The Illuminati Are Not Zionist, Part 1

There’s this idea running around that Zionism is part of some Illuminati plan. Every time I run into this, I am so shocked by how stupid this idea is… that I can barely speak. If you knew what I know, you would realize that there is no possible way for the Illuminati to be Zionist. In fact, the idea is so stupid… I… I find myself having difficulty describing such incredible foolishness. But, let’s step back for a minute.

Let me ‘establish’ HOW I know what I know. I know that I’m tooting my horn a bit here. Just remember that I’m no one special. Any of you could have followed the same course.

For starters, I’ve spent more than 30 years studying Israel. History, social structure, military development, language, culture – I’ve burrowed through it all. I studied her neighbors. I talked and met with people who lived at the heart of Israel’s history. I even lived in Israel for 15 years and developed relationships that reach deep into the heart of many factions and groups in Israeli society.

And no, you cannot point to my personal history to explain ANY of that. I’m as Jewish as the neighbor’s cat, and I grew up in nowhere’s-ville – in the heart of Midwest America. Both of my grandfathers were racists and had no love whatsoever for ‘those Jews’. So, there’s no inherent bias that would make me a blind, Zionist ideologue. In fact, quite the opposite.

Over the past year, I’ve come to find out that one of my grandfathers was a member of the Illuminati, and I have my own connection to that evil organization through a past membership in The Council on Foreign Relations (The CFR).

[I was only a member of the CFR for a year. They didn’t like me, and I didn’t like them. So, we parted company in the early ’90s. Although, they did reach out to me a couple times, when I was in Israel. (They must have been truly desperate.)]

So, I’ve had a limited connection to the fringe of the New World Order elite – but, a connection nonetheless. They are a foul, egotistical bunch and unmistakeable, if you ever get to know them.

Does this make me an expert?

I don’t know. I’m not even sure what an ‘expert’ on an Illuminati non-connection to Zionism would look like.

But, I’ve spent a lot of time studying the Illuminati recently, and Israelis are the antithesis of everything ‘Illuminati’. There is NOTHING about Israeli society, history and culture that is conducive to Illuminati control. Absolutely NOTH-…

Okay, there is something, but it is NOT Zionist.

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