examine the prophecy in this light and it makes total sense. The US IS gathered out of all the nations and does dwell safely without bars or gates and while once proud of its Christian heritage has now become defiled, #1 in the world in pornography, #1 in abortion etc. America in all its pride has forgotten God and is going to be chastised for its wickedness. After The Russian led alliance which I believe includes China invades America God will turn the destruction back on them. It is after this war that the Battle of Armageddon takes place against the House of Judah in modern day Israel that is why America will not be there to fight on there side.

    • Hey Rob,

      I’m sorry but Ezekiel 36 very specifically focuses on the Land of Israel.

      Having said that, I understand how you can see the parallels, and what you say about America’s wickedness is true. Furthermore, I also believe that God will judge and even destroy the US for what she has done. And, it would not surprise me to see God use Russia and China – with their nuclear weapons – as the instruments of His judgment upon such an evil nation as ours.

      We’ll see what happens.

      Thank you, Rob, for that comment!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Rob,

      You are so correct on your observing analysis of the other nations of the world being Christians and thus many are part of the make-up of the lost tribes. They also shall join the lost tribes of America in that wilderness place in the latter days. Even from the four corners of the earth shall they come. They shall even fly upon the shoulders of the Philistines [Isa.11:14kjv] (meaning in the airplanes of the non- believers.) Even as God shall once again open the sea and its seven streams, There, through his prophet shall all men behold the scene that all the tribes and many people God has called shall be gathered together through that same type passage of their forefathers of old…through the open sea pushed upwards by God’s own hand (works)… as the scriptures reveal for the latter days [Isa.11:12-16kjv.]

      Nevertheless, the prophesy in [Ezek.36-39kjv] is speaking mostly of America as that portion, of the ten lost tribes, for those days. However, not all of the lost tribes consist only of one nation (America). Nevertheless, America is of that place which brings forth those witnesses, both the man-child and Elijah. Yet, that man-child first must endure the furnace of affliction [Isa 48:10], then afterwards is he caught up for a short season, then returns to fulfill his calling. For he is one, in the Most High, who is called unto a perfect commission.

      In the end the prince of Israel shall push all the people together, of even the gentile nations, as the scriptures reveal {Isa.49:1-13kjv] [Deut.33:17kjv] all shall be joined together. The thousands of Manasseh and the ten thousands of Ephraim [Deut.33:17kjv]. The word ten thousand actually was the substitute word for millions at the time of those writings. The word millions had no expression, but ten thousands in those days! So, yes, millions and millions shall be gathered together from many nations.

      Then all of Israel shall believe that prince of Israel, who shall gather the masses, and all his words and his revealing of the true Messiah (JESUS.) How will this be, and what would cause the whole nation of Israel to be delivered from their disbelief? Behold, the truth of God’s word, not through interpreters, but through the words clear declaration.

      [Ezek.44:2kjv]…. To keep it short, which does no justice to his word, but for times sake and a shorter response, the Lord by his Spirit give guidance. This verse [Ezek.44:2kjv] reveals the Lord (Jesus) the God of Israel (Jesus) entering through that eastern gate as he did on the day the palms were laid before him, and the ass and her colt, (these two symbolizing the two witnesses to come, one old and one young), entered therein. Then afterwards the gate shall be shut! Who, therefore, shall enter through that shut eastern gate once again in the latter days? Not the Lord Jesus as interpreters claim, but it is for the prince, the prince [Ezek.44:3kjv] shall enter into that eastern gate to eat and set himself before the Lord Jesus, in his place! He (the prince) shall enter in by the porch of that gate and he (the prince) shall go out by the way of the same (Ezek.44:2kjv.] These are the promised words of God, and its interpretation by men is incorrect! For it is not the King of Israel (Jesus) that enters that gate in the latter days as many men teach/interpret. He (Jesus) at that time (latter/end days) is residing in heaven, not on earth…it is for the prince of Israel to enter therein! That man that is residing on the earth at that time.

