Extremely Dangerous Times II – Jim Willie

As I said in my previous article, when Jim Willie speaks, I listen. He’s not perfect, not even close. He, himself, makes it clear that he’s not perfect. But, he makes forecasts with 90% accuracy. Anyone with a 90% track record is someone that you need to listen to – even someone as annoying as Jim.

Well, Jim was asked, “What will the world look like, by this time next year?” His answer will shake you.

(I have edited his answer for length. If you want to hear his answer verbatim, go to 1:24:45 in the presentation that I have included, below.)


Here’s Jim Willie’s [edited] answer to Question Nine:

In 2004, I got a lot of hate mail when I started my newsletter, when I was making all of my forecasts. The hate mail has died because my predictions have come true.

I hear that there’s going to be a split dollar, a dollar outside of the US and a dollar inside the US. Apparently, there’s going to be a 30% devaluation of the dollar which will cause a 15% inflation shock.

I believe that we’re going to see violence in three important supply locations across the United States – tens of thousands of locations that will see violence. They will be the supermarkets for food. They will be the gasoline stations for gasoline. They will be the ATM centers for cash. Just think of people robbing people of their cash.

What will the US look like?

It’s going to slowly transition to Mad Max. Supply shortages. Gangs roving in cities. Are people aware that in many parts of Detroit that the ownership is with packs of dogs?

Roving packs of dogs are all over the dead, decayed centers of Detroit.

My worst fear is going to come when the supplies just don’t reach the US cities, and you have absolute chaos. And, you have a lot of people dying. I am talking about hundreds of thousands of people dying, from not getting supplies – from gasoline to food.

Extend it to water. Do you think that water is going to be easy in the cities?

Those who have set aside a West Virginia, or upstate New York, getaway, Shenandoah mountains of Virginia, …those are the smart ones. Because they aren’t going to be easily accessed by the desperate urban dwellers, when supply lines are cut off.

I think that the US is going to head into the third world. I have said this now for five years. I got laughed at in ’08. I got laughed at again in ’09. Curiously in 2012 and 2013, I’m not being laughed at. I don’t mind being laughed at because the people that have laughed at me in the past are the silent ones in the future, when many of the forecasts come to pass.

I don’t claim to be perfect. I just claim to have a LOT of correct forecasts – well over 90%. The average among economists, the harlots of Wall Street, is about 20%. They’re paid NOT to be correct. They’re paid to support the system.

So, look for a lot of problems. Western Europe is at a turning point. They can follow the US into the sewer and the third world, or they can follow Russia and China and be part of the grand, huge Eurasian trade zone.

So, the US is going to be isolated. They’re going to be the last ones to fix their currency problems – the last ones to liquidate their banks.

I said four years ago… You want to start a solution? Liquidate the big banks.

Now the big banks have an ‘insurance policy’ of the ‘bail-in’.

So, the nation will go down with the big banks, but the foreigners, the eastern countries led by Russia and China, will demand that the US split their dollar – permit foreign-held dollars to stay foreign-held. And, then you watch how difficult it is to get money out of the United States.

The smart ones left already. I left in January ’07. [Jim Willie lives in Costa Rica.] But, I had ‘motive’. I had two death threats.

Here’s the unedited audio of Jim answering Question 9:

Are you ready for this?

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