Another Apocalyptic Possibility

There’s nothing like apocalypse to concentrate the mind.

Big explosions. Fire. Hysteria. Neighbors running amok. People with too much time on their hands starting websites with ominous names like OmegaShock

Yeah. Apocalypse.

Of course, ‘apocalypse’ doesn’t mean ‘destruction’, ‘end of the world’, etc. It is literally an anglicization of a Greek word that means “lifting the veil”, or “revelation”. For instance, I might say that I had an apocalypse yesterday when I realized that I’m not as smart as I thought I was.

While that kind of apocalypse might seem like the end of the world, my wife assures me that it’s not. (It’s what wives are for.)

So, what ‘apocalypse’ am I referring to THIS time, in the title of this piece?

The biggest volcano on the planet just burped, AND IT REALLY COULD MEAN THE END OF THE WORLD.

I know. I spent all that time telling you that ‘apocalypse’ doesn’t mean the end of the world. Then I dash your hopes by talking about yet another way the world gets almost-but-not-quite-completely-destroyed.

I wish that I was joking.

Take a look at this four minute video and tell me if I’m laughing up my sleeve:


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