      What think you, of the Jews response, when they witness this thing? For they (the Jews) know and believe God’s word and this promise in the book of [Ezek.44kjv.] When that man enters that closed/shut gate they (the Jews) will recognize him as that true prince of Israel, through the written words of Ezek; and he who shall reveal the true Messiah. And the whole nation/Israel shall believe his words of that salvation.. through Jesus alone. And the whole host of the nation; all Israel shall be saved.. as the word declares in those days when the Deliverer shall come forth and be revealed [Rom.11:26kjv] and all Israel shall be saved! These are the words of Gods proclamations as revealed in scripture before our eyes. If they do not coincide with the interpretations of men. Someone has made a mistake.

      Yes, many may think we are fools to believe many things opposed to the men (generically speaking) of renown in our days and their interpretations of the scriptures…but it is our course to help and not hinder any toward an enlightenment of the interpreted truths of God’s Word, and the eyes of their understanding be enlightened… in that wisdom gained. If we do so in folly..God shall surely see our good intentions and shall judge us less harshly, then those who in their hidden boast of their own knowledge of the truth..decry against those who stand outside their view.

      Nevertheless, we can hope for the appearance shortly of that prince/Israel/Jacob, for the times seems short. For we are promised, he (that prince) shall magnify (make clear) the law (the word) and make it honorable (true to its intended true meaning/interpretation) [Isa.42:21kjv.]

      Your fellow servant in Christ.

        • -JL

          I am assuming you are addressing me.

          It is no longer a prerequisite that you be a Mormon (which I am not) to adhere to the belief that the United States is of the make-ups of the lost ten tribes. I however, do not believe that this nation is the only one of those lost tribes. Many many multitudes throughout the world today believe the United States is of those lost tribes. Men have not came to this belief because it was a popular concept, but through studies of heritage, time linage, and the line-up factor with people and Scripture. A small example to contemplate. Although a great deal of study is needful to begin to see those hidden ones [Ps.83:3.] those lost tribes.

          A small example to contemplate!

          Many believe that, that Babylon spoken of in [Rev.17], is symbolically the United states spoken in prophecy. I tend to agree, but for different reasons than the popular beliefs. Anyhow, many also believes that the destruction of that nation in [Rev.6] is part of that determined destiny of that same Babylon of [Rev.17-18], but in greater detail. Well, the point here is if you notice in [Rev.7] God holds up his wrath against that nation, until 144,000 Jews of 12 tribes are numbered for God’s protection. The question remains therefore, if the united States represents a gentile nation…Why so many Jews? And these were but a few chosen ones picked out of many. How many hidden Jews were not yet exposed in that land. And who declared they were Jews…God… So was man aware of this fact….these 144,000 men were not exposed. No man knew them, nor did they themselves know they were preserved, under God’s protection. For they were all spiritually marked, and they knew not the happening in their flesh.

          The lost tribes have been tracked and many recognized through much research; and they seem to be spread throughout the world. Nevertheless, northern/central Europe seems to hold claim to many Jews in the days before the forming of America. Even Jeremiah the prophet is revealed as going to Scotland with his daughters and they remained there and all there decedents, when Babylon conquered the land of Israel. You can read about all these events and many other meanings of Manasseh and Ephraim and their decedents on the internet.

          All these things are far to complicated to be explained in detail. For it requires research. It is like asking one who works in an automobile factor to explain the details. The worker knows the truth of the details, but could never build a car alone. Study to show yourself approved unto the Lord….the word declares. For as always those who wish to remain ignorant need no studies. Nevertheless, as the saying goes. ” Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are therefore, to show thy self approved unto the Lord.


          • DannyR,

            So, it appears that you have obtained this evidence from other sources than the Bible. This clarifies things a bit for me because your position is not one that you can find in the Bible.

            Thank you for clarifying this for me.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

  8. There are a few things wrong with your scenerio.
    1. In Ezk. 37 the house of Judah and the house of Israel are back together. Today, there is only the house of Judah (Jews) in Israel. The house of Israel is still scattered among the nations and they don’t know their identity. Many of the OT prophets made a clear distintion between the two. Modern Israel should rightly be called Judea.
    2. If that modern nation called Israel is the ‘Israel of God’, then you can rip the book of Daniel out of your bible as they are way past the 70 sevens (490 years) allotted them in Daniel 9:24.
    3. Jerusalem can hardly be called ‘the Holy City’ today with the Golden domed Mosque of Omar standing on the Temple Mount (of which the Arabs are in charge).

    • Hey Phil,

      Please remember that we do have evidence that the ‘Lost 10 Tribes’ are already in Israel, and the rabbis are searching out those who remain.

      My own theory is that, over the centuries, the lost ten tribes lost their individual tribal identity and were slowly absorbed into the House of Judah. Whatever the case, God knows who is what and will not let any fall from His hands.

      Of course Modern Israel is not a Godly nation. God specifically said that He would bring Israel back into the Land, and ONLY AFTER THAT would He purify them. The fact that they are in the Land means that we await their purification. Expecting Israel to be holy now means that we have not been reading our Bible very carefully.

      No, Jerusalem isn’t a ‘holy city’, but it still is the one geographical location on the planet that God cares about the most. One day, He will purify that city. We wait for that day.

      Thank you, Phil.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Just what evidence is there that the 10 lost tribes are back in Israel? Anyone who calls themself a Jew is not of the 10 lost tribes. That term was only used for the Southern empire consisting of Judah, Benjamin, and the Levites.
        Check the books of Ezra and Nehemiah and you will see that only these three tribes were recorded as returnees from Babylon.

        More importantly, the house of Israel (10 tribes) was to become “sons of the living God” according to Hosea 1:10.
        (Hos:1-10 = Rom.8: 14-16; Gal.4: 5&6; Eph.1 – 5) which means that they were to become Christians after their 2000 year (Hosea 6:2) punishment. The Reformation, printing press, and English translations of the Bible all came within a relatively short period after their punishment was over.
        Also, among the 10 tribes was Ephriam & Manassah, the two tribes who were to inherit the whole blessings of Abraham, Issaac, and Jacob (1Chron.5: 1&2; Gen 48). Think of the two most prosperous nations that have come along since the late 1300s and you will know where Ephriam & Manassah are today.
        Believing that the lost ten tribes just drifted back to the land of Israel is pure unprovable rubbish.


        • Phil,

          I’ve offered one among many possibilities. It seems clear that any evidence I offer will be considered ‘rubbish’, so I won’t waste my time.

          Just remember that theories won’t protect us from the bad times that are coming.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little,

          • John,

            In observing your response to Phil, you seem somewhat dogmatic in your beliefs. Not that this is always objectionable when we take a stand on solid biblical doctrine/beliefs. However, this could lead to an opinionated belief that may or may not be totally accurate if it is but hearsay or speculation, void of any solid evidence. I believe one of the pathways toward a better understanding is through a humble approach in exercising our response opinion, lacking any obvious rudeness. It appeared to me Phil was simply stated a belief of the evidence that he believed was more demonstrable than yours. Your response sorrowfully seemed to lack good taste, and a superior attitude.

            Please forgive me if I seem a little impertinent here. My only objective is to admonish you to be a better host when responding to others. It will aid you greatly in others responding to this site.

            I want to thank you for posting my earlier statement. I knew it did not coincide with your own beliefs, nevertheless, you released it for consideration. Something I suspect might not be germane concerning this

            Your fellow servant in Christ.

          • DannyR,

            Thank you for your carefully worded admonition. I admit that my language was more than a little brusk. I can only say in my defense that being short on time and seeing my writing called ‘rubbish’ by Phil… well, it can make you a bit short.

            Having said that, you would be surprised at the flexibility that I have in my views. However, if the Bible is definite, then we are called to be definite. Where the Bible is vague, then we likewise should be vague.

            But, that does NOT give us permission to distort the Bible, which is what Phil is doing.

            Again, thank you, DannyR!

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

  9. Hi John,
    I believe your focus is where it should be. The Disaster in America seems to be breathing down our necks. What we should be doing is praying for and talking to our unsaved family, friends, neighbors and countrymen.
    The rapture is also coming and the chance for the unsaved to learn of Jesus and his sacrifice of life for them is even more critical now. The unsaved lose either way. We are all admonished to seek the lost while they still stand on the precipice. Once they begin the fall it is to late. Let us all strive to do our part to shout the good news that Jesus saves and to encourage our brothers and sisters to keep up the good fight.
    I am glad to know there are believers such as yourself speaking the truth about Israel. I hope there are many more who share your beliefs and that you are reaching out to the ones who are ignorant concerning the true Messiah.

    • God bless you, Vicki!

      People like you do my heart good. Whatever disagreements any of us have over prophecy, our true focus is the salvation of the Lost.

      May God bless you and keep you as you reflect the glory of God in this dark world.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  10. John,
    I just discovered your blog page. Good stuff! I, too, hold to the belief that the Psalms 83 prophecy (war between Israel and her closest enemies) will precede the Ezekiel 38 prophecy (war between Israel and her more remote enemies).

    Here is something I would like to bring to your attention. You’ve heard of the ‘Ten Horns Prophecy’ mentioned in Daniel 7:23-25, Revelation 17:12-13, but many Christians are unfamiliar with its current development. According to various new sources, such as the ‘Asia Times’ and the ‘India Daily’, the power elite plan to complete and consolidate ten regional blocs (regional governments) by 2020. Here is a list of the ‘Ten Horns’ by name:
    1) Russian Union 1992
    2) European Union 1994
    3) African Union 2002
    4) East Asian Union 201?
    5) North American Union 201?
    6) South American Union 201?
    7) Central Asian Union 201?
    8) Mediterranean Union 201?
    9) South Asian Union 201?
    10) Pacific Union 201?

    My take concerning the Ezekiel 38 prophecy is that three of the horns (Russian Union, Central Asian Union and the Mediterranean Union) will invade Israel. You’ll notice Daniel 7:24 mentions the antichrist, who arises after the ten horns, will ‘subdue three kings’; i.e., horns. G-d will defeat these armies, but the antichrist, the false messiah, will claim credit; and Israel will accept him as the messiah, for the false messiah will come in his own name and many Jews, as well as many gentiles, will receive him. See John 5:43.

    After the global monetary collapse, a new economic order will be implemented most likely before 2020. This new paradigm shift will usher in radical changes to the whole world. Scripture tells us the false messiah “will arise after them”, the Ten Horns/Kings (regional governments). The coming World Government (the fourth beast mentioned in Daniel 7:23) will consist of these ten regional governments which will fall under the control of the son of perdition.

    P.S. As one who has Jewish blood, I can affirm that neither Jew nor Goy has a monopoly on righteousness, for all have sinned and fallen short of G-d’s perfect standard. Even before G-d reestablishes and rescues Israel from her enemies, He declares in Ezekiel 36:22 concerning Israel that “…says the Lord G-d, ‘It is not for your sake, O house of Israel, that I am about to act, but for My holy name, which you have profaned among the nations where you went.’ ” So no one can boast, neither the Jews nor the goyim. Most Jews and gentiles don’t belong to any cabal to establish a satanic/masonic New World Order. The Jewish Kissinger works for world government, but so do gentiles such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, Leslie Gelb and George H.W. Bush. In fact, I personally know of rabbis who work to awaken all people of the satanic dangers of a global government and the power elite who conspire to build it. Men such as Seattle’s Torah-observant Rabbi Daniel Lapin and Messianic Rabbi Arnold Fruchtenbaum have spoken out against NWO schemes and its schemers.

    Eventually, there will be a Zionist world government controlled by the Jewish Messiah, the G-d-Man Y’shua of Nazareth of the tribe of Judah. See Isaiah 9:6-7. Satan’s global government won’t last long, but under Y’shua, the King of Kings, He will rule with perfect justice, and the name ‘Zionism’ will no longer be a dirty word among the goyim, for they themselves will rejoice under His perfect rule. Good times!

    – Titus 2:13

    • Hey R.!

      Wow, that was a well thought out comment. I am very impressed. Keep up the good work.

      I think that you are on the right path. I think that what is coming will turn our world upside down and knock our socks off. And, it looks like you’re mentally prepared for that, which is awesome.

      God bless you!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  11. Oops! I mistakenly believed that you subscribed to a Psalms 83 prophecy. Sorry ’bout that.

    P.S. Glad to read that you do not accept the Pretrib Rapture doctrine. I recommend the book ‘A Case For Historic Premillennialism’, edited by C. Blomberg and S. Chung. I especially recommend chapter six by Donald Fairbairn.

    • No problem!

      I’m not saying that it ISN’T a prophecy. I’m just saying that I don’t see it… yet.

      I will certainly be thinking about it.

      I will keep an eye out for the book that you mentioned. Books like that are hard to come-by on this side of the Pacific.

      Thank you for that.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Hi John,

      I actually consider that to be a real possibility. However, remember that God says that HE will rain fire on them, so I lean towards something that is obviously ‘natural’. But, God uses others to do His will, so it very well could be a nuclear attack.

      Whatever happens, it will be VERY bad for those living there.

      If you living among those who dwell ‘carelessly in the isles’, you need to prepare for disaster.

      Thank you for that comment, John!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  12. John Little,

    I conveyed a lengthily message to you concerning your reply dated Nov 18, 2013 at 5:06. I sought to send it but could not convince the CAPTCHA portion of this process that I knew what 8-one =. Therefore, after considerable time and writing, I through my lack of computer adroitness lost it all. I felt this was a purpose attempt to keep me off of your site. If so you need not go to all that trouble, just inform me of such and I will comply. Nevertheless, again because of my ineptitude in website matters..nothing of the such might be possible, or 8-one no longer = 7.

    First of all it seems strange that any reply I receive from you. I seem to lack the option to respond to that reply. Yet, this option appears to remain with all others on this site. Now, I admit my lack of a great deal of cognizant comprehension of the use of computers and the most correct approach on websites. So I might be missing something here. An explanation would be appreciated, but of course the option is yours.

    I will however, once again attempt to convey my response to you concerning your reply on the 18th of Nov. However, I will seek to be somewhat terse this second time, and hoping that 7 times 6 still = 42.

    My initial thought concerning your reply brought me back to a Shakespearean quote: paraphrased, “Be aware of him/her who flatters you with a thousand words. For they seek to prepare you with ten thousand words of condemnation.”

    You seemed to believe I was/am on the wrong path, yet, you gave me no explanation on what purposed path that was and where it, in your onion, that path would lead me. And was this comment applicable to all the words I wrote or just the [Ezek.36-39] passages.

    You seemed to indicate that I might be wrestling with my Bible, and applying reasoning in my interpretations of scripture. How absurd! Even a babe in Christ knows reasoning is at enmity with faith. And I never wrestle with my Bibles. Though some of them appear as if I had wrestled with them b/c of their excessive usage through the years. Nevertheless, the Rhema of the word is the visions of those things that shall yet appear in our future. And the logos of the word is my comfort and truth. I neither wrestle with them or seek to reason with them. They are the word and to reason against the word, brings no comfort, and to wrestle, brings confusion. Both, I might point out are the works of Satan.

    You claim in your own opinion that “I have drawn conclusions that seem completely out of context with the Bible.” Yet, again you fail to give any explanation of that statement. Does that again apply to all my statements and interpreted passages or just [Ezek.36-39]. It is impossible to walk contrary to the context of the word for over forty yrs. and remain in a sound relationship with the word, both written and living, and a total cognitive comprehension of that word.

    On the other hand the criticism of me through someone who reveals a great deal of immaturity in his walk in the Lord, does sorrowfully brings me some solace. You claim you have a healthy fear of error when it comes to interpretations. What an oxymoron to combine healthy and fear in the same sentence. especially in spiritual matters. Your caution does not reveal the expectation of a Christian of 25 yrs. as you claim. If this had been so.. many of those yrs. must have been spent in a backsliders atmosphere. If you seek the truth, the truth it will not bite you, so why the fear. If you knock on God’s door, Satan will not answer..for he does not reside there. We as the children of the Most High are exhorted to approach his throne of grace in all boldness..but you cannot interpret without a healthy fear! Dear sir, you are either a liar, or a coward, of which both have places preserved in an ungodly place… unspeakable! Fear the Lord God, yes, but nowhere in all scripture are we to fear interpretations, healthy or otherwise!

    You claim that their are “elements that you believe might not be true, and that you are trusting the Lord will illuminate your errors when the time is right.” This is like a man saying: I am convinced of the evil of my ways through the conviction of the voice of the Spirit. Yet, the man goes his way saying unless, he raises his voice louder I will have no recourse but to remain as I am! It is not a louder voice that would remedy the minds situation, but the man’s action against his evil ways. In like manner it is not time that shall right you error and enlighten your understanding of scripture, but the recognition that outside Christ regardless of time or voices we can do nothing and he shall do nothing! I have witnessed many of men/women making poor excuses, because of time/voices/ and spouses And even more so, if they lack one or two of these factors. Men who make excuses to justify their reasons…lack the commitment Christ requires of us as servants to him.

    Dear sir, I perceive that your purpose for this website was not for the edification of others, but the declaring of your own self worth and justification as an important teacher/interpreter of the word. You are like a man who seeks the surroundings of admirers, and hopes none are your superiors on the subject matters you teach. Otherwise, you seek to mildly lambast them and then boast of your restraint. I pray I am wrong in my assessment of you….

    I know you will not release this post. And I do not expect it. For criticism is never on the agenda of those who never seek humility.

    A servant in Christ.

    • Hi DannyR,

      There is no conspiracy to keep you from commenting on this site. There has been a lot of extra traffic on this site recently and that can make the server run more slowly, making it difficult to leave a comment. If this continues, I will have to migrate this site to a different server.

      As far as my reasons for creating this site, I can only tell you that it gives me no pleasure to write these articles. They are profoundly depressing. I would much rather write about other things, as I have done in the past. I am certainly not interested in ‘self aggrandizement’. However, I will leave that for you to decide whether I am deceiving myself, or not.

      As for the rest, humility is always the best approach when seeking to understand the Bible. Your disbelief that ‘healthy’ and ‘fear’ can go together leads me to believe that you do not understand this. Do a search of the Bible for the word fear, and you will see a host of verses that call us to fear God. A fear of God is ALWAYS healthy.

      DannyR, as always, I will keep hoping that God will show you the right path in interpreting the Bible before it is too late. Bad times are coming, and you must be ready for them.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Little John,

        Yes!! A reply option!

        Thank you for the explanation of my silly suspensions and not comprehending things beyond my capacity to grasp.

        Most of the Christian world knows bad times are coming, However, what most fail to realize is how to prepare for them. It is as in the times of Joseph/Moses/Elijah, none, at the time, but them knew the meaning of the vision. Yet, God is always gracious to rescue his few, that they may be his instruments, to deliver his many… in the famine times against the wilderness places.

        I must disagree with you when if comes to the words “healthy fear” when it comes to our reverence toward interpretation.

        Nevertheless, I certainly understand the reverent fear of the Lord.

        My wife I believe best explained it, once she had experienced this fear.

        The Lord in his goodness, came to visit me one evening in my home. My wife and I were getting ready to go to bed, and our children had been asleep for some time. My wife was in our bedroom at the end of the house preparing for our retirement from the days duties. I was at the other end of the house in our living room, sitting in my favorite chair.

        Now when the Lord entered the room, it surprise me b/c I was not doing any spiritual rituals.. praying/reading the word/fasting/etc. Now often my wife would complain to me that it was not fair that the Lord would speak with me, and yet she had been a Christian almost as long as I…about four years at that time, and she had never even felt his presence. I was allowed by God’s good grace to lead her to our Lord of salvation, shortly after my conversion.

        Well, when the Lord at that time visited me, before the Lord began to say too much, I ask him if “I could call my wife into the room, so that she might feel his presence.” He said I could. Then I called to her saying: “Come here a moment sweetheart..will you.”

        As she came up the long hall I could hear her say something like: “What do you want honey..a little snack before bed” or something of that nature. Nevertheless, as she crossed the threshold of the living room, she instantly jumped back with a gasp and said very uncontrollably, No! I can’t go in there! God is in that room!” She ran down the hall to our room, and later said she hid under the covers…..That always stops monsters, and of course God from getting Nevertheless, I must admit his Holy presence, shakes our being of body/soul/and spirit, every time.

        The point is she later said: “I had a great deal of fear the moment I walked across that threshold. Not like a scary,spooky fear…but an awesome fear. It was like I entered that room and suddenly to my surprise…. It felt like a battleship somehow was setting in the corner of the room…. Even though that would be impossible.” she said.. “the room would not be big enough!” She was somewhere else for a few days after that, I believe, trying to comprehend the event.

        By the way I had not told her where the Lord was sitting…but he was in the corner of the room..he was sitting on a throne. Of course many times bigger than the room, but dimensional space flows differently in spiritual time/distance. And I was given another visual depiction of another realm at the same time. Seeing both the Lord in our realm/ living room; and this other realm, desolate, void of any true life form, dry, a hard plain grayish/brown desert looking place whose distance seemed to go on forever in every direction. How I could know or see this at the time..I do not know. Million and millions of creatures were there. Some were very tall, some very huge, distorted, shinny long/some short fat limbs. Others only inches/or a foot high. They actually looked somewhat cartoonish, yet, disfigured and distorted in appearance and form. I suspect their true appearance was being hid from me. Nevertheless, the point is they were all stealthily advancing toward this scene where the Lord was positioned in this realm, as if they sought to hear what the Lord was going to reveal….. Suddenly, the Lord turned his head about, toward them, and said in a very loud voice. How Dare You Approach My Presence! These creatures all fell backwards, and in an almost animated fashion they quickly jumped up ad began running in the opposite direction falling all over each other in great fear, running as fast as they could, millions in the same direction (I remembering thinking it looked like a great stampede, as the dry dust of that ambiance kicked and swirled about in the rush.) They all turned their heads looking back as they run, falling over each other in panic…looking in great fear, as if some hideous thing sought to devour them!

        Well, the point I sought to make is this, I thought my wife expressed the fear of the Lord pretty good. An Awesome Fear,,but not a scary/spooky fear..for the believer anyhow.

        • Hi DannyR,

          Well, it appears that your wife and I both understand what I mean by ‘healthy fear’. If you wish to refer to it as ‘Awesome Fear’ of ‘reverent fear’, then I certainly would agree to that. ‘Healthy Fear’ is never something as visceral as a ‘scary/spooky fear’.

          I’m glad that we’ve reached this point of agreement.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

      • John Little,

        Sorrow, I addressed you as “Little John” in my previous post. It has been a long day and this was differently not intentional.

        I just want to clarify just what subject we are addressing on this “healthy fear” issue. My contention on the subject matter was you commenting about having a “healthy fear toward INTERPRETATION.”

        After I disagreed with that statement, you have taken it completely out of context claiming I was stating.. my contention was having a healthy fear of God. God was not the subject matter at all…but INTERPRETATION, is what you claimed you had a healthy fear for.

        Regardless, I am very cognizant of the word fear in the Word/Bible. Nevertheless, I have never found the words connecting fear and health in the Word. There isn’t such a thing because they speak against one another. When at the turn of our time, we enter heaven we will find health there..but no fear. If on the other-hand at that time one enters hell toward that eternal destiny, they will find fear there indeed…but no health dwells there.

        Saying something is Healthy/ like saying God is Devilishly/Good. They are not of the make-up of the same breeding and cannot coexist in the same paradigm…one would null at the other, and the one against the other. Neither, God would want us to have a healthy fear of interpretation or even him for that matter. God gives us no such fear. For God has not given us this type of spirit. Least we would be carrying a great burden each time we approached interpretation or God. No! God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound (healthy) mind (2Tim.1:7.) The type of fear for him he is speaking of is a reverence fear. This is easily and joyfully displayed by his children in good standing.. however,not so easily comprehended by rebellious and backsliding fellows… filled with their own ways.


  13. John,

    Excellent article, I have made many of the same observations, although I have come to some different conclusions;

    You are right that the Arabs will not be a part of the Ezekiel 38-39 war, and you are correct about Sheba and Dedan, but I disagree with your comments about Tarshish. Tarshish in Spain is Tartarus, not exactly the same city. It could just as easily be Tartus, in Syria.

    Look at what these three entities say to the invaders; “Art thou COME to take a spoil?” Look at that little word “come”. This can only mean that these entities are in the local vicinity of Israel; The invading armies have to COME through their territory to get to Israel!

    The Arabs are just as likely to attack Israel today as Iran, perhaps even more! And, Iran really wants the Arabs to join them.

    I think it is more likely that the attack on Iran will temporarily cripple them, and they will not join the Arabs in the Psalm 83 war.

    This is one of the first biblical wars in the End Times chronology. I think you will find that both of these wars are Church-age wars, and the rapture will happen in the wake of the Gog/Magog war. Psalm 83 will happen first, probably several years before Gog/Magog.

    In fact Psalm 83 explains why the Arabs are not involved in Gog/Magoe; they have already lost to Israel, and have made their peace with her. That is why they protest the invasion rather than join it! Most likely they will have been disarmed after the Psalm 83 war, and will have prospered by the peace with Israel, thus will have no motivation to join.

    You are correct about Ezekiel 39:6, there is personal danger to those who think they are safe in North, and South America. I think this is true not only of Gog/Magog, but also of Psalm 83.

    I would not be surprised if North America, and Europe, suffer nuclear attacks in one or both of these wars.

    • Hi Dan,

      You offer an interesting thought, and I will certainly consider it. Also, I’m still not sure that Psalm 83 applies to the Last Days, but I am certainly not claiming that it cannot be.

      Please remember that when it says for us to watch, it means look carefully at ‘current events’ in the area as they happen. Things are already shaping up in the Middle East for an Arab alliance with Israel against a Russo-Shiite axis. If things continue the way that they are, Gog and Magog is not far away.

      I say all that to encourage you to prepare for a worst case scenario. These things could come sooner than expected.

      Keep up the good work, Dan!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  14. John Little,

    Seeing as how no reply was available to respond to your reply . This is my reference to your comment of Nov 19, 2013 4:22 pm.

    I had always thought [Rev.6, 7, 17,18] and [Ps.83] were part of the Bible and much of my references were from that portion of the Word. Yes, other sources outside of the Bible were also referred to. You ask me why I believed America was of the lost ten tribes. I gave you an answer to the best of my understanding. If you had desired an expert on that subject matter, you should have consulted a proficient expert on that motif, rather than myself. I encouraged you to do so through a progressive study habit on the subject. I was simply giving a short synopsis on your question. I was not aware, that your objective was to attack me for failing to apply the Bible to every factor of the research.

    I suspect you, and many others through the years have given information outside the Bible to seek to prove a point on a given spiritual subject matter. It was my point to furnish you with some information of why I and multitudes of others believe as I do. It was you who ask me, I did not know it was going to be prejudicial in its final advent, in the proper way of answering the question.


    • DannyR,

      I’m sorry that you see things this way. You might need to find a different website that is more to your taste because the evidence that you provide does not make sense to me.

      Furthermore, since it is clear that I did not create this website as personal attack against yourself, I am mystified as to why you are taking this stance.

      – JL


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